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Fl Studio 10 Producer Edition

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FL Studio 12 Producer Edition

Check my blog for Fl Studio 11 Full Cracked, with new Plugins. The #1 site for drum kits, sample packs, loop kits & other music producer resources. Fruity Loops 10 Crack Key Registration Norwalk. Loops, hits and multi-samples from instruments such as Indias Dhol and Tabla. Representing over 18 years of innovative solutions, he has everything in one package Create, organize, record, edit, mix, and masterprofessional-quality music. FL Studio Producer Edition for Android - Download APK free.


Hello friends. This is something I started over on YandhiLeaks (RIP), so I thought I would continue it over here for the many people that enjoyed these extended projects I make! If you haven't seen any of my other posts, I will quickly explain that I have been posting my full extended Kanye albums on reddit and youtube, so here is the ninth instalment of Ye's discography...
So basically, I decided I was going to extended every Kanye song from his studio and joint albums in order to make an extended discography! I ended up extending his catalog by over 4 hours! I am releasing these extended albums over the coming months in chronological order, so here is the ninth one for you today.
Just some background info on my task:
- I am not at all in any way a sound editor, producer or anything like that, but I believe that they came out super well regardless. I am just a fan who wanted to edit all of his songs to make them longer for my own personal enjoyment, and am now sharing them with you.
- I did not want to go overboard and make every song like 12 minutes long, and add every single featured remix known to man. I added in remixed verses if they felt necessary, were accurate to the time the album was originally released and were high enough quality to actually have a spot on a Kanye album. I only extended songs to a length that I thought would still make them enjoyable.
- Since I am not a producer or sound editor, I did quite a bit of borrowing from others. Under the "composer" section in the data of each song, I added the names of everyone I borrowed edits from. In my Youtube video I credit and link them all more than enough, and specifically go over which parts I borrowed. I by no means want to take credit for any work I did not do myself, so I will make sure everyone gets the credit they deserve.
Here is the tracklist and a list of all the edits I made to the songs:
Original length of both 'Ye' and 'Kids See Ghosts" are 23 minutes, making them 46 minutes together. The length of this project is 1 hour and 8 minutes, making it 22 minutes longer!
*Also, I know many people enjoy when it shows less features, as it makes the tracklist more clean, but I for some reason love showing everyone who contributes vocals lol. If you wish you can delete that all once you download*

01. I Thought About Killing You Feat. Francis and the Lights
- Was originally 4:34. Is now 10:38.
- I used the sampled song, "Fresh" by Kareem Lofty as a long 3 minute intro
- Transitions into Uhhjulian's phenomenal edit of the song with drums and a looped hook

02. Feel the Love Feat. Kid Cudi and Pusha T
- Was originally 2:45. Is now 3:50.
- The intro is taken from Lido’s fantastic edit
- Transitions into the released version with looped Cudi vocals on the intro and outro

03. Yikes
- Was originally 3:09. Is now 3:32.
- Uses Archive25's synth intro and outro

04. Fire Feat. Kid Cudi
- Was originally 2:21. Is now 3:17.
- Added extended intro using the sampled song, "They’re Coming to Take Me Away" by Napoleon XIV
- Where the song normally ends, there is a beat breakdown borrowed from Neon Blue's remix

05. All Mine Feat. Ant Clemons and Ty Dolla $ign
- Was originally 2:26. Is now 3:24
- Used elements of Matthias' edit throughout
- Looped Ant Clemons' "Pooty Tang" hook before the second verse

06. 4th Dimension Feat. Kid Cudi and Louis Prima
- Was originally 2:23. Is now 4:00.
- I used the sampled song, "What Will Santa Clause Say" by Louis Prima as a long extended intro
- Extended the ending monologue, taken from Shirley Lee Ann's "Someday"

07. Wouldn't Leave Feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR, Ty Dolla $ign, Jeremih and August Alsina
- Was originally 3:26. Is now 4:23.
- Added August Alsina's cover as an outro

08. No Mistakes Feat. Kid Cudi, Charlie Wilson and Caroline Shaw
- Was originally 2:03. Is now 3:13
- I used the sampled song, "Children Get Together" by The Edwin Hawkins Singers to extend the intro
- I used Harley Banks' edit throughout to make it sound more grand

09. Reborn Feat. Kid Cudi
- Was originally 5:25. Is now 6:27.
- Added more Cudi hums after his verse and on the outro
- Used a portion of DJ Byrd's remix to create an outro

10. Ghost Town / Freeee Feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR, Kid Cudi, 070 Shake and Ty Dolla $ign
- Was originally 4:31 and 3:27. Is now 8:43.
- Merged the two tracks together
- Used the outro to the sampled song, "Stark" by Mr. Chop as an outro to "Freeee"

11. Kids See Ghosts Feat. Kid Cudi, Mos Def and Tyler, the Creator
- Was originally 4:05. Is now 5:24.
- Added Tyler, the Creator's remix versre after the first hook

12. Cudi Montage Feat. Kid Cudi and Kurt Cobain
- Was originally 3:17. Is now 4:33.
- I used the sampled song, "Burn the Rain" by Kurt Cobain as an extended intro
- I added a fantastic guitar cover by Sam Korycki overtop of the outro

13. Violent Crimes Feat. 070 Shake, Ty Dolla $ign and Nicki Minaj
- Was originally 3:35. Is now 6:07.
- I added a portion of the first verse from the demo version after the first 070 shake hook
- I added an amazing piano cover by James Wesson between the hook and Nicki outro

I will be releasing the next albums on my YouTube channel (BSB Dante) soon, and will also post them on reddit, so sub to me on YT and follow me on here for the rest of the full projects when they come out!

LINK to YE/KSG Extended (Download is in description of my video talking about the project):

Base64 link to TCD Extended (Got taken off YT sadly) :
LINK to LR Extended (Download is in description of my video talking about the project):
LINK to Grad Extended (Download is in description of my video talking about the project):
LINK to 808S EXTENDED: (Download is in description of my video talking about the project):
LINK to MBDTF EXTENDED: (Download is in description of my video talking about the project):
LINK to WTT EXTENDED: (Download is in description of my video talking about the project):
LINK to YEEZUS EXTENDED: (Download is in description of my video talking about the project):
LINK to TLOP EXTENDED: (Download is in description of my video talking about the project):

If you took the time to check it out, thanks so much! Comment and lmk how you like it! :)
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[Artisan] Prinkus Cables - Lots of Ready to Ship Cables, Comissions, and a Giveaway!!

Hello everyone!

I'm here to bring ya'll some [custom cables](https://imgur.com/a/dAbtfOx) at a reasonable price.

If you don't care about me and just want to see the cables feel free to skip this but I wanted to explain a little about myself. I'm an electrical engineering senior who got into mechs over the course of spending a summer by myself working an internship with not much else to do in a pandemic. My jaw dropped when I went to purchase a cable from Space Cables (nothing against them, btw!) and my cable was over $80 shipped. I ended up doing some research and found CruzCtrl's tutorials and decided to jump into learning to make my own. A lot of mistakes and a lot of practice has lead me to finally feel confident about posting up some cables here for sale. While I do most of the work my fiancée also helps me out with a lot of this stuff so we're technically a two person operation. Our goal is to help people be able to find reasonably priced cables that are still quality. We're really excited to start getting our cables out to you guys!

Okay so that's enough about us since you're only here to buy cables anyway, right? Let's get into it!


  • We intend to hopefully make this a weekly thing but we're not going to promise anything as student life can get crazy sometimes
  • We have 18 cables to sell today and they will ship out tomorrow if purchased on Friday, otherwise they will ship out the next business day if purchased at a later date! All cables will be shipped through USPS in small flat rate boxes. We will provide you with a tracking number once we get them after dropping them off at our local post office.
  • As of right now we only plan to ship CONUS only as we bake the cost of shipping into our cable pricing. If you really love our product but don't live stateside please contact us but we will have to have you help to cover the additional shipping costs. We're sorry about this and hopefully we can find a better solution but as of right now this is what we can do.
  • Cost of all cables in today's post will be $50 Shipped and we intend to try to keep this price as long as we can. If you were to wish to purchase more than one cable we are willing to bundle together two cables for $90 Shipped since you'll be saving us the cost of shipping on another cable. Any more than two and we can discuss but I'm hesitant that will come up.
  • All cables below have a ~6in coil and a ~4ft host end with a GX16 4-pin connector and are USB-A to USB-C. Most end up being about 6.5" as far as the coil and the host ends may be up to a foot longer than 4'. We're still working out the kinks as far as consistency goes on getting precise lengths.
  • All coils are coiled and heated by hand and are reverse coiled to provide a much tighter and longer lasting coil DISCLAIMER: We do not recommend excessive/repeated stretching of the coils. The coils are solely for aesthetic purposes and while we are proud of our final product, we cannot guarantee that they will withstand multiple and/or long stretching. Please mess with them at your own risk.
  • You will receive the exact cable shown in the table below so please make sure you look at it and are happy with the quality
  • All cables made with 28 gauge power conductors. They perfectly power my KBD75 and her Tofu60 but we cannot guarantee it will supply full power to high power boards. We have a Drop CTRL coming soon that we will be able to start testing with, however, as far as this round goes please buy at your own discretion regarding this
  • If you see a cable you wanted that happens to already be sold below please keep going down to the commissions section as I will be taking some number of commissions (exact cutoff TBD).
Without further ado, here are our In-Stock Cables! :

Cable 1 - Colonial Blue Paracord - Colonial Blue; Heatshrink - White; Techflex - Clear YES!
Cable 2 - Orange Paracord - Orange; Heatshrink - Clear; Techflex - Clear YES!
Cable 3 -Goldenrod Paracord - Goldenrod; Heatshrink - Gray; Techflex - Carbon(cleablack) YES!
Cable 4 - White Paracord - White; Heatshrink - White; Techflex - White SOLD
Cable 5 - Laser Paracord - Pink; Heatshrink - Purple; Techflex - Blue YES!
Cable 6 - Black Paracord - Black; Heatshrink - Black; Techflex - Black YES!
Cable 7 - Light Blue Paracord - Light Blue; Heatshrink - White; Techflex - White YES!
Cable 8 - Purple Paracord - Purple; Heatshrink - Purple; Techflex - Clear YES!
Cable 9 - Neon Yellow Paracord - Neon Yellow; Heatshrink - Clear; Techflex - Clear YES!
Cable 10 - Cyberspace Paracord - Dark Green; Heatshrink - Black; Techflex - Black YES!
Cable 11 - Pink Paracord - Pink; Heatshrink - White; Techflex - Clear YES!
Cable 12 - Green Paracord - Green; Heatshrink - Clear; Techflex - Clear YES!
Cable 13 - White Paracord - White; Heatshrink - White; Techflex - White YES!
Cable 14 - Black Paracord - Black; Heatshrink - Black; Techflex - Black YES!
Cable 15 - Black Paracord - Black; Heatshrink - Black; Techflex - Black YES!
Cable 16 - Red Paracord - Red; Heatshrink - Red; Techflex - Clear YES!
Cable 17 - Blue Paracord - Blue; Heatshrink - Blue; Techflex - Clear YES!
Cable 18 - Dark Silver Paracord - Silver; Heatshrink - Black; Techflex - Carbon(black/clear) YES!


If you would like to commission a cable feel free to contact us at any point through DMs. We're not going to set a hard limit on commissions as we don't want to set it either too high or too low as how busy we are tends to fluctuate, however, we would like to be able to provide as many cables as we possibly can so we will try to give you an expected date as to when we would be able to handle your commission if we did happen to feel too swamped at that time. Below will be some information that will help you if you wish to commission a cable with us!

  • Now regardless of above, if you do have a question feel free to ask, however, please respect that we're just normal people doing this as a hobby and don't get paid to go back and forth for 69 questions just to have you say "oh well I'll hit you up in a couple months when I get my set." We want to help but please be succinct if you do have questions and don't run us for a loop :)
  • We of course have USB-A and USB-C connectors for device and host, however, we also have micro-USB for the smaller percentage of users who may require that for the device end.
  • Shipping will be the same as in-stock cables where we will cover the shipping for the CONUS but we will require you to cover the extra shipping charges associated commission a cable and are not located in the CONUS. Again we apologize for this inconvenience, however, this is what we are comfortable with now and are going to stick to it.
  • We will provide GX16 commissions at $50 shipped provided they follow the same measurements as the cables listed above for our in-stock cables. Additional coil/host length may be added but may incur additional costs that will be determined at the time of commission
  • We also have YC-8 connectors that we can do commissions with for $60 shipped due to the higher cost of the connector as well as them being a bit tougher to work with.
  • We intend to create some form of catalog for components we have on hand to make it easier for those looking to commission to scroll through and be able to figure out what we have available. In either a future post or edited into this post I will likely create a google doc with this information when I have the time to get to it.
  • If we don't have a color of paracord/techflex/heatshrink/connector currently we are more than happy to order it for you, but it should be noted that this will add a fairly significant lead time to the cable as we will have to wait for that to come in before we can start producing your cable (I'd say at least a week and a half depending on what we have to order). Also be aware that you may incur an additional cost for things like a very specific paracord pattern or more expensive connector.
  • Again we're not setting a hard limit to our commission total as we would like to take as many as we can but we're people too and we only have so much time to devote to cable making


Congrats to u/fsgf2 and u/TheRealArio for being selected as the giveaway winners!

And last but not least our giveaway as a thank you to everyone who's helping us make an entry into this interesting hobbyist market. We went back and forth as to what to do for a giveaway and ended up deciding on giving away TWO CUSTOM CABLE COMMISSIONS FREE OF CHARGE!!! Please read below for information regarding this giveaway.

  • Giveaway winners will be selected using redditraffler at 6 p.m. CST on 10/3/2020
  • Shipping will be the same as in-stock cables where we will cover the shipping for CONUS but we will require you to cover the extra shipping charges associated if you enter and win and are not located CONUS. Again we apologize for this inconvenience, however, this is what we are comfortable with now and are going to stick to it.
  • To enter just comment below about your favorite thing you've purchased for this hobby be it a keyboard, keycap set, artisan, or anything really! We just want to hear about what you like!
  • The cable will follow the same parameters as our in-stock cables (GX16 connector, USB-A to USB-C, ~6in double coil, ~4ft host end)
  • We will shoot you a DM alerting you to winning and then proceed to figure out what you want to do for your cable. You will have 24 hours to respond or we will be forced to select a new winner.

After typing for forever I think I've said all that I wanted to say! We hope to hear from lots of you and are very excited to start providing cables to those that wish to buy them from us. If we didn't cover something that you have a question about feel free to message us and we'll do our best to assist you to the best of our abilities. Thanks for taking the time to read through all of this and we hope that you have a wonderful day!
submitted by ThePrinkus to mechmarket

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