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Enjoy learn 2 fly hacked with omega catalog games and have fun Learn to Fly. A set of resources, lesson plans, and training programmes that help. Once you pass about 1500 feet (tracked with the level 1 or higher stat meter from. The building of spaceship starts with the simple trash can. Age of War 2 Dog Fight 2. Effing Worms.

[cont] HomeWorld - Chapter Four - Nesting Boxes

'No Chimps in space' had been the inflammatory rhetoric of the 'Covolve' movement in the early third age. The campaign's 'Pillars of reason' where the dual principles of 'Observation' and 'Extrapolation' that had become the backbone of the new science of the 'Convergent Xeno-Biology'. A working theory that the Dominion would come to rely on for planetary survey. The reasoning of the pillars reset man's timeline into two prior ages, the neolithic and the Pre-contact ages, respectively. 'After Contact' became the nomenclature of the Third Age.
Convergence postulated that life forms from unrelated worlds but with similar environmental pressures would statistically give rise to comparable biology. When Sols wanted to survey new worlds, they only did so to planets of a compatible environment. In the fifteen hundred years since its creation, Convergent XB models helped Sols colonize more than a thousand worlds but always under the threat that the world might not be as tame as predicted.
The source of the problem was that the working theory lacked the refined ability to predict aberrance in the biome of the given planet. The chaos inherent in any system is always dependent upon that systems initial conditions. Since there was no way for Sols to know how a target planet came to be, its environment couldn’t be predicted. Unknowable environmental factors invariably distorted the evolutionary trajectory of a given 'animal' and create monsters from mole-rats.
It did, however, allow Solarians to make broad forecasts about the life-forms they expected to find there, and extrapolate a detailed analysis of the environment they were about to engage. This allowed them time to manufacture the right genomic clade of Solarian to colonize a planet while saving deeper and more expensive surveys for defensive positions in Dominion space.
Following the Laws of Convergence, mankind had been retaxomed 'Homo Sapien Solarian Cladis' of the galactic 'Hominoid' macro-group. Hominoids represented a vast range of species across the galaxy including one of the Core Systems famous founding species, the Lemuria.
It was they that saved Solarians from the brink of extinction during the Sol Major invasion of the Asahanai and they that had taught Sols how to profoundly engineer their genome. Total control over their genome had allowed Solarians to aggressively colonize worlds despite their basic biology; effectively doubling the number of compatible worlds within their reach. But there was a heavy price to pay.
The Covolve movement had become a social virus whose consequences forever altered humanity. The temptation to 'fix' their children before problems could manifest lead to the spontaneous creation of the "Designer Solarian" who came in all flavors. The spread of such a thought was nearly complete before anyone noticed they had over-written their original code. As their original code was washed away by the flood waters of progress, the 'Clades' of man became the only norm.
Of these variants, Smithe belonged to the 'Hyperion Miner Clade', a corporately engineered specialist type that had been designed by OmegaGood to withstand heavy duty work. A Miner's skin could contract its pores so quickly and tightly that it would seal the individual off from the vacuum. While most Sol’s may survive the vac for about ninety seconds, a Miner could withstand it for one hundred and ten seconds. That small amount of time is the difference between life and death in a Miner's line of work.
Moreover, while the conventional Sol could only see three percent of the visible light spectrum, a Miner can see three and a half percent. This precious little amount allows Miners to discern just enough ultraviolet light to track veins of ore running through asteroid soil with the added advantage of low-light vision. But right now, it wasn't Smithe's genetic blessings he was concerned with, it was getting out of Hyperion.
After sixteen and a half hours of chemically induced sleep Smithe had picked up in the MedBay, he was rested enough to tackle the plan. Smithe had never been the sharpest pick in the mine, but he wasn't an idiot. There were a number of things to he’d have to contend with if he was going to succeed.
First, there was the matter of stealthy transport out of the station and how to do so without a Bit Rating. More importantly, surviving the trip would be the problem. If Smithe could to fake Meta ID on a passenger transport, there would be checkpoints and identifications and he would have to jump through the multiple flaming hoops of bureaucracy.
On the other hand, if Smithe were to stow away on a cargo vessel destined for the home system, he would only have to put up with time in transit, limited food, managing a HomeWorld supply, and some way of masking his presence while in route. Assuming he could do all that, there was still the nagging question of what to do when he arrived. For the latter, however, Smithe figured that would be a chasm he could EVA when he got to it.
What Smithe knew for certain was that with the right underworld contact, he could get off this rock and home to Sol. There was always a price to pay when you danced with polite-societies' evil twin but he expected little else. If there is one currency in the Dominion that wasn't Bit; it was labor. Smithe would have to trade away another portion his life for the trip, but with some luck, he'd die at home. On this side of the Dominion, there were only two organizations that accepted Ichimei Ongi; The Yakuza or the Kkangpae.
It was a coin toss.
The Yakuza were efficient, they would supply the exact amount of everything Smithe requested and would have an equally fair price. But on the off chance that he needed a bit more or couldn't pay, they would never forgive him and he'd likely end up with a hand without fingers, if he survived at all.
On the other hand, there was the Kkangpae. They were equally vicious but lacked the rigorous "Budo” culture of the former. As a bonus, the Kkangpae were often generous with their services and had strong connections to the Falconi syndicate. The Falconis worked the garbage racket on the far side of the Dominion and had a long-standing blood feud with the Yakuza. Nothing got transported to that side of the Dominion without the Falconi Family and everyone knew it, so the coin came up Kkangpae. Smithe would seek out one of their contacts, stow away in a Cargo container and dream away his trip home. On a station full of alleys, the underworld isn't that hard to find and Smithe knew where to start.
From the Med Bay, Smithe took a crowded transport shuttle down to the red light district. He was immediately absorbed into the writhing chaos of Red Plaza's noisy crowd. As he walked, the background cacophony became the soundtrack to his mission as he made his way to a clearing in the crowd.
A fight had broken out between two drunken Miners. The crowd circled like sharks laughed and jeering as the fight roared. Smithe glanced around nervously as the street rabble slowed to a temporal crawl. A second later his vision tunneled and the noise of the masses muffled. The same instant, he knew what would come next, he would see her again. As his head swam the crowd magically parted and through it, her eyes caught his. But she was different this time.
Instead of the crooked corpse of a nightmare, she was alive. Had she frozen time? When she was satisfied that he was under her spell, her gaze turned. She smeared like a wet oil painting and then abruptly snapped into focus in a different position. Her arms were raised and she screamed in anger at someone beyond Smithe's line of sight.
The frozen crowds were gone and the cathedral ceiling of the corridor was now the perpetual sunset of a pink-red sky beyond the glowing lattice of a cityscape. Directly behind the ghost was the balcony railing of a Giga Terrace and beyond it, a chasm filled with glowing points too obscure for Smithe to grasp. Again the world blurred. This time, she was bent obtusely over the railing. Smithe could feel a male presence in the blur pushing her over but could not make out who it was.
With the muffled clap of an ocean wave, Smithe was back in the crowd. He was on his knees, mid panic attack while the oblivious mob carried on without a second glance. Smithe could have died and his fellow legion wouldn't have noticed until his corpse stank.
He recovered a few minutes later. The hallucinations were too much, he was going to have to get back on a regular dose of HomeWorld immediately. If he did, however, he may not have the drive to escape this floating prison. Rising to his feet, Smithe made a break through the crowds toward the docks.
In a fugue state, Smithe saw her face in every talking advertisement. She grinned and shuttered, collapsed and reappeared in all of the holographic displays. Her giant face cackled and called, jeered and adored him through visceral flickering agents of the Aug. In some she was the makeup toting Holo-Head from Smithe's sector, in others, she was trying a new delicacy or toting clever fashion, but in each, her eyes captured no one else's. She shot him looks from scripted conversations selling useless things to unwitting people, knowing that only he would understand her subliminal facial expressions.
No one else noticed of course. To the crowd, she was just another beautiful advertisement to be ignored with the rest. Perhaps to them, she wasn't real at all. Conceivably, had they known Smithe privately, they would figure she was a figment of his imagination. But maybe she was real, alive in the aether of reality, a conspiring spirit trying to force Smithe to remember her.
Having finally cursed and stammered his way to the dock, Smithe found his mark.
The Hot Box was a skin bar on the far end of the station near the loading bay. There was no clever advertising masking the bar's content. In fact, in a floating mineral mine, clever wasn't appreciated.
It was better business to have a hollo-sign the size of the building hung in front of the establishment to ensure miner's got the point. The Hot Box management had added two Avatar pole dancers broadcasting themselves from a far off wherever, spinning and whirling their tits off in public. A simple slogan read "need, we say more?" Smithe laughed to himself “Tits, the oldest form of advertising...” but he didn't dare make eye contact because he knew whose he would see.
Walking through the virtual sign the cold environment of the Plaza outside instantly vaporized as Smithe was bathed in neon and black light. Harsh music pounded a heavy house beat into every crevice of his being. The world around him glowed incandescently, made all the brighter by his ultraviolet senses. Holographic girls danced on a dynamic rising plateau to one side while men danced on the opposite. Patrons of every conceivable vice could be found hooting from booths, and tables, and from bar stools reaching out to touch the dancing incorporeal bodies they knew were beyond reach. Had the dominant sexes not been to Smithe's fancy, he could have waved his hand and choose from any number of sexual combinations broadcast from the Gene'exies of Titan, but he hadn't come for a visit. He was here to talk to Eun.
Eun had managed to worm his way out of the fog and wriggle into the flesh of the station's underbelly some time ago. A svelte man, Eun was precisely six foot tall and descended from ancestors that had been Chromed centuries before. His broad shoulders carried a face with a frag of scares that ran around an ever-present grin and cunning eyes that hid a penchant for the sadistic. But as contacts go, it was Eun or the Yakuza and at least Eun would bargain.
A tap from behind Smithe's left shoulder let him know he was in the right place.
"Eun! I finally found time to check this place out." Smithe said nervously.
"Likely. I've run this place for a Sol cycle and you've never climbed out of the rock long enough to pass a fart in here. What're you after?" Eun retorted.
Smithe searched Eun's face for understanding but it was as icy as the iridium mines they had worked together. Smithe held his breath and decided that the best course of action was to come out with it. "Do you have a place we can talk?"
Eun's big Korean grin spread and he nodded over his shoulder "Sure, this way".
Past the glowing flesh market, behind a flickering bar, and down a glow-pink hallway lined with doors of what Smithe assumed were "Passion Cubes", was a wall cloaked in black-lit shadow. Eun waved a hand, its digital cloak shifted and a doorway appeared. He stepped up to the portal as it scanned his biometrics. A series of mechanical locks echoed behind the door as it unlocked its contents for its master.
Inside was not a room but a vast mountaintop environment with an ancient wooden path that hugged a rugged cliff face. The walkway hugged a sheer cliff face as Eun forged down them to a sunlit pagoda that sat atop a carved stone peak. Vertigo overtook Smithe as he looked down causing him to instinctively grab the rock face.
"Smithe it's just an Aug, there's no danger..." Eun shouted from the pagoda. Smithe cleared his head and cautiously set off toward Eun.
A gentle sea breeze swept through the wooden gazebo of the pagoda. Smithe was surrounded on all sides by mountain vistas shaped like the upturned fingers of a hand that climbed down into invisible cloud filled valleys below. Everywhere bent trees grew from them as their multi-colored blossoms were carried on the wind. Fluttering animals randomly flew about, landing one moment, only to be gone the next. On the far side of the structure, beyond the clouds lay a vast body of water shimmering under a bright star, identical to Sol. Smithe had never imagined such a thing.
On a raised platform in the middle of the gazebo was a game of black and white stones. Beside it, a teakettle's aroma wafted into Smithe's nose. The tea's passionate fragrance was so powerful it left him light-headed. In all his ... however many years he could recall, no perfume had ever been so intense. In fact, he had never experienced an Aug so masterfully illustrated. It was like a fantasy of a lost world.
Eun, who had automatically been clothed in what appeared to be silk robes, sat on the deck and ushered Smithe to do the same. The massive scars that ran across his face were gone and his grin had turned to a smirk at Smithe's wide-eyed look. "Did OmegaGood run a Mute app on you?" Eun asked rhetorically.
Smithe's blissful wonder faded "Oh, oh no." He laughed "I've just never... Umm, I don't know how to process what I'm seeing."
"I wouldn't imagine you could. This is an expensive high-def reality I've got here. I had to put in over eight hundred terabytes to get it to work fluidly. It cost me an entire Bit Rating but I eventually managed it. Now it's my little slice of Major here in this pit we call home." Eun exhaled a sigh. "But that's not why you came to see me ... I hear you're off your meds".
Shocked, Smithe stuttered "How in the void could you know that? I've only been off them for a few days. Dr.-patient-corp confidentiality my coal covered ass..."
Eun chuckled as he sipped his tea "Smithe, this is why you work the mines with a Neg Bit Rating and I'm drinking Aug Tea in paradise." Eun took another sip. "It pays to know things. What you do with your BR is up to you, what I do with mine is... well...” Eun gestured to the elaborate fairy tale world around them and continued “...this. And besides, it wasn't the Dr. that leaked your info. Your data is more like this tea."
Eun took another sip, rolling his tongue through the tea just long enough to give the moment dramatic pause. "You see Smithe, the tea isn't really here. I'm not digesting it. I'm only experiencing the sense of drinking; but as long as I believe I am, my brain can't tell the difference. The ugly truth of reality is that everyone perceives things differently. There's no objective truth. Hell, the only thing that we all agree on is that no one is happy with what they see. But with a good bit programming and a fair amount of networking, I can buy your experience. So maybe the question isn't 'do I know the tea isn't real' but instead 'do I care to drink it?"
Smithe felt like a dull razor in a trash bin, he didn't quite get it but Eun had nailed one thing "You're right Eun, I'm not happy. I don't know if I've ever been happy. I've been banged-up on HomeWorld so long that I don't even know what happy feels like. I just... I just want to go home is all. figured of all the people I knew, you would be the one might be able to get me there".
Eun took a quiet drag from his infinite tea cup. His grin returned. "Well Smithe, you've come to the right place. I got your file from an Info Broker and I ran it through an 'Enigma' subroutine in my Atla Jack and grifted as much as I could."
His smirk sank into a stark scowl "Here's the deal; your file isn't corrupted, it's encrypted. The Native wouldn't have known because the encryption is so good it appears like a corruption. Besides, that Virt is just a sixty-four-byte sim and pays no mind to realities it can't fathom. The fact is, your files were time-stamped on upload and the shocking bit is, that was only two years ago."
Smithe felt like his head was caught in the vacuum. "Two years ago? I've been here all my life!" he shouted internally but "Umm..." was all his tiny brain could muster out loud.
"There's more to it Smithe. I can't break the encryption without opening up your skull and hacking your Meta-ID implant's interface. I have to reset its factory settings so I can unencrypt the file with a new password I'd have to make up. What's worse is, if I cut you open anywhere inside the Aug cloud, I'll trip more alarms than a Falconi Salvage ship this side of the home system." Eun complained.
Eun paused to raise the drama of the moment. "But, there were a few things I learned from downloading it, that I will share if you're willing to be open-minded."
Smithe was only able to muster a nod of agreement through his tunnel vision.
Eun continued on "Let's assume you've only been on the job two years. If that's the case, you were a Drop-In. If you were a Drop-In then we can assume OmegaGood wants you here for a good reason. After all, they didn't become a Quanta-Bit Corp by wasting their resources freighting 'bad reasons' around the galaxy. So whatever it is, they clearly want that file kept secret. I have a feeling that a deep-res could tell us more but this is where you sign in blood, buddy."
A rumble started in Smithe's stomach, roaring up the back of his neck into his brain. His anxiety frosted over as a cold tone wafted from his lips "What do you mean?"
"I mean that the consequences are high for you and I. If I cut you open and trip unforeseen security protocols; you die and I get the Vac for company treason. Or, you live, and we both get the Vac. Or..." Eun sighed intentionally, "you live, you get what you want and I make a Bit on the extortion against OmegaGood. As it happens, I have a place where I can do things like this without interference from the Aug but, I'll only help you if I get that info." Eun said with the equivalent of a medical flatline for a face.
Apparently, since Eun had disappeared into the underworld he had been conspiring against OmegaGood and angled to use Smithe as leverage. Deep within himself, Smithe felt the rumble of a new feeling. "What do I need the info for anyway?" he thought as he decided to gamble on his life.
Smithe snapped "So there's something in my head that you want to use as blackmail and you'll only help me get off this rock if I let you cut my head open and take it?
"Exactly" Eun flatly stated.
"Let's do it," Smithe said confidently. He knew he needed to act now before he lost his nerve.
"Good, I knew you'd see things my way." The grin flashed across Eun's face. With that, he stood and strolled back toward the path that led to the hallway.
"Wait. One last thing, Eun. I always hear those flying things in my forest Aug; what are they?" Smithe naively stammered.
"Those are 'birds' Smithe," Eun said over his shoulder as he stepped back into the black light corridor.
The back rooms were exactly what Smithe had assumed. He followed Eun through digital backdoors in the love cells to a hidden room. The patrons were so distracted by the festivities that they hadn't noticed Eun and Smithe voyeuristic interruption for the Erotic Aug scenery.
They reached another invisible door whose contents unlocked an unused love cube. Eun turned to Smithe and grinned, as he entered "A black box for a black box".
Smithe looked confused "I don't follow?"
"You really have been working the mines. A 'Black Box' is secure space that censors your Notes, thereby keeping Aug interference out. Black Boxes are invisible to Angel programs and the Corps can't find them because the Aug doesn't exist here. More to the point, that's why that implant in your skull is called a 'Black Box'. What happens in a Black Box literally stays in a black box." Eun excitedly jabbered.
Smithe interjected, "Why didn't Alpha find it during the Med Res?"
Eun interrupted "Because Smithe, the Dr. can't see data that OmegaGood hasn't given him clearance to see. It's a fail-safe, so when the Dr. auto-reported recovered data from procedural scan back to OmegaGood, they are assured that whatever secrets they have buried in your head, remain there."
"A black box..." Smithe sighed.
"They sleep securely knowing with near certainty that it takes a Deep Res and the right clearance to see whatever nasty shit they've stashed in your head. A Native isn't going to hack you because... well... they aren't biological, hell they can't even form contractions in their sentences without glitching. They simply don't care about things like this. I, on the other hand, definitely do." Eun's grin grew.
Smithe glanced around the room subconsciously buying time.
The room was a stripped metal chamber obviously constructed after the original Giga substructure had grown. The walls bore the tell-tale scratches and dents of a violent past. Ambient patches of soft light glowed where the paint had not been worn off but there was no light source in the room beyond that. A Stromatolite pillar rose in the center of the room on which lay the skeleton of a Grav Nest sans the standard smart-comfort trappings. No sheets or mattress, just the frame and a slab of carbon. On its sides hung worn petre-leather straps with chrome buckles. The slab was speckled with less-then-sterile stains, of what, Smithe could only guess.
Eun gestured for Smithe to lay down on the slab and immediately started buckling him in. Horror swept through Smithe's heart "Whats with the straps Eun?!"
Eun was a big man, the kind of sturdy design that Chrome Writers love to build for mining debris in a lonesome corner of the cosmos. There was no way Smithe was going to fight Eun.
Smithe protested "No! I've changed my mind, there has to be another way."
Eun retorted bluntly "It won't hurt. I've done this before." and then stung Smithe's neck with an anesthesia gun.
"What the hell Eun, give me a second! There has to be another ...." as Smithe contested, Eun stabbed him again with the gun. This time, the effect was total.
There Smithe found himself, strapped to table with a hole in his head, working through memories of how it had come to this. Cataloging them had bought him enough time to gain leverage over the paralytic agent but he had no sense of time.
"How long have I been out?" Smithe muttered. Just as the words escaped his drool laden mouth, Eun's upside down face appeared beside him.
Eun happily chirped "Finally coming too huh? I had to put an extra spinal crimp on you because I wasn't sure when the sauce would wear off. Didn't want you screaming in agony, disturbing my clients. Don't worry, it's not permanent. Its effects will wear off in a day or two but I needed to immobilize you for the surgery."
Smithe didn't know if he should be frightened or relieved.
"Take a look at this!" a bloody gloved hand stretched out from Eun's tattooed forearm. Clutched in his burgundy fingers was a reflective black cube about the size of a Smithe's thumb without any kind of port or wiring
"This is some neat tech! Looks like it's accessed through electro-grift, which makes sense if you don't want your employee's mining ore with Atla-Jacks poking out of their skulls. Plus it's more secure and if I had to wager, this box is probably made from Stromatolite like the haul of the station. God-damned indestructible. OmegaGood loves that stuff..." Eun rambled as he walked back to where he had been examining the object.
Eun shouted back to Smithe "don't worry about your skull, I'll patch you up nice and I'll sprinkle some Y-Caratine into the Bioplastic so your head will be as hard as a rock within a week or two, but you're going to need more than a street surgeon to get rid of the scare. Sorry, buddy, everything has a price."
Smithe overhead the shuffling of tools as a soft hum of some kind of machine spooled up.
"I'm about to deep-res your box, Smithe. We should know why you were dumped here in a moment." Eun shouted over the whirring drone.
The res-machine hummed loudly for a few minutes. There were a couple sharp snaps and then it spun down. Smithe could hear Eun muttering to himself as he read. From what Smithe overheard, whatever Eun discovered was terrifying.
There was quiet tension in the air before Eun spoke. "I decoded your black box and boy did I find some shit in there... I'm going to put this bluntly because I don't think there's a nice way to say it."
Eun continued "Smithe, you're a clone. You're only a little under three years old. Apparently, you're an 'autonomous protocol clone' whose DNA had been procured via a leak from the bio-firm SecuriGen. The SecuriGen time stamp on your DNA profile states that you're a 14th generation, Sol Martian. You, or more correctly, your DNA originally died 432 years ago at the hands of the Dominion state. It doesn't say why, but we can assume that if the Dominion off'ed you, it was because you were some kind of repeat violent offender..."
Pain erupted through Smithe in waves as the data danced through his brain.
Eun crouched beside Smithe and continued "We both know that cloning is eighty shades of illegal on account of the Law of Transcendence. Those damned Lemurs don't want anyone ascending above their station, but you know how we are, Sols don't take no for an answer. Manifest Destiny and all that... But regardless, OmegaGood bought you, grew you and shit you into this pit for a reason. The question is why, and that's the rub."
Eun wore a concerned look on his face "I'm afraid to tell you the next part, but I suppose you deserve it."
This time Eun's dramatic pause wasn't theatrical "You're designed to detonate if OmegaGood gets the inclination that the System Governor of this Mining Op ever goes rogue. When you own whole sectors of the Dominion, you don't leave things to chance. You're a fuckin' bomb and I would bet you're not the only one."
Smithe could almost feel Eun trying to find a way to say what he was thinking.
"It gets worse. Even if you found your way home, if you entered the Sol Hab Zone you would trigger. That explosion would probably be written off as terrorism so OmegaGood's secret could stay quiet." Eun sighed sympathetically.
"So here's what we're gonna' do buddy. Your fate is your own, if you still want to go home, I wouldn't suggest going any closer than the Sol Colony Four on Titan. From there you will have a decent, albeit occasional view of home. The Kkangpae have a presence in the Titan system and I can get you a job doing what you do best, breaking rocks. It's not much but it comes with a view." Eun said flatly.
He continued "In trade for the data leverage I'm going to have on the station, I'll preload a Phantom Ping app into the Atla Jack I'll put in that big hole in your head. The Ping will replace your real Meta-Profile with a new identity, so from now on, as far as you know, you're Korean. You work for TitanRim and you have a Neg-Two Bit rating. To get out of the station, you'll have to stow away in a cargo hold, so I'll give you some temporary Ping settings to camouflage you as cargo.
The Atla-Jack will give you unlimited access to the Black Aug anywhere it's present which will let you download whatever apps you might need in the future. Unlike your Black Box, it has a jack outside your skull so if you need to change out the hardware you can do it. It's also got a generic firewall and some anti-malware programming but you're going to want to upgrade as soon as you can, otherwise, you could catch a Trojan, a runny nose or worse.
If you manage to make it off this rock, my contacts will seek you out. You're going to have to trust me on that. I'll clean you up and get a new set of clothes for you. You can stay here for a day or two until you feel steady." Eun paused for a moment.
"Oh, and your name is JoBing Shi now. Sorry, its best I could do."
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(4/24/19, 9:57 PM EST): I believe at the moment I caught up with the initial flood of comments (there was a lot to go through!), so I'm sorry that it took so long. Please let me know if you have anything else to add, I'll do my best to keep it updated.
I have heard various comments in passing about different servers having different kinds of communities, but there can be questions as to whether or not these assertions are correct. With the upcoming reshuffling of the datacenters, world visit system, and free world transfers, I thought it would be nice to assemble information and have a list of servers, their communities, and what they're known best for!

Please let me know how you feel about the community on your server (Are they casual or serious? In-character or out-of-character?), what the community's focus tends to be (raiding, roleplaying, crafting?), what the economy is like (are the MBs well-populated and cheap, or sparse and expensive?) or any other details or quirks.

Thanks in advance! Information about Japanese and European servers would also be appreciated and can also be cataloged here (language focused servers would be nice information to have)!

Population statistics have been omitted here (as they are likely to change dramatically in the coming weeks), but can be checked out on https://ffxivcensus.com/.

[NA Data Centers]

    • Adamantoise
      • Attitude: Friendly, relaxed, with a small server feel (TheTetraNova).
      • Cultural Communities: Players from the American Pacific Northwest; Potentially LGBT friendly (Andromansis).
      • Hunt Community: Active (MildStallion). Hunt trains organized nightly (TheTetraNova).
      • Market Board: No trouble buying or selling (MildStallion).
    • Cactuar
      • Attitude: Cliquey (Jprime7). Friendly and open, with most players in endgame areas (prefinished). Sense of community (xemyik). Goofy (OlivinePeridot).
      • Cultural Communities: Second-largest Spanish-speaking community in North America behind Hyperion (Raphtaria).
      • Raid Community: 3rd highest in North America behind Gilgamesh and Sargatanas (Jprime7).
      • Hunt Community: Active and organized, quick to excise early pullers (Bourne_Endeavor).
      • Roleplay Community: Present (prefinished). Small (OlivinePeridot).
      • Market Board: Healthy, but crafting bots can make selling difficult; potions are cheap (Jprime7).
      • Other Notes: Active outside the game on social media with a lot of server-oriented pride (prefinished). Novice network is active and helpful (xemyik).
    • Faerie
      • Attitude: Welcoming; laid-back and new-player friendly; socially-focused and extroverted. (Tristianxx1). Quiet outside of Limsa (ChapelXIV).
      • Cultural Communities: LGBT-friendly (topherSG).
      • Hunt Community: Active, with many linkshells (Tristianxx1). Can be prone to sniping (ChapelXIV). Mostly active on weekends; not a lot of tracker usage (arcanaemia).
      • Market Board: Stable, with a focus on glamours (Tristianxx1). Seller's Market (ChapelXIV).
    • Gilgamesh
      • Raid Community: Hardcore (Suzuushiro).
      • Market Board: Healthy, with a good turnover (Darkraiku).
      • Other Notes: Formerly declared the "reddit" server when ARR was launched, prior to the cross-world party system-- still popular with redditors (prefinished). Some of the highest end-game content clear rates (Suzuushiro). Congested (jenyto).
    • Jenova
      • Attitude: Friendly and helpful (RainbowMc).
      • Cultural Communities: Some Australian players (WobblyWhomper).
      • Player Base: Balanced between raiders and causal players (WobblyWhomper).
      • Roleplay Community: Highly active, but relatively private (RainbowMc).
      • Hunt Community: Active, polite, and organized (esjai937).
      • Raid Community: Competitive with Cactuar (MomoGFX).
      • Market Board: Fair (WobblyWhomper).
      • Other Notes: Roleplay Free Companies hold frequent events, coordinated through the server's primary Discord (RainbowMc).
    • Midgardsormr
    • Sargatanas
      • Raid Community: Significant, with a high concentration of FFXIV content creators and streamers (Senorblu, TheHeisenbergJr).
      • Hunt Community: Active, organized, effecient (TheHeisenbergJr).
      • Other Notes: Novice Network is well-regulated, but can get off-topic; it's sometimes used as a makeshift recruitment linkshell (u/Alilatias).
    • Siren

    • Behemoth
      • Cultural Communities: Brazilian players (edkun83); Australian and Kiwi players (xyrfhoan).
      • Market Board: Better for buyers, with rare map and primal drops abundant (xyrfhoan).
      • Roleplay Community: Small (xyrafhoan).
      • Raid Community: Considered to be part of the core of Primal for raiding, with streaming Free Companies (xyrafhoan).
      • Hunt Community: Prone to drama, but currently calm (xyrafhoan). History of players who pull on-sight (skyelfayon).
    • Excalibur
      • Player Base: Hardcore and progression-minded (Skeith253).
      • Raid Community: Hardcore (Demjou).
      • Hunt Community: Linkshell networks with nightly trains (redpandasays). Extremely dedicated with morning trains (Skeith253).
      • Market Board: Expensive, seller's market (Skeith253). Lower compared to Leviathan (Somewhere_Elsewhere).
      • Other Notes: Wondrous Tails community (vxarctic).
    • Exodus
      • Player Base: Casual-friendly (colday).
      • Attitude: Some reports of toxicity (Ipsenn). Friendly and supportive (Switchl).
      • Hunt Community: Sporadic outside of S-Rank hunts; uses shouting more than Party Finder (Jehooter).
      • Raid Community: Sizeable, especially for the server's population (Jehooter)
      • Market Board: Steady, with high turnover (Switchl). High level of undercutting (Eriane).
      • Roleplay Scene: Modest, but continuity-focused (egolds01).
      • Other Notes: Novice Network has recently improved (Jehooter). Upskirting problems in Limsa (Eriane).
    • Famfrit
      • Attitude: Laid back, new player friendly; complimentary of fashion (Teimero).
      • Hunt Community: Patient, organized (chainsawtiger88). Trains 2-3 times a day with increased traffic for S-Rank hunts (Teimero).
      • Roleplay Community: Populous in Limsa (Teimero).
      • Market Board: Stable; undercutting is usually only 5%-10% of the going rate (chainsawtiger88). Competitive (Teimero)
      • Other Notes: Home to a number of partnered Twitch streamers (DM4L). Novice Network helpful (chainsawtiger88).
    • Hyperion
      • Attitude: Usually friendly, meme-oriented (rxplicant). Laid-back, quiet (/uDokoroTanuki).
      • Player Base: Mixture of casual and end-game players (inorikisaki825).
      • Cultural Communities: Largest Spanish-speaking community in North America (Raphtaria). Furry community members (rougetsu, DokoroTanuki).
      • Roleplay Community: Highly active (vremyanova). "Primal's Roleplay Server" (skyelfayon). Erotic roleplaying is present, and prominent (dashuto_, eksby).
      • Raid Community: Active (rxplicant).
      • Hunt Community: Active with linkshell networks, but also communication through Party Finder and Shout (rxplicant).
      • Market Board: Undercutting uncommon (rxplicant). Poor reputation (skyelfayon).
      • Other Notes: Novice Network is considered to be very good; history of drama caused mentors to come together (dashuto_).
    • Lamia
      • Attitude: New-player friendly; cozy (Faeona).
      • Cultural Communities: Third-largest community of Spanish-speaking players, behind Hyperion and Cactuar (Faeona, Raphtaria).
      • Player Base: Casual to moderate (Faeona).
      • Raid Community: Present, but not egotistical (Faeona).
      • Hunt Community: Present, efficient, but wane with the patch cycle (Faeona). Stormblood trains running every few hours (VestigeOfHope).
      • Crafting Community: Present and helpful (Faeona).
      • Other Notes: Home of Youtube channel Free Company and raid team "NEST" (Ipsenn, Demjou)
    • Leviathan
    • Ultros

[EU Data Centers]

    • Cerberus
      • Attitude: Quiet on the overworld (Alia-Sun).
      • Cultural Communities: Russian-speaking players (Sarah-Wong).
      • Market Board: Healthy (Alia-Sun).
    • Louisoix
    • Moogle
      • Cultural Communities: French-speaking players (Sarah-Wong).
      • Hunt Community: Dedicated, with 2-3 trains a day (Larvitan).
    • Omega
      • Attitude: Toxicity reported in public chat (Nyxelias).
      • Hunt Scene: Very active, using linkshells and shouting (eksby).
      • Roleplaying Community: Active (Sarah-Wong). Unofficial European roleplaying server, focused on story and continuity (eksby).
    • Ragnarok
      • Cultural Communities: Arabic-speaking players (Sarah-Wong); French-speaking players (verilyZ); Largest population of Italian-speaking players (FaltraskKvelertaKk)
      • Roleplay Community: Active French roleplaying scene (verilyZ).
      • Crafting Community: Large (hapefullkorset).
      • Raid Community: Highest clear rates for savage raids out of the European servers (LightningBlake).
      • Market Board: Buyer's market (hapefullkorset).
      • Other Notes: Home to "Entropy", a Free Company that regularly competes for World First clears in Savage raids, with relative success. (Sarah-Wong). Known to be congested (kapefullkorset). Novice Network is not only supportive, but multilingual (WilanS).

    • Lich
      • Other Notes: Now a much more active server after a year of preferred status (GarlemaldForever).
    • Odin
    • Phoenix
      • Player Base: Mixed between raiders and casuals, high population (seaabu).
      • Attitude: Friendly, helpful, chill (seaabu).
      • Cultural Communities: UK and Scandanavian players (clicksallgifs).
    • Shiva
      • Cultural Communities: German-speaking players (Sarah-Wong).
      • Roleplay Community: Prominent German roleplaying community (Fluestergras).
    • Zodiark
      • Cultural Communities: Italian-speaking players (Akusun_kira).
      • Crafting Community: Large (Akusun_kira).
      • Market Board: Buyer's Market (Akusun_kira).
      • Other Notes: Large German FC recently opened in cooperation with Square-Enix (KusanagiKay)

[JP Data Centers]

    • Aegis
      • Other Notes: Prominent Lalafell-only Free Company with frequent player events (ritsubel).
    • Atomos
    • Carbuncle
      • Other Notes: Large community of Japanese housing artists (vremyanova).
    • Garuda
    • Gungnir
    • Kujata
      • Cultural Communities: Australian and Kiwi players (Luminiari).
      • Other Notes: Considered an "overflow" server for when Tonberry is closed to new character registration for English-speakers on the JP data centers.
    • Ramuh
      • Cultural Communities: South Korean players (vremyanova).
    • Tonberry
      • Cultural Communities: Australian and Kiwi players (NechRoe). English-speaking Asian residents of places like Southeast Asia, Oceania, and Southern Asia/the Middle East (vremyanova).
      • Hunt Community: Largest hunt community on Elemental, primarily using linkshells and shouts (setsuna73).
      • Raid Community: Active and relatively successful (Jvalz89). Competitive statics that compete for World First clears (setsuna73).
      • Market Board: Supply driven, with low prices (setsuna73).
      • Other Notes: As there is no Australian data center, most English-speaking people in the Pacific area play on Tonberry (NechRoe). Communication with Japanese players using Autotranslate is common (Jvalz89). People wait for party members to watch cutscenes in instances; Novice Network is well-regulated (kaysn).
    • Typhon
      • Cultural Communities: Taiwanese players (vremyanova). Third largest English community on Elemental, behind Tonberry and Kujata (ZeroProtagonist).
    • Unicorn
      • Player Base: Few players in lower-level areas (eksby).
      • Cultural Communities: Very few English speakers (eksby).
      • Market Board: Cheap (eksby).
      • Other Notes: Available housing (eksby).

  • GAIA
    • Alexander
    • Bahamut
      • Other Notes: Popular screenshot editors (defucchi)
    • Durandal
      • Player Base: Rare to see new players, even with preferred world status (Aschetel).
      • Cultural Communities: Very small English-speaking population (Aschetel).
      • Crafting Community: Large (Aschetel).
      • Market Board: Buyer's Market (Aschetel).
      • Raid Community: Decent (Aschetel).
      • Other Notes: Plentiful housing (Aschetel).
    • Fenrir
    • Ifrit
      • Attitude: Warm and welcoming Japanese players (shinjikun10).
      • Raid Community: Average rates for Japanese servers (shinjikun10).
      • Hunt Community: Morning and night hunt groups through Party Finder; map groups also active (shinjikun10).
      • Market Board: Healthy economy (shinjikun10).
      • Cultural Communities: Small amount of English-speaking players (shinjikun10).
    • Ridill
      • Other Notes: Lots of player-run events for its size (defucchi)
    • Tiamat
    • Ultima
    • Valefor
    • Yojimbo
    • Zeromus
      • Other Notes: Large Bard performance community (defucchi).
  • MANA
    • Anima
    • Asura
      • Cultural Communities: Two English-speaking Free Companies (ZeroProtagonist).
      • Raid Community: Some top-tier raiders, but lower-than-average Japanese clear rates (ZeroProtagonist).
    • Belias
    • Chocobo
    • Hades
    • Ixion
      • Other Notes: Frequent community-run cafes and events, with a live art draw every month (defucchi).
    • Mandragora
      • Market Board: Comparatively cheap (defucchi).
    • Masamune
    • Pandaemonium
      • Roleplay Community: Extremely large, notorious for erotic roleplaying (defucchi).
    • Shinryu
      • Cultural Communities: Extremely Japanese-focused server with very little in the way of English-speakers; Autotranslate is not commonly used (okuRaku).
      • Player Base: Leans toward casual; players don't overwork themselves; lots of players using character Twitter accounts or Mirapri (okuRaku).
      • Hunt Community: Two major hunting linkshells that share information, easy to hunt with and grateful if you source marks (okuRaku).
      • Other Notes: Busy, with plenty of people to play with around morning and noon in Japan, with expected increases with the world visit system; Scarce housing. (okuRaku). Formerly the PS4 server (defucchi).
    • Titan
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