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Download Bookworm Adventures Volume 2, or play this game and + others online instantly in English for free on Zylom. See below, extracted from Bookworm's producer, Popcap Games' website: quote: "The maximum score the player can reach on Bookworm is 2.14 billion, because the game doesn't correctly interpret scores above this value. Just Download, Run Setup And Install. No Need To Crack Or Serial Number Or Any Key.

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Apr 25, 2020 - This Pin was discovered by Mitha Butt. Click On Below Button Link To Bookworm Deluxe Free Download Full PC Game. Bookworm Adventures 2 continues in the same tradition, pitting you and your vocabulary against foes from the pages of three new book-worlds: Fractured Fairytales, The Monkey King, and Astounding. Hacked Android Games Apk 8 Ball.

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The game features an exciting interface, simple controls, and beautiful visual details. FATE 4: The Cursed King [FINAL] free pc game download full version easy and fast, Download FATE 4: The Cursed King [FINAL] free full with crack and keygen, play FATE 4: The Cursed King [FINAL] online, FATE 4: The Cursed King [FINAL] direct download links, FATE 4: The Cursed King [FINAL] free demo download, Download Free PC Games Full Version. Lex the BookWorm feeds on words. G4458A1 Wallpaper Pro v1.0: s/n: D9a72gKL39A2Z Gradebook 32-bit v3.2: Name: UNICITY s/n: 1250A2Z Gradebook v3.4: Name: Crystal s/n: 3142A2Z Hangman v3.10: Name: Crystal s/n: 3553A Smaller Gif V1.06 16and32bit: Name: Fatigued s/n.

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Allure Homme Edition Blanche Chanel cologne.

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Bookworm Adventures - Fractured Fairytales https://simturinfo.ru/crack/?key=1599. The better the word, the badder. Local Disaster Risk Management In A Changing Clima, Xenus 2 White Gold, Portable Ams Software Photo Collage Creator 3.25, Performance Center, Adobe Creative Cloud 2020 Collection Update 04.201, Plot Suite 1.54, Sims 1 Expansion Pack, Blue. Bookworm Adventures Volume 2 Puzzle - Braintraining Description Play the incredible sci-fi finale to the adventurous and fun word trilogy in Bookworm Adventures - Astounding Planet Deluxe!

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Fantastic Gems, Potions and Treasres. Bookworm Adventures 2 - Download. No need to be fancy, just an overview. You have successfully registered your The Sims 3 World Adventures game.

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Bookworm Adventures Deluxe Download Full Version Free For PC. Bookworm Adventures Deluxe Information: Bookworm Adventures Deluxe is a word-puzzle game. The following versions: 32.0, 2.2 and 1.0 are the most frequently downloaded ones by the program users. Arcade Spot brings you the best games without downloading and a fun gaming experience on. Released in November 2020, Bookworm Adventures combines the 'create words from sets of letters' aspect of Bookworm with several elements of a role-playing video game.

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First Annual Casual Game Awards'. Pick from 16 tiles of letters to make words to defeat enemies, usually in the form of mythical creatures. Bookworm Adventures 2 Free Full Download Hidden Object Games; Game Information. My mother is an international champion.

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This Exchange item contains one or more items from the Sims 3 Store, expansion pack(s) and/or stuff pack(s). Download Free SCOOBY-DOO AND THE SPOOKY SWAMP Pc-Game Full. Gamehouse Registration Key 0-9 7 Wonders Licence Name: SerialFree Licence Code: DQX9WE69MLMNFNA Or. The player assumes the role.

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Bookworm Adventures Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes. Bookworm online unblocked - Crazy games unblocked. Activation key for bookworm adventures? https://simturinfo.ru/crack/?key=1603. Mar 10, 2020 Bookworm Adventures Game free Download Full Version.

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This release was created for you, eager to use serial number full and without limitations. Bookworm adventures 2 full crack. This game was develop and published by the PopCap Games. Click On Below Button Link To Bookworm Adventures Volume 2 Free Download Full PC Game.

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Download bookworm adventures 2 deluxe for free. Words like: crack, serial, keygen, free, full. July 2020 Review PC. Bookworm Adventures 2 Another spell of good fortune. Spell words from a collection of letter tiles as you travel through three storybooks in pursuit of your friend Cassandra.

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My uncle used to own a farm. I wish I’d never set foot in that place. (Part 2)

Part 1
About a month went by before we went back to the farm for another visit. Partly because of my injured ankle, and partly because my parents were busy. During that time I’d started to doubt what had happened and what I had actually seen. My parents always said I had a wild imagination, maybe they were right.
So when the visits started again I was ready to continue my adventures, although I still wanted to avoid the barn. That place gave me the creeps now.
Little did I know, my adventures would never be the same again.
On my first visit back I saw it again. I was exploring the milking shed and there it was, lurking in a darkened corner. Crouching amongst the dusty, broken equipment which had been left to one side. Staring at me hungrily, grinning through yellowed, jagged teeth.
No matter where I went on that damned farm, I would see it. Peering out from behind the dilapidated buildings, standing motionless in the cow field, even crouching in the dark doorway to the barn. Even when I couldn’t see it, I could hear it scratching at the walls, hear it’s ragged nails scuffling against the ground behind me, hear it’s loud excited breaths. I could feel it’s malevolent gaze upon me, boring into my very soul.
It followed me everywhere, always watching. Waiting.
I tried to find out more about it, to see if there was anything I could do to stop it. I looked through so many websites and books, I sent messages to paranormal investigators, demonologists, and anyone who even remotely claimed to have expertise in the paranormal. I even visited a shop in town that sold spell books, crystals, charms, and the like. Nothing helped. I felt so alone.
That thing even haunted my dreams. Every time I closed my eyes, about to drift off to sleep, I would see it’s grotesque face grinning at me. Those eyes so full of hate, snatching me away from blissful slumber. I barely slept, and on the rare occasions that I managed to fall asleep I dreamed of being chased. When it caught me I was ripped limb from limb, feeling the thing crunching my bones and feasting on my flesh. Every night I experienced this horrifying death, waking drenched in sweat and shivering.
My schoolwork started to suffer. It’s kind of difficult to pay attention in class when you’re exhausted from lack of sleep. Plus I was spending all of my spare time researching this thing rather than doing my homework. My parents and teachers were baffled by this sudden change, but how could I possibly tell them?
I decided to stop exploring, opting instead to stay in the house with my parents. I had never seen the thing inside the house, so I thought I was safe. I would bring a book to pass the time while the adults talked about boring grownup things. Everything seemed fine for a few weeks, there was no sign of the thing and I’d become a bit of a bookworm.
But I guess it got tired of waiting.
After drinking too much lemonade I was bursting for the toilet. Usually I didn’t like to use the bathroom at my aunt and uncle’s house. It was cold and smelled kind of funny. But this time I just couldn’t hold it.
While the grownups continued chatting, I shuffled up the creaking wooden stairs towards the bathroom. Treading carefully along the narrow hallway, I thought I heard a faint scratching coming from inside the walls. As I passed the open doorway to the spare room, I heard a thud. The faded curtains were closed, but in the dim light I could see that a stack of papers had fallen off of the desk.
I walked into the room, bending down to pick the papers up off of the worn carpet. The floor was illuminated by a small patch of light from the open doorway. The patch of light seemed to shrink with every passing second, the shadows eager to engulf me.
As I stood up, I saw the door slowly closing, threatening to trap me within the darkened room. I thought I heard the quick, excited, breathing of something unseen.
Unnerved, I hurried back into the hallway and darted into the bathroom, slamming the door behind me. Sitting on the cold tiled floor, with my back against the door, my heart was hammering against my chest. I sat there until my breathing slowed and became less panicked.
A few minutes later, I cautiously emerged, pausing in the doorway to listen for the scratching.
A sudden movement out of the corner of my eye drew my attention to the far end of the hallway. There sat the aging spiral staircase which led up to the dark attic. I thought I saw Bonnie’s tail disappearing up into the shadows.
Strange, she always stayed away from the attic. My uncle said the floorboards up there were rotten, so she wasn’t allowed. Neither was I.
Slowly, I climbed the stairs, calling Bonnie’s name. I needed to get her back before she hurt herself.
As I entered the dusty attic, I could barely see a thing. Cautiously, I walked forwards past boxes full of long forgotten treasures, cobwebs brushing against my face.
In the far corner I thought I could make out a shape, something crouching.
“Bonnie? Come here girl, it’s not sa-.”
That’s not Bonnie.
It was then that I noticed claw marks in the thick film of dust on the floorboards, as if someone or something had been dragged.
I started to back away when the thing darted forwards, scuttling rapidly towards me. In my haste to get away, I stumbled and fell. It was so close, I could see the gleam of it’s hungry grin in the darkness.
This was it, I had no doubt.
Suddenly, a clammy hand grabbed my shoulder and dragged me back down the stairs and into the light.
It was my uncle, pale and shaking.
“We need to talk, kiddo.”
Part 3
submitted by DrGhoulboi to nosleep

Sims 4 (Not a Legacy) Modern Fairy Tale Challenge

I decided to make a different kind of challenge for people looking to explore the game packs but looking for something other than a legacy challenge. I’m using some familiar fairy tales but “simified.” These are loosely based on the original fairy tales, not Disney’s version.
Rules/Setup: 1. Turn Aging Off for Played and Unplayed Households. You always have the option to age sims up manually as you need to (or if you simply want to). 2. If you don’t have the pack for certain traits/aspirations/careers etc. then just ignore it or swap it out with something of your choice you think is appropriate for the character. 3. Create as many of the households you want to play at once and move them into the world before you start. This way the different characters can meet, interact, and befriend, make enemies of, or fall in love with each other. Admittedly, there’s a lot of households (18 households, 38 sims) because I wanted to give lots of options for you to play with. So if you get burnt out creating them just create a handful and play them and create the other households later. Some households have goals connected to another household (like Red Riding Hood and the Wolf), so if you do a handful at a time make sure you include the ones specifically connected. 4. Name them whatever you want, it doesn’t have to be their original fairy tale names, these are just modern versions of the characters inspired by the fairy tales. You can even play around with some gender swapping. Feel free to mess with what happens after they complete their goals, half the princes are already fickle. Just because you might date or marry a prince doesn’t mean you have to end up with him. 5. You do not have to play the families in order. The ultimate goal is to complete each storyline but the order in which you do it is up to you. If you want, you can jump around to different families, you don’t have to finish the goals of one family before working on another. Especially if you’re getting bored. Additionally, goals are not listed in order. You can complete them in whatever order works. 6. If it’s not specified, it’s up to you. Which worlds to live in, extra lot traits, buying reward traits, which careers to join, which person to marry, etc. are up to your discretion. The rules are just general guidelines to give you a story to work with. 7. I intentionally have not put “no mods or cheats allowed” in the rules. Feel free to use all the mods and cheats you want. Too hard? Make it easier. Too easy? Make it harder. Up to you.
The Fairy Tale Households: ——————————————————————————— Skin white as snow, lips red as blood, hair black as ebony... wait, are you sure we aren’t describing a vampire? In this world we are, Snow White is an immortal vampire and fairest of them all, but she longs to fight her thirst and be good. Meanwhile, her stepmother is jealous of the beauty that surpasses her own, and stirs her cauldron trying to discover the perfect poison- I mean potion, that will solve her problems.
Freerealestate on and one motherlode allowed once upon move-in.
Snow White - Young Adult Vampire Sim with Good, Romantic, and Bookworm traits, Soulmate aspiration (for the alluring trait) - Switch to Good Vampire aspiration once in game
Goals: - Once the Evil Queen completes her goals move in with the Seven Dwarves but take no household funds with you - Earn a Pristine Reputation - Have your first kiss with a Prince Charming - Complete the Good Vampire aspiration
Evil Queen - Young Adult or Adult Spellcaster Sim with Evil, Self-Absorbed, and Jealous traits, Public Enemy aspiration (for the dastardly trait) - Switch to Purveyor of Potions aspiration once in game
Goals: - Make Snow White an enemy - Woohoo with a Prince Charming - Earn at least an Awful Reputation - Purchase the Beguiling Reward Trait - Complete the Purveyor of Potions aspiration
——————————————————————————— A house full of seven men, good friends depending on each other and living off the land. With a home so crowded, is there really room for one more?
Lot must have the off-the-grid trait. You may use freerealestate on once upon move in. Starting household funds must be only 700 simoleons.
Seven Dwarves - Choose the ages between Young Adult-Elder - The seven aspirations are Leader of the Pack, Master Maker, Archaeology Scholar, Outdoor Enthusiast, Angling Ace, Jungle Explorer and The Curator aspirations - You may choose your own traits for each of them
Goals: - The only goal for the dwarves is to complete the aspirations for each of them
——————————————————————————— Cinderella just wants to dance, party and have a good time. Her Stepmother and Stepsisters make her life hard enough at home, but she’s too stubborn to move out and forfeit her claim on inheriting her family’s house. Can she attend the parties she wants without her family noticing?
Lot trait required is filthy. You may use freerealestate on once upon move in. Starting household funds must be only 1,500 simoleons.
Cinderella - Young Adult Sim with Music Lover, Dance Machine, and Dog Lover traits, Party Animal aspiration - Responsible for all the cooking, cleaning, gardening, etc. at home
Goals: - Adopt a stray dog and fully train him/her, step-family must never find the dog or they will put it up for adoption. - Earn at least a Great Reputation - Complete the Party Animal aspiration - Have your first WooHoo with a Prince Charming
Wicked Stepmother - Elder Sim with Snob, Materialistic, and Mean traits, Mansion Baron aspiration
Goals: - Earn a negative relationship with Cinderella - Move in with daughter who marries a rich sim
Wicked Stepsister One - Young Adult Sim with Mean, Ambitious, and Slob traits, Public Enemy aspiration (for the dastardly trait) - Switch to Fabulously Wealthy aspiration once in game
Goals: - Earn a negative relationship with Cinderella - Marry and move in with a rich Sim
Wicked Stepsister Two - Young Adult Sim with Mean, Squeamish, and Self-Absorbed traits, Chief of Mischief aspiration (for the dastardly trait) - Switch to World Famous Celebrity aspiration once in game
Goals: - Earn a negative relationship with Cinderella - Move in with sister who marries a rich sim - Have an affair with your sister’s husband
Note: The Stepmother and Stepsisters are intentionally left with few goals, giving you more creativity with what careers or goals they should pursue (if any, they may just want to be lazy and dependent on Cinderella). You are not required to actually complete any of their aspirations, just their goals.
——————————————————————————— The Little Mermaid has a recently acquired ability to go on land and she’s eager to explore and find her one true love she’s always dreamed about. But she’s coming from the ocean with no job, house, or money. However will she make it out here?
Move into an empty lot, cheat money to zero.
The Little Mermaid - Young Adult Mermaid Sim with Child of the Ocean, Clumsy, and Art Lover traits, Soulmate Aspiration - Optional: You may cheat to give her max singing skill as her only starting skill
Goals: - Have a Prince Charming as a boyfriend and move in with him (Marriage is also an option) - Breakup with/Divorce your Prince Charming and run away (move out) if you ever catch him cheating on you. Move in with your closest friend after the breakup. - Complete the Soulmate Aspiration (doesn’t have to be with another prince, but it can be)
——————————————————————————— Sleeping Beauty keeps to herself thanks to her curse, it feels like she hasn’t really socialized in about 100 years. She just stays in her room and sleeps most of the time, she loves a good nap. When she isn’t sleeping she’s working on her novels, mostly stories based on her dreams.
Lot traits required are cursed and private dwelling. Freerealestate on and two motherlodes allowed once upon move-in.
Sleeping Beauty - Young Adult Sim with Lazy, Loner, and Perfectionist traits, Bestselling Author Aspiration - Due to your curse you cannot leave your home for any reason until the curse is broken.
Goals: - Complete the Bestselling Author aspiration - First kiss with a Prince Charming will break the curse (you may remove the cursed lot trait and are allowed to leave the lot or move out)
Note: if you’re wondering how she can meet Prince Charming you have two options: Play as the Princes and go to her, or Sleeping Beauty has the Internet and might be able to meet one online and invite him over. (SimDa Dating App mod could work too).
——————————————————————————— Beauty moved in with Beast to keep him company, and while she’s at it she works on a means for them both to escape. Beast is concerned about his monstrous nature he was cursed with and seeks a cure but is unable to leave the castle until he finds it. He refuses to ever hurt Beauty. Will these two break the curse and find love along the way?
Lot traits required are cursed and private dwelling. Freerealestate on and two motherlodes allowed once upon move in.
Beauty - Young Adult Sim with Good, Bookworm, and Maker traits, Nerd Brain aspiration - You are allowed to leave the lot
Goals: - Complete the Nerd Brain aspiration - Max out the Vampire Lore skill - After completing your aspiration, mix the Ultimate Vampire Cure for Beast
Beast - Young Adult Vampire Sim with Good, Loner, and Gloomy traits, Freelance Botanist aspiration - Due to your curse you cannot leave your home for any reason until the curse is broken.
Goals: - Grow a perfect flower garden - Complete the Freelance Botanist aspiration - Drink the Ultimate Vampire Cure made by Beauty (may remove cursed lot trait after doing so) - Marry Beauty
——————————————————————————— Why do these two fairies on opposite ends of the spectrum live together when they can’t stand each other? I don’t know. They frequently duel each other, but maybe that’s their thing? One good and one evil, both honing their fey magic in an attempt to become superior.
Freerealestate on allowed once upon move in. No extra money cheats.
Evil Fairy - Young Adult Spellcaster Sim with Evil, Hates Children, and Hot-Headed traits, Chief of Mischief aspiration
Goals: - Earn an atrocious reputation - Make an enemy of Sleeping Beauty - Make an enemy of Beauty - Make an enemy of Beast - Reach Overmax Spellcaster level - Complete Chief of Mischief aspiration
Good Fairy - Young Adult Spellcaster Sim with Good, Noncommittal, and Creative traits, Friend of the World aspiration
Goals: - Earn a pristine reputation - Become good friends with Sleeping Beauty - Become good friends with Beauty - Become good friends with Beast - Reach Overmax Spellcaster level - Complete Friend of the World aspiration
——————————————————————————— High in a tower, Rapunzel longs to see and experience the world outside her window, but her overprotective “Mother” won’t let her past the door. Will Rapunzel ever be able to fulfill her dreams?
Required lot: Any apartment/penthouse in San Myshuno. Freerealestate on allowed once upon move in. No extra money cheats.
Rapunzel - Young Adult Sim with Cheerful, Geek, and Neat traits, City Native aspiration - While living with Dame Gothel, you cannot leave the apartment.
Goals: - Purchase the Fertile reward trait - First kiss and woohoo with a Prince Charming - Become pregnant by Prince Charming after purchasing the fertile reward trait (in the second trimester this will upset Dame Gothel enough she will kick you out, and you may move out with 0 simoleons) - Complete the City Native aspiration
Dame Gothel - Adult Spellcaster Sim with Hot-Headed, Cat Lover, and Kleptomaniac traits, Spellcraft and Sorcery aspiration
Goals: - Complete the Spellcraft and Sorcery aspiration - Make an enemy of anyone you catch with Rapunzel (preferably making them miserable with spells) - Own a black cat as a familiar
Note: If wondering how Rapunzel will meet Prince Charming if she can’t leave the lot, see the note under Sleeping Beauty for options.
——————————————————————————— These three brothers are some of the most attractive and charming eligible bachelors in all the lands, it also doesn’t hurt that the Princes are filthy rich. But with an uneven ratio of fair maidens to princes, will they ever settle down?
Freerealestate on and three motherlodes allowed once upon move in.
Prince Charming(s) - 3 Young Adult Sims - All 3 with the Romantic and Bro traits, the third trait is your choice - One has the Soulmate aspiration, the other two have the Serial Romantic aspiration
Goals: - Complete their aspirations and maintain at least a Good reputation
——————————————————————————— The Frog Prince is a bit odd looking, but very polite. All he wants is to win the heart of his princess. Unfortunately, she’s a little hard to woo. But he refuses to give up. Can he win her over?
Must be a pond on the property. No extra money cheats.
The Frog Prince - Young Adult Alien Sim with Active, Proper, and Loves the Outdoors traits, Bodybuilder aspiration (for the High Metabolism trait) - Switch to the Soulmate aspiration once in game - You are cursed to stay in your alien form until you marry the Princess, at which point you are allowed to wear your human disguise
Goals: - Gain the Princess’s friendship and love enough that she lets you move in with her. - Achieve the Soulmate aspiration with the Princess
——————————————————————————— The Princess is a bit eccentric, but everyone loves her anyway. Especially the Frog Prince, who seems convinced she’s the one while she feels no particularly way about him. Can she achieve her own dreams of fame?
Freerealestate on and five rosebud’s allowed once upon move in.
The Princess - Young Adult Sim with Childish, Squeamish, and Unflirty traits, World Famous Celebrity aspiration
Goals: - Reach the top of your chosen career - Achieve the World Famous Celebrity aspiration
——————————————————————————— Rumpelstiltskin is a mischievous imp, with a proclivity for causing trouble. Will he get his wish to cause chaos? Or will he eventually decide to settle down? A certain Miller’s daughter has caught his attention...
Freerealestate on and 3 rosebud’s allowed once upon move in.
Rumpelstiltskin - Young Adult or Adult Alien Sim with Mean, Childish, and Self-Assured traits, Chief of Mischief aspiration
Goals: - Complete the Chief of Mischief Aspiration - Earn at least an awful reputation - Purchase Money Tree seeds to gift to the Miller’s daughter - Try for a Baby with the Miller’s Daughter
——————————————————————————— The King heard a rumor that the Miller’s daughter could grow money from a tree and had her move in with him. He keeps her locked away and plans to marry her if she can grow the trees, but someone has figured out how to sneak in to see her...
Freerealestate on and one motherlode allowed once upon move in.
Miller’s Daughter - Young Adult Sim with Gloomy, Family-Oriented, and Paranoid traits, Super Parent aspiration - You are not allowed to leave the lot until you marry the King
Goals: - Grow the money tree seeds Rumplestiltskin gives you - Don’t let the King find out about Rumplestiltskin - Become pregnant by Rumplestiltskin - Complete the Super Parent aspiration
The Greedy King - Adult or Elder Sim with Snob, Unflirty, and Materialistic traits, Fabulously Wealthy aspiration
Goals: - Marry the Miller’s Daughter after she grows at least one money tree - Complete the fabulously wealthy aspiration
——————————————————————————— Red Riding Hood was sent to live with her elderly Grandmother who thinks her granddaughter is a little angel. But Red is of the age to be obsessed with boys and wants to experience what the world has to offer, can she do it without her Grandmother finding out?
No extra money cheats allowed.
Red Riding Hood - Teen Sim with Romantic and Snob traits, Serial Romantic aspiration - Cannot been seen by Grandmother with a boy - Must adhere to curfew
Goals: - First kiss (and/or mess around) with the Wolf - Complete the Serial Romantic aspiration with other boys in town - High school grade cannot drop below a C (but doesn’t have to be an A)
Grandmother - Elder Sim with Family Oriented, Paranoid, and Loner traits, Lady of the Knits aspiration
Goals: - Set a 9pm curfew for Red Riding Hood - Complete the Lady of the Knits Aspiration
——————————————————————————— The Big Bad Wolf is not a nice guy. He only cares about food, romance, and getting what he wants.
No extra money cheats allowed.
Wolf - Teen (Optional: Young Adult if you use mods) Sim with Evil and Glutton (and Romantic) traits, Bodybuilder aspiration
Goals: - Mess around with Red Riding Hood - Complete the Bodybuilder aspiration - Earn at least a bad reputation
——————————————————————————— Bluebeard is rich and eligible for marriage. There are rumors he’s been married before but no one knows what may have happened to his wife... or wives...
Freerealestate on and two motherlodes allowed once upon move in.
Bluebeard - Adult Sim with Evil, Ambitious, and Jealous traits, Public Enemy aspiration
Goals: - Keep the urns/graves of your former spouses in a basement - Keep the basement locked while you are on the lot. If you leave the lot, unlock the basement. If your current spouse goes inside the basement of their own free will while you are away, lock them inside until they die. - Get married and outlive your spouse at least 5 times - Complete the Public Enemy aspiration
——————————————————————————— Jack is the extreme sort of troublemaker, and drives his poor single mother to distraction. Will Jack be able to stay in school and get his fill of adventure or will he drop out? Will his mother be able to achieve her own dreams with Jack trying to drain her resources?
No extra money cheats allowed.
Jack (of Jack and the Beanstalk) - Teen Sim with Kleptomaniac and Adventurous traits, Extreme Sports Enthusiast aspiration
Goals: - Achieve level 10 Mischief skill - Complete the Extreme Sports Enthusiast aspiration
Jack’s Mother - Adult Sim with Materialistic, Lazy, and Unflirty traits, Master Mixologist aspiration
Goals: - Achieve the Master Mixologist aspiration
——————————————————————————— Hansel and Gretel are an orphan pair of twins, with the unfortunate luck of being adopted by an old woman who ironically hates children. At first she was really sweet to them, but now she keeps Hansel stuck in his room and makes Gretel do most of the housework. But at least she feeds them...
Freerealestate on allowed on move in. No extra money cheats.
Hansel - Child Sim with the Glutton trait, Rambunctious Scamp aspiration - You are confined to your room when the Witch is at home
Goals: - Become best friends with Gretel - Complete the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration - Once you and Gretel have completed your aspirations, you may age into a teen and run away (move out) with Gretel
Gretel - Child Sim with the Gloomy trait, Artistic Prodigy aspiration - You are responsible for cleaning around the house but are not confined to a room
Goals: - Become best friends with Hansel - Complete the Artistic Prodigy aspiration - Once you and Hansel have completed your aspirations, you may age into a teen and run away (move out) with Hansel
Hansel and Gretel Witch - Elder Spellcaster Sim with Hates Children, Foodie, and Evil traits, Master Chef aspiration
Goals: - Complete the Master Chef aspiration - Max out the Baking skill - Once you have enough funds, quit the culinary career and open a bakery business on your home lot
submitted by blue-green_eyes to simchallenges

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