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My favorite game when I was young, the game Feeding Frenzy 2 - Shipwreck Showdown. Feeding frenzy 1 full crack. Play as the hero and the villain! Feeding Frenzy (Video 2020) try this site.

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You are a colorful angelfish that needs to eat smaller fishes to grow up. Play Feeding Frenzy online for Free. The serial number for Feeding is available. Parent's Guide: Feeding Frenzy 2: Shipwreck Showdown https://simturinfo.ru/crack/?key=1011.

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Hunt down pirate ships by using your cannons or luring them into collisions! PAGE #1: Feeding Frenzy Aristotle Socarides Series Book 4 By Andrew Neiderman - feeding frenzy aristotle socarides series book 4 kindle edition by kemprecos paul download it once and read it on your kindle device pc phones or tablets use features like bookmarks note taking and highlighting while reading feeding frenzy aristotle socarides series book 4 4 in the aristotle soc socarides series. Feeding Frenzy Support Support, Minion, Duration Icon: h Mana Multiplier: 130% Requires Level 31 Supports skills which create Minions. Feeding frenzy 2: logiciel: farm frenzy 3 pre cracked.

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Kongregate free online game Feeding Frenzy - Just a simple game with a simple goal: Eat enough fish before time runs out. Your goal is to hunt this fish. Feeding Frenzy 1 Free Download Full Version With Crack. Windows, safe and secure download.

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Our intentions are not to harm Feeding software company but to give the possibility to those who can not pay for any piece of software out there. Flash 96% 19, 556 plays. For a full list of help pages, see Help: Contents, which includes non-local help pages, automatically transcluded from Wikia Help. Xbox News; Xbox Support; Feedback; Community Standards; Photosensitive Seizure Warning.

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Try to avoid bigger fish! A great, fast paced game for a quick coffee break or several hours of. Flash 83% 303, 951 plays Farm Frenzy 2. HTML5 90% 8, 798, 255 plays. California Driver License Font Type there.

Feeding Frenzy Achievement Guide & Road Map

Tomy 3 in 1 Fishing Frenzy Keep little hands busy at bath time with the 3 in 1 Fishing Frenzy from Toomies. Some people choose to erase this program. Download feeding frenzy 1 crack from this games portal.

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Feeding Frenzy 2 may not change a great deal of stuff over the first game. A tongue-in-cheek homage to the rubber puppet monster movies of the 1980's like Critters and Gremlins. Download Feeding Frenzy 1.0. Can be downloaded from the Xbox Live Marketplace, either as a free demo, or as a full version.

Patch 1. Feeding Frenzy Walkthrough Overview

Posted on August 29, 2020 by admin. Feeding Frenzy 2 1 is created to be an interesting and fun pack of two game modes in which your goal is to dodge predators and eat your way up the food chain. Feeding Frenzy 1 serials generator: Feeding Frenzy 1.0 serial key gen: Feeding Frenzy 2 serial number maker: Free Feeding Frenzy 2 serial keygen: Gamehouse Feeding Frenzy New 2020 serial maker: Feeding Frenzy Mac Full Version No serials. Help Mr. Fogg win a bet and travel around the.

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An Australian angler came across a feeding frenzy happening off the coast of an Australian island. Eoin McLennan-Murray, president of the Prison Governors. We Have Provided Direct Links Full Setup Of This Game. Game Cracked in Direct Link and.

CompressedGame: Download Feeding Fenzy 2 + mediaFire Link

Players are immersed in an underwater world full of colourful fish. Charles Campion, a Glenfiddich Restaurant Writer of the Year, reviews restaurants for the London 'Evening Standard' and the 'Rough Guide' Show 0 comments 1 /0 Charles Campion: The organic feeding. Chomp your way through an underwater mystery! Download Feeding Frenzy latest version 2020.

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Mar 30, 2020 Feeding Frenzy 1 + 2 Free Download PC Game Cracked in Direct Link and Torrent. Tremors (S01E01): Feeding Frenzy Summary - Season 1 https://simturinfo.ru/crack/?key=1005. Download Feeding Frenzy 2 Deluxe (Shipwreck Showdown. Feeding Frenzy 2 is a very fun, fast-paced underwater action game where you star as a fish seeking to survive the battle of the food chain.

Feeding Frenzy 2: Shipwreck Showdown Achievements

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Directed by Jay Bauman, Mike Stoklasa. Play Feeding Frenzy, a free online game on Kongregate https://simturinfo.ru/crack/?key=1001. Game Feeding Frenzy - CNET Download. HTML5 76% 142, 010 plays Ariel Save Nemo.

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Feeding Frenzy Game free Download Full Version. Game2play 38, 806 views. Feeding Frenzy free download. Your goal is eat smaller fish to grow up and try to avoid bigger fish.

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A smart government might see that investing some of the tax take in encouraging kids to take a more active life would help with this obesity problem and also. Warning(s): *No Site Warnings Apply; Genre(s): Canon Divergence; Crossover; Word Count: 4, 580. VirtualDJ is the hottest MP3 mixing software. If you fill up the meter two times you will get a double frenzy bonus.

Prophet of Doom (Raid Shotty) Viability?

The Prophet of Doom is a precision archetype Shotgun with ever so slightly better base stats than the Retold Tale, found in the new raid.

Shotgun Prophet of Doom Retold Tale
Impact 70 70
Range 70 69
Stability 52 51
Handling 42 41
Reload 52 47
Gun Size (barrel length) 48 38
As you can see, the guns are virtually identical, with a tiny edge to the Prophet. Both can roll Full Choke/ Rifled Barrel and Accurized Rounds, but the viable perks on each are quite different.
First slot:
Prophet of Doom can roll Slideways (not Slideshot), Feeding Frenzy, and Full Auto... None of these are amazing to begin with, But Slideways and Feeding Frenzy are probably the better two.
Retold Tale can roll Quickdraw, one of the best shotgun perks available. Amazing and near necessary on any shotgun.
Second slot:
Prophet of Doom can roll Opening Shot, the most reliable 'perk' to increase OHK damage in the crucible. Possibly the best shotgun perk available. Wow!
Retold Tale can roll Slideshot or Snapshot, both excellent perks, though not quite as good as Opening Shot.

I'm having a hard time deciding between these two shotguns but also in deciding if Mindbender's Ambition is a flat upgrade Prophet or Retold Tale. Since Bungie's nerf to shotgun max range, there's not a lot of data rolling around regarding the matchup between Precision archetype shotguns and Aggressive archetype shotguns; previously, Precision shotguns had a slightly longer max OHK but Aggressive shotguns were more consistent within their OHK range. Furthermore, Opening Shot was one of the only perks to extend the range of a shotgun past its maximum OHK.
Please advise if whether or not Prophet or Retold Tale is better (or if they are on par), and also if Mindbender's is an overall 'stronger' shotgun in PvP!
submitted by SpartanIord to CruciblePlaybook

Gambit Prime Weapons in Season of the Drifter

Gambit Prime weapons

Lonesome - Kinetic Sidearm
  • Rate of Fire: 260
  • Impact: 51
  • Range: 65
  • Stability: 53
  • Handling: 46
  • Reload Speed: 36
  • Mag size: 9
  • Aim Assist: 86
  • Recoil Direction: 90
Recommended PvE Perks:
  • Sights: Arrowhead Brake, Fluted Barrel, Polygonal Rifling
  • Magazine: Appended Mag, Flared Magwell, Alloy Mag
  • Perk 1: Outlaw, Rapid Hit, Full Auto Trigger System, Zen Moment
  • Perk 2: Kill Clip, Multikill Clip, Demolitionist, Swashbuckler
Recommended PvP Perks:
  • Sights: Hammer-Forged Rifling, Extended Barrel, Chambered Compensator
  • Magazine: Ricochet Rounds, High-Caliber Rounds, Light Mag
  • Perk 1: Zen Moment, Full Auto Trigger System, Grave Robber
  • Perk 2: Kill Clip, Opening Shot, Demolitionist
While I'm not a fan of sidearms in PvE I can see the appeal. With some good barrels adding stability or handling will help bring up some of the low stats on this particular sidearm. Arrowhead will completely max out the recoil direction without a mod and add some good stability. Within the magazine column I would take Appended Mag to increase that pitiful magazine of 9. I'm sure the API is incorrectly showing the magazine. If it's close to Vestian Dynasty it will be closer to 12. But increasing that for PvE will never hurt. Flared Magwell and Alloy Mag will reduce downtime between magazines and with a reload speed of 36 the Lonesome needs every bit it can. If you get Appended Mag then Outlaw or Rapid hit are wonderful additions to then minimize reload speed. If you don't get Appended and go for the reloader perks in the magazine column then Full Auto Trigger System starts to look better, or Zen Moment for ease of use. Kill Clip will be the best option due to the lower magazine size you'll be reloading constantly so having increased damage will benefit you more times than not. Multikill Clip is new, but I don't think you'll be getting too many multikills with this sidearm. It will be incredible if you can. But reliably I'd take the regular Kill Clip.
In PvP you'll have a better time using something like Extended Barrel to max out the recoil direction while also adding range to compete with shotguns and SMGs. Ricochet Rounds will also increase that range and give some much needed stability. The precision frame sidearms have decent range, but adding more won't hurt. High-Caliber Rounds is also a great option for adding flinch to help you win gunfights. In the first perk node Zen Moment and Full Auto Trigger System are tied for my top choice. One offers bonus stability which the Lonesome needs, the other offers ease of use so you don't have to spam the trigger at max RPM. It won't speed up the RPM but it will allow you to focus on recoil control over trigger presses. In the last perk node I'd take Kill Clip, chances are you'll use this to clean up a kill and reload right after a kill then allowing you to shred guardians with the increased damage. Opening shot is nice, but less useful on sidearms because of their high RPM. But knowing your first bullet will more than likely connect will allow you to focus on the second and following shots. Demolitonist is also a great option for more grenades.
Night Watch - Kinetic Scout Rifles
  • Rate of Fire: 200
  • Impact: 60
  • Range: 48
  • Stability: 47
  • Handling: 71
  • Reload Speed: 65
  • Mag size: 16
  • Aim Assist: 69
  • Recoil Direction: 57
Recommended PvE Perks:
  • Sights: Arrowhead Brake, Fluted Barrel, Chambered Compensator
  • Magazine: Tactical Mag, Appended Mag
  • Perk 1: Rapid Hit, Outlaw, Subsistence
  • Perk 2: Rampage, Explosive Rounds, Multikill Clip
Recommended PvP Perks:
  • Sights: Arrowhead Brake, Extended Barrel
  • Magazine: Tactical Mag, Flared Magwell, Steady Rounds/Accurized Rounds
  • Perk 1: Rapid Hit, Outlaw
  • Perk 2: Explosive Rounds, Moving Target, Demolitionist
Fitting into the MIDA archetype of weapons the only other lightweight frame scout with random rolls is the Vouchsafe. An underwhelming scout capable of some decent damage. Comparing stats, the Night Watch beats Vouchsafe in everything but aim assist. However, it cannot roll Dragonfly for add clear. It can roll better perks in better columns. Similar to other barrel type weapons recoil direction is a great priority. On faster firing scouts like this one making sure your follow up shots are as accurate as your first will be important. Arrowhead provides the best bang for you barrel. Tactical Mag also adds the most stats and increases the magazine size slightly. Appended Mag is also good, but doesn't provide nearly the same stat increase. In the first perk column I'd recommend Rapid Hit or Outlaw. Rapid Hit on this archetype will make it a laser if you hit all precision shots. Subsistence is a new perk reloading the magazine partially but unless it's a sizeable amount I won't recommend it highly. In the final perk node Rampage is the clear winner. Keeping and maintaining stacks is easy, with a faster reload and more ammo provided you have Rapid Hit and Tactical Mag. Explosive Rounds is great for the stagger and Multikill Clip will provide the greatest damage increase. But unless you've got a large magazine or are using this against trash mobs you won't see a huge benefit.
In PvP the MIDA archetype is still pretty strong. Arrowhead Brake or Extended Barrel add recoil direction which will help you land successive hits to down guardians. Tactical Mag also provides the best benefit. I decided on Steady Rounds depending on if you have Rapid Hit or not. PC users can opt for Accurized Rounds but it won't beat flinch from a Blast Furnace. Steady rounds will greatly improve the stability while sacrificing a tiny bit of range. Most crucible maps won't have you battling at 100m+ so that slight hit to range won't be entirely noticeable. In the first perk node I will still recommend Rapid Hit and Outlaw, the other options just don't compete. In the final option Explosive Rounds causes some crazy flinch against your enemies. Another good option is Moving Target for the increased speed on top of the intrinsic lightweight frame for maximum zoom. Demolitionist also makes this list as being a top contender for the ability to throw more grenades to make Shaxx proud.
Spare Rations - Kinetic Hand Cannon
  • Rate of Fire: 150
  • Impact: 80
  • Range: 45
  • Stability: 55
  • Handling: 76
  • Reload Speed: 64
  • Mag size: 5
  • Aim Assist: 92
  • Recoil Direction: 100
Recommended PvE Perks:
  • Sights: Hammer-Forged Rifling, Corkscrew Rifling, Fluted Barrel
  • Magazine: Appended Mag, High-Caliber Rounds, Flared Magwell
  • Perk 1: Fourth Times the Charm, Rapid Hit
  • Perk 2: Rampage, Kill Clip, Multikill Clip
Recommended PvP Perks:
  • Sights: Full Bore, Hammer-Forged Rifling, Smallbore
  • Magazine: Ricochet Rounds, Light Mag, High-Caliber Rounds
  • Perk 1: Rapid Hit, Snapshot
  • Perk 2: Kill Clip, Rangefinder, Slideshot, Moving Target
This is a gun I am most excited to get. Lightweight frame, kinetic, and random rolls. MOVE ASIDE MIDNIGHT COUP. In PvE Hammer-Forged Rifling just adds range. It isn't needed in PvE but there are times you will feel the range drop off. Corkscrew Rifling is another good option. In the magazine column you want things to increase magazine size. Extended Mag is another good one, but I don't like the reload speed decrease unless you have Rapid Hit. In the first perk node Fourth Times the Charm will allow you to get the most bang from your mag with precision hits. Along a similar vein Rapid Hit boosts reload speed. Unfortunately Spare Relations cannot roll Outlaw. In the final perk node Rampage will be my top pick. Followed by Kill Clip and Multikill Clip tied for second. Those two rely heavily on Rapid Hit or another reload bonus. A full reload masterwork and reloader gauntlets will be the second best without Rapid Hit.
In PvP I'm very excited for this. No other 150 hand cannon can roll Kill Clip so for that reason I am ranking that highest and something to look for. In terms of other perks you're looking for range and stability to keep away ghost bullets on controller and spamability everywhere. Full Bore offers the most range, followed by Hammer-Forged Rifling. Extended Barrel is good, but with a recoil direction of 100 the bonus Extended Barrel has over Hammer-Forged Rifling disappears. Ricochet Rounds is the clear winner on all weapons that love range so it's no surprise it's here. In the first perk node there aren't any stand-out perks besides Rapid Hit. Second to that is Snapshot but that's much lower. Again Kill Clip is a huge reason to use this gun. Rangefinder, Slideshot, and Moving Target all come secondary, but are great perks in their own regard.
Bug-Out Bag - Solar Submachine Gun
  • Rate of Fire: 900
  • Impact: 20
  • Range: 49
  • Stability: 50
  • Handling: 56
  • Reload Speed: 56
  • Mag size: 32
  • Aim Assist: 46
  • Recoil Direction: 88
Recommended PvE Perks:
  • Sights: Arrowhead Brake, Chambered Compensator, Fluted Barrel
  • Magazine: Tactical Mag, Appended Mag, Steady Rounds, Extended Mag
  • Perk 1: Zen Moment, Grave Robber
  • Perk 2: Multikill Clip, High-Impact Reserves, Demolitionist
Recommended PvP Perks:
  • Sights: Hammer-Forged Rifling, Extended Barrel, Smallbore
  • Magazine: Accurized Rounds, Steady Rounds, Tactical Mag
  • Perk 1: Zen Moment, Threat Detector
  • Perk 2: Moving Target, Demolitionist, Swashbuckler
Similar to the Lonesome recoil direction barrels will help. It won't be a night and day difference but it will help. The mag size is nice, and with every PvE recommendation I recommend increasing it. There's just no reason not to for PvE. In the first perk node Zen Moment is my top choice. There aren't many great perk choices there so Zen takes the cake. In the final perk node Multikill Clip is honestly the best perk. Bug-Out Bag doesn't have Rampage or the old Kill Clip, and with just one kill with Multikill Clip it applies the same buff as Kill Clip I don't see a reason not to use it. Following behind that is High-Impact Reserves and Demolitionist. Neither are top tier but will come in handy on a pocket bullet hose.
In PvP Hammer Forged Rifling or Extended Barrel are the top choices, you don't want to lower stability too low with Full Bore. In the magazine column I'd recommend Accurized Rounds if you can manage the recoil, with Extended Barrel you'd have almost an entirely vertical recoil direction with a slight right deviation, so the extra range is going to contest the Recluse as well as The Last Word. If you cannot control the recoil then Steady Rounds would be the next best thing, but it would counter the range increased by the barrels. In the first perk node Zen Moment is again the top pick. Threat Detector is niche and nice when surrounded but the chances of an average guardian coming out on top due to having Threat Detector is slim. In the final perk node Moving Target is the best option. Demolitionist is another good option for more grenades. Finally Swashbuckler makes the list for increasing damage with melee kills. Chances are you might follow up with a melee in close range so the added damage in PvP might be comparable to rampage or better.
Gnawing Hunger - Void Auto Rifle
  • Rate of Fire: 600
  • Impact: 21
  • Range: 57
  • Stability: 54
  • Handling: 70
  • Reload Speed: 64
  • Mag size: 44
  • Aim Assist: 65
  • Recoil Direction: 54
Recommended PvE Perks:
  • Sights: Arrowhead Brake, Chambered Compensator, Corkscrew Rifling
  • Magazine: Tactical Mag, Appended Mag, Extended Mag
  • Perk 1: Zen Moment, Tap the Trigger, Subsistence
  • Perk 2: Rampage, Multikill Clip, Demolitionist
Recommended PvP Perks:
  • Sights: Extended Barrel, Hammer Forged Rifling, Smallbore
  • Magazine: Accurized Rounds, Tactical Mag
  • Perk 1: Tap the Trigger, Zen Moment
  • Perk 2: Kill Clip, Demolitionist
A member of the 600 RPM of autos, hot on the heels of the newly added Galliard-42 XN7568 How does the Gnawing Hunger stack up? Well it has barrels which can correct a lot of the hidden stats like the abysmal recoil direction of 54. The +30 to recoil direction from Arrowhead Brake will put this above the Galliard. After fixing the recoil direction you can throw on a backup mag to boost the magazine without having to use perks and opt for either Steady Rounds or Accurized Rounds, even Flared Magwell is nice. Or you can double down and go Backup Mag with any of the magazine boosting perks. Unfortunately all the reload perks end there. Subsistence is close but until I fully understand it I cannot fully recommend it (an edit might be made). Zen Moment and Tap the Trigger are both great options that increase stability in different ways. In the final perk node Rampage or Muiltikill Clip are both great. With the large magazine (improved with a Backup Mag and any of the magazine boosting perks) you'll easily be able to string rampage stacks or get many, many kills for maximum Multikill Clip damage.
In PvP Extended Barrel for more range as well as correcting some of the recoil direction would be your best bet. Arrowhead is nice, but to compete autos need some good range. For that Accurized Rounds would be the next best perk. In the first perk node you have Zen Moment or Tap the Trigger again, and depending on which you value will be your best bet. One gains stability with damage, while the other starts strong and loses stability. Both are great options. In the final perk node I'd recommend Kill Clip first for the easy 33% damage boost after a kill. Demolitonist will arguably come into play more often allowing more grenades but the exact amount has yet to be determined.
Last Man Standing - Solar Shotgun
  • Rate of Fire: 55
  • Impact: 80
  • Range: 39
  • Stability: 34
  • Handling: 38
  • Reload Speed: 44
  • Mag size: 4
  • Aim Assist: 26
  • Recoil Direction: 47
Recommended PvE Perks:
  • Sights: Rifled Barrel, Smallbore, Corkscrew Rifling
  • Magazine: Assault Mag, Tactical Mag, Appended Mag
  • Perk 1: Grave Robber, Field Prep
  • Perk 2: Rampage, One-Two Punch, Demolitionist
Recommended PvP Perks:
  • Sights: Full Choke, Rifled Barrel
  • Magazine: Accurized Rounds, Light Mag
  • Perk 1: Opening Shot
  • Perk 2: Rampage, Swashbuckler, Demolitionist
An aggressive frame shotgun after Mindbenders the Last Man Standing hopes to be the last shotgun standing. Bad jokes aside what makes this shotgun special? New perks! The standard of good range in PvE still stands. It's not as important but definitely don't go smoothbore. You have some flexibility in PvE for magazine perks, not even needing maximum range. Assault Mag will increase the RPM slightly making it a real monster. In the first perk node I'd recommend Grave Robber. Because of the lack of Trench Barrel you can easily melee adds without care and refill your magazine. Field Prep is also another great option after the ammo economy shift this past update. In the final perk I recommend Rampage. One-Two Punch sounds nice and synergises well with Grave Robber but missing a single pellet renders it useless.
In PvP the holy trinity remains. Full Choke / Accurized Rounds / Range MW. What's good about this shotgun is any roll can get Opening Shot, whereas only the curated Mindbender's Ambition could get it, and it had Steady Rounds. In the final perk done Rampage will still be my top choice for artificially extending the OHK distance as well as potentially being able to down supers. Swashbuckler seems interesting however, you're more likely to trade so it might not even come into play at all.
Outlast - Solar Pulse Rifle
  • Rate of Fire: 540
  • Impact: 23
  • Range: 43
  • Stability: 53
  • Handling: 36
  • Reload Speed: 38
  • Mag size: 27
  • Aim Assist: 78
  • Recoil Direction: 60
Recommended PvE Perks:
  • Sights: Arrowhead Brake, Chambered Compensator, Extended Barrel
  • Magazine: Tactical Mag, Appended Mag, Extended Mag, Flared Magwell
  • Perk 1: Feeding Frenzy, Outlaw, Full Auto Trigger System
  • Perk 2: Rampage, Kill Clip, Demolitionist
Recommended PvP Perks:
  • Sights: Arrowhead Brake, Extended Barrel, Chambered Compensator
  • Magazine: Accurized Rounds, Steady Rounds, Tactical Mag
  • Perk 1: Feeding Frenzy, Rangefinder, Full Auto Trigger System, Outlaw
  • Perk 2: Kill Clip, Demolitonist, Rampage
Another rapid-fire pulse this one has competition with Horror's Least and the Claws of the Wolf. Both great guns that most people probably have. In PvE I find the damage a little lackluster but usable. Arrowhead is the most coveted barrel to completely fix the recoil direction. Tactical Mag adds more ammo which I think this pulse needs. I don't know if the API is correct but 27 rounds is 9 bursts on a rapid-fire frame is just too low. The good news is Outlast can roll Feeding Frenzy. Feeding Frenzy allows you to kill anything by any means and you'll get a faster reload, on par with Outlaw. Another good option is Full Auto Trigger System for that ease of use, but in PvE I don't see it being make or break. I still prefer Rampage over Kill Clip and Demolitonist due to the ease of getting it and maintaining maximum stacks. With Feeding Frenzy and Rampage you'll have a great PvE pulse for solar activities.
In PvP Arrowhead Brake is still the best option. It then allows you to use Accurized Rounds to really push out that range. If your roll has Extended Barrel or Chambered Compensator then Steady Rounds might be the best option. Feeding Frenzy is still my top choice for PvP, though Rangefinder is a great second option. Kill Clip can make this gun a real monster in PvP especially if you can hit your crits. Demolitonist for more grenades has been said before and will continue to be a great option.
Sole Survivor - Arc Sniper Rifle
  • Rate of Fire: 90
  • Impact: 80
  • Range: 55
  • Stability: 47
  • Handling: 53
  • Reload Speed: 54
  • Mag size: 4
  • Aim Assist: 51
  • Recoil Direction: 80
Recommended PvE Perks:
  • Sights: Chambered Compensator, Polygonal Rifling, Arrowhead Brake
  • Magazine: Extended Mag, Appended Mag, Flared Magwell
  • Perk 1: Fourth Times the Charm, Triple Tap, Rapid Hit
  • Perk 2: Firing Line, Demolitionist, Opening Shot
Recommended PvP Perks:
  • Sights: Fluted Barrel, Arrowhead Brake, Corkscrew Rifling
  • Magazine: Appended Mag, Ricochet Rounds, Flared Magwell
  • Perk 1: Snapshot
  • Perk 2: Opening Shot, Slideshot, Demolitionist
This is another exciting weapon. Similar to Bite of the Fox or The Long Goodbye the Sole Survivor has the chevron cross-hairs, if you don't like that then stick to whatever sniper you like. In PvE the barrel doesn't matter as much, but I recommend Chambered Compensator just because it adds so much. In the magazine column really maximizing the ammo per mag will go a long way. Especially paired with Fourth Times the Charm or Triple Tap. In the final perk node I tentatively put Firing Line on top because it will increase precision damage, if you couple that with Fourth Times the Charm or Triple Tap you could rival some of the heavy weapons.
In PvP Fluted or Arrowhead Brake will provide the best handling for a snappy sniper. Appended Mag will give you more ammo but Ricochet Rounds adds internal zoom. So what you see isn't affected meaning it still feels low zoom and you get all those benefits. In PvP the only good perk here is Snapshot and is almost a must have. Finally Opening Shot is my top choice, the headshots you can pull off is ridiculous with Opening Shot. Many of you have Saladin's last Bite of the Fox and can confirm. Slideshot is another good option for reloading part of the magazine without having to stop and reload.
Doomsday - Arc Grenade Launcher
  • Rate of Fire: 120
  • Blast Radius: 20
  • Velocity: 45
  • Stability: 53
  • Handling: 55
  • Reload Speed: 54
  • Mag size: 1
  • Aim Assist: 54
  • Recoil Direction: 78
Recommended PvE Perks:
  • Sights: Countermass, Linear Compensator, Quick Launch
  • Magazine: Spike Grenades, Augmented Drum, High-Explosive Ordinance
  • Perk 1: Field Prep, Auto-Loading Holster
  • Perk 2: Demolitionist, Ambitious Assassin
Recommended PvP Perks:
  • Sights: Volatile Launch, Smart Drift Control, Confined Launch
  • Magazine: Proximity Grenades, Spike Grenades
  • Perk 1: Threat Detector, Rangefinder, Auto-Loading Holster
  • Perk 2: Quickdraw, Demolitionist, Full Court
Starting things off I KNOW that the magazine size is bugged. There's absolutely no way this heavy grenade launcher has a mag of 1. Going off of Something like I Am Alive or Interference VI the mag should be around 6-7. Other than that oddity Doomsday looks pretty good. It has worse velocity than Play of the Game, but that can be made up in barrel options. For them I recommend Countermass or Linear because they don't subtract anything. In PvE the damage from Spike Grenades is just too good to pass up. Augmented Drum and High-Explosive Ordinance are also good alternatives. In the first perk node Field Prep is great for maximizing ammo in PvE. Auto-Loading Holster is good for run-n-gun play styles as well as not having to worry about waiting and reloading. In the final perk node I put Demolitionist first, here there's nothing amazing for PvE so more grenades will be your best option.
In PvP maximum blast radius is the most important. Especially with Proximity Grenades. You can still OHK with them, but maximizing that blast radius will ensure it. If you have Spike Grenades you won't need as much blast radius to make up for it. In the first perk node Threat Detector and Rangefinder are tied for first. Neither are amazing, but are the best for what Doomsday can roll. I value handling in the last option so Quickdraw is my top choice. Full Court is interesting and something I need to test. More damage the further the grenade travels. Could it kill a super? More testing needs to be done.
Just in Case - Solar Sword
  • Swing Speed: 45
  • Impact: 66
  • Range: 51
  • Efficiency: 59
  • Defense: 64
  • Ammo Capacity: 38
Recommended PvE Perks:
  • Sights: Hungry Edge, Tempered Edge
  • Magazine: Heavy Guard, Balanced Guard
  • Perk 1: Relentless Strikes, Tireless Blade
  • Perk 2: Whirlwind Blade, Shattering Blade, En Garde
Recommended PvP Perks:
  • Sights: Honed Edge, Jagged Edge
  • Magazine: Heavy Guard, Enduring Guard
  • Perk 1: Tireless Blade
  • Perk 2: Assassin's Blade, En Garde, Shattering Blade
The last weapon added with Gambit Prime is the Just in Case. Swords aren't in the best spot for PvE or PvP but to make the most of it you want ammo and Impact. It more than likely won't beat a Stryker's Sure-Hand with Surrounded but the unique perk of Shattering Blade sounds cool. I cannot speak as to the damage increase but any damage increase is helpful in PvE. For PvP you're better off using other weapons but the combo of Tireless Blade for more ammo and either Assassin's Blade for more mobility, or En Garde for a bit more damage could prove useful. Unfortunately swords are just bottom tier and not worth it.
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