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NYC school buildings will shut down Thursday

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New stats reveal massive NYC exodus amid coronavirus, crime

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This is Why Your Mates Think Anime is Gore Filled Rape Porn

The thesis of this essay is that the reputation in the United States of America of anime being hyper violent rape filled pornography stems from the VHS tape. First, we will explore the VHS tape in America, both its technical limitations and the home video revolution that it brought. Following on from that, we will explore how this affected the type of anime being made. Finally, we will look at how this impacted the early anime industry in the United States, leading to a very specific type of anime being licensed and the specific marketing strategies that surrounded it.
The VHS tape was introduced into the American market in 1977, a year after it debuted in Japan. Despite some stiff competition early on from the alternative format of the time, Betamax, the VHS soon became the dominant home video format. Some evidence of this is that in the first year of its release in America, it took away 40% of Betamax’s market share and by 1987 VHS machines made up a staggering 90% of all VCRs sold in the USA. The most important thing about the VHS tape, and Betamax to be fair, was that this was the first real home video format. Yes, there were enthusiasts prior to this who bought their own reel to reel projectors, but they were truly the exceptions. The VHS tape brought movies and TV programs to your home at a somewhat affordable price, though blank tapes were originally about $70 once adjusted for inflation. Soon, a good proportion of the population had a VCR machine at home, even as late as 2005 94.5% of American households still owned a VHS format VCR. This massive consumer base was rabid for new content to play on their machines, this is where the video rental stores step into our story.
VHS tapes were quite expensive when they first came out, $60-90 for a Hollywood feature film was fairly common. This would eventually go down to around $25 in the USA for a time before absolutely plummeting in price. This high price point combined with the fairly hefty size of VHS tapes meant that it just wasn’t practical for your average Jane or Joe to buy VHS tapes. This was especially true in places where space was at a premium, such as Japan. To address this problem, the video rental industry was born in the late 1970s. Soon they were everywhere, by 1988 there were roughly 25,000 dedicated video rental shops in the USA with a further 45,000 stores renting out VHS tapes among other products. It soon became a weekly ritual for people all around the world to rent out a couple of tapes for the weekend which led companies to explore new production styles to take advantage of this booming medium.
Dallos is the anime that changed everything. Released in 1983, this was the world’s first direct-to-video animation and it set the precedent for what the OAV would be for the next 10-15 years. There are three key takeaways from Dallos. First, the OAV proved to be a successful commercial model. Dallos was a success, despite the story never having an ending, and it showed that you could make direct-to-video productions that made money. The release of MegaZone 23 two years later would cement this, as it went on to become the best selling OAV of all time. Secondly, Dallos set the precedent for the content of OAVs. Dallos was made with the idea that it wouldn’t rely on toy sales or significant sponsorship, as such it could go beyond the normal limits of what was acceptable in content. The content in Dallos was not as extreme as that in later OAVs, but it did lay the foundations of what was to come, including pornography. Finally, Dallos positioned the OAV as a mid-tier between TV and movie quality. These OAVs had high production quality, rivalling movies in some cases. This was in contrast to the West where direct-to-video animated productions were largely terribly animated spin-offs or educational productions. By the time that anime started being imported to the West as a product of Japan there was quite a library of these limited runtime and high quality productions with more extreme content. This is where we move our focus to America.
Anime has been on American television for a long time. In 1963 Astro Boy first appeared on American screens under the guidance of the great Fred Ladd. Since then it has been a staple in America, and indeed across the globe, but with one condition: they did their best to hide that these productions were Japanese. From Starblazers to Robotech, there are countless examples of how anime was brought to America and then disguised with new plotlines being added, names changed, and even the credits being entirely replaced with the American staff. In the late 80s and early 90s this changed with the likes of Manga Video, Central Park Media, and ADV. This new crop of companies began to release anime on home video without disguising its origins. Due to the limitations of the VHS tape it made sense for these companies to mainly focus on releasing movies and OAVs. The limited capacity of a VHS tape suited it to films and short series whilst the price point reinforced this by making the prospect of having to buy multiple tapes for one series unappealing. You might struggle to convince someone to spend $40 on 3 episodes of a 50 episode series, but that becomes more palatable when it is an entire movie, a one shot OAV, or half of a 6 episode series. Due to the content of these productions, the new generation of importers also had an easy way to market their product and differentiate it from normal cartoons: they branded them as “not for kids”. Marketing campaigns would lean on the extreme content of these anime, highlighting the gore and the sex, while the dub would have large amounts of swearing introduced in a process nicknamed "fifteening". ADV’s entire marketing strategy was essentially based on salacious cover art and Manga Video was infamous for its trailer reels (NSFW) that focussed on constant sex and violence. This not for kids marketing style went beyond the licensors themselves with late night anime shows, such as the hilariously terrible SushiTV (NSFW), being pitched to American networks. This marketing strategy reached its zenith with the release of Legend of the Overfiend.
Legend of the Overfiend is a pornographic OAV series with some of the most extreme content in all of anime. This was like a red rag to the burgeoning anime industry in the USA and so, somewhat surprisingly, it was released without any distinction from non-pornographic anime. The strategy with Overfiend was to create a scandal, and it did so to a far greater extent than was expected. Normal film reviewers took one look at this hyper violent tentacle rape filled production and naturally asked what the fuck this was and how was this allowed. In the UK, the Daily Mail started a campaign with the phrase “ban this sick filth” following its release. This outrage was not limited to critics and the press, and the backlash against Overfiend reached much further than the very small anime fandom. Many shops refused to stock anime in its wake, and in the UK the industry took years to recover. This was the first time many people had even heard of anime, so it was only natural that they would assume all of anime was like this, especially when they would then investigate anime further and find all of the other gore filled productions that were released. Overfiend was then followed up by a number of similar pornographic titles that were trying to boost sales with a similar strategy, which only reinforced this perception that anime was gore filled porn. Let us also not forget video rental stores because they had their own part to play.
As mentioned earlier, video rental stores were big business in the 1990s. When anime started being imported in a big way, it naturally found its way into these rental stores too. There were two problems with this. The first is that the most popular titles such as Wicked City, Ninja Scroll, and Akira featured extreme content. Ninja Scroll in particular was an absolute staple of stores like Blockbuster and was the first anime an entire generation of fans ever saw. The second issue was that store owners did not know where to put anime. Half the time it was just put with the rest of the cartoons without any labelling and so many parents would pick up what they thought was a nice film for the kids - only to have blood and boobs all over the screens. The other half of the time, anime was put in the pornography section. This reinforced this idea that anime was gore filled porn because people’s first interaction with anime was seeing this extreme content unexpectedly or seeing it categorised as porn.
These first impressions matter and it is the reason that anime still has a reputation for being gore filled rape porn to this day. The entire American culture at large was introduced to anime by experiencing it through this very narrow set of productions that were filled with extreme content and were marketed on that basis. It is incredibly difficult to overcome a first impression like that and the fact that anime is still relatively niche is also a factor here. The majority of the American population has never had a reason to think differently of anime because the vast majority of their interactions with anime have been hearing how murderers watch it and people getting outraged at particular productions for their content. Their experiences give them no reason to change their view on anime as a medium.
In conclusion, I would argue that the perception of anime in the USA stems from the VHS as a format, both its strengths and weaknesses. The VHS tape’s ubiquity led to Japanese producers creating direct-to-video productions with content that could not be shown on TV. Then, the limitations of the VHS tape pushed importers to focus on movies and OAVs in the first wave of marketing anime as anime. Due to the nature of these productions, licensors leaned into sex and violence as a way to differentiate anime from Western animation, and it left rental store owners not quite knowing what to do with them. This first contact between American culture and anime was a misleading one, but it has stuck because it was reinforced at the time and because anime has remained a niche hobby. In the end it was the media format itself that was the driving reason for so many of these decisions and that is why your mates think anime is gore filled rape porn.
Many thanks to chiliehead, theangryeditor, and zaphodbeebblebrox for proofreading.
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Megathread: Joe Biden Projected to Defeat President Donald Trump and Win the 2020 US Presidential Election

Former Vice President Joseph Biden has secured the 270 electoral votes necessary to defeat President Donald Trump and become the 46th President of the United States, according to multiple sources.

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