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Army Test-Drives Advanced Targeting System

Keygen is a shortcut word for Key Generator. The gold medallist, whose mother Carol was killed by a careless. Land oF DevaStaTioN v4.1: s/n: 223B54396303650732 name: PAT MCNEESE. From worldwide destruction because of alien invasions to terrible bombings due to robot hordes, the devastation and death might be profound.

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Games Operation Air Assault 2 is about A radical militia group intent on bringing the world to its knees has started a series of brave and destructive attacks on key military installations. AC-130 Operation Devastation Download Free Version (AC-130 you can try these out. Based on Lockheed's four-engine turboprop transport and weaponized by Boeing, the deadly AC-130 aerial battleship had very humble beginnings. From the XYZ Affair to the Dreyfus Affair, from the Gallic War to the Persian Gulf, from Druidic runes.

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During Just Cause, special tactics combat controllers and pararescuemen integrated into combat units. Ensure you have the latest GeForce Graphics driver v185.85 installed Launch the GeForce Stereoscopic 3D driver file by double clicking on it. Ac 130 operation devastation keygen. AC-130: Operation Devastation drops below.

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AC-130: Operation Devastation System Requirements

An AC-130 fire control operator could, in principle, elect to engage a target with a single 25mm cannon round, a projectile about the size of a human thumb (or at least my human thumb). Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates. Increasing array of enemies in various game scenarios will keep you challenged in this modern day rail shooter.

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IGN is the leading site for PC games with expert reviews, news, previews, game trailers, cheat codes, wiki guides & walkthroughs. AC-130 - Video Dailymotion. Make sure the game isn't running. European sovereign-debt crisis became more pronounced early in the decade and.

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Congress regrets that McNulty ignores that there is no correlation between. Click on the following link to read the article. Video Downloader crack is one of the fastest and most popular programs Ac 130 Operation Devastation Free Download Full Version that allows users to easily download any video from YouTube in the highest possible quality. A statue of a woman by Lebanese artist Hayat Nazer, made out of leftover glass, rubble, and a broken clock marking the time (6: 08 PM) of the mega explosion at the port of Beirut is placed opposite.

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Free ac 130 operation devastation downloads - Collection of ac 130 operation devastation freeware, shareware download - 1941 Operation Typhoon, 1945 Operation Konrad, ERP software for small company operation. Try Prime Hello, Sign in. Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Returns & Orders. AC-130: Operation Devastation By Valusoft. Windows Operation System; 310-130; 920-130 Exam; 310-130 Dumps; 310-130 Exam; Software by Tags.

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Download AC Operation Devastation from our website for free. Best of all it is a FREE Browser MMORPG and. Increasing array of enemies in various game scenarios will keep. OPERATION SWEATERS FOR VETERANS BEGINS OCTOBER 19th Emporium Borough Police Find Drugs Disguised as PE.

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AutoDesk Designer Learning Resources: s/n: 07301-010203-4520. Farbar Service Scanner Version: 18-01-2020 01 Ran by Sandi (administrator) on 20-01-2020 at 18: 20: 22. AC-130: Operation Devastation PC Windows Game Camefromthebasement. Download Ac 130 Operation Devastation Software: AC-130.

Army Sgt. Filmed Naked Cadets

Thus, 32 CFR 806.1 refers to title 32, part 806, section 1. Explanation. Find great deals for Besieger & Devastation Resistance Breeds Revolution - PC Games Near Mint. By concert of action on the part of these forces, New England could be effectually cut off from co-operation with the lower colonies, and the unity of their movements broken up. It was proposed at the same time to send an expedition under Lord Cornwallis and Admiral Parker, to obtain a footing in Virginia or either of the Carolinas, and encourage the loyal element in the South to organize, and. SheepArcade search results 22 for ac 130: operation devastation.

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Will you further the wartime or help protect the world from it? Crazy Games Torrents: AC-130 Operation Devastation Torrent read this post here. Fantan appears on the 32 and 64 player variants of the map at the Chinese-held airfield. AC-130 Operation Devastation 1.0 ValuSoft.

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Provide Close Air Support to your troops on the ground, fly Armed Reconnaissance and obliterate the enemy supply lines, give Landing Zone support for insertions and extractions under fire, protect US bases from enemy attacks and more while avoiding friendly. Good (10 ratings) Difficulty. During Operation Urgent. Because its large profile and.

This is the deadliest airplane ever, period, end of

The figure of 147 was never reached: by February 1995 there were 85 officers, and later that year the operation reached a peak of about 130 international staff. AC-130: Operation Devastation: Pc: Computer and Video https://simturinfo.ru/crack/?key=1364. Buy the latest PC games, consoles and accessories at GameStop. During the missions available in the single player campaign, you are to support ground troops or initiate.

Tower Origins: Monkey Ace

Previously: Boomerang Monkey

Time to go "in-depth" with the Monkey Ace!

I decided to use actual plane names cause I felt the need of giving references.

* __What is a Monkey Ace?__

Monkey Aces are the first-known airborne fighting unit. These ace pilots use traditional fighter biplanes with a slick green paintjob on its fuselage. Despite being fighter planes, they don't use wing-mounted guns, and instead use hidden fuselage guns pointed at 8 directions, with each firing an aerodart with high popping strength. Monkey Aces reside in their own mini-airports and can be modified in a nearby Aeronautics Laboratory.

+ __Orgin and Current Timeline__

Monkey Aces existed starting in 2009, when the Monkey Agency needed to use vehicles not only for transportation purposes, but for battle purposes. There, they started manufacturing Sopwith Camel fighter biplanes which they called "aces" with a modified arsenal. These aces can only be piloted by specially-trained pilots.

Aces, at that time, are automatically deployed when instructed to, flying around the battlefield, firing their aerodarts at the bloons. When needed, stronger planes would be deployed to ensure better victory chances, and the other aces would return back to their airports where either they would rest or be fixed of any leaks.

There are 5 levels of Aces. The first level uses the regular aces, the second level focuses on semi-bomber aces, the third level will then utilise Spy Planes , the fourth level is a simple Rapid Fire boost, and the powerful fifth level aces are switched with Stealth Jets under the name "Operation: Dart Storm", based on F-117s.

By 2011, the Aces have been improved to include different flight patterns based on the direction and have a personal landing strip on the battlefield so that aces would rather be modified there. Like any usual Monkey fighter, they gain better modifications.

The Monkey Aces now have an assault path which focuses on increasing speed and bloon destruction capabilities, using simple boosters such as Rapid Fire and Sharper Darts, then a powerful modifier known as the Neva-Miss Targeting, then when approved, they would be given access to powerful Spectre planes, internally named AC-130s. These Spectres are constructed at the AC-130 Construction Hangar.

They also have a stealth path which focuses on supportively destructive functions. They would modify these with the Exploding Pineapple droppers and the Spy Plane radars, then upon confirmation, they would use the infamous F-117 "Operation: Dart Storms", but now can be constructed to load and drop nukes that were identified as "Ground Zero". Such destructive nukes are only made at the Super Bomb Research Centre.

When 2018 struck, a minor but big change to the Aces were that the F-117 jets are no longer used to hold the giant bombs, and instead they used actual bomber planes to hold the heavy bombs. These planes were actually "Vickers Wellington" planes.

Moving on, the stealth path is now fully stealth, but still had it's supportive methods. They still manifested the Rapid Fire modifiers, but then they'd add extra dart guns that they named "Lots More Darts". Then they'd switch them with A6M Zero Fighter Planes with upgraded thrusters and an added Anti-MOAB missile launcher. They then would switch to the stealthy F-117s. Due to the changes, the F-117s are now manufactured at the Stealth Ops Base.

The new path is the bombing path who utilised a kind off defensive way of bombing. They again, had the same Exploding Pineapple droppers, then the Spy Plane radar, but then they'd switch to B-24 Liberator bombers then the VW Bombers with the Ground Zeroes. The bombs are still made at the Super Bomb Research Centre.

The assault path still retains its destructive persona, albeit with a slight change. They still utilise the Sharper Dart enhancers, then a new specialized flight path called Centered Path, then they retain the Neva-Miss Targeting modifiers and the option to switch to Spectres. The Spectres are still constructed at the AC-130 Construction Hangar.

-__Arsenal and Appearance__
For 10 years, the Aces have always used their original design, but with slight changes over the years. As mentioned before, the Aces are Sopwith Camel fighter bipanes with a green color scheme. Back in 2009, the front of the fuselage was green, in 2011, it was red, and currently in 2019, blue. The monkey pilot wears a parka with a red scarf, while wearing a leather pilot hat with a pair of goggles overlapping them on top.

In 2009, the Aces have had a simple upgrading arsenal. The first upgrade is a simple Exploding Pineapples dropper that dropped explosive pineapples every few seconds. The second upgrade gives the Ace's a scanner and names them Spy Planes, allowing them to pop Camo. The third upgrade is a simple Rapid Fire upgrade that increased speed and lastly, the "Operation: Dart Storm", a powerful upgrade that doubles the Ace's dart guns speed and adds 8 additional guns, for a 16 rapid aerodart firepower.

By 2011, there are now 2 different classes of the Aces, which as mentioned before, are the Assault and Stealth paths,

The Assault path revolves with Rapid Fire first, then a new Sharper Darts enhancer that allowed each dart to tear through more bloons. Then the infamous Neva-Miss Targeting modifier that allowed the darts to gain self-implanted homing AI, allowing them to fly and pop bloons that are within the darts' presence. Lastly, the Spectres which are highly powerful planes that fired an unlimited supply of darts and bombs extremely quickly to the first bloon they could spot.

The Stealth Path uses the Exploding Pineapples dropper, the Spy Plane radar, and the switching to the "Operation: Dart Storm" mechanisms then lastly, the deadly Ground Zero nuke that when prompted, drops the devastating bomb in the centre of the field, annihilating bloons and massively damaging MOAB-Class bloons.

The 2018 renditions, now have different systems.

The Stealth path is now different. It still utilizes the Rapid Fire upgrade then the new "Lots More Darts" additional supplies that granted 4 extra aerodart guns. The new Fighter Plane booster makes the plane thrusters accelerate more power, increasing flight speed and added Anti-MOAB Missile launchers, capable of damaging MOAB-Class bloons badly. Lastly, the "Operation: Dart Storm" returns, but also doubles the missile launchers' firing speed.

The new Bomber path reuses the Exploding Pineapples dropper and the Spy Plane radar, then a new Bomber Plane launching mechanism that replaces the Exploding Pineapples. These launchers dropped 4 powerful line bombs that deal annihilating bloon damage. The Ground Zero returns, but with the new B-24 Liberators.

The Assault path retains the Sharper Darts enhancers then new flight path modifier named Centered Path, which made the Ace go full circle in the middlemost part of the field, which granted maximum bloon popping coverage. They later retain the Neva-Miss Targeting modifier then the option to switch to the Spectres.

* __Tier 5 Origins and how they Function__

All of the most powerful planes had to go through tiring mistakes and trials and errors that led to their creation.

Sky Shredder

The Sky Shredder, based on the SR71 Blackbird, is the most known and most powerful stealth jet out there. The manufacturer and creator initially called it the "Airkiller" and it was originally supposed to shred through bloons that it comes on contact with. At first, they were successful, and was supposed to be released soon, but a last minute error caused the plane to break down and explode. They then reconstructed it, but because the material used was empty, they decided to use their other way, which is now the Sky Shredder. The Sky Shredder fires 32 hyper aerodarts and Anti-MOAB missiles really fast.

In addition, the darts pop more layers per shot, and can pop camo and lead by default. The Anti-MOAB missiles are also more powerful.

Tsar Bomba

The Tsar Bomba is known as the most destructive bomb in every monkey kingdom. It was first created as a bomb to destroy the Bloons' Base once and for all, however, the sheer weight and the VW plane's weight was so big that the plane won't even be able to reach halfway to the Bloons' Base. They tried modifying it, but it would result in a weaker explosion, so they decided to use it only in a field. The bomb is so powerful that it can wipe out almost any bloon that appears.

The bomb may not be able to destroy the biggest of bloons, but it compensates this for being able to stun them for quite some time.

Flying Fortress

The Flying Fortress, modelled after the Boeing B-17, is the largest and heaviest plane possible. It was created by their manufacturers, but was not made to be a battle beast, but instead a test plane used if it really was unbreakable. They did multiple tests, which resulted in the tests being true to its invincibility, but what they didn't notice, is that the systems got roasted from trying. They managed to rebuild it, and later turned it into a fighting machine so that they'd contribute to the kingdom. Now don't be fooled by its gigantic size, the Flying Fortress will literally wipe you out with its 3 double-speed aerodart and bomb machine guns.

To make it really a powerhouse, they modified the weaponry to include heavier damage for all bloons.

+ __Conclusion__

Despite its bad accuracy, the Ace makes up its case for being the first air fighter and also the first mobile fighter. Over the years, the ace received massive enhancements that caused it to become a powerful Anti-MOAB machine. Overall, it received great changes.

I literally ran out of ideas to make the story for the Flying Fortress, sorry. XD

Next: Monkey Village
submitted by CJ28472583 to u/CJ28472583

[BATTLE] dick: flattened

Account of the Second American Civil War by Theater

Theater Conflict Resolution Losses
The Nuclear Situation A sequence of highly time-dependent actions would define the nature of nuclear weapons use during the Second American Civil War. An attack on Dakotan satellite control systems through numerous avenues would prove successful. On-the-ground basing infrastructure was destroyed, control over satellite systems secured by the MAU and Sierra, backup C2 structures like Cheyenne Mountain Complex laid low by cyberattack, and cyberattacks on the Dakotan nuclear command structure employing numerous strategies ranging from jamming to deepfakes providing contradictory orders all provided a crucial time window necessary for Sierran and MAU bombercraft to deliver a counterforce strike meant to permanently disable Dakotan nuclear capabilities. Almost everything proceeded perfectly. Overwhelming advantages in preparation, cyberwarfare, strike capabilities, and ABM systems provided a tremendous cushion. However, even with communications ruined 2 targets were hit by a single missile each - not the only missiles loosed, but the others were successfully intercepted. Fresno and Corpus Christi have been destroyed. Naturally, targeting civilian populations was far from the knockout blow or message that Dakota may have hoped. If anything, the news would only demoralize Dakotan forces in the subsequent war. And now they were totally without deterrent Lots of civilians. Many manage to evacuate. Many others do not.
The Allegheny Gap Dakota deploys their Northern Group to defend against a hypothetical offensive from the Northeast into the Ohio River Valley. Low expectation of this sort of assault was reflected in the relatively low concentration of force around Allegheny National Forest, but MAU B-21s destroying infrastructure and inventory at Wright-Patterson AFB and Grissom Air Reserve put this hopeful assumption to rest. The formal beginning of the conflict was with reports of these strikes to Northern Group command in tandem with a chain of failed cyberwarfare operations: deepfakes of the MAU president (quickly recognized as such), deepfakes of military leadership injected into Dakotan communication networks (also dispelled), and attempts to saturate Dakotan comms with worthless chatter. Shortly thereafter, the MAU's Gold Company would quickly push the Dakotan Northern Group's defensive position, aided by overwhelming air superiority. Local air superiority over the Northern Ohio River Valley was quickly secured as the Gold Company enjoyed substantial advantages on the tactical level, moving and reacting almost as if Dakotan battle networks and data was openly available to them. Additionally, in a particularly consequential act of cyberwarfare the MAU was able to either disable or turn many LAW-1 "slaughterbots" against Dakotan forces. Additionally, well-equipped MAU forces had the advantage of modern exosuits and extensive anti-drone countermeasures. While unable to fully crumple the Northern Group line, both Cleveland and Columbus were seized by the Gold Company. The Northern Group has fallen back to the husk of Wright-Patterson AFB and the outskirts of Cincinatti, garrisoning Southwestern Ohio. MAU: 587 infantry, 3 M1A2 SEPv4, 10 M2A3 Bradley, 54 Ram 1500, 8 Oshkosh M-ATV, 7 AH-64D/E Apache, 1 CH-47F Chinook, 1 MQ-9A Reaper, 5 F-35A Lightning II / Dakota: 987 infantry, 8 M1127 Stryker RV, 20 M1126 Stryker ICV, 32 M117 ASV, 6 M1167 HMMWV TOW, 12 M120/M1064A3, 2 UH-72A Lakota, 11 F-15C, 18 F-15E, 15 F-16D, 20,000 LAW-1
Louisville Extensive drone patrols within Kentucky and preparation of the bridges crossing the Ohio River placed the MAU's Red Company in an overwhelming defensive position, particularly given the rapid attainment of local air superiority in the Northern Ohio River Valley and high levels of mechanization in both Red and Gold Companies, compared to the Dakotan Northern and Center group. Additionally, MAU B-21s successfully disabled Scott AFB, Offutt AFB, and facilities at several IAPs hosting National Guard aircraft. This allowed for Red Company's air contingent to expand the area of air superiority to the entire Ohio River Valley after a pitched battle with Dakotan aircraft (with support from Gold Company F-35s and F-22s). Tactical and operational advantages reaped from MAU cyberwarfare continued to do serious work on the ground, permitting Red Company from capturing the far bank of the Ohio River after defending and then crossing the Big Four Bridge. The Center Group fell back to Cincinatti after forced from Indianapolis by Red Company, squeezing the Center and Northern Group together and leaving much of the Upper Mississippi River Basin undefended - though diverting too far in that direction (towards St. Louis) could have left the Red Company's back exposed to a combined counteroffensive from Dakota's Northern and Center Groups. Many Center Group F-35s remain undamaged, meaning that while Dakota has been outflanked, it could still be difficult to fully defeat the cluster of forces sandwiched between Red and Gold Companies. MAU: 467 infantry, 8 M1A2 SEPv4, 12 M1126 Stryker ICV, 9 M2A3 Bradley, 22 Oshkosh M-ATV, 3 AH-64D/E Apache, 1 CH-47F Chinook, 1 MQ-9A Reaper, 6 F-35A Lightning II, 1 F-22A Raptor / Dakota: 876 infantry, 6 M1127 Stryker RV, 12 M2A2 Bradley, 11 M117 ASV, 3 M1A2 SEP-v4, 30 M3A2/A3 Bradley, 4 F-15C, 8 F-15E, 4 F-16D, 3 F-35A Lightning II
Chicago With the Northern and Center companies forced together, one "breakout" line remains, that being towards Lake Michigan. Following a huge spate of anti-government protests in unoccupied Indiana and Illinois, however, Superior initiated an offensive seeking to take advantage of anti-Dakota sentiment and the relative lack of defense in the area. The Battle of Chicago would prove highly taxing, allowing Red Company enough time to capture Indianapolis. Nevertheless, MAU bombing paved the way for a sweep through Northern Illinois. That said, Superior granting the MAU access to their airspace permitted them to launch a series of knockout blows against most important AFBs in the Midwest. Additionally smoothing Superior's offensive was the destruction of numerous military installations by unknown partisans. MAU airstrikes had not targeted many such sites, and they could have firmed up resistance by pro-Dakota militias or loyalist National Guard. Superior: 965 infantry, 2 M1A1 SA, 10 M1127 Stryker RV, 8 M-ATV, 1 HH-60M Black Hawk.
The South, Part 1: Setting the Stage At face value, higher numbers of concentrated Dakotan infantry in the South seem to offer at the very least a serious quantitative advantage. That said, these numbers disguise an array of factors that should change things considerably, remain relevant in every engagement, and should be stated up front so as to avoid repetition. To begin with, MAU cyberwarfare has lent their companies a serious advantage on the ground, both by disabling thousands of Dakotan drones (slaughterbots being the most notable) and obtaining crucial live data that the armies of the 2030s use to orient themselves and make rapid tweaks to their operational activities. Next, the bulk of the MAU's air force has been pitted against Dakota in the Southern Piedmont and the shear bulk of MAU 5th generation aircraft represents an enormous edge in air superiority across the states that Dakota is endeavoring to penetrate. Both sides are experiencing serious anti-war movements in border states, imposing roughly equivalent political challenges. Operating in urban environments is made all the more difficult for these protesters, whose upset originated in online movements. Finally, MAU efforts to convince Dakotan soldiers to defect have been remarkably successful - attempts that were compounded by an extremely harsh and unpopular order to execute all prisoners of war. With most slaughterbots disabled or turned against Dakotan troops, this task fell on the shoulders of the rank and file - making MAU promises that much more tempting. This battery of factors will be largely consistent across the following sections addressing the conflict in the South. -
The South, Part 2: The Gulf The naval battle in the Gulf of Mexico would prove consequential in deciding whether or not Dakotan divisions that had been swiftly transitioned into regional groups and companies would actually become available for the operations to which they were assigned. Just prior to this engagement, a strategic strike from both bombers and submarines would target Dakotan basing infrastructure and air defense systems in Southern states. A huge SEAD campaign in tandem with use of extreme standoff weaponry permitted the MAU to dump a tremendous inventory of munitions into Dakotan Patriots and AFBs. Near absolute advantage in naval assets allowed the MAU to dispatch the Dakotan navy in the Gulf shortly thereafter with minimal losses. Strikes against Dakotan airfields severely reduced the efficacy of the Southern Defense Group, permitting an MAU MEU from securing a beachhead, attracting the attention of the (much reduced and poorly mechanized) Dakotan Quick Response Team. With local naval and air support, a large portion of the Dakotan coast was captured. Dakota's Quick Response Team is held up in lower Louisiana, a benefit to the ongoing operations in the Piedmont, but a barrier to the MAU's stated goal of securing the entire Dakotan coastline. An attempted uprising in Louisiana has been rooted out thanks to Quick Response Team presence, but their control over the area remains precarious. MAU: 183 marines, 1 M777 Towed Howitzer, 1 AH-1Z Viper Attack Helicopter, 1 MV-22B Osprey Tiltrotor, 7 Ram 1500, 18 F-35C Lightning II / Dakota: ~16,000 (defections + casualties: 5th & 6th Companies [Quick Response Team, Southern Defense Group, Second Southern Company), All naval assets in the Gulf, 15 Patriot PAC-3, 27 F-35 Block V (Southern Defense Group), 30,000 LAW-1 & 10,000 LAW-2 [disabled]
The South, Part 3: Tennessee & Virginia As the Dakotan Northern Company began a relatively perilous journey into Virginia, the MAU's Green Company would take advantage of the Quick Response Team being pinned in Louisiana and the lack of fully-mobilized forces in Tennessee to cut the state in half. In doing so, Green Company severed supply lines for the Northern Company paralyzing the already poorly-mechanized force in the middle of hostile territory. Northern reinforcements would soon arrive create a grinding battlefield outside of Norfolk. This has left the Northern Company disconnected from the rest of Dakota in an area where the MAU maintains air superiority MAU: 1,106 infantry (95% Northern reinforcements, 5% Green Company), 157 Coomer, 12 M1A2 SEPv4, 14 M3A3 Bradley, 86 Ram 1500, 43 Oshkosh M-ATV, 11 F-35A, 12 A-10, 8 Skyborg / Dakota: 12,345 infantry (~10,000 defected), 25 M1A2 SEPv4, 14 M2A2 Bradley, 8 M1127 Stryker RV, 2 M1167 HMMWV TOW, 4 M120/M1064A3, 6 MV-22B Osprey, 8 AH-64E Apache, 21 M1097 Avenger, 50,000 LAW-1 & 5,000 LAW-2 [disabled], 29 F-16C, 16 F-35A, 1 AC-130, 1 B-2A
The South, Part 4: Atlanta The Battle of Atlanta would appear to be relatively pivotal, but the real conflict would be between the Southern Defense Force and Companies Green, Blue, and Black. The conflict was kicked off by the MAU capture of several Dakotan agents who had attempted to infiltrate MAU bases across the South. Almost immediately, Dakota's second Southern Company entered Georgia and proceeded towards Atlanta, and at the same time Blue Company moved to seize Montgomery and Birmingham with support from Black Company which had moved into Southern Alabama. The Quick Response Team was still stuck in Louisiana up against MAU Gulf superiority and 4 MEUs. With support from Green Company out of Chattanooga, the Southern Defense Force found itself fully routed at Birmingham and forced to fall back into Mississippi. The MAU had prepared Atlanta for a tremendous Dakotan offensive, and their Southern Company remained tied up in the metropolis while a series of engagements in Alabama proceeded to cut off their supply lines. While Atlanta is largely controlled by Dakota, like their twin in Roanoke they are stranded in enemy territory. Airspace is somewhat contested, with the MAU maintaining an edge, but Alabama has almost entirely fallen. With the Green Company pin in Tennessee, it is difficult to imagine a successful out for either Dakotan Company. As a final unpleasant surprise, Dakotan LAW-3/4 drones have been hijacked by the MAU, flying deep into MAU territory and surrendering themselves. MAU: 1,435 infantry (40% Blue/40% Black/20% Green), 14 M1A2 SEPv4, 38 M2A3 Bradley, 2 MIM-104F Patriot PAC3, 6 AH-64D/E Apache, 12 F-35A Lightning II / Dakota: 3,987 (2,456 second Southern Company, 1,531 Southern Defense Group), Southern Defense Group Air Force, 14, 12 M3A2/A3 Bradley, 6 M1126 Stryker ICV, 30,000 LAW-1 & 10,000 LAW-2 [disabled], 3 F-35 Block V, 4 A-10C
The West While operationally sophisticated, the Sierran offensive would meet practically no resistance. Nearly the entirety of the Dakotan military had been shifted towards an offensive posture in the more densely populated East, allowing Sierra to travel through much of the West relatively uncontested after a protracted bombing campaign. Despite the relative ease of the Sierran push, boxing in Dakotan forces would go a long way in reducing their options, making some sort of retreat into the Great Plains impossible. After an air campaign even more devastating than the MAU's in the East (thanks to a near-complete lack of resistance), the ground campaign, composed jointly of FRA and Sierran troops commenced. Operations Right and Left Hook forced remaining National Guard forces and any garrisons to regroup and retreat as quickly as possible and into Iowa, Eastern Kansas, and Arkansas. Meanwhile, the FRA's push into Louisiana has brought it into contact with MAU MEUs near the Alabama border. The Quick Response Team has been fully cut off from the rest of Dakota. A broad thrust into Oklahoma and Arkansas has succeeded in further pushing retreating Dakotan forces, though northeast Arkansas remains within control of Dakotan forces. Overall, the Western coalition has made tremendous gains thanks to a huge redirection of Dakotan forces to the East. That said, control over these states will be difficult to consolidate given their vast area, the expected size of stay-behind operations, militia activity, and generally unfavorable attitude towards invading governments. Sierra: ~3% attrition [ground forces] (approximate numbers because there are no Dakota numbers) / FRA: ~2% attrition [ground forces] (approximate numbers because there are no Dakota numbers) / Dakota: ~10% attrition, fully pushed back (approximate numbers because there are no Dakota numbers)


  • Sierra's occupation is just that - occupation. It will be difficult to assert control over the entire area.
  • Much of the Dakotan military is trapped deep in enemy territory.
  • The coalition has air superiority almost everywhere with exceptions around some of the Roanoke occupation zone (contested) and Atlanta (Dakota has eked out some control).
  • Most Dakotan military infrastructure is destroyed, making aircraft use more challenging.
  • Gulf under MAU control.
  • High levels of defection among Dakotan forces. Widespread anti-government protests both as a result of the nuclear strikes, but also for a battery of other reasons.
  • Anti-war protests in all territories, particularly strong in Sierra and the FRA where the civilian population suffered from nuclear weapons use.
  • Lots of refugees as rule of law is very low both within Dakota proper and in most occupied areas.
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