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The Legend of the Astral Farrier

This is a little bit of a different style than I normally write. It is a log, not sure if I'm happy with it, but I think it tells a coherent story.
I'm terrible with people names, so I just took a few pages of naval history....
Captains Log: Captain S.B. Roberts
3591, May 5th.
Undergoing final inspections before we head out with the convoy for Terminal Alpha and into the unknown. Captain Daring, and Benson have their boats in excellent shape, though I'm unsure of the worthiness of Captain Clemson's old tug. Still, the rest of the fleet is in good enough shape. Fourteen ship convoy, ready to colonize a new world.
The cargo holds are full, the passengers are touring the galley and lounges and tomorrow we hit the pavement.
3591, May 6th.
Thrusters engaged, and all systems are green. Three-quarters of a billion cubic meters of colonization materials on their way. Six weeks out from our destination, home to some three thousand colonists aboard our merry fleet. I can already hear the babies crying, and the husbands finding whatever they can do to get away from their wives.
3591, May 19th.
Benson's boat suffered engine failure, we will be towing her for a few days until she gets back online. A couple of passengers handy with a wrench volunteered to help fix him up.
Said he just had an overhaul, but can't produce the warranty papers...
3591, May 30th.
XO's birthday tomorrow. Scuttlebut is that his wife made the damn worst carrot cake this side of the disk. Whomever tasted it has obviously never had my own cooking. I hope he enjoys his present, sixteen ounces of Porlavian Tenderloin, and a bottle of Kirluian Brandy.
3951, May 31st.
XO's birthday cake was about as wonderful as I can say. Thankfully not carrot cake. Note to self, find scuttlebut and put them to work cleaning tubers for a week, if they are already doing that........ find them a spouse with appropriate cooking skill!
3591, June 5th.
Benson's boat is back up and running just in time. We will be passing into the Jurlovian Mists tomorrow. Sensors to max. Guns hot.
3591, June 9th.
We were attacked by a small flotilla of pirates, coming out from behind a giant rock in the mists. They struck the Haberdashery along her port fuel cells, broke the ship apart. The Astra's guns took out their big battle wagon, I don't think they expected a military-grade armed transport. After that, the rest of them scooped and ran. A parting shot from Clemson caught one under the tail pipe and sent him into a long spin. I hope we wont be seeing more of that group again.
Losing the Haberdashery won't cost the colonists much, but it's still a loss, sixteen people and twenty-thousand tons of plastic and metal. Funeral will be in a few days once we escape the Mists.
3591, June 10th.
Shadows on the scanners, the pirates, or another group, are still sniffing. The damn Mists.
3591, June 11th.
We were attacked again, looks like the same group, either eager for vengeance, or with nothing to lose. Clemson's gone. His tug lost main power in the first assault, and got snagged by at least two assault shuttles. His last transmission said he was going to blow them all up, and damned if he didn't. We surfed his core detonation, scorched a lot of paint.
We fought them off, but lost another two truckers. Three hundred more dead. Astra took some hits, but the shields held. Other ships took minor to moderate damage. Repair crews on double-time, and as much coffee as can be spared.
3592, June 12th.
Damn the Company, on my orders we spaced one of the pods. The rest of the fleet will hangar inside it. Astra's the only ship in the convoy that can push through these attacks mostly unscathed. Weren't supposed to be pirate groups that strong in these parts. The colonists are gonna have to do without a hundred and twenty five million cubic meters of shit, but it's better than losing more lives in their tin-cans. Clemson was a damn brave man to be this far out as it is, we don't need more heroes though.
3592, June 16th.
We are out of the Mists. Funeral held. No bodies to bury. Intercepted fragmented message, sloppy encoding, but definitively pirates. I've drafted extra hands to the damage control parties, and put Captain Gearing in charge of Astra's guns. He's a former navy captain like myself, from one of those husky destroyer leaders. Guns are his business.
3592, June 21st.
A larger group of pirates this time. Jumped on us in open space, who ever they have doing navigation must have been one smart bastard.
Two old Terran battle wagons, an Irkuom frigate, a half dozen corvettes and a big swarm of assault shuttles and some scorched up gunboats.
But this is the Astra Farrier, The Anvil of the Stars. Gearing put those guns to work, the first salvo from the big guns ripped three of the corvettes wide open, while the point defense turrets started shredding the shuttles and boats. The Irkuom frigate started blasting us with missiles, so Gearing started blasting her into a rather shapely melted oblong of glowing hot metal. Those old battle wagons didn't actually make it into the fight, before they did their best pivot and bolted.
We cleaned up the stragglers and the crazies, one of the corvettes tried to kamikaze us but missed. We captured one of the shuttles, three alive in the brig. One human, one Selka, and one I don't fucking know. Tight-lipped all three. Once we get back to Republic space, and I'll hand them over to the Navy.
3592, July 9th.
Uneventful last few weeks. Most of the battle damage has been repaired, aside from the paint. Put the fleet back outside, as we make our way up to Terminal Hotel. Have some technicians rigging the pod for more rapid securing, in case we need to house the fleet again.
3592, July 13th.
Came upon wreckage, unknown origins, definitively human or human-aligned technology. Big blast marks all over it. No bodies. Nothing but scrap. Full alert, and back in the box for the fleet.
3592, July 20th.
Biggest damn pirate ship I've ever seen, twice the size of a battle wagon, and three times meaner. Came roaring down after us after passing through Terminal Hotel with a buzzing fleet of misshapen hulls flying in her wake. Engineers are giving the thrusters all she's got, but that thing will catch us tomorrow. Having the tech's weld most of the exterior hatches shut, and setting up barricades in the main annexes. Drafted anyone with military experience, or anyone that looks like they know which end of the gun to point at a boarder. Half of them will have to do with sharpened sticks.
3592, July 23rd.
Last two days, I would not wish to repeat. That pirate fleet was way to strong to be unknown. The Astra held, but only barely. We jettisoned two of the pods, and red-lined the reactors. Half the port side passenger levels are gone, hundreds dead. The Astra's missing half her back, and most of her guns. Got one big and three little guns left. Both Gearing and Benson died fighting boarding parties.
But that battle wagon is fucking burning slag.
XO and I sent off the ELRAD device. Even if we don't make it, the USR will know what happened, and what scum has been bubbling up.
The pirates are still out there, whats left of them at least. They've got a small fleet of old capital and sub capitals
I've got crews on every gun to see what we can scrape together, pull apart other ships if I have too. Can't dump any more pods, mechanisms are slagged or frozen. Wouldn't make much difference, can't run either. Kids running oil, wives running bandages. What a fucking mess.
3592, October 2nd.
From : Admiral Johnston, USRN Adamant, 3rd Sector Patrol Fleet
To: USRN Command
Found remains of the Astral Farrier group. No survivors.
I don't think I'd want to face whomever captained her in battle, she's got hot stars around her by the dozens. Looks like at least six frigates or light cruisers, a dozen corvettes and big gunships – there was a giant slag ball a few billion kilometers behind her, that must have been that missing Mk-4 BW prototype. Tech crews are swarming wreckage for the blackbox, and whatever evidence we can find on whomever attacked her, must have been one hell of a pirate fleet. Whomever flew the Astra must have been one hell of a captain, one hell of a crew. One hell of a ship.
Don't worry Sirs, we will find the group responsible for this. And we will deliver justice to them.
submitted by aether_tech to HFY

[2020 in RoguelikeDev] Veins of the Earth/Neon Twilight, Free Drive Battle, Space Frontier

2019 was an insanely productive year, especially on the learning front!

Veins of the Earth
I entered 2019 with a half-written Godot iteration and already hit some limitations of the engine when it came to web exports, so I spent the majority of the year looking for alternative tech while halfheartedly progressing along with Godot (I quietly sunsetted this iteration several months ago when the web export limitations became too limiting). However, I fell in love with Godot engine itself, as long as it wasn't targeted at web, and used it for both (desktop) side projects and never looked back.
I could've gone back to desktop for Veins, too, but at that point, a little bit of a year after I started working on a Django app for a day job (therefore, mostly working in Python, but increasingly often on the JS side), I already knew the advantages the web as a platform brings (no need to worry about the OS/libraries the end user has, and also working on a mobile).

The first tech I tried was Nim. I was very impressed by its syntax, very close to Python, but the tech demo suffered from stutters on my Linux rig (later revealed to be a side effect of the desktop environment/gfx driver combo). And the JS output was unfortunately for me, mangled, so not very useful for learning purposes. The one thing that I did take away from it was the HTML button keypad and how to make it reactive.
Over the summer dev-along, I tried pure JS (for the third or fourth time) and finally succeeded in getting something working i.e. finishing the roguelike tutorial, but it too stuttered (probably for the same reason as the Nim version, but I didn't know it at the time), so I abandoned it. Due to my dislike of the prototypes syntax, I used ES6 because it has proper classes.
I also tried Rust, first as a pure command-line tech demo over the summer, and then with thebracket's RLTK-rs library that works on web via WASM. Rust's learning curve was pleasantly smaller than C++, although the borrow checker still kept tripping me up in unexpected spots. The only downside of Rust+WASM iteration is the fact that it doesn't work on IE at all and doesn't want to work on my Win 10+Edge combo currently. IMHO, Rust is the tech of the future, but WASM support is not quite there yet.
RLTK-rs and its' associated excellent tutorial, however, taught me some more roguelike algorithms such as bitmasks (for prettier walls) and Entity Component Systems. I also reflavored the project to be cyberpunk, instead of fantasy, which prompted a name change to Neon Twilight.
The latest iteration is Python+Flask and mostly thought of as a learning project (I wanted to know how JS and Python communicate, e.g. in my day job). Progress has been extremely swift because I could lift a lot of the code from the 2018 desktop Python iteration of Veins and I built on what I learned with the JS and Rust versions, when it comes to player UX and UI. Flask does obviate the biggest problem I had with Python, that is shipping your game to end users, however, it cannot be run on just any old free host - it has to support a backend. GitHub Pages or Gitlab pages are therefore out and so is itch.io - which is a big downside, as itch would give me some exposure. I considered Heroku, but couldn't understand the setup involved, and finally decided on PythonAnywhere (expect an alpha build up over the weekend!)

2020 outlook
Is my search for THE web tech finally at its end? Unfortunately not, because the free tier of PythonAnywhere has limitations and I fully expect the Flask version to run into them sooner or later. So the goal for 2020 is to find something that DO can be put on GitHub Pages or itch.io, which most likely means... Javascript. I asked around a bit and gave Transcrypt a try (a Python 3 -> Javascript transpiler). It is awesome... WHEN it works. Unfortunately, roughly half of the time it can't find files that DO exist, and the like. Good as a learning resource for when I don't know the Javascript equivalent of a Python construct, but not ready for prime-time yet.
ES 6 means I don't have to use the annoying prototype syntax, but there is still a matter of how wordy looping is. I went back to the list of languages that compile to Javascript and briefly considered using Lua (which would be a journey back to the roots!) but then discovered CoffeeScript. It's sort of halfway between Python and Javascript when it comes to syntax and it is "natively" compiled to JS (meaning it's not some random's transpiler tool, but a large, maintained language that will not get dropped out of the blue like several Python->JS projects were).
Other than looking for the perfect tech (hopefully I will find it!), in terms of features wishlist I am looking at:
  • a massive list of nice-to-haves such as carving names/notes on items in inventory, favoriting items, and the like
  • chunking the map (if you don't know what it means, look up Minecraft or CDDA)
  • more content (items, NPCs, furniture, you name it...)
  • procedural quests
  • languages handling (currently trying to decide whether I should go with real-life languages or with a generated worldlist such as what SquidLib uses)
  • AI and world improvements (way back when the project got past the "tutorial" stage, I envisioned a world where the NPCs have their own "factions"/noble houses and e.g. spy on each other or plot or do battle (maybe not a massive medieval kind of a battle, but a 50vs50 urban battle scenario) as well as the world reacting to such events (the noble hierarchy changing as a result). Now, with the flavor change, the noble houses will probably become corporate entities, but the rest holds true. And unlike the medieval NPCs, they should move around, from their homes to their work and back...

Free Drive Battle
It entered 2019 as a Godot 3.0.3 project and was subsequently updated (in March 2019) to Godot 3.1 (the delay was due to my then computer failing). Roughly halfway through the year, I rewrote the logic behind creating the city you drive in to hopefully fix roads overlapping (https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/218361207990648832/578246366296408093/Screenshot_2019-05-15_173628.png). Isolated cases of roads crossing/overlapping, however, have continued to pester me throughtout the year, and I hopefully stamped out the last cases in November... I learned how to make IK work in Godot, and used it to animate the driver's hands in cockpit view. I also continued to learn shaders, and used them to e.g. create a simple rained on effect for the windshield, as well as clouds for the skysphere. The skysphere approach though was scraped later on in favor of a viewport and 2D shader combo, because it avoided some weird vertex culling ugliness. Cockpit view gained a rear view mirror, and a car can be partialy deformed on impact. If you found keyboard steering too choppy, there is now a mouse steering option, too! There were also HUD improvements, such as a large map preview and the minimap gained compass directions and improved its rotation behavior. The game also tells you which road/intersection you are currently on.
But a racing game needs AI, I hear you say? Worry not: the AI gained the ability to path from one intersection to another (not a HPA* proper, but something very close), and to follow this path (now via steering behaviors instead of fugly klutzes). An AI opponent is also spawned for a race marker, therefore you can race against something more than just a clock.
Currently the engine is idling (see Space Frontier entry for an explanation...) but I expect to step on the gas again as soon as I can!

2020 outlook
There was a moment when I doubted that what I originally envisioned (a clone of the Blackbox era free roam Need For Speed game) could be done. 2019 proved that at least the bare bones of one is definitely possible! The level generation is mostly done, all that can be added to it is bells and whistles (e.g. traffic lights).
  • AI needs to learn to detect other cars around itself
  • AI needs to learn to overtake said other cars
  • more cars driving on roads
  • races with multiple AI

Space Frontier
This was started mostly as a learning project (steering behaviors, fsm [finite state machines]). I based the general idea and the user interface on a game I used to play as a kid on a Pentium 133, Stellar Frontier. Luckily for me, in the intervening years it was released as a source-available kind of a deal (and I verified that it did use steering behaviors, therefore demonstrating their power firsthand). The original game amazed me with its emergent gameplay and different AI behaviors, down to being able to order your AI underlings around.
Space Frontier entered 2019 as a half-written skeleton of a game, the basics were already there but there was very little procedural generation and very little to do unless you counted flying around and seeing AI flying to a target and idling.
At the end of 2019, the project is idling briefly (because I am waiting for Godot 3.2 which is just around the corner and because my SSD failed two weeks ago). Procedural generation has been extended to include varying star types, sizes and luminosity, as well as planet radius, gravity and temperature. Provided certain conditions are met, a planet may even be designated 'habitable'. The AI have learned to do loads of things (e.g. orbiting smaller planets, picking up free-floating colonies, following 'colonize this planet' orders, picking up the resources they mined and dropping them at the starbase)

2020 outlook
The majority of the game, as I envisioned it, is done. There is only one entry on the wishlist left, apart from minor, spur-of-the-moment things:
  • Fleet mechanics (changing sides, ordering your AI underlings)
submitted by Zireael07 to roguelikedev

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