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Mera's "How Cube Nearly Destroyed CLC" is untrue and misleading

edit: hi, some informed me that this post is harsh, I’m sorry that it seems like it. I’m not a native English speaker so my use of the language isn’t as clear as I would like it to be. I’m sorry if I offended anyone, including Mera. It wasn’t the idea of the post.
(!!!!if the video didn’t mention certain event, neither did I.)
i had enough of this poorly made and misleading video. basiclly going to debank it. i think its pretty unpopular because the majority of stan twt plus clc fans & idle antis just love to use it tbh
the video has over 500k and all of the comments are basically agreeing with the video

1) ”cube didn’t want to debut a group that will rival with 4minute”
first of all, she used the word “presumably” (used to convey that what is asserted is very likely though not known for certain.) so I don’t know why everyone thinks it’s rocket science and have been proven to be right.
I don’t think it’s true, as cube didn’t have a problem with idle debuting with a girl crush concept.
Let’s think about it together, but in our 2020 eyes. It’s 2020 and we are the CEOs of a company who needs to debut a new girl group. we look at the top groups, and the groups who had a raise in popularity this year, and what do we see? girl crush is profitable right now.
this is very likely what happened in 2015- it was the trend, and cube didn’t want to take any risks with a girl crush concept.
it’s pretty weird to look back and say “cube should’ve debuted with a girl crush concept” when in reality, no one could’ve known that bp is going to be a massive success and turn yet again the table- just like you don’t see companies debut groups now who are solely cute.

2)“CLC’s low budget debut was oversaturated in the cute ggs market”
it’s true that we had Apink, BerryGood and Lovelyz doing a cute concept already, but again, did it ever stop twice, Gfriend and red velvet (with their red side) to blow up?
not to mention BerryGood and Lovelyz were completely nugu at the time.
clc fans are also claiming that 2016 was one of the most kpop debut ever (over 200) and while essentially its correct, the only girl group that is well known as of 2020 who debuted before CLC is gfriend (in January) and CLC debuted in March- giving them at least one and half month before Oh My Girl debuted (their debuts didn’t clash, and OMG weren’t such a threat in that time) and way above half a year before DIA, APRIL and TWICE debuted (with TWICE being the only household name). They had their time to build steady fanbase BEFORE all of those debuts. (source)
Almost every CUBE debut is low budget. (Didn’t seems as the low budget idle was given during LATATA or posing on the dumpsters held them back from being popular.)

3) ”it didn’t make sense that a CUBE group debuts so poorly, until you look behind the scenes. CUBE underwent serious changes just after CLC’s debut”
Mera proceeded to list the CEOs changing, 4minute disbandment, BEAST leaving, headquarters moving and CUBE cafe getting evicted and so on.
Mera make it seems like all of this happened right after CLC’s debut, or at least a few months after... but NO. Quick Wikipedia search shows:
• February 2016 (11 months after CLC’s debut)- moving headquarters (which BTW, I don’t think effected CLC in any way)
• June 2016 (1 year and 3 months after CLC’s debut)- 4Minute disbandment
• July 2016 (1 year and 4 months after CLC’s debut) cube cafe “getting evicted” (in reality, it got reopened, something Mera failed to mention)
•End of 2016 (almost two years after CLC’s debut) changing CEOs & BEAST leaving CUBE.

Lets say those “scandals” effected CLC (personally I think they didn’t), they had 1 year to establish a somewhat stable fanbase but they didn’t. CLCs album continually sold less and less, leaving CUBE in serious negative numbers.

side note: I don’t even see how those scandals aside from changing CEOs and maybe BEAST leaving had effected CLC, the GP don’t give a fuck about moving headquarters or cafes being reopened.
4Minute disbandment is a win for CLCs as 4Nias hated them and 4Minute no longer having a priority over CLC.

idle also had scandals during their first year, ACTUAL scandals (dating scandal, the hyuna scandal, the illegal app scandal AND the “mosque scandal”) all happening WAY before their 1 year anniversary yet it didn’t stop idle from raising Cube's music sales who were increased by 58% to ₩8.8 billion due to the popularity of (G)I-dle's "Latata" and "Hann (一)". (Source)

4)”February 29, 2016 CLC returns...”
Mera makes it seems like CLC had a one year long hiatus (which they weren’t).
CLC’s Activities in 2015-16
•Debuted on March 19th
•Came back in April 16th of the same year with digital signal “eighteen”
•Cane back with their second EP in May 2015
•Tour on October 2015
•variety appearances including WEEKLY IDOL and afterschool club, 3 variety shows, appearances with BToB (were big at the time) CFs and so on
•appearance on the Dream Concert
(source: litrearlly google search)
and so on... they were promoted as hell.

5)”they (Elkie & Eunbin) weren’t enough to bring CLC back to the public eye”
true to an EXTENT. High heels is their best charting song on MelOn.

6) ”... with the debut of BLACKPINK the top 3 girl group spots were taken”
yet again, Mera presents people a false narrative- no matter how big a girl group is, there’s no chance they would ever survive against the big 3 ggs, their spots are already secured even before their debuts.

7) ”Hobogoblin was CLCs most successful comeback at the time”
FALSE. Internationally? yeah. Domestically? Hell no.
The EP sold 3,975 physical copies, placing at number 30 on the Gaon Album Chart which was a downgrade form their last comeback, (yet sales increased over time) they were mocked as hyuna wannabes, failed to chart, failed to win first place and losing a chunk of their (male oriented) fanbase. internationally it was considered a success. If I had to compare it to another recent song, hobogoblin and girls by nature ; enough to put their name out there yet not enough to get people to really get invested in them.
overall, I find Mera to often over-exaggerates CLCs success with Hobogoblin; she claims CLC had by that point a solid domestic fanbase (false-2018 ISAC, everyone?), solidified CLCs position (the only thing that CLC solidified at that time were the negative numbers at CUBE’s bank account) and was considered a strong contender for the Artist of the year award (I have to laugh.... CLC??? The group that didn’t charted on MelOn?? sold 3k first month??? Over groups who had HUGE hits like black pink, bts, exo, snsd, red velvet and twice??)
At this point, I started to question where on earth Mera was bringing her data from... because it sounds like she did her research on stan twitter, and provide no actual proof for what she’s claiming. Mind you, this is a 500k viewed video.

8) ”hobogoblin made bank for cube”
no mera it didn’t. (1, 2)

9) "CUBE had more than enough money for CLC"
Mera, if you're reading this, i want to introduce you the Google search bar! No. really, because one Google search would've suggested different results:
According to those articles (1 , 2 , 3)
CUBE suffered from extreme losses in 2016:
According to the Financial Supervisory Service's electronic disclosure system, Cube posted an operating loss of 5.7 Billion KRW (approximately $5 million USD) in 2016. This is a stark loss compared to the previous year as according to etoday, Cube posted an operating profit of 710 Million KRW (approximately $616,000) in 2015. Cube Entertainment's sales declined by 13.1% in 2016 to 19.4 Billion KRW (approximately $16.83 Million) 
And opened 2017 with almost 1 billion KRW losses:
Cube posted an operating loss of minus 900 million KRW (minus $800,000) for the first quarter of the year. In the same period last year (Q1 2016) they posted an operating profit of 39 million KRW (around $34,000). 
And when CUBE was back on their feet again, they've credited only pentagon, btob etc (and not CLC)
cube reported, "Q3's main artist BTOB's Japanese promotions and HyunA's domestic comeback brought good results and helped increase results. Our new artists growth, such as Pentagon and Yu Seon Ho, and the increase of our media contents also helped as well." 
So, i ask you Mera, what money? CUBE could barely escape potential bankruptcy- why would CUBE invest in what have already proven to make little to no money (if not losses).
Mera made it seems like CLC was making shit-load of money that was all blowed on pentagon's projects, when in reality, the money pentagon was making was invested in them (same goes for CLC)
you can't expect a COMPANY to treat a group like another group just because they're talented- they have to prove themseleves as profitable- which CLC didn't.
9) "black dress peaked 12 on korean charts"
at this point, im starting to question wether Mera simply just didn't do enough research or just simply twisted things to fit her own narrative; black dress the EP hit 12 on Gaon album charts (their previous EPs hit 10- so their album underpreformed) and not on the streaming charts as she made it looks like. black dress didnt enter the MelOn chart. (source))

10) "gidle comeback was brought to them within half a year"
By soyeon! without her idle would'nt even debut. And CLC had comeback one month after their debut, what's your point mera?
and when you called idle "cube's new favorite" you might want to add the 8.8B Won they brought to CUBE, or the fact that if soyeon hadnt written LATATA, idle probably would've ended up like CLC.
11) "CLC's comeback was prosponed so CUBE could bring in that cash"
didnt the whole kpop community talked about that? LVER's producer was the one to dip on CLC, not CUBE. im not going to go over this as im sure this was already covered & talked about countless of time. not to mention, this narrtive continuously made idle antis to use CLC to attack idle.
so thats conclude the video.
i hope now i wont have to deal with that damn video again im so tired of it

*written in she\her pronoun as i think ive heard her refer to herself that way and didnt found any other info that suggets otherwise. please correct me if im wrong :)
(Adding in case I’m getting locked here https://www.reddit.com/kpoprants/comments/jqak2f/meras_how_cube_nearly_destroyed_clc_is_misleading/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)
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Director wants me to have more "structure" in my schedule

I'm running at wits end right now, and honestly just need to rant more than anything right now.
I've been working for the same department at a university for about 6 years now. I'm the sole IT guy for 12 faculty, each with their own lab. It's about 180 people and 300 machines total. No one here understands IT, they just know they need me, and that I make sure everything just works. I've always picked my schedule and given free reign to do whatever I feel is more important. Which keeps me well over 50-60 hours a week despite being salary. I've never been asked to work over the weekend, but if it's easier for me that way I don't mind coming in. If something is broke, no one argues with me about budgets, they just let me handle it. Overall it has been the perfect job for me. I simply get to run around doing exactly what I love to do and making up my own rules on how to do it.
Then COVID-19 hit. The university came right out and told everyone to stay home. If they can work remotely then they should, but the entire campus shut down. A few people were given essential employee status so they could come in, and I requested that I was one of those people. At first I was coming in as needed, maybe once a week at most. Still at my own discretion.
Then at the beginning of September the university was allowed to partially open back up. The director of my department jumped on that and wanted everyone back to 100% instantly. Everyone from the administrative assistants who only place orders, to the event planners. This was very clearly a partial reopening, with tons of restrictions we needed to follow. The only non-academic staff who should have been returning was myself. I had already bought all of the staff everything they needed to work from home, so they had both a full workstation at home and in the office. Just to make it easier for them to work part time in both places without needing to constantly move equipment around. This was also the same time students from all around the globe were coming back to campus for the new semester.
I tried to voice concern about this, that I didn't feel safe, and how several things were clearly a contradiction from what the university put out. Literally no one stopped to take pause, and just nodded in agreement with the directors demands. So, when a survey came in from HR asking how our department was handling the transition back, I answered it as honestly as I could. I don't know what I was thinking, because that survey wasn't fucking anonymous. Not even a day later HR reached out asking for clarification on my answers, then a week later the staff were able to resume their work 100% remotely. Except me. No big deal, I wasn't planning to be 100% remote anyway.
The director then decides that I need to be on site, every single weekday from 2-5pm, regardless of what I'm working on. I tried to explain that most of my work can be done remotely plus interrupting my days like this is counterintuitive and in some cases it will complete restrict me from doing specific tasks that take up my whole day. He completely disagreed and wouldn't even allow me to elaborate.
According to him, I need a schedule with structure. Never the fuck mind that IT is a constant stream of chaos, he wants me to have "structure" in my schedule. I think I just stared at him dumbfounded for a solid minute. How do you respond to that? Should I go place post-it notes on everything telling them when they are allowed to fail? I don't care if you don't understand what is included in my job, all you really need to understand that "I FIX BROKEN SHIT"! Nothing fucking breaks on a god damn schedule! Literally WTF?
After a month of this 2-5 bullshit, he's mad because I'm never in my office. To him I must not be coming in at 2pm like I was told. No other logical reason! I guess he has been walking by my office and seeing it empty and this upsets him. Didn't even ask me where I was, just straight up assumed I wasn't coming in. Trying to explain that I have to leave my office and physically visit the broken things doesn't make any sense. I must be lying to him. So, I pulled out my phone and showed him my GPS log. I've been coming in at 12:30-1pm every fucking day like he wanted for the past month. He changed the subject real quick, then came right back not even 10 minutes later saying the same thing. I'm not in my office when I'm at work. So now, for the past two weeks I've had to check in with him at 2pm and have a quick little meeting (that can last up to an hour) about my day and what I'm working on.
So, you know what, fuck it. He wants me in my office from 2-5pm? That's where I'll be. All that free overtime I've been putting in too? I'm taking that shit back. Weekends? I'm not sure what normal people do, but I'm going to find out. A whole hour for lunch? Fuck! I might take a nap now!! He wants to give my schedule structure, he's going to do it with only the 40 hours I'm required to work. Except now, it's actually more like 30 hours because of his extra bullshit. These 2pm check-ins are another hour every day lost. I don't drive, and having to commute in the middle of the day is now on his time not mine, so that's another hour lost. Technically the 3-5pm block where I'm confined to my office isn't very useful, but it's still part of the 30 hours he has left all so I can have "structure" now. I have about 4 hours a day now in the morning to get any work done now.
I have no idea how long before this will implode. But it's the other faculty that will be the ones that might end up getting burned from all this. He's two years away from retirement and still stuck in the 1980's on how he runs his lab. USB hard drives with no backups litter the lab benches. I can't convince him to buy a NAS to help him out too, because they're a lot of money. Despite him spending over $15,000 last month for the new Apple Pro Display and a computer powerful enough to run it, because "it's brighter" and in the late afternoon there is a glare on his monitor. The other faculty have nearly petabyte of network storage between them. Dozens of computational machines. Linux everywhere with no one knowing how to use a terminal. Over half a dozen desktop systems with quad RTX 2080Ti's for GPU computation. Several servers with hundreds of cores each. And this director that wants me to prioritize getting him the newest iPhone over all that.
One time he called me to his office because he claimed Microsoft Word was broken. When I got there he opened a new document, changed the view to 100%, then held up a sheet of paper and told me that 100% isn't actual size. I don't know what I was thinking, but started to explain it's based off of 72ppi only to have him interrupt and demand I fix it. After telling him I couldn't, he wanted me to call Apple. Again, my brain was a little slow, I remind him that Microsoft makes Word, only to have him immediately snap back that I should call them too. Then went off on a rant how this can't be legal and we should sue Apple for misrepresentation.
Last year while I was on vacation he clicked an "upgrade flash" pop-up and it blew up in his face. From what I was told, it went full screen and then played a loud siren screaming "Warning" on repeat. He panicked and tried to call me, but didn't know I was on vacation. Eventually he called Apple and they managed to help him get everything fixed. When I returned, he blamed me. Claimed that if I had warned him about this one very specific malware, he would have never clicked on it. His solution? Now I have to write a monthly newsletter informing the entire department about IT news. We aren't an IT department, and each of our dozen labs don't use the same equipment. I'm already sharing everything I need to, but don't send everything to everyone like a lunatic.
Last week our hourly meetings were writing this newsletter, since he wasn't happy I had only written about 5 or 6 in the last year. I've told my other boss that acts as a liaison half of the time that I am swamped and have larger priorities than this newsletter. Apparently the newsletter is of the highest priority and fuck everything else! Fuck that RAID 6 with two failing drives! Fuck the computational cluster with 28 RTX 2080Ti's that keeps shutting down on its own for unknown reasons. Fuck the half a million dollar microscope that just got quarantined from the internet. Fuck the $30k 144 core server that can't be patched because the university stopped paying for RHEL. Fuck all the other faculty. Write a newsletter about IT to people that don't know fuck all about IT!
Helping me write this cursed thing, he wanted me to introduce myself to everyone in the department. The same department that I've been working in for 6 years and know everyone on a first name basis. Then he had me layout exactly what IT services I provide, but not any of the services I suggested. Some shit like "Onboarding" and "Keyboard repair". First, they know I manage the onboarding. How fuck do you think they were added to the mailing list? Second, the only keyboard repair I handle includes a trash can and Amazon. It's a fucking keyboard!
He has no idea what I do. He's not happy when he can't find me, so we can gossip about what Apple is doing. He doesn't care about any of the other shit I do as long as his needs are met. He's an ivy league educated big shot professor who is used to getting his own way. He doesn't need an IT guy. He needs a personal shopper. Which in my opinion, the only reason he wants me available from 2-5pm everyday is just in case he sees a new shiny toy from Apple. Just fuck everyone else, as long as he has all the latest Apple shit.
I can't get him to see reason, and feel like allowing him to change my hours like this is going to affect everyone else but him. I tried explaining some of the critical projects that I need to be working on and he either dismissed them or told me flat out that I'm not doing them. Explained that I need to change out a power supply in a piece of lab equipment for a professor and he outright told me that it's not my responsibility. Who the fuck else here is able to do that? I doubt anyone else even has a screwdriver!
This is all one huge kick in the face about how IT is valued here, on top of the complete disregard to everyone's safety during COVID. But you want to know what makes that even worse? We're a biology department with a biosafety level 2 lab. Some of the scientists have to take a special covid test from the rest of the university because they are working with inactive samples of COVID-19 that can cause a false positive. All this money being thrown at Apple comes from the NIH and NSF. If there is anyone who should understand how contagious shit is right now, it should be the people working here. Several of the faculty are refusing to come in and it's pissing the director off. He's repeatedly mentioned that COVID has stalled all scientific research globally, and the research should be treated with a higher priority. I'm only assuming he means it's more important than human life. Despite that he still holds all his meetings in person, where the other faculty use Zoom. Anytime the director gets his hand slapped he goes over the university policy and finds a way to read between the lines another way. The only solace I have around him is knowing he is 2 years away from retirement. Providing this place doesn't end up killing me.
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