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I hate having to hate Linux

I know this will be downvoted. But here's the thing: Linux sucks for the intermediate to advanced user that has no specific need for it.
Yeah, I'm using Windows. No, it's not that "I don't know about Linux". You see, I've 'been playing around with computers for around 30 years. I've played with many-many-many different distros. I'm not really "experienced" in Linux, but my favorite distro is Gentoo if that's saying anything. I like being able to control every tiny aspect of how my "machines" work, I like being able to tweak the hell out of them. I like being able to smartly use Zram to make the system fly. But there's a problem:
And then what?
I've tried working in Linux many-many times. I even forced myself to use nothing else but Mint and Arch for two whole years. After returning to Windows, I wanted to cry. I felt released. Linux had made me feel like shit. I had to constantly fight to have a working system, where I couldn't do the things that would actually have any meaning in me using it. Let me explain.
My first and foremost problem: Linux has no file manager like Directory Opus. None. If somebody says "but it has a Directory Opus clone based on the Amiga version that can do whatever th..." stop it, he's an idiot who hasn't used DirOpus. "File Management" is NOT only "I want to take those files from here and put them there". It's not just extracting files. Renaming them. Creating folders. If you've ever worked with Directory Opus, you know what "File Management" is. Let's see an example.
I can download youtube-dl, an executable that runs in commandline. Then, customize Directory Opus creating a new button in its interface (as well as a keyboard shortcut, anything I like) that, whenever I select a txt file and click it, will run youtube-dl and "pass" the txt file to it, together with some command arguments. Youtube-dl will check the file, read a list of URLs I've got there and download the corresponding videos from YouTube in the folder the txt file rests in.
That's just ONE example of how you can use it as an extension of your own desktop, as part of a larger "system' of working of your computer, that doesn't just rely on icons and commands. Directory Opus can work like a "glue" for different applications, different sets of data, all the while having your file system at its core.
And Linux doesn't have anything like that.
The closer equivalent is Konqueror, but it's way harder to customize it and you also have to write lengthy scripts for things Directory Opus does with single click.
Then comes AutoHotKey. The closest Linux equivalent is AutoKey, and it sucks compared to it. "No, no, it's way better since it's based on Python, and you can write your own Python to..." there. You just lost it there. "You can write in Python". That means "you have to LEARN Python" to use it properly. But what is AutoHotKey, for those that haven't heard of it?
A scripting language. For Windows.
What's so special about it? Let's see how I'm using it.
Whenever I press Windows Key + Shift + G, a window appears. It allows me to enter up to 20 queries and then select "where I'd like to search for them" between my favorite sites. From Google Search and Google Image Search to IMDB, MetaCritic or even PirateBay. I then hit the "Go" button, or hit alt+enter, and tabs with my queries open in my default browser.
I made this. In AutoHotKey. The GUI part is 15-20 lines in a typical text file. The sites where the queries "run" are defined in 20-30 more lines. In the same text file. In 50-60 lines of code, I've created a multi-search program that helps me in my daily use of my PC. To do it on Linux? There's nothing that allows you to easily create GUIs with each of their elements affected by simple code. At best you'd have to learn Python and then Glade to create something similar. With AutoHotKey you can create a project like that in a single afternoon - and that's accounting also for not having worked with AutoHotKey, like, ever. You just have to peek around at its forums, do some searches for examples of code, copy-paste, do a bit of work on your own... But yep, no more than one afternoon. On Linux and the Python-Glade combo (it's supposed to be the easiest equivalent)? You'd need at least one week of reading and playing around with "hello world" programs and, after that, from another week to 2 months to create a proper GUI and a non-buggy Python script that would do the same.
Noticed how I said "when I press Windows Key + Shift + G"? Well, when I press "Windows Key + `" (tilde), a different window appears. I can write a title in a text field, an intro in a different one, some paragraphs in another one... Then add tags, add images and, hey presto, a new post on my blog. Through curl and xmlrpc. And AutoHotKey providing "the GUI" for it. That one was another afternoon. How much time would somebody need to create his own freaking blogging client on Linux from scratch?
And what's the killer? That AutoHotKey was not created for that kind of stuff. Nope, it can also automate everything you do on the desktop. So, when I'm in Handbrake, Alt+A translates to "read the position of the mouse cursor, move it to the Add to Queue button, click it and then return the mouse to its original position". With one single line of AutoHotKey "code" I added an "Add to Queue" shortcut in HandBrake, without knowing how to properly code or having to tweak its source code. AutoHotKey excels in this kind of "move mouse there and hit those buttons" kind of scripting.
AutoKey supposedly does the same in Linux, but it's missing the GUI stuff. Plus, when I was working with it, many times it had problems "communicating" with the clipboard, or couldn't properly transfer text to different programs, 'cause each one of them could use a different kind of text encoding (and I'm Greek, so being able to type Greek in ANY program without having to manually switch codepages was kind of a big deal).
Linux also doesn't have anything like Photoshop. Nothing even comes close. There are way lesser programs that try to mimic its interface but don't understand one of the reasons it's the best app of its kind is that it's not created only by programmers, but also from designers. There are micro-touches to it, like the way layers snap to the grid or to gridlines, or the easy way of managing layer groups. And it's also "the standard". The only program that comes close functionality-wise is the Gimp. And its interface and "way of doing things" makes me want to vomit.
No, it's not "you're used to Photoshop and you don't care to learn something different that could actually be better bec..." no, it sucks, fullstop. I was creating graphics on my Commodore 64. With a joystick. Then on my Amiga. With Deluxe Paint. GIMP's creators should feel ashamed that all those years they keep messing up what the people behind Advanced Art Studio got right almost three decades ago (that's if we're talking "different interface" here). A GUI should be intuitive. Layer management shouldn't be a pain in the arse. I'm looking at a list of my layers. Why the heck can't I simply click on one and then move it around?
Sorry if that's 'been fixed in the last two years, I don't know, I gave GIMP its chances through the last, what, 15 years?! It always sucked compared even to similar freeware tools on Windows.
And where's the Adobe Premiere equivalent? The After Effects equivalent? What professional or semi-professional programs can somebody use on Linux, without having to resort to Not-Emulation (har-har, "WINE Is Not an Emulator")? And let's not talk gaming.
Those two years I forced myself to work with it were actually easier than other times I tried to do the same, since I was creating themes for WordPress, managing some blogs, blogging, writing in general. It was awesome having Apache, MySQL, PHP at my fingertips. It sucked that to create graphics I had to return to Windows. It was awesome how I could optimize all images to be used online through a simple batch script. It sucked that Adobe Flash would run properly in only one of the three browsers I was using.
So, if I wasn't a programmer or web developer, why should I use Linux? "'cause it's safer and I wouldn't be as easily attacked by hackers / catch a virus" my Linux friends kept saying. But "I haven't 'been hacked by a hacker nor cought any virus" in the almost two decades I've also 'been using Windows, so what would be different with Linux? I'm not the noob who'll click on "Live Nude Girlies" and catch a virus. I'm not the fool who'll send his personal info to the first "President of Uganda Republic" mail he'll get. And I'm no programmer or (proper) web developer. I mostly worked with text, graphics and video. So, what would Linux have to offer to someone like me?
Plus, it would make everything way harder, and make me feel miserable whenever a new update broke something, somewhere, that a) I could either spend 2-5 days fixing manually or b) wait for the next update that could fix it, but would probably not before breaking something else.
As you see, when I hate Linux, I do it properly. Not because "I don't like that fat penguin". It's not that I didn't try, or give it a chance. It's just that "it ain't there yet".
PS: I am running Raspbian on my Raspberry Pi. I am running Mint occasionally in a VM. I do like Linux for web-related tasks. What I hate is all those idiots saying "you can do everything on Linux that you can do on Windows", who just happen to be people who never actually did much on Windows and they're doing exactly the same on Linux. If you want to browse the internet and write some texts or sketch something, you can even do it on a two-decades old Atari ST. It physically pains me that Linux is still way behind Windows and Mac OS as far as "bigger" programs go. And no, it's not that "big companies don't support Linux". Ages ago those "big companies" were small companies. Everybody's got to start from somewhere. And on Linux, instead of fifty programmers gathering together to create the open source Adobe equivalent, they each go on his own, creating his own version of Microsoft's Paint. "'cause freedom of choice is good". Yeah, it IS good, but when you DON'T have an After Effects equivalent, but you DO have 50 versions of Paint, if you don't understand "that's a problem" and go on creating your own, 51st version of Paint, you're a fool.
As you may understand, all this is not a bashing of Linux because I hate it. Or I haven't tried it. Or I don't "get" it. Quite the opposite: I love the idea, I love the way it works, but I keep getting disappointed that I can't work with it as easy as I can on Windows without having to spend ten times more work and time to end up with something less than I would on Windows.
And that's the end of my rant. I hate having to hate Linux. I find myself forever returning to it, tweaking it, creating my perfect desktop, and then end up just looking at it, not having anything else to do but browse facebook and funny cat pics. When not editing a PHP-HTML-CSS file.
Am I the only one?
And will I ever be able to finally, fully migrate to the land of the Penguin?
/rant off
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We've often felt that Lenovo is missing out on the substantial sector by not marketing its experienced ThinkPad laptops additional broadly in India and at a lot more acceptable prices.Whilst many designs can be obtained in retail,places of work that get in bulk recover prices and a lot more possibilities in terms of attributes and specifications.That ignores an enormous range of possible buyers - college students,freelancers,startups,the BYOD crowd,and perhaps just normal dwelling users who prioritise efficiency over type or amusement.Lenovo is attempting to fill this pretty hole with its new V collection - the V is for victory.This is a product line designed specifically to appeal to little businesses,although the enterprise nonetheless wishes to keep a single foot in the retail market.Therefore,when these laptops will however be presented to small business clients purchasing in bulk,a significant range of V series laptop SKUs are detailed on Lenovo's site and will be available in bodily stores.The Lenovo V330 Lenovo V330 Charger is specifically targeted at consumers who have to have a moveable,trusted,no-nonsense business enterprise laptop.It is really intended to deliver company administration capabilities at the same time as modern-day specifications and advantage.We have invested really a while while using the V330,and we have found numerous small touches that established it aside from mainstream laptops.Could this be the low-cost ThinkPad we have constantly preferred We examine all elements of the Lenovo Miix 510 in the overview underneath.
From the outside,the Lenovo V330 appears to be rather swish,concluded within an 'Iron Gray' significant gloss plastic using a brushed metal skinned lid.Additionally, it will come in the lighter 'Mineral Gray' in the event the other shade is simply too darkish. The 15-inch display screen type aspect lets a lot of house to the keyboard,touchpad and facet positioned ports,keeping away from the cramped nature of smaller sized gadgets. At 2.05kg it isn't the lightest equipment to hold all over,but it really isn't just about anything you would've issues balancing on your own lap or using on the educate. However,because it involves an optical generate that ejects within the correct side,the place a right-handed individual would typically position their mouse,you would possibly still run into area troubles. More cost-effective machines are not typically blessed are during the ports accessible department,although the V330 has a fantastic collection. The standard culprits are there: HDMI,VGA,two USB three.0 ports,RJ-45 Ethernet,an SD Card slot and audio combo jack.And,not predicted but good to see,are two USB Type-C ports. 1 of those is usually a Thunderbolt port,with both equally DisplayPort Sony XBR-65X930D Charger and PowerDelivery capable that ought to operate effectively with a suitable Thunderbolt docking station. Opening the lid reveals a keyboard with equally respectable sized keys along with a superior spacing in between them.The membrane vital motion can be a small light-weight for our sausage-like digits,but an affordable pace of entry is easily within just grasp. Underneath the keyboard around the remaining facet is really a fingerprint reader that was not on par with all the same technological innovation on most phones,but it truly is a choice.What's probable to cause additional problems is definitely the touchpad,a style that has no noticeable buttons. You may gesture remaining Dell XPS 13 Charger or proper mouse clicks,although the entrance edge has switches under it that execute a similar operate in case you press hard more than enough. As we'll point out later on,this was 1 in the factors we did not look after,mainly because it did not feel incredibly resilient.
As standard,we proceed by using a think about the connectivity possibilities.A whole lot goes on listed here.Both of those sides are completely taken by I/O.Beginning through the still left a person,we've a charging socket,VGA and RJ-45 connectors,likewise being an HDMI port.Next that we have a complete of three USB three.0 ports - one of them is often a Type-A Snooze hp spectre x360 charger and Demand enabled,though the opposite two are of the Type-C,just one of that may be employed like a charging port.Over the other side,we notice a further USB Type-A port,which has no distinctive enhancements.It's accompanied by a headphone jack and an SD card slot on the south,plus a DVD optical travel on the north.To the bottom we see some air flow drills which increase the suction capabilities with the gadget,while the exhausted heat is pushed out from holes with the back in the product,which sadly intervenes while using the hinge protect,most likely reducing the efficiency.Within the other facet the speakers are facing in direction of the person,and therefore are a little bent,therefore the seem waves will replicate off the surface area on which the product is sitting,so sounding deeper and louder.Despite some shortcomings,you will find a few features of this equipment HP Pavilion x2 Battery that redeem it to a degree.Nonetheless,to obtain these,you'll need to be a bit adventurous. Having within isn't really easy,and was under no circumstances meant to generally be a little something customers really should do.But it's far from unachievable,even if it might invalidate your guarantee doing so. There aren't any less than eleven smaller cross-head screws to acquire outside of the base and a further two concealed in the optical bay to detach the plastic underside tray. After we did this,we experienced obtain to the SATA bay with the difficult push,enabling us to swap that out for any SATA SSD if inclined.We also discovered an unused SO-DIMM memory slot,permitting the 4GB of soldered memory to generally be augmented with yet another 16GB chip. But what's even better,this machine has an M.2 PCIe interface,enabling an NVMe push being put in for ultimate storage general performance. Individuals who don't love guarantee invalidation however have some storage enhancement opportunities,if they are ready to get rid of the optical drive - a work you'll be able to do with out a screwdriver and with Lenovo's approval. You can find third-party modules which are designed to carry a two.5-inch SATA travel lenovo t410 charger that can slot in this bay,allowing you to insert an even better or greater travel somewhat painlessly. Or,you could use a Lenovo Ultrabay accent,expanding the battery ability by 39Wh,and more than doubling functioning time. With any of these proposed changes,the general performance envelope from the review V330 will be radically transformed,fully to the improved.
The Lenovo notebook reaches its comprehensive potentialWith the V330-15IKB,Lenovo provides a fifteen.6-inch business office notebook in its product or service selection,that is oriented toward private and qualified customers.It offers ample overall performance for place of work and Net programs.Our evaluate machine might be experienced for any where amongst 560 and 600 Euros.Therefore,it offers the lowest-priced model with the time of the review.Other components configurations are obtainable.The Lenovo V330-15IKB is powered by Intel's Main i3-7130U.It really is a dual-core ULV processor samsung s7 charger with a TDP of fifteen watts.The CPU includes a base frequency of two.seven GHz.You can find no Turbo boost functionality.Hyper-Threading is supported.The CPU operates at comprehensive speed in our benchmarks both if the notebook is jogging on battery energy and when it is actually plugged in.We look at should the Turbo boost can be used about an prolonged period of time by running the Cinebench multi-core benchmark in the ongoing loop for half an hour.The final results of your fifteen.6-incher continue to be continually within the very same amount.There aren't any drops in general performance to report.The laptop offers in excess of ample overall performance for these types of use situations as office work and Web searching.The great benefits within the PCMark benchmarks affirm this impact.A boost in general general performance is not really probable.Acer has now exhausted every one of the prospects.An NVMe SSD from Samsung serves as the method generate.This design comes within the M.2-2280 Fujitsu AH562 Battery variety component and offers 256 GB of cupboard space.Ideal from the box,only one hundred eighty GB is offered on the consumer.The remainder of the space for storing is occupied through the Home windows set up information as well as the recovery partition.NVMe SSDs accomplish substantially quicker transfer speeds than SATA-III products,since they are really connected by means of PCI Express 3.0 x4.Consequently,the built-in SSD delivers fantastic data transfer premiums.You can find an vacant SATA drive bay within the unit which can be useful for a 2.5-inch HDD or SSD.The GPU with the V330-15IKB can only attain playable frame charges in video games which have small program necessities.This incorporates titles like Rocket League and Overwatch.Nonetheless,a person must be written content with functioning these video games at low resolutions and with very low graphical settings.Triple-A titles that have large program prerequisites like Considerably Cry 5 will not be playable in any respect.As a result of the dual-channel-enabled RAM,the Lenovo V330-15IKB can realize superior frame prices than units with RAM that runs in single-channel method.Wherever this equipment also disappoints is while in the battery daily life,mainly because it is challenged to obtain any place around an entire operating day without the need of encountering an influence socket. Lenovo quotes six hrs jogging,but we did not get in the vicinity of that amount within our testing. Employing PCMark08 Do the job exam in Battery method MSI GE72 Battery returned a operating time of just three several hours and fourteen minutes,nearly fifty percent that quoted. A thorough consumer may have the ability to stretch this over 4 several hours,but we a great deal doubted that 5 several hours is achievable even with the lightest jobs along with the dimmest display screen configurations. Fortunately,as we've previously stated,Lenovo features a battery add-on that occupies the optical drive bay that might get you an entire doing work working day,in case you give up the DVD-RW drive. Without having this enhancement,if you use battery ability frequently,the V330 may possibly not be for yourself.
Lenovo V330 is supplied with a Entire Hd TN panel branded as Innolux N156HGA-EAB - a similar panel is found in Lenovo ThinkPad L570.It really is 15.six inches in diagonal and it has a resolution of 1920 x 1080.This gives a pixel density of 142 ppi,in addition to a pixel pitch of 0.18 x 0.eighteen mm.On condition that details,the display screen is often deemed as "Retina" when becoming checked out from further more than sixty cm.We measured a most brightness of 244 nits from the center in the monitor,and 16% utmost deviation.The Correlated Color Temperature on White display Fujitsu U772 Charger as well as best brightness degree is 6580 K,that is on par while using the optimum benefit within the sRGB typical of 6500 K - not bad.Moreover,the normal temperature for that diverse gray amounts Apple iBook G4 Charger along with the default configurations arrives close to 11000K - chilly,bluish mild.On the impression below you are able to see how the screen performs from uniformity perspective.Put simply the leakage of light through the light supply.Values of dE2000 about four.0 mustn't happen,and this parameter is probably the initial you'll want to check should you plan to make use of the laptop for shade sensitive function.The following impression reveals the sRGB coverage of Lenovo V330's display.The color copy with the human eye is revealed via the "CIE 1976 Uniform Chromaticity Diagram".
In the center of your dark-grey triangle can be found the conventional shades utilized by World wide web and digital Television set - rec.709/sRGB.Getting used by million people today around the planet the colors from the sRGB gamut would be the commonest as well as their correct reproduction is of key relevance for your high-quality of your display screen.Also into the Adobe RGB shade area,utilized in the experienced pictures,we've bundled the color gamut,used by world-known movie studios - DCI-P3,and UHD-digital tv,which is very tricky to accomplish by modern day show units.We have drawn the Pointer's Gamut by using a black line.This color place handles every one of the colours we will see around us.Lenovo V330 has a mediocre protection,demonstrated by the yellow pointed line.Its display handles 50% in the sRGB gamut of sRGB/ITU-R BT.709 Dell Y1H45 Charger in CIE1976.Our "Gaming and World wide web design" profile is built to display optimal shade temperature when the luminance is at one hundred forty nits and sRGB gamma.As a way to test the exhibit,we utilized 24 colour samples,consisting of typical and easily distinguishable kinds for instance gentle and dim human skin,blue sky,grassy green and orange.Underneath you could assess the scores of Lenovo V330 while using the default placing ,and while using the "Gaming and Internet design" profile.The subsequent chart demonstrates us the conditions for comfortable gaming practical experience when it comes to the darkest areas of the picture.The remaining side tells us the default settings final results of your screen,as well as the appropriate a person exhibits us the results with "Gaming and Internet design" profile Apple A1083 Charger mounted.The horizontal gives us the amounts of gray,and also the vertical just one - the display screen brightness.You may check out how your gadget displays the initial 5 amounts of gray - 1% - 5% White - via the graphics beneath the charts.The impression the thing is relies on various components which include the panel on the screen you are at present reading this informative article on,its calibration,your eyesight,ambient gentle,viewing angle and a lot more.
Lenovo has determined a critical industry section,as well as V330 is a great exertion to faucet it.Client laptops generally slash far too lots of corners and be expecting end users to make as well numerous compromises,particularly in the very low end.With this particular model,Lenovo is acknowledging the existence of customers outside of large organizations Lenovo Miix 320 Charger who just wish to get operate completed.Nevertheless,we predict which the enterprise has cast its internet a little too extensive,endeavoring to tackle purchasers throughout various cost tiers with only one product.There is a enormous variance in the expectations we've of laptops priced at Rs.34,000 and people that value Rs.73,000.The competitive landscape 672412 001 can also be destined to be entirely disparate.Therefore,it truly is important to underscore the very fact that our rankings and comments apply precisely on the variant we've got tested.We believe that Lenovo may possibly have substantial luck using the V330 for the reduced finish of its picked out value selection.It offers many of the technical specs that individuals care about,and worth provides within the sort of a lot of ports,the Ultrabay,and Lenovo's assurances of actual physical sturdiness also as security.The plain-Jane plastic system can also be flawlessly satisfactory.However,for Rs.seventy three,000 we might expect a little something thinner,lighter plus much more quality.We'd have to have an SSD needless to say,and we might also appreciate to obtain a more ThinkPad-style keyboard.At this cost amount,there are numerous slick metal-bodied selections with potent specifications to decide on from,and Lenovo's corporate-friendly pitch is just not as attractive for retail customers.It is really difficult to get energized regarding the particular variant we've examined,but it's possible which is the complete place.That is a workhorse laptop,not one to get enthusiastic about.
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