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He also featured as the main villain to defeat in the. You have to combine them to create new ones and discover up to new elements/5(). If he uses Divide and then the following turn is. This means that Miniclip will no longer be able to host Doodle 2 after that date.

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All -Dere Types in Anime and Manga website here. Google Scholar provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature. And if I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. God is omniscient, meaning He knows the past, present, and future. Shape whatever comes to mind while doodling and. Note: we\'ve only tested this up till element 30 and it worked fine - if it doesn\'t let us know the exact number of seconds that it shows /5().

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Kongregate: Play free games online. I've been dreaming about it for a year or 2 now, and I've always loved merging games, ever since I played Doodle God way back when for the first time, and I just think it would be an awesome twist on culinary games. [Last Doodle] Slavic God Suggestions: Smite. Kongregate has free games that you can play online. Apple Shooter 2 an online archery game, which is an excellent way to spend leisure time. So combine the elements to create whole worlds and then even head into the great void that is space to create even more creations - Hints always ready/5().

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Ultimate were two of 2020's biggest games, both going on to sell huge numbers at retail and capturing the hearts of players all around the world. 100 Best Games Like Doodle God: Evolution of 2020. All in all, a nice book if you want to learn how to doodle Kawaii. Plutonium offers a unique Black Ops 2 & Modern Warfare 3 experience. In this game, players drop into a pixelated world and fight against other players from around the world. Tap on Upgrade on the Main screen.

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This installment of Doodle God features two new episodes as well as the original episode of universe creation. Although it might sound vain, a cool Gamertag invokes some respect. Corinthians 13: 1-13 ESV / 518 helpful votes Helpful Not Helpful. In this third edition, your goal as the player is to help the two characters survive the platform and the dangers lurking on it until they reach the end where they will be able to discover the past and origin of the alien. Gerald Pincher is the father of Harvey Pincher. Happy Valentines Day JoyBits!

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Doodle God Crime City Review: A good combination – XBLAFans. Anning's findings contributed to changes in scientific thinking about prehistoric life. From Esports gear like gaming keyboards, headphones, mice or pad controllers to high-tech computer screens and even smartphones. If not, then after playing the second sequel of happy wheels 2 you will definitely be able to say that you had. The more you will create, the more precious your world gets. We're going to see in this course different way.

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Nov 12, 2020 - To be God, He has to be the One of whom there is none greater. Yankee Doodle Jones had no other name because he did not exist as a separate person until he was put together from the body parts of 3 World War I veterans who willingly died to create Yankee. Doodle 2 - A free Action Game - Play Free Online Games. Doodle god 2 hacked able character. We have over 223 of the best God games for you! Jul 9, 2020 - Explore Candy Leung's board "Doodle 101 - God" on Pinterest.

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This is my all new Doodle God 2 walkthrough. Enjoy millions of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines & more. Press the space bar to fight, you. ChemDoodle will help guide your drawing to create the most aesthetic figures using a feature we call the "Optimize Zone" for standard bond angles and lengths. You have to create new elements to win the game. Doodle God 2 is another awesome puzzle game made by JoyBits Ltd.

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Gaming T Shirt Trust Me, I'm a Gamer Slogan $24.99 $29.99. Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia (MOD Unlocked all) is a classic shooting game developed by Miniclip. Font Generator & Free Custom Online Text Changer https://simturinfo.ru/crack/?key=1592. Finally we have Give up 2 - this fast paced platform game is extremely fun and challenging. He'd be able to shapeshift for his kit, using his weird leafy body to do so. Simargl: A dog god who is chained to the star Polaris so that he doesn't destroy the world. Well, thank God I didn't pay any attention to that dumb idea!

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It's not our fault - tales of the guild team that really should have stayed at home - part 3

I know I'm slamming these up in pretty quick succession. I personally think the last part ends at a weird juncture, so I include this one so that people don't have to wait.
For simplicity:
Part 1 is here: Part 1 Link
Part 2 is here: Part 2 Link

So in order to give some context to the second heist at the library, I should probably recount the first heist in a little more detail. So as part of the groups initial plan to break into the club and recover more information sneakily, they wanted the building plans to make the most sensible run on the main offices for the building. Like I said before, I’m fairly open to all ideas as a DM, and I don’t want to hold back creativity if I can help it. So I thought about it and I reasoned as a DM that building plans would be a matter of public record in similar ways to they are now - i.e. that most buildings will have plans on public record that can be accessed by people with permission or clearance to do so.
Our particular group didn’t have permission and applying for it may have set off alarm bells if they went looking for building plans for the local mob bosses HQ. While the guy has never been caught doing anything overtly shady, it’s kind of known that he is a local kingpin type. And in fact this is why Draspher and co are so interesting to him - they aren’t local players and so aren’t on anyone’s radar when people go looking into how the local butchers shop suddenly caught fire and Arnold (remember Arnold our friendly neighborhood arsonist) was “certainly nowhere near by. He was sitting in my club having a drink and keeping out of trouble.”
So anyway, Yurion and Sim do some prelim investigation work and discover that this week there is a cross discipline magical conference taking place in the library. Magical researchers of both divine and arcane, as well as some of the naturally magical residents like the fey, are meeting to discuss different aspects of magic and promoting ‘cooperation and good natured competition’.
As a lore oracle Yurion has previously attended meetings like these, and described them as,
“Unusually boring affairs until the inevitable arguments kick in about differences in discipline. Usually arguments about who’s magic is better, which tends to end one of two ways. Either magic dueling, or everyone ends up shitfaced on whatever the dwarven contingent has inevitably smuggled with them. The only exception to this was when there was a guest visit one year by a succubus, and everyone was getting tested for magical STD’s for the next week…”
Sim in particular looked a little perturbed at this revelation… Remember that she was also playing the characters partner as well as being the players IRL partner…
Anyway, our pair arrive at the front door to the library - Yurion because her character IS in fact a researchelibrarian and wouldn’t really have to bluff, and Sim to provide back up muscle should the need arise. They are stopped at the door by the typical rent a cop type security guard who asks to see their passes for the conference. Lacking official paperwork, Yurion tries to play it off as Sim forgetting to bring their badges from the lodgings, and to their credit Sim plays the part giving them a plus 2 for the assistance to a bluff roll. However that’s time for one of the instances where Yurions dice crapped out on her, and she didn’t do a great job in convincing the guard…
“We were here yesterday! You let us in - you were the one working the door?”
“Maam, I wasn’t on duty yesterday…”
“Well, it must have been one of your colleagues then. Who was on duty?”
Now Yurion is an oracle of lore, and part of the oracle class features is that they take a curse as part of their class. Yurion took the haunted curse, which manifests typically whenever there is a bad roll, or a particular point of misfortune. And as it happens, Yurions ghost just so happened to do them a favour this time, and threw the contents of the guards desk sailing into the air at that moment.
As the guard turned round to work out what the hell had just happened, both Yurion and Sim, and Sim’s cheetah companion (Speed, with an ‘E’.... I don’t know alright...) took the opportunity to sneak into the library while his back was turned.
Having skill ranks in Profession: Librarian assisted Yurion in her task tremendously as it took her a very short time to find where she needed to look. A quick broken lock door kick courtesy of Sim later and they are poring through a few sets of building plans looking for the information they needed.
It’s at this point that the guard, having tidied his desk, realised that the pair he was talking to had disappeared and he came wandering in to make sure they didn’t sneak into the building. The pair duck down inside the little side office, but Sim is concerned that the guard is going to spot the clearly broken lock on the office door.
It’s about this time that Yurions ghost pal decides to be a jerk, and he knocks something off the bookshelf, alerting the guard. Without much time to think, Sim directs his cheetah to sneak out of the office and to distract the guardsman. This goes very successfully, leading to a merry chase scene where several guards end up chasing the cheetah between bookshelves, to the tune of Yakety Sax.
With little time to consider other options, Yurion grabs a selection of plans from the files, and bundles them into her bag. She hears a commotion outside that she identifies as a group of people leaving an upstairs room and descending the stairs and reasons that the lectures must be over for now - this is about mid day and around about the same time that Draspher and Jaune were hitting up the local guard house for those thieves tools.
Looking the more academic of the two, Yurion makes a plan to mix in with the other academics and sneak out the front door in their midst. Sim - knowing that she’s unlikely to blend in as well, transforms into a rat and hides inside Yurions clothing.
It goes fairly well; Yurion waits till the group has passed and seamlessly slips into the back of the group. There’s a few looks at her but no one gives her a second glance as she looks exactly like you would expect of a bookish librarian. One of the researchers however takes a shine to her, and approaches to engage in small talk.
“Hiya. Some lecture, hey?”
“I suppose. I found it rather boring myself…”
“Cool, cool… Look I don’t suppose I can invite you to lunch could I?”
“I really would rather not…”
“Hey don’t worry, I’ll treat you. We can go wherever…. “
He didn’t get to finish that sentence as Sim, somewhat peeved that her girlfriend was being hit on by a creep, decided to slip down Yurions robes to the floor, sneak across to the guy's foot, and bite him on the ankle…
There’s a hushed silence at the table as we try to work out whether Sim, with a level 7 characters attack and strength stats, just murdered an NPC with maybe 3 hp simply by biting them on the foot. I ruled that he hadn’t done that much damage as a rat, otherwise we would have a Monty Python rabbit situation on our hands, and this campaign is weird enough without Monty Python references being in play…
So this guy is holding his foot and squawking obscenities which allows Yurion to disengage from him and move further down the group.
At the exit doors the group form up into a line, and a guard is watching over each person as they pass through an archway. Yurion is momentarily confused by this, but thanks that a combination of Sim using detect magic, a tongues spell (so she could talk to his rat form), and a fair bit of soft nipping and biting actions, they are able to work out that the archway is designed to prevent people from removing books, and other articles from the library.
Knowing that she couldn’t step out of the line without looking suspicious, the two hatched a plan. Yurion tore a page out of a single book without being seen and handed it to Sim. Sim then scuttled a few people down in the line to find her target - the one who had hit on Yurion - and snuck into his robes. He was a couple of people ahead in the cue and so was turning back every so often to look in her direction and smirk.
As it came to his turn he stepped into the archway, and the arch lit up like a Christmas tree. Confused he starts talking to himself, and the guards ask him politely to step back for a second. Then he tries again and the same thing happens.
“Sir. Could you step over here please?”
“Yes, of course. What’s going on”
“Sir, are you trying to remove any documents from the premises without authorisation?”
“What! No, of course not. I’m no thief!”
“Sir I have to insist that you empty your bags and pockets onto this tray please…”
“THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS! Don’t you know who I am!!”
“Sir, please do as asked or we will have to summon the guard…”
The guard is obviously very bored at this point, but a couple of his colleagues are looking a little eager for some excitement, and are approaching him slowly.
It’s at this point that Sim decides to have some extra fun with this guy, and starts nipping at him. The player, after the last situation, described it as, “I want to nip him so he feels it, but not so hard that I can draw blood.”
I describe as the guy starts leaping around, screaming about something in his robes, his voice getting higher and higher in pitch as he dances about in pain. One of the guards yells something like
“he’s performing some sort of weird ritual! Take him down”, and beats the guy in the side with a club. It’s at this point while the guards are distracted that Yurion decides to try and make a break for it, and is helped/hindered by her ghost once again causing the guards paperwork to explode in a shower of confetti. She’s soon joined by Sim who snuck out herself in the confusion as the mage in question started hurling his own clothes across the room in order to rid himself from the little biting creature…
They found the cheetah sitting in the sunshine a short distance away from the library licking it’s own balls, and looking very pleased with itself.
So the second time infiltration went somewhat similar…
Knowing what they were up against in terms of security, and approximately where they would be going, they decided to go in ‘actual stealth’ this time. The group invested in some scholarly robes for those who did not have any, as for Draspher and Yurion, they would fit right in. They were quite fortunate that they didn’t run into the same guard that had worked the shift that they’d come previously, as he would likely have recognised Yurion, but again it’s a working world that my players live in, and he wasn’t down to work that day.
They are able to get some basic forgery papers from the mobster for entrance into the library this time, and arrive in the afternoon when the rest of the scholars are returning from lunch. Yurion and Sim are able to note that the place looks pretty similar to how they remember it, but as the group try to split off from the main throng of people they are noticed by a guard.
“Excuse me ladies and gents - you need to proceed to the lecture halls as quickly as possible.”
Almost in unison, the whole table announces “Bathroom break!”, followed by a round of chuckling that they all had the same idea.
The guard aquiesses but goes with them so they don’t get lost. On the way he cites that, “You can’t be too careful nowadays. We had trouble the other day with some idiots familiar getting loose and causing havoc”
For obvious reasons they already indicated that they decided to leave the cheetah back at the club…
Jaune, fearless ninja, goes into the mens bathroom and is already invisible and out the door before the last man in the group has finished entering the room. He makes his way out and over to the office that Yurion described to him on their previous visit.
Meanwhile Yurion and Sim are wondering what to do about the guard. In a stroke of genius, Yurion makes a sound that sounds like she’s collapsed and Sim rushes out to get the guard to assist him with the unconscious lady.
After some umming and arring about not wanting to go into a ladies bathroom and wanting to find a female guard instead, Sim pulls out a fearsome intimidate roll, prompting the guard to enter the bathroom. He’s then grabbed from behind by Ocelot who had snuck behind him in the confusion, and Sim then tries to punch the guy unconscious. After a couple of false starts including Sim punching Ocelot in the face, they manage to subdue him, and they tie him up and toss him into the bathroom stall. As an afterthought, Sim slips off his panties and stuffs them into the guards mouth, and takes a lipstick and doodles on the guards manhood…
My players ladies and gents…
Jaune, during this, has reached the office, only to find it utterly empty… He investigates a little and finds a note suggesting that the contents of the plan room have been moved upstairs to the restricted files section, thanks to some plans going missing and a broken door lock.
Well fuck…
Jaune meets them back at the stairwell.
“So. Bad news… Seems like the stuff has been moved upstairs to a more secure area.”
“Well shit…Any idea how secure?”
“Well ironically, if we had the plans for the building, we would probably be able to make an educated guess…”
So the party begins a sneaking mission to traverse a few sets of stairs without being heard. There are a couple of near misses but Jaune plays invisible pathfinder until he comes to the top of the stairwell to a very secure locked door. It’s going to take him a while to crack through it and he enlists Yurions help in case the door has any magical components.
During this time two of the party get bored and decide that they want to go investigate some of the other areas on this floor. I have a rule in place that crafting can be assisted by getting good quality research materials and Ocelot and Drashper recognise that they might be able to find some good quality material right here.
They sneak off into the library to look for some books on wand making and IIRC engineering (I dunno why on this one. I think Ocelot was trying to make a siege weapon in his downtime). Ocelot for his part manages to make off with a book he wanted, but Draspher wasn’t so lucky. He tried to use a summoned yorkshire terrier to distract a set of guards away from the section he wanted, but after the cheetah incident only succeeded in bringing the guards straight to him.
Fortunately a set of good bluff rolls convinced the guards that he had simply got lost from the main group. The guards in the library were not affiliated with the town guards so had no reason to know Drasphers face or know that he was currently being sought for two explosions in the town. And thanks to his robes he had no problem convincing them he was there for the conference.
So a few minutes later, he’s sitting in a lecture hall with a bunch of other mages of varying types, doodling on his notebook and making stick man pictures…
So the rest of the group meet back up - there’s some despair over the Draspher situation again, but they reason that they can work something out later. Meanwhile there is a guard coming up the stairs towards them and Jaune has not quite finished cracking the lock yet.
Sim, bold as brass, walks down the stairs straight past the guard. The guard looks a little confused, and calls to her,
“Excuse me miss?”
“You aren’t supposed to walk around without an escort? Didn’t someone come with you from the lecture room?”
“When you have to go, you have to go. And no one was around when I came out of the door?”
“Okay, no problem. I’ll walk with you.”
So the guard walks Sim to the bathroom. Sim enters the room - gives a couple of seconds and screeches and runs out of the room.
He’s in there! He’s sitting in the stall!”
“Let me handle this maam”
And he races into the stall to confront the ‘pervert’. Imagine his surprise to find one of his colleagues sitting there with a woman's panties stuffed in his mouth and his trousers around his ankles, with some very interesting graffiti on his equipment”
“HOLY FUCK Stewart! You’re a married man!”
He didn’t hear Sim sneak up behind him and clocking him on the head. As Sim left the room, she used wood shape on the door to the room and sealed it shut. She then rejoined his colleagues upstairs.
Jaune finally popped the lock and the group (sans Draspher) ascended to the upper floor, where the security section was.The entire floor has an anti magic effect on it which is a low level field that disrupts casters. It’s part of that safeguard system that I mentioned previously i.e. to stop people with magical ability or superior skills running roughshod over commoners because it’s a high magic, steam punk tech setting. The whole area is connected to an alarm system that if overt casting is used it will set off alarms. There are a few traps setup in this area - currently active but also controlled independently. This section is a security checkpoint before the final storage area can be reached, and it’s monitored by a guard in a chair.
There's a good bit of hushed planning by the team - can they sneak past the traps? Can they access the guard? This goes on for some time till Jaunes player just gets sick of talking in circles and raps on the security shutter.
There’s a whistle of a microphone feedback -
“Hello, please pass credentials through the slot…”
Jaune, “Hi. We are representatives from the guard. We heard about the breakin earlier this week and that some of the paperwork had gone missing. We are here to do inventory and see if we can work out what has gone missing.”
“.... I dunno. I don’t have you on the timetable for today. I don’t even have you on the timetable for tomorrow.”
“Well I’m sorry to inconvenience you, but we have new information that someone may be planning an attack on a public building and we have reason to believe the plans may have come from here. If so we need to know what other plans have gone missing in order to know if there may be other attacks. If we had time on our side we would have made an appointment, but we need to move quickly on this.”
“.... I should really call my manager….”
And at this, Jaunes player slams his hands on the table.
“There isn’t any time to spare man! Lives could be in danger as we speak! Every minute we are in the dark some fiendish sorcerer could be plotting to blow up another building! Surely you’ve heard the news about two explosions in town!!!”
Somewhere downstairs - Draspher sneezes…
“Okay man - Okay!!”
I don’t even think I made him roll for bluff. He almost certainly would have made it anyway as Jaunes build was specced for two weapon fighting, with two weapon feint.
So the guy opens up the shutter and stares at the party all in researcher robes.
“Who’s the guard?”
Jaune, “That would be me”
“You don’t look like a guard…”
“Good eye”
And then Jaunes player dumps most of the contents of his dice bag onto the table and declares he is using his ninja ability “Flurry of stars”
The guard was most certainly not expecting it…
And according to the rules, or at least as I was told by Jaunes player, every single star could use his sneak attack damage dice. And he could throw a stupid number of these things.
Poor Garry the guard ended up being turned into fertiliser by a fistful of shuriken.
Having not expected this at all, the rest of the group were horrified by this sudden murder by the guy who was basically cooperating with them.
Jaune - “I couldn’t be sure that we could keep the bluff going. I (pointing at himself) can bluff. Yurion is reasonable at bluffing, hell even Draspher can occasionally make it work. But Ocelot has a poker face like a set of mirrored sunglasses”
“Hey…. *sadface*”
Yurion - “You really do though… So any idea how to open the door?”
Jaune - “What do you mean?”
Yurion - “Well as far as I can tell the magical traps effects are still armed, and the door is still sealed…”
Jaune - “Maybe there’s a mechanism in the guards office”
Me (DM) roll for engineering
Jaune - “I don’t have that…”
Sim - “Did we just kill the only guy who knows how to work the door???”
So fortunately Ocelot has taken Knowledge; Engineering, and with a few minutes of poking around and checking labels and buttons behind the guards desk, he’s about 70% sure he knows how to work the controls.
Ocelot - “So the way this system works is that the guard has overall control over the door mechanism. It’s like an airlock system (at which point there is a flurry of argument over whether anyone would know in character what an airlock is except Ocelot).
To cut a long story short, it’s a two door system, where only one door can be open at any one time. People go into the chamber, lock the outer door, and then open the inner door to pass into the inner sanctum. There are a couple of pressure plates in addition that hook up to the alarms but Ocelot doesn’t know how to work the system to disable them. Jaune is able to point them out and the group succeed with some easy acrobatic rolls to avoid touching them.
So into order to safeguard their escape, and because he knows how the system works, Ocelot volunteers to work the door mechanism. So Yurion, Sim and Jaune head into the chamber, Ocelot works the system and they enter the inner sanctum of the library secure section.
It didn’t take them very long to find the stuff they are looking for - the plans had simply been loaded into a couple of large crates and shipped upstairs, with the intention that they would be returned downstairs at a later point when the original office was repaired and reinforced. So they wander around a little till they find the crates, and Yurion starts digging into the box to find what they need. The industrious ninja is meanwhile browsing the shelves and occasionally picking up books that look particularly posh or valuable and dumping them into his handy haversack with the intention of selling them at a later date. That is until he turns to the others, and mumbles,
“Guys… I don’t feel so good…”, and falls flat on his face...
Now this is a highly secure room containing this particular library’s most valuable books and papers. Items with ancient manuscripts and pages from lost civilisations that are quite delicate and brittle. The simple solution would be several flavours of magic for preventing decay and rot - like the equivalent of gentle repose etc.
However in this instance because the room has several anti magic countermeasures in place, it interferes with the efficacy of these types of spells. So the librarians had to create a technological method for maintaining the scrolls and parchments.
They simply fill the room with inert gas.
Unfortunately Ocelots Knowledge roll wasn’t quite high enough to realise that part of the console in front of him controlled a venting system to allow normal air into the room. So while the group were browsing around in the room I started rolling hidden fortitude rolls for them to avoid suffocation.
Occasionally as a DM I will make random secret rolls behind the screen and make a note of them - sometimes it’s for a reason, other times it’s to keep my players on their toes. And I don’t tend to roll back to back when I do this.
So when I start rolling three separate dice (Yurion, Sim and Jaune), noting the results, and then waiting about 60 seconds before doing it again, the players started looking uneasy. And when I announced to Jaune that he passed out unconscious, they suddenly realised “Crap… Quick, lets get the fuck out of here.”
Meanwhile outside in the office, Ocelot has no idea this is happening. All of a sudden there is a ring on the board - some sort of intercom he reasons - and he pushes the button to open the connection.
Ocelot - “Hey, you guys finished in there?”
Guard - “Gary? You sound rough buddy? Still got that cold?”
It’s at this point Jaune’s player lays his head in his hands and mouths “mirrored… fucking… sunglasses…”
Ocelot, then for some reason starts slurring his words a little.
“Yeah, sss’ Gary here. Tha’s me, Gary…. Gary the guard…”
“You okay there buddy… You sound like you’ve been hitting the sauce dude… You know the boss banned you from drinking on the job man. You are gonna get fired and then what’s your wife gonna think?”
“It was just a little drinky man… I just thought it would help clear up this cold… Don’t tell the boss man…” and he just starts fake blubbering into the console.
Meanwhile Sim’s player clips Jaune round the head and says out of character “That dude you killed had a wife…”
Jaune - “I’ve made plenty of widows, no one cares…”
Yurion meanwhile is trying to use a small intercom device by the door of the security room to let Ocelot know they want to come out. Both he and Sim are starting to feel sickly, and Sim is carrying Jaune over his shoulder who is starting to take some damage from suffocation. Problem is that there is only one channel on this setup so while the other guard is on the line they can’t talk to Ocelot. So out of character Ocelot is now meta gaming hard to try and wrap up the conversation in order to get his team out of the ‘vault’ before they all suffocate. And he wouldn’t be able to go into the room to save them because he’s got no one to work the door…
Ocelot - “Look buddy, I think I might have taken a weeny bit too much of this stuff. Can someone come relieve me. I need to go lie down for a minute…”
Guard - “Sorry buddy, we can’t just this second. We have this weird situation down here with Stewart and Jerry. Guys have somehow locked themselves in the ladies bathroom and apparently Stewarts got his pants round his ankles and lipstick everywhere… We’ll send someone soon okay.
Ocelot - “K… Thanks man…”
So, this plan is falling apart very quickly… As soon as the line is clear Yurion is able to buzz through and Ocelot works the door mechanism to bring them back through. As soon as the outer door begins to open, fresh air rushes into the chamber and the group start breathing more clearly. Sim strides back out into the corridor and unceremoniously dumps Jaune onto the ground in a heap.
Me - “Oh god…”
Sim - “... What…”
Jaune - “Dude, you just threw my ass right on top of the alarmed pressure plates in that corridor…”
Sim - “........ FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Whoop, whoop, whoop… The alarms start blaring and the table stares at Sim.
Sim - “This wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t murdered Gary…”
So shit has essentially hit the fan - Ocelot starts pulling handmade grenades out of his handy haversack and handing them to people. Because the alarms are blaring, there is an anti magic field in place to stop casting (they were aware of this being a thing) so technology and brute force is the best option. The only real way to go is out the way they came in, but in a brilliant case of deductive reasoning from Yurion’s player (again this was this players IRL superpower), she reasoned that they were at the top of the building and perhaps they could break through a window and across the roof to escape. Ocelots player took this one stage further, pulled a barrel full of gunpowder out of his bag, and said,
“Fuck it. If there is no window - we’ll make one…”
In the meantime, there are a couple of guards trying to get up the stairs to see what is going on. Jaune made a quick recovery when he started breathing again, and so he and Sim immediately went and attempted to block the stairwell with whatever he could find. This included the guards office chair and a wooden desk that they hurled down the stairs to form a rudimentary barricade.
The guards start pushing at the door and manage to lever it open a little ways. Jaune takes the opportunity to wing one of Ocelots home made grenades at them through the gap in the door.
“Gary? Is everything alright up there? Chris said you weren’t feeling well and might have hit the alarm by… HOLY SHIT!!!”
As this grenade comes flying through the gap and detonates, there is a bang, a couple of heavy thuds, and the door slams closed again.
So they place this barrel of gunpowder in where they believe is one of the outside walls and they take cover as best they can in the guards office. Ocelot shoots off the barrel and there’s a mighty explosion that leaves them all temporarily stunned and deaf. When they look next, there is a large hole that has opened up into the eaves of the building - basically it’s the gap between the roof shingles and the inner wall in the building.
They pile into this area filled with support beams and plaster dust and find a sloping section of the roof shingles. Sim then wild shapes (at the time I ruled wild shape would not be affected by an anti magic field) into a gorilla and starts going hog wild on the roof shingles for a couple of rounds, punching them and breaking them to form a larger hole, while Ocelot starts looking for a solid enough support beam that hasn’t been compromised by the explosion. He then ties off his length of rope to the beam, and casts it out of the hole Sim makes to the ground.
Sim himself eschews the rope, and using his gorilla skills climbs down the side of the building. Yurion and Ocelot take hold of the rope and start abseiling down the side of the building to the ground. Jaune hangs back briefly to cover their escape.
As Yurion and Ocelot reach the ground, Jaune tosses both of the remaining grenades Ocelot handed him earlier into the stairwell, then leaps out of the hole off the building with the explosion going off behind him..
Me- “You aren’t using the rope?”
Jaune - “Nope - in fact I took the time to untie the rope so Ocelot could recover it. It’s highly unlikely but I don’t want anything that could be traced back to us if possible.”
“You still haven’t answered the obvious question. Aren’t you going to kill yourself?”
“Nope”, said Jaunes player with a big ol’ shit eating grin on his face.
It was at this point that I learned about a magic item called “Boots of the Cat”.
This magic item allows a player to treat any falling damage as the minimum amount of damage rolled. So even if you tossed a player out of a plane and they hit terminal velocity (according to the crunch this is 20d6 of damage), the maximum damage they would take is 20 points of damage…
Motherfucker even described himself doing a flip on the way down… I can only imagine that they inspired or were inspired by Portals long fall boots…
Need to make a short segue here to explain something - our hapless players were not alone in this city in their struggles. They had their contact Ninja-san (...) who could and would occasionally contact them using agents from time to time. Said agents would identify themselves with a code phrase;
“An angels wings glow brightest at twilight”
Needless to say this is a group that didn’t take notes… So of course they all forgot the damned codeword numerous times during the game and kept having to remember it properly.
So as the group are standing at the base of the building, wondering about their next move, there is a rustling from a nearby bush. Without any hesitation Sim launches at it in gorilla form and punches it as hard as he could.
The agent got as far as “an angels…” before he was launched 30 ft into the bushes surrounding the library by a gorilla’s fist… At least Sim was making an effort not to kill people and so hit him non lethally. Jaune had already prepared a flurry of stars, but lost out in initiative order.
Not knowing what else to do they took off with Sim carrying the agent over his monkey shoulder, till they reached the outer wall - as far away from the main gate as they could. Here the anti magic field wasn’t in place, so they used stone shape to make a hole in the wall, and they escaped into the city.
It’s at this point that someone made the point of saying.
“It feels like we’re forgetting something…”
So Draspher is sitting in the lecture hall when the building alarm goes off…
The guards for their part are a little perturbed but they start asking the crowd of casters present to please start moving towards the exit in an orderly fashion.
Then an explosion rocks the building…
Draspher then starts riling up the crowd, causing the assembled group to charge out of the building in a panic, into the grounds of the building. As they reach the outside of the building there is a gasp as people look up to see a full grown gorilla stand up - beat it’s chest and disappear out of sight towards the back of the building.
Draspher for his part tries to stay incognito in the crowds of people assembled. As the local guard forces turn up he stays out of sight with his hat pulled down, until at last they enter the building and he feels the anti magic restrictions lift. He sighs, says a quick farewell to a couple of people next to him, and then uses invisibility to vanish and escape the grounds.
In the aftermath of this event there is an investigation. Clearly there has been yet another explosion within the city limits. At least two deaths of the library security were reported. When witnesses were questioned they admittedly saw very little of the event themselves - all people involved remember being blind sided or were the fatalities. On a strange instinct the investigating officer showed the witnesses a picture of an escaped convict wanted in connection for two other bombings in the city. Several witnesses in the library guards as well as in the lecture hall were able to identify the man known as ‘The Mad Bomber’ though they seem to remember him being in the lecture hall at the time of the explosion.
Regardless, Draspher the mad bomber is being sought in connection with now a third explosion within city limits, and is to be considered armed and extremely dangerous. Lethal force is authorised.
Did I mention that he still has no offensive spells in his spell loadout, and remains the only character with a good alignment...
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Unsure if infp or isfp

Heya, I've never really done a type me post before, so sorry if it's a bit awkward. For a while now I've been debating whether or not my Ne has been as strong as I thought it was and have been questioning my type for a good while now. Any bit of insight would be appreciated. For this I'm going to copy and paste a post I made in another subreddit, but I'll be adding a bit more extra details at the end of it.
Describe yourself in as much elaborate detail as possible (that still renders you anonymous, or to a level of acceptable comfort)
For a good majority of my life I've loved art/drawing. I grew up watching animation from the 60's which helped instill a love of animation into me at a young age. I actually preferred doing art than playing on the playground, I preferred walking around the playground alone with my thoughts than to run around. I was never properly diagnosed, but I take medication for anxiety. It effected me for a good whole year that left me in a state where I could barely function. I'm generally really passive, the few times I've gotten angry around people (besides family) everyone would be bewildered. I used to be really creative growing up, I made countless comics and characters. High school has left me feeling extremely drained and empty though, I haven't had the confidence/drive to make something as much as I used to.
Why are you interested in knowing your type?
I want to know myself better. When I first took a mbti test I got infp, but the description didn't feel right. I was in a really unhealthy state and didn't view myself in a positive way at all. The description felt like a lie, it made it sound like I was supposed to be pure/good when I viewed myself in the complete opposite. I couldn't see myself in a positive light so I was desperate to find something else. I spent months researching mbti, I eventually learned about the functions and started to form a hobby around mbti. It became something I loved talking and theorizing about. Ever since the test, I realized I didn't know myself as much as I thought I did. I want to get to know my identity better and finally find comfort in knowing who I am
Do you go to work and/or you in school? If so, what field/occupation/subjects?
I'm a senior in High school, I take AP art, graphic design, psychology, and general subjects I need to graduate. A lot of the classes I've taken in the past have had something to do with film making/art, (av/band). A close second favorite for those classes would have to be english. I took ap/honors english and had a lot more fun than I expected. I was really nervous that I wouldn't be smart enough to keep up, but the worry would ease away the moment I got to write about something I cared about intensely. I still had doubt that my writing was any good, but it was a lot of fun to go over subjects that were really interesting.
Describe your upbringing. Did it have any kind of religious or structured influence? How did you respond to it?
My family was never really religious, but my grandmother was. I was really close to her and would spend a lot of time with her growing up, so I'd always hear some form of christian stories. I didn't have a hard time believing in them, but the thought of god made me feel uneasy when I got older. That was when the self hatred was starting to creep up. There were times where I'd try to find hope from god when I was feeling extremely low. I'd plea for him to help make things better, but a lot of time it never worked. I wanted to believe in something like god so badly but it became harder and harder when more and more pain would come. It made me uncertain if god really did exist. For a good while it felt like if god did exist, then he loved everyone except me. I don't rely on god as much as I used to anymore, I hardly even think about Christianity anymore. I'm still unsure on how I feel about the concept of god for a multitude of reasons
Do you need logical consistency in your life?
I wouldn't really say so, but I do welcome it. I want to understand the world and forces around me, I know growing up I desperately wanted there to be something I could count on that I knew was real. I'd put faith in so many different things, only to be disappointed when they'd fail me
How curious are you? Do you have more ideas then you can execute? What are your curiosities about? What are your ideas about?
I made a lot of comics growing up. Everyday in 2nd grade I'd grab a piece of construction paper and would doodle comics about whatever was in my head. One day I grabbed notebook paper, and I managed to write more and more than usual. I grabbed a binder for the comic, which turned into a 200 page comic. I made a sequel to it and started another, but when middle school began I started to lose motivation. I started a lot of ideas but never finished them. I want to get back into making comics, but it's become harder to find that drive I used to have. I've tried planning things out in order for it not to come out badly like the comics I made before but I always end up getting anxious when realizing the idea was never that good in the first place. The first comic I made was full of references to other movies and was filled with a lot of bad cliches. But when looking at other comics/stories I've had, a lot of them have themes of escaping into another world.
If money was not an issue, what careejob would you have?
I'd probably be an artist or animator. It's still something I want to do, but lately I've been doubting my own abilities. Art is really the only thing I know best, but I'm not sure if I'd be good enough to get a job.
Are you a free spirit or do you play by the rules? If so, why?
I'd say I mostly play by the rules. It really depends on the situation. A lot of the time I'm too nervous to get in trouble, but there are also times where I've forced myself to act because I knew something bad would happen if I didn't/
If I asked you to take a shot with a football how would that make you feel? Would you be able to do it well? Would you enjoy it?
I've never been athletic, so I really wouldn't. Every time I get near a ball it's always because I'm about to be hit with it or avoid it
If I asked you to write me an essay, would you enjoy it? What would it be about? How would it make you feel?
I'd get pretty nervous. Unless there was a prompt given, I wouldn't know what to write about. I'd overthink what would/wouldn't be a good idea to write about, go through ideas that could/couldn't work, or even get so nervous that my mind goes blank and I can't think of anything at all. I've done timed writings before, and it was always nerve wrecking. I'm only really able to enjoy writing essays when I have extended time to work. When put under a limit, I pump out whatever I can in hopes of writing anything.
Is it okay to crack a few eggs? If it makes an omelette? Do the ends justify the means?
Not always, no. It depends on every situation, but there shouldn't be a large portion of people hurt to achieve something
Do you put things back in their proper place?
Not usually. I tend to put things where I can easily reach them when I need it. I lose stuff a lot that way. I do make sure to put things in a place where it won't get easily broken.
How do you behave around strangers, acquaintances and friends?
I've always been awkward around strangers. If it's around a large group of people I don't know, I get really quiet. But if it were someone that my friends had supposedly just met the other day, I'd be more open to talk. I like conversations that have really goofy/dumb humor, I can either be really talkative one day or really quiet the next. With people I don't know that well, I can sometimes come off as annoyed when in reality I'm just really tired.
Do you have exquisite tastes that you would expend effort or money for?
Not really, no. There are few instances where I will see something I desperately want that ends up being a lot of money, but I generally don't go after expensive things.
How do you act when others request your help to do something (anything)? If you would decide to help them, why would you do so?
It really depends on what it is/who's asking. If it's a stranger I get really awkward and try to give it as fast as I can. If it's with a friend, I try to help in whatever way I can. If it's something I used to have trouble with then I help to try to be the advice that I had wish I'd known earlier. With family, I get annoyed more easily. I don't get along with them that much. Whenever I try to help them it either goes fine or hair pulling frustrating. I get more reactive and impulsive whenever it comes to family. Over time I've had to become more and more willing to fight back whenever someone that's a part of my family threatens to hurt someone/thing I care about
How long do you take to make an important decision? How would you go about it? And do you change your mind once you've made it?
Sometimes it'll take me a long time to make a decision, others it'll take less time. I try to think of what would happen if I chose one way over another. I'm never that confident when making a decision. Sometimes I'll regret the decision I made and realize a better course of action to take
If I asked you to design a plan of action, would it be easier to work alone or in a group? Do you ask for others opinion? or stick to your own guns?
I probably work better alone, but I wouldn't mind working with others. A lot of the time I look around to see what others are doing whenever I'm confused on instructions
A weekend best spent looks like ...?
Probably doing things I really enjoy. What I really enjoy doing is art and other creative mediums. I get really excited whenever I find a niche series/form of media that I never knew existed before
My biggest fears are ...
Probably being lied to/becoming insignificant. I've had a lot of things kept secret from me, a lot of was what was going on around me/about myself. I'm afraid of being lied to and being kept in the dark, I'd honestly would rather be told the truth than be lied to, even if it hurts
How much do you express yourself and what mediums do you do that through? Art? Writing? Talking?
When I was younger I'd make mini comics or write to vent. I'd always be sure to hide it in my room where no one could ever find it. I didn't have a lot of privacy growing up and I'd often get yelled at whenever my mom found hidden writing where I'd vent to myself. I gradually vented more to friends over time, which is now the main way i let out my anger. There have been times where it's gotten so intense that I'd end up physically letting it out. Everytime those moments would come up, I'd try to lock myself in my room in order not to hurt my brother. The moments I regret the most was when I physically hurt him in the heat of the moment. I try not to have those moments come up, but when they do, I separate myself from my family and end up hurting myself instead
Generally where do you lean politically? Is it every man for himself? Should people be pragmatic? Does the government need to step in and help people?
I don't really know that much about politics, I don't really have that much of an informed opinion. If I had to choose, I guess I'd be left. I generally want people to have equal rights and can't stand a lot close mindedness
Does it matter if something is factually correct for you to believe in it?
It doesn't have to be, but I really want what i believe in to be real. I desperately want things to believe in. It's become harder to believe in things after being disappointed for so long, but I still want something that feels real
Are emotions/feelings an important aspect of your life? If so, then why?
Anxiety affects me almost daily, so I'd say yes. I get emotional over a lot of things, which my family mocks me for a lot.
How attached are you to reality?
I find reality to be quite depressing. The thought that all that happens is nothing more than what happens in front of us leaves me feeling empty.
How thick skinned are you? Are you sensitive to criticism?
I've tried to become more thick skinned to criticism. I want to become better at art, so I've been forcing myself to have my work critiqued for the past couple of years. There are times where it hurts though
Lately I've been questioning if my ne even exists at all. I feel like my ne was a lot more present growing up, but has faded away over time the more and more I had to deal with reality. For a while now I've felt been in a constant state of emotional exhaustion. Working all day and dealing with school will leave me emotionally drained and empty. My brain will end up feeling like mush while I can barely think. This has made me question whether or not if I use ne at all.
Something I forgot to mention in the original post was that I have ADD. Which, makes it hard to concentrate on things for me. Growing up I liked graphic novels and comics a lot more than plain text books. I wanted to read more plain text books, but the amount of words always left me overwhelmed. It'd always take a long time for me to concentrate on reading and it would often take a long time for me to finish a book that would take my classmates less time to read. I didn't really write a lot for myself growing up. I've tried diaries/journaling, but I'd always end up forgetting about it. I'd occasionally go back to write in it for fun, but the few times I brought it up my mom would want to read it. These felt so personal, but I was terrified of what would happen if I said no. Having her read it like it was me writing another story hurt a lot, which is probably another reason why I didn't write a lot.

I'd really appreciate any insight. I wasn't really sure what I should/shouldn't include, so I'm really sorry if this is all just a jumbled mess
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