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There are no more inmates left on death row in a secret prison. Only the oldest sin remains. I'll carry it with me forever.

“I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant.”
Doctor King said that when facing a scenario that offered the hardest path ahead. A path that involved tackling the harshest kinds of racial injustices in order to root out the systemic issues that the nation had… still has.
I believe we can root them out together. Through difficult conversations and actionable change.
My name is Madame Nelle Lockwood, I’m the Last Sin Eater. This is the end of my story.
I stood in that space for what felt like minutes. The tulpa’s of older sin’s now rushing at me, Nestor pinned to the ground with a still confused Buck’s foot, Edgar nowhere to be seen as the droves of inmates rushing from all sides, malice in their minds and hands ready to tear us apart.
To say I felt the enormity of the situation impress upon me would be a gross understatement.
I pulled my knife out, my mind still swelling with questions on how my Mother was here, only to fade, on the relation I had with The Warden aka The All Father… what was wrong with Buck… but, I had to push forward with the task at hand; eviscerating as many of them as possible.
It was only when a knife pierced my chest that I felt the world fall silent. My mouth grew hot, and I felt my breathing grow shallow, gasping for air that wasn’t coming. I looked up at Buck and saw the agony in his face, as if his limbs acted without his instruction.
“Buck…” Was all I managed to iterate before the world grew cold and distant.
The last thing I recalled for the longest time was darkness. A cold, unforgiving void that enraptured the soul, froze the bones and made my flesh feel as if it were in a charnel house. Piece by piece being stripped away and my consciousness scattered in so many directions.
It felt as if I were being pulled in multiple directions at once, sensory overload interspersed with a sense of total calm. I was where I should be.
“Eleanor Gwynedd Lockwood, I’ve heard so much about you.”
From the absolute darkness came a small, delicate flame. Situated in a lantern that hung on a long thick chain, attached to a great metallic pole that jutted out from the darkness with no bearer visible. The black and white flame danced in its glass prison and the closer it came to me, the more put together I felt. My sight began to clear, my hearing returned and the muffled voice grew in clarity, a pronounced English woman’s voice cut the air and brought familiarity, I could smell ginseng and sage on her person and felt at ease.
A body broke through, following the lantern. Cloaked in a gown of darkness and her skeletal frame reaching out to me, pulling my body upright and straight, her face hidden behind a mourning veil, the fragments of bone not hard to see.
“You will find it difficult to speak, so until you have regained that ability, I ask you to listen; You are facing a moment that many encounters at some point in their lives. For some, it is minute and inconsequential. For others, it is a moment the world is watching them commit to. All are noted and all have reactions. You have reached your first of many, Nelle.” She offers a bone hand clasped in bracelets and jewelry to me, I take it and don’t even register the issues she should be having with strength. She pulls me forward and I find myself standing on invisible ground, the surrounding light only serving to display the absolute nothingness around us until she waves her hand.
“What… am I not…” I croak, my voice still finding its footing. Her hand passes by my face and I see the enormity of creation beneath my feet, the exact same as my nightmares. Luminous stars in beautiful patterns, nebulas passing underneath while galaxies rotate overhead.
“Dead? No. You’re merely asleep. A moment or… perhaps a space in between is a better phrase. You will make a choice, you will wake up and everything will change. Every action a consequence.” She sighed. “I just wish it hadn’t gone this way. Truly, I do. This is why I don’t get involved in personal matters or individual rites anymore… too messy.”
She clicks her fingers and the area beneath our feet rushes forward, down to our world and eventually to Sturgeon. To all my friends and citizens going about their day. Each one blissfully unaware that the very same sins i’d excised in the prison were now latching themselves to their bodies, the sun steadily growing darker as a great calamity wraps around it, bathing the city in twilight.
“Should you falter here, Nelle, this is what will befall Sturgeon. What will befall every soul in due time with enough malice, rhetoric and patience. The All Father… Amos… he will not stop. None of them will. The Unbounded shall take every soul they can until there is no more to take. Then…”
She cast her head up to the visages of the 7 monstrosities obscured in the depths of the skies, eyes and mouths awash with glee as ascended humans willingly threw themselves into their gaping jaws, growing their strength. Eventually, they would form together and send a single arc of black light down to Sturgeon, obliterating it in seconds. My horror at the scene was only beaten by the grief I felt at so many lives snuffed out in an instant, a responsibility on my shoulders that I did not understand.
“Nothing. They will move to their next destination and start all over again. As they have done for countless aeons. This is what awaits them all if you are not able to make a choice. The right choice. The only choice.”
“What is the offer?” I asked after a long pause. She kept her stare on the destruction below as she looked at her hands, the light of the lantern glowing brilliantly.
“A life for a life. A sacrifice to put the path in the direction it needs to go in.”
The scene shifted to the prison. To the carnage approaching us in slow motion. To Buck, standing over a confused Nestor with his eyes glazed.
“He was infected with a Pride Trigger. It shifts the perspective and pushes any good soul to terrible deeds. Yours seems to be in control, but Buck is too weak after his surgery. He will kill Nestor if I do not intervene. If YOU do not intervene.” She turned to me, a weariness to her voice, her black cloak shimmering with the souls of so many countless individuals waiting to be ferried to their next life.
Before I could reply, she clicks her fingers again and a series of flashing images flitters in front of me; people I’d never met but had an inexplicable and deep bond with flashed up; all of them dead. Some with smiles on their faces, others gone in a flash, some talking of reuniting with the family they lost, missing those they left behind. All of them giving their lives in pursuit of a better future. A future without Amos. Without The Unbounded.
“Why am I crying? I don’t know these people. I don’t… I don’t understand.” I felt the pain rush through my body, the first true pain I’d felt since I woke here. A pain insurmountably stronger than that of the physical; as if I were redoing the loss of my Mother on repeat ad infinitum.
Lady Death took my hand in hers, never taking her eyes off of the slew of bodies laying and waiting for her and her emissaries to collect them.
“You will eventually, Nelle.” She said softly, her dulcet tones ringing in my ears and pulling at my heartstrings as if she shared every ounce of my grief. “You will, and you’ll be so thankful for it. SO much better for it. These people will one day shape you. But it all starts here.”
As the image snaps back to Buck, I feel myself fall into that age-old adage of bargaining, knowing full well the futility in such an act.
“Send me back with your blessing. An imbued weapon, ANYTHING to take them down & I swear I can protect him. I can get to The All Father and… and maybe if I do, the Pride infection in Buck will go?”
“A solemn acceptance is the hardest thing. I understand. If you feel you can, I will give you the chance. But my offer doesn’t change. A life for a life. Be that The All Father Amos or Buck's… it is not for me to decide. Or to interfere.” She hands me a cloth wrapped weapon and places her hands over mine, the glow of her bracelets nearly blinding me. “This is just a dream, but you will recall everything when you awaken. This will be with you as well as my guide… Look after him, will you? He’s one of my favourites.” Her boney smile, though hidden, is still visible. I don’t know how a skull can mould its features, but I feel an overwhelming sense of ease as I wipe the tears away and smile.
Everything grows blurry and my body begins to ache once more, my chest throbbing and burning as the scene clears and fades from view.
“Thank you, my lady. ”
The cold floor is the first sensation that runs through my waking body, my eyes looking down at the knife still buried in my chest, somehow missing vitals as strength and anger fills me. Hands grasp the handle and with a scream I pull it free, the wound inexplicably not remaining once it leaves.
“What a day, of all the people to meet…” I huffed as I got to a knee, an inmate closing in on me with claws bared and evil intentions in his mind. I looked to Nestor, still on the ground and holding off Buck. “Hey, don’t hold back, he still has a skull fracture from an old hunt, headbutt him with everything you have between the eyes and he’ll go out like a light. Don’t think, do it! And throw me my iPod!"
At the same time Nestor reared his head back to collide skulls with the still confused Buck. The inmate lunged for me with a knife in hand. Rolling back and onto my feet, I tripped his lead leg and grabbed his head with my free hand, using his momentum against him to drive his body skull first into the hard concrete, my steel toe-capped boot coming down hard on his neck to silence him for good. Grabbing the iPod from Nestor, I saw it still playing as I put my headphones in. The next song came up with a smile on my face. I took the moment to call out to the prison, seeing a black shape in the distance.
“I realise Father up on high called for my capture and my friend’s demise, said he’d let you all go if successful. But he didn’t tell you who I was. What I am.”
Edgar flew overhead and dropped a clothed package down to my outstretched hand, clasping it tight with the bandages unfurling and a beautiful scythe glistening under the alarm lights. Nestor held out his arm for the tired corvid as his other dragged Buck to the safety of the open cell, a smile on his face.
“I’m Nelle fucking Lockwood. The Last Sin Eater. And every one of you…” Twirling the scythe around towards them, confidence surging through me and meshing with the deep-seated fear. “Is about to be devoured.”
Shutting the world out of its screams, insults and drivel was always something I’d been adept at. Be them remarks of racism, sexism or general bigotry, I grew to become immune to them. Music and focus were hand in hand for me. I wish I could tell you that I acted in grace, that I was quick-witted and full of candour.
But no, I’d devoured the sins of this prison and I was embodying every single one of them as I struck inmate after inmate in my pursuit of keeping those I loved safe. As if Lady Death was watching and keeping score beside me.
My Lust for victory, my Greed for competition, my Envy of all these worthless fools who had already lost their chance at redemption and not a care in the world beyond basic instincts, my Sloth in the inability, deep down, to change anything meaningful and allowing this sickness to grow… My Gluttony in just wanting MORE time with Buck and my Mother… My Pride in my abilities and the sickness of knowing where my genetics sprung from.
So many bodies rushed towards me, not the least bit deterred by my bravado or my threats. That’s fine, I will reap every single one if it means I can save Buck. I don’t care if it’s 50, 100 or 10,000 souls I have to take. Not a single one of them is worth Buck.
You can’t save him.
No, shut up, I can. I just need to take them all out. A flip over the tall one, turn and thrust to take his head off and the torso of his friend, step aside from the incoming haymaker and rolling boot to the face. I could do this, I could…
There’s too many. You will grow tired.
Fuck you, stop it. Just stop it. I’m not willing to give in. A dozen more, gone. This blade imbues me with the strength of 10 Nelles!
And yet, it still won’t be enough.
The internal battle raged on as I chipped away at the sea of violent offenders, the crowd at one point overwhelming me and piling on top as their pressure threatened to take everything I had.
“Shit, Lady Death helped you out, huh? Well, guess that means I can take off the restraints!” Nestor called out from above the pile of bodies. “Memento Mori.”
In an instant, the bodies were thrown into the air and scattered in multiple directions, some hanging over the railings 40ft above us, others crumpled into a heap. As one larger man broke ranks and ran at me with a shiv, Nestor darted in front and with one uproarious kick to the man’s neck, sent him hurtling into the concrete wall, smashing into it with such force that small cracks formed around him.
Nestor looked bigger, tougher than he usually did. Arms beefier and standing a little taller, Edgar by his side and clearly larger. On Nestors black-gloved hands were obsidian knuckle dusters, his legs covered in thick pads.
“A phrase I was told only to use if things got dire and a sign was given. I guess this is it. You take care of Father Dearest, I’ve got the riff-raff!” He threw another haymaker, and the crowd was knocked back like a tidal wave. “GO! I’ll join you when I can!”
A nod of gratitude given, I dashed past the still conscious prisoners and past the cell, looking in for a moment to see if Buck is still unconscious. The look fills me with more dread than anything thrown at me in the prison.
The cell is empty.
No time to stop, I just had to hope he’d come to his senses and gone ahead, I see the Tulpa sins marching towards me, each of them nothing more than a facsimile of their sinners. Threatening, yes, but not worth my attention when Nestor and Edgar were so capable.
As I ran closer, scythe at the ready, I saw Edgar swoop in and cover the way with his black wings.
“Protect Mama. Protect Papa. Kill Corpse Hoarder.”
“I will, honey. I will.” I darted around as he screeched and caused a distraction, darting between outstretched hands and hungry mouths to reach the side of the building and scaling the stairs.
In just a few moments, I’d be able to put this to an end.
Kicking open the doors to The Warden’s office, I was expecting immediate raised voices, a clash of blades and a quick resolution. Naive, I know.
Instead, I found myself rooted to the floor as the door slammed shut and the lights were shut out, matching the obscurity I’d seen on the outside just a short time ago.
“Ah, Nelle, this isn’t how I wanted us to finally reunite, you know. I was hoping you’d have come to me with open arms and we’d be doing what needs to be done in order to bring this place to its foregone conclusion.”
A shadow scuttled around me, the pale visage of The Warden just barely visible as my eyes adjusted.
“I want this over, Warden… All Father… whatever you call yourself. Nobody else has to get hurt.”
He cackled, my body still not responding to my desire to move, I felt him walk closer, hands clasped around his face.
His eyes were bulging out of their sockets, flesh peeling away, shedding all over and the black skin bubbling underneath. His hair steadily falling out with every step.
“You can’t stop what’s in motion, my sweet Nellie. Your mother couldn’t stop it, neither can you. Who’d have thought that my own kin would work so hard to go against me? I thought after absorbing all these sins, you’d come to me willingly… but it seems your PRIDE needs some extra work.” He leans in and I see something amorphous behind him. It’s long, spindly limbs jutting out of the back of him, pinning to the far walls and something grotesque on its shrouded face undulating as he smiled.
“Go fuck yourself. I have no Father!” I spat, venom in my words as the scythe dropped from my hand and kicked out of sight.
“Oh, that’s where you’re wrong, my love. ALL have a Father. You’re just fortunate enough to share my lineage. But, you may as well stop now. I have the prime reason for giving in with me right here…”
He claps his hands and Buck walks into my field of view, mechanical and almost zombified in his stature. His forehead still gushing blood and his eyes bloodshot. All Father put his hands on his shoulders and patted them proudly.
“Your boy has my Pride trigger in his soul. We both know to remove a sin requires you to devour it. That, of course, requires time… time you do not have. So, here comes your final test, Nellie. The final choice you’ll make to see if you’re ready to do what must be done to help bring Sturgeon and this world to its rightful makers.”
He pushes Buck to his knees and places a hand on his head, Bucks eyes rolling in the back of his head for a moment.
“STOP IT! PLEASE!” I begged, watching Bucks nose bleed profusely and All Father’s smile grow wider, more monstrous.
“You may not have eaten your mother’s sin, but you took off the emotional shackles she placed before falling into the void, one half of my restraints here. The other was put into those godforsaken totems and…” He lifted his hand and placed the other on my face, a searing, blinding pain rippling through every cell in my body. “In the two of you. The pride of The McGraw’s and The Pride Of The Sin Eaters. Pitiful.”
He let go and my body finally fell to the floor, head resting on the soft carpet in a daze as he knelt down to look at us both.
“He’s going to wake up any moment now and become the next representation of Pride. A great beast that will tear through everything until he finds a worthy host. You… well, you’re still my daughter, you’ll live. So your choice will be made. Follow me, stop me as your mother once tried. Or stop the man you love. I certainly wouldn’t wanna be in your shoes, that’s for sure!” He walks towards the door and looks back just the once, the horrific visage from my nightmares trailing behind him, almost melding with him as more of his skin breaks away and something otherworldly pokes out from underneath. He’s changing, rapidly. “Do you know why I chose the last name Leichenberg, Nellie? It means mountain of corpses. SO many have tried to stop me in this life and others… they always fail. Don’t make the same mistake. I look forward to the next family reunion.”
I looked over at Buck, his eyes twitching. The dim light in the room showing me Nestor and Edgar battling hard to buy us time, but they’d tire before long. The inmates were unrelenting, and the tulpas were closing in.
“Th… B… ne…” I muttered, his body tensing up and pausing as he debated leaving me there.
“What was that? You’ll need to speak up. This form has limited hearing.”
“I… I’ll join you if you help me up.” I croaked, my shame overwhelming me. He shook in place, almost giddy.
“You’re not lying, I can tell. Well, far be it from me to deny my brightest daughter, nothing like your siblings, that’s for sure. Come, come, let me help you!”
He picked me up and embraced me. A deep, loving hug as I could smell the decay on him, rot and sulphur with a meal of mushrooms and fruit manifesting near him in a golden bowl.
“I’m so proud of you, Nellie. I’d hoped you’d see sense and you’ll be overjoyed to be there for the ascension!”
“There won’t be one, Father.”
Pulling my serrated blade from my holster, I dug it into his back once; the wind exhaling from him as I held him close. His arms flailed, and he scratched at me to get away as I soothed him. A few seconds passed before I pulled it out and slashed his throat.
He gurgled for a second before black blood left his neck and he clutched wildly at anything in the room for support. I walked past him to the bowl and began devouring the decadent fruit, ganache cake and mushrooms. I ate them with speed as his eyes widened and he pointed to me with a shaky finger.
“Pride… comes before… the fall...” He cackled, his body slumping to the floor, face down and motionless.
He was dead.
I rushed to Buck to pull him up, away from the body and to the entrance, begging him to open his eyes.
“Hey! Buck, honey, you gotta open your eyes, please!”
I had his head in my lap as we sat against the open door, hoping he’d just open his eyes once more.
“I beat the odds, we can go home, you just need to…” I stopped mid-sentence, a cracking sound coming from the spot where All Father laid.
His back hunches over and his skin continues to blacken and flake.
He was changing, like a chrysalis.
“You… you can’t always win, Nelle.”
I looked down and saw Buck, eyes open and full of fear. My hand stroking his hair softly as fear rather than relief mounted in me. “Something… something is wrong within me. Whatever the hell The Warden did to me, it’s screaming in my brain and I… I can’t…”
His fists were clenched, and he bit his lip until it bled. He was resisting with everything he had.
“Oh, oh Buck… not like this... please…”
The body continued to writhe, slowly losing its hue and cracking. We had minutes at most.
“Fleshhh…. Prison…” The distorted voice called, something unholy breaking away from the skin. I felt my anxiety mount, Buck starting to thrash at the mere calling of its voice like a moth to an evil flame.
Then, as if right on cue, my iPod started playing the last song on the playlist and I felt my world shatter. The delicate piano tones echoing from my headphones in the quiet chambers. Buck stopped thrashing and his pupils dilated, coming to his senses again.
“I need you to do something for me, Nelle. If this… thing inside me gets out. We’re back to square one. But, with my compendium and all the knowledge I have up in this head… he’s going to be even more dangerous. We can’t let him out of here.” He put his hand on mine and looked at me… truly looked at me. “You need to put an end to it. Now.”
This was what Lady Death had warned me of. The price that would need to be paid. The sacrifice of one to stop the slaughter of many.
Tears filled my eyes and everything I had kept locked up started to fall out of me like a broken piece of fine china shattering on the ground, millions of little pieces spilling everywhere and never forming right again.
“Buck, I’m so, so lucky to have known you. You were my mentor, my friend… my everything.” I stroked his face, trying to memorise the ruggedness of his chin, the small scar on his right eye, the softness of his hair. “I will carry you with me, always.”
He simply smiled and took an earphone from me, putting it in his and closing his eyes.
“Not a bad way to go, all things considered. We had an adventure, shared some stories and most of all… I got to lay in your arms.” He breathed in once and lay still. “I love you, Nelle Lockwoo-”
I clasped my hands around his throat and pressed my thumbs into his windpipe with everything I had. He didn’t resist until his survival reflexes kicked in. He pushed his body up and twisted it. Anything to buck me off, hands clasping at me aimlessly. But he was still weak… and he’d taught me well.
Tears stained my face and fell onto his as I screamed. I screamed louder than anything I had ever mustered in my life. Every ounce of my sorrow was flowing through my hands and snuffing the light that was Simon McGraw out.
““I… Love… You… Nel-” He gasped, his eyes rolling into the back of his head as his body fell limp, starved of oxygen. I didn’t relent as my eyes turned to the now emerging shape from the office, pain-wracked moans and hoarse screams all I had left.
I would not let this thing take him. Not in a million fucking years.
“I am free of this flesh prison. I will be the doorway I was meant to be… so sayeth AMOS!” It screeched, bursting through the roof and perching itself on top, the horrifying sounds as it expanded and lit up the prison with its terrifying abilities.
I only let go when I knew his brain was starved completely of oxygen. Laying him down, I shut his eyes and kissed his forehead softly.
“I know you did, Buck. I know you did.”
Ensuring his body was comfortable, I turned to rush down the hallway. .
Leaving my love behind.
Turning onto the main floor, I no longer saw a fierce battle, no enemies in sight. Nestor simply pointed up; I saw the horror of a large unspeakable form with an almost spider-like face, large powerful limbs and innumerable eyes. It cast its direction upwards as an arc of black light shot up through the prison. The tulpas of the sins stood around it in a prayer circle.
“Where’s Buck? We gotta fucking go!” He called over the noise and carnage.
I looked to the office, tears running anew and a smile on my face as I gave thanks to Lady Death. Buck’s tulpa, Scythe in hand, charged towards Amos with destruction in mind.
“Finishing the job.” I replied, grabbing Nestor’s hand and running for the exit.
With ungodly force, he swung the scythe at the tulpas, cleaving them in two before smashing Amos into a concrete pillar, collapsing it and causing a breach that rapidly filled the prison with water.
As we made it to the elevator, pushing the emergency button and the staff still running about as aimlessly as the other inmates, a great roar rang out below us. Whatever was happening, it was escalating. Anxiety mounted in the three of us as the elevator climbed.
“Hey, Stian! Get your drunken ass over here, pronto! We’ve got a situation!” He yelled into his phone.
“Aye, I’ve been made aware. Landing in 5. Is the Madame listening?” His gruff, oddly melancholy voice called back. Nestor confirmed, and he continued speaking;
And the stately ships go on To their haven under the hill; But O, for the touch of a vanish’d hand, And the sound of a voice that is still!”
The elevator reached the entrance, and we made a dash for the exit, a huge blackened tendril smashed at the elevator shaft, a guttural roar followed that chilled me to the bones. A mass with eyes began crawling out of the hole it’d made.
“I am… the doorway… and it will be… opened!” It bellowed, the horrifying cacophony of inhuman vocal arrangements chilling my blood, before it was dragged back down and into a furious battle below.
“Not today, it won’t. Goodbye, Father.” We ran for the landing pad, jumping onto the plane as it took off, the scene of Tempestra prison filling with water and a raging storm around it fitting the destructive nature the institute had wrought on us all.
“Break, break, break, at the foot of thy crags, O Sea!” Stian called out as we made distance. As the structure sunk beneath the sea, a thick light shone out from underneath as if a depth charge had gone off, the entire building sinking into a huge whirlpool as lightning and high waves engulfed the area. Stian finishing his sombre poem with some of the most appropriate lines I’d ever heard;
“But the tender grace of a day that is dead Will never come back to me.”
The first two weeks after losing Buck were incomprehensibly tough. Everywhere I went, I would be reminded of Buck. From the accomplishments set out and reminisced upon by his colleagues learning of his passing to the many upstarts in Sturgeon he’d inspired. I stopped going out, stopped doing much of anything that wasn’t drinking or crying.
On the 15th night, a knock rang out and refused to cease until I answered it. Dragging myself from the study where I’d made a yurt of old memories and a sleeping bag, just to be near Bucks things and his scent, I put on my clothes and answered the door, fully ready to cast out whichever inconsiderate ass had disturbed my rest.
Looking through the peephole, I saw nothing save for the faint glimmering light of the lantern slinking back into the darkness. As I opened the door, a small note had been left.
“Tomorrow at midnight. Memento Mori. - LD.”
I slept feverishly during the day, making sure I looked and felt the part for a long journey. After the first trip on Caracossa Airways, I knew I’d need the energy. For some reason, I always felt the need to dress up for an occasion, something my grandparents instilled in me, I suppose.
Even if I was going to something unexpected and entirely unwanted.
Nestor met me at the entrance to our establishment, taking note of the FOR SALE sign in our front garden.
“Going anywhere nice, Nelle?”
“Mm, not sure. Maybe a little place by the beach, though I hear there’s a dentistry far from Sturgeon where all manner of beasts and nightmares gather to conglomerate and get themselves fixed up. Maybe I can find a Genie among them to grant my wish…” I sniffed, shaking my head at my own stupidity. “Who am I kidding, it’s a one-way trip. Nothing more to it.”
“I wouldn’t say it’s quite that simple. Come on, Lady Death wanted to talk to you and there’s a very excitable idiot son of mine that wants to preen you.”
I chuckled, and he put his arm around me like a big brother as we got into the taxi and headed for the landing pad where the plane sat. While we were in transit, Nestor told me to shut my eyes while he applied some face paint, said it was “necessary for the night’s rites”, lord knows what that meant. Edgar sat in my lap in the car, almost still and expectant for the journey, cawing softly and occasionally saying;
“Mama. Time. Precious.”
As if he knew what was coming.
I’m not totally sure what I expected when I boarded, but a soft orange light, beautifully painted skulls and marigolds lining the entrance with fairy lights was not it.
“Dia De Los Muertos… of course.” I sighed, taking in the majesty of the plane, walking down the aisle to near the front. “Nestor, aren’t you busy tonight? Need some help with unruly passengers?”
I shook as the plane began its soft ascent, heading for the nearby ocean and travelling across it.
“Oh, I don’t think I’m all that unruly, just a bit cheeky when I’ve had some wine, love!” A loving, booming voice rang out from the furthest front row, that hair in the same bun from before. But as she stood up, I saw her properly for the first time. She was older, the tiredness across her face and still irradiating beauty I’d admired as a little girl.
“Mum, I thought you’d…” I choked. She walked down the aisle towards me.
“You thought you’d killed me or what was left of me in that prison, that you’d never get to see me again. Well, sorry to disappoint!” she laughed and held out her arms, letting them drop with an audible slap. She was real. “I’m still here. I was there, too, but not the same. The Warden… Amos, as he is truly known, is a remarkably gifted creature. Always was, I suppose. With his own pride disease riddling you, he knew you could be weakened. Who better to use than me? Oh, I tried to resist, but so much of me was lost in that… that place, that there was so little left. But I remember what we talked about, I remember what we promised. And I still mean it, Eleanor.” Mum stepped forward and her hand brushed my face, my heart sinking into my stomach at the realisation this truly was her. “I missed you, so very much. I’m so glad I could see you again, one last time.”
Words failed me spectacularly, and when looking at myself in the mirror, I saw the skull makeup adorning my face. I turned and hugged my mother with everything I had, nestling myself in her and evoking those securities long lost from my childhood.
“I owed you a courtesy and a favour, Nelle. I keep my word, always.” A soft, alluring voice called from the cockpit. Stepping out of the shadows, a long gloved arm holding a flame in her hand was Lady Death. No longer a skeletal figure but instead a beautiful young woman, her face hidden behind intricate skull makeup, an alluring figure that hugged tightly to her frame as she walked towards us, Mum parting with me to let her pass. “You fought for so long, you were owed… ARE owed a kindness. But, I must admit to something…” She gestured for me to take a seat opposite her, I obliged.
“There’s a reason Nestor and Edgar were tasked with assisting us, wasn’t there?” I asked, speaking plainly was all I had left at this stage. She nodded, and the flame opened to show the same deaths of those I didn’t know but somehow loved.
“You changed the cycle, in ways that I cannot fully foresee. But, so much lays ahead of you now as the guide. Your path will be a difficult one, Nelle. It is owed to you as the daughter of the unbounded to know this before you embark on it.” She takes in a breath and shakes her head as the images in the flame shift again. “So many cycles in so many places. All of which you will come to know directly or indirectly as their guide; A Bar Between Spaces, a Hotel of alternate worlds, a Mortuary that dissects anomalies and scourges… An estate with prophetic tarot cards, A home to childhood secrets in Static, a battleground of Nightmares… and then…” I see an older me, standing in front of a creature of bone and malice, shrouded in locusts and charging towards me with my arms outstretched. “Death. You bring the cycle and go out with it. Great change goes through you, Nelle.”
I gulped, unease setting in but unsure of how to even process it, my head feeling foggy.
“I… is that the end of me? There in that pit?” I clutch at my skull as it burns.
“You cannot retain what I show you, this is a kindness I offer that you will hold in your subconscious, only coming to the surface when your time nears. To what end you are dead, I cannot say. But when you are close, you will know. I wanted you to know this path before you set off on it. And to give you an easier start… Memento Mori, Nelle Lockwood. Nobody does it alone.”
As if on cue, I heard the trudging of steps from the lower level and the unmistakable frame of Buck, the glimmer of the moonlight cascading down on the ocean and refracting through the windows, basking him in a glow that made him look downright radiant.
He smiled. I smiled. The simplest exchange imaginable.
Then we ran towards each other and kissed. The kind of kiss that comes along once in a lifetime. A first time kiss with someone you’d known and loved for years, an “I do” kiss at a wedding where one of the participants has limited time, a “I’ll see you soon” kiss when you know it’s not possible… a kiss that steals as many moments as it takes.
“I told you it’d all work out, didn’t I?” He said, grinning, eyes glistening in the light. “I got my tulpa, grabbed the scythe… thanks LD, smashed those weirdos into the next dimension and poof… here I am.”
“Buck Nasty McGraw, you still live up to your name even in death, don’t you?” I pressed my head against his, laughing at first but then breaking into tears. “This is really it, isn’t it? You’re the sin I will carry, the one I can never devour.”
“Yeah. I am.” He said simply, his voice hoarse and full of regret. “But, I will always be with you. No matter where you go and what you do on the hunt. I’ll be there…”
The plane started to slow as the orange lights grew in brightness, the outside turning to black. We’d reached the end.
“Until you’re ready to come home.” His voice cracked with pain, tears in his eyes as we held one another for a while. When he broke away, he grabbed something from his bag.
“Are you giving me an engagement ring, Buck?” I jested, trying anything to keep the mood light in these final moments, my heart shattering with every passing second. He sniffed and shook his head.
“Nah, I’m giving you something more important and binding… The Compendium. I’m the last keeper… the last McGraw. You’re The Last Sin Eater… seems fitting to me and only right that you should have it.” He placed it in my hands and kissed my forehead. “It’s all on you, now. Until we’re reunited.”
Mum walked over and did the same, passing me one of her rings as she did so.
“I’ll be waiting for you. We’ll have that Sunday Roast. I promise.”
I stood there, unable to do anything as they walked to the exit, Lady Death standing by to place wreaths of Magnolia flowers around their wrists and whisper something in their ear, kissing them on the cheek as they passed over.
The blinding light filled the front of the plane, but neither of them seemed deterred as they smiled.
My last image of Buck and my mum walking off the threshold that of pure joy, four words escaping Bucks lips before the door closed, and I bid goodbye to the two most important people in my life;
“Oh, I’m finally home…”
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[Artisan] Ka-tet Cables order form is live 15 spots left + premade cable clearance sale + holiday giveaway #2 Based in southern California, all premade cables ship within 24hrs

Premade images
First things first, the name Ka-tet. If you are a constant reader you may recognize the term from the Dark Tower series, it is defined as follows:
Ka-tet is a term in High Speech for a group of people drawn together by ka (destiny/fate) for a purpose. Also one from many, a family of your choosing.
I thought it was appropriate for this community I am continually surprised by this community's helpful and positive vibe and am proud to be able to give back in some way. It is so increasingly rare to be a part of a niche hobby like this, that's not full of toxic gatekeepers (as long as you look past the MX brown hate lol)
A little about me. I have been making coiled cables and cables in general, USB, CAT5 & 6, audio cables, and more for many years, mostly coiled headphone and instrument hook up cables. I started doing more of the coiled USB stuff about a year ago to help fund my descent down this amazing rabbit hole that is mechanical keyboards.
Once I decided that I needed lots of coiled cables to match my gear I was taken aback by the lack of options available from so many making a one-off custom product. With just a handful of colors to pick and choose from or costs skyrocketing to order new colors to make something truly custom. So I started looking for suppliers for everything I would need to make my own, and what I found was that I could offer the option of ANY color of paracord, MDPC, and techflex that is available for purchase at the same kind of price point I was seeing for premade, non-customizable cables elsewhere and have been at it ever since. I've sold some here on MM and was fortunate enough to get enough repeat and word of mouth referrals from those few premade sales to keep me busy for a while. Now that I have shipped all custom orders I am back to open it up to new orders!

All Cables Are:
Tested with a multimeter and breakout boards to ensure everything is wired correctly and that there are no shorts. I don't ship anything that hasn't been thoroughly tested and shown to be safe to use with your keeb!
Wrapped on a 1/2" rod (for a taller coil that looks better and ends up more springy than the 3/8 some cable makers use).
Heated in an oven for even, tight and consistent coils > reverse coiled to create a springy coil that won't stretch out over time, and heated again for the tightest coils > removed and re-tightened on the coil jig for one more heating cycle to ensure the best of both form and function for your cable.
Made with gold plated USB connections unless otherwise stated.
Made with the highest quality materials available i.e. paracord and techflex sourced in the USA and only the best and original German-made MDPC sleeving.
Made with love, care, attention, and more than a little obsession in sunny Southern California.

Now on to what we have on offer.

-- Custom Cables: 15 9 slots remaining
--- Order form here
6 to 6.5-inch coil is standard and custom lengths are available.
Any color of paracord (no really any color) and any color of techflex or clear and liquid varieties of MDPC-X for double sleeving
Large gauge cable better suited for larger coils and host side lengths with high draw boards like Drop Alts and Ctrls available on request (paracord does not fit over this so it is MDPC and techflex only)
Many colors of heat-shrink to choose from
USB-C Mini or Micro device-side connections all available at and included in the base price
Expected turn around time of 2-3 weeks from order form close (I hope to have them out sooner than this but wanted to pad it slightly in case things get delayed in shipping around the holidays)
Holiday Pricing
Custom Cable with colored aviator connector $85 $75
[Limited availability of colored connectors. I am working on getting set up to custom paint them in-house in the next few weeks.]
Custom Cable with silver aviator connector $75 $60
Custom cable with silver YC8 connector $75 $60
** I hope to offer custom colored YC8 connectors in the near future **
Straight cables also available
Discounts on the purchase of multiple cables.

Shipping CONUS USPS First Class $5
Shipping outside the CONUS and international USPS / FedEx / DHL Contact me for a quote

Ways to order
  1. I know what I want, shut up and take my money - Fill out the order form here and I will get you invoiced. Currently limited to 15 slots, I may open it up a bit further if anyone wants multiples I just don't want the lead time to start getting excessive.
  2. I am not sure about some of the options or colors - Contact me on discord or via PM discord is your best bet for the fastest response from me. Discord user name = Cr1msonK1ng#3554
  3. Do you offer a cable that goes with [insert name] GMK, SA, etc kit? - While I don't have many preset color combos based on keycap sets. I offer ALL the colors so we can make you something that matches and is unique to you. Contact me and we can talk it out and get you set up a cable made just for you.

-- Premade Cables: Holiday Clearance all images here
--- All cables can be finished with USB-C Mini or Micro device ends, just let me know which one you need.
---- Unless otherwise noted price includes a silver aviator connector, colored aviators can be added for an extra $15

Number Description Price
#1 Shimmer gray techflex over Bloodline MDPC-X 6" Coil to the right - 3' Host side - Large gauge $50
#2 Neon green techflex over green paracord 6" Coil to the right - Gold Aviator connector - 5'6" Host side - Large Gauge $55
#3 Clear techflex over carbon MDPC-X 8.5" Coil to the right - Black Aviator connector - 3' Host side - Large Gauge $70
#4 Dark purple techflex over vivid violet MDPC-X 6" Coil to the right - 3' Host side - Large Gauge $50
#5 Carbon (black and clear) MDPC-X *ONLY SINGLE SLEEVED CABLE IN LISTING) 5.5" Coil to the left - 4' Host side - Large Gauge $45
#6 Light purple techflex over coral pink paracord 5.5" Coil to the right - Dual silver aviator connections with Micro - Mini - C heads included - 4' Host side. Use the same cable with all your devices no matter the connection! $75
#7 Carbon techflex over blue paracord 5.5" Coil to the left - Black aviator connection - USB-C device side - 4' Host side $55
#8 Neon green Techflex over Dark purple paracord 5.5" Coil to the left - 4' Host side $45
#9 Gray techflex over neon orange paracord 5.5" Coil to the right - 4' Host side $45 [pending]
Shipping CONUS USPS First Class $5
Shipping outside the CONUS and international USPS / FedEx / DHL Contact me for a quote

-- Giveaways!!!
Let's keep the holiday giveaways rolling with two more!
#1 Pink techflex over dark purple paracord - straight cable - 5'10"
#2 Custom straight cable with silver aviator
To enter the giveaway reply to the post with the best keeb related purchase you have made under $100. I will be adding the usernames of everyone who replied into a spreadsheet on Tues the 23rd (cutoff to enter is 4 pm PST) and using a random number generator to pick winners. Winners will be contacted for shipping info.
Shipping in the CONUS for giveaways will be covered by me, if you are outside the CONUS and win you will be charged the actual cost of shipping.
Any questions feel free to PM me or shoot me a message on discord. Please post here before doing either so I can keep track of who's who.
Discord: Cr1msonK1ng#3554

--Thanks for the continued support, and here is wishing everyone a happy and safe holiday season!
submitted by Cr1msonsCustoms to mechmarket

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