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PDQ Deploy packs v73.0.0 (2020-11-06)


This is v73.0.0 (v72.0.0, v71.0.0, v70.0.0, v69.0.0, etc...) of our PDQ installers and includes all installers from the previous package with old versions removed.
All packages:
  1. ...install silently and don't place desktop or quicklaunch shortcuts
  2. ...disable all auto-update, nag popup and stat-collection/telemetry "features" possible
  3. ...work with the free or paid version of PDQ Deploy but do not require it - each package can run standalone (e.g. from a thumb drive) or pushed with SCCM/GPO/etc if desired. PM me if you need assistance setting something like that up


Download the torrent.
Secondary: Download the self-extracting archive from one of the repos:
Mirror HTTPS HTTP Location Host
Official link link US-NY SGC-Hosting
#1 link link FR mxmod
Plug one of these keys into Resilio Sync (formerly called "BT Sync") to pull down that repository:
- BTRSRPF7Y3VWFRBG64VUDGP7WIIVNTR4Q (Installer Packages, ~2.25 GB) - BMHHALGV7WLNSAPIPYDP5DU3NDNSM5XNC (WSUS Offline updates, ~12.00 GB) 
Make sure the settings for your Sync folder look like this (or this if you're on v1.3.x). Specifically you need to enable DHT.
Quaternary: (source code)
The Github page contains all scripts and wrapper files used in the pack. Check it out if you want to see the code without downloading the full binary pack, or just steal them for your own use. Note that downloading from Github directly won't work - you need either this provided pack or go manually fetch all the binaries yourself in order to just plug them in and start working.

Pack list

(Updates in bold. All installers are 64-bit unless otherwise marked)
  • 7-Zip v19.00
  • 7-Zip v19.00 (x86)
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader DC v20.013.20064
  • Adobe AIR v32.0.0.125
  • Adobe Flash Player v32.0.0.445 (Chrome)
  • Adobe Flash Player v32.0.0.445 (Firefox)
  • Adobe Flash Player v32.0.0.445 (IE / ActiveX)
  • Apple iTunes v12.5.1.21
  • CDBurnerXP v4.5.8.7128
  • FileZilla Client v3.51.0
  • Gimp v2.10.22 (x86)
  • Google Chrome Enterprise v86.0.4240.183
  • Google Chrome Enterprise v86.0.4240.183 (x86)
  • Google Earth Pro v7.3.3
  • Java Development Kit 8 Update 271
  • Java Development Kit 8 Update 271 (x86)
  • Java Development Kit 11.0.7
  • Java Runtime 8 update 271
  • Java Runtime 8 update 271 (x86)
  • Java Runtime 10.0.2
  • KTS KypM Telnet/SSH Server v1.19c (x86)
  • LibreOffice v7.0.3
  • Microsoft .NET Framework v3.5.1 SP1 (x86)
  • Microsoft Silverlight v5.1.50918.0
  • Mozilla Firefox v82.0.2
  • Mozilla Firefox v82.0.2 (x86)
  • Mozilla Firefox ESR v78.4.0
  • Mozilla Firefox ESR v78.4.0 (x86)
  • Mozilla Thunderbird v78.4.1 (x86) (customized; read notes)
  • Notepad++ v7.9.1 (x86)
  • Pale Moon v28.15.0
  • Pale Moon v28.15.0 (x86)
  • Spark v2.9.3 (x86)
  • TightVNC v2.8.27
  • TightVNC v2.8.27 (x86)
  • UltraVNC v1.2.4.0 (x86)
  • VLC media player v3.0.11
  • WinSCP v5.17.8 (x86)
  • Clean Up ALL Printers (purge all printers from target)
  • Clean Up Orphaned Printers (remove non-existent printers from the spooler)
  • Empty All Recycle Bins (force all recycle bins to empty on target)
  • Enable Remote Desktop
  • Install PKI Certificates
  • Reboot (force target reboot in 15 seconds)
  • Remove Adobe Flash Player (removes all versions)
  • Remove Java Runtime (removes JRE versions 3-11 using all means necessary)
  • Remove Microsoft Silverlight (removes all versions of Silverlight)
  • Temp File Cleanup
  • USB Device Cleanup. Uninstalls non-present USB hubs, USB storage devices and their storage volumes, Disks, CD-ROM's, Floppies, WPD devices and deletes their registry items. Devices will re-initialize at next connection


  1. Import all .XML files from the \job files directory into PDQ deploy (it should look roughly like this after you've imported them).
  2. Copy all files from the \repository directory to wherever your repository is.
  3. All jobs reference PDQ's $(Repository) variable, so make sure it's set in preferences.

Package Notes

  1. Read the notes in the PDQ interface for each package, they explain exactly what that installer does. Basically, most packages use a .bat file to accomplish multi-step installs with the free version of PDQ. You can edit the batch files to see what they do; most just delete "All Users" desktop shortcuts and things like that. changelog-v##-updated-.txt has version and release history in addition to random notes where I complain about things like Reader DC and how much of a pain it is to build packages for.
  2. Thunderbird:
    • Thunderbird is configured to use a global config file stored on a network share. This allows for settings changes en masse. By default it's set to check for config updates every 120 minutes.
    • You can change the config location, update frequency, OR disable this behavior entirely by editing thunderbird-custom-settings.js.
    • A copy of the config file is in the Thunderbird directory and is called thunderbird-global-settings.js
    • If you don't want any customizations, just edit Thunderbird's .bat file and comment out or delete all the lines mentioning the custom config files.
  3. Microsoft Offline Updates - built using the excellent WSUS Offline tool. Please donate to them if you can, their team does excellent work.


In the folder \integrity verification the file checksums.txt is signed with my PGP key (0x07d1490f82a211a2, pubkey included). You can use this to verify package integrity.
If you find a bug or glitch, PM me or post it here. Advice and comments are welcome and appreciated.


These packs will always be free and open-source. If you feel like giving away your hard-earned cash to random strangers on the internet you may do so here:
Bitcoin: 1Bfxpo1WqTGwRXZKrwYZV2zvJ4ggyj9GE1
Monero (preferred):
"Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to act."
submitted by vocatus to pdq

Random shutdowns and freezing on brand new MacBook Pro 2019

I just bought a brand new MacBook Pro (2019) with four thunderbolt ports (not two). It randomly freezes a few times during use, then shuts down after maybe 5-10 minutes of being on and then says, "Your computer restarted because of a problem." It does not identify a specific program causing the shutdown.

I have tried the two-thunderbolt port known issue fix (quit everything, run battery down below 90 percent, shut the lid, charge for 8 hours, run system updates). There are no more updates to run.

I also tried resetting the SMC, to no avail. The issue persists.

Please advise, folks! I'm trying to fix this myself rather than contact Apple, IF at all possible.

Programs added: office 365, Facebook messenger app, Google Chrome (not running now), calibre, cisco anyconnect and Microsoft Remote Desktop app (for work VPN), NordVPN (not running), and uTorrent web (NOT running).

EDIT: I have also run the quick hardware diagnostics (holding D at startup) which shows no issues.

SECOND EDIT (for more information): It seems to be something with Photos. It was uploading to iCloud. When we don't open photos, it doesn't freeze or shut down. So we turned off photo uploading to iCloud, checked iCloud and all the photos were there (even though the progress indicator in the photos app said it wasn't done). So then we turned iCloud Photo Library back on, and now it's trying to re-upload every single picture. It's starting over. We paused it, because we don't want doubles on iCloud. Would it load doubles? Or would it know what it's already uploaded and skip those photos?
submitted by echelonwarfare to MacOS

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