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Abbyy Finereader 11 free serial number key download https://simturinfo.ru/crack/?key=1206. ABBYY FineReader 14 Crack Patch Keygen Serial Number incl Serial Key is the latest an optical character recognition (OCR) software make documents editable. Cloud-based pdf document management solution that enables businesses of all sizes view, sign, comment, edit, export and share documents with annotations and online storage.

Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Apr 27, 1987

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words, continuing in the footsteps of daprice82. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
The Complete Observer Rewind Archive by daprice82
1-5-1987 1-12-1987 1-18-1987 2-2-1987
2-9-1987 2-16-1987 2-23-1987 3-2-1987
3-9-1987 3-16-1987 3-23-1987 4-6-1987
4-13-1987 4-20-1987 - -
  • ”Unlike his two older brothers who died tragic deaths, in Mike’s case it’s closer to the truth to say he lived a tragic life.” Mike Von Erich, age 23, died of an overdose of tranquilizers on either April 11 or 12 in an apparent suicide. He never was physically or mentally equipped for pro wrestling, yet he was pressured into it anyway and pushed so hard that even he seemed embarrassed by it. In his first promo ahead of his first match, Fritz and Mark Lawrence were pushing the idea that Mike was more talented than his three brothers, who were at the peak of their popularity. Mike never seemed comfortable with that comparison. And despite only ever losing a handful of matches in his career, Mike never was taken seriously as a big star, and even before the toxic shock syndrome incident nearly two years ago at least two promoters had told Dave that pushing Mike would kill World Class.
  • Mike’s issues with addiction began during recovery from toxic shock. He had car accidents, DUIs, and regular appearances in the newspapers for small misbehaviors. On July 4, 1986 he returned to action and was billed as “The Living Miracle,” but it was clear he wasn’t fully recovered. On the morning of April 11 he was driving in Argyle, Texas (the same city Kerry had his motorcycle accident) and was pulled over. He was arrested for a DUI, possession of marijuana, and possession of a controlled substance before he was bailed out. That was the last he was seen alive. His family assumed the worst on the 13th and told friends that they thought he was dead. Police were called and his truck was found near Lake Lewisville with an unsigned suicide note in his writing. They tried to find his body in the lake for a few days, but no luck came. The news went public on April 15 when someone connected the Adkisson last name to the Von Erichs, a court reporter or a police department worker, most likely. His body was found by a police dog, zipped in his sleeping bag near the lake. His funeral was held on April 18 and about 500 fans attended.
  • Dave’s not even going to speculate about what this means for World Class or the future of the Von Erich family. He just hopes Fritz doesn’t try to capitalize on it and make the May 3 show a David and Mike memorial show and try to profit off pictures and t-shirts with Mike’s face on them, but he already knows he’s wrong about that. Dave lived in north Texas in 1984 and remembers very well firsthand how World Class treated the death of David Von Erich, and he’ll never forget the “crass commercialization of the death--seeing the t-shirts raised to $20 and photos to $10--rushing out a record and a book that seemingly went public within days, etc.”
  • The zombified corpse of UWF is shambling about in the news still. The April 18 tapings of Power Pro Wrestling have happened, and several Crockett ideas have been implemented. UWF will now have longer ring introductions (fans aren’t happy but will probably get used to it), Jim Ross has been put at ringside for ring announcing duties rather than having a podium in the back, and Big Bubba Rogers is the only JCP/NWA guy to come over so far. Magnum T.A. will be the new color commentator starting at the next tapings, and John Ayres of the San Francisco 49ers will be the new commissioner (his teammate, Russ Francis, has been doing color for AWA tapings in Vegas and refereed a few matches as well, and later on we’ll note he’s making his wrestling debut on the May 2 card there). Ayres was a teammate of Tully Blanchard, Manny Fernandez, Ted DiBiase, Tito Santana, and Kelly Kiniski in his college days at West Texas State. Ayres has talked about jumping to pro wrestling when his football career is done (which Dave figures is probably a year or so from now). Popping ahead to the future: Ayres won’t go on to a pro wrestling career after his football career, and will retire following his jump to the Broncos and loss in the SuperBowl in 1988.
  • Anyway, there will be a brief UWF hiatus at the end of the month and UWF crew status is uncertain. The last house show currently scheduled is April 28 in Albuquerque, and there will only be tv tapings for UWF until Dusty’s happy with where the storylines are, which may take until June. The Houston office has switched allegiance to WWF, and the Fort Worth area is genuinely in danger of dying as far as interest goes. Buzz Sawyer, Sam Houston (to join his brother and father in WWF), Nickla, Missy Hyatt (to WWF) are all definitely gone. Probably leaving are One Man Gang (Dave says he’s likely to be Hogan’s next monster by late summer), Savannah Jack, and Bill Irwin.Eddie Gilbert is staying as Dusty’s booking assistant, as are Rick Steiner, Sting, Scandor Akbar, Angel Muhammad, Terry Taylor, Chavo Guerrero, Gary Young, and Chris Adams. No word yet on how where the Freebirds and Sunshine will land.
  • Ted DiBiase and Steve Williams are the big question marks. DiBiase is currently in Japan, so no idea what he’s thinking, but both JCP/NWA and WWF want him, no doubt about it. Williams could stand to be the biggest winner here, for similar reasons, as he’s also highly coveted and hasn’t made a commitment either way.
  • Jim Neidhart’s trial began on April 13. He’s accused of punching a flight attendant on a flight. The key witness for the prosecution, the head flight attendant, testified that she saw Neidhart punch the accuser on the left arm four times near the beginning of the flight, then again later and also slapped her with the back of her hand. Jerry McDevitt, our favorite WWF legal counsel, claims Neidhart merely tapped her on the arm and says he has many passengers willing to testify to this claim. Due to the accuser’s job as a flight attendant, the charge is interference with a flight attendant on duty and carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison and a $275,000 fine.
  • Riki Choshu has announced a new Ishingun stable. The new group includes Masa Saito, Kuniyaki Kobayashi, Hiroshi Hase, Nobuo Honaga, Shunji Takano, Super Strong Machine, and Hiro Saito. Yoshiaki Yatsu, Shinichi Nakano, Isamu Teranishi, Masanobu Kurusu, and Haruka Eigen have remained with All Japan. Animal Hamaguchi has announced his retirement rather than picking a side.
  • Rather than settle the contract issues in court, Baba demanded Inoki settle out of court for $600,000. New Japan refused the demand, but if they don’t ocme to some kind of agreement then Choshu and his crew can’t legally work for Inoki so something’s got to give. Especially since New Japan is already selling tickets and advertising Choshu for shows. And while Choshu and crew jumping makes New Japan the place to look for the best wrestlers, they’ve got some obstacles. Choshu’s popularity has taken a big hit with all this controversy, and New Japan’s tv is a complete disaster. Their new show is kind of like Tuesday Night Titans and was mainly comedy, which is no good for New Japan. This show has replaced their old tv with arena main events, and it’s been plummeting in the ratings since it debuted, coming in at half of what the old show had been getting. It’s so bad that this might be the lowest rated show on prime time network tv in Japan currently, which would be disastrous for wrestling’s popularity in Japan. If all the young stars are seen on this show not wrestling and instead doing poor comedy, it’s hard to think it’ll work out well for viewership (did you hear that, WWE?).
  • Ken Patera’s getting a big babyface push on WWF tv, and they brought up his time in jail. In 1985, Patera and Masa Saito were arrested after Patera angrily threw a rock through a McDonald’s window. They proceeded to assault the officers called in to deal with them, and Patera was eventually sentenced to two years in prison (he signed with WWF between the incident and his jail sentence). Okerlund brought this up, and Patera admitted remorse on tv, but literally every account Dave’s ever heard, even recently, has Patera maintaining innocence (his complete lack of remorse is why he was denied parole, supposedly).
  • Just some notes on Puerto Rico. The style here is high on blood and violence, light on actual moves. Bruiser Brody is a face here after helping Invader #1 against Abdullah the Butcher and Jason the Terrible. The chase between Brody and Abby was comical as Brody had to zigzag to avoid catching up, prompting Dave to speculate that Brody could give Abby a 35 yard head start in a 40 yard race and still win.
  • Dingo Warrior was fired in WCCW for refusing to job to Nord the Barbarian. Something a little ironic about Brody firing someone for refusing to job.
  • Also that rich Texas guy Bum Bright? He seems to be cooling off on relations with Fritz Von Erich. Apparently he has a bit on his plate, as Dallas Cowboy Rafael Septien has pled guilty (he’s been on trial for some kind of indecent acts involving a minor).
  • [JCP/NWA] Ricky Morton’s eye injury is just a scratched retina. He should be back in the ring in a few weeks.
  • JCP ran their April 12 show in Marietta, Georgia against the UWF show at the Omni. Yes, they already owned UWF by this point. They drew 850 fans. The UWF show drew 8500 fans.
  • Central States is doing an angle where Warlord is actually a Russian posing as an American. Dave finds this funny because Warlord is actually a statue posing as a wrestler.
  • Also Debbie Combs beat Penny Mitchell in Central States to win the women’s championship. This is just a match result here in the newsletter, but it’s actually kind of an important result. After Moolah sold the title to Vince, there was no more NWA World Women’s Title, and Debbie wound up being crowned the next champion in 1986 in a quite possibly kayfabe battle royal in Hawai'i. After Central States withdrew from the NWA when JCP abandoned the territory and sold it back to Bob Geigel in February of 1987, the NWA World Women’s Title was suspended - Crockett had no use for it. So here we have a match for a vacant NWA World Women’s title in a non-NWA territory, but this win is going to be the basis for the continued lineage of the title up through 1996 and will be recognized by the NWA to this day.
  • Shinobu Kandori, who recently retired, may be coming back to work with AJW. Magazine interviews have her challenging Chigusa Nagayo. Guess she liked wrestling enough after all (she’s still wrestling 32 years later, even while she’s been a member of the Japanese Diet for over a decade).
  • AJW and WWF are negotiating a U.S. tour for the Jumping Bomb Angels. Dave thinks there are two things preventing this from getting over in the U.S. First is that WWF is full of Moolah’s girls, so there goes any point in having joshis wrestle here if you’re just going to hamstring them by putting them in the ring against wrestlers who are comparatively randoms pulled from the street. Secondly, they’re super small and that’s going to be a hard sell to WWF audiences. But hey, you never know. Maybe Vince will do good with women’s wrestling this time around. You never know, these things are possible.
  • Bunch of All Japan results. Ted DiBiase’s on this tour, as are Tommy Rich and Carlos Colon. Colon left the tour after April 10 because he’s not cut out for this style. Fans didn’t care for Tommy Rich and thought he wasn’t good enough as a wrestler to hang, which made it hard to take him seriously.
  • The IWGP tournament is looking to be really hot this year. It’s got a big line up Inoki, Kimura, Mutoh, Mada, Fujiwara, Choshu, Saito, Kevin Von Erich, Kobayashi, Steve Williams, and more). Andre the Giant and Kerry Von Erich are officially announced as not part of the tournament. Meanwhile, Dick Murdoch was at an All Japan show in the dressing room, but Baba claims he’s not trying to poach him.
  • Someone writes in wanting to know who the most effective heels are in Japan. Dave comments that Japan doesn’t really do heels the way we do over here - the context is primarily about athletic rivalry, so fans cheer both guys as they please. When they do boo someone (Lance Von Erich, for example), it’s because they don’t want to see him, not because he’s getting heat. So let it be known that the originator of X-Pac heat was Lance Von Erich.
  • Another letter asks why Bruiser Brody isn’t signed with anyone worthwhile. Dave says that what Brody probably likes is he has something no wrestler working for a major promotion actually has: independence. He works when he wants, isn’t beholden to anybody, and still makes good money (and when he was working Japan regularly, he was probably one of the highest paid wrestlers around). Dave figures his independence means a lot to him, although he suspects if the business continues to narrow we may see Brody sign somewhere (Unfortunately, Brody has about 14 months left before he’s murdered and we never find out if he would have signed somewhere).
  • A few letters react to the buyout of UWF. Everybody agrees it was shocking. One writer doesn’t want to think about what it’ll be like without Watts running the show, but loves the idea of getting to see Ric Flair and the Road Warriors. Another says the only thing that could be as shocking this year is if Hogan dropped the title, and “that’s certainly not going to happen.” (Only missed it by two months). Another worries that Crockett might tone down UWF’s tv and hopes that things can stay the same but with more talent available.
  • We’re also still getting a lot of comments on Misty Blue and Dave’s remarks about Misty. The last letter writer mentioned above also commented saying he doesn’t agree with the comments saying Dave is sexist, but does think Flair and Okerlund should tone down the sexist remarks they make because kids are watching and what if a censor actually started paying attention/ Another says he was furious when they cut away from the match since women’s matches are so rare for Crockett. Why bother showing it if you’re going to just cut away and make yourself look inferior to McMahon in yet another way. He says the only reason he brings it up is he thought Dave’s comments about her looks were ridiculous and doesn’t understand why, whether Dave thinks she is or not, Dave would call her ugly in a newsletter. Lastly, another reader says Dave spends too much time apologizing here and he’s indignant about Dave being called a sexist. He wants us to know that he’s sure he speaks for the majority in saying that Dave’s remarks were inoffensive. He brings up Dave critiquing the powerlifter types and how male wrestlers who sell themselves as sex symbols (Magnum T.A. for example) might be hurting that by blading too much, also fans call women worse things so what about that?
  • Memphis: Paul E. Dangerously has been renamed. He’s now Paul Dangerly, and he’s managing Austin Idol.
  • [Florida] Pex Whatley was moving from Charlotte to Tampa and his moving truck was stolen. Everything he and his family owned is gone.
  • AWA fired Col. DeBeers and Buddy Rose after that independent show. Rose is hoping to jump to WWF, but if he does it’ll be as a job guy.
  • Here’s a look at what the tv offerings in the Bay area look like on Saturdays. From 11 to noon you have AWA (channel 20), NWA Pro (channel 26), Pro wrestling this week (channel 44), NWA Florida (channel 48), UWF Power Pro (channel 40). Dave says any of those groups thinking they’re going to get any kind of audience is a mistake. Then from 11 pm you have WWF (channel 31, plus NBC for Saturday Night’s Main Events every other month or so), UWF (channel 11), NWA Worldwide (channel 26). Also WWF(who dominate this market) has a 10 am Saturday slot, and they’re finally facing competition in the form of GLOW (channel 44), which shows that if you think wrestling is run by people who don’t make sense, that’s nothing compared to those who run tv stations in San Francisco.
  • Jim Neidhart was acquitted of all charges. Dave finds it curious how the charges made all the papers, but the verdict not so much. More on this next week.
  • Big Bubba Rogers beat One Man Gang for the UWF Title. This is just a quick note scrawled on the bottom. This is, in hindsight, where a lot of people peg Crockett’s takeover of UWF as failing.
Watch: Big Bubba Rogers wins the UWF Title
NEXT ISSUE: WCCW billing Mike and David Memorial show, Jim Neidhart acquitted, and more
submitted by SaintRidley to SquaredCircle

MMM - Feathered Fiery Fascists, Full-grown Foal Feixians and Facetious Femme Fatales Finally Follow Suit! (Lost Belt 3 SIN Part 2)

Well now.
It hasn't been long at all has it? Then again, the spark of excitement from the no-warning second story gacha is kind of lost when you've experienced it so much and know DW's update times. But that's just sucking the fun out of things, don't you agree?
That said, this Lost Belt isn't short on weird servants. When you have a controversial historical figure flapping his wings like a peacock and being the hottest thing in China for new lewds, you can't help but think maybe this series went wrong somewhere.
...or so, soooo right. I'll leave it up to you to decide, reader.
#229 - Qin Shi Huang
5* Ruler
Max Hp: 15828
Max Atk: 9977 (10975 effective)
Star Rate: 10%
Base NP gain: 0.47% / 3%
Card Set: BBAAQ (3/4/5/4, fourth value is Extra)
Passive Skills:
Magic Resistance B+ rank - Raise Debuff Resistance by 18%
Active Skills:
The Books should be burned - A rank
Reduce NP gauge charge of all enemies by 1.
Apply [Defense Down] to all enemies (10/11/12/13/14/15/16/17/18/20%) for 3 turns.
8 turn cooldown.
Confucianism should be buried - A rank
Apply [Stun] to all enemies (70%) for 1 turn.
Apply [Attack Up] to self (20/21/22/23/24/25/26/27/28/30%) for 3 turns.
8 turn cooldown.
Eternal Emperor - A rank
Charge own NP gauge (30/32/34/36/38/40/42/44/46/50%).
Remove debuffs from self.
Heal self (1000/1200/1400/1600/1800/2000/2200/2400/2600/3000).
8 turn cooldown.
Noble Phantasm:
Eternal Sovereign's Coronation, The Domination Beginning -B+ rank
Arts (100%)
Apply [Invulnerability] to self for 1 turn.
Apply [Taunt] to self for 1 turn.
Apply [Attack Up] to self for 3 turns.
50% / 62.5% / 75% / 87.5% / 100% Upgraded with Overcharge
Apply [Critical Power Up] to self for 3 turns.
50% / 75% / 87.5% / 93.8% / 100% Upgraded with NP level
Apply [Star Focus] to self for 3 turns.
There exists such a thing as being too fabulous for words. Thankfully, Qin Shi Huang isn't that, despite being particularly dazzling. But can he dazzle us in gameplay, too?
While Huang doesn't have much competition in the area of 5* Rulers, his statline still distinguishes itself compared to his brethren. Packing slightly more attack than Jeanne and less HP as a cost, he sits in the tanky spectrum of his class, and all servants in general, with his colossal 15.8k HP. He does pay this price with a weak attack stat for his class, but it honestly isn't too bad, still being higher than all 5* Assassins and Casters, as well as some Riders and Archers. While he could in theory benefit from a colossal attack stat using the Ruler class 1.1x modifier like Holmes does, having a large HP pool with his class's powerful defensive resistance is also a powerful boon.
Moving on to generation stats, we have a curious case. With a base NP gain of 0.47 and two 4-hit Arts cards, Huang's Arts gain is a respectable 1.88, slightly above an average Arts card. Paired with his high Quick card hitcount of 5 hits, his Quick isn't too bad at 2.35, giving solid returns in an Arts chain. Meanwhile his Busters won't really give much worth talking about, and his Extra card is pretty bad for his base NP gain, giving NP gain comparable to a vanilla game servant. His stargen is pretty solid with his high hitcounts all round, however, especially if he manages to put his Quick into a chain. So on the whole, not the worst out there.
Now let's consider his skills. His first skill is the first in the chain of what I'll call the SSR powercreep skills. That's right, this guy is powercreep. Phone up /fireemblemheroes and tell them Intsys has been dethroned.
With an AOE NP gauge drain and Defense down debuff in one, this is more or less Kiara's second skill with a slightly weaker debuff...on a turn shorter cooldown. Seriously? I at least thought DW liked to keep cooldowns pretty consistent, with similar effects having similar turn cooldowns. It's why all those skills tied to dodges and Guts keep getting super long and annoying cooldowns to justify them not being broken. So apparently AOE NP gauge drain can be 8 turn base CD, not 9 turn. Go figure.
Regardless this is a good skill, allowing you to stall out an entire wave of enemy NP's on demand, as well as bolstering the team's damage. Nothing too spectacular, but NP drain is something that scales better the more stall-focused your team is, so it's worth bearing in mind.
Next is powercreep 2. Now this one I'm megapissed. Shuten's AOE charm is 9 turns cooldown base. Abbie's is 9 turn cooldown base and can trigger at an inconvenient time. This thing is on an 8 turn cooldown AND it has a higher proc rate than Shuten's AND it's a Stun so it bypasses Mental Debuff Resistance / Immunity.
That one is particularly annoying, as a lot of servants in story and challenge quests lately have Immunity to mental debuffs, including Xiang Yu from this very chapter. So far as I know that includes Charms, Fear (Abbie and Gilles) and Confusion (Kotaro). It's supposed to be a modifier to prevent just keeping a servant disabled forever, and targets some of the stronger disabling effects in the game.
But Huang says nope. High chance to stun everyone, on a lower cooldown AND he gets a pretty good attack buff out of it. Is my Loli Oni waifu a joke to you, DW?
Lastly we have Eternal Emperor. Did you see it coming? Also powercreep. This time the victim isn't someone I care about, but let it be known I won't be biased in unveiling this sinful Ruler's crimes. Poor, poor, Larturia. Your NP gauge charger was pretty much your best skill, and even then it was underpowered compared to other gauge chargers. And now? Now Mr. Qin Shi Huang is shitting on it, getting the exact same skill with a self heal packed on top. For realsies.
At least it's a real good skill on top of that. I adore having access to debuff cleanse, and a heal on top of all that AS WELL as a standard NP gauge charger is plain great. Huang really needs it with how dependent his kit is on pulling out his NP, after all.
Ooh, did I say the N word? Noble Phantasm, of course.
Huang brings out the Engrish in full stops with ZA DOMIINASHON BEGIINING like some sort of Stando power and based on both the animation and his appearance I can't help but feels he's a scrapped design for DIO OVER HEAVEN or something. I love it when I can use all caps.
This NP is yet another melting pot of effects, but thankfully unlike someone I won't have to start up an essay explaining it. For a single turn, Huang gets invulnerability and taunts himself, basically making everything that isn't AOE or Invuln Pierce automatically fail like a budget Luminoshite Eternelle. Noice. Then on top of that, he gets a colossal boost to his attack and critical damage, as well as a star vacuuming buff for 3 turns.
In total, his NP pulls him up to double the star weight of a Rider while also making his crits deal Quadruple damage instead of double. That's a lot of power, especially for someone with his HP stat.
What's better is that he doesn't require too much assistance to get his NP up and running, either. His AQA chain produces a respectable 33% NP gauge as well as a solid handful of stars, while his 50% NP gauge charger suppliments his NP gain further, making an early NP pop pretty easily. And once it does pop, oh boy. Comparing him to Jalter with Dragon Witch and Self-modification active, Huang will do about 25% more damage with his crits, while also being absurdly more tanky in comparison to the dragon witch's pathetic HP and lack of universal damage resistance.
Obviously, such a comparison has its holes when Jalter has a NP to NPBB chain with and inflict a powerful debuff that Huang doesn't have in his repertoire, but I think I've made it clear enough that he hits an absurd level of offence.
...then again if you have a whale NP5 one. Good lord.
If you're curious as to whether Huang can spam his NP, the answer is maybe. With a NPAA chain and crits on both his Arts cards, he produces 56.4% NP gauge, putting him right in range for a second NP with his gauge charger. With a powerful Arts buff like Tamamo's Fox Wedding and a NP gain CE, it's actually possible for him to get right back to 100% off a NPAA crit chain with no overkill, which is absolutely worth consideration. So yeah, bonkers.
But when judgement falls, where does Qin Shi Huang lie? On one hand, history is written by the (once) victors:
  • Huang's durability is just absurd. With the 4th highest HP stat of any servant, Ruler class resistances, and his defensive tools at his disposal, it'll be a real pain to take him down in normal circumstances. Add in his ability to stall and heal from his skills and it's enough to make any mindless CPU mook try to surrender before their life is wasted. But yes, despite taunting himself every time he NP's Huang is not going to die easy. At. All.
  • Absurd crit damage monster once his NP rolls out. I believe I surmised it well enough earlier, but Huang will frequently out-damage servants with class advantage in a quest simply due to his huge offensive buffs from his NP. As long as he's getting an ample supply of stars he really will just demolish the competition, making up for his lack of offensive NP.
  • He has some pretty strong supportive tools. He...uh...really...makes Shuten look terrible, and powercrept a servant whose skills really needed buffs instead of a reminder how underpowered they are. Putting my gripes to one side, his AOE stun is excellent, as is his AOE NP drain, allowing him to aid the stall focus often present in Arts compositions (and even more present with the Prince's inclusion to the game). It's always nice when an offensive servant doesn't drag down the defensive portions of a composition.
  • Taunt+Invuln on-demand is a veeeeery powerful combo to have. New Mashu has a similar effect in a skill, but protecting allies is more or less her entire job, and her new kit...leaves much to be desired in that role outside of one superb skill. Conversely, Huang does it while furthering his offensive might, letting him stay on the offensive even when protecting his team from an otherwise-fatal ST NP.
However, only time will tell if his legacy stands:
  • Lacking an offensive NP is still a pretty big downside. It's a chunk of damage output he won't get otherwise and makes him further reliant on his critical damage to compensate when sizing up against other damage dealers. It also leaves him more susceptible to card luck than most, as he can't take advantage of damage buffs with an ever-present card of his own so long as he has enough NP gauge.
  • Ruler class has its advantages, but offensive class advantage isn't one of them. Mooncancer is an absurdly rare enemy type, so usually Rulers are facing 1x class advantage on all their opponents. While Huang has enough offensive might to compensate for that, he still can't surpass other servants with high offensive power at the same time. Sigurd will still crush Lancers better than him, Achilles is going to crit Casters with better returns than he will, and if durability isn't an issue someone like Hijikata will bring so much sheer offence Huang ends up feeling left out.
In conclusion, Huang occupies an abnormal niche that, while versatile, may be difficult to bring out to every scenario. His general offence, defence and supportive ability are great, but his offence is pretty much just playing catchup with his relatively low attack and lack of an offensive NP. While he still boasts some spectacular offence with his crit damage, he will require star generation support to accomplish that, making him as dependent on a staple big name support as any other crit damage dealer is.
That said, his promise as a solo servant is pretty good, so I won't wipe possibility of some impressive performances in challenge quests off the table. My concerns mostly lie with the Alter Ego syndrome of being a Jack of All Trades in a game where specialists are king. He's still superb for what he does, and won't require much babysitting to just plonk in every team and watch as he demolishes. Fun servant. Rath™ Seal of Approval.
#230 - Yu Miaoyi
4* Assassin
Max Hp: 13389
Max Atk: 7970 (7173 effective)
Star Rate: 24.7%
Base NP gain: 0.75% / 4%
Card Set: BBAQQ (3/4/4/4, fourth value is Extra)
Passive Skills:
Presence Concealment B rank - Raise Star Generation by 8%
Active Skills:
Incarnated Spirit - A rank
Apply [Gain NP Gauge per turn] to self (5/5.5/6/6.5/7/7.5/8/8.5/9/10%) for 5 turns.
Apply [Debuff Immunity] to self for 1 turn.
7 turn cooldown.
Senkai Feathered Being - A rank
Apply [HP Regeneration] to self (500/550/600/650/700/750/800/850/900/1000) for 5 turns.
Apply [Buff Removal Resistance] to self (50/55/60/65/70/75/80/85/90/100%) for 1 turn.
7 turn cooldown.
Vampirism - C rank
Chance to reduce target enemy NP gauge by 1 step (60/62/64/68/70/72/74/76/80%).
Charge own NP gauge (18/18.9/19.8/20.7/21.6/22.5/23.4/24.3/25.2/27%).
8 turn cooldown.
Noble Phantasm:
Bloodied Corpse's Curse, Song of Unravelled Lamentation, Eternal Lament - C+ rank
Buster (150%)
Remove Debuffs from self.
Remove Buffs from self [Demerit].
Apply [Buster Up] to self for 1 turn.
50% / 62.5% / 75% / 87.5% / 100% Upgraded with Overcharge
'Powerful' attack to all enemies (Ignores Defense) (5 hits).
300% / 400% / 450% / 475% / 500% Upgraded with NP level
Apply [Curse] to all enemies for 5 turns.
Somebody turn on the AC, because this girl is HOT. Miss me with that slutty outfit from her later ascensions, I'll relish in the glasses+braid combo any day. Megane are justice.
But is Consort Yu's gameplay performance as just? Let's see...
Starting with base stats, Yu (not you, Yu, you know?) has a pretty untouched spread for Assassins, dumping most of her attack to have a colossal HP stat for a 4. With the 5th highest HP of any 4, I think she does that pretty darn well. Even compared to other Assassins with 'high' HP, it's a lot of HP, having nearly 2k HP over Chiyome in exchange for 600 less attack or so.
But boy, does that lack of attack hurt. After her class atk modifier, she ends up with less attack than a good portion of the 3* servant pool, then again all of the 4* pool bar two (Medea Lily and Edison). She really, really, doesn't do much damage. And boy is that not good.
Moving on to generation stats, Yu thankfully has a better picture. With a hefty 3% Arts gain and the same for her 2 Quicks, she sits with one of the stronger Arts cards in the game and some respectable Quicks on top of that. While her BBAQQ card set means she doesn't pull out said Arts card often, it's good enough to make her NP gain solid. Think KH except with 2 Quicks, and the Quicks and Extra card are nowhere near as good. She can get easily screwed by card luck, but she shouldn't really have issues with NP gain off her cards so long as you use her Arts when it pops up. On top of that, she has typically good Assassin stargen, producing a modicum of stars off her non-Quicks as well as the sum you'd expect from 2 4-hit Quicks with her base stargen. Routine, but good all the same.
Let's cover skills, shall we? First is Incarnated Spirit, the "I get infinite Mana from the planet" skill. No kidding, that's the effect, though it does have its limitations in both fluff and in-game. This skill is something of a gem, being the first skill (as far as I can remember) to give 50% NP gauge on a 7 turn base cooldown. Sure, it's over 5 turns, but it's still 50%. On top of that Yu gets a neat debuff immunity buff on the turn she pops it, which can be situationally handy. In practice, you're unlikely to take advantage of it, since getting 10% NP gauge a turn literally indefinitely with its 5 turn duration and 5 turn cooldown at level 10 is too good to pass up on. It's like permanently stapling two Merlins to a foam dome and sucking their delicious overpowered blood.
Yeah, I bet you like that mental image. Excellent skill, all jokes asides.
Next is Senkai Feathered Being, something I have no idea how to translate. It's immortal Taoist Hermit shit, basically. Unfortunately, my knowledge of the great Crown Prince in Touhou doesn't grant me enough knowledge to get what the hell a "feather person" is. Birdman? Harpy? Let's leave it to our imagination.
Like a mirror of her first skill, this gives Yu an incredibly good HP regen buff for 5 turns on a 5 turn cooldown at skill level 10, once again being an infinite pop for sustain. Unlike her first skill, however, the usefulness of the regen is lesser and its second effect is more useful for Yu in particular. Buff removal resistance. If you've read through her entire kit you know what I'm talking about, but I'll keep you in the dark for now and just say you shouldn't pop this willy-nilly. As a result, this skill is, well, sort of an empty slot with a bonus heal popped on. Again, you'll see.
Lastly, we have Vampirism. That's a skill name I haven't heard of in...a long time. Just like the incarnations of it on our favorite vampires, it has a pretty high chance of draining the target's NP gauge, while also giving a small sum of charge to Yu's NP gauge. Stall support is always nice, but having another NP gauge charging effect is more important, meaning she only has to effectively generate 23% NP gauge to pull off her first NP. She can get that from a single Arts card. Noice.
Let's talk Noble Phantasm, shall we? This NP is metal as fuck in lore, with Yu literally blowing up her body with prana to make it rain of her blood and curse everyone in a wide vacinity before just regenerating cos Nasuverse Vampires are broken.
In game...it sucks.
Before even doing anything Yu will remove both buffs and debuffs from herself. While debuff removal is pretty handy, the more annoying effect of the two is her self-buff removal, taking away both of her powerful 5 turn buffs to herself as well as any team buffs you may be racking up on her. The only way to prevent it is using Senkai Feathered Being on the same turn, giving her 100% Buff Removal Resist (if you levelled it to 10, good luck otherwise), and hence stopping the buff removal. This is why Senkai Feathered Being is almost like an empty skill slot - you have to save it for Yu's NP or deliberately delay NPing with her until turn 6, where it will come off cooldown after popping it immediately.
Either of these decisions harms her ability to NP or to use her skills, while also doing the worst possible thing for an Assassin with good NP gain and two gauge-charging skills.
It makes her unable to safely NP spam. You get one NP every 5 turns that doesn't remove her buffs, and that's it. But she will absolutely get more than 100% gauge over 5 turns with her skill set, meaning every turn she's sitting at 100% is more or less wasted. At NP2 and higher you can mitigate the pain a little by trying to hit 200% gauge, but usually that means waiting EVEN longer for her NP.
And again, you can just NP without the buff removal resist. But if you do, say goodbye to, for example, Merlin buffs, defensive skills, her own NP gauge charger you may have just re-applied, and so on. It's not a good option, especially for difficult quests.
With that rant out the way, the power of the NP itself must be really high for it to have such a harsh penalty, right?
Sort of?
The Buster steroid for this NP is huge, don't get me wrong. 50% at base is colossal, giving Yu a free Prana Burst every time she pulls out her NP. On top of that, getting an AOE def pierce and a pretty solid curse effect for all you DoT memers is definitely more powerful than most NPs.
But, well, Yu's attack sucks. Her NP with all her buffs active does a whopping 11k damage to all enemies. Forget killing hands, that's inconsistent in killing SILVER hands. It's about the same damage as a NP5 Paracelsus. And trust me, you do not want to be compared to Paracelsus in damage, NP5 or no. There is pretty much nothing short of a handful of strengthenings that can save her NP damage output.
And normally, here's where I'd say "but she can NP spam it to compensate!".
Sadly, Buster NP and the problems I just went over mean you're popping one then not doing it again for 5 turns. Ugh.
So how bloody good is Consort Yu? On one side of things, she's worth singing about:
  • She's pretty durable. With Debuff immunity, debuff removal, and buff removal immunity packed into her kit paired with her high base NP and strong regeneration, she's more or less impossible to take down with just regular card damage. She'll just heal it back or outlast the enemy short of stray crits or class advantage.
  • She has no issues in NP gain or stargen, charging her NP absurdly fast and also producing a good sum of stars for her team in the meantime. All she really demands from supports is defence and damage, provided she doesn't go removing her hard-earnt buffs from herself.
  • Defense pierce is nice, I guess?
On the other side, I'll make a sword dance for her funeral:
  • Her damage is awful. Even with her NP's Buster buff, it's pretty bad. Assassin modifier and absurdly low atk will do that to you. Nothing that can really be done, but she is very hearty in exchange.
  • Everything that's wrong with the buff removal in her NP. Can't NP spam, can't use her 2nd skill freely, limits those supporting her from doing their job, and so on. Ugh.
  • Can't take advantage of most of the nice things in her kit. Her good NP gain is wasted by her NP's drawbacks, her powerful 5-turn buffs are limited by her NP's drawbacks, and for all the good her durability is, it means nothing if she still needs external help to survive NP's.
Just...keep her in My Room and admire her, okay? Consorts aren't meant to fight in battle, so it's fine, I'm sure. It's better than exposing yourself to the travesty of her gameplay. And if you've done the first Summer event, you already have someone to fulfil your AOE Assassin needs with a Kaleidoscope. So...just don't face the harsh reality, please?
She's still really hot.
#231 - Red Hare
3* Rider
Max Hp: 10483
Max Atk: 6434 (6434 effective)
Star Rate: 9%
Base NP gain: 0.57% / 3%
Card Set: BAAQQ (1/3/4/5, fourth value is Extra)
Passive Skills:
Riding EX rank - Boost Quick Card performance by 12%
Active Skills:
Long-Distance Sprint (Horse) - EX rank
Apply [Quick Up] to self (20/21/22/23/24/25/26/27/28/30%, 3 times) for 5 turns.
Apply [Star Generation Up] to self (30/32/34/36/38/40/42/44/46/50%, 3 times) for 5 turns.
7 turn cooldown.
Martial Art Mastery (Horse) - A rank
Chance (60/62/64/66/68/70/72/74/76/80%) to apply [Star Focus] to self (300/330/360/390/420/450/480/510/540/600%) for 1 turn.
Chance (60/62/64/66/68/70/72/74/76/80%) to apply [Invulnerability Pierce] to self for 1 turn.
Apply [Dodge] to self for 1 turn.
7 turn cooldown.
Combat Mobility (Horse) - B rank
Apply [Critical Damage Up] to self (20/21/22/23/24/25/26/27/28/30%, 3 times) for 5 turns.
Apply [Attack Up] to self (10/11/12/13/14/15/16/17/18/20%, 3 times), for 5 turns.
7 turn cooldown.
Noble Phantasm:
False Five Soldiers of the War God, Imitation God Force - A rank
Quick (80%)
Powerful attack to all foes (Ignores Defence) (4 hits).
600% / 800% / 900% / 950% / 1000% Upgraded with NP level
Apply [Skill Seal] to all foes for 1 turn.
60% / 70% / 80% / 90% / 100% Upgraded with Overcharge
It's a horse. A real horse. No centaur business, not some sort of Lostbelt shenanigans. We literally got a horse as a servant. And of course, he's like a half-Lu Bu. Good going Red Hare, you're both original and unoriginal.
Also, huzzah for new 3*'s. It hasn't really been that long but I've felt like there's been a lack of 'em.
For base stats, Red Hare is absolutely leaned toward the defensive side, with the highest HP stat of any 3* Rider by a moderate margin. He doesn't lose out on offensive power for that HP, either, with more atk than Boudicca and nearly as much as Columbus. Add in his absurdly high Riding rank and he absolutely has an edge over a good sum of his fellow Riders, packing far more durability with not much of an offensive drawback, which does end up being key for him.
Interesting that he lacks magic resistance, though. It won't matter too much in the grand scheme of things, but I guess horses can't handle mages.
Onward to generation stats, we get a real nice picture. With 3-hit Arts cards and 0.57 base NP gain, Red Hare has a decent 1.71% Arts NP gain and a vastly more impressive 2.28% Quick NP gain, going up to 2.55% with his Riding. While neither card is that much above average, they compensate in their numbers, with Red Hare packing 4 cards for him to charge his gauge with. Contributing further, his stargen is exceptionally good, with 2 4-hit Quicks and a solid Extra card hitcount, making his NPQQ chains really rake in the stars. Paired with his Rider star weight, it's almost a given Red Hare will claim the benefits of his own stargen, further bolstering his NP gain and damage.
Now let's cover skills. We start with Long-Distance Sprint...(Horse). I think we get the point by now, he's a horse. This is a pretty typical card booster steroid with a twist that most of Red Hare's kit packs. The buffs are 3 times, 5 turns, as opposed to regular duration. In general, this tends to be slightly better than 3-turn durations on specific card boosters, due to the limitation on how many of your card hand can be pulled in a turn, but weaker for other buffs that proc on every card, like the star generation buff in this skill.
For Red Hare specifically, the stargen buff is difficult to waste, due to his Arts and Quick cards having similarly high hitcounts and as a result getting nearly the same benefit, but his Buster will do pretty much nothing with it. Meanwhile, the Quick buff can only really exhaust itself once every 3 turns from his NP card, Quick 1 and Quick 2. So on the whole, it's essentially a better 3-turn buff, 5 turn cooldown at skill level 10 skill that doesn't get screwed by bad card luck or Stuns/Charms wasting turns. Sick.
Next is Martial Art Mastery, you guessed it, (Horse). When pulling out this skill, Red Hare dumps a 1-turn dodge on himself on top of two chance-based buffs. Thankfully, they're not particularly do-or-die kind of buffs. Star Focus is generally a meaningless buff on Riders, but if he does land it he bolsters his star weight to a colossal 1386 for a single turn. For reference, if there are 40 stars on the turn and they have to be distributed between an even amount of Red Hare and, say, Skadi cards, Skadi will get approximately 1.5 stars while Red Hare will get approximately 38.5. That's a lotta star focus.
Invuln Pierce is also a very handy effect, but one that can't be relied on much when it's chance based. Thankfully, he shares class with Ozymandias who can be a pal with his gauge charger, while Gao Changgong also supports him reasonably well, meaning it's not too bad to dedicate a support to making this skill consistent. Those chance-based buffs aside, this is still a 7 turn base cooldown dodge with extras, which is incredibly good.
Lastly, we have Combat Mobility...(Horse). You can probably guess I have quite the long face right now. This skill rounds off Red Hare's kit with a solid offensive steroid, boosting his attack and crit damage by moderate sums with the same 3 time, 5 turns duration as before. Handily, the critical damage boost will only apply when he actually crits, making it something of a 5-turn damage storage for when stars come his way. Conversely, the attack up will get popped immediately on his first Brave chain, making it much weaker compared to a 3-turn or even 1-turn buff in most circumstances. He can't even get the Atk buff on his Extra card, which is sad.
While this skill does suffer from its unique duration, it's still a solid offensive boost for both Red Hare's NP and crit cards on a relatively short cooldown, meaning it's a solid contribution to his kit.
Aaaand Noble Phantasm. Imitation God Force lives up to its name, not packing the immensely more useful Stun chance Lu Bu's NP packs, but in exchange, it's an eternally-overpowered Quick NP with a solid hitcount in an AOE. Naturally, that leads to shenanigans. In terms of damage, it isn't too spectacular. Getting outperformed by Medusa and Alexander in NP damage isn't the greatest, especially considering their steroids aren't the best, but this NP compensates with its stargen and gauge refund.
With Red Hare's skills active this NP will give him a respectable 10% gauge refund, on top of producing approximately 21 stars. That's the magic of having good Quick buffs and a stargen buff on your NP steroids. While it's not usually useful, Defense pierce on a NP is handy to have around, especially an AOE, and combined with his Invulnerability Pierce skill it means Red Hare is one of the few servants with what I like to call absolute defence Pierce, near-guaranteeing you'll do damage on the turn you need it. If only that buff weren't chance-based, eh?
Skill seal, as always, is very situational and can even feel like a detriment in some cases. May as well ignore it.
How does Red Hare shape up then? On one hand, he's the cream of the crop:
  • He has very good critical damage output. While his crit damage buff isn't particularly powerful, he has a wide range of offensive buffs across his kit to make sure all his damage multipliers are stacking multiplicatively, meaning their whole is much greater than the sum of their parts. Combined with his high inherent Quick card damage and star weight, he really suffers no real weaknesses on his crit damage front.
  • Independent NP gain and star generation. While Red Hare's NP gain isn't too incredible on paper, it gets compounded by his great stargen and his Rider class weight, meaning his stargen acts like something of a proxy for his NP gain, vastly increasing the rate he can charge his gauge. This is on top of the normal benefits of producing stars for his allies to use should his cards not be present the next turn.
  • High stopping power. Invuln Pierce and Def Pierce is a very solid combination, allowing Red Hare to crush his foes regardless of any defensive options (Besides Guts) they may have placed on them. This tends to be useful in a wide array of situations.
  • Decent durability. While not high compared to most 4*'s, Red Hare has a very solid HP pool as well as a low-cooldown dodge, allowing him to survive normal card damage reasonably well and deny the damage from most NP's if needed. While some support to bolster his defences wouldn't hurt, he's not a sitting duck.
On the other hand, he has some weaknesses to rein in:
  • Chance-based skills are a little infuriating without the proper support to make them consistent. Thankfully they're not incredibly important buffs like a dodge or Guts buff, but failing to get the Invuln Pierce when you need it in particular can be quite annoying.
  • Despite the description, his offensive buffs will usually only last for a single 'turn' of damage, maybe two when executed. This more or less gives him what I call "Li Shuwen Syndrome", putting all his crit damage eggs into one basket for a turn then doing nothing for the rest. He can try to compensate for this by getting a head start on the cooldown, popping them on turn 1 whether he has cards up or not, but it's still fundamentally 3 times every 5 turns.
On the whole, Red Hare is a superb AOE Rider with a number of specialities and few weaknesses to speak of placed into his kit. With proper CE selection, his NP damage can nearly match that of his fellow 3* Riders, and his critical damage output is unmatched within his class and rarity. With consistent self-sufficiency that scales up immensely when gaining team support (try him out with Gao Changgong and Skadi for some really scary crit damage and NP spam), he can be applied to a number of situations while not demanding too much coverage for his weaknesses in return. Quite the premier 3* servant.
Rath™ Seal of Approval, with a recommendation.
Boy, new chapters are always a slog to write, aren't they? Sometimes it feels like I'm facing the entire game when trying to figure out how useful some servants are in practice. In fact...I'm feeling quite poetic:
My snark plucked up the comments section,
My wit shadowed the front page;
But the times were against me,
And Kyte datamines no more;
When Kyte datamines no more,
What then can I do?
Ah, Yu, my Yu,
How shit will your kit be?
If an angry centaur man comes along shouting about copyright, tell him I wasn't here.
Thanks to Kazemai, Atwiki and Kyte as always for their datamines. Hopefully, I'll be alive and in the festive spirit next time. Pls no Padoru.
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