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[Table] IAmA DJ at a strip club. AMA

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Date: 2012-11-29
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What is the strangest thing you've seen happen at the club? Also, does your place have a buffet? I'm sorta hungry. I've seen 3 guys ask every dancer in the bar to go for a private dance so she could fart on their shots before they drank them. They finally found one girl who would so she took them out back, farted on them, they confirmed because they saw the drinks in the blass ripple, they they gave her $300 for being a good sport. No buffet,
Are you in Montana? If so, I have so been there! Nah, I'm in cananda.
Thankfully i havent had to go fishing for lost items in any pussies yet. Trying to fish a foreign object out of a vagina is not on my list of sexy fun things to do with a girl.
Trying to find a used condom in there gets very awkward. More so, when its not your used condom. I just made grumpy cat face when i read that!
Do you think Buckcherry writes their music with the specific intention of having it played in strip clubs? Yes. .Yes i do. Every amateur nights every girl wants to dance to crazy bitch.
How often do you, as the DJ, get tipped? Is it good form to tip you if making a song request? I get tipped very frequently after girls sets, it might just be a buck or 2, mostly five .. and on busy nights often more. Most of my income is tips and i greatly appreciate whatever i am given, however, i dont expect them or feel i am obligated.
How much would I have to tip for you to play Raffi's Banana Phone? Nothing ... I would because you asked.
I usually tip the DJ way more than I tip the dancers (not to say, of course that I don't tip them well too). The way I see it, no matter how much I give them, they'll keep dancing, but if I don't tip the DJ, I'm stuck listening to 50 Cent's "In Da Club" all fucking night. We are the behind the scenes guys. It is always nice to get a tip from a customer letting you know you are doing a good job.
I've head some horror stories of sleazy owners. Do tell. So have it, it actually was something that made me really nervous about working at a strip club. Somehow i lucked out and ended up this club is owned by a good guy. We get along great, and im treated with respect and so is everyone else. I've heard of fucked up shit from people who worked at other bars though, like bosses forcing the girls to do coke with them to get them addicted, refusing to pay then and shit like that.
Amazing. Something I've always wanted to see a stripper try and dance to. Hopefully it doesn't bring up too many childhood memories... I had all mine shattered when a stripper danced to a song from beauty and the beast.
Which song was it? The Gaston song? Tale as old as time.
Do you get free lap dances? Free lap dances - I am friends with a lot of the girls, so i have definitely been used to "practice" on before.
I honestly can't think of a better time to be friend-zoned than this. Edit: dat speelling. Haha, I am friend zoned for the girls who i hang out with on a regular basic and if i were to grab their ass or anything like that they would do the same back. . Pretty sure the girls grab at me more than i grab at them. . but it's all in good fun.
Sounds like very good fun indeed. I need more fun like this in my life. I'm envious sir. Yeah, It's not a bad gig for a 25 year old guy!
On a side note, do you produce your own music? I know some DJ's who play their own beats while others that don't. Just curious. There isnt really a lot of room to do live mixing on the job because you are always prepping the next girls set music. Every once in a while i through in a mix i've done but for the most part i stick to just making the music flow through the night.
18 to dead it's a pretty good gig :) HAHA.
Lol, I would be very surprised if any DJ was doing anything more then pressing play on ableton and maybe tweaking some EQs a bit, it's pretty difficult if not impossible if you don't already have your set recorded and polished. Pre polishing a set when you work for a strip club is impossible. Everything has to be done in a moment since you never know what the girls want to dance to and you never know what a customer is going to request to hear. DJing for a strip club is a lot like doing a live radio show ( which is why most of us use traktor or virtual DJ ) where you get to pick your own music. It is nothing like doing a set at a dance club. Nothing really gets planned and you need to play for a crowd.
How come I can never understand you unless you're saying "Ladies and Gentlemen," "Sexy Ladies," or the name of a car? Example: "Ladies and Gentlemen hummuna hummuna garble warble SEXY LADIES curple wurple cruntle skerple terple... Mercedes!" Because Dj's have this habit of putting their mouth right against the microphone so their lips touch it and it sounds ridiculous. . KEEP ONE FIST BETWEEN YOUR MOUTH AND THE MIC OTHER DJ'S OUT THERE!
Who is the Mic and why is he near your mouth? I'm not at liberty to discuss my relationship with Mic ... I Love MIC.
Are there any songs/bands you absolutely refuse to play on principle? also I'm a firm believer the dj talking "ruins it" just like...run the jams, man. I dont just chat on the mic but we do have to talk for a reason. Us talking tells the customer who is on stage and provides the girls with cues.
I generally refuse Nickelback, simply because i cant stand them. Other than that i am pretty good about it.
Have you ever played the space jam theme song? Wow, been quite a few years since i even thought about space jam. i know what song i an youtubing now!
How many times have you played 'make it rain' and actually seen it rain? I've seen it rain several times.. but ever to that song lol.
I guessed correctly. I knew it was going to be nickel back No hate on anything who likes them .. i just really cant fucking stand their music lol.
Two part Q: Have you ever seen it hail? Is it frowned upon to make it hail? No, but i often threaten that i am going to do it to one of them when i come in on my off time..but just pelt them with it still rolled.
That goes with the rest of the population. I think some country banned them from performing there. Not sure if that's true just heard someone say that once. That.. would be amazing.
Why do all strip club DJs sound exactly the same? Do you all go to the same strip club DJ school? I have no idea but you are completely correct. Sometimes people will ask me to do "the voice of pussy" and i will, but for the most part i do my own things and not the asshole gravelly radio voice. I think they all just check youtube and try and imitate the best they can.
Best dj experience so far working at the club? Amateur weekend is always a blast because i am MC on the floor and there is another dj in the booth. During one I once saw a 61 year old woman open it up like a grill cheese sandwich. I dont think ive never laughed so hard.
Sorry dumb question but what exactly is amature weekend? Anywhere from a couple of times a year to every week strip club host amateur weekends and night. This is where ANY girl can sign up and go up and strip and potentially win some cash.
How much do you get paid? what are the hours/ shifts? It varies, I have a set per hour wage paid by the club itself plus every girl working gives me a $5 DJ fee per shift and then most of the girls tip me as well throughout the night so on average i make about 15+/h on a slow night and $20 to $30+ on busy one. We have a day shift 12pm - 7pm and night shift 7pm - 2am. I work the night.
Did you actively seek a strip club to DJ at? Or did you take what you could get at the time? I saw the job posting and just figured, fuck it.. might be fun and what do i have to lose, they called me for an interview i went okay but i assumed i didnt get it. . then they called a few days later to come in an do a shift.. been there ever since.
Do you get boners while watching the girls dance or have you gotten used to them since you've been around them all the time? i gotta ask lawl. I don't. The novelty of naked girls wears off really fast and ive seen these girls check their pussies in the mirror and assholes .. not that sexy.
In the beginning did you ever get a boner? When i just started the odd time id catch myself staring at the girls .. but the you just get used to it and seeing them naked is the same as seeing them with clothes on.
What song can you not stand after working at the club? My guess is Pour Some Sugar on Me. Thankfully i don't hear that one too much since the dancers all know its stereotypical. My 2 most hated songs from working at the club are Lollipop by Lil Wayne and Pony by Ginuwine. Both are actually cringe worthy for me.
How about Warrant's "Cherry Pie" ? Not really, surprising right!
How about Motley Crue's "Girls Girls Girls"? Tired of that one? That is another amateur weekend favorite lol.
Aw, I've loved Pony even since I was a kid. But I can see why, that song is quite old and played. Because it is a slow sexy song that everyone knows.
What do you mean by "everything"? I've seen everything - From bitch fights out back, to girls getting caught with drugs and fired on the spot, bar fights, people jump up on stage and try and dance. Some of what the girls do to get ready should been seen by no one! vagina and ass checks are not pretty.
Ass cheeks are not pretty? Baby wiping assholes to check if they are clean is not pretty. lol.
You mean, do the dancers ask each other to check their asses and vaginas? Please elaborate a bit more on that. No they do a bend over in the mirror
Time to ask the age old question: In a fight...100 duck size strippers or two stripper sized ducks? go! Easily 100 duck sized stripper, bring in more customers! no other club would have them .. and someone has to have a fetish for that.
Could you name some songs you regularly play? And whether you like them or not? That is always changing but the moment. Foxy Foxy - Rob Zombie Shake it out - florence and the machine - benny remix Blow me - Pink Whiskey in the jar - Metallica Gold - Tyga The sadness will never end - Skrillex The veld - Deadmau5 Bottlez - T-Pain and lots of classic rock thrown in.
Is "don't want to miss a thing" by Aerosmith a popular song? I imagine it would be a popular troll for guys who are lying to their wives to go, esp if they danced to that song at their wedding. Im sure it was popular at the time when it came out for girls to dance to .. it isnt so much anymore but every once in a while a girls asks to dance to it.
Maybe it's just me..but a stripper dancing to Florence + the machine is very odd. Not that I wouldn't want to see it. None of them dance to it .. i play the remix as a break song. BUT we do have a girl who dances to the yeah yeah yeah's and its sexy as all hell!
Yeah Yeah Yeahs up there must be the hottest thing. It is pretty awesome.
Which one? Karen O has a sexy voice so I can see how it works... Heads will roll and gold lion.
Shoulda expected heads will roll with those moans It's a beautiful thing. Lets just take a moment and thank Karen O.
This is the best AMA I have read in a long time. Your answers are priceless dude. What would you say is the most common stripper name? Has a stripper ever just lost it and started crying on stage? As for the names go KanDyY!* or anything that has a hard E sound on it. Surprisingly we even get a few girls who just dont give a shit and use their real name. Ohhh yeah! I've had some n00bs leave the strage shaking and crying because they were nervous. saw a girl puke once too.
That's depressing. How do they recover from that? Usually i'll just sit down with them and try and calm then down a bit let them catch their breath and see if they want to go again, but that does not always work and sometimes the girls just decides that it is something she wants to do.. and that is cool too. It isnt for everyone and props to them for giving it a shot.
Have you worked for clubs DJing? If so what do you prefer? Club or strip club? Yes, I'm technically freelance so i can do whatever i want. I prefer the strip club. Think of it like being a radio DJ but you can play whatever you want and rather than introducing songs you introduce girls. The atmosphere is more fun as well.
How do they get them out? I never asked.. i honestly dont want to know since they all have crazy long nails. Can no imagine that feels good.
I take it you won't ever be participating in " take your daughter to work day"... No i certainly will not. I also wont be doing this for the rest of my life. I am 25 and its a good time now.. but i dont want to be "that guy" who is a pervy overweight 40 something single strip club DJ who talks about all the pussy i had back in the day ( like the guy i replaced ) lol.
How/who got you started DJing? I have two diplomas in radio production so my love for sound naturally lead me towards DJ'ing.
Nice. I'm almost finished with my audio engineering degree. As a fellow audio nerd. Killer!
Are you in a relationship? If you are, how does this work affect it? And if not, how would you and your SO deal with it? I am in a relationship right now. I think you have to be a certain kind of person to date me because i dont think a lot of girls would be cool with their boyfriend working at a stripclub and being mauled by pretty girls all the time. My girlfriend is super cool and when we started dated i took her to a birthday party or something where she got to meet all the girl and other people who work there.. and now she is awesome friends with some of the girls. We goto the bar together if im not working and she comes to see me when i am MCing for amateur weekend. Shes not the jealous type .. she knows she is who i am coming home to.
I have a great amount of respect for you two, that is incredible trust. May you two be happy together! My logic is.. If i and dating a person and feel i want to cheat on them, We should talk and potentially break up because that isn't cool. She feels the same.
Do you take requests? Of course i take requests, Lots of people come in the bar for special occasions to them, birthdays, bachelor party, divorce party ( it happens ) so i always give a shout out to those people, encourage their buddies to buy them a dance, play a song they might want to hear. Taking requests it part of the job.
I once heard the strip club makes money from the bar and if I went to the strip club and just kept buying drinks strippers would come and sit on my lap and essentially give free lap dances. True? Depends on the club. At ours the drinks are absolutely more pricey than any pub or dance club so they forsure make a lot of money there, however, these girls make a living dancing so they are there to hustle and get money for themselves.
Proof? I knew this would come and its actually kinda hard to prove. I have tons of pics of me and the girls outside of work partying .. but they just look like pretty girls not strippers. Also, they wouldn't appreciate me posting pics of them on reddit since lots of their family have no idea they strip fo a living.
Post a couple of pics with hot girls and just black out their faces in MS paint. Cant justify they are strippers like that though.
What gear does the club run? I honestly can not remember the speakers since i rarely see them, they are built down into the stage and rarely need adjusting. For Dj'ing i have Tractor and Virtual DJ and two panasonic CDJ 400's and I just everything into the houses AMERICAN AUDIO Q-2411 board.
Can you still feel any desire about the female body? Absolutely! I've seen some gross shit over the years but i dont find women any less desirable than i used to .. id just ask that the woman i see dont clean their asshole in my presence. . that is anti bonar.
You mean like a lost jolly rancher? Yes .. i would find a jolly rancher should that get lost in some pussy.
You haven't been hanging out on reddit enough my friend what happens when a jolly rancher gets lost in a pussy. I really havent, thank you urban dictionary.
Ever save any lives? Always.
Do you have relations with the strippers? Ive gone on some dates and such, but generally no i do not fuck stripper.
Weirdest song request by a dancer? D-Devils - 6th Gate.
One of the first strip clubs i went to had a girl dance to this and me and my friend just looked at each other like "wtf..." There is not one thing sexy about that song...blows me mind that anyone would be like ... yeahhh imma dance to that and alll the boys be tippin.
Who's on the stage next? Your mother, and she looks stunning tonight.. as usual.
Best way to get rid of the boner, whilst in public? Go for a bathroom break ;)
Lords of Acid? You know the one! I actually dont, what one?
Is it true that the girls actually pay the DJ in the clubs? Totally true!, I explain how i get paid further up in the thread. We are in control of their show so quite often when we do a good job they give up a tip and they pay is a smal dj fee per shift.
How much 2Chainz do you play? Because Bandz make her dance? I do play a bit
Actually that is Juicy Js song, not 2Chainz. Feat. 2Chainz.
What's the worst thing you've done in the DJ booth? Nothing bad, camera's out the ass in that place! not one dead spot.. including the DJ booth.
How did you get the job? I meationed it further up. I saw the job post online and applied, they took me in for an interview and it went alright .. but i didnt think they would hired me. Couple days later i got the call for my first shift.
Did you already have experience as a dj? I did.
Ever seen someone use a stripper dart? Link to www.urbandictionary.com. Nope, but ive found my new favorite thing to do to girls before the go on stage.
Have you ever suspected a dancer was a victim of external control and forced to dance or forced to prostitute? No, however, i have seen a girl who i worked with for about a year and a half suffer from addiction and ultimately fired because of it when she got caught. Since then seen her in passing and she has resorted to prostution to pay for her addiction. You wouldn't know it was the same girl.
How long did it take you to perfect the "Gentlemen, Gentlemen Gentlemen" voice? I was born that way. . Came out of the womb with a mustachio Mr. Ron Swanson would weep tear of joy over and the voice on an angel. I actually dont do the cheesey voice .. not my style. Brings down the over all brand of the club.
How is the food? Any stripper related menu items? Poledancing Pogo's? Spread'em wide wings? LMAO! the food is good but nothing is stripper related. . awesome idea thoiugh.
So do the girls do as much blow as portrayed in the movies? Not even close.. it was actually kind of disappointing. When i started i had this image all build up in my head .. not half as bad ass as i thought.
What goes on usually in the private rooms at your strip club? Honestly, just dancing and some talking. Nothing scandalous.
Is there ever any prostitution between the strippers and customers at your strip club? I've heard about girls taking dudes to the private rooms and having them pay like $300 to blow him (with a condom on of course). That absolutely happens at other bars. It all just depends on how the club itself operates. A lot of sleazy clubs just turn a blind eye to that kind of stuff. Mine doesn't. . camera's everywhere and they are monitored.
Are you Cedric Benson by any chance? Nope, I'm white guy who hasn't been arrested 3 times.
Anyone ever fall off the stage or injure themselves during a performance? Happens at least once every 3 months that a girl is just a few inches off from where she should be and will miss the pole completely and face plant on the stage. I think its the gods way of saying " you work hard bro, here's something to make your day more enjoyable"
Is it hard to Dj with a erection? It's a little hard to pitch one after seeing the same girl pick lint out of her vagina .. when it happens its a magical experience.
One of the common complaints over at the Strip Club Hound website is DJ's who play music too loud. Do you play your music too loud, and is it your choice or the owner's? Why? It's nice to actually be able to have a conversation with the ladies when they stop by. I try and keep it at a tolerable volume. It needs to be loud because it is a club but you cant be blasting so loud people cant hear themselves think. I always tell the girls and bartenders if its too loud at any point gimmi a heads up and ill drop it down no problem.
Do they ever tell you it's too loud? Every once in a whole. I often leave the DJ booth and walk out on the floor the check throughout the night though.. watch me meters pretty close as well.
Link to www.youtube.com. I know the song, but i don't think i was ever like .. gonna play the shit outta this jam.
Do/did you get any pussy from where you work? Re-asked this a ton. I generally never wanted to be that DJ who sleeps with the dancers, but i have gone on a few dates and had some sleep overs. Also I currently happily have a girlfriend.
Had 3some with two women? Yes, i've had a few, however, none of them were dancers.
Damn, good for you. I've yet to have 3some. Hopefully someday! Keep your hopes up!. I've had some good and bad but all an experience!
How often do you play 2Chainz? Which songs? Also, you ever get the chance to bang the girls? And did you? 2Chainz isnt played as often as you think at the bari work for. I play a few songs here and there but as of right now none of the girls dance to anything by him.
I'm a black guy and I only like white strippers do you have a preference? I love all strippers but im really impressed by the girls who can do pole tricks. That shit is hard and is no joke. Looks awesome.
Yea, I can't get it with the sistas It's just too familiar. I feel like I'm getting a lap dance from my sister. That is actually very logical. . I can see where you are coming from.
Ever got one who went against the grain and named herself with an old grandma name for the fun of it ? I know its bad marketing but maybe some situation when one was pissed or just for the fun factor. All the time! Girls using just plain names is really common. Some even just use their actual names.
So what do they do if they're are on their period? Some girls take the few days off but most just ram a tampon up and cut the string.
Do you bang any of the strippers? This has been asked a shit ton of time.. just use the find tool.
How do you know if a person is a DJ? I donno? how? ( this sounds like a joke.. so dont let me down )
Is it honestly the bands that make them dance? Yes.. and those chicks be clappin, and they aint usin hands.
What's the weirdest the a customer has done? I've seen 3 guys ask every dancer in the bar to go for a private dance so she could fart on their shots before they drank them. They finally found one girl who would so she took them out back, farted on them, they confirmed because they saw the drinks in the blass ripple, they they gave her $300 for being a good sport.
Have you ever smelled a stripper who smelled like complete booty? Strippers i work with are incredibly clean creatures .. its pretty impressive and i can say ive never smelled a dirty stripper. Not the same can be said for amateurs some of those girls are hummin like dirty kitty.
As a women who really enjoys other women naked, It's an ego boost to receive the attention strippers give us. I guess grinding on men all night can become monotonous. Until I moved to Texas, where the law states, you must be accompanied by a man in a gentlemen's club, which is some serious BS! I've only had one bad encounter when a chick that refused a private dance for my ex SO because I was there, Do any of the girls in your club become standoff-ish and bitchy when women come to play too? Absolutely not! They are happy when women come. . regardless of the customers, our girls are the same and i can only assume they have more to chat about with women as well.
On a scale from 1-10 how much did you like titties when you started the job? How much do they do for you now? O.O. Im a ass guy .. i like them a 7-10 and im still the same..I also thought i wouldnt like girls who had their chest done but some of them actually look really good.
Have you ever played Juicy J - Bands A Make Her Dance in the club? Yes, i actually quoted that song earlier. lol.
Have you ever tried fucking with people musically (or is it against the rules to change styles)? I know I'd be playing classical and progressive rock at least once or twice a week... It isn'y really against the rules, however, playing classical is a no go and so is most slower songs. Every once in a while if it isnt busy and a girl is doing a private show i'll throw a wrench in and put in a song that is completely out of place.
What's the strangest fetish you've ever seen/ heard of/ gotten asked about. I am a 6'0" female and the last time I was in a strip club, this table full of weirdos kept telling me to dance for amateur night because I'm so tall. I didn't know that was a fetish thing? Then again, they were all tall, too Guys love tall girls, it is true! lol the strangest fettish i wrote about early on in this. These 3 guys asked all the dancers until one said yes to fart on their shots ... SO she did and then they gave her $300 for it.
Is there any music YOU want to play that your establishment doesn't allow you to? They really dont like when i play rap that drops the n bomb alot or say mother fucker too much. Thankfully we both agree on that one for the most part .. every once in a while i just wanna hear jesus walks and i cant.
How did you get your job? I saw the add online and figured i had nothing to loose so responded to it, got called for an interview that i THOUGHT i didn't do that well in. Then a few days later got the call for my first shift.
Why do all you guys sound the same? I am convinced they all youtube strip club DJ and all try and rock the gravelly douche voice. Not my style..but for some reason lots of DJ's think thats what you need to sound like.
Well people are nothing if not interesting... Sorry for the re-question and thanks for answering. One more thing: is it common for straight women to go with their SO's or single friends and not be a jealous petty creep, or do they all freak out? That is totally normal! lots of people come in with their SO's, Lots of women come in with friends who are guys and come in with another group of ladies just to watch the shows. I've seen lots of couples go for a private show together or for the one of the people to go alone. It's all in good fun.
Sketchiest thing you've seen there? It's always really awkward to see i guy you know is rubbing one out under the table .. makes me thankful i am not a bouncer and have to go tell them to stop.
Is there ever sex in the champagne room? Sadly, this bar doesnt have one. So that is also something i ponder to myself as well. I think we need a second opinion from a trained professional.
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[Discussion] For those who have been wanting to jump ship to iOS 6.1.3..

Hey guys, I just wanted to say that I've successfully downgraded and jailbroken my iPhone 4S 8GB from iOS 9.3.5 (previously iOS 7.0) to iOS 6.1.3. I've used Phoenixv4, Cydia Impactor, Beehind-v0.5, iTunes 11.1.5, the iOS 9.3.5 and 6.1.3 .IPSWs, and p0sixspwn-1.0.8. TIL that the process required a stable internet connection ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) cos I'm a skrub.
The skeumorphic design really brings back a lot of nostalgia to me as well as the near lagless experience. I downloaded my carrier update after activation and proceeded to the App Store. I headed to my purchases and downloaded almost all the apps I previously had on iOS 7. Here is a list of WORKING apps:
Find My iPhone
Dead Trigger
Samurai: Dojo
Temple Run 2
GrabTaxi - Ph exclusive taxi hailing app
Google Drive
Google Maps
Merriam Webster's Dictionary
BPI -Ph exclusive banking app
Yahoo Mail
For the apps that DID NOT WORK:
Chikka - Ph exclusive texting app just lets me get a verification code before dying on me. Crashes and quits.
Friendly - shows "nonsense" after I logged into my facebook account
Snapchat - you'll need a higher iOS version for this one.
Messenger - has been discontinued but will still give notification banners. Weird.
Uber - discontinued
Kontrol for Traktor- DJ application doesn't work. Worked fine on iOS 9.3.5
GarageBand - won't install ;-; (This App Is Incompatible With Your iPhone)
PayPal - needs iOS 9.3
Reddit - needs iOS 9.0
Hangouts - needs iOS 9.0
Discord - needs iOS 8.1
imo - needs iOSS 7.1
Google Home - needs iOS 9.1
Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint - needs iOS 10
Skype - needs iOS 9
Tumblr - needs iOS 10
So that's it for my testing guys, if you really need those apps that DON'T WORK you may be able to work around it by having another iOS device with a more recent version like iOS 9. For me I'll trade iOS 9.3.5's third-party app support for the snappiness of iOS 6.1.3. If you have apps that you want me to test or questions please tell me on the comments below. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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