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That time I learned almost every lesson people try to teach you about PC building...

Decided I was unhappy about the idle noise of my mid range gaming PC, figured it was my dinky wraith stealth cooler that seems to run at higher RPM than everything else
Invest in midrange beefy tower cooler, wake up early on my day off to install it and try some light OC...
Until I start struggling with the AM4 bracket, keeping the stand offs and screws together, couldn't get the screws to thread "I don't understand why everyone loves this mounting solution, this is a pain in the ass..." until I realize the mounting plate on the back of the PC had come off, apparently after removing the stock cooler and I didn't realize..
"Ok well now I see this is easy and fast!"
Apply some thermal paste, slap on the cooler, struggle with the stupid fucking fan clips for 10 minutes but finally achieve victory. "Ok great! time to boot it up!"
Press power and the machine is still loud for just idling....."What the??? Ok let me check the CPU fan curves and optimize them etc"
Until I open the bios and realize one of my front 140 fans is plugged into the Pump header thats directly next to the Chassis 2 fan header....so it's been running at 100% for years.....How I didn't realize this super simple and common mistake I cannot tell you.
"😅 heh, Well, that was dumb , probably didn't need this new cpu cooler but whatever... I'll just check my mobo layout and reattach all the fans to chassis headers for proper control
..... Until I realize the Chassis 1 header is directly underneath this big new tower cooler and completely inaccessible without taking the new cooler off....
" heavy sigh well fuck.... Ok fine i'll just pop this off real quick, reapply the thermal paste and pop it back on, I don't even have to take off the fans since there's built in channels for the long screw driver!"
Unscrew everything until its loose but the heatsink is only barely wiggling, I give it a little twist back and forth waiting for it to release and pull gently and voila! CPU cooler comes off.....with the cpu still attached....
😲 ... "I just ripped the CPU out of the socket"....... fuck fuck fuck fuck
I frantically inspect all the pins and everything looks ok, my butthole relaxes and I carefully replace the cpu and lock it back down, clean off all the thermal paste
...Then I almost forget to connect the fan to the header I did all of this for in the first place... But I connect it, hide the cable, put on some thermal paste and go to plop the cooler down
...Except because I didn't take the fans off I can't see shit and im a good 50% off midline and can't get the screws anywhere near correct
So now curse myself again, take off the stupid fan clips, reclean and apply thermal paste, attach everything the normal way and let out a sigh of relief.
I struggle for another 20 minutes routing the other fan cables to keep them tidy but ultimately accomplish my goal, hopefully without destroying anything
So I plug everything back in AND............PC doesn't turn on now...
"Great, fantastic, I destroyed my system somehow because I'm an idiot...awesome..."
But then I realize I didn't switch the power switch in the back like a pro and everything works great. Idle noise is much lower but theres still something pretty noisy and I can't figure it out...
"what the fuck, I guess this is just what the quietest I can get this machine.... might as well start to look into some OCing..."
But then....while browsing the internet I hear a small click and my PC goes absolutely SILENT and it dawns on me......
"I have a small mechanical hybrid drive for cheap storage installed......could that noise have been the HDD spinning this entire time?????"
click on mechanical drive in explorer
Sure enough drive spins up and noise returns......FINALLY I FUCKING FOUND YOU YOU SON OF A BITCH!!!!
Needless to say I'll be swapping out that drive for an extra SSD I have lying around but this is the equivalent of scratching and itch you've had for years!
TL:DR Lessons I Painfully Learned Today
  1. Even for hardware adjustments you expect to be quick and easy, clear off a nice work area so you're not making and easy thing that much harder by having no work space
  2. Turns out the AM4 bracket on the back of the motherboard is very detachable
  3. If you're concerned about addressing noisy components, make sure you actually take the time to correctly isolate the offending piece...
  4. For your own sake, double and triple check that all your chassis fans are in the appropriate headers while you have your CPU cooler off, save yourself a hastle
  5. Ripping out your CPU from the socket with the cooler is an actual thing and not just something people tell you like "wear a static reducing bracelet"
  6. If your computer isn't even turning on, it's probably the power switch or something with power delivery in general
  7. If you can't figure out whats make that noise.... do you have non-solid state storage? If so could be your drive!
UPDATE I somehow bricked my installation of windows in the process of dialing in a 4.2 ghz overclock on my Ryzen 2600, started getting some funky errors and then rapidly progressed to a boot loop. I cleared my CMOS and everything with no luck.
Wiping my install (luckily didn't have any critical data) and deciding I need a dedicated system image backup solution (any recs?)
submitted by Bubble_Trouble to buildapc

A Trip to Remember: 14 Days in Tokyo, Hakone, Osaka & Kyoto

What a trip.. Definitely the best trip I’ve ever taken. Japan is the first place I’ve been were you felt you were experiencing a truly authentic cultural experience. Nothing is designed or catered to tourist and their preferences (outside of an English menu here or there which all parties appreciate). I traveled with my roommate the last two weeks of June spending 5 nights in Tokyo, 1 night in an onsen in Hakone, 3 nights in Osaka, 3 nights in Kyoto, and 1 night in Tokyo before we departed. I compiled my thoughts on the hotels and restaurants we visited during our trip and hope this can be a resource to others planning trips in the future! Happy to answer any questions
Ratings - to mimic tablelog the popular Japanese food review site and use a similar scale. Anything over a 3.5 is very good.. I ranked at the end of the trip and tried to keep relative to the other places we went. Also tried to do on a normal distribution basis, a 4.2 is a good bit better than a 3.5, but unlike yelp anything over a 3.5 will be very good…. To try to seat these reviews in the correct context Sushi Saito in Tokyo has a 4.69 ranking on tablelog and is arguably one of the best sushi restaurants in the world (I would love to opine on this myself one day…). Simply put, a 5.0 is not attainable. Lastly tried to take price/value into account, but it is not a huge driver of rating
5 - Perfection
4 - Excellent
3 - Good
2 - Acceptable
1 - Poor
Capitol Hotel Tokyo (4.2) - In a word excellent. The room was quite large and very modern, but at the same time very traditionally Japanese in its design (as a side note, you can really see the influence traditional Japanese architecture had on frank Lloyd Wright). Service was exceptional and the location above several major subway lines made getting around easy. Each day maybe saw a handful of other guests which made the hotel have a very intimate personal feel. Would certainly stay here again
Canedo Hotel Roppongi (3.5) - Stayed here our last night, and was more than serviceable. Room was small, but workable. Best part was the onsen and sauna on the top floor. Overall would definitely stay there again if needed a place for a night or two, but the room was too small to warrant staying there for any longer period of time
Marriott Miyako Hotel (3.7) - Overall very good but different caliber than the Capitol Hotel. The room was spacious and very new, and the view from the 48th floor was excellent, although probably the least desirable view of the 4 sides (looking south I believe). Our initial room smelled of mildew from the shower, but after a quick call we were moved to a different room with no issues. The staff was attentive and about on par with what you would expect: certainly adequate, but a different level of service then what the Capitol Hotel provided (obviously the Marriot was also a good bit cheaper, so this is to be expected). Lastly given how large the hotel was, the lobby was always busy and lacked a personal touch. Would stay here again, but might consider different options.
Saka Hotel (3.3) - I wanted to like this hotel more, but unfortunately I would probably put at the bottom of the list. The room was spacious and overall hotel the hotel was new and had a nice modern Japanese design. The bathroom had an awesome wood lined shower and soaking tub which were quite nice. My biggest complaint was the pillows, which bordered on terrible. Far from a bad experience but the pillows alone were poor enough that I would stay elsewhere in Kyoto.
Sushizanmai (3.5) - first meal in Japan after a long flight so in far from the best of moods… best “cheap” sushi I’ve ever had, we ordered way too much food and was about 40 dollars.. notable pieces were the chutoro, broiled tuna, and raw shrimp piece (raw shrimp is just 10x better than cooked for the record)
Kanesaka (4.0) - First omakase of the trip and was very good. For starters we went for lunch the afternoon after we arrived and I was both very jetlagged and a bit sick, so far from the right state of mind to properly enjoy this meal. Even all that considered, it was still very good. Notable pieces I can recall: otoro piece was excellent, delicate balance, of tuna, fat, rice and wasabi, easily best I’ve had. Shima-Aji also very memorable. Eel, most enjoyable and balanced presentations of eel I’ve had (eel in general was much better in Japan). It was not prepared with the typical sweet sauce, but instead with lime, lime zest, and I believe a bit of salt. Overall the lime added a pleasant fresh note which balanced the richness of the eel superbly. For what you get lunch is also an excellent value. Brief aside, they pronounce my last name perfectly and it was written in kanji.. well done.
Tonkatsu Taihou (3.5) - whole in the wall tonkatsu place in what seemed to be a pretty non touristy area of Tokyo that my Japanese friend recommended. Was very good quality and the service was excellent. Our waitress, although she only spoke a bit of English, made sure we were well taken care of and the we understood what we were ordering (as well as keeping a fresh bottle of Sapporo in front of us..) Overall it was very good, but not sure it was my favorite fried thing we had this trip (as with most foods, Japan fries things quite well…)
Yakiniku Jumbo Hanare (4.1) - we were in a bit of a rush to get here so I was a bit flustered when we sat down. This was amplified when we expected there to be an omakase option, but there was not, and you had to choose the cuts you wanted. Things quickly turned around though, and our waitemeat griller made some suggestions and got us on our way. We started with the Makikarubi a well marble piece of beef that was equally rich.. honestly I’m having a hard time describing because was the first time I’ve had beef I’ve enjoyed that much. We had a handful of other cuts that were good but not in the ballpark of the first piece. Then came the Chateaubriand. I think the best steak I’ll ever eat in my life, and I don’t say that in jest. It was that good, honestly will be difficult to beat. Even with the middle cuts being nothing special the first and last were so good I’d put this in the top handful of meals in the trip
Sushi Shin (3.7) - First Omakase dinner. Things I liked, very intimate setting. Eight counter seats with everyone seated at the same time so the meal was served together by the head chef. In many ways it felt like he was welcoming you into his home to serve you a meal. I also think this was the downside of the meal. The pace of the meal was in a word, terrible. The meal was over 2.5 hours long, and by the end, it was so exhausting you just wanted it to be over. To make worse it, was not only long, but erratic and at awkward points. The 8 people at the counter combined with a private room seating 2-4 people was just to much for one chef to serve when everyone is starting at the same time. The overall quality of the sushi was very high, but looking back nothing was extremely memorable and cannot think of any particular pieces to note. The meal was also our most expensive in Japan. To sum up, if you haven’t had high end sushi before you will be quite impressed, if you have, you will see issues with the meals overall delivery as well as its steep price tag for what you get.
Sushi in Tskiji Fish market (2.8) - I don’t remember the name of the restaurant we went to for breakfast and that is ok.. Although still better then cheaper sushi in the states, overall the worst sushi I had in Japan. Nothing was notably above average. Overall Tskiji Fish Market was the biggest letdown of the trip for me. Sadly this was to be expected though, and purely a side effect of the fish market moving to its new home. I can see why the move made sense, but am sad to have missed the market in its original form as you can still see how awesome it must have been. There are still a handful of vendors, but you can tell its a glimmer of its former past. At one point I asked my buddy, “are we at the right place?”
Ishibashi (3.6) - Eel place kinda off the beaten path in a residential neighborhood. Restaurant is more like a home with different rooms, all with tatami mats and tables close to the floor. They start cooking when you get there so it takes about an hour to be served. Meal starts off with a tofu appetizer followed by some light sashimi. The eel came over rice in a lacquered box. Honestly I had been hyping this meal up in my mind so much, I think I set an unreachable bar to clear. Was it very good eel, absolutely. Was it as amazing as I expected in my mind, sadly no. I also think I’m so used to the overly sweet eel sauce so commonly used in the states that I missed that this didn’t have it.
Yamanochaya (2.7) - Ryokan kaiseki dinner. Setting very nice, served in your room seated at a table on the floor at the table with the sever brining each course. Food, on the rather underwhelming end of the spectrum. Really the only meal in Japan I didn’t finish courses. I went in with pretty low expectations so wasn’t caught by surprise. To their credit they definitely tried, and the presentation was not terrible, but overall the meal was very one dimensional. If you had’t had a similar kaiseki meal, the elaborate presentation could lull you into thinking it was refined, but once that was pulled aside the meal fell flat. Go for the onsen not the food.
Masuda (4.45) - Wow what a dinner. Small place with maybe 10 counter seats. No English menu. Staff spoke limited English but more than enough to converse a bit. Every dish was as incredible as the last. There was not really a weak course the entire meal which I think was a first for me (my favorite meal to date before this was in Florence at La Bottega del Buon Caffe which admittedly had a weak risotto course). Describing the courses will not do them justice so I’m not going to even try; just go.. I’m going to give this the SLIGHT edge to Suzu as my favorite meal of the trip (re reading this a few weeks later as I write the balance I don’t think its fair to give the edge to one over the other.)
Wasabi (Gion, Kyoto) (3.4) - After having a string of restaurant successes, three quarters of the way through the trip we saw ourselves without a dinner reservation. After trying a few spots with formidable lines we settled on this place. Would say it was far from a home run, but definitely not a strikeout, lets call it a walk. They served a wide variety of food and was kinda a mix between an izakaya and a sushi spot. Overall we were the only non Japanese people in the restaurant if that is any indicator of quality. Sushi was decent probably slightly behind Sushizanmai (although the uni was better here). One thing didn’t love is they gave us lean tuna instead of the otoro we ordered, not sure what was up there..
Tayutayu (3.9) - Pork yakitori place, and did we eat some pork.. all parts to be exact. We got the chef recommend set which notably included vocal chord cartilage, heart, tounge, stomach, and large intestine to name a few of the more exotic ones. The baby back rib, with onion, was definitely my favorite skewer, we ordered another. It was that good. The original location had no seats, so they walked us around the corner to the second shop. Definitely a bit sterile and lacked the charm of the original location, but the food was still awesome and imagine pretty much identical to the original location.
Mizuna (2.9) - Popular okonomiyaki spot in Dontonbori, was a decent line outside but we decided to wait and it moved quickly. We ordered two of their most popular selections to split. They are cooked on a grill directly in front of you and you serve yourself with a mini spatula off the grill. Honestly I just did not love it, there was so much going on flavor wise at the same time for me, but my roommate loved it so definitely just a personal preference.
Kushikatsu Drama (3.7) - We did okonomiyaki and kushikatsu the same night as a street food dinner, and this one I loved. Would say was my favorite fried food of the trip. Bit of a thicker fry then tonkatsu and it was glorious, I want to equate it to a corn dog-esque fry but that is not really accurate, you really just need to try it. I was more of a fan of the salt than the dipping sauce (no double dipping…) again here but it was quite good
Sukiyaki (4.0) - we were seated on the outside patio for the sunset so quite nice. We ordered the traditional sukiyaki with the higher quality beef. It was excellent to say the least… the raw egg as a dipping sauce was superb; it added added a depth of flavor to the rich beef and sweet sukiyaki sauce. The vegetables were also fantastic. Honestly everything was so good we were dipping the rice into the drippings in the pan… sukiyaki is a must in Kyoto
Shimme (3.9) - very local izakaya off the beaten path in Kyoto. A Japanese friend booked a reservation for us in advance. When we arrived we quickly realized the staff spoke very little English, but fortunately a regular at the restaurant spoke English and was seated next to us. He ordered our whole meal (including some off menu dishes). The entire meal was delicious, but the abalone was particularly memorable. Certainly worth the trek for the food and nice casual atmosphere. Casual does not mean cheap though and dinner was rather expensive (although more than worth the price tag)
Sushidokoro Suzu (4.4) - easily best sushi of the trip, probably best sushi I’ve had to date. We went here for dinner the last night of the trip, and to be honest, the high end sushi we’d had earlier in the trip had left me a bit underwhelmed; this soon changed.. Very unassuming decor and space. Absolutely nothing fancy, just a sushi bar, recessed seats, and a row of sake bottles lined up against the wall. We were seated next to two older salary men finishing up their meal, one of whom asks us, “How did you even find this place? I don’t even take my own son here, the sushi is too expensive!” The start of the meal was a bit rocky. The menu is completely in Japanese, and though she was trying her utmost, the server's English was lacking just enough that it was rather unclear what the different course options were and what we were ordering. We settled on the sashimi, grilled fish, and sushi option and were a bit uncertain if we chose wisely. The meal started with a firefly squid sashimi course; I had only had these as nigiri before and was not expecting much. They were excellent and had a superb texture, far more fitting as sashimi. The crab sashimi was equally excellent. The crab was perfect and needing nothing added, hence nothing was. There were a few other very good sashimi courses leading into the grilled fish. Easily the best piece of grilled fish I’ve had. The freshness of the tender meat played perfectly off the rich, fattiness of the skin balancing the dish in a way you rarely experience. The nigiri were of equal quality, the shrimp was superb, sweet, almost creamy in texture and obviously raw.. Safely the best shrimp I’ve had. The tuna and shima-aji were also excellent. Then came the uni. Easily the best I’ve had. Superbly fresh. There were discrete phases to its flavor, almost like tasting a good whisky. First a rich creamy texture which lead up to a burst of freshness throughout the pallet which was ultimately balance by the umami of the nori and texture and earthiness of the rice. This first piece was followed by a second, similarly enjoyable uni from a different region of Japan. The meal finished with two simple grapes, which helped summarize what the meal was at its core. Each course was the best, purest, presentation of an ingredient which allowed the chef to both highlight and amplify the ingredients natural flavors. It was not just fish atop of rice because thats what someone ordered. Of all the restaurants we visited in Japan, I will certainly be back here.
Ichiran - we went to a TON of ramen places in Japan but I have to say Ichiran was definitely my favorite. It’s just very good. The broth is amazing, the noodles are cooked perfectly, the spice adds a kick. Sure its a chain, but there are so many of them around Japan because its that good
submitted by der457 to JapanTravel

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