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Driver Genius Crack With License Code & Keygen [Updated]: Driver Genius Crack is a driver administration software program used to find and replace older drivers in your system. Driver Genius Pro Crack gives you the list drivers that are out-dated. You can schedule a scan to find out which drivers are older.

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Respect the Ghostface Killah! (Twelve Reasons to Die)

Respect Tony Starks, the Ghostface Killah

Battle to the end that's the way of the thriller / And Starks is reborn as the Ghost! Face! Killaaaaaaaaaah!

No one could get iller!

Dennis Coles aka Ghostface Killah (aka Ironman aka Tony Starks aka Ghostdeini aka Pretty Tony aka...) is a member of the Wu-Tang Clan and a prolific rapper known for his visceral lyrical content, unique voice and cadence, and his skill with storytelling in rap. He's released several story albums, including Fishscale, 36 Seasons, and the Twelve Reasons to Die albums. For this RT, we're focused exclusively on the last albums, Twelve Reasons to Die and Twelve Reasons to Die II, released in 2013 and 2015 respectively.
In the albums, Ghostface plays the character Tony "Tone" Starks, a black member of the DeLuca mafia family in 1960s Italy. He betrays the DeLucas to start his own family and go to war with them, but is betrayed from the inside and given to the DeLucas, who kill him by drowning him in a vat of boiling vinyl. The 12 records made from the vat are given to each head of the DeLuca family, but when they are played, Tone's vengeful spirit returns as the immortal Ghostface Killah, who regains control of his crime family and uses it plus his newfound powers to hunt down and wipe out the DeLucas once and for all. In Twelve Reasons To Die II, Ghostface resurrects once again in New York in the 70s, where he helps the rising gangster Lester Kane get revenge on surviving members of the DeLucas for killing Kane's wife and child.


Note: While the vast majority of this RT will be song lyrics, there are a couple clips from the music video for "Rise of the Ghostface Killah" that will be included where relevant.
Additionally, to avoid a billion confusing acronyms, each song title will be marked by album and track number. Blood on the Cobblestones is A1T4, Rise of the Ghostface Killah is A1T8, Return of the Savage is A2T2, and so on.

Ghostface Killah

This section covers both the powers of the Ghostface Killah and any unique kills he performs throughout the albums, as both a human and as a ghost.
  • Tommy guns are irrelevant, I'm bulletproof now A1T8
  • Godfather motives, gangsta mentality / Black superhero with the immortality A1T11
  • You could murder my flesh and bone, soul's invincible A1T11
  • I'm bulletproof now, back from the dead, I'm invincible A1T11
  • It's the rebirth of slick brought back as a rebel / I'm immortal, gonna kill generations of your fam / You tried to loathe my legacy away, but I stand stronger / GFK, the pain prolonger A1T1
  • It's the rebirth, born again, rise through the vinyl spin / They took out Starks but the light shines within / It's the almighty rise of the murderous Ghostface / Bodies dropped in alleys, left a cold case A1T8
  • Murder the don, I'm back with a bird on my arm / Back to pillage, I rock a live grenade as a charm A1T1
  • It's the rebirth of slick brought back as a rebel / I'm immortal, gonna kill generations of your fam / You tried to loathe my legacy away, but I stand stronger / GFK, the pain prolonger A1T1
  • He was a lonely man, they killed him / Cause they didn't understand / Though his spirit possesses a rhythm / As the words on this record unleashes the Ghostface Killah A1T1
  • You couldn't take my life, my mask done resurrected / And I'm Ghostface Killah, way more than you expected A1T9
  • Gangsters told their children to never double-cross a man / Whose will is so strong that he can cross the planes of existence / To get his revenge A1T12
  • Beast mode, I'm resurrected, I hear the record spinning / Early 70s, New York Kingpins / And I see street life, the only life I know / I see Liberty, I see the motherfucking Verrazano A2T2
Flight & Teleportation
  • I could fly through the air and duck your chick-a-pow A1T8
  • Faster than the speed of light, you catch a big hole A1T8
  • Snatch you off the land and drop you off in the sahara sand A1T9
  • I glide through the air like a swarm of bees A1T11
  • Ghostface teleports behind a priest
  • With Lester Kane's revenge complete / There's only one thing left to do / Logan begs him to stop, but Lester does not listen / He puts the gun to his head, and pulls the trigger / Killing himself with honor / Seconds before Lester's final breath escapes his body / Ghostface becomes consumed by a diabolical revelation / Inhabit the flesh of his young son, and he could live as a reincarnated Tony Starks A2T13
  • As thunder strikes, and the clouds smother the full moon / The soul of Tony Starks' son is cast into an abyss of fog / And the spirit of Ghostface Killah reascends into his body / Becoming a human inferno of vengeful rage / Logan screams in terror, as she realizes her fate / The possessed boy begins stabbing her, again, again, and again / Now standing alone, blade in his hand, he grins at triumph / sighs the sweet taste of revenge / Lester Kane and Tony Starks were nothing more than kindred spirits / Separated by time and space, but bonded together by violence and death / A touch of fate brought these two souls together / But for one of them, the ultimate price was paid / This is not the last we'll ever hear of Tony Starks / Actuality, this is a new beginning / Tony Starks was once a man, and became a demon / But now lives again, in the flesh and blood / Of the Ghostface Killah A2T13
Other Powers
  • Bulletproof shit, blast through alloys A2T13
  • Beware, son, I got the stare of Medusa A1T1
  • Disappear in a swarm of killer bees A1T8
  • I'm a nighthawk, eagle eye, power of mind control A1T8
  • Ill night vision with the militant tactics A1T11
  • The face of a ghost, I disappear in the vapors A1T11
  • Beware, son, I got the stare of Medusa / With the rope tied around your neck, it won't get looser / I might shoot ya, make your ass an example / You can't fuck with Tone Starks, and not get trampled / Get hunted like a rat in a field, I hate rats A1T1
  • It's the almighty rise of the murderous Ghostface / Bodies dropped in alleys, left a cold case / Colombian neckties I’m a black Gambino / Bodies get dumped in the black El Camino / It's Reno, gangster wars, money, power, respect / Revenge is felt like the heat from a Tec A1T8
  • Late night, stuck in the limo / Hogtie the capo all up, beheaded the driver / Left the bitch in the back with no tongue as the survivor A1T8
  • Ruthless, six bodies hung in the meat room / The butcher shop, I call it the body shop A1T8
  • Carve my name in your skin, pull a stocking mask over your face / For recognition, no time for remission A1T8
  • Murders, bodies chopped into Ziplocs / Kill or be killed on these cobblestone street blocks A1T8
  • Yeah, yo, there's a dozen ways to die, six million ways to do it / Let's go through it, my mind flow like fluid / Torture, chop your legs up, thrown off the boat / Guillotine, nigga, one chop to the throat / Suffocation, saran wrapping your face / Buried alive, throw a few nails in the case / Manslaughter, eight degrees of separation / Leave your body chopped up in a piece, that's mutilation A1T10
  • Yo, murder one, bullets went fast through the flesh / I cocked the sawed off shotty, put a hole in your chest / Blow your lungs out, I've seen you been smoking for years / You got no heart, I'll hunt you down like Cape Fear / Push your brains out the back of your head, blow off your hands / Leave your body in a dumpster, head in the trashcan / Cell catching scene look clean as a whistle / Ghost carved through your skin tissue til the bone grizzle A1T10
  • Ay yo, pipe bombs blowing they souls to Jesus / Don't need nothing but the puzzle glue for the pieces / Meat cleaver cut finger tips like rib tips / Home invasions, cars gonna flip, DeLucas lose / Pair of cement shoes, tossed in the ocean / Popped until they brain ooze, I won't lose / Blood all on my apron, hog tie 'em up while they try escaping / Peeped the visual, tied 'em up individual / Took their clothes off, season 'em like sausage / Let the pits out to eat 'em, that's the remedy / Attack, kill, bite off their extremities / Blood bath splash my name on my wall / Call it piece delivery, leave a tip on the stall / With an arm, leg, a head / I'm coming for you all A1T11
  • Unable to become immortalized in life / Ghostface became immortalized in death / Creating a mayhem so vast / That the tale of his rampage would be passed down for generations A1T12
  • Death Row shit, fuck the lethal injection / Execute him and chop up his body in sections / Clean-cut butcher knives / X their eyes out / Nail 'em to a billboard / Let 'em dry out A2T11

Tony "Tone" Starks

This section covers Tone's wealth and influence before dying and being resurrected. I'd include anything he did after possessing Lester Kane in Twelve Reasons To Die 2, but that happens in the last song so basically nothing happens.
Wealth & Power
  • Jay De Lucas put me with the fam to grow / I was a boss amongst white boys rocking the 'fro / I had hoes, bankrolls and minks by the dozen / My rise to power was quick, they just wasn't A1T2
  • One day I'm just Black Tone with a lot of ambition / Next I got status, dinners with all courses / Flights in and out of the country, they getting nauseous / Money, power, respect; rise of the black suits / Talk shit behind my back, but to my face salute / Hugs and handshakes, they can't stop my reign / Got the coke connect, pilots bringing shit on their plane / It's a shame, they ain't have the balls to make moves / They pussies, couldn't walk a mile in my shoes A1T2
  • Rock the purple robe, crush them with 24 karat gold / The chain is chunky like the neck of a monkey / Glass slipper, my Wallows is made from lion skin / King of the jungle, ain't shit about me humble / Rock a black panther hoodie, nigga, made from panther skin / I'm black on the outside and black within A1T3
  • Born into a world with violence, death and destruction surrounding him at every turn. Tony Starks took control of his own destiny and aspired to become one of the foremost leaders of the criminal underworld. Regardless of his will, and the ability to run the streets with invincibility, there were still those who chose to stand in his way. A1T3
  • Starks, the gangsta nigga, I never lose battles / Pimp nigga, with a superhero logo on my chest / Big Gucci link, GFK on the crest / Icy arm for the eagle with the eight carat ruby eyes / Piss on your motherfucking arm while I'm stupid high / All black down, royalty purple and some ice chips / Two Glock 9's pointed at you in a hype flick A1T11
  • Tryna make me a made man, they fucked up the game plan / I blacked out on them and started my own clan / Black Gambino, black suits, the black Syndicate / My crime fam was tight, every move was intricate / The coke was brought in from bad Colombian mules / Gorgeous women that I draped down in jewels / Streets fight started, mafia wars in Italy / Crime fam against fam and no one could do diddly A1T2
  • Police pull war on crime, they're gonna lose / Judges get kidnapped, captains get decapitated / Starks rise above all to be emancipated A1T4
  • Drive bys and Molotovs settle the score / Butcher shops are filled with chopped up casualties / I made sure to keep guns in all my faculties / The streets run red when the bosses disrespect us A1T4
  • Bulletproof the car, yo, we outta here / Fuck the DeLucas, we've got shooters with submachines A1T4
  • So the DeLucas want Tone? Nah, not today / Cock and spray, side with 'em and you've got to pay / Don't even kill 'em, just make 'em feel a lot of pain / Stake out his wife and his seed at the soccer game A1T4
  • Murder rate double, triple, cripple the strip / Like it got hit with a couple of missiles / 8 will fly through your door, I'll get in your crib / In a wig, in a cable guy uniform / My shooters maneuver, we've got DeLuca in the scope / Moving close, say the word, Tone, dude is ghost A1T4
  • Attack till there's no one left in the position / The return of the worst case scenario / Uh, Ghostface attacks on land and now aerial A1T8
  • Take my life, I'll take every one you love / Have your kids thrown out of a plane, 'look out cuz' / My plots are like movie scripts, they well planned / Snatch you off the land and drop you off in the sahara sand / So don't scam me, don't try to double cross me / My Tennessee goons'll nail that ass to the cross, B A1T9
  • Set me up, coming back, like a thief in the night / I'll have a suicide bomber pop up on your flight A1T9
  • Yes, but what they didn't expect, a hundred ghouls / From the projects armed and masked with flamethrowers / And gas'll blast anything, hung him by his tongue ring / 'til he gave the info on how we find his kinfolk / Made him sign the ransom, then gave the note to his grandson / Bust the shot and made him run fast / Back to his family, news of his discovery / Would set off a chain of events that would / Then lead to members of DeLucas to bleed with no exception A1T9
submitted by FreestyleKneepad to respectthreads

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