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This application permits to do compensate for eyes, alter the colour of the lipstick and eye, teeth bleaching, zoom pupils, in addition to slimming lower the cheekbones, Face and provide the face area an effective symmetry. Covid19, virus, health and medicine concept. Therefore, a technical correction is expected.

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Within these pages you will find a wonderful variety of courses taking place in venues. Crack Latest Version 32/64 Bit; Bitsum ParkControl Pro Crack Serial Key 2020 Free. The best free drawing software overall is Adobe Illustrator CC If you're a professional designer or illustrator, there's no beating the industry standard vector editing software.

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So i decided to uninstall portrait professional 10 using Revo uninstaller which successfully removed it and said no left over files. Portrait Professional 11 Mac OS 10 serial number keygen. Portrait Professional is a sophisticated computer program that has been trained in male and female beauty.

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I have a Surface and use Portrait Professional on it, but Portrait Pro asks me to enter my license token every time I use it. The problem is that you can only activate it once so Portrait Pro is saying that I have already used that token. To order a portrait, call the Panhandle Humane Society at 308-635-0922. MAGIX SOUND FORGE Pro 13 Crack offers professional-quality mastering, editing and sound-design features all within an intuitive and inspiring interface.

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Interested in Display Accuracy Software, Colorimeters, or Pattern Generators? Portrait Professional Studio Crack is the latest portrait airbrushing software which is used for training the human beauty. Portrait professional 10 keygen no virus.

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The first project did not earn the student a grade but needed to be. Free portrait pro 12 full Download - portrait pro 12 full related site. Download latest version of Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows.

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Portrait of young asian woman wearing medical face mask to prevent getting. This software is among the top ten applications in the field of security.

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Education, for example, requires time, effort, and expenses, plus the foregone income and experience, yet these losses can be weighted against future benefits education may bring to the agent or the. The event was organised to create digital portraits via a computer network. NO SHIUR WEDNESDAY (ROSH HASHANAH) This week's topics: * Davening in the Presence of a Non-Jew's Nakedness * Davening in the Presence of a Toilet On Monday, from 8: 20-9: 15 PM Fundamentals of Jewish Living OPEN TO MEN AND WOMEN * Celebrating the Coronation of Hashem On Tuesday, from 9: 25-10: 15 PM, The Kuzari * Longing to Reunite with Hashem in Eretz Yisrael On Wednesday, from 9: 25-10: 15 PM.

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Warm regards, Breno Anthropics Technology. Prior to joining the Johnson Center in May of 2020, Dr. Agard served for a decade as the founding executive director of Learning to Give, an initiative of the Council of Michigan Foundations. Corel Draw X7 Serial Number And Keygen Full Free Download.

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PortraitPro comment installer. Gering artist Jenifer Berge Sauter will be offering commissioned pet portraits just in time for the gift-giving season. Audio Apps / PC Softwares.

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You can pay for the portrait in person or over the phone. Portrait professional crack for mac id found, you can download it. It's free and fast, no ads. The teams were assigned a series of eight interrelated projects.

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Portrait Professional Crack + Serial Key Full Free Download. Portrait Professional lets anyone look great in a photo! Mining of coal: 1110 Extract crude petroleum & gas: 1120 Incidental services to oil industry: 11 Extract crude petroleum & gas: 1310 Mining of iron ores: 1320 Mining non-ferrous metal ores: 13 Mining of metal ores: 1411 Quarrying construction stone: 1412 Quarry limestone gypsum chalk: 1413 Quarrying of slate: 1421 Operation of gravel & sand pit.

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Its better mouth detection will speed up your workflow and make portrait editing fast. Zero time is no recipient. Malware scan of file extractor - portrait professional check this.

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Download Portrait Professional Studio 12.2 for free. I then ran MBAR which said scan was clean, i then did a MBAM and Avast full scan and both give clean bill of health. Scarica Portrait Professional gratis in Italiano: Portrait Professional senza virus.

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Tech support scams are an industry-wide issue where scammers trick you into paying for unnecessary technical support services. Portrait Professional Studio Keygen have high quality tools, brushes, templates, colors, contrasts and every thing which you. With the erase tool you can also remove unwanted features in the landscape and correct defects in a few clicks.

IOS Vs Android Development: Which OS For My Native App?

Original Article: https://www.fyresite.com/ios-vs-android-development-which-os-for-my-native-app/
Embarking on a new app development journey can be scary. Even when you know the results will be worth the wait, your team still needs to commit to hundreds of hours. This journey will be huge for your company, so choosing the right starting platform for your native application is crucial. To help you make the best decision for your company, we’ll give you some of our “agency insight” by comparing iOS vs Android development head-to-head.
Many different factors should impact your decision, but the three biggest ones to consider are the capabilities of each platform, the development process, and the target audience of your final application. Let’s explore each category.

IOS Vs Android Development: Audience

Let’s cut to the chase: your target audience is the single most important factor to consider when choosing a platform.
Every part of an app should start with the target audience, and the platform is no different. Building your app on the wrong platform is no different than building it for the wrong people. Consider the following factors before picking your OS:

Market Share

Android and iOS aren’t an even 50/50 split. In 2019, Android maintained a firm grip on 87% of the global market, while iOS only had 13%. That’s a pretty huge gap. However, the gap closes a bit depending upon your country. In the United States, iOS took the lead at 59% market share. However, in India, Android holds a whopping 92% market share.
A map of iOS vs Android market share from DeviceAtlas.
The better option depends on your audience. If your customers are primarily American, either OS works fine. However, Android may be a wiser bet for an international audience.
Remember that the audience does not stop at a broad national level. Perhaps your app is about to launch in India–where Android has a huge lead–but your specific target audience almost exclusively uses iOS. In that case, demographics are much more important.


Demographic data is the secret sauce that makes your app scrumptious. If your audience strongly prefers one OS, you should probably build on that OS.
But who uses which OS? Let’s break down the demographics, based on the statistics from asonalex and PR Newswire:

IOS Demographics

  • 29% more likely to be over 35
  • 18% more likely to be women
  • 14% more likely to identify as extroverted
  • Prefer Minimalism, Abstract Expressionism, and Bauhaus
  • 37% more likely to have a graduate degree
  • Average salary of about $53k and 67% more likely to make more than $200k per year
  • Spend about $100/month on tech
  • 26% more likely to spend money

Android Demographics

  • Skew toward people ages 18-34
  • 10% more likely to be male
  • 12% more likely to identify as introverted
  • Prefer Gothic Art, Street Art, and Surrealism
  • Average salary of about $37k and 24% more likely to make between $50k and $100k per year
  • Spend about $50/month on tech
  • 29% more likely to save money
These trends are limited, but they tell a lot about the user. One of the most noticeable differences is that iOS users tend to spend more money–we’ll talk about that trend in the next section.
Another surprisingly-important trend is behavior. Apple users skew slightly toward the extroverted side of the spectrum. These statistics match up with the “loyal Apple cult” stereotype, and it may even suggest that apps are more likely to move by word of mouth (though more data would be needed to confirm that claim).
Of course, these statistics only represent a few basic trends. They should never replace your own research. Research your target audience. Collect as much data as you can. Use your own demographics data to predict which OS your audience prefers.

Post-Installation Behavior

Android and iOS users don’t just behave differently in their day-to-day lives. They also behave differently once they have installed the app.
To learn more about the differences, Liftoff analyzed post-install engagement with five metrics: registration, reservation, purchases, in-app purchases, and subscriptions. Here are their results:
Post-install engagement statistics from Liftoff
Shockingly, iOS wins in every category except registration. Even that category is far too narrow to call. The takeaway is clear: iOS users are much more engaged in the app.
However, Android doesn’t fall too far behind. While iOS users are more likely to install, subscribe, and spend, Android users are more likely to open notifications. If your app thrives on notifications, Android could work beautifully.
There are a few distinct reasons that Android’s CTR is so high. The most obvious difference is that Android notifications are more visible. When users have an unread notification on Android, a sticky alert remains visible in the upper-left corner.
Notifications are always visible on your Android device.
Since the notifications are always visible, users are more likely to interact with them. At any time, they can pull down the shortcut menu and open a notification.
However, iOS offers none of these features. Notifications are less customizable and less visible. That’s another win for Android in the iOS vs Android Development battlefield.
But does the behavior really matter if the users don’t convert?

Revenue Generation

Android may have a larger market share, but how many of those customers convert to buyers on the app store? As it turns out, not that many.
Even though Apple has a much smaller market share, the App Store generates 80% more gross revenue than Google Play, according to Apple Insider statistics. However, Google Play is growing. Despite having much lower revenue per customer, Google Play grows 19.6% each year.
So what do these statistics mean for your revenue? Overall, it depends on your app.
iOS users spend a lot more money than Android users. That’s not just the app store; it’s in-app purchases, too. If your business model relies on consumer purchases, iOS is a very strong choice–if not the best choice.
However, Android still has more users. And in many cases, purchases aren’t going to be your main source of revenue. What if you’re building a free mobile app? Most of your revenue will come from advertisements. What if you’re a big brand who wants to give already-paying customers some handy tools? In-app purchases aren’t as important.
The Ikea Place app is less about in-app purchases and more about giving customers useful tools.
Revenue generation isn’t something to guess on. You absolutely must do your research. Iron out your business model. Research your target audience. Revenue generation is critical, yet delicate. A simple misstep–such as choosing the wrong platform–could topple everything you’ve worked so hard to build.
After analyzing your audience, consider the app itself. Certain features may work better on a specific OS.

IOS Vs Android Development: Capabilities

Each OS comes with different capabilities that could impact your final product. Consider how the OS differs for the end-user to build the best possible app on the best possible platform.

Latest Versions

Both iOS and Android have grown up into dashingly-handsome operating systems with a lot to offer. Here’s what the latest versions have to offer:

IOS 13 Key Features

Image from Apple
  • Better photo app with improved zoom, powerful editing tools, and a new photos tab.
  • Improved portrait mode with adjustable lighting sensitivity and an updated Portrait Segmentation API
  • Dark Mode looks great, of course.
  • Sign in with Apple lets you, well, sign in with your Apple ID
  • CarPlay enables car radios to control iOS devices
  • ARKit 3 just came out with iOS 13
  • Updated privacy controls
  • Siri update
  • Performance Boost
  • 3d maps

Android 10 Key Features

Image from Android
  • Live Caption automatically captions videos and audio
  • Smart Reply auto-suggests messages and follow-up actions
  • Sound Amplifier boosts and fine-tines headphone audio
  • Better Gesture Navigation lets users get around with swipes instead of buttons
  • Focus Mode temporarily disables distracting apps
  • Dark Theme is always a nice touch
  • More privacy controls
  • Better location controls
  • Immediate security updates
  • Family controls
Depending on your application, specific features may make or break the operating system. Apps that rely heavily on the camera, for instance, may want to consider how Apple’s Portrait Segmentation API or Android’s CameraX library impacts the final product.


One of the most noticeable differences between iOS and Android is customizability. Apple keeps things simple: you use what you get. Users can customize wallpaper, but that’s about it. Even the default browser is locked into Safari: third-party browsers are forced to use the Safari rendering engine, which makes them slower.
Android, on the other hand, lets users customize just about anything. Users can change their SMS Client, edit their lock screen, or even add a custom ROM. As a result, Android gives you a lot more room to build a customizable experience for your user.
A screenshot of the Retro Game Gear Emulator in action (from Google Play)
However, customizability doesn’t end with the user. Android development is much more flexible. Since the publishing standards are much looser, Android apps can do things that iOS apps cannot. As a result, some apps, such as game emulators and torrent downloaders, are not possible on iOS–or at least require a lot of extra work to build correctly.


Apple devices have developed a reputation for security. While iOS is hardly virus-proof, it remains remarkably secure.
The big difference is that iOS is much more closed off than Android. While Android is entirely open-source, Apple’s source code is hidden. Since iOS is a closed system, security threats are pretty rare. Plus, Apple blocks all third-party apps, so malware is harder to install.
Android, on the other hand, lags behind in security. Even though Google releases security updates every month, device manufacturers tend to push updates a bit late. As a result, many Android devices run a slightly-outdated version of the OS. In the event of a major security update, this lag can be a big security issue.
To make matters worse, hackers tend to target Android devices. Since Android has a much larger global market share, attacks scale better.
Despite the clear iOS advantage, both operating systems are pretty secure.

IOS Vs Android Development: The Process

App development isn’t just about the OS; it’s about how you use it. Depending upon which OS you build for first, your development process could look radically different. Consider how your decision will impact the final result.


Programming languages don’t always impact the final app, but they do impact what your developer can do for you. Unless you want to hire separate developers for iOS and Android, make sure your development team is well-versed in the relevant programming languages.
To develop for iOS, you need to know a fair bit of Objective-C or Swift. Android, on the other hand, requires Java and Kotlin.
Swift is elegant, fast, and easy to read. Most developers prefer Swift to Objective-C because it is more concise and a lot less clunky. However, Swift uses the Cocoa Touch API for UI elements, so developers who aren’t familiar with Cocoa Touch may prefer Objective-C.
On the Android side of the table, you have a similar dynamic. Kotlin is newer, faster, and more concise than Java. However, Java is still a powerful tried-and-true language with a lot of life left in it. Plus, lots of developers are very familiar with it. As a result, Java is still extremely popular in Android development.
Language usually boils down to a matter of developer preference, but it’s worth noting. Since both Swift and Java are object-oriented languages, transitioning between them isn’t too difficult. As a result, it may be wise to find developers who are well-versed in both iOS and Android.

Development Complexity And Timeline

iOS development is pretty straightforward because you only have to build for a few devices. Android developers, on the other hand, have to worry about device fragmentation.
Device fragmentation is a big problem for Android development. Since so many different devices run Android, not all of them are capable of running the latest versions. Android 10, for instance, is only available outside of beta on the Google Pixel. Some manufacturers, such as the Chinese manufacturer Oppo, didn’t even get 2018’s Android 9 until January 2020. In fact, 11.5% of Android devices are still running Android 5.1.
Android’s distribution as shown on the Android Distribution Dashboard. As of the publishing of this article, Google has yet to update the graph to include Android 10.
As a result, developing an app for Android can be difficult. Even if they build an app compatible with Android 7, a whopping 42.1% of users get left out.
However, iOS development has its own hurdles because apps need much more vigorous maintenance. If your app isn’t upgraded to the latest version within nine or so months of its release, Apple will remove it from the app store. Plus, iPhones become obsolete much more quickly. That means iOS apps have a shorter shelf life.
Nevertheless, these issues don’t outweigh Android’s device fragmentation. All things considered, Android still takes longer to develop.


While Xcode is free, releasing your app on iOS isn’t. Developers must pay a $99 annual developer fee for access to the SDK and app store. That number seems high, but it makes sense. Since iOS is a closed platform, Apple employees need to vet every app for errors, security risks, design mistakes, and rule violations before release. That process usually takes anywhere from a day to a week.
Android, on the other hand, is an open platform. That means the Android source code and SDK are available for free, so developers can distribute their apps outside of the official Google Play store. As a result, publishing to the Google Play store is much easier. After paying a one-time registration fee of $25, your app will be down to download in just a few hours.
Despite the differing review stages, both the Google Play store and the Apple App Store offer developers a staggered release. In Google Play, you set a percentage of users who get an update. However, the App Store’s phase release is driven by time. The percentage of users that receive an update depends upon the day.
Both the development process and the capabilities of the platform are extremely important for making your decision, but they aren’t the only factor to consider. Remember: your app is a product, so don’t build an Android app for iOS users. Consider your target audience.

IOS Vs Android Development: The Verdict

Ultimately, the better OS depends on your application. No written guide can beat a professional consultation, so reach out online to chat about your application. We’d love to hear what you have in mind.
Nevertheless, certain apps do work better for certain platforms. While there are always plenty of exceptions, here are some brief, broad suggestions:

Start With IOS If…

  • Your target audience has a strong preference for iOS devices or fits firmly in the iOS demographic.
  • Your app will generate revenue through in-app purchases.
  • The app will be used by a local or American audience.
  • The project needs to be completed as soon as possible.
  • Security is a major concern.

Start With Android If…

  • Your target audience has a strong preference for Android devices or fits firmly in the Android demographic.
  • Your app will generate revenue through advertisements or will not generate revenue directly.
  • The app will be used by a global audience.
  • Notifications are critical to your app strategy.
  • Certain features are easier to develop on Android because of the increased flexibility.
However, native apps aren’t always the best solution–especially if all this talk of “iOS vs Android Development” seems confusing. If your app doesn’t need to be super close to the hardware, a cross-platform solution may be the right move. Cross-platform apps are built in a cross-platform framework that “translates” the code into native iOS and Android. Of course, cross-platform solutions can’t always replace truly native ones, but they remain a valuable tool to consider.
submitted by stev0205 to startups

Short review of 2015 Helix + keyboard dock

[2015-FEB-18 - It has been a week since I posted the review and no further questions, so I'm sending the unit back to Lenovo. Thanks for all your questions/feedback! AG]
As requested, here's a quick review of the 2015 Helix and professional keyboard dock with three-button TrackPoint. Photo here.
NOTE: This review is based on a 2015 Lenovo ThinkPad Helix with the new keyboard dock I received as an evaluation unit; it's pre-production hardware, but should be very close to final.
Where to begin with the 2015 Helix? Since it's a tablet, probably the first thing you notice about it is the screen. It' s 11.6", which is the same size as the screens in the X1n0e series, but with a 1920×1080 full HD display, compared to the 1366×768 on the X100e, it's a nice upgrade. It was high enough resolution to make using Microsoft Office 2013 apps like Word, PowerPoint and Outlook usable without having to do a lot of scrolling, which is an issue I have when using X1n0e's or my X220.
Unlike other ThinkPads which I have used in the past, the Helix has a glossy screen and not a matte one. While this seems a little weird for ThinkPad, it makes sense and is actually a better choice when you remember the Helix is designed to be use as touch-screen tablet device. I believe it is Gorilla Glass 2, although I'm not certain of that.
Likewise, the wide bezel (0.75" or so on the sides and top, 1" on the bottom) may seem a little off-putting at first, but once you start using the Helix in tablet mode, you will begin to appreciate being able to hold it by the bezel without having to worry about accidentally sending the cursor to the edge of the screen because you touched it.
The touch screen works with both your fingers as well as with a digitizing pen stylus. The one that came with the Helix is a little slimmer and shorter than the only others I can compare it to (Lenovo ThinkPad X61t and Samsung Series 7 Slate) but worked identically to the others. As a matter of fact, I could use all the stylii interchangeably. I'm not really an artist, though, so I didn't try drawing anything, but I would imagine the experience would be similar, although I suspect a matte glass screen might offer a a more paper-like feel when drawing.
Ports and Connectors
Because the Helix is a tablet, it's not particularly user upgradeable—and I'll get back to this later—but to make up for this it offers more expansion options than many other tablets. Here's what the review unit has:
  • Micro SDXC card slot (worked fine with a 32GB Micro SDXC UHS-1 Class 10 card)
  • SIM slot (not tested)
  • full-size USB 3.0 port
  • mini HDMI port (not tested)
  • fingerprint reader
  • NFC card (not tested)
It also has a screen lock button to prevent it from automatically switching between portrait and landscape modes when you tilt it, a headphone jack, volume rocker switches and a power button.
The power connector is rectangular like on some slim Lenovo ultrabooks and not round, but even smaller than the rectangular USB-sized one used on the Lenovo Yoga 11, etc. It's more of a mini-USB sized connector.
The keyboard dock
The keyboard, like all ThinkPad keyboards, is a joy to type on, and brings back the three button row of TrackPoint buttons that have been so heavily requested by long-time ThinkPad users. Another subtle-yet-welcome change was the reintroduction of slight spacing between every four function keys, which had disappeared in recent ThinkPad models.
The keyboard still only has six rows, with the top row sharing function key and ThinkPad functions, unlike older generations where ThinkPad-specific functions were available via the seventh row. Still, it's good to see Lenovo making progress by restoring features their customers want. It also has another one of the "mini-USB sized" rectangular power connectors on it.
The TrackPoint, nestled between the G, H, and B keys works identically to the TrackPoints in prior generations. There's also a conventional clickpad-style touchpad about the size of a credit card beneath the spacebar. I didn't use it at all because the TrackPoint worked fine. It would be nice in future versions if there was an option to get rid of the touchpad altogether. This would allow for the reintroduction of the missing row of keys on the keyboard that we lost after T420/W520/X220 generation, and possibly allow for a larger battery inside as well.
As has been mentioned, the keyboard is actually a dock, and adds some additional functionality beyond a place to type. It has a Mini DisplayPort connector, a second USB 3.0 port and inside of it is a battery which about doubles the Helix' battery life.
The Helix tablet is guided onto it via two subtly-rounded posts with small latching mechanisms, and is disconnected via a push button mechanism you can see on the left side in the photo (it has a red vertical stripe on it). I find it easier to dock with its keyboard than with the Surface Pro 2, largely because the posts guide the unit down into the docking connector.
As far as preloaded software goes, the Helix had a minimal amount that I needed to uninstall (Maxthon web browser, Nitro PDF reading software, Norton anti-virus software, Pokki menu software and some trial versions of some cloud storage apps whose names I've already forgotten). Again, keep in mind I had pre-release hardware, so the final software selection may vary.
While I'd personally like to see the amount of bloatware drop even further as with the Signature Series ThinkPads available through the Microsoft Store, it only took me about six minutes and a couple of reboots to get rid of them all. And who knows, maybe some ThinkPad buyers will find them of use.
As far as running software goes, I had no problems performing basic office productivity tasks using Microsoft Office 2013. Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook all behaved as expected, there were no lags, stuttering or other problems that often occur on systems starved of CPU, RAM or graphics resources. The particular model of Helix I received only had 4GB so I couldn't do much with VMware Workstation on it, but a Windows XP Professional VM configured with 1GB RAM fine (it was certainly weird going to full-screen and watching XP run on such a modern system, though).
Audio Quality
The sound on the Helix was okay for audio conferencing and watching YouTube videos, however, the complete lack of bass was noticeable. This was not necessarily surprising given the size of the speakers inside the chassis. I suspect that most people will use some kind of external system (headphones, Bluetooth speaker, etc.) if needed.
Expansion Options
Because the Helix cannot be opened up and upgraded, it's important to pick a configuration that's going to meet not just your current needs, but future ones as well, for as long as you intend to use the unit. While the Intel Core M CPU and 256GB SSD were more than adequate for my casual use of the device, my review unit only had 4GB of RAM, and this prohibited me from running the larger kind of virtual machines as well as some larger specialized apps that I typically use at work.
I did not attempt to abuse or mistreat the Helix in any way, so I cannot say I torture tested it but the unit was incredibly solid with no squeaking. There was a little flexing between the tablet and keyboard when I reoriented the screen to different angles, but the connection remained solid at all times. I would be hesitant to recommend the unit, though, to someone who is rough on computers. While the unit is certainly solid, it still isn't a ruggedized laptop, and by its very nature as a tablet, is non-repairable. If something breaks or fails, it will need to go back to Lenovo for repair, just like any other tablet. This also means it's probably a good idea to get an extended warranty and accidental damage protection. Just something to keep in mind.
Parting thoughts
So, is the Helix for you? It seemed to handle traditional tablet (i.e., media consumption activities) like e-reading and movies just fine, but as a PC user, I was more interested in how well it handled itself from that perspective, not as a pure tablet device. The Helix excelled at the office and multimedia tasks I through at it, but I mostly used it in the laptop configuration with the keyboard attached. There's no docking connector, so I don't think the Helix would be a good choice for someone who spends most of their time at their desk, but for highly-mobile workers, it's a lot of power in a very small package.
NOTE #1: My review was written using a pre-release version of the new 2015 ThinkPad Helix tablet (M/T: 20CHZ0SXUS), along with its detachable keyboard/battery, and while my impressions are based on nearly final hardware, there might be some small changes in that as well as the software, so there could be some differences in the shipping version as a result.
NOTE #2: I've not taken photos, screen shots, run benchmarks, etc. If there's a particular area you would like a close up picture of, or if you'd like to know the results of a particular benchmark, please let me know and I'll try to accommodate. I do need to return the unit to Lenovo soon, though.
Aryeh Goretsky
submitted by goretsky to thinkpad

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