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[WT!] Higurashi no Naku Koro ni - Welcome to Hinamizawa

Important note: While I try not to link to anything spoilerrific, know that the descriptions, articles, openings, trailers, and other videos and pages I link to per definition do contain spoilers of minor to medium or sometimes even major relevance. It all comes down to you interpret it. And seriously, if you want to NOT be spoiled in any way, you should not be here. Therefore I take no responsibility for spoilers on pages I link to. You have been warned. I hope this is enough to satisfy you, mods.
Please don't be sad.
Even if the world does not forgive you, I will forgive you.
Please don't be sad.
Even if you don't forgive the world, I will forgive you.
So please tell me.
What should I do so that you'll forgive me?
— Frederica Bernkastel


If there was one request flowing over the /animesuggest subreddit this season, then it was "An anime like ERASED.". The hype was real, and how can I blame them. However, I did not only like ERASED for its plot and setting alone, but also because of its similarities to another series I liked very much. Well, they both take place in the 80s in a country village and have serial murders involved, that's where the similarities stop. Still, I think that I should recommend this to everyone who liked Erased even a little bit, and with the upcoming rewatch I was finally motivated enough to write this.
Today, less a regular WT than a outright wiki article you can always link back to for the different media of one of the most popular japanese horror franchises of the 21st century: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni.


It's the Summer of 1983, the 58th year of the Showa period. The family of teenager Keiichi Maebara (Soichiro Hoshi) recently moved from the city to the sleepy mountain village of Hinamizawa, and it's AWESOME. Free from the hectic city, Keiichi is over the moon about this new enviroment. Sure, the village has no supermarkets, is hours away from the next bigger town and its school only one classroom, but hey, he finally has friends. He regularly spends his afternoons with the Himanizawa Game Club, consisting of tomboy club president Mion Sonozaki (Satsuki Yukino) , shy but kind and curious Rena Ryuuguu (Mai Nakahara); polite, but cheeky Satoko Houjou (Mika Kanai) and cute but surprisingly sharp-minded Rika Furude (Lyrical Nanoha star Yukari Tamura). Life couldn't be better. It can only go down from here. And it will. Through coincidence, Keiichi finds out that five years ago, Hinamizawa was supposed to be flooded as part of a reservoir. Met with fierce opposition, the plan was scrapped after the brutal murder of its construction manager. The murder was never solved, and since then, a series of deaths and disappearances, known together simply as the Curse of "Oyashiro-sama", the god of Hinamizawa strike each year. Only meeting lies and denial however, Keiichi determinedly starts his hunt for truth, not yet realizing horrible it will be.


Independent game developer Ryukishi07 of 07th Expansion wanted to make a visual novel that stuck with people after they played it. For inspiration, he looked to one of the industry's pioneers, Key/Visual Arts. Studying their games, he noticed that they all followed a basic structure. The games began with comedy and introduction of the characters and the basic concepts of the world; then the player got to know the characters; then something tragic happened to make the player cry just as they'd gotten to care about the cast, accompanied by revelations of the true nature of the world and what had really been going on the whole time; then the story culminated with a miracle to Earn Your Happy Ending. Ryukishi decided that he wanted to make a game like that, too... but he didn't want to make his audience cry like Key did.
He wanted to scare them.
Horror is not a genre in which anime is praised in. Typical horror anime are only in it for the shock value, be it Mirai Nikki, Elfen Lied or Another. Anything that has people dying these days gets called horror these, but none of these shows actually have the atmosphere, the suspense of horror. And this is an absolute shame as the animation element of anime leads to amazing opportunities. And Higurashi manages to utilize exactly these perfectly.
The main aspect of Higurashi is the contrast between the light and the dark sides of Hinamizawa. Episodes can begin with all the cast members having fun at a nice game of tag, and can end with the brutal murder of one the same people.Death and the fear of it are all present. Higurashi is no gore fest. Yes, of course, when they happen they are still eerie and often times brutal, its death are actually shocking. Higurashi combines mystery and horror with childish comedy into an epic of paranoia and dread and confusion. The humour is never out of place and never interrupts the scary scenes, rather it serves to enhance just how utterly fucked up everything is when you look through everything concerning Hinamizawa. Have fun while you can, it won't last forever, that's the motto.
The most interesting part of Higurashi is its arc structure and if you are one of those people who do not like to be spoiled and go in completely blind, stop. reading. now. Just the synopsis of this above should have convinced you. If you are not one of those persons, then feel free to continue, as it is a major element of the whole franchise.
To those still reading, the arc structure of Higurashi is the way the story can keep killing characters and yet give them development. The plot is not linear. Each arc, each "hen", is its own scenario. And yes, by the end, pretty much everyone is dead. But here's where you come in. You can see the differences in the scenarios, the different way people die in, the different orders and different people who kill them. You can see what is the same and what is different. And that's your mission. Look at it from all angles, all perspectives. See what's a common factor and what's an anomaly. Build your theories upon these clues and find out just what the hell is going on. What is real? What is a lie? Just what happened in Hinamizawa in 1983?


I think this point is so important it deserves its own paragraph. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni has so many instalments, so many "arcs" that it can get really confusing. I decided to make things easier for and compiled them on one page. Could I have just linked you to Wikipedia or Tvtropes? Yes, I could, but I like researching and compiling stuff. Hey, maybe you'll learn something.

Sound Novels

The original, written and drawn by Ryukishi07 and produced by 07thExpansion. After having failed a contest for theathre plays, Ryukishi07 rewrote his play Hinamizawa Teiryūjo (雛見沢停留所, "Hinamizawa Bus Stop"), which already featured many elements which would later play a large role in Higurashi, and decided to make a sound novel out of it. The backgrounds were based on photos taken in the village of Shirakawa, Gifu Prefecture.

The original eight arcs.

Published one at a time between 2002 and 2006, these eight arcs make up the main story of Higurashi, and by definition, are the only arcs you have to read to enjoy the story. Everything else is either supplemental, or side-story, or alternative story or whatever.
Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni (ひぐらしのなく頃に, "When the Cicadas Cry")
The compilation of the first four arcs, the question arcs. These are:
  • Onikakushi-hen (鬼隠し編, "Abducted By Demons Arc")
  • Watanagashi-hen (綿流し編, "Cotton-Drifting Arc")
  • Tatarigoroshi-hen (祟殺し編, "Curse Killing Arc")
  • Himatsubushi-hen (暇潰し編, "Time Killing Arc")
Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kai (ひぐらしのなく頃に 解, "When the Cicadas Cry: Solutions")
The compilation of the last four arcs, the anwser arcs. These are:
  • Meakashi-hen (目明し編, "Eye Opening Arc")
  • Tsumihoroboshi-hen (罪滅し編, "Atonement Arc"),
  • Minagoroshi-hen (皆殺し編, "Massacre Arc"),
  • Matsuribayashi-hen (祭囃し編, "Festival Accompanying Arc").
The two games were licensed for English release by Mangagamer and released in 2009 and 2010, respectively, although without several background music tracks and other bonus features specific to the original Japanese version which include the staff room, the music room, and a minigame.


Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Rei (礼, "Gratitude"):
A fan-disc, published half a year after Matsuribayashi-hen, containing short stories that may or not be canon. It consists of:
  • Saikoroshi-hen (賽殺し編, "Dice Killing Arc")
  • Batsukoishi-hen (罰恋し編, "Penalty Loving Chapter")
  • Hirukowashi-hen (昼壊し編, "Daybreak Chapter")
Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Hou (奉, "Gift"):
A PC fandisc/remake released in 2014, a "Final Thank You" according to 7thExpansion, which contains the 8 question/answer arcs, the ones from Rei, as well as Hinamizawa Bus Stop, the original SN version of Higurashi Outbreak, and a brand new arc called Kamikanshi-hen (神姦し編, God Violating Chapter).
In 2015 Higurashi Hou was licensed by Mangagamer, following that the arcs were rereleased on Steam with new (optional) artwork, a new translation, previously cut music tracks and content and the option to read the original Japanese text. As of July 2016, only Onikakushi-hen, Watanagashi-hen and Tatarigoroshi-hen were released, but (PS3) voice/sprite patches are already out, if you know how to find them.


Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Matsuri (祭, "Festival"): A PS2 Remake from Alchemist published in 2007, which was unique in that in remade all the arcs into different routes, as if it was a conventional visual novel. It featured [fully reworked BG and sprites (Original vs Matsuri, the later closer to the anime designs. It also was fully voiced. Apart from the question and answer arcs, it contains three original arcs:
  • Taraimawashi-hen (盥回し編, Rotation Chapter)
  • Tsukiotoshi-hen (憑落し編, Exorcism Chapter)
  • Miotsukushi-hen (澪尽し編, Waterway Exhausting Chapter) -An alternative ending to the series, hailed by quite a few as even better and more meaningful than Matsuribayashi-hen. Alas, we won't know whether that's true until we have a complete translation.
Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kizuna (絆, "Bonds"): A series of four Nintendo DS Remakes by Alchemist published between 2008 and 2010, with slightly reworked sprites and BG. In contrast to Matsuri, it was only partially voiced. All in all, it adapted the eight original arcs, the Rei arcs, as well as Miotsukushi-hen from Matsuri. The original arcs are:
  • Someutsushi-hen (染伝し編, "Stain Following Chapter") and Kagebōshi-hen (影紡し編, "Silhouette Chapter"): Alternative retellings of Onisarashi-hen.
  • Tokihogushi-hen (解々し編, "Untangling Chapter")
  • Kotohogushi-hen (言祝し編, "Congratulating Chapter")
Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Sui (粋, "Essence"): The Very Definitely Final Remake, released in 2015, this time produced by Kaga Create for the PS Vita and the PlayStation 3. It has all original arcs as well as those of Rei, Matsuri and Kizuna, twenty in total. All arcs, even the Kizuna ones, are fully voiced.


Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni
The first anime, which began airing in 2006. It was directed by Chiaki Kon, with Character Design by Kyuta Sakai, music by Kenji Kawai and animation by Studio Deen. It adapted six of the eight original arcs in 26 episodes.
Animation-wise, Higurashi looks not so great comparing it to other works in 2006. Together with Fate/Stay Night from that year and the actually horrible adaptation of Higurashi's spiritual sucessor Umineko no Naku Koro ni, Higurashi helped solidify DEEN's reputation for being, well, DEEN. But it's not so bad, as Higurashi managed to make good use of what it had, one such thing being the so-called "Higurashi Face", an art method wherein a character's facial expression are exaggerated to an almost absurd degree in order to show the inner terror and/or insanity. These are the faces that get stuck in your nightmares.
Sound-wise, the Higurashi soundtrack, composed by the one and only Kenji Kawai is amazing, with its Main Theme as one of the most chillingly creepy pieces of music I have ever heard. Voice-acting and sound design are top-notch, and its power in creating an atmosphere is really the anime's biggest plus-point.
Adaptation-wise, the Higurashi anime is not so bad as you'd think of Studio Deen, as it does not make the story ununderstandable without knowing the source material, like with Umineko. However there are things cut out, sometimes more than just minor things. Knowing, experiencing these things, these scenes, makes it easier for you to come up with theories. More information is directly given and/or foreshadowed, than just being introduced out of nowhere in a latter episode. Again, this is more of a subjective matter, as you can certainly enjoy the anime without ever picking up any of the other media.
Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Special: Nekogoroshi-hen
A 2007 OVA released between the two seasons. It adapts the LN arc Nekogoroshi-hen (猫殺し編, "Cat Killing Chapter"), and tells a short side story relating to the many mysteries found in the series. Depite having the first season opening, and being the unofficial 27th episode, its art style is already that of the second season. While optional, I recommend people to watch it.
Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kai
The second season of the anime series, with almost the same staff as the first season. Kai picks up where the first season left off and starts with the one episode arc "Reunion", which is an adaptation of the short side story "The Devil's script". It's unique in how it's actually better than its source. If you have the chance to watch Reunion instead of reading the Devil's script, do it. The story then continues in a filler arc called Yakusamashi-hen (厄醒し編, "Disaster Awakening Chapter"), requested by Ryukishi07 and inspired by the events of Taraimawashi-hen. After that follow the rest of the answer arcs.
Animation-wise, Kai looks a lot better than the first season. Faces look a lot less jarring and are less prone to QUALITY, action scenes are more fluid and generally everything look less DEENish.
Adaptation-wise, getting Ryukishi07 personally supervise the adaptation helped a lot. Cut out details and other foreshadowing are made up in Yakusamashi-hen, and I even think that the anime versions of the last two arcs are better than the sound novel or manga version. Why, you can guess if you have experienced both.
Also notable for having a trailer that does NOT spoil important plot points, unlike so many fan trailers. That is, for Kai. It still spoils the first season.
Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Rei:
A five-part OVA adaptation of the Sound Novel of the same name, although instead of Batsukoishi-hen, the Light Novel arc Hajisarashi-hen (羞晒し編, "Embarrassment Chapter") was adapted as its first episode.
Rei, more or less, serves as an epilogue to the series, but it is an optional one. The animation is even better than before and the series is not afraid to poke a little fun at itself. Rei is notable for being the first in the series to be directed by Toshifumi Kawase, who previously worked as the series compositor of the first two seasons, as well as feature a mostly new staff.
Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kira (煌, "Sparkle"):
A four-part OVA series released in 2011 and directed by Hideki Tachibana, this is by far the most bizarre and ridiculous instalment. It's like a Crack Fic made into an anime. It features four arcs, filled with fanservice, humour, and general craziness around. Adapting Batsukoishi-hen from Rei, the rest are new arcs based on ideas by Ryukishi07 himself. These arcs are:
  • Ayakashisenshi-hen (妖戦し編, "Demon Battling Chapter")
  • Musubienishi-hen (結縁し編, "Affinity Chapter")
  • Yumeutsushi-hen (夢現し編, "Dream Appearing Chapter")
It is very controversial and many fans just refuse to believe it exists. Others embrace as it finally gives you all the happy times with the Higurashi cast you ever wanted. No death. No despair. Only happy, lucky, dochy.
Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kaku: Outbreak (拡, "Expanded"):
A 2013 one episode OVA adaptation of a short story that surprised pretty much everyone. Toshifumi Kawase returns to direct the, as of now, by far best looking anime instalment, and also the most brutal. It tells a very interesting What-If scenario, and is recommended to anyone alienated by the comedic tone of Kira. The story is continued in the Higurashi Hou arc Kamikanshi-hen, or so I am told.


Between 2005 and 2011, the eight answer arcs and the Rei arc Saikoroshi-hen were adapted into a manga series. Each of the different arcs were drawn by different authors, who are as follows:
  • Karin Suzuragi: Onikakushi-hen, Tsumihoroboshi-hen Matsuribayashi-hen and Saikoroshi-hen
  • Yutori Houjou: Watanagashi-hen, Meakashi-hen
  • Jirou Suzuki: Tatarigoroshi-hen
  • Yoshiki Tonogai: Himatsubushi-hen
  • Hanase Momoyama: Minagoroshi-hen
Compared to the anime, the manga is a much more faithful adaptation of the visual novel. It leaves much more clues in. This is especially noticeable in Tatarigoroshi-hen, where we see an entire chapter of a sequence that the anime only gave like one minute to. This comes mostly from the fact that all adaptations were directly overseen by Ryukishi07 himself. Still, even he had to make cuts. The manga gives a much clearer picture, both in the question arcs, making it easier for you to form theories, as well an in the answer arcs, giving you a clearer total picture of everything. Generally, the manga is also way more... graphic and shots that were conveniently hidden in the anime are full on display in the anime. Add in that all arcs are absolute masters of page turn surprises and two-page spreads. The manga is however not without its own liberties. Onikakushi-hen has some interesting differences, and its original content makes chapter 1 of Minagoroshi-hen is still my favourite chapter in the whole Higurashi manga.
There are two official manga original side story arcs, Onisarashi-hen (鬼曝し編, "Demon Exposing Arc"), drawn by En Kitou, and Yoigoshi-hen (宵越し編, "Beyond Midnight Arc"), drawn by Mimori. Both are stand-alone side-story written by Ryukishi07, and show how the Curse of Oyashiro-sama affects other people beside the main cast. There is also a third manga, Utsutsukowashi-hen (現壊し編, Reality Breaking Chapter), also drawn by En Kitou, which is a prequel to Meakashi-hen, but that one was cancelled before its conclusion.
There also a one-volume manga adaptation of Hinamizawa Bus Stop drawn by Tomozo, another epilogue called Kokoroiyashi-hen (心癒し編 Heart Healing Chapter), drawn by Yuna Kagesaki, and an adaptation of the Rei arc Hirukowashi-hen drawn by Rechi Kazuki.
The eight question and answer arcs, the manga original arcs and Saikoroshi-hen were published by Yen Press in English between 2008 and 2014, and let me tell you right now, the translation is excellent. If you can get your hand on them, do it, they are worth every penny.

Live-Action Films

Oh, right. In case you are curious, there are two live-action movies titled Higurashi no Naku Koro ni in 2008 and Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Chikai (誓, "Oath") in 2009, who adapt Onikakushi-hen and Tsumihoroboshi-hen, respectively. Another live-action adaptation, a TV Drama this time, is scheduled to air in May 2016 and will consist of 8 one-hour episodes. However that is supposed to work out.

Watch/read orders:


Onikakushi-hen -> Watanagashi-hen -> Tatarigoroshi-hen -> Himatsubushi-hen -> Meakashi-hen -> Tsumihoroboshi-hen -> Minagoroshi-hen -> Matsuribayashi-hen -> Saikoroshi-hen (Optional)


Warning: Descriptions on the volumes contain spoilers. As usual.
Onikakushi-hen -> Watanagashi-hen -> Tatarigoroshi-hen -> Himatsubushi-hen -> Onisarashi-hen (Optional) -> Yoigoshi-hen (Optional) -> Meakashi-hen -> Tsumihoroboshi-hen -> Minagoroshi-hen -> Matsuribayashi-hen -> Saikoroshi-hen (Optional)


Warning: Descriptions on the seasons contain spoilers. As usual.
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni -> Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Spe­cial: Nekogoroshi-hen (optional) -> Higur­ashi no Naku Koro ni Kai -> Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei (optional) -> Higur­ashi no Naku Koro ni Kira (optional) -> Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kaku: Outbreak (optional)
All other arcs and instalments can be read/watched at any time.

Fanfic Recs

If you are like me and just cannot get enough of Higurashi, then I personally recommend these stories to satisfy your hunger. As usual, read only after having finished the story.
Cicadas: Case of the End Dreamer: 1995. 12 years have passed since Higurashi Spoiler description But now seemingly innocent bystanders wander into the village again and again, like lambs to a slaughter. And all the while a great conspiracy looms over them... A story just as brutal and mind-screwy as the the original, if not more. Complete.
Hinamizawa Hell: Higurashi Spoiler description
Return to Hinamizawa: Teenager Miaka Teramachi moves to Hinamizawa and makes great friends there fast. But these great times quickly come to an end when the Curse of Oyashiro-sama hits and Miaka finds herself as the target of fate, which has waited long enough to capture its prey. In Progress.
The Cries of Haruhi Suzumiya: "I'm pretty sure I don't like this place. We've ran into two girls with weapons, nobody seems trustworthy, and to top it off, Haruhi's acting like a psychopath. Although, compared to what she'd be acting like in a few days, it's practically the pinnacle of sanity. You think this stuff is bad? Wait until people start dying. Then the story really picks up." Crossover with Haruhi Suzumiya that really deserves its own mention. Kind of complete.


  • Good HorroMystery franchise based on sound novels that doesn't rely on gore to make everything shocking.
  • Anime is a meh adaptation in the first season, and a good adaptation in its second season Kai. Dub is shit, ignore it. Except if you're french, I don't know, maybe they have a good dub and oh my god I am so fucking jealous of them.
  • Everything after Kai is optional
  • The manga is a good to amazing adaptation (depending on the arc). Read the official translation, it's good and complete.
  • Sound Novel is being rereleased on Steam, three arcs are already out.

Thanks To

These nice people:
as well as my Sources:
(Holy Haruhi, this is long. 28770 characters. Please report any errors my proofreader didn't catch.)
I was the most unfortunate.
I knew that there was no exit out of this maze.
Then, he was the next unfortunate.
He did not know that there was no exit out of this maze.
But all the rest weren't so unfortunate.
They didn't know that they were in the maze in the first place.
— Frederica Bernkastel
submitted by Taiboss to anime

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