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Position Overview: Starting Running Backs

All Stars:
Marshawn Lynch, 5'11'', 215 lbs, Age: 30
The All Stars boast a aging thumper who can still break for a big gain now and again. After acquiring him from the Seahawks, he has been the ball carrier for two straight seasons, helping balance the electric passing attack the All Stars have installed. One of the strongest backs in the league, Lynch is still a threat, even though he has hit the 30 mark. He isn't quite as fast as he used to be, and he won't be getting any faster on those workhorse legs. Expect another year or two left in his tank before his value significantly drops.
Grade: B-
Tremaine Gingold, 5'11'', 206 lbs, Age: 22
Gingold is a monster between the tackles. Shredding off would be tacklers and bouncing off blocks is the strength of Tremaine's game, and has been for the Bears rushing attack the past two seasons. Replacing former starting back, Matt Forte, Tremaine has brought the grit and reliability that the Bears have seemingly made themselves known for over the years. Tremaine will not break for large gains, and is no way a game changer, but he has proved to be an excellent clock-burner and goal-line back. In addition, he has deceptively good hands, making him an option in the short passing game.
Grade: B
Tahj Conley, 6'1'', 207 lbs, Age: 25
Once the foundation for a rebuilding Panthers organization, the Kansas City Chiefs have yet again acquired a crucial piece of Carolina's team. Paying a heavy price, the Chiefs traded mid-season for Conley from the Jaguars to replace the money-hungry Jamaal Charles. Conley has filled the roll exceedingly well. He brings the speed and tackle breaking ability that the Chiefs offense needs, as made evident by their early season struggles. With plenty of life left in this travelled vet, Conley looks to have finally found a home in Kansas, and has not only the talent around him to succeed, but the leadership and talent to carry the Chiefs in case of an emergency.
Grade: A
Trent Richardson, 5'10'', 224 lbs, Age: 25
The machine, Trent has been churning first downs for Indianapolis through the good and bad. He is the one constant for the Colts. Rarely injured, and often playing hard in his games, Trent has made a name for himself for the Colts. Pretty fast and the ability to shake off tackles, Richardson plays bigger than his size. His reliability to play and play well is his greatest strength. He has the ability to be a clock killer when called upon and does what he asks. Through all the chaos that has happened in Indy, it is Trent who has remained the face of the Colt's offense.
Grade: B+
Kenjon Barner, 5'9'', 196 lbs, Age: 27
The back for Dallas for a few years now, Barner has been a force for the Cowboys every year he has played. He is one of the hardest backs to take down, both evasive out of the backfield, and tough down the field, Kenjon is not to be underrated. He possesses great hands and also blocks well, making him great in pass protection. Barner has been, and will continue to be a key part of the reason Dallas will make the playoffs, again.
Grade: A+
LeSean McCoy, 5'11'', 208 lbs, Age: 28
The veteran McCoy continues to carry the ball in Philly. Still speedy and elusive as ever, Lesean has made his presence known on the field as he tries to make a case that he deserves respect throughout the NFL. With good hands and his ability to avoid tackles, McCoy is great in the screen game as well as being handed the ball. He is getting older, however, and some are beginning to wonder how many more quality years the vet will be able to give the Eagles. He could, however, play a role as a third down back late into the twilight of his career, extending his value beyond that of a feature back.
Grade: B
Alfred Morris, 5'11'', 222 lbs, Age: 27
Morris, one of the marque thumpers in the NFL. He can single handily control a game with his ability to churn for more yards, and though he is not fast, can show an extra motor when in open field. Morris is a beast between the tackles, and has found himself having to, at times, carry the struggling passing attack of the Falcons. Alfred is an excellent goal-line back as well as he is tough to take down and has benefited this year with a slightly improved offensive line, a key to any short yardage back's career.
Grade: B+
Bryce Brown, 6'0'', 223 lbs, Age: 25
The new face of the San Fran rushing attack, Brown is the next beneficiary of the incredible front line of the 49er's. Bryce is fast, hard to take down, and shows excellent poise in the open field. He won't scare you in the passing game, but his speed combined with a nasty stiff arm has helped him lead the league in rushing for the length of this season. Expect a long career for Bryce Brown in San Francisco as he is quickly becoming a fan favorite.
Grade: A-
Letevin Stead, 6'2'', 196 lbs, Age: 22
Stead has been the biggest addition in Jacksonville since the days of Donavin Darius. With blazing speed and a knack for evading tackles, Stead's only downfall is his stamina, as he cannot sustain his speed for very long. Needless to say, he has exploded onto the scene as one of the biggest game changers in the NFL as he runs hard as well as catches balls with ease. He has also shown a knack of jamming it in on the goal-line, as his size and toughness helps him shake off tacklers and move the pile.
Grade: A
Jacques Ruff, 6'2'', 203 lbs, Age: 25
Ruff is a blazing running back that can get the job done by himself. His speed and skill at eluding would be tacklers gives him that game changing burst the Jet's look for. With one of the nastiest jukes in the game, Ruff gives defense's fits as they look for ways to stop him, but they can't. Supported by the potent passing attack of New York, Ruff complements the team with his home run ability.
Grade: A+
Bar'ee Suber, 6'0'', 195 lbs, Age: 24
Like Stead, Suber has exploded onto the scene as one of the best young running backs in the NFL. He is explosive as he is powerful. Built like a brick silo, Suber has earned Green Bay some big wins in big moments, highlighting Green Bay's playoff run a season ago. Nicknamed "Suberman" throughout the NFL, he has blasted doubters with his slashing speed and underrated trucking abilities. He is the foundation to the Packer's success, and has shown a level of clutch play-making ability that many teams envy.
Grade: A
Alex Green, 6'0'', 225 lbs, Age: 26
The Panthers have brought Alex Green in to run for them this season. With a team more focused on the quarterback play, the running game has been a second thought. Green won't blow you away with his speed, but he has enough in his legs to get some yards. Alex may be better suited as a second fiddle to a more dynamic back, he's okay, but he is not a game changer.
Grade: C
T.J. Petrojevich, 5'10'', 225 lbs, Age: 23
Selected in the first round of the 2016 draft, Petro has become the punisher on the ground for New England. With deceptive speed, and a knack for staying upright, T.J. is a force on the ground. He plays bigger than his size suggests, and can also churn for the short yards as well. He has decent hands to. For a young running back in the NFL, he has a bright future, as he is developing into an all purpose franchise back who can carry his team on his back.
Grade: A
Darren McFadden, 6'2'', 210 lbs, Age: 29
Year in and year out, Darren has been the go-to-guy in Oakland. Getting up there in age, he still has shown the ability to be a franchise back. With speed that can burn you on any play, and a fearsome lowered shoulder, DMC can burst off of tackles and break a big one. The man rarely tires, as is needed, as he is often called upon to bring some stability to an, otherwise, erratic offense. Still, the concern is there for a second option and some in Oakland wonder how many more years McFadden will be able to save the day.
Grade: B
Ray Rice, 5'8''. 212 lbs, Age: 29
Another older vet that can still explode off the line is the Raven's Ray Rice. An excellent option in the passing game as well as an agile man in open field, Ray still has enough in his tank to play a full season. He is, however, starting to show his age earlier than preferred. He trucking skills have diminished and he is not as elusive as he once was. But he can still carry the ball with some authority. The show has gone to Ronald "Bro" Barker in Baltimore, but they still boast a capable back when balance is needed.
Grade: C+
Bernard Pierce, 6'0'', 218 lbs, Age: 25
Seattle found an excellent replacement back after the departure of "Beast Mode". Pierce has run hard for the 'Hawks the past two seasons after spelling Rb Ray Rice for the early part of his career. Ready to burst onto the scene, Bernard has pierced his way into the endzone a time or two to make fans forget about Marshawn Lynch. With decent speed and a nose to keep going, Bernard brings a lethal juke and great ball carrying skills to the table. He is hard nosed and reliable, and can be forgotten in the electric passing attack of the Seahawks.
Grade: A-
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‘Hustlers’: When Does a Film Based on True Events Need Its Subject’s Life Rights?

The fall movie season often means a lot of movies “Based on a True Story,” that opening moniker that gives certain stories added weight. Sometimes the subjects are famous (or infamous), but in the case of the real-life strippers-turned-robbers in “Hustlers,” some unknown figures found their lives thrust into the public consciousness in the form of a box-office hit.
Samantha Barbash — whose character inspired Jennifer Lopez’s performance in the film — has threatened to sue distributor STX, claiming the film is a violation of her rights. She has also stated that she originally rejected the producers’ offer to buy the rights to her story because the dollar amount offered was too low (less than the cost of Hermes bag, according to Barbash).
The main issue here is the concept of “life rights,” which Hollywood studios commonly acquire prior to making any form of biopic. The “Hustlers” case poses a big question for anyone looking to adapt true stories: When does Hollywood need a subject’s life rights to make a scripted narrative film? The simple, strictly legal answer: Almost never.
“The general rule, nationwide, is that the first amendment is going to control for narrative fiction,” said attorney John L. Geiger, who has written countless life Rrghts agreements for his film and TV clients. “The concept of life rights is really something of a misnomer, because no one owns the facts that make up the narrative of their life.”
A writer is free to use any publicly known facts about an event or person. The bar is even higher when dealing with a public figure, where a plaintiff would have to prove defamation to win in court. “Unless the filmmaker is deliberately falsifying, with the intent to cause harm,” said Geiger, “it’s pretty difficult to find liability.”
In the case of the real-life women featured in “Hustlers,” their arrest was a newsworthy event, while Barbash and others participated in writer Jessica Pressler’s popular 2015 New Yorker article, which was optioned by STX as the basis of the screenplay. But in the competitive business and artistic marketplace that is Hollywood, things are never quite as black-and-white as a law-school seminar, and the importance of life rights eliminates many gray areas.
“The artistic advantage of having a life-rights agreement is I now have a backstage pass to start talking to these folks,” said Geiger. “They’ve agreed to be my partners, if you will, and bring the narrative to a broader audience. So I may be getting material that is otherwise private, still factual, but I wouldn’t have the access of them cooperating with me.”
For a writer, life rights are a major competitive advantage when trying to attach a star or sell a script. When a larger production company, studio, or distributor become involved, the business side will often demand the acquisition of life rights. Not only does the company want a competitive advantage, in case someone wants to make a film about the same thing, it also offers a measure of legal protection.
“It’s cheaper for you in terms of business just to head off any potential lawsuit, rather than go through the legal representation for the onus of the material,” said UCLA Film & TV Professor Howard Suber, who has been an expert witness in many copyright cases and co-wrote the new book “Creativity and Copyright: Legal Essentials for Screenwriters and Creative Artists” with Geiger. “The industry as a whole is constantly thinking in terms of lawsuits. In fact, I think the following statement is true: Any film that makes significant amounts of money is going to be sued by somebody for something.”
Life-rights agreements typically don’t give any creative control to the subject, and use language promising the filmmakers will do their best to stick to facts, but they allow a great deal of wiggle room to account for the demands of Hollywood storytelling.
“The core of a life-rights agreement is the consent and waiver,” said Geiger. “I’ll give you access to material, any access I give you, you’re contractually allowed to use and I won’t turn around and sue you for anything. I won’t sue you for any privacy torts, I won’t sue you for contractual commercial misappropriation, I’m giving you a blank ticket. And that’s the type of clearance requirement that a bond company and distributor is going to demand before they are willing to go forward with the project.”
Geiger and Suber both indicated that it also makes good business sense to option a nonfiction, reported article like Pressler’s definitive piece on the women featured in “Hustlers.” While the facts Pressler put into the public domain with her article are free for artists to use, Hollywood clearance attorneys always worry about the fuzzy line between where those facts end and the author’s analysis (which is not free) begins. However, in regards to life rights, there’s another advantage to optioning a well-researched article.
“One of the benefits you are getting from doing a deal with a journalist is the journalist has already been in the living room and has the relationship with the subjects,” said Geiger. “I can just stand in their shoes and not go out and start from scratch.”
This, of course, is what likely made STX comfortable with “Hustlers,” which features a journalist character, played by Julia Stiles, interviewing the film’s protagonists. Suber also added that there is a danger to approaching subjects after optioning an article: They may want more money than you are willing to spend, or more creative control than you are willing to give.
“By asking, you are acknowledging that you thought you needed their permission,” said Suber. “If they refuse or ask too much, you can then say, when they turn around and sue you, ‘Well, I subsequently discovered it was OK,’ but that’s kind of a lame response.”
The part that becomes trickiest — in ethical, artistic, and legal terms alike — isn’t a debate over the facts surrounding a subject’s life, but getting into their private life and their motivations for actions they take in the story.
“If you are doing a biopic right you’re inevitably going to end up with that, because character is about change and we need to know the inner demons they are changing,” said Geiger. “What is the psychological landscape that has them at the status quo at the beginning of the film and what is the arc of that change, and all of that is internal. It’s not out there in the world that’s free for the taking. That is something we extrapolate, that we interpolate, and whenever you are doing that, that sounds a lot like fictionalization and that potentially opens you up to defamation because you are ascribing intents and mindsets that may or may not be true.”
Geiger said that he’s had clients walk away from projects because they weren’t comfortable with filling in such emotional and psychological blanks. So while the first amendment places a “based on true events” filmmaker and distributor on solid legal ground, it’s always better to get the life rights.
“I really come back to the cleanliness, the clarity of mind and heart on it,” said Geiger. “You’re going to find your way on a project better with the cooperation of the subject. So if it’s a living person and they’re not a totally raging lunatic, you’re probably better off figuring out a way to collaborate with them.”
Very interesting read. I've long been thinking about this issue, its ethical sides and how they correlate with the artistic concept and the final result.
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