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Weekly Summon Thread

We've got two new units and four new summonable mementos this week. The units are Eins and Nero; and the mementos are Eins', Nero's, Sol's, and the new MH memento.
Since I'm going to spend a bit gushing about Nero here, here's the TL;DR for anyone interested: Nero is stupid good, and stupid expensive. Anyone who has her is going to be very happy, anyone who doesn't is going to be very sad, and anyone who goes for her is going to be broke.
First off, Nero. She's a hyper whale unit. Needs MLB Memento to be at full potential and even getting her is hell, since she's not in Louise's Shop. This is the same deal as Genesis release banners. You'll have to pull 5 rounds of an Unlimited Banner for her. She is not a great target for f2ps, unless you've been saving up for at least 6 months.
Anyways, Nero is a super powerful Dark Magic unit who works very well on a Magic Auto team with Letitia due to having the same G2 as D.Othima and D.Nyx. She also has a -70 Dark Res Down nuke from her incredible VCR, meaning she's a great enabler for Sol on top of doing her own impressive damage—and that's before you mention her +40 Dark 5x5 Diamond buff. She's great on manual as well, since she has a Matk Power Charge Up (which is amazing with the +1 Buff Duration from her MLB memento), Magic Res -25 (which she generally won't use on auto), and some very powerful nukes to go along with that Charge Up. Her Reactive is 25% Perfect Dodge, which can be just completely dumb in Arena.
Her memento is . . . it's one of the most insane mementos in the game. The amount it and her VCR do for her . . . Anyways, the memento itself gives her Matk, Agility, and Reduced Cast Time. On top of that, it gives her Buff Duration +1 at MLB, which is insane for a unit with a Charge Up. At MLB, it also gives her the strongest nuke in her arsenal excepting the general status ailment tokkou nuke from her VCR—which you need the memento in order to get anyways. Said nuke also inflicts Death Sentence and Silence, so it can make her a terror in Arena (since, as I said, it's her strongest excepting her tokkou which means she'll use it first). And then the VCR gives her, on top of the aforementioned nuke, another -20 Cast Time, along with +10 Matk Power for the hell of it. To put it into perspective, she gets the same amount of Cast Time Nina does from her own memento, and then another -20 on top of it—and her Cast Time wasn't even bad in the first place on the couple moves she has it for. Also, keep in mind that both nukes I mentioned are instacast and long range, albeit Single Target. As a side note, Nero's memento uses Collab Reliefs, which is nice since it won't conflict with raising Sol's or Eins' mementos (or Acht's good one, if you're still working on that at all).
Uh, what else . . . ? Oh, yeah. She also has a skill that negates Jewel Consumption, Skill Use Consumption, and Cast Time for the three attacking skills on her main job. Four turns with her memento at MLB. Ahhhhh, what even is this unit?! Oh, and as a side note, she's got a map-wide Fire AoE that lowers Evasion. It's only half the modifier of Minerva's, but it's based solely on her Matk and she can potentially use it Charged Up for 6 turns considering the skill I just mentioned before this and her MLB memento. I-I think that's everything. Done with Nero. Moving on!
Eins is . . . well, he's going to seem a bit lackluster following my gushing/ranting about Nero. He's an amazing unit though, don't get me wrong, and pretty insane in his own way. He's mainly an Arena/PvP unit, though his super high mobility makes him an effective PvE unit as well—similar to Drei in that regard. He can self Quicken, has 8 base Move, has a super strong anti-Human nuke that ignores Defense; also has a Charge Up and can lower Water Res, and the rest of his kit isn't bad either. His Reactive is a better version of Minerva's, so he's insanely tanky on top of everything else. He's an Arena monster, so if you don't have him you're going to be suffering.
His memento and VCR aren't nearly as insane as Nero's, but they're still very nice to have on him, if only for the improved Jewel Economy, Patk, and Dark modifiers. Has a nice nuke at MLB, though the skill's area of effect is pretty weird.
Finally, Sol's memento. It's pretty amazing as well. Maybe not quite as amazing as Nero's, but it's still pretty incredible. It gives him Patk, Matk, Agility, Reduced Cast Time, and some Dark at MLB. It might seem to be a bit of a lackluster MLB bonus compared to his first memento, but that's kind of the point. I'll get to that in a second. First off, the big MLB bonus here is the Charge Up, a 3.5x Matk Power Charge Up. 2 Uses, but 3 when considering the +1 Skill Use from his first memento. Because of that +1 Skill Use, you'll want to run his first memento in his first memento slot and his new memento in his second memento slot, since stats (but not WAs, Charge Ups, and Snowballs) for an MLB memento are halved in the second memento slot and you don't want to lose that +1 Skill Use. The memento is very important for him if you ever want to use him manually, and the VCR is great as well.
The VCR, on top of giving him +10 Single Target Attack and +50 Resistance to Agility Debuffs, gives him +15 Matk Power and Missile Atk Power when equipped with his farmable gear. It also gives him a nice riding transformation, which gives him 8 Move just like Eins. The skills are okay but nothing amazing and it's only 3 turns, so you'll mostly use the transformation for the sake of mobility. Still nice to have that option.
Last and definitely least is the new MH memento. I'll cover it more below when I get to its banner.
God, this is already super long and I haven't even started on the banners.
So anyways, let's get to the banners.
Before anything else, I'd like to note that there's no Gem Return banner, during anniversary, and even if Gumi releases it this weekend or next week, it's still an extremely scummy move. For any non-whales, I would suggest waiting at least till the weekend to summon, if not next weekly reset.
First off is a free banner. A 3x Pull with 1 Limited Unit guaranteed. They list 4 batches in the news, and I'm not sure what that's about. Maybe this banner will be back for those who pulled it, tomorrow? Either way, no reason not to pull it today. Edit: Still not sure if the 4 batches thing was just a really weird way of writing out the pool or what, but the banner doesn't seem to be repeating.
Following that we have a Paid Banner. It's not terrible, but really, 100 shards for 10 units with 3 Redraws only seems great until you realize that there are no Limited Units guaranteed at all. It's not seeded either so you could easily end up getting no Limited units at all in your last redraw. If you do choose to pull, just accept the first good thing you get unless you have all 3 redraws left and you're feeling daring. Either way, unless you're a huge whale planning to pull everything in existence during anni, I would suggest waiting until the weekend to see what's on offer there in terms of Paid.
Our first banner for normal gems is a Community's Choice banner. It's . . . to be fair, it is a reliable way to get your favorite of these seven units, and all of the units are great to some extent. It's just very, very, very expensive and therefore entirely worthless to anyone who's not a huge whale. Same rates to get one of these units as on a normal Genesis or Veda Coin banner, but you can't buy any of the units' shards with the coins you get here. You can only buy elemental shards or get the 3,000 Coin Selector (30 multis on this banner). To be fair, you can convert them to Anniversary Coins 1:1 but that's not justification enough to pull on the banner. Unless you are an absolutely desperate whale who doesn't have enough patience to wait for the Weekend Paid, you should just ignore this banner.
Next we've got an Unlimited 3-Step for Sol and Eins. It's really not great. Just transmute Eins if you can't get him from the Veda Coin Banner, since he's in Louise's Shop.
Following that is Nero's 5-Step. This is the best way to get her. It's the only reliable way of getting her at least. You'll have similar chances of just sakking her in the Coin Banner, but getting the shards on Step 5 for 5 rounds and transmuting is the only way to guarantee her. Again, this isn't for the faint of heart—nor for the light of wallet. Not recommended for anyone but whales or those who have been truly dedicated to saving for her.
Then we have the aforementioned Coin Banner. 5 Steps, 200 Coins on each step. As I always say, pull here for the coins. Any units you get are a bonus. 1,000 coins can get you pretty far on someone like Sol, if you already have him, and it'll get you quite a few Nero or Eins shards if you manage to pull either of them.
Below that is a classic collab-style banner for the new MH memento. I get what they were going for, trying not to have the stats overlap with other MH mementos so it could be comfortably run in the second slot for a G6 unit, but . . . this memento is really, really bad. If you're obsessed enough with an MH unit to go for it anyways, it's a reliable option, as usual with this format. As a caveat, if the memento gives 100 Reaction Block, I'll revise my opinion. As of now, it seems horrible without seeing the stats in the DB.
Our Memento 9-Step for the week features Sol's, Eins', and Nero's respective mementos. You can read my thoughts on them above. Nero's and Sol's are both incredible, while Eins' is nice to have for him but not particularly important. If you get Nero, or really like Sol, this is pretty much a must summon. If you just have Eins, YMMV.
Aaaaaand, that's it, finally. That was way too long. I probably didn't need to go that in depth for Nero or even Eins, but too late now.
TL;DR: Nero is an amazing hyper whale unit, Eins is an Arena/PvP monster and can be transmuted, Nero's and Sol's mementos are very necessary, Veda Coin banner is good for getting shards, and the MH memento is crap. Good idea to wait for weekend or next week to summon in case of Gem Return.
Any other banners are remaining from last week and you can find my thoughts on them in last week's thread.
Good luck!
submitted by OriksGaming to AlchemistCodeGL

Place for all Rune Factory 4 tips.

Beginner Tips:

  1. At the beginning of the game, it'll ask you if you're flying high or are scared. Flying high means you are a male, scared means you are a female. I don't get why they couldn't have had a simple menu but alright.
  2. Get Kiel & Clorica to lv3 friendship asap (takes less than a week), then every morning take turn to invite each of them out of town. they'll throw you food if you haven't eaten any for the day. you must run in zigzag to dodge the food so you can pick it up. Clorica just threw me a Royal Curry worth 500,000 and Kiel threw a Union Stew worth 15,000 (you can reset to get different ones if you really want to). this does not depend on which dungeon has been unlocked or your progress in the story. To make this easier make sure your riding a monster, this works much better.
  3. Your birthday is determined by what you have your birthday saved as in settings. If your birthday is the 7th of June, your birthday will be 7th summer.
  4. Get people's friendship up. It helps for a request.
  5. There's some tips on the side of your farm. Read them carefully.
  6. Cure is the best thing to use in the early game due to it healing companions too.If you’re trying to grow giant crops, don’t harvest them until the four fuse into one. I’ve made this mistake before and you won’t get the giant crop if one of the four is missing.
  7. The invisiblade is a good early weapon, use Invisible ore for it.
  8. One thing to add, there are skills for EVERYTHING. And that includes sleeping, which increases your maximum HP/RP, strength, intelligence and vitality.
  9. To increase sleeping skill -> sleep before 1AM
  10. Just regaining RP/HP -> sleep before 6AMThese are more for farming.
  11. Searching: raise max RP and INT, and may yield better items. Increases when you find items and open chests.
  12. Walking: raises max HP/RP and vitality.
  13. Eating: Slowly increases overall HP/RP, strength, intelligence and vitality.
  14. An easy way to tell if you've talked to someone is by looking at the speech bubble over their head when you get close to them. If it's orange, you haven't talked to them that day, if you have, the bubble will be white.
  15. Also, if you don’t care about sleeping skill, you can totally stay up to 5:59 and sleep then wake up at 6am still.
  16. Object X. Abuse the hell out of it. You can make it by failing a recipe on the Chemistry Table, so using any ingredient that's not part of any recipe, like Scrap Metals, Material Stones, Lumber, Weed, anything, instantly gets you one. In order of importance for a new player:- drink as much Object X as you can before going to bed (before 1AM, for Sleeping EXP, preferably). This will grind EXP for all your status ailment resistances.- throw it at enemies. Consider that Object X is pretty much this game's version of Final Fantasy's Bad Breath, in a bottle. As in, a vial of poison that inflicts almost every ailmentin the game on a single strike. It's also the most reliable way to inflict both Stun (makes melee enemies slow and sluggish) and Seal (makes ranged enemies completely unable to attack you). Wanna try to sequence break into a few places on a low level, like Yokmir Cavern, Leon Karnak, Sechs Territory, or heck, even Sharance Maze before you even got to your first boss? Bring as much Object X as you can and work on your aim.
  17. - got a Mealy Apple? Slot it AFTER an Object X when upgrading your equipment. Pick your jaw from the floor right after. Reason being, Object X, as an upgrading material, gives a slew of negative bonuses. However, Mealy Apples inverts the bonuses of the previous material used. Do the math.
  18. You can talk to the villagers more than once during event days. Once before you start the event (or before 11 am) and after you finish it.
  19. But special case of Fishing events. You are able to talk to them during the event (you need to participate I guess), which makes it extra opportunity to talk to them.
  20. Basically 1 chance between 6:00 - 11:00, (during fishing events) 1 chance between 11:00 - 18:00, and 1 chance post event 18:00 onwards
  21. Walk along the edges of the screen, sometimes you'll discover hidden areas
  22. One good thing of having villagers/pets with you is they can detect hidden items (you'll see a bubble with treasure chest above their head)
  23. Hidden items respawn, so you can exit screen and come back to get it again as many times as you want for the day. You can grind your Search Skill by doing this.
  24. Partying up with the NPC and going into to their respective shop/inn will allow you to access their shop menu from Talk.
  25. When chopping or mining stacks of stone/branches, it can be frustrating as Lest/Frey hits air too often thus making you have to reposition yourself. This can be mitigated by directly facing south when chopping and mining.
  26. (Portable switch Version) To further decrease the time of purchasing stacks of items, both simultaneously press the A button and the Switch's screen of the item you want and hold both down. The screen should stop shaking and the item's purchasing number will blur upon a successful attempt.

General Tips

  1. Keep an eye on your soil’s health by using a Magnifying Glass. If your soil health is below 100, I’d hoe some Withered Grass, Corn, or 4-Leaf Clover on it. Max soil health is 255.
  2. If you upgrade a weapon with Scrap Metal+ (obtained rarely by failing a forge), you can make a weapon do 1 damage every hit. The only purpose for this is you can hit Mineral Squeeks (in Leon Karnak) more than once without killing it and get a higher chance of finding 10-Fold Steel.
  3. Should you be lucky enough to find a Legendary Scale while fishing or in a chest, save it until you get 10-Fold Steel and get a weapon that deals a lot of damage. Then upgrade the weapon with the scale and then the steel. That weapon will drain half of the damage you deal (if you do 4K damage, you’ll drain 2K HP). You won’t have to fear dying in a battle ever again.
  4. Raven sells crafting material you’ve shipped so try to only sell crafting items that are difficult to obtain. Love Crystals, Turnip’s Miracle, Rune Prana drops, etc. But if the item doesn’t say “Unshipped” in the description and you haven’t shipped it, you don’t have to ship it because it won’t add to your shipping rate and it won’t be sold anywhere if you do ship it.
  5. Best time to sell things in your castle shop is right before an event and right after. You’ll catch all the bachelorettes and bachelors in one day. So have lots of expensive product to sell!
  6. If you find Water Shoes before you can craft them, you’ll be able to access hidden areas that have good recipes and items. Not to mention you’ll be able to walk where the fish are in the water which will help you win the fishing contests.
  7. Just casting your fishing line into water will give you fishing exp (Hopefully it’s still the same in RF4 Special). You don’t even need to catch anything. It’s a good way to level before a contest. A higher fishing level means fishing will be easier and you’ll catch better fish.
  8. If you want to handicap your opponents and you have Holy Spore and Double Steel, upgrade those onto a weapon and you’ll have 99% chance of inflicting poison, paralysis, and seal. Not to mention you’ll raise your Resist PaPoison/Seal levels making you more resistant to the three.
  9. Also you can upgrade a magnifying glass into any farm tool to see the stats while it's equipped. I'd recommend upgrading your hoe with it.
  10. Another way to handicap enemies is feeding them failed dishes or Object X, the latter doing more damage and status effects. You can easily turn unwanted items into Object X at the chemistry set.
  11. Nationalize Baths as soon as you can
  12. If your Max RP is less than an item you're crafting/upgrading, fried fish dishes can increase max RP by a constant number and percentage. For more max RP, make Relax Tea and add a fried fish dish to it. IIRC I got about 400 + 30% max RP.
  13. Consuming Object X while wearing a Talisman slowly increases your status effect resistance while not affecting you.
  14. Upgrade. Staffs. With. Boss. Drops. Regardless of whether the staff is your main weapon or not, seriously experiment with this. Common boss drops give you the boss's basic moves, but the rare ones give you the much stronger moves.
  15. If you're in a dungeon and you come across a treasure room, open all the chests before attacking the mimics. I've seen people accidentally destroy treasure chests and it's so painful, especially the blue ones! Alternatively, if you have townspeople with you, tell them to wait before proceeding to the next room. Even if the chest just had a bottle of ketchup and a rock, that's better than never getting to open it!
  16. Wet shoes are pretty good if you can handle tripping a lot. 75% crit, especially when using dual blades is worth the tripping.
  17. You can speedrun running the shop by taming any monster with a suck move. Simply take him with you and literally suck in the slow moving customers. You can even get a sale from someone who wasn't even headed to the shop!
  18. If you absolutely love items like I do, upgrade your weapons with rare can and 4 leaf clover.
  19. If you need to grind boss items, hit escape right after the boss death animation is finished. The boss will appear again, the item will still be there if it dropped, and yiu can do this infinite times. There is an exception with the Siren. If she drops something into the water, when you leave the screen, it will despawn. You need to fish it out with a fishing pole.
  20. Save money by going to Revival Cave every day. If you die while an Ayngondaia Lawn is in your bag, you'll be revived with about 10% of HP.
  21. Upgrading an item with the Object X actually reverses the effects of the subsequent materials you add! Usually a bad thing, but you could use this early on to turn the negative resists of something like Oil into a positive, or:
  22. Speaking of grinding boss items, highly recommended to go find the monster called Typhoon during, well, Typhoons. He can be found on the bridge near the Spring dungeon area entrance. Normally only fought once per Typhoon so use the Escape trick.
  23. The Typhoon boss can drop Mealy Apples. These give a lot of bad debuffs to various elemental resistances... but using the Object X trick above, you can turn it into a powerful upgrade material for armor and accessories!
  24. WARNING: Double Steel,10-fold steel and Object X do not stack with each other. Also, you can only use the effects of Double Steel and 10-fold steel once each on an item.
  25. also worth it to give Kiel (and Forte) frequent gifts. he can give back rare monster drops. this might depend on which dungeon has been unlocked.
  26. always invite someone to take bath with you (male/female doesn't matter), they'll give you a free item.
  27. take people on dates at the forge so they make you free accessories, like a Talisman, Star Pendant, etc.
  28. You can only have one child, you can choose if they are a boy or a girl or leave it up to chance. Venti needs to be around to choose a boy or girl. She goes out on holiday at some point in the story.
  29. The credits play at the end of every story arc so when the credits roll, it isn't the end.
  30. You can date multiple people at the same time. The more relationships you are in, the hardeless likely you will successfully enter into another relationship. You can get rebuffed even with 10 Relationship points. Relationship points gains will also slow down drastically as you have more relationships.
  31. There are no farm animals, instead you tame monsters who then give you stuff like eggs or milk.
  32. The crafting is complex. Full stop.
  33. Speaking of companions, ask forte to go with you whenever you go on an adventure. It will help. The Knight will accompany you on adventures immediately, everybody else does at 3FP, everybody also will stay in your party forever barring town events popping up with their involvement in once they hit like 8FP
  34. When a sign recommends being level 40 for example (it doesn't, this is an example) you will be severely underpowered. It is assuming you have the best possible gear for that level.
  35. Killing bosses gets you prince(ss) points which are very useful, refight bosses every day to sell their drops. Also Kiel loves boss drops.
  36. Listen to Eliza's requests. They help a lot. Yea, you can unlock new game+ when you finish them all. A new game file can inherit all your old file's items, skills, levels and (I think) relationship points. This allows you to play as the other gender and collect the other bachelor(ettes)'s confession scene.
  37. Bring food with you whenever out for rune points and health point regeneration.
  38. If you're going to be killed by a boss or monster, fast travel away. Don't die for reasons I'll explain in the next point.
  39. If you die, you will lose money and quite a lot. Unless you're woken up by Nancy of course.
  40. This game can be hard. If you're a series veteran or want a challenge, play on hard. If you want a difficult but balanced experience, play normal. If you're playing for the farming and are coming from story of seasons or harvest moon, play easy. The combat won't be too hard.
  41. Don't be pressured to marry quickly. New characters are unlocked later in the game which you may like.
  42. Certain characters can't be married until the end of arc 2. You pretty much need to complete arc 1 just so you have all the villagers unlocked, which will open up events that require their presence.
  43. The telecommunicator is not worth it. At all. Essentially, it allows you to use the airship to fast travel from anywhere, except it's a furniture item. Leave it in your room if you want it to be useful, other wise it's a hassle. If i recall correctly, this is a custom fast travel point. I've put one in every dungeon planting field to quickly fast travel there.
  44. You can cancel requests through the notebook.
  45. There is something called a dungeon seed you need to get. You can't buy it from shops. Here's my tip. Minor spoilers. Sercezero Hill, mushrooms, 1-5 days of the month.Dungeon seed.
  46. When skipping time, water your crops.
  47. If you dislike the farming, you can eventually automate it through the animals. You still have to look after them though.
  48. Don't spend prince(ss) points on useless things. If you don't use the fridge, don't upgrade it.
  49. Don't be put off by the anime style. It grows on you and I must admit, it is pretty good. I didn't really like it at first but as I said, grows on you.
  50. You don't have to farm, marry, fish or even socialise. You can play it as an action rpg, a fishing game, a dating sim or a farming game!
  51. You can choose whether to use your fists, a long sword, a short sword, dual blades, magic etc etc. Some attacks will use rune points.
  52. You don't need a solid understanding of the lore. The game explains everything you need to know.
  53. The Sechs Empire (hah, you know what that means) is pronounced se-ch-s. Ch as in chocolate.(It probably isn't but no childish humour here.)
  54. There isn't much customization but you can get different outfits.
  55. If you can't get someone to follow you, check if you have a town event going on at the diary.
  56. If you forget what you're doing, check at the diary.
  57. From my knowledge, there is no online multiplayer.. The game is kind of suggestive, some questionable content.
  58. Brush animals daily.
  59. Buy clippers to clip woollies for extra wool. You can get clippers from a quest or as a drop from wild woollies. You can also clip wild woollies for wool, they don't need to be in your barn. Woollies become more aggressive and start attacking after being clipped.Wool can appear in Raven's inventory (after you've shipped it once) and it's pretty cheap.
  60. On that note, always upgrade your equipment to level 10 before selling to get a little more money and raise your forge/craft skills.
  61. If you're lucky, Arthur's shop can sell branches or rocks that you can buy in stacks and you'll never run out of woods/material stones again.
  62. When you first start the game, you can also destroy signs/save points (they respawn) and kill ants for woods. So practice your weapon on them.
  63. Volkanon likes woods and material stonesYou can also buy scrap metals in bulk if you have spare money, then use them to grind forging/crafting.
  64. Sword/Shield flower. Field dungeon. Final boss.
  65. Get the knives set for cooking tools first, because sashimi can be easily made by just using fish you caught and is decent for early game healing. Also good for the horse dude who shows up later. Later on, toast, which only needs flour and the oven is a great healing item for like 60% of the game.
  66. imo the order to get your tools is cooking -> forges/crafting -> chemistry set
  67. try to make your own weapons and armor asap. Pretty much anything you can buy or find is worse than what you can make. Don't ignoring crafting and forging because it will bite you back eventually
  68. when you want to trigger the third plot arc, marriage or premarriage events look up how to force them.
  69. hold a to repeatedly pick up all items of the same thing
  70. no you cant romance Volkanon or the elf detective unfortunately. All marriage candidates have animated cutscene to introduce them.
  71. you can place tools anywhere in the world you want.
  72. you won't get recipes for weapon types you never use.
  73. two screens left, two screens north of the obesdian mansion spawns a random fruit seed once a day in front of the big tree, its invisible.
  74. Doug not going past 3FP for a long time is normal.
  75. Towns people are only shit allies at first because their equipment is bad, suit them up with goood equipment. Also just pick 2-3 people you want to be in your party because using everybody takes too much time.
  76. Here is a well written blog describing all the bloody stats for dirt!
  77. The rosary accessory will empty out Sharance maze to have only two room floors and send you to the boss room pretty much immediately. You will lose out on regular dungeon loot though. You can switch out the rosary to fight the boss with your regular accessories.When crafting accessories, they can add other accessories into the recipe to have the final crafted accessory to inherit all special effects of the accessories you added. Very useful to stack useful effects onto a single equipment slot.
  78. You can add magnifying glass to defensive equipment ,Which means you can add it to a random item and it will work with any tool equipped that way
  79. Margaret learns an AOE healing spell, but only if certain conditions are met. (Being a Male Protagonist, and Having her as 'Dating') from here, there will be a random dialogue queue about learning a spell from her sister. You do not need to have her marriage event done to unlock this. If you marry another girl before Margaret learns this, it will be locked out as she will no longer be someone you can date.
  80. Word of warning. Don't do multiple requests without opening chest rewards. Guess they only have one spawn point so I did one thinking they'd overlap or push each other out of the way but nope, totally erased the existence of the previous reward.
  81. Giant Twinkle trees are more likely to drop Glitta Augite than the normal tree. I got like 3/4 Glitta Augite from a 255HP tree, while the 255HP Giant Tree produces 12/20 ones, so there is definitely a difference.
  82. Giant fruit trees always produce max fruit per day. That is 4-7 fruit guaranteed per day ( I have only tested on a 3 Num soil, and they produce 7 Apples/grapes/oranges every day). It still might be more profitable to plant 4 small ones, because each can give between 0-5 fruit each day, so with average luck you could get 8-12 fruits, but the guaranteed fruit can be nice.

Farming Tips

  1. start with planting 2 seeds of each type, 1 for harvest/shipping, 1 for using the scythe on to upgrade level
  2. upgrade your scythe when possible because the rusty one gives max lv3 seeds, the next one up to lv6, etc. ship a seed once it reaches level 3, 6, etc. so later the shop will sell them at that level and your process won't be lost/you won't have to start all over from lv1 if there's a storm. seeds you pick up in the dungeon will become that level also. i only start planting a lot once the seeds have been upgraded to at least lv3-5.
  3. starting from lv6 you may also need to use a greenifier to continue upgrading seed level
  4. plant as many apple/grape/orange/twinkle trees as possible (at least 1 square apart between the rows/columns or however you plan it, for easy picking). apparently the more fruits you pick up (especially apple) the higher level and stronger the field becomes through the game and can withstand typhoon/give better seed level/idk. twinkle trees give woods and items which if upgraded into your weapon will increase its range. this means that every day i have to visit the tree that gives random tree seeds.
  5. make wettable powder at the pharmacy to sprinkle on crops to prevent typhoon damage if a villager starts to talk about dark sky/strong wind or give hints that there's going to be one, you need to plant and stock up cherry grass and the blue bell looking flowers (forgot name) to make wettable powder when needed.
  6. till withered grass in soil if you reuse/harvest on the soil too much or used too many formula A/B/C (make a lot of them at the pharmacy and make use of them to speed up crop growth)
  7. upgrade the scythe/hoe in the forge with a magnifying glass to conveniently check the level/strength of the land plot and crop
  8. get fodder in the hidden right screen in the cave, no need to plant it. bring the fodder bin and put it at the save point in the cave so when you teleport back you can put the fodder in it immediately
  9. as for how many fields/barns to expand, just make it simple - if you run out of space then get a new one. no deadline/goal needed. sometimes upgrade an existing barn is cheaper then building a new one, check how much it costs. you may want to have the left/middle/right of a field to work on your own (not let a monster work on it) because it's reserved for upgrading seeds/making giant crop/harvesting a crop for the first time (monster's harvest don't count for quests) or whatever. you may also get a new entire field you don't plant on but let your monsters work there to gather woods/stones/herbs.
  10. lamp grass is the recipe for giantizer, so if you want to make a lot of giant crops (to tame bosses, etc.), start planting and stocking up lamp grass when you can afford to
  11. corn is needed for recipes for Formula C (with fireflower) & Greenifier+, corn on the cob (1 item, oven recipe) sells for decent $, tilling a grown corn can also restore soil health (but imo expensive)
  12. spinach is the fastest growing crop (2 days) if you want to spam it or get 1 crop to lv10 the quickest. you can also give 1 to vishnal every day as a gift.
  13. moondrop flower is needed in the recipe for Greenifier, but i usually already have some by the time i need them. the doctor and the nurse also like moondrop as a gift. xiaopai/ambedoll girl(?)/forte(?) also like flowers, but there are other things you can give them. on a side note if you give gifts to the doctonurse/doll girl and arthur often (1 fave + 1 like + 1 neutral everyday if you feel like), they sometimes give you back formula B/C/GiantizeGreenifier as gifts.
  14. 3 chickens, 3 cows, 1 monster of each element, bosses.
  15. Only really hold onto a level 2 turnip to finish the request for shipping a level 2 turnip unlocks seeds being able to be sold to the shop to be a higher level remember
  16. Also save toyherb and moondrop as well
  17. Also grow 6 radishes - 5 to be harvested for a request and the other to be culled for its higher level seed.
  18. Have a couple plots on your farm where you plant one of each crop and flower. Use Greenifer+ (or two) and when the crops and flowers are ready, use your sickle and get high level seeds. Keep planting them and cutting them until they’re level 9 or 10 seeds. Then put them in the shipping box so you can buy the high-level seeds at their respected shop.
  19. All monsters water crops in RF4, the catch is they need to like you first, you need 3 monsters to cover an entire field, and they'll get tired after a while so you'll need to give them something that will recover their health, be it food, potion, or taking them into your party and casting a cure spell.
  20. The game doesn't actually tell you it's because their hp is low, the game suggests you should brush them and give them gifts and time off, if I recall correctly but yeah just heal them and they'll get back to work
  21. it is possible to get Lv 10 seeds with a Rusty sickle. You just need to use as much greenifier(+) as you can to get your soil to +2.00 quality. Save before cutting the crop. If the level didn't raise from the lvl of the seed you planted +2, reload and just water it and let it stay on the ground. Repeat until the seed you get is (lvl of the seed you planted +2) to the max of lvl 10, of course. This happens because crops keep increasing in level up as long as they are in the +2 quality soil, even when fully grown, as long as they are watered every day.

Early game money tips:

  1. Some people like shearing wild woolies and sell the wool. I don't think it makes a ton, but it's something.
  2. If you have the medicine table, you can turn the colorful grasses to powders for money
  3. I also like going to the room before the boss in Yokmir Forest and level grinding off the beetles. Level grinding isn't super useful later on, but it is nice for early game and beetles sometimes drop horns which I can then sell.
  4. If I want some quick cash early on, I go farm the buffamoos far southeast of the water temple, right below a fishing spot. They drop milk S+M fairly often for me and at 260+380 a piece you can net some quick cash
Some are these from the 3ds version. If anyone wants to add I will add them or take ones out that don't work.

Here is a link to some faqs from gamefaqs:


Some additional websites for reference:

Calendar: https://dangospherez.tumblr.com/post/135026810404/rune-factory-4-all-events/amp
Easy Gift Ref: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/635388-rune-factory-4/68244194
Barn Produce Monster List: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/635388-rune-factory-4/7331832
Boss Taming List: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/635388-rune-factory-4/68395473
Wiki: https://ranchstory.miraheze.org/wiki/Category:Rune_Factory_4

Ten things I wish i knew: https://www.reddit.com/NintendoSwitch/comments/fa301j/10_things_i_would_have_liked_to_have_known_when_i/

Level 10 turnips, the best item in the game:


Personal preferences/Tips for just having fun:

This game is definitely not for casuals. It will suck you in and drop you out five hours later
  1. Clorica is best girl.
  2. Arthur is best guy.
  3. Have Fun
  4. This is not a farming game, it is an action rpg with farming elements added in.
  5. This game is not a dating sim, it's an action rpg with romance added in.Can we please have this pinned?
  6. Don't be overwhelmed. If you feel overwhelmed, just go to Eliza and do a request.
  7. If you use gloves as your weapon you can suplex any monster as a special move. It's satisfying as fuck and that's why I will always use gloves as my weapon of the choice. The End

Great spreadsheet by u/Chiyumii
I made a spreadsheet sorted by season for veggies and flowers
I am just going start giving thanks to everyone in this section now.

Thanks to:


Discord users:


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