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/r/teenagers hunger games simulator DAY ONE!

Day 1 starts full of death Cornucopia event
As the tributes stand on their podiums, the horn sounds.
Marius runs away from the Cornucopia.
--Hoshi-- runs away from the Cornucopia.
b 33 Star Punches Personal Bureaucat.
fire snek runs away from the Cornucopia.
Mclight stays at the cornucopia for resources.
Viivizzu runs away from the Cornucopia.
suck my weenie houdini runs away from the Cornucopia.
dottyboi grabs a ‘To Serve Man’ cookbook and shrieks at Hungering Darkness with it.
A Spy backstabs and assumes the identity of Ohmisbeliever from this point forward.
An orbital laser strike comes down on the cornucopia, killing Viperry, -shadowstorm- and Jevon.
Faubulaus runs away from the Cornucopia.
garbage is me runs away from the Cornucopia.
Harvman takes a quarterstaff.
emlikeowl runs away from the Cornucopia.
Cellsare madeoforganelles runs away from the Cornucopia.
hal sal monella finds a backpack full of camping equipment.
koolaidjammerz stabs oisin007 with her rifle's bayonet.
A large pterodactyl suddenly swoops in and seizes Bladehider. Bladehider breaks free and escapes.
azarion 12 takes a handful of throwing knives.
dottyboi sprays a shaken-up soda in Ohmisbeliever's face.
Personal Bureaucat comforts Cellsare madeoforganelles when he has a panic attack.
azarion 12 stabs Marius in the buttocks with a knife.
fire snek uses an aimbot to shoot koolaidjammerz, Bladehider, --Hoshi--, Harvman and suck my weenie houdini.
Mclight receives a harpoon gun from an unknown sponsor.
hal sal monella films a video log to be uploaded on Youtube.
garbage is me shoots a zombie to death.
b 33 finds a pair of thermal goggles.
Viivizzu points out that emlikeowl is getting all sweaty.
Faubulaus runs with scissors.
Hungering Darkness discovers a Secret Shop.
Viperry District 10
-shadowstorm- District 12
Jevon District 3
kool aid jammerz District 5
oisin 007 District 5
Bladehider District 2
--Hoshi-- District 1
Harvman District 8
suck my weenie houdini
jesus christ you guys are bloodthirsty
submitted by camtheredditor to teenagers

Map design and TTK isn't the cause of camping

Map design and TTK isn't the cause of camping
My arguement is that if map design and TTK causes camping, realistic FPS would be dead because players die from 1 bodyshot and no one wants to play the objective.

Problem 1: Smokes are too weak

Picture 1:
Picture 2:
Picture 3:
The red line shows the height of the smoke.
Note how the smoke is too short to block vision from 2nd floor on the right and the elevated entrance on the left.
Picture 4:
Picture 5:
Smoke Grenade Comparison to other FPS
MW2019 8-9 seconds QTY: 1
CSGO 18 seconds QTY: 1
R6S 12 seconds QTY: 2
  • Increase Smoke grenade count for both thrown and underbarrel versions
  • Increase Duration of Smoke
  • Increase Width and Height of Smoke
In realistic FPS where nearly everything kills in 1 bodyshot, strong smoke grenades allow the same player to alternate between "camping" and pushing objectives throughout the game

Problem 2: Game punishes objective play

In any FPS, the bulk of the action is always at the objective. Yes, there are human aimbots who see the objective as a target-rich environment but think of how slow is the reaction of the average person and realize half of them are slower than that.
Playing that objective is what gets most players killed before they get any high-tier streak. If the killstreak reward system is the core identity of COD, why would players deliberately deny themselves something that makes COD, COD? Making matters even worse is that a player has to sacrifice a perk for pointstreak just to squeeze out some utility from objective play.
  • Grant players to ability to choose between killstreak or pointstreak without sacrificing a red perk
It's a Win-Win situation for all playstyles.
Objective players can get scorestreaks without the disadvantage of a missing perk
Snipers can choose killstreaks since they cannot do objective
Human Aimbots can still choose killstreaks without the increased cost of scorestreak
Anchors can decide between killstreak or scorestreak based on where they are "tactically waiting"
This solution will not stop scorestreak users from camping, nor will it stop players from ignoring the objective but it will make objective play less painful.

Problem 3: Counter-camping takes a disproportionate amount of effort compared to camping itself.

As a player who plays both Tactical FPS and Mili-Sims, I have "tactically waited"...
At a Window ✓
In a bush ✓
In a ricefield ✓
Under a bed ✓
Inside a toilet cubicle ✓
with alot of traps ✓
With a double-barrel shotgun ✓
In a tank ✓
For the record, I do not consider Tavorsk District rooftop snipers as camping. It is a high profile location that is easily avoidable and easy to counter-snipe. The difference between camping and anchoring is that anchors change positions often to avoid dying, campers don't. What grinds my gears is the for an action shooter, MW2019 rewards camping more than realistic or tactical shooters. Other FPS give players a reliable and easy means to deal with stationary targets.
You can open new sightlines and entrances in R6S.
Squad, I:S and RS2:V have explosives that almost "skillessly" clears buildings but they are in limited supply so you have to be very sure there is someone staying still inside.
I am not suggesting explosives get "realistic" AOE as that would be blatantly overpowered given the run and gun, "spammable" nature of CoD, but there should be something that makes staying in a compromised location a death sentence.
In MW2019, players can equip EOD and just camp at a "camper spot' for the whole game farming easy killstreaks with relatively low risk of dying. The whole team might know their presence but it takes too much time,effort and risk to dislodge them since explosives are ineffective. Some maps allow players to ignore them entirely, some maps allows campers to single-handedly close off lanes.

I am not going to reveal all the camper spots that I know of, but I will give 1 well-known example regarding everyone's most hated map:
Aniyah Palace (Ground War)
There is a building near Objective E with a balcony facing the left side lane of the allegiance spawn. why it is a camper's fav:
  • Mountable ledge for that sweet sweet accuracy bonus
  • No walls behind for RPG-7 projectiles to collide
  • Small platform on high ground which makes it difficult to land a lethal or tactical on it
  • Limited line of sight of your location so you rarely get shot outside your field of view
  • Predicable enemy movement for minimal mouse movement
  • Deny a lot of enemy movement since there are only 3 lanes and you cover 1 of them
  • Target rich environment for fast killstreaks
Every camper spot in this game is just a location with some if not all of those features.
Flashbangs and concussions already have existing mechanics that cancel and disable further mounting for the duration of its effect regardless of EOD or Battle-Hardened. So I would like to suggest granting all explosive damage the ability to cancel and disable further mounting for a short duration through walls and removing accuracy bonus from prone and crouching. This is similar to the "Shellshock" feature of the earlier COD games. I believe the above suggestions will increase the potency of lethals and tacticals against stationary targets without making it too cheesy at getting easy kills against targets in the open. This would also reduce player reliance on RPG-7 or EOD
[Edit] Having read the comments, I have edited the post to specifiy that this is from the perspective of another genre of FPS and it may not be accurate or relevant to the CoD genre.
[Edit] Does anyone know why the images became text links ?
[Edit] Edited post to explain camper balancing in other games in more detail
[Edit] Re-phrased the post because it is causing confusions in the comment section
submitted by EthynylRadical to modernwarfare

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