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Low hanging literary fruit required

I am 27 and slowly rekindling my love of reading. I was a complete bookworm as a child but got distracted by adolescence, life and faster paced entertainment and here I am. I have tried to read a few things over the past few years- I love David Sedaris stories because they are short and I also enjoyed the first Game of Thrones book but haven't made it through the second. I saw a book at the shop recently that was my very favourite as a child- Journey to the river sea by Eva Ibbotson. I bought it, and planned on giving it to my niece for Christmas. But as it was sitting around my house, I started reading the first few pages and was totally drawn in. I ended up reading for hours. It's.. well yeah it's definitely a kids book so I read almost all of it in one sitting, but it's very rare for me that I can read for that long at a time. I'm realizing that I may have to start back at a lower reading level as I have ADD and trouble focusing on more complex things. I'm looking for fun, easy to read books/series until I can get back into the habit of reading and move on to more advanced things like dense, leather-bound classics etc etc. I love fantasy, mystery, magic and adventure themes. I really enjoyed Harry Potter when I was younger and anything fairy tale related. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
submitted by cinnamonbutterfly to suggestmeabook

Morrowind No-Skillup Run - How Fargoth the Mighty conquered Morrowind without ever improving himself


Meet Fargoth the Mighty. He did embark on a perilous journey that would become his greatest adventure, and develop his appreciation for alcoholic beverages on top of it.
To his accomplishments we can attribute:
  • The defeat of Dagoth Ur, Almalexia and Hircine's Aspect of Guile, along with anyone who stood in his way
  • Ascending to Archmagister of Great House Telvanni, Arch-Mage of the Mages Guild and Factor of the East Empire Company
  • Acquiring all obtainable(*) artifacts in all of Morrowind, as well as all daedric or otherwise noteworthy items with the exception of those held by whom he considers his friends
  • Achieving a reputation of 90
Now, you ask, what's so special about this? After all, many a Nerevarine have done this before. Well, he did it all without ever leveling up a single skill. That's right, all his skills at the end of his journey are exactly the same as they were at the very beginning. Theoretically not exactly the same, as he did accumulate experience in a number of skills, but not enough to level up any one skill. His skills are, for all intents and purposes, identical to those of a character fresh off the boat in Seyda Neen. See for yourself how he looks before and after his adventure. He is also quite proud of the fact that he never even brew a single potion himself.
(*) Teeth of the Urshilaku, Thong of Zainab, The Seizing of the Erabenimsun and Moon-and-Star are unobtainable without leveling up.
  Here are some of the highlights: Assassin not so tough after being bullied by a level one You need cave equipment to cave dive Marara brings on touch to an on target fight Who needs a Nerevarine when you can have a Fargoth Gaenor's luck has ran out Gedna Relvel eats her own spells One shot, one kill The bigger they are... Alcohol solves all problems I am the East Empire Company now The hunt is over

The No-Skillup Run

About a decade I stumbled across a german website (which I can't find anymore, despite all my efforts) on which a guy was documenting his so-called "Artifact Run". His aim was to collect as many Artifacts or endgame items while leveling as little as possible, and he managed to get around thirty of them before reaching level three. I found the idea intriguing, and together with the shitposting that appeared on /v/ in more recent years about how you can't hit or do anything as low-level in Morrowind I had all the inspiration I needed to start my own challenge runs.
Of course leveling up would make it way too easy, so I started with a level one run right away. But having played Morrowind for so long, and knowing so much about the game, it was still too easy. A potential of nine majominor skill increases, a bunch of misc. skill increases, most notably Alchemy, just allowed for too much freedom. I made it to around halfway through Tribunal before losing motivation and never really got around to finish the run. The seasoned Morrowind player just knows too much about the skills, the items, the AI and everything. So further restrictions had to be put in place...
Here comes my "No-Skillup Run". Complete everything possible within the game without leveling up a single skill. No majominor, no miscellaneous, no nothing. Taking a fresh character through the entire game and doing so without allowing any skill to level up. The harshest restrictions should make for the ultimate challenge run.
Admittedly, with the exception of a few key encounters, the run is only really challenging and interesting during the setup phase. Once you have all your equipment ready and enchanted, the rest is mostly just wrapping things up like going down a checklist. Thankfully, both expansions, especially Tribunal, house a number of exceptionally tricky encounters that require you to use everything at your disposal to overcome them.
Overall, I feel accomplished after completing this challenge, but have mixed feelings about abusing certain tactics (permanent summons in particular) so often. But when you limit yourself to such a degree, there's only so much you can do, and certain tactics are just more effective than others. I've tried to use unorthodox methods whenever possible to change things up and keep it interesting, even if those approaches were strictly inferior compared to the proven ones.
I also learned some new things about Morrowind, such as what vendors have what items in the lists they randomly pick items from. What this or that enemy has as resistances/weaknesses. Or that multiple sources of Reflect do, in fact, not stack, unlike what everyone else on the internet seems to believe.

Fargoth the Mighty

As you probably guessed from his name, Fargoth the Mighty is a Bosmer. In his previous lives he was chosen for similar challenges because of his proficiency in ranged weapons and his ability to remove items from pockets without being detected. For this particular run, race doesn't matter too much, any race should be able to do it. But I decided to just stick with Fargoth the Mighty. His bonus to Marksman is still strong.
Major Skills: Marksman (for Bow and Darts) Mysticism (required to reach the rank of Master Wizard in the Mages Guild, and to cast Telekinesis) Sneak (for Pickpocket) Conjuration (to cast Bound Longbow) Long Blade (required to reach the rank of Swordsman in the Fighters Guild)
Minor Skills: Mercantile (for slightly less terrible prices) Restoration (for early Resist Magicka) Alteration, Destruction and Illusion are filler skills and won't be used. May or may not be required for some promotions.
Skills that have to be used, such as Athletics and Enchant, are deliberately put into misc. skills to increase the experience they need for a level up. Though I haven't actually done any math or testing whether the bonus to experience gain for minor skills outweights the increased requirements for having a higher skill or not.
Specialization: Stealth for +5 to Marksman and Sneak
Favored Attributes: Strength for +50 max encumbrance and +5 max Health, Endurance for +5 max Health
Sign: The Lover for +25 Agility

The Journey

Starting out
The restrictions of the run are felt immediately after creating your class with Socucius Ergalla. You cannot run, only walk. Because running advances Athletics, and there will be parts later in the game where you are forced to swim, which forces unavoidable experience upon you. Getting hit advances armor skills, so that's out of the question as well. As is hitting things yourself more than a couple of times, or cast more than a handful of spells of the same school.
That's quite something, so how do you go from this to this? The road ahead is a long and arduous one, no doubt.
The run starts with a classic: The Limewire Platter. No challenge run would be complete without it. After that it's the Warehouse key, which has to be replaced through the menu to get its ownership tag removed, as Sellus Gravius is within talking range and will immediately take it back otherwise. And lastly, everything of value in the previous room, which would have been taken by Sellus Gravius had it been grabbed before the key.
After my release was complete, I returned our brother's ring before heading off to my first heist: the Warehouse. Arille happily bought all the useless junk and sold a cheap Resist Magicka spell effect that will be needed later to make an actually useful spell. Vodunius Nuccius' quest lost me some money, but I did it anyway just for the sake of it.
Not much else to do in Seyda Neen at this time. Upstairs in the lighthouse is a skill book free for the taking, through the inventory without reading it. An axe and a dagger hidden in tree stumps, the belongings of a wannabe wizard and a couple mushrooms on the way to him. Then it's off to Balmora per Silt Strider.
Gave the sealed package to Caius and joined the local guilds. Joining all factions is great because it will set the disposition of their members to a minimum that bypasses the penalties of ranking up in opposing factions. Emptied Fighters' and Mages' Guild chests and sold unneeded items back to ther vendors for some easy starting money.
I proceeded by turning in the mushrooms I collected earlier, did the follow-up quest, stole Galbedir's Soulgems and for good measure the Limewire Platter too. Claimed my promotion and sold the Moon Sugar to Ajira, after which I bought a spell for Bound Longbow and made one for Resist Magicka (100% for 2s).
Heard rumors about a guy who was recently murdered, so I moved in and claimed his house as my own. His clothes fetched a good price at the local clothier, too. He'll be getting new stuff to wear soon enough, because apparently his body can hold an unlimited amount of weight, unlike any regular container.
Teleported to Caldera to pick up two free skill books and some orcish armor, which I sold to Creeper. The owners called me out for stealing, but didn't actually do anything. The Mages Guild donated a Master's Alchemy Set which I redeemed for money at Nalcarya in Balmora.
  The hunt for items begins
Walking everywhere started to take its toll on my patience, so something needed to be done about that. I left the safety of towns for the first time by heading north outside Caldera. On my way, Hlormar gave me lesson in how to punch for a free +2 strength. He didn't even need my help, but was happy to get his axe back nonetheless. Continuing my journey, I escorted Pemenie to Gnaar Mook, avoided a confrontation with a rat by going over the hills and received the completely broken boots, which could be worn after a successful cast of my Resist Magicka spell. Took a few failed casts, as my Restoration skill was terrible, but there was no more room in my major skills, so I had to deal with it.
After selling the contents of the guild chests in all the other towns, buying a broken Glass dagger from a pawnbroker in Suran and selling the repaired thing to Creeper satisfied my financial needs for the forseeable future. I headed over the mountains next to Molag Mar for the Redas Ancestral Tomb. Two Scamps stood in my way, so I used Beast Tongue to command one to distract the other. Nearly useless, because mine ended up getting killed almost instantly by the other. Still kind of cool, and it bought me enough time to grab my stylish new robe before intervening the hell out of there. I was really tired, so I needed a rest...
I awoke to the sound of some shady guy breaking into my house, despite leaving the door downstairs unlocked, so I got up to defend my new home. He didn't stand a chance against my new scrolls of Elemental Burst: Frost. Some say his armor is overpowered, and it is indeed very strong, but I sold it to the next vendor, because they are too blind to see the real price: I could now move to Mournhold, which gave me access to the extremely powerful Fortify Skill spell effect via Laurina Maria, and an unlimited amount of Grand Soulgems from Elbert Nermarc.
Visiting the shrine near the Temple in Vivec and donating a Rising Force potion granted me a long and powerful Levitate buff, which I used to do some chores for my fellow Telvanni wizards. While I was at it, I visited the shrine of Azura and bought some summoning spells in Tel Branora, then continued towards Ald Daedroth. This place is home to two of the six Golden Saints in Vvardenfell (and one more in Tribunal) that are fixed spawns. Any more can only be encountered through leveled lists, and will only spawn for players that are at least level 14. So these seven are the only possible source for a Daedric Tower Shield. Thankfully, they're easy kills for a level one, if you're drunk enough - with ten Sujamma, all it takes is one arrow. This time I was exceptionally lucky and the Golden Saints gifted me with two of the elusive shields right away, on top of their souls. Didn't even need to utilize my special powers to go back in time and try again. These shields are really not needed, the run can easily be done without them, but we don't want to do things half-assedly, so we might as well go all the way.
With a certain Mudcrab paying premium prices for all my accumulated loot, I was now wealthy enough to solve the souls problem for my enchanting needs and make another invaluable piece. Flying is just so much faster than walking, not to mention safer too.
Getting Firsts of Randagulf was disappointing. Every spawn in the entire dungeon (except for the boss which isn't there without the quest) is leveled and the resistance you face there at very low levels is laughable.
Telvanni chores sent me to Baladas, so while I was there I also joined the Imperial Legion and picked up Denstagmer's Ring just outside Gnisis. Daedra in the tomb are leveled, and sometimes there won't even be one on the way to the ring.
An impressive stash was waiting to be emptied in Solstheim. With Levitation you don't even need any Invisibility scrolls to reach it safely. On the subject of Invisibility, some Tribunal and Bloodmoon enemies are special in a way that you can use it to move past them undetected if they never saw you, but once they have seen you they'll ignore Invisibility and continue to pursue and attack you through it.
Back to more chores for my wizard brethren. A few scrolls made a slave rebellion catch a cold, which rewarded me with a particularly interesting item. Also picked up Mentor's Ring before getting it would become even easier.
  Amassing wealth
The Ring of Toxic Cloud made short work of Staada, and with that Azura's Star was secured. Now was also a good time to get a great new helm. All enemies in the shrine are easily avoided with Levitation. Of course I wanted to enchant my new helm right away, so I paid my sponsors over at the Redoran Vaults a visit with telekinesis and Deceit (the glove from the tree stump that grants +20 to Sneak). I put a constant effect Summon Dremora on the Helm of Tohan and it made killing things without getting experience already a whole lot easier, like this guy holding the Ring of the Wind could confirm.
Since enchanting is so expensive, I needed to ask Hlaalu to help out as well. The containers can safely be looted after opening the door because that stupid Ordinator can't see through it.
I dedided to pick off two more Golden Saints, and collect whatever they were guarding. One in Bal Ur and the other in Ibar-Dad, together with Eleidon's Ward and some daedric items. The resistance there was strong, but the number of my summons prevailed.
Made my way to Ebonheart to collect Lord's Mail. I usually do this early because it's such a good armor and so easy to get (if you know how to), but this time I wanted to do something more interesting, so I had to rank up in House Telvanni first. Using Aryon's Dominator, I commanded the wearer to follow me underwater, though he didn't have potions of Underwater Breathing like I did. Terribly slow and inefficient, there are many better ways to kill him, but none of them are as creative. Since he carries a potion of Levitation, which he'll use in combat, it would theoretically be possible to command him outside, get him to follow you high in the air and have him die from fall damage when it wears off. I'll have to try this some time...
One of the most powerful items in the game found its way into my pockets when two women tried to ambush me and failed miserably. Here you see me using my newest creation for the first time: a Daedric Tower Shield enchanted with constant effect Summon Daedroth. He is extremely strong due to frontloading his damage output with powerful poison and lightning spells, though the AoE often makes him dangerous to use. He drastically reduces the time it takes to wear down tough opponents, and kills weak ones almost instantly. Those women had absolutely no idea. I wonder what went through their heads in their last moments.
Also took Chrysamere off the hands of an unworthy witch. My summons were clearly superior to hers.
There was one vault left, the Telvanni Vault. Of course there was nobody more worthy of the items inside it than I, so it was inevitable that I had to get to it eventually. As expected of my fellow Telvanni wizards, this one was actually reasonably well secured, but no challenge is too great for Fargoth the Mighty. The Storm Atronachs put up a good fight, but eventually succumbed to my minions as I drank potions to stay alive. They also provided the souls required for the construction of my stronghold, so I didn't need to waste any Golden Saint souls. Lured one of the Ordinators in the treasure room outside with a Scroll of Supreme Domination, then picked up my reward with Telekinesis, out of line of sight of the other Ordinator standing in the corridor.
  A Guild Master shrouded in darkness
My advancement in both the Mages Guild and Great House Telvanni eventually came to a halt. They told me I didn't meet their requirements. Seriously?! After all I have done? I'll teach those guys what powers Fargoth the Mighty can wield...
So I traveled, all the way to Ashmelech, home of the Vampire wizards, to acquire their powers. After a long sleep, I awoke with my new gift that granted me, amongst other things, +20 Willpower and +30 Mysticism, Illusion and Destruction. On top of that, as a member of the Aundae Clan, I gained an additional +20 to Willpower, Mysticism and Destruction. This boosted my Mysticism from 30 to 80, exactly enough to have those imperial bookworms grant me the rank of Master Wizard, and next in line for Arch-Mage. The Telvanni seem to have much lower standards, a skill of 60 for Spellwright is enough, after that following Aryon's quests will lead to Archmagister without anyone else questioning your abilities. Incidentally, the Mages Guild and Great House Telvanni are the only factions that will talk to Vampires. It's obvious they are impressed by my way of surpassing my limits to overcome my weaknesses.
Aryon promoted me to Spellwright right away, before I went around doing Vampire stuff, such as putting Marara out of her misery or executing a Vampire Hunter while the sun burned my skin. I've also met an imprisoned guy and set him free. He could have enjoyed the rest of his life in freedom, but he thought it a good idea to attack me instead, and his plan backfired.
Edwinna liked to talk tough, but she seemed to have a soft heart for me after all, and promoted me to Master Wizard as expected. Of particular significance is that those who are of rank Conjurer (which I couldn't reach before my transformation) or above have unlocked Folms Mirel in Caldera as a vendor. Amongst other interesting things, he sells an unlimited amount of Ekash's Lock Splitter and Summon Golden Saint scrolls.
After picking up Eltonbrand, there was no more reason to stay in this cursed form. The powers were just for show, and the drawbacks were massive. So I went back to Bal Ur and had Molag Bal restore me to my former glory, which he did after I gave his daughter and her mate a good spanking.
  Tying up loose ends
It was time to do the rest of what we could before the main quest. The Pilgrimage of the Four Corners can be done without being on the quest, so the best armor in the game was now in my hands too. And an extremely good Command spell that never fails and doesn't advance a skill because it doesn't belong to a spell school.
I finished all quests for the factions that my ranks would allow me to do, which was mostly uneventful busywork, though I came across some problems and found solutions (an enchanted ring with constant effect Invisibility).
Delivering a letter to Trebonius granted me another two points of reputation when he finally promoted me to Arch-Mage. Unfortunately, he lost his life to a mysterious accident shortly thereafter. According to local Ordinators, the Necromancer's Amulet was missing from his body. Residents of the Mages Guild in Vivec reported hearing the sound of flying spells and summoned creatures, though nobody had seen anything or had any idea of what happened. Vivec's Halls of Justice had put the investigation on hold due to the lack of leads.
A truly legendary battle took place on a certain bridge in the vicinity of Balmora. Notorious newbie-crusher Snowy Granius was testing his skills against a seemingly weak Bosmer, but it looked like he was overestimating himself.
In the far north, a Skeleton War-Wizard was unable to keep a Bosmer War-Wizard from getting his hands on the Bittercup. I had to join the East Empire Company before using it, due to their requirements, which I only found out later, so I had to go back and redo some stuff. Some of the following screenshots were made before correcting that mistake and are therefore a bit outdated, though it doesn't really matter. Nothing notable changed.
In the mountains surrounding Suran, I met a particularly capable warrior and granted him his wish to die in battle. The resistance he put up was fierce, but ultimately futile. Not even the Cliffracer that came to his aid could turn the tide of the battle.
Malacath was so pleased to see me getting rid of a false hero hat he rewarded me with the Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw. Sheogorath, on the other hand, didn't even notice that all I had to do for his silly errand was to equip the fork during the death animation of the giant Netch.
  The Main... Quest?
Unfortunately, doing the main quest is not possible at level one. The "Vivec Informants" quest has a hard requirement of level three. Caius refuses to give this quest to any character below that level, and there is no way around it. If a speedrunner (or anybody else with a good understanding of glitches) is reading this and knows of a sequence break to bypass this, I'd be happy to hear it. I've tried some things, but have not found any way past this.
In my previous run, I've used my CHIM powers to trick Caius into believing I was stronger than I actually was, so he'd just give me that damn quest and I completed the main quest like any other character could. This time, I didn't want to resort to such out-of-universe tricks, because the run would not be genuine if I did that.
Fortunately, doing the main quest is not really required to defeat Dagoth Ur. Not doing it means I lost out on the real Wraithguard, four other artifacts, and a huge amount of reputation (a bit more than 30). I could just collect Kagrenac's tools and head to the Red Mountain, with sufficient preparation of course. Since I was collecting all obtainable artifacts anyway, I paid Vivec a visit to acquire this broken piece of scrap. Yagrum Bagarn offered to turn it into a slightly less broken piece for my collection, so while I was out fetching books for him I also picked up Sunder. Upon my return, Yagrum refused to activate the broken Wraithguard, because he correctly assumed that equipping it would kill me. So I had to once again haul my ass back to civilization to buy a stack of Fortify Health potions. When I drank all the potions in front of Yagrum he finally stopped being stubborn and activated Wraithguard. But it was a forbidden item. Equipping it meant certain death, even with Fortify Health effects you'd die the moment they ran out. Since I was already in the area, I took the time to collect some daedric armor from Divayth. Caius was super pissed when I told him about it, something about my only hope to cure Corprus. I wouldn't be needing Caius or Divayth anyway, so whatever. What's this Corprus, anyway?
Alright, time to visit this Dagoth Ur guy. On the way I also picked up Keening. Dagoth Ur told me I came unprepared, and he'd let me go, but if I caused trouble he'd fuck me up. Didn't like the way he was talking down on me, so I took him out instead. Now the hard part. Using Kagrenac's tools without Wraithguard is tricky. To do it at level one however, is a whole other story. Many Fargoths in alternate universes had to die for this moment. In the end, I achieved success by drinking about twenty exclusive Fortify Health potions, waiting around a second between drinking each. Since a potion grants 20 HP, and my maximum HP was 40, it would mean instant death if even two potions would run out at the same time. During the entire time of wielding the tools and waiting for the Fortify Health to fade, I was under the effect of multiple exclusive Restore Health potions. After my triumph over Dagoth Ur, people started calling me Nerevarine for some reason, even though I've never been named Nerevarine and never visited the Caverns of the Incarnate.
  Wrapping things up
I needed Gothren dead to become Archmagister of Great House Telvanni. I originally planned to do this during the Hortator quest to maximize my reputation, but since I didn't get to do that I could just continue where I left off. His summons were clearly inferior to mine.
For the last few reputation points, I needed to escort a slave away from Dren Plantation. The best way to do this is to use a Command spell to move him out of the guard's range before talking to him and formally initiating the escort. The guards will not attack him this way. But those Cammona Tong are a nasty bunch. Heard them talking shit behind my back. So I decided to send a message instead. Argonian's poison immunity sure is a useful ability.
When I visited him in his manor, Bolvyn Venim said that he, although hard to believe, acknowledged me as Nerevarine. Now I've seen it all. I almost felt bad challenging him for his sword. He didn't stand a chance against me and my boys (actually, just my boys).
Levitation is disabled everywhere except in the sewers and ruins, so it was back to walking again.
Smoking out the Dark Brotherhood was a bit anticlimatic, as all regular assassins are leveled, and the ones you get at very low levels are relatively weak. Only their boss put up a fight, but he found out that taking this job was a mistake.
The Goblins were exactly the opposite. They have a good amount of health and hit very hard. Cleaning up everything in the sewers took ages in my previous run, so I decided to fight smart instead of hard this time and just use my Invisibility ring. The Warlords put up a good fight, but my Golden Saint scrolls proved worth their money. It had been a while since I fought Altmer, so I watched gleefully as my Daedroth fried them with his lightning.
In front of the Temple I came across a particularly greedy Bosmer. He even returned to attack me after I had refused to part with my hard-earned wealth. It was a tough fight, but his luck ran out when he decided to mess with the wrong Fargoth.
Got a free set of High Ordinator armor during the Thief quest. While I was pursuing Golena Sadri, I had to move past a few nasty traps. Probably the worst part in the entire game, and it took dozens of attempts. You can supposedly bypass the traps without triggering them by sneaking. Except not really. Well, sort of. While they did not trigger every time, they still went off just as often as they didn't, it seemed to be completely random and not related to detection. I eventually managed to catch up to Golena and confronted her. Definitely won't be doing this again before getting the Royal Signet Ring.
While doing errands for the Temple, I ran into a Lich called Gedna Relvel. There are a number of ways to deal with her. For a change of pace I decided to go with Reflect, as she is not completely immune to all the damage she dishes out. And it is her who taught me that the wiki is wrong and multiple sources of Reflect do indeed not stack, at least not additively. Even with up to 160% Reflect, Fargoth the Mighty would get killed just a few casts in. So in order to deal with the damage that went past Reflect, the Ring of Equity was required for its 100% Absorb (and only Absorb, because its Reflect doesn't work) which grants complete magic immunity for the duration. And so I was able to make Gedna eat her own spells without getting killed myself.
Compared to what I just went through, Barilzar was little more than your average tough guy.
While trying to avenge his brother, who lost his life challenging another level one, the local bad guy summoner found out that he was no longer the best summoner in town.
The king was such a fool that he couldn't even see my powers, and wanted me to display them while fighting his champion. The duel left Karrod so exhausted that he couldn't even move anymore - forever. He was doomed to stand on this very spot for the rest of his life. Sorry Karrod, you were a good guy and didn't deserve this fate, but I couldn't let you stand in the way of my conquest.
Meanwhile, Almalexia had asked me to deal with a former member of her Hands, Salas Valor. The Hands are amongst the strongest fighters in all of Morrowind. Their abilities make them practically immune to all forms of magic, while their physical prowess is just as impressive. Their Fortify Attack gives them a minimum of 50% chance to hit that ignores any evade chance their target has, no matter how high. How do you deal with such an overwhelming foe? This was a good opportunity to show what happens when you stack overpowered things in your favor. I equipped my Ring of Raven Eye to boost my Marksman skill and drank a bottle of Sujamma. Sneaking with the 80% Chameleon effect from the Amulet of Shadows will significantly increase the chance to land a critical strike, and if you combine that with a naturally powerful weapon, such as a Spring Dart taken from the Black Dart Gang that drowned earier in the sewers, all it takes it one shot for a kill. Almalexia rewarded me with a blessing that increased my health from 40 to 50, surprisingly my actual maximum health and not just current like Fortify effects usually do.
During my quest to restore Trueflame, a painfully mediocre weapon, Khash-Ti Dhrur and his Crew had to be convinced to part with their bottle of Pyroil Tar.
Off to Clockwork City. The inhabitants were sturdy enough to make me want to fall asleep while killing them, so Invisibility proved to be a great time saver once again. A bit of trickery was required for this trap. Even running with the Boots of Blinding Speed would not be enough. A solution was to drink a Sujamma to increase your speed by lowering your relative encumbrance, though I decided to be a bit more flashy and used a Scroll of Icarian Flight here to jump next to the door on the top level. Also needed a Sujamma for a stuck lever that required at least 80 strength.
The Imperfect was a resourceful opponent. Its lightning spell covered nearly the entire room and was therefore practically unavoidable. It was possible to pot through the damage with two exclusive Restore Health potions used before or at the time of impact. And then I found out that the Imperfect was one of the few, maybe even the only, high level enemy with no resistance to Magicka, Reflect or Absorb, which made it a prime target for an Ebony Arrow of Slaying.
Onwards to the finale, where it was proven once again that alcohol can solve any problem. After throwing a total of twenty Sujamma down my throat, Almalexia took only three Dwarven Shock Darts. While I was at it, I also captured her soul.
Now the only thing left in Mournhold was to pay back my debt to the king. And because he attacked me first, his guards wouldn't lift a finger to help him. Unfortunately, Tienius Delitian accidentally got caught by a stray dart, but I'm confident he will rest in peace knowing that Gravekeeper is in good hands. Looks like Morrowind has a new king now.
Compared to Tribunal, Bloodmoon doesn't have many challenges. They are few, though some of them are extremely hard. The good thing is, being a Werewolf will not advance any skills. The bad thing is, you cannot use any of your equipment. And you can only transform safely in dungeons, because apparently being within a kilometer of any living thing, civilized or not, will mark you as a known Werewolf and turn any NPC in the world hostile, forever.
The Lightkeeper Grahl was the first challenge worth mentioning, though nothing the standard tactics couldn't handle. Another tough enemy was a man-eating monkey with an unpronounceable name, resistant to magic so I had to call upon the Golden Saints.
My first test of sanity in Bloodmoon was waiting in the Tomb of Skaalara. My claws were dull, and the enemies' swords sharp. It was a long and frustrating night. Fully charging an attack, releasing it just inside melee range and instantly backing off to repeat was the best I could do. With some practice, and learning the range of the attacks down to just a few pixels, it worked to some extent. Still, the enemies were so overpowering that any time they failed to stagger, you didn't even need to bother trying to salvage the situation and could reload right away. The enemies were just that much stronger. And two nights later the same situation came back to haunt me a second time in the form of Skaal Trackers during their bear hunt.
Slightly easier, but still annoying was the Siege of Castle Karstaag. The Grahl have about twice the melee range of your Werewolf form, so taking at least one hit from every enemy is guaranteed. They don't oneshot you right away, so I could at least recover between them.
Meanwhile I was also building my colony at Raven Rock, without much trouble. Only Carnius put up a real fight near the end. I thought this guy was a bureaucrat, but he turned out to be serious business.
The next night, Hircine invited me to take part in his game. I was to make my way through a labyrinth full of Werewolves on steroids, killing my poor fledgling Werewolf with a single scratch. Using the hit and run tactic made it possible to defeat them as long as the AI dedided to play nice and not do weird things like bump them into me. Still, saving after each kill without taking a hit, and needing multiple attempts for almost every enemy due to their erratic movement was really tedious, so I just waited until I turned back to my human form and got through with Invisibility.
Karstaag was a formidable foe, and he had an equally powerful ally in the form of pathing issues that prevented my minions from moving properly. But after a long, long battle, I eventually prevailed.
And then the big boss. I chose Hircine's Aspect of Guile for his spear. Hitting my summons drained the charges of his enchanted spear, and he was eventually rendered immobile by my good old Greater Bonewalker. I could have just used ranged weapons like against the tougher enemies in Tribunal, but I wanted to do this properly. I barely had to wait before it was night again, and with it, time to finish him.
  One last enemy
Before the journey came to an end there was only one thing left to do. I had to travel to Seyda Neen and deal with the true endboss. He would never bully poor little Bosmers again. And with that, it was time for Fargoth the Mighty to retire and enjoy his hard earned rest.

The End

This turned out to be much longer than I planned. Almost hit the character limit, too. If anyone made it this far, thanks for reading.
Here is the last screenshot with most of the treasure I collected during the run.
All the custom equipment I used can be seen here. On top of that I was wearing Ebony Mail, Fists of Randagulf, Boots of Blinding Speed, Redas Robe of Deeds, Ring of the Wind and Royal Signet Ring. An unenchanted Telvanni Cephalopod Helm and Chitin Shield were used to switch between them and the items using constant effect summons, because they are lightweight and the game likes to crash when equipping enchanted items. The Ebony Scimitar has to be used over an Ebony Staff because switching shields will unequip two-handed weapons.
submitted by tmpmw to Morrowind

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