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Added to the game of 1350 new units for a period 1-15. Empire Earth 2 Art Of Supremacy Cd Key. Empire Earth 2 Gold Edition – Relive the complete span of human history! Download Empire Earth 3 Free. Ranging from the very dawn of civilisation with the discovery of fire to the penultimate achievements of mankind's futuristic nanoage, players have all of the resources of the era at their disposal, from the club-wielding cavemen of prehistoric. Technical specs Supported Notes; Direct3D: 8.1: Directx 9 (d3d8to9) is supported in Empire Earth II - Unofficial Patch. Empire Earth 2 Crack 12 Hun.

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Empire earth 2 cd-key Crack Serial Keygen Torrent Free Full. You will receive it as soon as possible (usually within one business day). Controlling your little people can be a little clunky and bothersome to master. Empire Earth 2 1 all versions serial number and keygen for webpage. Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. Description Control the destiny of a fledgling civilization through as many as 500, 000 years of human history. With the strength of the alliance, the earth is king!

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Build awesome towers, choose your favorite upgrades, hire cool new Special Agents, and pop every last invading Bloon in the best ever version of the most popular tower defense series in history. Empire Earth II GAME MOD Unofficial Patch v.1.5.7 https://simturinfo.ru/crack/?key=1844. Step 3: Start Empire Earth, click. Unofficial Patch 1.5 is designed for Empire Earth II & Empire Earth II: The Art of Supremacy. Works with All Windows (64/32 bit) versions! Empire Earth 2 Download Full Version Zip Free Crack [2020]. ClickPlay Time 6. Cloud Wars.

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Empire Earth II: Prepare to serve up worldwide conquest on an epic scale once again with Empire Earth II. Become the greatest conqueror of all time by creating, building and forging the grandest. Empire Earth 2 Download Full Game. Hack trees are forbidden in Multiplayer games, except City Building games - More "Basic Starting Forces", citizen options available to select: 0, 1, 30, 50, 75, 100 - Version 1.5 (2020) identification on Empire Earth II and Empire Earth II: The Art of Supremacy - "Pro Map Maker" by DomDom11/12 (modified tools sizes for easier map making). Empire Earth II was a hidden gem. Feedback Contact seller. Planet Earth II. 1. Islands. CoD: Black Ops: Cold War Review.

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There are 5 full- fledged news channels (Somoy TV, ATN News, Independent Television, Ekattor and Jamuna TV). Mining Empire: Earth Resources. Download Empire Deluxe - My Abandonware important source. While playing the game, press [Enter], type one of the following codes, then press [Enter] again to activate the corresponding cheat function. Empire Earth, which was developed by the now-defunct Stainless Steel Studios. Maybe a manual will help, but I never needed a manual on the original Empire. Empire Earth is a real time strategy game that lets you control the Free Games Pc Games Great Run Rich Dad Poor Dad Real Time Strategy Resident Evil Watercolor Illustration Warfare Over The Years.

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Relive the complete span of human history! If you search for Empire Earth 2 Gamespy CD Key Patch Crack, you will often see the word "crack" amongst the results which means it allows you to unlock the full version of the. Empire is an adequate successor to an adequate debut, but let's remember something. It was Star Trek II that put the franchise on the right track as the spirit of Gene Roddenberry's. Empire Earth Heaven: : EE. Empire Earth II Download (2020 Strategy Game). TV, Movies, Software, Games, Music and More.

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How To Download Empire Earth Full Version For Free PC https://simturinfo.ru/crack/?key=1840. This is a game that was a huge deal back in the day and even now the series is still very popular with RTS fans. Download Empire Earth 1 FULL Version ***UPDATED LINK. Respectively Empire Earth 2 PC game free download is currently featuring 3 different campaign modes which are Korean, American and German. Empire Earth 2 Gold Edition. Empire Earth 4 Mod is a global mod for the game Empire Earth 2 - The Art of Supremacy, in scale it is practically a new game in the famous Empire Earth strategy series. Empire Earth II Simple & Fast Download!

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Now connect your iOS Device and wait until your device. The game allows players to field over 300 types of military units covering 15 time periods along with 15 different civilizations to play with, each with its own strengths and weaknesses, special powers, and unique units. Create a lasting empire in a continuous campaign that covers the entire Earth. Empire earth 2 full cracked. This release was created for you, eager to use serial number full and without limitations.

We Only Needed Two

We Only Needed Two

[We Only Need One]
“We had seventeen worlds in fifteen systems when we encountered the Dok Shi’ivaz Karr, or the Empire of the Chosen as they called themselves. The most prominent race in the Empire were the Planac, a warm-blooded reptilian species apparently descended from saurians. We didn’t get to meet the rest, at least initially.
“The Planac were a stubborn people, with a high regard for numbers and odds, which led to a strong tendency toward caution. They had gained ascendancy over their fellow Empire members via bureaucratic practises and more than a few strongarm tactics, making sure everyone toed the line and nobody did anything unwise. By which they meant, anything that might threaten the well-being of the Empire of the Chosen or their ascendancy within it. Exploration was carried out carefully, within limits set and insisted on by the Planac.
“When we encountered the Empire, they had twelve worlds, all carefully chosen and scouted out over the thousands of years they’d been roaming space. By comparison, we’d found our seventeen worlds and terraformed them over the space of four centuries.
“Due to a misunderstanding in language translation back when we first encountered them, the Planac seemed to get the idea that our worlds had been ideal colony material when we found them. The idea of terraforming a planet in the space of mere centuries was laughable to the point of insanity, in their view. By the time we discovered the misapprehension, it was too late to correct it. The first stones in the avalanche had already begun to fall.
“We thought the Planac were sending diplomats. They weren’t. They were sending intelligence agents. This wouldn’t have been so bad if they were only seeking to find out if we had ill intentions toward them, but as we found out far too late, that wasn’t the situation at all.
“They were, in the vernacular, casing the joint. Travelling to each of our planets and then to Earth, observing the resources we had access to, all the wide-open spaces we were gradually colonising. Long story short, they were tallying up what we had so their masters could decide whether it was worth trying to take it from us.
“When they got back to Empire space, they revealed their findings to their higher-ups within the Planac chain of command. From what reports we’ve been able to glean, the response was outrage. How dare we, mere upstarts in space, have the luck to locate seventeen planets all suitable for life and the gall to claim them all for ourselves?
“They didn’t know then that we had poured centuries of blood, sweat and lives into terraforming those planets, rather than just strolling up one day and finding them as is. Quite possibly, they never learned of their error. It’s equally likely that they wouldn’t have cared if they had known. Manufacturing outrage for one imagined slight is just as easy as it is for another.
“They hadn’t told their fellow races about us when first contact had been made, and now they very carefully redacted the information they allowed through. We were a pre-sapient species, they claimed, once the uplifted servants to a greater species that had created all the technology we used. According to the narrative, we had risen up and slaughtered our benevolent masters.
“Savage beasts, of low intelligence but great cunning, we could not be trusted. The people of the Empire deserved the planets that we had stolen from our benefactors more than we did. All they had to do was come and take them from us.
“The Planac ships entered our space, broadcasting the signals that presaged a peaceful envoy. Then they attacked savagely, without warning or mercy. Entire colonies were wiped out within hours. The colonists on Mars died when the domes were blasted open and the power generators destroyed. In all too short a time, all the attacking ships were homing in on Earth.
“We did our best to fight, but we were thousands of years behind in tech, and they’d gotten the jump on us. Some of them died. All of our ships were blown to scrap with no survivors, even those that tried to surrender. The Planac made sure of that, scrambling our transmissions and rebroadcasting savage screams and roars of anger.
“They didn’t bother trying to take Earth intact. Instead, they smashed every capital city from orbit then detonated neutron weapons in the atmosphere, murdering our innocent civilians by the millions and billions. We don’t know what excuse the Planac used to ensure that Earth was devoid of human life at the end, but the rest of the Empire went along with it.
“They had won, and the Empire of the Chosen now had fifteen more planets to add to their roster, all outside the solar system. Ironically, they’d hammered Earth so badly as to make it uninhabitable and Mars had never been terraformed, a conscious choice made by the first settlers there. Of the few humans extant in the galaxy at large, they were hunted down one by one, for the private zoos of collectors or to fight other species in gladiatorial arenas. Neither one was conducive to long-range survival.
“I was on a ship that got off Earth just before the heavy bombardment started. Myself and Sergeant Graham Arkos were respectively the most senior and most junior of the security detail aboard. The idea was that we would ferry a bunch of politicians and high-ranking officers to a place of safety, from where they could start planning a military response to the massacre. It was a good idea, but an idea was all that it was.
“We barely made it three jumps away from Earth before we were spotted and attacked by a couple of Planac ships. In the ensuing confusion, I was knocked unconscious. Sergeant Arkos, cut off from the rest of the crew and passengers and with the ship breaking up around us, threw me in an escape pod and jettisoned the both of us.
“We landed on what I later discovered to be one of our old colony worlds, but on a different continent to where the actual colony had been. My first act once I regained consciousness was to trigger the pod’s self-destruct and move us the hell out of that area. Then we laid low for the next few days, then weeks, then months.
“I’d more or less accepted that we were alone in a supremely hostile universe, gradually dragging out our existence on a planet that couldn’t meet all our nutritional needs, when the research ship landed.
“And in that moment, everything changed.”
-- Excerpt from the official memoir of Major Patricia Callahan, USMC

“The Major had a Plan, and I do mean that capital P. We left the mouthy assistant to the local wildlife and escorted our new alien ‘friend’ back to our ship. She (I think it was a female) didn’t take much in the way of persuasion to fly us off that rock, but she must’ve been thinking that we wanted to become pirates or something.
“The Major had bigger ideas.
“If we were going to not just survive but show the Plankers just how massive a fucking mistake they’d made, we had to go big. For that, we needed two. Two humans, two planets, and two hundred years.
“The first planet we visited was Mars, back in the home system. The Plankers and their toadies hadn’t even kept up a presence there. Why should they? There was nothing there for anyone that they couldn’t get elsewhere more easily.
“They’d blown the Tharsis and Hellas domes, and smashed the Pavonis spaceport, but they hadn’t actually done more than a cursory ground examination of the wreckage. Sure, they’d left no survivors. But in the Vaults were complete gene-storage banks for the terraforming that had never happened, and computer systems that had shut themselves down during the attack, containing the entirety of human knowledge and understanding.
“We landed on Mars, hooked up the ship as a temporary power supply, and rebuilt part of a dome so we could live in it. Then we started studying the ship and the cloning bank, using the ship’s own repair manuals to figure out how to understand it, take it apart, and put it back together. I was only ever mediocre at it, but the Major was driven.
“After a year on Mars, we’d reverse-engineered the cloning bank and built another nine of them. Then we started the clones in them. Five men, five women. They were genetically improved, all distinct from one another, and they were designed to take no shit whatsoever.
“When our Planker prisoner realised what we were doing, she tried to sabotage the cloning banks. The Major shot her right in the head and I dumped her into organic waste reclamation. Neither one of us lost a moment of sleep over it.
“Raising ten kids from infancy wasn’t easy for either of us. We taught them the arts and sciences, made sure they weren’t left in ignorance of anything important. But we raised them as warriors. When we figured they were old enough, we took the ship and flew them to Earth.
“Another thing the Plankers hadn’t taken into account was how fast old mother Earth can recuperate from even a crippling injury. Only a very few plants and animals had survived, and none were thriving, but there was an ecology of sorts. We seeded more plants and animal species, speeding up the recovery process, while we set about establishing what we originally called the Mars-Earth Military Academy, but ended up just being called the Academy.
“Leaving the first Ten on Earth along with enough tele-operated machinery to rebuild a major metropolitan area, the Major and I returned to Mars and set about expanding our cloning operation. Back on Earth, the Ten also built cloning machines, as well as producing people the old-fashioned way.
“We’re in this for the long haul, now. But we’ll see it through. I know I won’t be there when we finally strike back, but the men and women who do it, every generation genetically improved from the last, each and every one of you, will carry on the memory of the Major and me.
“We only ever needed two.”
-- Excerpt from the speech given by Sergeant Graham Arkos at the fiftieth anniversary of the inauguration of the Earth-Mars Military Academy

Two hundred years to the day after Earth was attacked and obliterated by hostile alien forces, a massive clock ticked over for the last time. The ‘hour hand’, made of blackened steel salvaged from the ruins of a long-dead city, had spent the last two centuries tracing year by year, drawing ever closer to this day. Every member of the new human race knew what it meant. They’d trained their whole lives toward this day, after all.
At sharply barked commands from their officers, they formed up in ranks, every uniform immaculately pressed. The soldiers themselves were lean, muscular and deadlier than any living being had a right to be. For two hundred years, they and their forebears had been steeped in the knowledge that their destiny was to right a wrong and emblazon their vengeance across the stars.
With that knowledge burning in the backs of their minds, they had trained and practised combat in every terrain available on Earth, as well as the surface of Mars and from ship to ship in orbit. Each and every one of them was a finely-honed weapon, ready to return upon the Planac and their compatriot races what had been done to them, two hundred years previously.
They had ships by the tens of thousands, each derived from Planac technology and advanced by human trial and error to a whole new level of capability. The crews of those ships had trained intensively against one another, trying every dirty trick in the book and coming up with a few new ones. Every man and woman, every soldier, knew that the moment they announced their presence to the wider galaxy, they would be inviting retribution from every race out there. Every ship, every gun, every soldier would be turned against them. It would be a galaxy full of enemies.
Or, to put it another way, they didn’t have to worry about shooting friendlies.
The first indication that something wasn’t right was when the Planac colonies started going dark. One after the other, they simply ceased to communicate with the homeworlds of the Empire of the Chosen. It wasn’t until the fifth or sixth such blackout that someone connected them to the list of planets acquired in the last Great Expansion, some two hundred years ago, but the significance still didn’t register on anyone.
Ships were sent to find out what was going on.
They never reported back.
Certain people within the Planac military machine whose job it was to worry about things like this began to worry. There was a pattern building here, and they didn’t like it.
Orders were drafted for the Pride of Planac, their most formidable battleship, to set a course for the next closest world on the list, and to take a full military escort along. There was much grumbling about a waste of resources, but the orders were carried out. Along with her escort, the Pride went to see what was going on.
A week later, the Pride limped back into port, with a single damaged corvette escorting her. Her battlescreens were burned out, the hull armour pitted and cratered so that she would no longer hold air, and half her drives were slagged. The only reason she had survived to get back was because her escort had taken the initial brunt of the ambush.
They had recordings of the ships that had done the attacking; recordings that made the blood run cold. Every line of the attackers attested to their deadly purpose, and they’d repeatedly outperformed the ships sent against them, smashing them with contemptuous ease. The worst thing was, nobody knew who they were.
The Empire of the Chosen went onto a full military standing. Every reservist was pulled back to active service, conscription was announced and all leave was cancelled. Drums pounding and military music blaring on every news channel, they went out to throw back the invaders or die trying.
They died trying.
When the last Planac and affiliated fleet was destroyed, the ships appeared in the skies over the capitals of each of the worlds of the Empire. On all but one planet, they broadcast a single message, in the language predominant on that planet.
The one planet was the throneworld of the Planac species, the seat of the Emperor himself. The ships that appeared there, after brushing aside a spirited (though ultimately doomed) defence by the Imperial Guard, broadcast an even simpler message.
Then they opened fire.
The ships that left the orbit of the Planac homeworld did so without fanfare. Their progress seemed almost sombre, as if they weren’t quite sure what to do with themselves after two hundred years of preparation.
Behind them, the capital city was a crater. Every spaceport had been smashed to ruin. The Planac homeworld had suffered a loss they would take generations recovering from.
On their outward journey, they rejoined their fellow warships. Every world that they’d challenged had surrendered, and promised no further aggression against humanity. This wouldn’t hold, they knew; it never did. But they would be ready this time.
No agreements would be made. No trade would be entered into. The Planac and those who aligned with them would never be trusted again.
Together, they set course for home. Earth still needed rebuilding, and the future was yet to be seen.
Perhaps one day the galaxy would be at peace, but that day had not yet come.
submitted by ack1308 to HFY

[Historic] [Bo3] Abzan Counters Aggro

Hi Spikes, I wanted to share a sweet deck I've been brewing since Kaladesh hit Historic. I have a lot of IRL commitments and don't have the time to do proper empirical testing, but in the time I do have this has posted a 90%+ win rate in Bo3 and I think it's worth sharing. I don't have time to climb the ladder much and this took me from Gold to Diamond with just 2-3 losses during the climb this season.
::The Deck::
This is basically a Historic Scales build but a lot more aggressive than the white based version Mengu was playing recently. The deck wants to curve out and punch through fast, but can also grow during a board stall and has some great little tricks to punch through if necessary. The difference between this and the other Abzan Counters builds floating around is a more aggressive focus, Knight of the Ebon Legion in particular.
4 Stonecoil Serpent (ELD) 235 4 Pelt Collector (GRN) 141 4 Knight of the Ebon Legion (M20) 105 2 Driven /// Despair (AKR) 233 2 Inscription of Abundance (ZNR) 186 4 Winding Constrictor (KLR) 216 4 Conclave Mentor (M21) 216 4 Luminarch Aspirant (ZNR) 24 3 Rishkar, Peema Renegade (KLR) 179 2 Voracious Hydra (M20) 200 1 Unbreakable Formation (RNA) 29 1 Ajani, Adversary of Tyrants (M19) 3 2 Venerated Loxodon (GRN) 30
4 Branchloft Pathway (ZNR) 258 1 Godless Shrine (RNA) 248 4 Concealed Courtyard (KLR) 282 2 Brightclimb Pathway (ZNR) 259 4 Temple Garden (GRN) 258 4 Blooming Marsh (KLR) 280 4 Overgrown Tomb (GRN) 253
Sideboard 2 Scavenging Ooze (M21) 204 2 Blossoming Defense (KLR) 155 2 Grafdigger's Cage (M20) 227 2 Yasharn, Implacable Earth (ZNR) 240 3 Thoughtseize (AKR) 127 2 Witch's Vengeance (ELD) 111 2 Wilt (IKO) 176
::Card Discussion::
The Core Synergy Cards
4 Winding Constrictor (KLR) 216 4 Conclave Mentor (M21) 216 4 Luminarch Aspirant (ZNR) 24 3 Rishkar, Peema Renegade (KLR) 179
These are the cards that make the deck tick and should not be cut under any circumstances. Sticking ConstrictoMentor and either of the other two cards is enough to take over the game. Having 8 "constrictors" makes the deck very reliable and since almost every card in the deck either makes counters or ETBs with them, you're going to start accruing value very quickly. At first I thought about cutting the number down to 6-7, but what I realized is that one of the key tricks to playing the deck is to be willing to use your ConstrictoMentors in combat. As soon as one counter hits them they turn into 4/4 and 4/5 respectively and can easily get out there brawling. Luminarch Aspirant is as fantastic in the deck as you'd expect. I'm a lot more cautious about using them in combat because they start out a 1/1 and need more work to get big, and I often find myself putting counters elsewhere, but in slower games they can easily be useful blockers that build up your board state without further mana investment. With a ConstrictoMentor in play the Aspirants go bananas. Rishkar isn't as powerful as the Aspirants, but he's very explosive when you have a ConstrictoMentor on the board and enables very aggressive turn 3's even when you don't. He can also be surprisingly tricksy. I love dropping him onto the board, tapping out, then letting someone attack into an unexpected inscription of abundance when they forget your blockers can now be tapped for mana.
The Aggro Package
4 Pelt Collector (GRN) 141 4 Knight of the Ebon Legion (M20) 105 4 Stonecoil Serpent (ELD) 235
The best start the deck can have is a T1 Pelt Collector and a T2 ConstrictoMentor. All of a sudden the Pelt Collector is a 3/3 on T2. Trample is also very important to this deck. You get big creatures very quickly and it helps a lot to push through that damage. Ebon Legion leads to less explosive starts than Pelt Collector, but is a solid T1 play that puts you on the board and has an unexpectedly good synergy with ConstrictoMentor. I often play them and a two drop on T3-4 after hitting for four points of damage and then it suddenly has 2 counters with no investment. You're likely to keep getting through with it on threat of activation, its deathtouch doubles as a blocker against decks with big creatures (a slow start against a Stompy build isn't great for this deck because it needs to be able to plow through creatures and doesn't usually want to trade to preserve synergy). Often you can just attack with it for a couple of turns with a ConstrictoMentor on the board. No one wants to block it mid-game and you end up with a ton of counters on it, an opponent under 10 life, and a nearly full hand. Worst case you've traded a 1 drop. Stonecoil Serpent is my least favorite T1 play by far but the flexibility it offers on the curve is fantastic. Trample is extremely relevant, it picks up extra counters on ETB from a ConstrictoMentor, and protection from multicolor and reach are both occasionally relevant. Overall, this deck really wants to be curving out and a strong early board presence puts you in a great position.
Additional Counters
1 Ajani, Adversary of Tyrants (M19) 3 2 Venerated Loxodon (GRN) 30
I am currently running both Ajani and 2 Loxodons in the maindeck, primarily to provide counters in the midgame if the game slows down. I'm not 100% sold on either however and could be talked into cutting either one. Ajani is good against control and is a nice curve topper who can bring back a synergy card. Loxodon is essentially another source of counters that comes with a body. I don't like that you have to skip a combat, but putting multiple counters on everything can be a game ender. If there were cards I'd cut first however, it would be these three. I've run Vivien, Arkbow Ranger in the past because I prefer trample and removal to the recursion, but the 3 green mana requirement was prohibitive. I'm likely to test Mikaeus in these slots next.
2 Inscription of Abundance (ZNR) 186 2 Voracious Hydra (M20) 200
Pre-Board the deck has very little interaction and all four of these do double duty. Voracious Hydra can clear out a midgame blocker admirably and if there is nothing to remove with it, making it big and trampling can close out the game quickly. It is a bit slow however and it may be correct to cut it, but it can be quite powerful later in the game. Inscription of Abundance is more interesting. I've run as many as 3 and it may even be correct to run 4. The two main modes I use it for are its fight mode, which is the deck's cheapest interaction, and it's add 2 counters mode, which I often play as a combat trick. Once you have the mana to kick it the combination of those two effects at instant speed can be absolutely devastating in combat. The lifegain is also occasionally nice.
1 Unbreakable Formation (RNA) 29 2 Driven // Despair (AKR) 233
Formation does 4x duty as board wipe insurance, a source of counters, a way to push through an additional attack, and an occasional combat trick. I haven't been super impressed with it, but I've kept it in so far and it has been useful on occasion. Driven // Despair is a more recent add and I've been very happy with it. The inherent card advantage of the two sides is nice, it provides helpful card draw against control, but I really play it for the evasion on both sides, which can finish out games when your big counter heavy creatures need to punch through. It has an especially good set of interactions against counter spells. If you have four open mana and you cast Driven they are very tempted to counter to keep you from drawing a couple of cards at minimum, but when they counter it you can cast the aftermath side and destroy their hand. It requires you to maintain a board state, but it's worth casting even if you have a 1 drop and 2 drop on the field, so against control you mainly want to cast it early.
4 Branchloft Pathway (ZNR) 258 1 Godless Shrine (RNA) 248 4 Concealed Courtyard (KLR) 282 2 Brightclimb Pathway (ZNR) 259 4 Temple Garden (GRN) 258 4 Blooming Marsh (KLR) 280 4 Overgrown Tomb (GRN) 253
This deck only works because of the Kaladesh Fast lands. Without them there is no way you could consistently hit all three colors. 23 lands has worked fine for me, and I lean towards green in the manabase, but I've almost never had mana issues of any kind even needing B/G consistently on T1 and all three colors by T2. The B/G Pathway will be nice and when it comes into Historic I'd explore reducing W going down to 22 lands, but the deck will always need to hit W on T2 so needs at least 13 W sources (it currently has 15).
2 Blossoming Defense (KLR) 155
I've had a lot of success with this card and have run them in the maindeck at times. I'm often tempted to go higher on them. They are primarily there against early spot removal, which the deck struggles against. It's easy to go under control builds that rely on sweepers, but if you're getting Fatal Pushed for three turns it's tough. Playing behind a turn and using Blossoming Defense to protect a synergy card is hugely helpful in that situation. When I had it in the maindeck the combat trick kept it from being dead against non-control strategies and it may very well be correct to put it back in maindeck.
2 Scavenging Ooze (M21) 204
Self explanatory meta call. Running more may be correct but it's a somewhat slow card and the deck usually wants speed. It's as fantastic as you'd expect in a grindy game.
2 Grafdigger's Cage (M20) 227
Meta call and self explanatory.
3 Thoughtseize (AKR) 127
Again, self explanatory and 4 may be correct.
2 Yasharn, Implacable Earth (ZNR) 240
Claim the Firstborn can be brutal against this deck and this is primarily there to shore up weaknesses against Rakdos and Jund Sac strategies. I don't even run basic lands, it's literally just there against sac.
2 Witch's Vengeance (ELD) 111
There for Goblins and could be cut depending on the meta. The deck performs well against creature decks and this is probably the first thing I'd cut, in part because 1BB is a little shaky.
2 Wilt (IKO) 176
There for all the problematic artifacts and enchantments in the format, but also because Auras can be a tough matchup as the deck is very soft to go-tall. Some kind of artifact/enchantment hate is a must and the instant speed/cycling are nice, but other options may be fine too for the role. It's possible I should be running 4 of these depending on the meta.
::Cards I've Considered or Tested But Don't Currently Run::
Swarm Shambler
Just too durdely for a fast deck.
Barkshide Troll
Too many other good two drops to justify.
Knight of Autumn
I've run this in the sideboard as an alternative to Wilt. It's a very legitimate choice.
Inspiring Call
There is a case to be made for this over Unbreakable Formation. Do you want counters that stick around, or more cards? I generally haven't worried too much about board wipes so I've preferred Unbreakable Formation because you can use it to buff and get an extra combat in, but I could be wrong here. Playing this over a board wipe would be an instant blow out against control in most games. The answer may be "neither" and Driven // Despair is already giving me by backup gas.
Oren-Reef Ooze
I struggle with this, it can perform extremely well when it's working, but sometimes it's win-more. I've cut it because there are just too many situations where it can't attack and is win-more when it can.
Mikaeus the Lunarch
I haven't tested this as much as I want to, partly because I don't want to blow the wildcards for no reason, but this card could be a real bomb. It may be a better choice than Loxodon. Probably where I'd do my next testing.
This seems like it should be good, but the deck performs much better when your 3 drop is putting counters on your 1-2 drops and board wipes just aren't that much of a threat. This seems like it should be good but just doesn't play well in practice.
Vivien, Arkbow Ranger
Discussed above. 3 Green is just too much for a three color deck.
Collected Company
I originally built this as a CoCo deck, but with the combination of X creatures and lots of 1-2 drops it just never quite felt worth it. Also, it was either too slow or win more at 4 cmc.
Polukranos Unchained
Too slow and Voracious Hydra does it better.
I've thought about it and tried it a bit, but the deck wants to go fast and at the end of the day it doesn't affect the board state the turn it comes down. Maybe I'll mess around with it more but I don't expect it to be a keeper.
Chamber Sentry
I was moderately happy with this card when I ran it but it just never wow'ed me. It could do fun things to combat math but the direct damage usually wasn't relevant and I'd generally rather be attacking. I suspect part of this card's appeal is Ballista Nostalgia, but it's a far weaker card. It also doesn't scale as well as the other X cards.
Basri's Lieutenant
Also too slow and no real evasion. The board wipe insurance isn't as helpful as you'd think either. I haven't tested this extensively though.
::Meta Analysis::
The Historic meta has been very diverse lately and it's hard for me to cover too much of the meta. The main weaknesses are 1) against Auras because the deck is designed to plow over early blockers and all the removal is based on you having larger creatures and; 2) against Sac decks because Firstborn hits everything. Control is less of a bad matchup than you'd think because this deck is supposed to go fast. Not RDW fast, but it's an aggro deck at heart and can often get under control. The worst case control scenario is fast spot removal, not a board wipe. If they're waiting until T4 to wipe you you're in very good shape.
Overall the best thing about this deck is the combination of speed, ability to power through the midgame, and staying power via growing counters against a stalled out board. The synergy gives the deck a lot of depth and makes it quite fun to play.
Again, I don't have time for all the testing I'd like and I'd appreciate any and all feedback you've got.
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