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Many Downer Endings and Bittersweet Endings include tearjerking moments. Watch 2 Star 8 Fork 4 Code; Issues 1; Pull requests 0; Actions; Projects 0; Security; Insights; Permalink. Welsh deities and characters.

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Factorio - Let's Plays, Reviews, YouTube Channel Stats. The patch includes - Premier League (Real club. PESEDIT PATCH Previews: PESEDIT PATCH Released with New Season and Transfers.

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Pes 2020 illyria patch version 2. PES SMoKE Patch PES Completed Files (PC).

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The General on foot may have thrusting spear (iree), and javelins +2 pts, or pike +3 pts, and may have a shield +2 pts, ora large shicld +3 ay have light armour +3 pts, or heayy armour +4 +2 pis, thrusting spear +2 pis, or xyston +3 pls. I went out of my way to quote my problem for the Bryges moved from Balkans to Anatolia version, basing it on archaeology, as well as myth, and even questioning the 400BC Herodotus quote about the origin of people 800 Years prior to him. Full text of "The fifteen decisive battles of the world.

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Peter Hill Language Standardization in the South Slavonic Area1 1.1. While there is an ongoing debate, I myself hold the view that Albanian is quite likely stemmed from Illyrian, regardless that this language is not definable yet. Roumania past and present - PDF Free Download useful link.

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Language Standardization in the South Slavonic Area
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5 The Lake City reporter - University of Florida 6%
6 Adventure Games - 100% Free Game Downloads 22%
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8 Download Mega Player - Endless Football Run 1.3.1 for 69%
9 Free Download Tales of Illyria: Beyond the Iron Wall v 6 68%

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Kaiserreich Beta 0.15 - 'Leaving for Syria'

The Ottoman rework has been teased for a long time so I know you’ll be happy to hear it is finally here and ready for you to enjoy! Not only that, but the National France rework comes with it two, along with several other new focus trees. We’ve also spent time working on other changes, such as letting you recall volunteers, along with many bug fixes and performance improvements. We hope you enjoy the changes and have fun playing Kaiserreich!
Note: As always this patch isn’t save-game compatible. If you would like to continue your game please use the manual download found here:
- The KR4 team
Notable Additions
  • Completely reworked the Commune of France’s generals, admirals, and military ministers
  • Russia’s foreign policy has been overhauled to accompany the changes to the Middle East and the Caucasus
  • Added “Recall Volunteers” button
  • Expeditionary Forces no longer count towards the division limit
New Focus Trees
  • Syria
  • Iraq
  • Hejaz
  • Georgia
  • Mutasarrifate of Jerusalem
  • Suez International Zone
  • Cyrenaica
Reworked/Expanded Focus Trees
  • Ottoman Empire
  • Egypt
  • Tripolitania
  • Jabal Shammar
  • National France
Tweaked Focus Trees
  • Russia
  • Russian Socialist Republic
  • Romania
  • Ireland
  • Portugal
  • Oman
  • Yemen
  • Germany
New Events
  • Romania
  • National France
  • Syria
  • Iraq
  • Hejaz
  • Georgia
  • Mutasarrifate of Jerusalem
  • Tripolitania
  • Ottoman Empire
  • Egypt
  • Cyrenaica
  • Jabal Shammar
  • Ikhwan
Tweaked Events
  • Russia
  • Commune of France
New Decisions
  • Ireland
  • Romania
  • National France
  • Portugal
  • Syria
  • Iraq
  • Hejaz
  • Ottoman Empire
  • Egypt
  • Cyrenaica
  • Jabal Shammar
Tweaked Decisions
  • Commune of France
  • Russia
New Custom Country Paths
  • Ottoman Empire
  • National France
  • Egypt
  • New focus icons for Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Colombia, Germany, Mittelafrika, Peru, the Union of Britain and Venezuela
  • New flags for Alash Orda, the Commune of France, Illyria, National France, the Ottoman Empire and Ulster
  • Adjusted the Africa loading screen to match the new situation
  • New or updated portraits for:
    • Afghanistan: Amanullah Khan
    • Armenia: Berç Kerestecıyan, Hamazasp Babadzhanian
    • Assyria: Agha Petros, Dawid d’Mar Shimun, Shimun XXI Eshai
    • Austria: Alfred Jansa, Alfred Klahr, Eduard Barger, Erhard Raus, Franz Böhme, Franz Dinghofer, Friedrich Adler, Friedrich Materna, Georg von Trapp, Heinrich Pergler von Perglas, Julius Ringel, Karl Eglseer, Karl Renner, Lothar Rendulic, Ludwig von Eimannsberger, Pierre Ramus, Sigismund Schilhawsky, Wilhelm Miklas, Wilhelm Zehner
    • Belgium: Adelbert I, Georges Timmermans, Jean Baptiste Piron, Maximilien de Neve de Roden, Victor Billet, Victor van Strydonck de Burkel
    • Britain: Anthony Pugsley, Ebeneezer Edwards, John MacCormick, John Strachey, Robert Oliver
    • Bulgaria: Ivan Variklechkov, Kimon Georgiev, Konstantin Bekyarov, Konstantin Lukash, Nikola Hadzhipetov, Nikola Nakov, Sava Ivanov, Teodosi Daskalov
    • Cameroon: Karl Atangana
    • Cyprus: Leontios II
    • Cyrenaica: az-Zubayr bin Ahmad as-Sharif
    • Don-Kuban: Andrey Shkuro
    • Egypt: Abbas II
    • France: André Lemonnier, André Marty, Charles Delestraint, Charles Luizet, Diego Brosset, Ernest Petit, Gaston BIllotte, Georges Blanchard, Georges Catroux, Henri Tanguy, Jacques Sadoul, Joseph Putz, Louis Buisson, Marcel Gensoul, Marie-Pierre Koenig, Philippe Auboyneau, Raoul Castex, Raoul Magrin Vernerey, René Olry
    • Georgia: Ekvtime Takaishvili, Evgeni Gegechkori, Giorgi Bagration, Kakutsa Cholokashvili
    • Greece: Pangalis Tsaldaris
    • Hejaz: Abdullah bin al-Hussein, Abdul Qadir Pasha el-Jundi, Ghazi bin Faisal al-Hashmid
    • Hungary: Árpád Szakasits, Béla Kun, István Bethlen, Oszkár Jászi
    • Ireland: Frank MacDermot, Seán Murray
    • Ikhwan: Nidā ibn Nuhair, Sultan ibn Humaid ibn Bijad, Zaidan ibn Hithlain
    • Jabal Shammar: Abdallah ibn Mitab ibn Abd al-Aziz, Muhammad ibn Talil, Saud al-Subhan
    • Lebanon: Bechara el Khoury, Emile Edde, Emile Boustany, Farajallah el-Helou, Fuad Chehab, Pierre Gemayel, Saeb Salam, Youssef Chmeit
    • Lithuania: Augustinas Voldemaras, Mikas Reklaitis
    • Mutasarrifate of Jerusalem: Esat Sagay, Raghib al-Nashashibi
    • Najd: Saud bin Abuldaziz al-Saud
    • National France: Aimé Doumenc, André Mallarmé, Aubert Frère, Camille Chautemps, Edouard Daladier, Eugène Deloncle, François Darlan, François de la Rocque, Henri Mordacq, George Groussard, Georges Thierry d’Argenlieu, Henri Roger Marie Meric de Bellefon, Jean Decoux, Jean-Marie Charles Abrial, Jean Touzet du Vigier, Louis Franchet d’Esperey, Louis Marin, Louis Napoléon Bonaparte, Marcel Descour, Maurice Grisot, Philippe Leclerc, Pierre Boyer, Pierre Étienne Flandin, Pierre Lelong,
    • Ottoman Empire: Asim Gunduz, Cahit Toydemir, Fahrettin, Hayrullah Fisek, Kazim Orbay, Mehmet Ali Ülgen, Mehmet Hayri Tarhan, Kazim Karabekir, Fevzi Çakmak, Mustafa Kemal, Mustafa Muglali, Nafiz Gurman, Hüseyin Rauf Orbay, Mahmud Muhtar Katırcıoğlu, Nihat Anılmış, Nuri Yamut, Ömer Fahrettin, Osman Fuad, Sukru Okran, Tahsin Yazici
    • Poland: Konstanty Rokossowski, Mikolaj Boltuc
    • Romania: Nicolae I
    • Serbia: Zivko Topalovic
    • Siam: Luang Karjsongkhram, Luang Kriengsakpichit, Phraya Wichitjakkrit, Seni Pramoj, Sindhu Kamolnavin
    • Sweden: Ernst Linder
    • Syria: Adi bin Hassan, Akram Hourani, Aziz Ali al-Misri, Hashim al-Atassi, Husni al-Zaim, Khalid Bakdash, Muhammad Abdel Moneim, Rushdi al-Kikhiya, Said al-Jazairi
    • Tripolitania: Ahmad Faqih Hasan, Bashir Saadawi, Salim Bey al-Muntasir
    • Trucial States: Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa, Shakhbut bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan
    • West Indies: Eustace Fiennes
    • Yunnan: Lu Han
Music Mod
  • Added Ottoman songs: Resadiye Marsi, Ottoman March, Izmir March, and March of the Ottoman Expedition
  • Added Indonesian song: Rayuan Pulau Kelapa
  • Added Polish song: Marsz Obozowy
  • Added Mongolian Song: Chingges Khaanii Magtaa
  • Added German Song: Komm Zurück! There’s also a new version of Das Gibt Nur Einmal (It’s the same recording, just with less background noise)
  • By request of the French Team, the French music list has been reworked. The new songs are: Ça ira mieux demain, Ce que c'est qu'un drapeau, Cocorico, Debout la France, Hymne de L'Infanterie de Marine, Ils ne la gagneront pas, Ils Reviendront, La France de demain, La Galette, La Royale, Le Chant des Girondins, Le Cuirassier, Le Rêve Passe, Marche des Tirailleurs, Nous autres de la chasse (Us of the Hunt)", La Renouveau, Rhin et Danube,Semons le Grain de la Lumière and a new version of La Marche Lorraine. French songs that have been removed: Partant pour la Syrie (main theme, will be re-added later), Au 31 du mois d'août, Maréchal Nous Voilà, La Victoire est à nous, Aida Triumphal March, La Grenadière, Primer Imperio Francés, Veillons au salut de l'Empire
  • Ningbo is now a city
  • Added Poti and moved Batumi to Trabzon
  • Made the Trans-Saharan railway a special crossing
  • Split Wales into North and South Wales
  • Merged the Barotseland states
  • Strategic region updates for Britain and the Congo
  • Ifni is now a separate state from Rio de Oro
  • Added new border states in Panama and Costa Rica
  • Restored the correct borders of Burkina Faso
  • Removed Lake Volta, as it doesn’t exist in 1936
  • Split Flanders into Antwerp and Flanders
  • Split Wallonia into Hainaut and Liège
  • Curaçao and Qatar now have ports
  • Chinese provinces are now displayed on the state screen
  • Added a British Exile trait for CAN generals and admirals, showing which leaders will return to GBR when it is formed
  • Added coalitions for Uruguay, the Dominican Republic, Cuba and Panama
  • If Shanqing forms Qing, they can integrate parts of China
  • The Manchu Coup is no longer really democratic, and ends elections after 1945
  • Japan can no longer annex China for a smaller cost
  • Legation Cities now keep their current government when puppeted
  • Legation Cities can request allied Chinese concessions
  • MacArthur can now secure all of Texas and Oklahoma before the Civil War starts
  • Tennessee and North Carolina are now more likely to stay with MacArthur.
  • Added a way for Austria to bribe Bulgaria with Macedonia for an alliance if DAB exists after annexing Serbia.
  • Added the ability for Austria to give core Serbia to Illyria (it cannot core it).
  • Delayed Austria's entry into the WK - they’ll only do it if they’ve chosen their reform path and done the focus, and if Germany has lost Bavaria or has over 30% surrender progress.
  • If Canada is invaded by anyone other than America or one of its allies, a non-socialist America will join the war in favor of Canada.
  • Anqing and Nanjing Clique Yiguandao/KMT decisions have been improved and cleaned up.
  • Rocket artillery and motorized rocket artillery added to companies
  • Ireland now starts with an AuthDem Minister of the Interior, instead of NatPop
  • Romania's Iron Guard content expanded, especially the middle Legionary tree. King Nicolae I can succeed instead of Michael.
  • Michael I is now localized to Mihai, just as other Romanian kings are localised.
  • Gave player more control over whether or not Carol II dies in the assassination event.
  • Added decisions to Carol's post-unification path
  • American Union State can now join the Entente
  • Venice now begins with a military malus for a couple of months, when it revolts
  • Russia no longer sends volunteers to Xinjiang
  • Reduced Kumul's out of supply boni and lowered their starting troop count by 2
  • Transylvania can now be granted to a non-aligned Romania.
  • Several new event pictures for Russia and the Commune of France
  • Removed Volkerschau events
  • Portugal’s Colonial Development focuses have been turned into decisions.
  • Custom GUI in the stateview that shows which Province Chinese states belong to, similar to the new Ottoman GUI
  • The above GUI now shows the status of replacing the governors in the Reestablish Order decision tab for Anqing
  • Germany can now influence the Portugal-Mittelafrika peace deal
  • Redone the Socialist Anti-Colonial Committee focus for the Commune of France to match with the changes in National France
  • Added camels to the Middle East nations, Ethiopia, Somalia and National France
  • Internationale and Entente/Reichspakt countries will now embargo each other when joining the faction
  • Twilight Struggle is now removed if the Internationale is defeated.
  • The Internationale will now collapse if a suitable leader cannot be found.
  • Poland now gets claims on Germany upon allying with Russia.
  • Majors now have an increased factor towards researching CAS and NAV.
  • Moved the Isle of Man to Lanark
  • Poland now gets claims on Germany upon allying with Russia.
  • Poland can now annex Gumbinnen if it has annexed Konigsberg.
  • Can no longer go down to “Disarmed Nation” voluntarily
  • Removed Arabian cores on the Levant
  • NatPop SIC now more likely to join Entente
  • Added a couple of tooltips to three Russian events
  • Updated Persia-Russia peace deal
  • Ecuador now starts with a mountaineer template
  • Smedley Butler now dies after the Second American Civil War
  • GEA and RUS will now send lend-lease to the United Front if possible
  • Added Aland annexation decision
  • Added Romandie annexation decision
  • Aland is now demilitarized again at the end of wars
  • The Phalanstere's assistance can now be refused.
  • AI USA now builds more tanks
  • Xinjiang may now be given to the Central Asian Federation
  • Updated AI factors for the conscription laws
  • Chen Jiongming no longer invites a corrupt Zhao Hengti to the Federalists.
  • Legation Cities can now request concessions that their allies hold
  • Removed dates from loading quotes
  • Chile will now receive Tierra del Fuego if it can't be returned to Argentina by whoever is releasing it.
  • Belgium's AT ideas now give piercing boni instead.
  • Updated AI factors for the conscription laws.
  • Tags that revolt from Andesia now automatically join a faction to work together to crush Argentina
  • If Brazil is a puppet or was Balkanized by Patagonia then they too can join the faction to crush Andesia
  • When a tag revolts against Andesia it automatically goes to war, no longer can you opt to not go to war
  • Andesia now peaces out with the revolters after its full collapse
  • The NFA and GBR foci about the British-French relationship are now linked.
  • Added unit limit bonuses for the SCW
  • Added a small unit limit bonus for Yucatan
  • Russia can now invite Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to its faction
  • Hawaii can now be granted to GEA
  • Added an Ukrainian rename for Kuban
  • Some nerfs to the CSA military ideas
  • Lithuania will now refrain from rebelling before the WK
  • The UK will target in peace conferences, and then no longer release, Malaysia or Sarawak unless decolonised.
  • Romania’s Great Game decision category now warns you when you’re losing stability
  • Memel can be granted to an allied Lithuania
  • “Restoring Napoleon” loading tip replaced with “Restoring monarchies”
  • USA can now break the ceasefire if the PSA is losing against a third party
  • New unique American designers
  • Removed any mentions of Hitler or Heydrich
  • Added a dynamic description to the Siamese engineers event
  • Reduced the time for Yunnan's war declarations
  • The Brazilian Greenguards idea now has a more fitting effect
  • Guatemala will now try to get rid of Monroe as soon as possible
  • The UK now gets a claim on South Georgia alongside the Falklands
  • Russia will now refrain from attacking Japan while Germany is still alive.
  • Increased suppression values for armoured cars, camels, and bicycle battalions
  • The Third Internationale will now research oil tech more but has fewer bonuses for it.
  • Greece now gets Northern Epirus via the Treaty of Budapest.
  • Hawaii now gets two destroyers from each purchase
  • Russia's military AI should now focus less on Finland and more on EE
  • Changed the Russian attack on Germany to be focus-based
  • Occitania has been fully removed
  • Ukraine's mission to peace out with Germany now cancels if they reach 50% surrender progress
  • AI republican Poland will now wait for the WK to join a faction.
  • Foreign volunteers to the CSA are modifiable
  • Ulster’s parties have been redone
  • Transylvania will no longer rejoin a capitulated Romania.
  • TAN can now integrate China if led by a Han regime
  • The Gruppa di Difesa Della Donna template added for the SRI is no longer locked
  • SRI can no longer join the Third Internationale if it declares war on a fellow socialist country before joining the faction
  • All SRI decisions to build factories now require PP and civilian_factory_use, and take longer to build; they no longer need to be done only one at a time, however
  • The bonuses provided by many SRI economic and military ideas have been significantly nerfed across the board
  • Italian focuses which add resources have been moved to decisions, so they can be available to other tags if/when Italy is united
  • Legionary Italy now gets its navy back from Venice, upon taking Venice during the revolt
Notable Fixes
  • Fixed Portugal not joining the Entente if MAF is dead, again
  • The Netherlands no longer trade with their enemies
  • Fixed Japan's collapse resurrecting a dead Russia in Transamur
  • ROM can no longer release Greater Hungary
  • ANI Italy actually tries to beat Venice, for real this time
Other Fixes
  • America can now actually ask for their vote back in the Legation Council
  • Panama’s politics now make more sense
  • Fixed Legation Council vote timer appearing for nations not on the Council
  • Norway no longer has identical companies
  • Austria can still do their Secret Deal path
  • If the Left Kuomintang are a puppet then they will only be able to take Army/Navy/Air national foci to prevent your puppet from doing major changes to their government (1st congress etc) without your knowing.
  • Removed the white border around the Hunan flag
  • Fixed the resolution of the Rassid Arabia flag
  • Fixed Persia returning Herat to Afghanistan
  • Fixed MAF-released Rhodesia not owning Nyasaland.
  • Fixed a number of XSM typos
  • Fixed Persia returning Herat to Afghanistan.
  • Fixed France not getting claims on Wallonia if they annex all of Belgium
  • Fixed the Dutch Revolution news event using the wrong description
  • MAF can no longer release its constituents while at war
  • The CSA Constitutional Congress popularity gains now reflect the actual politics
  • Fixed a Yunnan focus bypassing incorrectly and added extra AI factors to their war foci
  • Post-ACW emergency mobilization is no longer locked
  • Fixed and improved the Hunan faction joining decisions
  • Fixed the post-Great Game trees' availables
  • WIF can no longer get spontaneous coups late game or when a conflicting game rule is enabled.
  • Fixed Fate of Kurdistan not transferring the states
  • The party popularity GUI now correctly reflects the party providing the PP gain
  • Fixed the Brazilian volunteer division not being removed when the ACW ends
  • Fixed the CAN-CSA peace triggering the Fall of Boston event incorrectly
  • Fixed the terrain around Vancouver
  • Fixed the endonym for Kisangani/Stanleyville
  • Fixed some misleading tooltips in the Unification Conference starter mission
  • Fixed Fengtian being able to join Japan's faction when already in it
  • Added an alternative response to the Manchu Campaign news event for their enemies
  • No more errors from unplanned offensives
  • Fixed Natal's tree being unlocked before the Boer War begins.
  • Fixed the Peruvian foreign policy foci.
  • Fixed frontline bug in Cabinda
  • Fixed a SIK decision giving steel while referring to oil deposits.
  • Romania can no longer join the Entente if at war
  • The LKMT no longer commits suicide by Japan
  • Fixed the inverted BHC civil war leaders.
  • State modifiers are no longer overlapping in the UI.
  • Some fixes and improvements to the Chinese army reform system.
  • Mongolia and Tibet can no longer join the Unification Conference
  • Some fixes and improvements to the Chinese army reform system
  • Mantetsu is now disabled if Japan dies
  • Fixed Russia starting an early WK by attacking Ukraine in the middle of their revolution.
  • Fixed a Yunnan focus not accounting for the exiled Federalists
  • Fixed Fengtian offering Japan protection
  • Fixed a wrong scope error in the UK files
  • Fixed and optimised a bunch of EGY-ETH rivalry events
  • increased AI CAN emphasis on suppressing Quebec
  • Fixed and improved the SAF-ENT peace deal
  • Riga now checks if it can actually declare war on Latvia in its focus
  • Fixed a broken ANQ tooltip
  • Canada can no longer get the Fate of New England
  • Fixed the spawns of the Romanian legionary volunteers
  • Illyria can no longer release Slovenia
  • Fixed the SOV Gosplan idea swaps
  • Belgium's AT ideas now give piercing boni instead
  • Yunnan's demand events now keep the original government when puppeting Hunan
  • MYS core is removed from Malabar Coast once the PRF revolt is done
  • Fixed an ANQ flag not being cleared and breaking the Conference event
  • Fixed a Greek focus not accounting for the Dodecanese and Cyprus
  • France now gets partisan bonuses
  • Fixed Edwin Barclay's portrait being overwritten by vanilla's
  • Fixed a broken failsafe in the LEP Move Quickly missions
  • Fixed a misleading Siamese event option
  • Fixed GXC not being able to declare war on FNG
  • Fixed original United Front member countries leaving the alliance
  • Fixed a post-war CSA event firing mid-ACW
  • No more irregular provinces in Zambia
  • Some rebalancing of the MAF building slots
  • Fixed the Peruvian foreign policy foci
  • Fixed Serbia coring Anatolia
  • Fixed Tang Jiyao leading two parties at once in the UPC.
  • Fixed a Yemeni focus only targeting Oman
  • Fixed and improved old Egyptian decisions
  • Fixed Egypt instantly getting rid of illiteracy
  • Renamed Andalucía to a more fitting name
  • Fixed Yunnan being able to peace out with Japan due to Burma
  • Fixed a duplicate JAP tooltip
  • Fixed Stalin being killed by Patagonia while in Russia
  • Bolivia no longer gets the Fate of Northern Chile
  • Fixed the USA not being able to purge the Longists
  • Fixed a number of BOL bypasses
  • When releasing Turkish borderlands with annexation decisions, cores are not granted to neighbors when the states are given to them.
  • Fixed KR operatives with non-KR portrait references
  • Added missing AI factors to a number of GEA decisions
  • Transylvania will no longer rejoin a capitulated Romania
  • Fixed a BOL war decision being visible when the targets are already owned
  • AI and performance improvements for the Swiss NatPop decisions
  • Qing now sends volunteers correctly
  • Fixed CAN not being able to release a claimed AST.
  • Fixed the Democratic CEN elections
  • KMT Yunnan can no longer use the generic Form China decision.
  • Fixed Sichuan moving its capital to Chongqing when it's already there
  • Fixed a Federalist focus not bypassing properly
  • Tried to improve the flow of the United Front code.
  • Fixed Mongolia not getting its claims when the Ma Clique sues for peace
  • Fixed the layout of the Zimbabwe army tree
  • Fixed a number of missing Shan icons
  • TAN can now integrate China
  • Fixed the missing checks for the formation of the Belgo-Dutch research group
  • The RKMT will no longer accept Federalist ultimatums
  • Fixed the UPC decisions not showing up correctly
  • AI Qing will no longer go for war decisions before 1938
  • Fixed MAF claiming Sudan
  • Fixed Wallonia not getting cores on Antwerp
  • Fixed an unlocalised FRA tooltip and improved the checks on the Phalanstere decisions
  • Liberia can now be released normally by NFA, GER or GBR.
  • Fixed the QIE ally integration decisions being visible while invalid.
  • Fengtian's attack decision now invalidates if the conditions are no longer met
  • Fixed Poland getting generic PatAut leaders
  • Some improvements and a fix to SQI's German Collaboration mechanic
  • Slight fix so Chinese tags don't get claims on their cores
  • CSA can no longer get rid of its org debuff before winning the ACW
  • Fixed a broken PUE idea desc
  • Fixed Fengtian being able to invite Japanese companies while at war with them
  • SAF's AI will now prioritise attacking direct neighbours when multiple targets are available
  • Fixed SIK keeping the Rumors of Discontent idea after winning the war
  • Liangguang now joins its targets' wars when puppeting KMT cliques
  • Fixed some TEX decisions not appearing correctly
  • Fixed a MTG-only ROM event firing for non-owners
  • Fixed two RUS loc bugs
  • Fixed a mass replace bug in the ENG naval OOB
  • Fixed the Beijing Government reverting to the Qing Empire.
  • Fixed Finland's suicidal AI
  • Fixed a couple of naval variant bugs
  • Fixed the broken targeting for albania.50
  • Fixed the CSA being released too late in Landon's route
  • Fixed the SAF annexation tree switches
  • Fixed the loc for the annexation of Dvinsk
  • Increased the AI factor for Romania coring Silistria
  • Fixed Egypt instantly getting rid of illiteracy.
  • Readded a bunch of missing US company logos
  • Fixed socialist SAF getting Nuweweld decisions
  • Fixed the Ma Clique peace and collapse events
  • Countries will now leave the Kaiser Wilhelm Society when no longer in the Reichspakt.
  • Fixed the Italian names of PAP's Catholic divisions
  • Fixed Russia not taking the Alands.
  • Fixed Manchu SQI causing a focus lockout for the LKMT
  • Fixed Wallonia not gaining cores on Liège
  • Fixed the double Momentum Lost ideas
  • The LKMT can no longer attack FNG before doing the prerequisite focus
  • Fixed the SZC NPA focus not allowing for joining it instead
  • Fixed Austria not getting a core on Burgenland.
  • Fixed FNG not getting cores on China when released by Japan
  • XSM will now give Chamdo to Tibet when releasing them
  • Fixed the traits of a CHI company
  • Fix your eyes, you’ve been reading the patch notes for too long
  • Fixed the Roads to Riga idea not being removed if Riga dies
  • Removed a meme description from the Persian Balochistan focus
  • Fixed the DEI focus tree building factories on INS states
  • Fixed a missing Sichuan loc entry and a typo
  • Fixed Yunnan not getting claims on Sichuan when forming the KMT government
  • Fixed Sichuan retaining cosmetic tags when puppeted
  • Fixed Japan getting the Fading Sun after annexation
  • Fixed Iceland staying in the Reichspakt's wars after breaking free from Denmark
  • Upon completion of the Cod War in Iceland, a unit is generated so that they have some form of defence for naval invasions
  • Added missing vanilla tooltip about extra aircrews
  • GEA will now lose the Vietcong ideas when peacing out with INC.
  • Jerusalem's province is no longer a desert
  • Fixed Nasir Shah not keeping his original trait when returning to Kumul
  • Reduced Kumul's out of supply boni
  • Fixed a MEX idea swap not giving any new modifiers
  • Fixed the United Front leader's faction not reforming properly if it was not the original leader of the faction
  • Fixed the duplicate decisions for leaving the United Front
  • Fixed FOP not being properly released by The Revolution Successful
  • Added a bunch of backup countries to Wilhelm's death event, so it finally fires correctly
  • Fixed the layout of the Zimbabwe army tree.
  • Iraq no longer gets a core on Qassim, and Britain no longer claims Kufra
  • Jin Shuren's mission to unify Xinjiang is now removed if Sheng Shicai takes over
  • Fixed Long Yun's non-civil war takeover not adding the correct ministers.
  • Serbia's decision to attack Austria now has ITA- and POL-specific targeting to preempt issues
  • Fixed DDR and GRU getting cores on Memel without owning Königsberg
  • Fixed all countries in the world going for Grand Battleplan
  • Replaced the UoB's concentrated-dispersed focus dichotomy with another idea level, to avoid needing tech triggers
  • Fixed the trigger for the Gumbinnen annexation
  • Fixed YUN losing manpower in a civil war event without combat
  • Removed a deprecated GER focus to invade Denmark (now better handled by a DEN decision)
  • Fixed a POR event referencing the wrong year
  • Fixed the POL-UKR peace deal having inverted loc
  • Fixed a GXC decision taking two years to complete
  • Fixed Japan ceding the Legation Cities to Fengtian via their foci
  • Fixed SOM being referred to as an empire
  • AI Fengtian will refuse to start the Conference if set to pro-Japan in the game rules
  • Fixed the peaceful HOL revolution not loading the socialist tree
  • Fixed the Harass Political Enemies decision for Romania decoupling the influence values
  • Fixed Serbia attacking Austria during the Venetian war
  • Fixed Serbia joining two factions at once
  • Fixed RUS not getting resistance on LAT and EST states
  • Austria's event to return lands now checks for any puppet- and ally-held areas as well
  • SAF is no longer arbitrarily restricted from releasing Namibia or Mozambique
  • Fixed Canada not getting the Fate of America
  • Fixed SOV's tree being blocked by a player finishing the war too quickly
  • Fixed missing infantry equipment bonus to camels (vanilla bug), by adding a new subcategory of mounted infantry (includes camels and cavalry)
  • Added missing bicycle and amtrak bonuses to some techs
  • Replaced `var:faction_leader` with the new `faction_leader` scope.
  • Added missing hardness bonuses to rest of motorized battalions from mech 1
  • Your soldiers now can learn both, how to ride a horse and how to shot from AT-rifle (vanilla bug of infantry AT weapons not applying to cavalry, and cavalry not being in category “all infantry”)
  • Adjusted airtech window grid to vanilla standards, removing the need to use scrollbars to see scout planes while using FullHD. You can now see all planes in same time
  • The Andesian Rebellion events now have localization
  • SRI attack decisions will now disappear if the target no longer exists
  • If syndicalist France is released after annexation, it is puppeted to the releaser if no faction exists for it to join
  • Removed the duplicate SRI decision to join the Phalanstere
  • SRI socialist welfare idea now costs consumer_goods_factor instead of adding it
  • Additional units are no longer transferred from Legionarry Italy to Venice upon the revolt breaking out; any Italian units left in Venice are teleported away
  • Romania’s AI should now core Transylvania much more efficiently
We hope you enjoy playing Kaiserreich as much as we did making it!
- The KR4 Team: Alpinia, Arvidus, Augenis, Blackfalcon501, DSFDarker, Carmain, Dr. Njitram, Drozdovite, Edouard Saladier, Eragaxshim, Flamefang, Fort, JazzyHugh, Jeankedezeehond, Jonjon428, Jonny BL, Krco, Liegnitz, Maltesefalcon, Matoro, Nijato, NukeGaming, OperationsManagementDecisions, PPsyrius, Pietrus, Rei VL, Rylock, SPQR, Starguard, Telcontar101, The Alpha Dog, The Irredentista, Thomahawk2k, Vidyaország, WordZero, Yard1, Zankoas and Zimbabwe Salt Co.
submitted by Alpinia_KR to Kaiserreich

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