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The /r/XboxOne Game Of The Year 2019 awards - RESULTS!

Season's greetings /XboxOne & Welcome to the Game of the Year awards!
A big thanks to all of you who took the time to fill out the survey. The final tally was a grand total of 1,917 respondents!
As always - The votes have been counted correctly, altered based on my own personal bias and edited to reflect the juicy bribes I received in Monster Energy drink, Stadia gift vouchers and anime hug pillows.
Each winner has been given a prestigious and totally not imaginary /XboxOne exclusive "award", and are celebrated below.
As a heads up - By their very nature, these awards will contain mild spoilers. You have been warned

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Last year COD returned with its redemption ark and won this very same title. Now we enter into the tournament ark. Will COD win 3 straight years in a row? Or will the true villain be revealed in their final form? Only Next year's awards will tell! Also, the game was pretty good I guess.

Gears of War 5

The storied tradition of hacking monsters to pieces with chainsaws and blowing one another in half with shotguns continues in the latest addition to this long-running franchise. Marcus's tomatoes have finally been avenged with this prestigious award. Gears 5 crushed the competition with over 50% of the total vote.

The Outer Worlds

The spiritual successor to objectively the best 3D Fallout game (don't @ me) landed with not so much a splash as a tsunami. Universal praise from critics and gamers alike, combined with launching on Game Pass, ensured that this old-school RPG got its due with the second-largest majority vote this year. To the 8 weebs who voted Tales of Vesperia: 安らかに眠れ.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Star Wars fever is here and EA released a totally average and mostly OK video game along with it - Thus making it the best release EA has had in almost a decade. Star Wars: JFO force pushed Sekiro off a Pagoda and beat Devil May Cry 5 in a lightsaber duel faster than you can say "recency bias" to take this award.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

BAM BAM BAM, BAM BA-DAM BAM BA-DAM - Is it cheating when you get to use some of the greatest and most iconic music of all time in you videogame? Probably - But not even the Pumping EDM & Metal of DMC5, despite being a close second, was enough to challenge the mighty John Williams. JFO secures it's well deserved second award.

The Outer Worlds

I am not going to give this award to you, Outer Worlds. You've won enough!
~ Seems fair
-> [SPEECH:100] Give me the award /XboxOne. I deserve it. Also, renounce your god while you are at it.
~ Y u no gib award?
Yes, you are right Outer Worlds. Perhaps Keanu Reeves is not so breathtaking after all... Please take this award.
~ Thank you.
-> [SPEECH:100] Give me your wallet too.
~ Goodbye.

Mortal Kombat 11

Despite some competition from Super Smash Bros Ultimate (Everyone's favourite Xbox exclusive fighter), MK11 skipped right over the FATALITY and went straight to the BRUTALITY. Utterly dominating this category with 74.1% of the total votes, MK11 wins by the largest margin of victory in the entire awards this year.

The Outer Worlds

Hello again Outer Worlds. I hope you aren't here to rob me again because I seem to have misplaced my wallet. Oh, you are? Well, I guess having one of the most well written, original and immersive single-player storylines in a new IP of the last decade, as well as fantastic gameplay with tonnes of options, choices and awesome companions would probably entitle you to this award. Take that, instead.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

DANGER CLOSE! There were only 25 votes between COD and Apex Legends this year, but the old behemoth managed to pull ahead just enough to take the win. We presume that the margin of victory would have been much higher if not for the self-imposed handicap COD gave themselves with the inclusion of the Piccadilly Map. Good guy COD, giving the other shooters a chance like that...


FIFA Series: "What are we going to do this year EA?"
EA: "The same thing we do every year, FIFA. Try to win best sports game in the world"!
Note: The small indie game "Lonely Mountains: Downhill" managed to come a shockingly close second this year. The first game ever in the sports category to even come remotely close to FIFA. Well done guys!

Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled

OMGGGGGGGGGG! For the first time EVER a non-Forza title manages to win this award. Does it have anything to do with the fact that no Forza game released this year? Probably.... BUT WHO CARES! CTR Was a brilliantly remastered nostalgia nuke, finally giving everyone a great looking, high-quality cart racer that isn't Mario Kart or Sega All-Stars Racing. Well done.

My Friend Pedro

Blood. Bullets. Bananas. Never has a game's subtitle described something so perfectly. My Friend Pedro is a balls-to-the-wall action romp filled with platforming, slow-motion ultraviolence, weird jokes and bananas.

Resident Evil 2

Capcom, here's a GOTY award. It might come in handy if you, the master of remastering, take it with you.


An open-world, multiplayer schlooter where you can cosplay as Ironman and literally fly. This should have been a slam dunk, but delay after delay mixed with buggy quests, glitches, server downtimes, broken loot tables, the ability to only walk around town at a speed that suggests you are dragging your mecha suit behind you and an all-around lack of anything actually fun to do led everyone to agree that Anthem needed a little more time in the oven.

Gears of War 5

Gore, brains and intestines have never before been rendered with such loving detail. Sweeping vistas, ruined buildings, beautiful lighting. The Gear series has always been known as a visual showcase and the 5th outing is no exception. If you were looking for a 4K showpiece for your Xbox One X, you should look no further.

Hitman: The complete first season

Celeste, Gears 4 and Jurassic World Evolution were snapping at the heels of Agent 47, but he skillfully slipped past them dressed in a giant pink teddy bear suit, stole the award and unleashed his ultimate weapon upon them - The heat-seeking briefcase.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Pew pew pew! dakka-dakka-dakka! kaboom! It may shock you, but that was actually just me impersonating the game, rather than the authentic sounds of battle present in COD:MW. The crackle of gunfire, the bassy boom of explosions, the roar of jets, the curses of your foes in the lobby - All of the sounds in COD:MW have been sampled and produced to perfection.

The "Refund Purchase Button" - WWE2K20

The jumpmaster-senpai of our dreams lost this contest by 2 votes. Yes, that's right, two. What other upsets have this diabolical pair caused? Who knows? What I can say is that WWE2K20 is one of the most spectacularly broken games ever. I could try to be funny here, but let me just link Dunkey's video instead... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPu7aLcZVTY
Many entrants this year in the "Other" category included the ever-popular votes for our 4 biggest stars of the category; Phill Spencer, Major Nelson, Lego Batman and My mother - However, some other notable entries included:
Keanu Reeves, Jack Black, Fahz & Kait from Gears 5 (at the same time), Pavarti, Captain Price, King Mickey, Ty Lee from Avatar The Last Airbender (FBI-San, this man right here), Xbox Series X, Yugi and many many more :D

Bioware - Anthem

So while it is very clear we hate our teammates in Apex, and we REALLY hate that guy who designed Picadilly in COD, the true burning ire of /XboxOne this year is directed at Bioware. Previously a trusted companion and party member, they turned evil slowly before our eyes. We denied it at first, seeing that there was still good in them, but hope slowly fades. It remains to be seen next generation if our old friend Bioware is more Skywalker than Palpatine...
Oh, and to the 20 All-American, freedom-loving, eagle-eating, burger-wielding patriots who voted RICHARRRRRRRD - I salute you. o7

Sea Of Thieves

While Forza Horizon 4, Monster Hunter World and Destiny 2 were bickering over where exactly to dig for the award based on their treasure map, Sea Of Thieves snuck aboard their ship, swiped their booty, dropped their tall tale keys into the ocean and raised anchor with the ship pointed at the nearest rocks. All while hurling profanities at them in bad pirate accents... But they didn't spawn camp them; Because they gentlemen with manners.


Explore a place you've never seen in a time you've never known, in Anthem... Or don't. The servers are down.
Wolfenstein, Ghost Recon Breakpoint and Crackdown 3 all threw their hats into the ring this year, but Anthem hadn't yet finished drawing the ring due to delays. Then when they told the others it was finished, The ring was a square, the square was empty and their hats were missing. Anthem was about to offer to sell them new hats for 4.99 apiece but noticed everyone had all already left...
BEST [email protected] GAME

Outer Wilds

"I said Wilds, not Worlds! WILDS! W.I.L.D.S! AAAARRRGHGHHHHHHHH!!!" - Outer Wilds devs 2019.... Probably.
Outer Wilds is a fantastic little space exploration game with charming visuals and music, as well as a great sense of humour. Imbued with a true sense of exploration, discovery and wonder, this is a game that will truly make you smile. Oh, and you die a horrible horrible death as the sun explodes over and over and over again, killing everyone and everything you know because you are stuck in a time loop of infinite death and destruction that you should probably fix somehow... See? Charming!

The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds proved definitively that there is still more than enough room for an old-school, single-player role-playing game that doesn't railroad you, hold your hand or force you into a character role. Will you be a virtuous hero of justice that would make a generic JRPG hero blush? Will you be a total douchebag who lies, cheats & steals his way across the galaxy? Or will you be a homicidal maniac who kills people and eats babies? Totally up to you! (Except the eating babies part... I'm pretty sure you need a mod for that. So my... uh.... Friend.... tells me).
Here is what the results looked like: https://i.imgur.com/5BUlljN.jpg
A truly epic game by Obsidian as the perfect welcoming gift to Xbox Fans, as Obsidian joins Microsoft's first-party lineup. We can only speculate as to how amazing their next big works will be on the next generation of consoles... But we can't wait!
A big thanks to everyone who voted once again! See you all in 2020 for the Cyberpunk of the Year awards!!! Love - Cheese.
submitted by delicious_cheese to xboxone

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    7. Looking to add a murder mystery to my current campaign -- any ideas? (5 points, 9 comments)
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    2. Anybody want to critique my plot idea? It's a bit of a mashup between D&D / science fiction / time travel. (11 points, 10 comments)
    3. My friend is badly depressed and this has tinged his new PC. How can I help steer him away from painting himself into an antisocial corner? (10 points, 21 comments)
    4. The Repentant Lich (10 points, 9 comments)
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    2. One of my players had to make is character on his own do to schedule conflicts. When he came to the table his stats were 17, 16, 16, 16, 15, 12. How should I address this? (10 points, 23 comments)
    3. [D&D5e]How many quests are there between level 1 and level 5 assuming you use standard challenge ratings? (8 points, 6 comments)
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    2. Local gaming store asked if I would run campaign at their shop - does anyone have experience doing this? (13 points, 10 comments)
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