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It is a credit to Blizzard that tickets sell out so quickly. Both of these guides are top notch, with all the best features of any Starcraft 2 guide you will find. Looking for diablo 2 cd key I have a expansion just cant find the first one thansk. Sniper ghost warrior 2 serial number sniper ghost warrior serial key sniper ghost warrior 2 serial key key generator download ghost warrior sniper ghost warrior 2 serial (1) StarCraft 2 Heart of the Swarm Beta Keygen (1) StarCraft 2 Heart of the Swarm code (1) StarCraft 2 Heart of the Swarm free (1) StarCraft 2 Heart of the Swarm key (1). Professional Version of softwares: Grand Theft Auto V. Some players are only interested in the single player experience, however, and have taken to downloading and unlocking the game with the Razor crack. It does not matter that.

Starcraft 2: A Strategy Guide for Everyone: The Basics
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  • StarCraft 2 Guide & Strategies
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  • Take Aim and Game!: Game Review: StarCraft (PC, 1998)
  • Starcraft 2 Guides, Tips, Tricks and Cheats
  • Starcraft 2 Full Version Free Download
  • The Bottom Feeder: Review - Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty
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MegaDownloadKing: Starcraft II - ValiantChaos Maphack v1.1.8. Posted by Joseph M at 11: 33 AM No comments: Email This BlogThis! Let us first discuss about colossus. F5 (or Ctrl + F5) - Toggle 3 state maphack off, lite. Star, Craft, StarCraft, starcraft 2, starcra. Cheats and Hacks: 8 Ball Pool ver. 3.2.0 Auto Win Hack full report. The benefit of this is that you guys have a well-researched review right on launch day.

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Here's a better way to play Starcraft 2 Single Player even without a BNET account. Key code values can be found here - 5-State Maphack Comes with 4 different modes which are off, lite, shared and full, and has an advanced list of features it provides. See below photo Manual boat anchor winch. MINECRAFT GIFT CODE GENERATOR [January 2020] 100%. Lora Devlin Thursday, October 31, 2020. Download FREE Starcraft 2 Wings Of Liberty PC Game Full. For this reason, I decided to put together a Starcraft 2 Terran guide.

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UNIQFILES - KEYGEN, CRACK, CD KEY, SERIAL KEY, HACK anchor. This Starcraft 2 sale is only available in the United States and Canada. This is a review of the best selling Starcraft 2 guide - Starscraft 2 Secrets by T Dub. Several StarCraft 2 guides have been hitting the market from the best of these players, but one guide has been outperforming the rest. The best Starcraft 2 guide is the Sholz guide. And we couldn't be more proud of what we have accomplished but the work is only beginning. So I haven't blogged for a while since I've been lazy and couldn't really think of what I could.

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Starcraft 2 crack blogspot. Starcraft2 Cheat Notes -Starcraft 2 Cheats work on all the supported platforms (Windows, Mac)-SC2 cheats can only be activated in single player mode. StarCraft 2 Campaign Missions and Achievements Guide SC2ALLin1 Offline StarCraft 2 Beta Launcher. Enjoy Pes 2020 Serial Key Free Licence Key Keygen. When Raynor was young and he was in the army. Any early pressure to the Protoss will do. Shokz phone is also a bit harder to understand - not so.

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Plan ahead of time and get the computer that you really need. StarCraft 2: Wings Of Liberty returns players to the Koprulu Sector to settle the score between the Terrans, the Zerg and the Protoss. Useful Starcraft boat owners manual Ar-one club - starcraft ar-one travel trailer owners and, An on-line gathering place for starcraft. MINI FLASH GAMES ONLINE. Starcraft 2 trailer Starcraft 2 review Starcraft 2 trailer hd. Posted by Unknown at 23: 19. With stunning graphics, this is a game in which you have to create your own team of Mortal Kombat fighters, collect Mortal Kombat veterans, compete with other players in Faction Wars, unlock rewards in both mobile and console version. Sure, there are a bunch of tips that will help you to initially get it up, but it comes with experience.

What sort of aliens are you hoping to fight in Starfield?

Assuming that Starfield will involve encounters with hostile aliens, what sort of space creatures are you hoping to see as the main antagonists?
-Classic Martians: The hokey, Fallout-style little green men. -Advanced Alien Military: Tough, humanoid aliens with guns. Think Gears of War or Mass Effect Andromeda (lol). -The Hive: Rapidly reproducing eusocial killing machines. Think Xenomorphs or Starcraft's Zerg. -Cosmic Horrors: Beings beyond human comprehension, unless you can comprehend aliens with lots of tentacles. Think Bloodborne. -Hybrid Abominations: Aliens that have invaded the bodies of humans. Think System Shock, Dead Space and SOMA (yes, those are robots, but they do kinda look like aliens.)
Personally, I'd prefer the abominations as regular enemies and cosmic horrors as the dragons/deathclaws of this game. Bethesda games have always been decent at horror when they attempt it, and I'd like to see Starfield go farther down that route with it's main enemies. We haven't had genuinely creepy villains since the Sixth House in Morrowind, it's time to get back to it.
submitted by GameShrink to Starfield

[Guide] The PC guide to gaming for FREE (WIP)

The PC guide to gaming for FREE (WIP)

Hello there, I've compiled this guide for anyone gaming on a budget or wanting to game for completely free.
I will likely be unable to complete this guide in a timely manner, this has been sitting on my PC for months now so I thought I may as well post it and see some feedback on it.
This guide does not cover hardware and some of these games do not run amazingly on really old systems but I'm sure there's something you'll find that you'll like.
I do not have personal experience with a lot of these games, only through research and user recommendation. If I have made any mistakes they will be edited out as soon as I notice or I am notified.
No games are pay to win unless explicitly stated, all business models are fair for the consumer.
I have acquired nearly 100 games through the below methods. I have only ever spent money on about 10 games.
  • FOSS = Free Open Source Software
  • IAP = In-App Purchases
  • MTX = Microtransaction
  • P2W = Pay to Win
  • P2A = Pay to Advantage
  • QOL = Quality of Life


Alphabetical order to prevent bias (WIP)
Games that are classified as more than one genre are placed under the more relevant one.

Genres: (WIP)

ARPG: /rpg_gamers/
Game IAP that affect gameplay Sub/Info
Path of Exile Yes, stash tabs potentially affect gameplay, otherwise only cosmetics Devs allow multiple accounts for muling items, can bypass the stash tab issue, /pathofexile/
Dead Meets Lead No IAP Free Diablo Clone
Base Building: /BaseBuildingGames/ //Edit: Find base builders
Game IAP that affect gameplay Sub/Info
Card Games: /digitalcards/
Note: These are P2W/P2A
Game IAP that affect gameplay Sub/Info
Duelyst Yes /duelyst/
Eternal Yes /EternalCardGame/
Faeria Yes /faeria/
Gwent Yes /gwent/
Hearthstone Yes /hearthstone/
Shadowverse Yes Multiple Grand Master players have never spent money, /Shadowverse/
Solforge Yes /SolForge/
The Elder Scrolls: Legends Yes /elderscrollslegends/
City Builder & Tycoon: /tycoon/
Game IAP that affect gameplay Sub/Info
OpenTTD FOSS FOSS version of Transport Tycoon Deluxe, /openttd/
Game IAP that affect gameplay Sub/Info
Aleph One Marathon Trilogy FOSS /Marathon/
Dirty Bomb Yes Not P2A after few hours, very fair, Random drops, /Dirtybomb/
FreeDoom FOSS DOOM with free assets, /DOOM/
.kkrieger No IAP 96kb in size, won't run on low end rigs, /Demoscene/
Paladins Yes /Paladins/
Stanley Parable original mod + demo No IAP, both are standalone games complementary to the Steam release Demo on right of Steam page, /stanleyparable/
Team Fortress 2 Yes Not P2A after few hours, very fair, Lootboxes, /tf2/
Warface Yes Users have reported that P2A weapons do not have a large impact on gameplay, /Warface/
Idle Games:
Game IAP that affect gameplay Sub/Info
Cookie Clicker No IAP /CookieClicke
Live action RTS: /RealTimeStrategy/
Game IAP that affect gameplay Sub/Info
0 A.D. FOSS /0ad/
CnCNet No IAP Play old Command & Conquer Games online with well made user patches, /commandandconque
OpenRA FOSS Another Command & Conquer fan patch client, /commandandconque
Starcraft No IAP /starcraft/
Starcraft 2 Going F2P on 18th Nov, details pending /starcraft/
Warzone 2100 FOSS /warzone2100/
MMORPG: /rpg_gamers/
Game IAP that affect gameplay Sub/Info
Guild Wars 2 Base game free, paid expansions, cosmetic and account service MTX Developer stance on MTX, /Guildwars2/
Old School Runescape No IAP /2007scape/
Phantasy Star Online 2 Yes, skill tree resets and character slots Users have reported that with tickets you can receive the two preceding items, /PSO2/
MOBA: /moba/
Game IAP that affect gameplay Sub/Info
Awesomenauts Yes Awesomenauts/
Battlerite Yes More a brawler than a typical MOBA, Lootboxes, /BattleRite/
DOTA 2 Only cosmetic IAP Random drops, /DotA2/
Heroes of the Storm Yes Loot boxes, /heroesofthestorm/
League of Legends Yes Make sure to check region when signing up, Loot boxes, /leagueoflegends/
SMITE Yes Loot boxes, /Smite/
Platformers: /platforme
Game IAP that affect gameplay Sub/Info
Alex the Alligator 4 FOSS
DDNET FOSS Standalone Teeworlds mod, /teeworlds/
Cave Story No IAP A remake Cave Story+ is available for purchase, /cavestory/
Floating Point No IAP
Mega Man Maker No IAP Mario Maker for Mega Man, /MegaMakerOfficial/
Super Crate Box FOSS /supercratebox/
The Expendabros No IAP, complementary to Broforce /broforcegame/
VVVVVV Editor No IAP, complementary to VVVVVV /VVVVVV/
You Have to Win the Game No IAP
Game IAP that affect gameplay Sub/Info
Sigils of Elohim No IAP, complementery to The Talos Principle /TheTalosPrinciple/
RPG: /rpg_gamers/
Game IAP that affect gameplay Sub/Info
Armor & Amulets FOSS
Dwarf Fortress No IAP /dwarffortress/
Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall No IAP /Daggerfall/
Elona+ No IAP Check sub sidebar for other versions, /Elona/
The Spirit Engine 1 & 2 No IAP
Pokemon Showdown No IAP /pokemonshowdown/
Warframe Yes, Premium currency earnable in-game through trade Recommended to pick Excalibur as initial frame, will save hassle, /Warframe/
Racing: /simracing/ and /racinggames/
Game IAP that affect gameplay Sub/Info
Nitronic Rush No IAP
Trackmania Nations Forever No IAP /TrackMania/
Rhythm: /rhythmgames/
Note: The subreddits for the below games are very informative, check them for more info and help
Game IAP that affect gameplay Sub/Info
Etterna Online No IAP Closed source fork of Stepmania for keyboard players, /Etterna/
K-Shoot mania No IAP Site is in Japanese, check /kshootmania
Lunatic Rave 2 No IAP Check sub wiki for details, /lunaticrave2
Osu! No IAP, a donation can unlock other QOL features, also has a FOSS fork by the developer for contributors /osugame
Stepmania FOSS /Stepmania/
Roguelike: /roguelikes/
Game IAP that affect gameplay Sub/Info
Rogue No IAP Original game that spawned the genre, check sub on how to run game, /roguelikes/
Spelunky FOSS HD remake available on Steam, /spelunky/
UnReal World No IAP Can be purchased on Steam to support developers, /URW/
Shoot 'em Ups: /shmups //Edit: Add schmups
Game IAP that affect gameplay Sub/Info
Simulators: /SimulationGaming //Edit: Find simulators
Game IAP that affect gameplay Sub/Info
Endless Sky No IAP Early Access, /endlesssky/
Stealth: /stealthgames/
Game IAP that affect gameplay Sub/Info
The Dark Mod standalone release FOSS Thief inspired Doom mod full release, /TheDarkMod/
Tower Defence
Game IAP that affect gameplay Sub/Info
Desktop Dungeons Alpha No IAP Alpha build, full game available for purchase on Steam, /DesktopDungeons/
Turn-based RTS: /RealTimeStrategy
Game IAP that affect gameplay Sub/Info
Atlas Reactor Yes Lootboxes, /AtlasReacto
Battle for Wesnoth FOSS /wesnoth/
FreeCiv FOSS /Freeciv/
Visual Novels: /visualnovels
Game IAP that affect gameplay Sub/Info
Doki Doki Literature Club No IAP /DDLC/
Eternal Senia No IAP
Everlasting Summer No IAP /EverlastingSumme
Katawa Shoujo No IAP /katawashoujo/
Sounds of Her Love No IAP

Free Game Sources (WIP)

Flash/Web Games: /FlashGames/, /WebGames/
Newgrounds is the most famous and influential flash games website, spawned a lot of influential games and developers.
Armor Games and Kongregate both have a solid collection of games and very good exclusives each.
Nitrome have as of the last few years moved over to HTML5 games, abandoning flash, still make really good games. They are known to host their games on other flash sites.
Game Jams /gamejams
//Edit: Add popular reoccurring game jams and their repos
//Edit: Add explanations and resource links
Other Game Websites and Lists
Games from the students of DigiPen Institute of Technology, always something interesting or noteworthy to check out, very talented people.
Daniel Remar, GameMaker developer.


Emulators are an amazing thing, they allow you to run legacy games that no longer run on modern PCs or were not designed to run on PC in the first place, such as console games.
The law on emulation is an iffy thing so you will need to read up on your local laws regarding its legality. The main issue is procuring the ROMs (the games themselves) and the BIOS (the software for the brain of the system) as they can still hold copyright even though they are no longer sold.
The emulation wiki can tell you everything you would want to know. You can find recommended emulators and info on upcoming emulators. Modding is included as well on the website.

ROM Dumps

Create an account and log in to see listed items.
Depending on where you read this the below dumps may have been removed to comply with the rules of the site and copyright laws of the host website's country.
are dumps for old consoles, including BIOS and international titles.
PS2 ROM Dumps:
PCSX2 Wiki, guides on getting your PS2 games running properly and fixing common bugs.
Legal browser based emulators: Internet Arcade, Console Living Room

Abandonware (WIP)

Depending on where you read this parts of the abandonware section may have been removed to comply with the rules of the site and the copyright laws of the host website's country.
Technically not legal in the US, however, the companies no longer follow up on the copyright and no longer sell them so you are safe to play them. Abandonware is a legal grey area and games come out of abandonware status quite often so don't play these on work hardware.
Jason Scott is the head of the software branch of archive.org and has done an amazing talk on the current situation of abandoned software, copyright and how emulators are playing a role.
is a repo of abandonware games.
I do not follow the abandonware scene so do not know of any other legitimate sources.

Getting paid games for free, the legal way

There are a lot of ways to get games for free, from key giveaways from the developers to farming wallet credit. There are many options to acquire your wanted games.


These subreddits list games that are available for free, with CSS enabled the expired posts should be crossed out. Check the stickied posts for all long time giveaways and the new section for anything, well new.
A problem with these giveaways is that they use them to get your information to advertise to you. There are multiple ways to prevent this though.
Method 1: Temp mail, you can sign up for these giveaways with temporary mail services. The most popular ones are Guerrillamail and 10-minute mail
Method 2: Tags. Some giveaways won't accept email from temp email services. You can sign up for a Gmail account that you either have a dedicated account or you can use your own. If you enter [email protected] you are likely to get spam, however, you can add tags with a "+" symbol, [email protected]. You can then set up a filter on your account to send everything sent with the tag to spam or trash.
Humble Bundle giveaways are safe, neither methods are needed to acquire them.
Some giveaways require a certain Steam account level to be able to access them. The best way to gain the levels are by doing the Steam community achievements and crafting a few badges with cards, card farming is listed in the section below.

Card farming

You are able to farm cards from games you already own or have gotten free from the giveaways listed above without ever having to even download or launch them.
Steam Idle Master is a FOSS application that spoofs the currently running application with the ID of the games you want to idle. In layman's terms, it just makes Steam think you're running your games.
You will need to log in to your Steam account on Idle Master, the details are not sent to anywhere besides Valve servers, you can even verify it yourself as it is open source.
It will run every game that has available cards until you have none left to drop, it will take multiple hours to do though, it can run while playing other games.
It never connects to VAC servers so anyone claiming they got VAC banned for it were probably doing something else shady.
After you've farmed your cards you may have upwards of 60+, they are a hassle to manage and sell, but there is a tool for that!
Steam Economy Enhancer, you will need either Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey for it to run. It can auto sell your cards for you, it will also flag over or underpriced items for you.
Now you have the knowledge to farm Steam wallet credit!
There is one warning for the above though, a lot of developers create really really poor games to add to the Steam store en masse, specifically to sell trading cards for the methods we are using. So if you are conscious of anti-consumer habits do not farm the cards from these games.

Steam sharing

If you have friends or family that own the games you want to play you can Steam Share with them. You can read up on it here, however, there are two restrictions.
One restriction is that it will not work with a limited Steam account, you will need to spend $5 or your regional equivalent in the store to remove the limitations. This does not include wallet credit generated by marketplace sales.
The other is that while that friend is playing a game on that account you will not be able to access their games. You can bypass this by launching your game, blocking Steam in the firewall then your friend launching their game.

Google Opinion Rewards

This is for you Android users.
You can download an app from the Play Store called Google Opinion Rewards.
You fill out very simple anonymous surveys they will send you every once in a while and they will reward you with a flat credit reward to your Google Play wallet. You can then spend it on your accounts in cross-platform games or buy other things you would want.
In 2 months I earn about $13 worth of credit from the surveys. To increase the surveys received you will need to have the tracking enabled on your Google account, which it is by default and your GPS on.


Please leave some feedback and if it helped you in any way, I will be looking to come back to this in the near future.
You are free to repost this if you have added to it, please link back to the original thread too.
submitted by Major_Techie to gamingsuggestions

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