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C'thun - Temple of Ahn'Qiraj Raid Strategy Guide

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Resident Evil 2 G Guide – How to Beat the First Boss Fight

ManualsLib is here to help you save time spent on searching. After obtaining a G-virus vial in the Nest, you will face a level 3 (G3) boss fight.

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Imagine if the devs had removed Level-Syncing from every aspect of the game, and what that would've done for your experience. [Spoilers: MSQ ARR—ShB]

Now, you might be thinking, "Great! Finally, I'll no longer be stuck with my low-level kit in the MSQ dungeons."
But imagine if your entire experience in FFXIV had been like that—that you didn't start playing FFXIV until Level-Syncing had been stripped out. You're playing for the first time alongside old veteran friends, who've been helping you out, supplying you with the best gear available for your level, who actually covered the costs of preordering the expansions, helped you to use Recruit-a-Friend, so that you're just overloaded with top-tier and experience-increasing gear. Out of curiosity, just to see more of the world, you're doing all the side quests you can get your hands on alongside the MSQ—killing a beast here, clearing a city of its pests there, crushing mobs elsewhere.
Uh-oh! You're overleveling. And really quickly, too. You've tried other jobs, but most of them don't really appeal to you, not your style—it's the melee combat that has your attention, that up-close encounter. Sometimes you even switch to the rare first-person camera so you feel like you're in the thick of it, surrounded by enemies on all sides, blades and fangs and claws all lashing at you.
But even that is starting to lose its appeal, because you've overleveled beyond anything available to you. The challenge you craved when you first played has ceased to exist. Even the "bosses" are beneath your notice now. You've leveled too much, outgeared anything that could've possibly presented a threat to you. You begin to grasp how, in the story, an empire like Allag could've effortlessly conquered the world, because they were simply so ascendant, outclassing all opposition with education, with skill, with magic, with technology. Did the Allagan Empire really die because of a Calamity, or was it out of boredom?
Every encounter that the devs hype up just feels like Cape Westwind all over again. There's no threat. No danger. No challenge. You can't even complete a single full rotation, because everything falls within a hit or two. A single cooldown AOE wipes out everything within range, and you're not even getting any XP from the kills anymore. Your only source of XP is from MSQ now, but it's become so boring. It's just like the side quests, only with a little more cinematic flair: kill some more savage beasts, exterminate some more rats, crush some more mobs. It's not fun doing what you're told anymore—oh, sure, the devs try to make the story sound interesting, but it just feels like you're treading the same ground over and over, as if what MSQ has you do never changes; it's all the same rote experience, repeating in new lands.
So you start mixing it up. You send your GC Squadron out to do the tedious parts of your job for you—send your Highlander Gladiators to one area to quell unrest, send a Midlander Rogue to another to pacify the beast tribes, perhaps even throw in the Roegadyn tank to assist her. And you? Well, you're going to start experimenting with Extremes and Savages. See if you can't make things interesting again.
You start marching into battle completely unarmed, and dare the "threats" to do their worst. And they try, of course—that's the nature of beasts, to charge in all at once. But you're too damn high level. You're not even trying to evade them, really; but your level and gear is so far beyond them, they can't help but miss. Even their strongest blows just glance off your armor, and their every other swing misses wide of the mark. It's laughable.
And so you beat them, one by one, with your bare hands, as if teaching a lesson to the incorrigible AI. It takes a little longer than it would if you used your weapon, but at this point you don't even really need one.
Still, despite all the inadequacy of the challenge, it does convince you to try a different melee job. But that doesn't last long—you're still leveling too fast for the encounters to keep up.
And then, then—the devs hint at a new instanced encounter. Different from anything you've faced before, they claim. This one, they say, will bring a fresh threat, unpredictable mechanics, an entirely new challenge. You don't hope for much—past experience has taught you otherwise.
Patch day hits.
You go through the motions with MSQ, the usual "slay-these-enemies" fare, until you finally begin the promised instance. It doesn't look like much. Trash mobs that fall like chaff from the winnowing.
But the boss.
The boss actually survives a few of your basic attacks. Its HP is actually lasting. But its damage... oh, God, it still does barely any damage. Sure, over the course of half an hour, it might eventually whittle your HP down, if you didn't bother popping a potion or a Second Wind or a Bloodbath ... but it's still not the challenge you were promised.
So you sigh, figure it's like every other inadequate "threat" you've faced before, simply too far below your level to even register, and you pull out your big-cooldown attack. Its HP drops like a rock and—it doesn't go to 0. The battle actually ends before it would "die," and instead the boss escapes.
This was an intended move on the devs' part—they wanted you to think it was easy to win. This is a multi-stage encounter, and this was just the teaser. And though you dare not hope, you can't deny the swelling of excitement about its potential.
Time passes, and the devs release the second part of the encounter, deeper into the MSQ—it's now a Trial, with the focus on the boss you fought once before. The boss, and its new mate, survives even more of your attacks. It's clearly gotten stronger, fed on the experiences and foes of the path it's been blazing across the lands added in the expansion. It's still easy, but not as easy as it was the first time. It's doing more damage, its power clearly having scaled since the first instance—but it's not a true threat, not yet. A few of your cooldown moves later, and just as it's about to die, its fellow beasts swoop in, and bear it away to safety. It escaped again. But your interest is piqued—it's actually starting to come closer to your level, even after all the massive overleveling you've done throughout the course of the game.
More time passes, and the devs promise this will be the biggest, most difficult fight you've ever faced, that any player has ever faced—in fact, every other player that's fought this boss has lost, and lost hard. It's not a Trial anymore, not even an Extreme—it's passed straight into a Savage Raid.
So you pull out all the stops.
You're doing full rotations, every cooldown in your arsenal, bringing to bear every weapon you've got—even some shit you've never had the chance to use before, that you only just bothered to do the quests to unlock, because you never thought anything would deserve its use before. And it actually fights you to a standstill. Oh, the battle was close to be sure, and it was the hardest battle you've ever waged, but you recognize you can't actually win now. Its HP recovers too quickly, it knows how to dodge your AOEs, it braces against your biggest attacks—and yet it all feels... fair. It wasn't meant to win, it simply won on its own merits this time, facing you at equal level. And it feels good.
For the first time in a long time, you've seen your HP flag, felt the adrenaline from a tense encounter, felt defeat—death—closing in. The Savage beat you, and it earned it, every step of the way. But it doesn't kill you; the battle ends, and you're left with a choice: to go out on their terms, or your own.
You choose. You know what you choose. What other choice could you possibly have made? But you're satisfied with the choice—you were met with a true challenge, at the level cap in an expansion that was otherwise woefully undertuned for you, and it made life in the game feel worthwhile again, however briefly.
And then the devs release a new expansion, one that unlocks a new job for you—in fact, it's a job using the same power type as that Savage boss used. And they promise a brand-new encounter with that boss, apparently a recurring villain, but they ask for patience, while they prepare the content.
Meanwhile, the people that got you into the game, completely misunderstanding your view on what the game is for you, think victory is the most important thing, not the thrill of the challenge—they say they've found a third-party tool that allowed them to beat similar Trials and Raids without even taking damage. It just instantly ended the encounter, and gave them all the rewards with none of the effort.
"Black Rose," they call it—and they plan to use it on that Savage, to skip the fight entirely. They offer it to you.
And so you stab your father in the stomach with a katana.
And this concludes "Why Zenos Is Actually a Good (and Relatable) Villain." Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.
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Heavenward was the peak of raiding in FFXIV

Let me preface this by saying I'm not a great writer, however I will do my best to convey my point.
I'm going to split this post into 3 sections, starting with:
The raids given to us in heavenwards were all distinct and highly unique, never falling into the trappings of simple EX trial design like so many recent savage fights have. It's genuinely hard to think of fights in Stormsblood, or especially Shadowbringers that aren't just simple square or circle arena's. Within these geometric arena's about 30% of the time we get what I will refer to as a "wall boss", a boss that is just a part of the wall. Wall bosses can be an interesting gimmick, however they're severely overused in current content, they take away major aspects of jobs such as positionals. Meanwhile, we didn't get a single "wall boss" in Heavensward, in fact almost every single raid in the expansion had its unique twist, even if it wasn't always perfect. Let's take a Look
A1S: Fairly basic but a great starting point
A2S: I really appreciated the experimentation in this fight, the fight wasn't hard, but it wasn't braindead either. I'm really glad they tried something new with the gobwalkers and having a more add focused fight. With some fine tuning it would be great to see a return to the ideas shown here, like a diamond in the rough.
A3S: Difficult on release, but introduced the idea of environmental hazards that aren't a sheer drop off the edge of the arena.
A4S: Also difficult due to its hard DPS check, mechanically fairly straight forward, however I appreciate the unique approach taken to the design of the fight.
Gordias: The Weakest of the 3 in terms of unique content, I'd argue a bit easier that Midas with a harder DPS check.
A5S: Masterful, incredibly unique concept. Instead of being a puzzle you solve it's an environment you engage in. After clearing you could go back to the fight and learn interesting interactions with the different puddles, such as getting healing stacks.
A6S: Some found this fight hard on launch and SE was required to nerf it. I think it was the right call to help people along to the similarly difficult A7S, however I'm sad the original form of the fight is lost forever. A6S is an amazing, unique, all around COOL fight. 4 mini bosses, each with their own gimmicks and difficulties. What is amazing about A6S is that it's teaching you A8S without even having the players notice. I wish we could see more fights take the approach that A6S did.
A7S: Again, masterful, this fight has an interesting arena, environmental hazards that aren't orange circles on the grounds, and a well designed fight. The jail mechanic was very cool, the balls as a mechanic were introduced slowly, first with one, than with two. Avoiding the two large balls while evading the cats heart will keep you on your toes even in farm.
A8S: I can gush about this fight forever. A8S isn't a fight you learn, A8S is a fight the game DEMANDS you master. A8S is an elegant dance, what I consider to be the peak of savage content, something that the devs should strive to reproduce. It takes the individual bots from A6S and demands you fight them all at once. A6S is essentially a phase of A8S. This is something to my knowledge we haven't seen again, an earlier fight in a tier giving you the tools to beat a fight later in the tier. This fight should be mandatory to play for all high end content devs of XIV, it truly demonstrates the peaks this game can achieve.
Midas: The absolute peak of savage content, what should be strived for in the future.
A9S: Pretty easy but it's uniquely designed, another example of how HW wasn't afraid to experiment with their fights.
A10S: Incredible arena design. This fight will make some claustrophobic, I love how little room you have to maneuver horizontally. The phase in which the wall is threatening to crush the party is a great DPS check that not only provides cool visuals but gives mechanical context to the DPS check. This is something we rarely see now, and when we do see it it's often weak. We see a bar slowing casting to full which will cause a raid wipe, or in some cases killing player one by one, but rarely in a way shown in A6S.
A11S: Fantastic savage fight, saw the introduction of the "duty action", however this played a very small role in the fight. The arena design isn't as unique, but I still consider it to be better than our more recent savage fights.
A12S: A great way to end the tier, by far the easiest final fight of the expansion but not a pushover. Lots of cool mechanics that played with freezing time ect. Time gates were a cool mechanic visually and gameplay wise, and offered unique solutions for more skilled statics.
Creator: An excellent tier, a great way to end the expansion. Unique fights, while not overly difficult still asked the player to perform.
Job Design
This is where some people will disagree with me. I'm a tank main so my criticism is going to focus largely on that.
Tanking has gotten much much worse since Heavensward. Enmity is an absolute joke, it may as well not exist. In HW holding enmity while pushing DPS was something that you had to pay attention to, instead of completely ignoring. Every weaponskill in defiance, shield oath, or grit was lost DPS. There wasn't even shirk then, which further added to the difficulty.
Some things of note that have been lost include warriors choosing between eye and butchers. When off tanking a war can use butchers for extra potency but risk pulling aggro. So a warrior would take note every time they were readying a combo to see if the aggro gap was wide enough to allow a butchers block. Minor stuff like this rewarded mastery of your job.
I'm still 50/50 on the removal of slayer right side for tanks. On one hand obviously it was a pain having to wait a few weeks before you could gear out your right side, but on the other tanking at low HP lowered the tolerance for inconsistent mitigation, thus rewarding good tanks with higher DPS. Playing war in Gordias was something special, a good war would pull with 10% of what DPS were doing, something we've lost.
I can't speak for other jobs in this regard as I was a tank main, however I know many share my sentiment of the skill ceiling being much higher in HW than now.
If I didn't lose people before I'm going to lose them now.
Server merges were a solution to lacking raid communities on small servers, not cross server PF. Cross server PF completely ruined the sense of community in the raiding scene. Actually having to fly to the entrance of the raid with other people on your world to do savage was just one of the small things people are missing. The larger being the sense of community and belonging on your server. I'm from Gilgamesh, during Midas everyone who raided knew at least one person in every other persons group. There was networking, reputation, and a larger sense of friendly competition between groups. Now the pool of raiders is so large that all sense of community is gone. This is something that sadly has no solution now, since what has been done has been done. It's just an aspect of the game that new players will never get to experience.
To conclude I believe that the devs can learn a lot from raiding in HW, and hopefully apply this knowledge to improve the game in the future.
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