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Us Softonic Info Help & Support Jobs Company News Legal Information Cookie Policy Developers Softonic Developer Center Upload and Manage your Software Software Policy Partners Advertising Opportunities Users Become a fan of. Crack Cable is VCDS 18.91 Diagnostic Interface. VCDS activation file 4. HEX-V2 VCDS VAG COM 18.1 18.2 17.8.0 17.1.3 English. Facebook Page: Vag Com 12.12.2 Newest Data Version: 2020.1 VAG COM12.12.2 diagnostic cable works with Windows7, WindowsXP, and 32-bit. VCDS 18.2.1 VAG COM Software Download & Installation Guide. Ross Tech VCDS Crack Cable With English/Francais/Deutsch VCDS Software Update Online Skype: [HOST] whatsapp: +.

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Press the link below to start download, VCDS-Release-12.12.3a-Installer Download VCDS-Release-12.12.3-Installer Download VCDS-Release-14.10.0-Installer Download Audi MMI 2G 5570 Update firmware The untouched full MMI 2G software firmware update can be found here Audi MMI 3G High. VCDS 20.4.0 19.6.0 Full+9.2 Loader Free Download. Perbedaan Ace Maxs Asli dan Palsu TV Remote Controls Home; Contact; Vcds 11.11.3 Download Deutsch June 12 2020 vcds deutsch. VCDS 12.12 diagnose interface VAG com 12.12 cable vagcom. VCDS-Release-12.12.3-Installer.exe - Google Drive. By downloading this software, you acknowledge that this Program is provided "as is" and "with all faults, defects and errors" and that all use of the Program is at. China Crack Cable is New coming.

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My 2016 Golf R Build

I've been slowing building up my 2016 Golf R so figured I would share what I've done and what I have planned for the car. When I first got this car, I was originally looking at a GTI but after seeing a youtube video of a stage 1 Golf R do a 1/4 mile, I was sold. I was particular with mine in that it had to be Lapiz Blue, have DCC, and also be a manual. I had driven a DSG for a couple years prior but really missed being able to row through all of the gears.
At the time when I was looking for the car, essentially all Golf R's were sold orders so I was behind the curve but after about 2 months I was able to find one that had everything I wanted about 150 miles away. I put deposit down that day and picked up the car 3 days later. The car had only 13 miles on it when I picked it up and came from the dealership with XPEL over the front of the car which was nice so that I wouldn't have rock chips in the paint immediately. Since then, the car has changed quite a bit. At first it started with small little things to make the car more of what I wanted and then it just snowballed from there. This car is still my daily driver and gets about 15 miles on the odometer each day so I probably won't be going to much crazier but you never know I suppose. The only CEL I have ever gotten was when I put my downpipe on before having the engine tuned.
  • 034 Motorsport Billet Dogbone Insert - REMOVED
  • AWE Switchpath Exhaust with remote
  • Bull-X catted downpipe
  • Custom V-banded resonator for easy removal
  • Clutch Assist Spring Removal
  • CTS Billet Dogbone Insert
  • Dynablink Dynamic Mirror Turn Signals
  • Deutsche Autoparts Brushed Aluminum Mirror Caps
  • EBC Red Stuff Pads (Front and Rear)
  • ECS Slotted and Crossdrilled Two Piece Rotors (Front and Rear)
  • ECS Clutch Bleeder Block
  • ECS Intake Boost Tap
  • ECS Steel Oil Pan
  • ECS Turbo Muffler Delete
  • HS RSR Uprated clutch
  • Mk 7.5 Facelift LED Dynamic Tailights
  • Neuspeed P-Flow Intake
  • Neuspeed RsE10 19x8.5" wheels w/ Kuhmo Ecsta PS91 tires
  • P3 Vent Gauge with analog boost
  • Spulen Short Shift and Side to Side Kit
  • Unitronic Stage 2 Tune
  • Urotuning Stainless Steel Brake Lines
  • VMR Lowering Springs
  • Various VCDS Tweaks
  • Bilstein B16 Damptronic Coilovers
  • ECS Charge Pipe Kit
  • Integrated Engineering Front Mount Intercooler
  • Maxton Designs Front Splitter V2
  • UNIBrace UBQ
  • 034 Motorsport Billet Dogbone Insert
    • Probably one of the first modifications I did due to the shifter feeling rather loose and not having a very engaged feeling. The dogbone insert really helped with this issue but the short throw shifter from Spulen really tightened up everything like I wanted.
    • After 24k miles, the dogbone has failed. The entire thing bent so it no longer prevented wheel hop and was out of warranty. I tried CTS’s billet insert and from what I can tell it performs the same except hasn’t bent yet.
  • AWE Switchpath Exhaust with remote
    • Install was very easy with no issues. It should be mentioned that you do need to have a custom piece of piping cut to make sure everything lines up as I was shorted a little bit and needed an additional 10" of piping. The exhaust is great with having the ability to close the valves and quiet everything down or open up the valves and essentially have a straight piped exhaust.
  • Bull-X catted downpipe
    • This downpipe took an extremely long time to be delivered. I had to wait about 2 months for the downpipe to be made and an additional month for it to be delivered. Once received, however, it is a great downpipe. Install was a bitch as I didn't have a lift and had to move the driveshaft out of the way and tilt the engine to get everything to fit in better. Overall it helped with the turbo spooling up a little quicker and it actually reduced my exhaust gas temps by about 50 F when cruising.
    • After driving around with my full exhaust, I started to notice a little bit of droning at highway cruising speeds. While I loved to extremely loud exhaust I had, I didn’t want it to be so loud at all times. I ended up getting a Magnaflow resonator and had V-bands welded onto each end as well as had a straight 3” piece of pipe made with V-bands on each end. This allows me to keep the resonator in most of the time but with about 10 minutes of time, a wrench, and screwdriving, I can switch over to a straight through piece to make it much louder.
  • CTS Turbo Billet Dogbone Insert
    • Performs the same as the 034 billet insert and have not had any issues as of yet.
  • Dynablink Dynamic Mirror Turn Signals
    • These were added as part of my project to turn all of my turn signals over to dynamic sweeps. Install was very easy and no coding changes were required.
  • Deutsche Autoparts Brushed Aluminum Mirror Caps
    • Easy install with no issues. Just a cosmetic thing that helps the car stand out amongst the crowd. Only complaint would be that smudges show up very easily but then again, no one should be touching my car.
  • EBC Red Stuff Pads
    • Part of my brake upgrade. Has a very good initial bite feel with much less brake dust which is probably the biggest bonus so far since the OEM pads create so much dust.
  • ECS Slotted and Crossdrilled Two Piece Rotors (Front and Rear)
    • Part of my brake upgrade. Has a really nice finish to it and draws a lot of attention at meetups. Initial bite feels good and doesn’t produce a lot of dust which I was concerned about a little bit with having it slotted and crossdrilled.
  • ECS Clutch Bleeder Block
    • One of the biggest complaints I've had about my car is the clutch. To me it felt very muted and difficult to really feel any bite point at all. After researching, I found out that there is a clutch delay valve in the bleeder block that is about 1/16" in diameter. I could have just gotten rid of the valve but decided I should just do the bleeder block as it has a 1 way valve which will make clutch replacement much easier down the road. This mod significantly helped out with the muted clutch feeling and I absolutely love it. This would be one of my number 1 recommendations for anyone with a manual Mk7 Golf/GTI/R.
  • ECS Intake Boost Tap
    • This was part of my P3 Gauge install. Works great with no issues. Just make sure that the intake manifold is actually warm before you puncture it or else you run the risk of cracking hte intake manifold.
  • ECS Steel Oil Pan
    • I got this as a preventative measure to make sure that nothing would destroy the stock oil pan. This increased the oil capacity by about 2 liters so should also help the engine stay a little happier with more oil circulating through. I had a terrible time getting the gasket to seal correctly so after 3 attempts, I took it to Track Days Tuning for them to do it.
  • ECS Turbo Muffler Delete
    • I had heard a lot of people saying that the turbo muffler delete really helped with hearing the turbo as well as allowing things to spool up a little quicker so I figured why not. I honestly couldn't really tell much of a difference but that is likely due to having an intake already that is pretty loud.
  • HS RSR Clutch
    • I ended up doing this out of necessity after I began experiencing clutch slippage from my stage 2 tune. I actually lasted 6k miles on my stock clutch on the tune which really surprised me. I don’t know much about the install as I had a shop do it for me since I lack the tools to do a job like this. Initially the clutch was ridiculously heavy but after 500 miles it broke in and now feels just like the OEM clutch after having the clutch delay valve and assist spring removed.
  • Mk 7.5 Facelift LED Dynamic Taillights
    • Since the 7.5 facelift dynamic taillights came out, I know I had to have them. I followed one of the threads on the Mk7 forums for a while about people being able to order the tails through cars245 and having to wait 3+ months and also having to deal with the nightmare of coding them since they were some of the first US cars to try them out. I waited until USP had a harness and taillights in stock and ordered them the second they became available. I originally tried coding them through obdeleven but had quite a few issues so went back to VCDS and did the coding manually since obdeleven missed a couple changes. I absolutely love these taillights and I am very glad I waited until they got released instead of the Mk7 Euro LEDs.
  • Neuspeed P-Flow Intake
    • The intake is very easy to install and looks great in the engine bay. Being that it is an open intake, you can really hear the diverter valve now. I don't really plan on changing anything with the intake as it goes all the way to the turbo inlet so no other piping needs to be changed.
  • Neuspeed RsE10 19x8.5" wheels w/ Kuhmo Ecsta PS91 tires
    • I changed over to this setup after 2 summers with the OEM wheels and tires. I wasn't exactly impressed with the Continental Sport Contact 5P tires and figured while changing out the tires, I should also change out the wheels. I ended up saving about 4 lbs of weight per corner and was able to continue using all of the OEM bolts and center pieces. So far no issues with the wheels and they look great in my opinion. I opted for the bronze finish to help hide some of the ridiculous brake dust on the front wheels.
  • P3 Vent Gauge with analog boost
    • Install was extremely easy to do. The only thing that took some time was routing the analog boost line through the firewall. I normally keep track of my boost but do switch between everything during normal driving.
  • Spulen Short Shift and Side to Side Kit
    • This is what really fixed the sloppiness of the shifter for me. It tightened up everything side to side as well as front to back which helping create a more defined feel as to when you are in gear. Install took about 10 minutes but adjusting it took about an additional 15 minutes as I wanted to be very specific with how tight the throw was on everything.
  • Unitronic Stage 2 Tune
    • This was done with about 20,000 miles on the odometer. One of my biggest concerns with doing this was that my clutch was start slipping. I ended up going with Unitronic due to its ability to deliver torque in a smooth curve and maintain drivability. I highly recommend this tune as it really adds enough power for me as well as maintains drivability.
  • Urotuning Stainless Steel Brake Lines
    • Part of my brake upgrade. Seems to create a more defined braking point that makes it easier to feel how much pressure is being applied to the brakes and when they begin to grab. Kind of hard to tell though since I did rotors, pads, and lines all at once.
  • VMR Lowering Springs
    • Went with these springs to help lower the car while still maintaining the DCC with the shocks. They do a pretty good job but the ride can be bouncy when in race mode. The springs did take a good month or so to settle out and are actually a really good height right now. Down the road, I am planning on going the Bilstein B16 Damptronic coilovers as it will allow me to have complete control over the suspension while still maintaining the DCC. These aren’t out yet so it’s just a waiting game.
submitted by Redbull89123 to Golf_R

Got my new Euro Golf R taillights installed yesterday! Here's a little comparison for the curious.

Got my new Euro Golf R taillights installed yesterday! Here's a little comparison for the curious. submitted by bdhudd to GolfGTI

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