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Activation key quick method of grinding certs

As with all such things in the game that do not directly affect a players ability to progress there will likely be real world money options as well as in game currency options. PlanetSide 2 Player Viewer which replicates official one with some additional information. This is a question particularly being asked by veteran players trying to decide whether to return to the game. Halloween is close and that means it is time to polish your knives and shotguns - Nanite of the living dead night is coming! PlanetSide 2 arming stuff, capturing points over and over as the enemy comes to take them back racks.

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Activity code planetside 2 community apoplectic as cert point

Planetside 2 Free Codes 2020 Working So Far. Planetside 2 has a bug where if the the treads on the Prowler or Vanguard get hung up in the air, they have no RPM limit, causing them to spin at the speed of sound and produce an ungodly loud noise. Review Pdf Shabbat Search Engine JewJewJew.com. Spend 50 cert points on upgrading the Sunderer so players can spawn from it, then deploy it close to a battle so they have a reason to pick it. A good idea is to park it very close to a mountain, a wall or under some trees so it does not get spotted and destroyed by the enemy too quickly. PlanetSide 2 Private Hack Undetected & Updated. This also presents a problem however; Planetside 2 is played continually on a massive scale with hundreds (if not thousands) of players in only one small region. I was wondering whether to include that point or not as I had seen it in other vids before.

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Planetside 2 (Chinese version) Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare Planet Zoo Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 3 Planet Zoo. Education Development Center. [Guide] - BR15 Cert spending guide. By crew immediately after setting up the spawn point. It really helps game play that PlanetSide 2 actually feels like a shooter. And to do that, I want to throw some money at you! Or, the process on being "on its way out" is very slow, and there are plenty of ways to reverse that flow especially given the fact that it ranks highly among various lists of best f2p games out there on the internet constantly bringing new players to just almost make up for the ones quitting.

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Navaid Shamsee, David Klebanov, Hesham Fayed, Ahmed Afrose, Ozden Karakok. Maintaining situational awareness is key to playing the. Once found you then have to proceed back through the levels and escape. Full text of "One for ST Games, The - Issue 032 (1991-05 click here to find out more. DC Universe Online and PlanetSide 2 will be available for PS4 as free-to-play titles with optional in-game purchases via digital download later this year. You get 1 certification point per 250 XP. Tips and Tricks for earning Certification Points Playing as medic and reviving teammates, Playing as engineer with a max for a partner, Specializing in certain weapons and earning medals, Playing as heavy. Getting certification points in Planetside 2 can be real pain some times, in this guide I will talk about a few ways you can grind and get cert points in a relatively easy way.

[Planetside 2] Cert farming guide ( 300-500 certs per hour)

Cert point hack planetside 2. This code will be active until April 12th! There will be hotels both planetside and in space stations. Attacks in Planetside 2 can come from anywhere above, below, and behind, at any time and at any range. Your one stop shop into the world of Blizzard. Apparently though, Eve doesnt like that. Newest 'planetside-2' Questions - Page 2.

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Player retention

Let me know what you think below.
Tl;dr: brainstorm on reasons why so many new players leave, why many have a bad impression when installing it and quitting, how planetmen die and never respawn(😭) because how how utterly confused they are even with someone w 300 hrs guiding them on everything in discord.
This isn't a doom post or anything, but it's honestly kind of depressing how something like 90% of players leave Planetside 2 before hitting BR 20. I want to discuss how we can fix it.
I have had so much fun in this game, but it took me several hours of patience before I understood how the game worked. I've tried getting something like four or five friends into the game before. I sent them videos along the lines of ''huge planetside battle'' or crazy air fight. They said ''this looks cool, I'll try it out''.
They got on. I tried explaining how to redeploy and they got lost in the map. I told them to join combat, and they got ganged up on by 50 guys. I said ''redeploy to a better fight at *insert* base. I'll place a squad beacon or deploy at my sunderer''. They don't even know what it is and complain about how it's hard to do everything.
Maybe Planetside's biggest ''flaw'' is it's open nature? I feel like this is an arma or dark souls situation where you hear about huge fights or cool bosses, but the game confuses the hell out of you, beats you up and basically makes you feel like shit you for the first couple of hours. It doesn't help that there is no good tutorial.
The funny thing is, I don't blame them for leaving straight away. It's a bit ridiculous that someone would have to watch several youtube videos (as much as I love Cyrious and Kamikaze) to simply understand the main gameplay loop. If it was some nuanced ''advanced redeploy tips and how to farm implants'' type video, I'd get it.
It's worrying that the first reaction of my friends was ''Where am I'' (deployed in the sanctuary), ''how do I change continents'' (I would have been confused too if I spawned at sanctuary my first time around), ''what do you do in this game?'' (based off the tutorial, planetside looks like a game where you just run around an empty map and capture objectives), ''what is the point of capturing bases?'' (once again, a symptom of a bad tutorial), ''what even is the point of this game?'' (the tutorial tells you how to wasd and how to capture a point. There never is an allusion to the grand scale ''you are the airstrike'' type gameplay this amazing game offers), ''this looks dated, and I don't feel important'' (these two are more opinionated, but obviously if you are never told that this is a grand scale game where you need to work together, you will just see explosions, vanu ass and die constantly).
I am trying to look at this from the perspective of a new player without someone actively hand holding them on discord. I remember how confused I was when I tried planetside for the first and second time in 2016-2017. My biggest joy was proving my negative view of the game wrong, but it's a shame that many people won't ever try it again and will hold the game in such a bad light.
The biggest issue with the game right now is obviously the NPE. Either throw new players right into combat with an auto script ''join combat'', make a tutorial that isn't 50% how to turn on your monitor, left click and wasd, or give a brief video that sums up the game in less than a minute. If something like Vainglory and League can do it, so can Planetside. ''Kill heroes, fight down three lanes, jungle is dangerous, kill towers, kill the crystal, win''--- ''shoot planetmen, this is a team-based game, there is infantry, air, and vehicle combat in a massive combined arms effort to lockdown a continent for massive xp and cert gain. Welcome to planetside, consider watching the next videos about the social aspects of this game, the currencies, and the types of weapons and vehicles ''.
Things off the top of my head: Brief video, tutorial on *important buttons not wasd and crouch* Auto join combat a new player. Doesn't matter where it is. He will die anyways, but at least the game won't look dead as hell with 3 guys at warpgate and no enemies in sight.
Let me know what you think. I feel like the "this game is dead, because it's old" pre existing bias can't be fixed. However, I was drawn into the game because of the advertised big fights. I was lucky enough to spawn into a huge fight right before I quit, making me fall in love w the game. Many never get that experience. That is the top priority on what should be fixed. Sorry for the block of text, as it's an unstructured brainstorm
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The Honeymoon Phase is over. Its time to acknowledge that the latest updates have introduced some of the most detrimental gameplay elements since launch.

This will be a bit of a rant, but I'll try to address this as factually as possible. The Escalation and Tactical Improvement updates have temporarily succeeded in boosting the player numbers, but now it is time to face reality.
  • RPG got lucky with having a major update for a F2P game timed conveniently with a Coronavirus stay at home situation
  • Population is already on the decline, despite double XP
  • Although fresh and shiny, many of the new gameplay elements are anti-fun and detrimental to the gameplay experience in the long haul, which I will detail below


RPG need to realize that "fun" or challenges in an MMOFPS is reciprocal, i.e. challenges will occur as opponents provide a equal combination of numbers and skill, and any imbalance entails a superiority of one side to the detriment of the other.
Bastions were the centerpiece of the escalation update, yet they pivot the imbalance like nothing else in the game. I've detailed some early feedback regarding exactly that, but to no avail. Briefly, there are major issues running rampant in the gameplay, and these are turning the gameplay experience sour for many players.
  • Bastions are used for low effort farming (easily nets users hundreds of kills and tons of certs)
  • The above is especially evident when they are used to farms fights between other factions
  • Bastion completely ruin fights they appear at (constant barrages without intermission, screenshake even in buildings)
  • Taking on Bastions requires pilots, something that only a portion of the players are adept at
  • Taking on Bastions pits costant free and disposable aircraft against attackers confined by nanine resources (or time-consuming efforts like building bases)
  • The shielded weak points entail that attacks even by small coordinated groups are fruitless, because the damage they deal to a weakpoint is minimal
  • The Bastion mobility allows them to easily move across the map and to avoid losing engagements by retreating
  • Targeting Bastions is unfun, and there is no incentive to engage them
  • The absence of orders chat makes it harder to coordinate strikes against bastions
  • In practice Bastions are avoided and endured, and
  • Bastions are only accessible to a minority of the playerbase, and out of reach for most players, especially newer ones
  • The inability to be able to do something about an enemy Bastion with a squad, and a lacking faction response is an extremely frustrating experience
  • Players eventually will leave the game because of Bastions. This has already been the case since Bastions provided some of the worst imaginable experiences for e.g. the players the Spiffing Brit introduced to Planetside 2 in his streams.
These issues need to be addressed. The Colossus Tank designed to counter them will not solve this alone (and it is easily targeted in turn), and is likely to be used in similar ways to snipe armor instead. Some potential remedies:
  • Larger cooldown between mauler barrages (infantry should have a brief breathing moment to at least be able to exit the spawn and get into a building inbetween barrages)
  • The AOE and damage against infantry is way too strong (mostly instakills)
  • The physics of Mauler cannon impact need to be tuned down
  • Mauler cannon kills should not yield kills or certs to the pilot and have pure tactical value. Assists at the most.
  • Re-distribute the shield percentage of weak points: the shield layer should suffice to make it difficult for individuals to take down a bastion, but not as high as to make attacks from a handful of ESF do minimal damage only
  • Remove response fighters from Bastions, replace by droppods: Response fighters will become part of base modules in the future, so they can be removed from bastions and at least entail a travel time. Likewise attackers could technically install them at a base. Instead, Bastion Droppods could be accessible for the owning outfit from anywhere on the map, and potentiall for allies within the vicinity. This would make the bastion more of a faction force multiplier.
  • Add rewards for killing weak points: Based on the amount of damage dealt to points participating outfits should at least receive resource rewards, if not also A7 and merit for the individuals
  • All weak points should be on the bottom: This would entail that ground forces have a chance at targeting bastions and alleviate the forced requirement to assault them by air
  • Bastion uptime needs a reduction: 1h is way too much, the maximum uptime should be shorter and more decisive
  • Bastion mobility need to be restricted: Bastions shouldn't be able to retreat or deploy across the map without significant delays. The speed should be reduced in general, and potentially taking out weak points could diminish it further.
  • Worth considering: Bastion movement waypoints could be restricted to lattice connected territory. This would ensure that they can't be abused as much.
  • Also: Bastions still glitch around when changing directions
Overall bastions should be a force multiplier that gives a faction a temporary advantage, yet that is capable of making significant progress toward capturing critical facilities or outposts within an area/lane. It should not become a factor that makes for a one-sided experience that is detrimental for the game as a whole.

Orbital strike spam

Despite the increase in crafting cost, the asset orbitals still are present in most fights. This is partially due to the lack of other alternatives, but also largely because its its tempting/rewarding to use them. It also pretty much made construction versions less attractive.
  • potentially the outfit OS should be a different version, e.g. a 'tactical' OS with more focused damage, reduced area-of-effect and physical push, yet possibly quickeinstant in execution, e.g. capable of quickly dealing with a high-value target or chokepoint, or armo spawns that would normally drive away from or simply tank a normal OS
  • crafting time could be increased

Spitfire-side & routers

The fact that auxiliary spitfires in the new tactical slot with no tradeoffs would become a problem was pointed out by many during the brief phase it was on PTS. Since most players have unlocked it (or all merit unlocks), the surplus is going to deploying these since every class has access to them without downsides. This time around it is not uncommon to have every room full of spitfires, and this ruins flanks and pushes.
  • Aux. spitfires are slated to be removed next update, yet there is some arguments to restict them, e.g. having them as a single-use deployable (no backups), occupying the utility slot (competition to C4, medkits), to increase their re-supply cost, and to restrict it to specific classes, i.e. engineers (possibly infiltrators and LAs via ASP point).
  • This has also brought to attention some of the lacklusterness of the decoy nades in general
  • Infradine could be moved to the tactical slot as an alternative, and something to alleviate smoke spam (especially from non-nanite-consuming sources such as underbarrels and x-bows, which is a separate issue)
Along with the spitfire meta the router meta was made especially cancerous, since it buffed the staying power and defense-ability of routers even further. Recently this has just highlighted that routers are rather broken when used with critical mass.
  • well-placed and defended routers are hard to impossible to reach, especially when larger numbers of enemies constantly re-spawn on it and defend it
  • some outifts aggregate pop this way, no longer utilize vehicles or hardspawns
  • some outfits carry backup routers (I've witnessed a router being taken out and replaced 3 times during a fight); players will race ro replace them
  • very low effort to setup, to get a rounter a silo+routing spire is enough with 2k cortium and a few minutes of effort;
  • a full silo will last an alert and can support up to 4 spires
  • associated bases are unmarked
  • destroying routing spires does nothing, the pad keeps working; "fighting bases is like fighting windmills"
Regarding the above I've laid out a suggestion to switch up the association of routers toward being outfit assets instead. This would present a real inventment cost associated to their impact, and deny the backup cheese. Outside of that alternatives are conceivable (some possibly in addition to linked post):
  • increase of the spawn cooldown (the quick re-spawns entail that it is virtually unfeasible to push large rooms with a platoon+ on point with people that die constantly re-spawning - a complete wipe would be required for that, and the manpower to achieve it is not reasonable)
  • Pads should stop working or explode if the associated router is taken out
  • Exclusion radii of routing spires: one silo should only be able to sustain one at spire at the most
  • Display of routing spires on the map.
A separate thought would be to have constuction deployables that instead create an area of denial for enemy spawns (i.e. enemy beacons, squad spawns and routers). E.g. there could be a 'spawn denial spire' that provides a deployable jammer which would create an area of denial for these spawns, and is in principal just as vulnerable as the routing pad currently is. Especially should routers indeed change affiliation this would be something routing spires could be turned into instead.

Other current annoyances

  • Cortium bombs cannot be placed 'indoors', e.g. under bridges or overpasses, trees
  • Cortium bombs work through walls, but in case that is fixed they could be allowed indoors, possibly adding physical push to explosion
  • Flash XS-1 still lackluster
  • Using assets doesn't display area of effect (citadel shields especially)
  • Sunderers/Spawns have become frustratingly weak against most encounters (LAs, rockets, tanks, harassers)


This post is in large part me lifting the frustration arising from some of the current problems the game has introduced off my chest. As someone who has been playing for years at this point there have always been aspects that will rub players the wrong way, and maybe its helpful to take some distance for a while. Some of the issues are rather glaring though, and I reckon I'm not alone it having issues with them, so I'd rather put them in writing.
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