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[GUIDE] I started playing Warframe a month ago. 10 things I wish I knew then.

EDIT: I wasn't expecting at all for this post to get so much attention. First of all, thanks a lot, sincerely, to all the good feedback and corrections I've gotten. I'm a new player and some of the things I wrote were wrong. As well, there were quite a lot of wise comments that made these points even better, so I’m going to edit several of them and include your comments. Thanks everyone and hopefully all together can write a guide that will be a "Warframe 101". Onto more detail on the game, there were some info that I intentionally left aside, like how to use the orokin catalysts, Prime gear, Ducats… I wanted to keep this as an entry-level simple to read guide, and to keep some of the mid-later game content for the players to discover as they play.
Hi there! I started playing Warframe a month ago. It was quite rough at the beginning, as there was a lot of stuff, things to learn, mechanics, equipment… and its tutorial wasn’t particularly good at guiding you through everything. I’ve put together a series of advices to help you understand better Warframe in big lines. This is not intended to be a depth detail guide, but just an introduction for your first week or two in the game. I hope it helps you enjoy this great game.
For anything you might need, my ingame player ID is Rafalas. Thanks!
1. Which warframe to play In this game, warframes are like “class suits”. Your character wears warframes, and by changing warframes, you will change your character class. At the beginning of the game, you’ll choose between three different warframes: Excalibur, Mag and Volt. If you've searched for information about which warframe is the best, which does more damage or resists the most, which turns levels into a mess of blood or a feast of lights... stop doing that. All warframes are about 95% balanced across them and at the beginning it’s all about which warframe you like the most. Really. Is that simple. Pick the one you like and play it. Don't worry at all, because you are going to be changing between warframes a lot anyways. Each warframe works “kinda” like a class in other mmorpgs: there are support frames, damage frames, defending frames… you won’t need to know about this before you naturally grab knowledge about the game by playing it. So again, pick one you like and play. It’s worth mentioning though that Excalibur and Volt are much harder to get later in the game than Mag. Mag is actually the second frame you’ll be able to get after you start so, if you want to optimize your pick, choose either Excalibur or Volt.
Want to know more about warframes? READ THIS
2. Which weapon to play Similar issue as in point 1. In the beginning, don't look at it as which weapon is best, but which type of weapon you like to play with (shotguns, rifles, launchers...). Pick one, play it, pick another one, play it... Warframe is about variety. During the beginning of the story mode, you’ll be presented with two different choices for your primary weapon, two different for your secondary, and two for your melee. For melee, it’s recommended to pick the Skana as you’ll need to spend platinum to get it later on. It’s worth mentioning that the bow will require great accuracy from you. Some players recommend picking the rifle as it makes the game easier to play at the beginning. I you are a Robin Hood fan though, and like to play with silent and stealthy bows, take into account that by holding the fire button you can charge the shot to make it significantly more powerful. Although, get a Tonkor as soon as you can and equip in it a Sniper Ammo Mutation mod if you have it. Learn to shoot with it. It’ll give you a significant boost.
Want to know more about weapons? READ THIS
3. I’ve read points 1 and 2, but I still want to know which is the best to start with Really, believe me, this isn’t like World of Warcraft or Diablo where when you’ve picked a class you stick with it. Warframe is not like that. You will be changing between them a lot without any penalties. Pick the one you like and start playing.
4. The normal leveling flow Great, you picked a cool warframe and three cools weapons. What now? The next move is keep playing missions to get to that planet's final boss (is the slot with a crowned-eye icon) to then unlock the next planet and so on. As an important consideration, there are different XP pools when leveling (Experience Points, called Affinity in the game): if you kill an enemy using a warframe ability, all the xp will go to level your warframe; but if you kill an enemy using a weapon, half will go to your warframe and the other half to that specific weapon. Also, when playing cooperatively, you want to stay close to your teammates as if you’re less than 50 meters away when they kill something, you’ll also get that same xp split between all your gear. On leveling, all warframes and weapons have a level from 0 to 30. What you want to do is to level it to 30 by playing with it (it's called 'to maxed it'), and as soon as you've done that, change it for another one (at least for a good amount of time at the beginning). If you can’t craft a new warframe or weapon right then, try to get what you need to start doing it as soon as possible. The ideal way of leveling is to have something that allows you to finish the level good enough (any maxed weapon) and have all the rest unmaxed so they’ll be leveling passively as you play.
EXTRA: Syndicates! As soon as possible, you want to join a Syndicate. You won't get any advantage from them yet, but later on it'll be very beneficial for you. The Syndicate console is to the left of the navigation console in your ship. It's not accessible from the pause menu. As you pay the initiation tribute, don't forget to equip their sign on the warframe you are playing with in Arsenal>Appearance>Regalia>Front or Back Sigils to start getting xp on that syndicate. You'll need to do this with each warframe!
Want to know more about Syndicates? READ THIS
5. Now that my warframe/weapon is finally level 30 I have to change it? Why?! Your account, overall, has its own level. It's called Mastery Rank (aka MR). You level your MR by finishing an unplayed mission or leveling gear. Why do you want to level your MR? because there is plenty of things that are locked to your MR (you can't use them unless you have a minimum MR). As well, your MR represents your “relative” skill and knowledge in the game. I’ve seen players with low MR play really good, and high MR ones play like crap (maybe because they didn’t care). It’s just an overall quick judgment number. That said, as you can figure, it’s relatively important that you have a substitution for each piece of gear before you max it. Every xp gained that goes on a maxed piece of gear is going to be lost xp. You can view your MR by pausing the game, hovering over your portrait and selecting ‘view profile’. It’s also always written next to your name inside brackets.
Want to know more about Mastery Rank? READ THIS
6. How do I get more warframes and more weapons? Short answer, you will either buy them in the market, or craft them using components. Before continuing, warframe has two different currencies: credits and platinum. You earn credits by playing, and you get 50 platinum when you create your character. The only way of getting more platinum is by buying it using real money or by trading objects with other players for platinum. The main currency in the market is platinum, but there are several weapons that you can buy with credits (e.g. Primaries: Braton, Strun, MK-1 Paris… Secondaries: Aklato, Lex, Sicarus… Melee: (only two) MK-1 Bo, MK-1 Furax). For all of these, buy them with credits and you’ll immediately have them available to equip. The other option (what you are mainly going to do throughout the game) is to buy weapon blueprints and craft them in the foundry. When you pick a blueprint you’ll be presented with another screen that shows you which components you’ll need to craft that weapon; if any shows in red, means you don’t have enough of that component so you won’t be able to craft it yet. You will get components normally by just playing. Each planet drops different components; you’ll find which on the right side of the screen when entering the planet, or small icons of it when hovering over it in the map. There’s a third option, which is to directly buy the weapon using platinum, but unless you’re planning to spend a lot of real money in the game, don’t do this. In terms of warframes, it’s slightly more complex. You still buy the blueprint in the market, but in order to craft it you’ll need specific components (Helmet, Chassis and Systems) which only drop in specific places (mostly Bosses). The first planets where you can get those specific components are Venus and Mars. Each time you kill a Boss you’ll randomly get 1 out of 3 possible components for a specific warframe. In Venus you get them to craft Rhino, and in Mars you get them to craft Mag. Once you have the three pieces and the necessary components and credits, go to foundry and start crafting your new shiny frame. This process will take three loooong days to finish, so it’s important that you do it as soon as you can. You can also buy warframes using platinum; you will have them immediately, but again, unless you’re planning to spend a lot of real money in the game, don’t do this.
A veeeeery important point about getting more weapons and more warframes are the inventory slots. You start the game with 2 warframe slots and 8 weapon slots. Each time you craft/buy a warframe or weapon, it’ll use a corresponding slot. You get more slots by buying them with platinum (20 platinum for a warframe slot and 12 platinum for two weapon slots). When you have maxed a piece of gear, you can sell it to free the slot so you can store a new one. I won’t recommend at all selling warframes for now. Do what you can to buy more warframe slots. You can sell weapons if you didn’t like them, but before doing that, check first if that weapon is a component for another weapon HERE. You can craft weapons that use other weapons with unmaxed weapons, but that means that if you sold your lvl 30 weapon, you’ll need to buy it or craft it again in order to use it. Oh, and don’t worry about removing your mods from the weapon, they won’t get sold when you sell it. What are mods? keep reading!
As a general advice, I will strongly recommend spending your 50 initial platinum on buying two new warframe slots, and as soon as you can get 2 more platinum, buy a weapon slot. There seems to be a consensus that for free to play players, the wisest investment for your platinum is to buy warframe and weapons slots exclusively for a while. Some players recommend spending the initial 50 platinum on getting 1 warframe slot and 2 weapon slots (20+12+12). As a personal oppinion, I prefer the first option as it gives you 4 warframe slots and 10 weapons slots.
Want to know which warframes drop in each planet? READ THIS
7. Mods. What are they and what do I do with them So okey, we talked about warframes and weapons already. The other important piece of gear in the game (probably the most important one) are the mods. These are cards-like piece of gear that you put on warframes, weapons and companions through the upgrade menu. I won’t go into detail on it, as this is by far the most complex aspect of the game. Don’t worry about it too much yet, knowledge will come naturally by playing and reading external sources. You only need to know two things for now: as you level a warframe or weapon, it’ll increase the mod capacity for it (0 capacity for a level 0, and 30 for a level 30). On the top right corner of the mod you’ll see a number, and sometimes a symbol next to it. The number is the capacity requirement, and the symbol is the polarity of the mod. If you have a level 8 warframe and equip a mod with a capacity requirement of 6, you’ll end up with 2 free capacity for that warframe. BUT, some mod slots on each warframe and weapon have a specific polarity (e.g. the bottom left slot of Excalibur is Madurai, a ‘v’ like symbol). If you equip a mod on a slot with the same polarity, it’ll reduce its capacity requirement by 50%; but if you equip it on a slot with a different polarity, it’ll increase it by 25%. Mods have its own level system. See those dots on the bottom of the mod card? Those represent which level they are. Mods have different maximum levels (from 3 to 10). When you level a mod, one of the dots will turn glowing blue. How do you level up a mod? with Fusion: you either “sacrifice” other mods to level one, or you use Fusion Cores to do it. As you level it, the effect of the mod will get stronger, and it’s capacity requirement will increase. IMPORTANT: You will find ‘Damaged’ mods. These are “broken” versions of mods (you can recognize them by the DAMAGED label on the bottom of the text). DO NEVER LEVEL THOSE; you’ll be wasting resources. Also, don’t use them to level other mods, as they will give little xp to them, just go and sell them. By the way, if you fuse a mod into that same mod (e.g. a vitality to level another vitality), it’ll get more xp. On the same line, there are three qualities of Fusion cores: bronze, silver and gold. The last ones give more xp.
As a general advice, do never sell mods for now.
Want to know more about mods? READ THIS
8. I’ve been playing story for a couple of days. Where do I get the cool stuff? Plus WARFRAME SLANG As soon as you feel your character is ready enough (i.e. a maxed warframe and primary weapon) you can start playing T1 and T2 void missions. You need Void keys in order to play void missions, but you don’t have them so, how do you do that? Go to your Recruitment chat pannel. A flow of messages will soon appear. Before your head explodes trying to decode what you are reading, let’s put down some common slang in this chat: H = Hosting. For instance, ‘H T2 Survival’. This player is looking for players that will like to play a Tower 2 Survival mission. LF = Looking For. For instance, ‘LF T3 Defense’. This player is looking for someone that has a T3 Defense void key willing to use it. T1, T2, T3 and T4: T stands for Tower, and the number specifies the level of difficulty. 1 is the easiest and 4 the hardest. SUR, CAP, DEF, SAB, MD or EXT. Those are missions types, and stand for Survival (resist alive while you collect a resource), Capture (find a specific character and assassinate him), Defense (resist alive while killing waves of enemies), Sabotage (find an item and destroy it), Mobile Defense (carry a key and hack three different consoles) and Extermination (kill all enemies in a map). ODS, ODD, ODA… These are Orokin Derelict Survival, Orokin Derelict Defense, Orokin Derelict Assassination, and so on. Same as Tower missions, but you fight Infested enemies only. DRACO: This is a specific map in Ceres (one of the last planets). You need a powerful warframe and weapon to play that, and knowledge. You don’t want to do this in the beginning. This is commonly knows as ‘The Farming Ground’ for experienced players. TAXI: You can get to a planet where you haven’t been before if a player which has unlocked it invites you and goes there. That’s what a taxi essentially is: a player that takes other players to unreachable areas for them. RJ, EV and Buff (or Buffer): You will see these a lot. They stand for Radial Javelin (a specific Excalibur build), Energy Vampire (a specific Trinity build) and Buffer (mostly a specific Rhino build). Even if you have any of these three warframe, you are going to need a lot of rare mods in order to be able to perform as what these players are asking. Rotation C: This is important enough for you to know. Tower missions are all about getting blueprints and components to craft gear. For instance, in Survival, every 5 minutes the squad will be rewarded with a gift. The rarity of the gift depends on how long you have survived so far (5 minutes, 10, 15, 20…). This is known as AABC. C is the rarest reward (for which you must have survived 20 minutes) and the one all players want to get. This same principle applies for Defense (win 4 rounds of 5 waves each) and Sabotage (win 4 rounds). For the others you get a random one after you’ve finished it. That said, if you want to play a void mission, look for someone that says for example ‘H T1 DEF’, and click in his name to ‘talk’, to then ask him if he can invite you. Please be gentle. They are spending a precious key with you for free. As you play Void missions, you’ll start to get cool blueprints and components for you to craft new gear for your leveling career.
Want to know more about Void missions? READ THIS Want to know more abour Warframe vocabulary? READ THIS
9. What to do with your Void rewards and how to get more platinum You will get platinum by trading with other players your rewards in the Void missions. To do that, go to your Trading chat pannel. Oh noes! Matrix again! let’s decipher that code: WTS = Want To Sell. That player has something he wants to sell for platinum. WTB = Want to Buy. That player is looking for something he wants to buy. WTT = Want to Trade. That player is either looking for something and if offering something as a trade, or he’s simply trading something for some other thing. p or plat = Platinum. 40p or 40 plat means 40 platinum.
As a general advice, for now don’t sell anything you get in Void missions except for duplicate ones. If you want to start a trade, you will need to be part of a Clan first and invite that player while being at your Dojo (your Clan’s base). If you are not in a clan, then ask the other player to invite you. It’s important to know that you can do as many trades per day as your Mastery Rank. If you want to do more, you’ll have to wait to tomorrow. It’s also important to know that you can’t use your 50 initial platinum to trade with other players. How much do you ask, or how much do you offer? check the next point to find an answer to this.
10. Mandatory and interesting sites about warframe. Warframe has a steep learning curve. Even after these points, there’s still a lot to read and learn about. I would like to finish with a list of websites that every warframe player should have in his bookmarks:
Warframe wiki This is the bible of warframe. If you look for specific information about anything, you’ll find the answer here.
Warframe market Want to know how platinum is something worth? you’ll find the answer here. Use this information just as a reference, as some players abuse this system to artificially increase the cost of something and mass sell/buy it to their profit.
Warframe alerts One cool feature of warframe is that several times a day, a special limited time mission will appear which will reward you with a special blueprint. Some are even unique to alert missions; you can’t get them anywhere else.
Deathsnacks It’s like a control panel of all what’s happening in Warframe. Invasions, Alerts, News, traders, market prices...
11. Parkour I missed this one when I first wrote the guide. Mobility in this game is key to master it. There are several special movements in this game that will make you fly through levels and dodge bullets like Flash, but there are a few you need to learn in order to become a space ninja: Roll: While moving or aiming just tap the sprint button forward, backwards or sideways. While standing, you can double tap it to roll forward. While in the air, you can also double tap it to roll in the direction you’re moving. Slide: While moving, press the crouch button to slide in that direction. While in the air, you can also press the crouch button to divekick in that direction. Bulletjump: While in the air, press the aim button to make your character travel slower while keeping the momentum in that direction. Note that enemies and other characters will still move at a normal speed. You are the only one moving slow. COMBO 1 - Corkscrew: at any time except while doing another corkscrew or double jumping, tap consecutively and quickly crouch + jump. Your character will traverse in the direction you’re aiming. You can even jump + corkscrew to jump a long distance. Master this movement as soon as possible and use it to be the normal way of movement through the levels. COMBO 2 - Jump roll: tap consecutively and quickly sprint + jump. Your character will jump and roll in the direction you’re moving. COMBO 3 - Corkscrew + Jump roll: While in the air doing a corkscrew, perform a Jump roll. If you master this, you will move through levels really really fast.
12. APP Companion There’s an official android and iOS app that allows you to track alerts and even use the Foundry to craft items while outside the game. It has some other cool stuff worth checking.
13. Moving through your ship As you’ve been instructed by the tutorial, the consoles for Arsenal, Foundry, Navigation, etc are distributed around your ship. Stop moving around. Press the scape button. Everything is there.
14. Orokin Catalysts and Orokin Reactors If, by any chance, you get an Orokin Catalyst or an Orokin Reactor, don’t use it. These are very valuable items. Keep them for laters. When you find out how and when is the right moment to use them, you will be prepared.
Thanks for reading this. Hopefully it'll make your entry to warframe a bit smoother and will make you enjoy this great game as much as I'm doing. And remember, one of the things that make this game great is the fantastic community of players it has. Tenno, be respecful, gentle and friendly to others!
submitted by Rafalas to Warframe

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