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Fourth Age: Total War - The Dominion of Men' is a modification for 'Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion' (v1.6). Divide and Conquer is the biggest Third Age: Total War submod. Fortified Walls Mod for Age of Empires III - Mod DB. Your daily source for all things TV, movies, and games, including Star Wars, Fallout, Marvel, DC and more. Podnova Windows Library. Gold Edition STEAM Torrent Download, Free download via Full Downloads Games Shogun Total War Warlord Edition (Rip) use crack v2 fromTorrent Downloads Windows Shogun Total War Gold Edition Evocation8 9 Sep 2020 Sega GT Homologation Special CDKEY GTJ08010-322007-01723. Learn, teach, and study with Course Hero.

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Reviews - Third Age - Total War mod for Medieval II: Total https://simturinfo.ru/crack/?key=172. If it's not automatic then there's probably a readme or a manual that comes with the download. Make sure MSAA/SSAA is disabled if you want to make use of these effects, since depth buffer access. Do I need to download The Third Age or does this mod come with it? A massive rift between realities threatens to rip the world apart, the conflict between Templars and Mages is still raging, and a greater danger lurks in the shadow, gathering and corrupting armies. The player awakes from hibernation on a ship lost in transit to the colony of Halcyon at the. Playing as one of 8 Legendary Lords across 4 iconic races from the world of Warhammer Fantasy Battles, players must succeed in performing a series of powerful arcane rituals in order to stabilise or disrupt The Great Vortex, while foiling the.

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Amazon.com: Lord of the Rings The Third Age. I resurrected Category: Ubuntu (operating system) and populated it with articles I could easily identify. Third Age Total War 3.0 Released (features. It changes the map of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East to an extensive historically accurate map of Middle-earth as it was in the Third Age, while retaining the turn-based strategic gameplay and real-time battles of the original. PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows in November and December 2020. Take the most experienced soldiers lead by your most skilled captains. How to download, install APK, APKs, OBB & Fix related issues more hints.

An Underrated Pain: The Colorado Rockies

In 2017, the Rockies made the playoffs to face the Diamondbacks in an intense wild card game but came up short losing 11-8. The following year, they would make the wild card again, this time beating the Cubs 2-1, then falling to the Brewers in the division series in a 3-0 sweep.
Being swept didn’t matter though, the Rockies made back to back playoffs for the first time in franchise history. Finally, the Colorado Rockies have got themselves a championship window, and things were looking bright. That offseason, they re-signed Nolan Arenado to a massive, 8 year, $260 million dollar deal. They’ve got Trevor Story under team control until at least the end of 2021. Team control still applied to Rockies breakout pitchers German Marquez, Kyle Freeland, and Jon Gray. They re-signed Blackmon to a 6 year, $108 million dollar contract earlier as well. By the end of the 2018 season, the Rockies farm system wasn’t great, but with 3 top 100 prospects, there were even more chances of improvement for this up-and-coming Rockies squad.
Fast forward two years and the Rockies bright future has completely vanished. They’ve missed the playoffs in back-to-back years, with a winning percentage around .400 in both of those years. They now only have one top 100 prospect, and the 28th ranked farm system in the league. Sure, Nolan Arenado and Trevor Story are still here, but both are constantly involved in trade rumours. The once-promising Rockies who looked to finally dethrone the Dodgers as NL West champs back in 2018 are looking to be a team that will be stuck in the basement for years to come. How did it get to this?
It only took one man, and a team refusing to fire said man. That man? Rockies general manager, Jeff Bridich. Let’s review major moves made by Bridich since the 2015 offseason, his first offseason since being made the Rockies GM.
The 2015 Season:
Bridich would make only one trade in this season, but it was a huge trade. The Rockies sent franchise icon Troy Tulowitzki and LaTroy Hawkins to the Toronto Blue Jays for Jose Reyes, Jeff Hoffman, Miguel Castro, and Jesus Tinoco. At the time, as much as it would upset Rockies fans, the reasoning made sense. Tulo was getting older and was very much injury prone. Though, he was still Tulo, and could still net quality prospects in Hoffman and Castro. Though this trade would end up being horrible for the Rockies, it wasn’t exactly great for the Jays either. Hoffman didn’t end up a top pitcher as hoped, Castro was flipped to the Orioles, Reyes we don’t talk about, and Tinoco is a pretty meh reliever as of now. At least it cleared room for Trevor Story though.
2015-2016 Offseason:
In all honesty, Bridich’s 2015 offseason was actually not that bad. His worst move that offseason was to trade Mark Canha to the A’s, but hindsight is 20/20 and nobody would have predicted how valuable Canha would have been. Sure, trading away Tommy Kahnle may look bad as he became a quality reliever for the White Sox and Yankees, but Yency Almonte wasn’t a bad acquisition, and he’s one of the best Rockies relievers today.
He made a pretty huge trade though, flipping Corey Dickerson to the Rays for German Marquez and Jake McGee. The Rockies outfield was quite loaded, especially with the signing of Gerardo Parra for 3 years, $27.5 million. This got the Rockies a reliever which might work in Coors, but more importantly, a quality pitching prospect in German Marquez. Although Jake McGee would go on to only have one good season as a Rockies reliever, German Marquez would grow into an underrated, rotation stalwart for the Rockies.
This offseason would remain the only good offseason in Jeff Bridich’s tenure.
The 2016 Season:
The Rockies made zero trades this season. They got Tony Wolters from waivers though, and he’d end up being the dude who won the wild card game vs the Cubs in 2018.
2016-2017 Offseason:
In terms of trades, the Rockies did nothing. Oh well.
In terms of signings, it gets way more questionable. Mike Dunn was signed to a 3 year, $19 million dollar deal to help the Rockies bullpen at least a little bit. This signing may be a little bit of an overpayment but made sense. He’d go on to post a -0.1 rWAR in 3 seasons, but I can at least say that this signing made sense at the time.
What didn’t make sense though, was signing an original SS converted to OF Ian Desmond to play… First Base? For five years, and $70 million dollars. As an outfielder and shortstop, his offensive stats were pretty good, and he wasn’t horrible defensively either. Though to get him to convert to first base? Made absolutely no sense. Ian Desmond would go on to post a -3.2 rWAR in the first 3 years of his contract, as somebody who had no business at first base. A combined OPS+ of 82 in those three seasons, while also being a terrible defensive player.
I’ve mentioned hindsight being 20/20 earlier, but even at the time, this was a signing that made no sense. If the Rockies needed a first baseman, it would’ve been much easier (and cheaper) to just sign a first baseman. The only benefit that Ian Desmond has really provided, is that he’s a good guy off the field with his charity work. Though it doesn’t change the fact, that Ian Desmond should have never been a Rockie in the first place.
The 2017 Season:
Despite no trades and questionable signings, the 2017 season went quite well. By the deadline, they were in the playoff hunt, and acquired catcher Jonathan Lucroy, and reliever Pat Neshek. These two players ended up being quite great for the Rockies down the stretch, with a 0.9 rWAR in 46 games from Lucroy as a valuable catcher, and a 0.7 rWAR in 22 IP from Neshek. As rentals, Bridich didn’t give up much either. Much more importantly, this was the season where the Rockies actually made the playoffs! While Nolan Arenado and Charlie Blackmon led their offence, German Marquez and Kyle Freeland truly broke out, with them both have 3.5 rWAR seasons. Jon Gray and Antonio Senzatela weren’t bad either, with 3.0 and 2.0 rWAR seasons themselves. For a Rockie, those are good totals.
2017-2018 Offseason:
Unfortunately, the Rockies rentals became just that, rentals. They didn’t keep either Lucroy or Neshek. They replaced Lucroy by having a reunion with Chris Iannetta, who ended up having a -1.1 rWAR afterwards, but who knows if Lucroy would’ve been any better. More importantly, how were they going to improve bullpen wise? They weren’t gonna re-sign the ageing Neshek, and they weren’t going to settle for re-signing Greg Holland either. So what did they do?
Drop $106 million dollars on three bullpen pitchers. Wade Davis, Bryan Shaw, and re-signing Jake McGee from the Marquez deal earlier. Sure, it made sense WHY these guys at the time. Jake McGee put up a 1.4 rWAR season in 2017 as a Rockie, quite good. Bryan Shaw to that point, was a consistent, solid reliever for the Indians, with a 3.11 ERA in his first 5 seasons. Wade Davis, came off a fantastic season with the Cubs, with a 2.30 ERA, and dominant seasons prior as well. Dropping $106 million dollars on the three being a team in Coors Field? Super risky. I guess you’ve got to be bold if your team plays in the most offensive ballpark in the league though.
The 2018 Season:
The Rockies are fantastic. 91-72 doesn’t seem like a historic season, but as stated before, they end up with their second straight playoff appearance, a first in their history. Kyle Freeland evolves into a god by Rockies pitching standards, with a 2.85 ERA, good for an rWAR of 8.0. Arenado and Blackmon are joined by Trevor Story in key offensive pieces. Although McGee and Shaw struggle in their first season at mile high, Wade Davis is alright, while Ottavino, Oberg, and trade acquisition Oh all join him in making their bullpen solid. Though through all of these seasons I’ve mentioned, there’s one quiet, consistent key to the Colorado Rockies.
DJ LeMahieu:
If you look at his offensive stats, only in 2016 did he have an OPS+ over 100 as a Colorado Rockie. This was due to the fact that he just didn’t slug as much as hoped of a Rockies player. What he did though, was hit for good averages, get on base, play good defence, and be an overall guy which many Rockies players loved to be around. He made two all-star games, but the fear of his stats being Coors Field manufactured would keep his price reasonable. Unless the Rockies were going to hand the second base keys to #9 prospect Brendan Rodgers, it made no sense to NOT re-sign DJ LeMahieu.
The 2018-2019 Offseason:
The Rockies would not plan to give the 2B keys to Brendan Rodgers.
The Rockies would not plan to re-sign DJ LeMahieu.
DJ LeMahieu, who was expecting to stay a Colorado Rockie, would never get a call from the organization. Instead, he would have to sign a deal with the New York Yankees for 2 years, $24 million. I wonder what’s happened to him.
Let’s get back to the Rockies though, and how they were going to replace DJ LeMahieu. Instead, the Rockies instead opt to sign 34-year-old and coming off a down year Daniel Murphy to the same contract as DJ but with a 3rd-year option. Unlike DJ, Murphy is not a good defender. He’s a similar offensive type, though he walks much less. Overall, it made no sense to sign Daniel Murphy if DJ LeMahieu was right in your lap. It made sense letting go of DJLM if it meant giving Rodgers the 2B spot, but he only ended up playing 25 games in 2018 before going out with injury. Even worse, that third-year option given to Murphy? A $6 million dollar option. So not even getting out of his final year would be cheap.
Oh, and their other free agent Adam Ottavino? Instead of re-signing him or signing someone to replace him, even anyone… The Rockies instead decided to just sign nobody.
The 2019 Season:
Predictably, Daniel Murphy was a downgrade to DJ LeMahieu, only posting a 0.3 rWAR in 132 games. Arenado, Blackmon, and Story still ended up being great, but pitching absolutely cratered. Marquez, Gray, and Oberg remained solid, but Freeland saw his ERA jump from 2.85 to 6.73. Remember that $106 million dollar bullpen group I mentioned? Well, that group contributed -0.6 rWAR in the entire 2019 season. Wade Davis had an especially ugly ERA of 8.65. Yikes. A lot of things went wrong for the Rockies in 2019, but dropping that much money on 3 relievers as a mid-market team was never going to be a good idea.
Though, this is still a team that made the playoffs a year prior! Work can be done to get this squad back on track.
The 2019-2020 Offseason:
No work is done to get the Rockies back on track. In the entirety of the 2019-2020 offseason, there are no major league signings made. There are no major league trades made. Only minor league deals. The only thing that the Rockies did well this offseason, was bite the bullet on Jake McGee and Bryan Shaw. Though if the Rockies were looking to get the squad back on track to contention, the lack of moves sure wasn’t going to help.
Was the Rockies offseason overall inactive though? Well, no. Instead of making trades and signings, Jeff Bridich instead opted to piss off his star player. Even worse, Arenado had an opt-out. An opt-out which Bridich put himself, not Arenado. If that wasn’t stupid enough from Bridich, he didn’t even sit down with the guy to resolve any differences. Horrible.
The 2020 Season: The First Quarter:
Through the first quarter of the COVID season, the Rockies are incredible. 11-4 is easily one of the best records in the league. In fact, in a shortened 60 game season, if they were even just a .500 team going forward, it would be likely they make the playoffs with expanded seeding. For a team that made no major league moves in the offseason, this is great, though unsustainable. Though once again, just being a .500 team is enough.
The 2020 Season: The Rest of the Season:
They aren’t even a .500 team in the next 45 games. They go 15-30 in the next 40 games, good for a winning percentage of .333. Earlier mentioned Daniel Murphy puts up an OPS+ of 54 with a triple slash of .236/.275/.333. Brendan Rodgers is only allowed to play 7 games before going out with an injury, again. Nolan Arenado, predictably, isn’t the same after the offseason and looks devoid of passion. He suffers a shoulder injury in the second week of the season and isn’t put on the shelf until the final week of the season. Well, at least he still puts up one of the best defensive seasons in the league. The Rockies made two trades for Pillar and Givens, but ultimately that didn’t push them to the playoffs either. Overall, the season took a nosedive from the amazing start, though a losing season would’ve been easily predicted with the lack of moves made by Bridich the offseason prior.
How it stands now:
The Rockies are not in a good spot. Arenado has no reason to even be passionate for this squad, he’s got a GM that he’s on bad terms with, and can opt-out after 2021. Trevor Story is about to become a free agent after 2021 as well. They still have to pay the money for releasing Jake McGee, Bryan Shaw, and Wade Davis which they also did during 2020. Daniel Murphy? They pay the $6 million dollar option to get him off their squad. All four of these signings were predictable overpayments. The Rockies have the 28th ranked farm system in baseball too. The rotation looks fine, but the bullpen was the second-worst only behind Philadelphia. Speaking of which, Jon Gray hits free agency at the same time as Trevor Story.
If Bridich was supposed to bring a long championship window, he has failed. Sure, he had 2 seasons of playoff baseball, but then he essentially gave up after 2019 went awry.
If Bridich was supposed to bring money to the Rockies ownership, he could have done it much better. His worst signings were very predictable. Ian Desmond all the way back in 2016 made no sense. Daniel Murphy’s signing made no sense. It made sense to spend for improving the bullpen but dropping $104 million as a mid-market made no sense. If the Rockies were owned by Bob Nutting, the Rockies would have fired Jeff Bridich.
So, why is he here? I really don’t know. Will he be fired? It’s very unlikely.
The Rockies took a bright future in 2018 and turned it into a bottom tier farm system and potentially two of their star players leaving. It’s not talked about much, but in reality, the Rockies should be a laughing stock of the league. After all, there needs to be a replacement as the Mets look to leaving, and the Rockies fit the bill.
submitted by Skraxx to baseball

Third Age - Total War 3.0, a total conversion modification of Medieval II - Total War has just been released. Ever wanted an awesome Lord of the Rings RTS? Here it is!

Third Age - Total War 3.0, a total conversion modification of Medieval II - Total War has just been released. Ever wanted an awesome Lord of the Rings RTS? Here it is! submitted by Bali4n to gaming

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