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Galaxy On Fire 2 Full HD Cheats

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2 days of using the Samsung Galaxy M51

So I live in the Netherlands and the last we heard of the Galaxy M51 was in an XDA review about it that was linked in a thread here.

The title is not misleading because I have had it for 2 days now but the last charge is from after that a bit.
I am on T-Mobile here and coverage is pretty good overall for context.
So I came from a Moto G8 Power (in the US just called Moto G Power) and was constantly on the edge of buying or not buying this device, in the end I am glad I did.
Gsam battery monitor doesn't show it yet but it appears to outdo the Moto G8 Power in battery life so far, which you would think is a given seeing the 2000mah uptick and newer SoC that's made on 8nm instead of 11nm on the G8 Power's SnapDragon 665.
Build quality
So the phone is made from 'glasstic' first of all, which honestly I prefer for durability purposes but feels kinda bad with haptic feedback. Not that it matters because I put a Spigen case on it. It's basically a glossy plastic material.
I had a Galaxy Note 9 once and I do miss the sturdiness of it's glass and metal frame, but can't have everything.
The phone is surprisingly light at 213 grams and feels nice to hold (well as far as a huge phone is nice to hold with 1 hand). The volume rocker is on the right side above the power button/fingerprint scanner combo.
On the bottom left side there is a headphone jack (woohoo)
Bottom right is for a speaker grille and in the bottom middle there is a USB-C port, nothing special here.
On the back there is a camera island on the left side of the phone but it is actually recessed in there so it isn't sticking out.
One of the main reasons I bought this phone is because I wanted to go back to an AMOLED screen.
I can say I am very pleased with the SAMOLED screen they put in. Sure colours are mostly less 'natural' but that doesn't really matter to me when the blacks are actually this black (YouTube Vanced in Black theme anyone?) and all other colours are popping or otherwise vibrant.
It is still a 60hz screen but that doesn't stop this party for me.
From earpieces or headphones the sound is fine and it's all good, nothing to complain about.
But from the bottom firing speaker the sound quality is pretty bad, it surely is serviceable but I would have expected a bit better quality at least, loudness is fine but also nothing special. The Moto G8 Power beats it here for sure. (maybe there are settings that I haven't checked yet that would improve this but I'd have to check)
Haptic feedback
Pretty bad. Sure it vibrates and everything and it does it fine but it feels a but gnarly, feels like a cheap-ish motor. I can live with it though.
Absolutely wonderful. They put a Snapdragon 730G in this phone and together with a somewhat stripped down OneUI it does the job wonderfully.
I have had no lag during day to day operations and honestly don't expect to. I don't see how quite honestly. I don't game on my phone but benchmarks online say the same about that too, you can't go wrong with this SoC.
Probably the main attraction, the screenshots from the battery settings menu are on 1 charge, Gsam will say the same (it hasn't adjusted to the full capabilities of this device's battery yet).
I am very confident in saying that the vast majority of people will be able to use this phone for at least 2 days and most likely even 3.
This is on mixed wifi and 4G usage, mostly 4g I'd say. Adaptive screen brightness and bluelight filter at night. (also filter is on while the photo is taken so that's why the hue is off)
I am really not a photographer of any kind but the pictures look good to me. I will update this section with actual photos later on, but supposedly this phone has a working Gcam version I found out through XDA forums.
edit: I made a comparison for nightmode vs it's normal mode in a mostly dark room (only pc screens were lit up) https://imgur.com/a/VQQl8Tt
Fingerprint scanner
The fingerprint scanner on this phone is also the power button. I never would have thought that I would like it so much but I do, it's the perfect position for when you want to unlock the phone most of the time, for right handed people at least.
It has 128GB which I am very fine with, also expandable via MicroSD card. 6GB of RAM.
Pretty sure it is only available in select markets, say India and some European countries like Germany and the Netherlands.
Extra info
This phone comes with a USB-C to USB-C wire and in fact allows you to charge other devices from the phone itself.
The OneUI version is OneUI core 2.1 and it is missing some Samsung features, which for me is no problem at all because I never used these features to begin with. If you need specifics I really don't have those, because again I never used them.
Phone is running Android 10.
The phone comes with wired in-ear earbuds.
It is available in black or white.
Can be a fingerprint magnet due to glossy plastic.
Has a camera hole punch in the center.
Screen is 6.67 inches so be warned this phone is a chonky boi yet slimmer than you'd think.
Has FM radio too.
Also I think I finally, finally, after 3/4 years, found a phone that can really go toe-to-toe with the legendary Lenovo P2's battery life without sacrificing anything and in fact improving.
Would be happy to answer any questions
submitted by ZenoZoldyck12 to Android

[USA][H] NES, SNES, N64,Gamecube,WII, 3DS, DS, PS2, Xbox 360, Atari 2600, Atari 7800, Sega Saturn, PC [W] Paypal

I’m thinning out some of my collection. Shipping is $3.50 for the first game/accessory and .50 per each additional game/accessory, unless otherwise noted. There are four systems with games being sold as a lot (Sega Saturn w/ games, Atari 2600 with games and with 7800 games, DS XL with games and 3DS with games. Those prices include shipping. Everything ships USPS.
This is from my personal collection and everything has been tested or otherwise noted. Let me know if you have any questions prior to purchasing. Payment through PayPal and shipping through USPS.


The Guardian Legend $12
Gauntlet 2 $8
Mike Tyson’s Punch out $23
Stealth $4
Base Wars $8
Bad News Baseball $9
Robinhood Prince of Thieves $5
After Burner $5
King’s Quest V $25
Goal $4
Flintstones the Rescue of Dino & Hoppy CIB $45
The Simpsons Bart Vs The World $7
Tetris (Not Tengen) $7
Tetris (Not Tengen) $7
Back to the Future 2 &3 $10
Championship Bowling $4
Alien Syndrome (Tengen) $8
Bases Loaded 2 Second Season $4
Major League Baseball w/ Box $12
Exodus Ultima $7
RBI Baseball 3 (Tengen) $7
Bill Elliot’s Nascar challenge $5
Snake Rattle N Roll $8
Game Genie with Codebook $20
Vintage Nintendo High Frequency Cleaning kit with Ultra 2000 solution $10
Captain Clean NES Console cleaner Vintage $4


Turtles in Time - $25 SOLD
Wrestlemania The Arcade Game $7
California Games $7
Batman returns $15
Super Empire Strikes Back $7
Super Metroid $25
Tecmo Super NBA Basketball $5
Tecmo Super Baseball $5
Bugs Bunny Rabbit Rampage $5
Kawasaki Super Bike challenge $5
Batman Forever $7 SOLD
Alien 3 $15
Hudson Super Multitap $40 468
Ultimate Mortal Kombat $12 SOLD
Mortal Kombat 2 $12 SOLD
Populous $5
Pilotwings $9
Urban Strike w/ box has plenty of wear $15
Desert Strike $7
Mecarobot golf CIB. w/ Box has wear on the corners and edges. $14
Breath of fire $27
Super Bases Loaded w/ Box $5
NBA Live 96 $5
Spiderman Xman Arcades Revenge $8
Madden 96 $4
Dennis the menace $7
FIFA 96 CIB Box in poor condition $5
Super High Impact $5
Top Gear 2 $12
Castlevania Dracula X Instruction booklet only (in poor shape) $1


Resident Evil 2 $28 SOLD
Kobe Bryant in NBA Courtside $5
WWF No Mercy w/ Box $23
Wrestlemania 2000 $10
WWF attitude $5
Donkey Kong 64 $20 SOLD
Star Wars racer episode 1 $10
Madden 64 $2
Madden 99 $2
Madden 2000 $2
All Star Baseball 2001 $5
Zelda Majora’s Mask $25 SOLD

Geist $15
Worms Blast $7
Fifa Soccer 2002 $3
The Sims $8
Harvest Moon $20
King Arthur $7
Army Men Sarge’s war $7
Mario Party 7 $35 SOLD
Tiger Woods PGA tour 2003 (Doesn’t work, needs resurfacing) Clean case with instructions $1
Zelda Twilight Princess $40 SOLD
All Star Baseball 2003 $3
NHL 2004 $4
MVB Baseball 2004 $3
Timesplitters 2 $22
Madden 2003 $3
Lord of the Rings Return of the king $8
Metal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes Complete $69
Gamester Pro Racer Controller $15
Gamester Pro Racer Controller $15


Hitman 2 Silent Assassin $5
Socom US Navy Seals $4
NHL 2001 $4
NBA Street $10
Jurassic Park Operation Genesis $35
8 MB memory card $4
8 MB Memory Card $4

Xbox 360

Original release White 360 survivor no Red ring. $50 (Includes shipping, power supply and hard drive)
Black 360 Elite $50 (Includes shipping, power supply and hard drive)
Unopened Controller $15 (came with counsel in original factory wrapping) SOLD
Unopened Controller $15 (came with counsel in original factory wrapping) SOLD
Halo 4 unopened $ 8
Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare Promotional Copy $ 10
MX VS ATV reflex $6
Dark Star one broken alliance $5 SOLD
Lego Star Wars 3 $7 SOLD
Legs Indiana Jones the original adventures $5 SOLD
Rage $5
Bioshock $4
Fable 2 $6
Gears of war $4
The Witcher Assassins of kings enhanced edition $14 SOLD
Borderlands 2 $4
Battlestations Pacific $4
Stuntman ignition $5
Need for speed shift $5
Forza motorsport 2 $5
Need for speed undercover $6
Forza motorsport 4 $5
Pure $5
Dirt $5
Dirt 2 $7
Project Gotham Racing 3 $ 3 SOLD
Need for speed carbon $ 5
Need for speed hot pursuit $5
Fight Night round 3 platinum hits $5
Fifa soccer 10 $5
NCAA Basketball 09 $5 SOLD
Goldeneye reloaded $11 SOLD
Scene it Box Office Smash with 4 remotes $12
Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution $7
Ghostbusters the videogame $8 SOLD
Prince of Persia $5
Splinter cell Conviction $5
Call of Juarez (no case) $4
World Series of Poker Tournament of Champions 2007 edition $4
LA Noire $5


Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz Factory sealed $8
Mario Kart with two Steering wheels $25 SOLD
Super Mario Galaxy $12
Mario Party 8 $18

Sega Saturn MK-80000 Console
MK 80112 Controller
Regular controller
Star Fighter (Rear of case cracked)
Resurrection Rise 2
Black Fire (Rear of back case cracked)
Creature Shock Special edition (Game only, no case)
Fighting Vipers
NHL 97
NFL Quarterback Club 96
$200 Shipped and Insured

Atari 2600 - Console
Pele’s soccer
Real Sport’s Volleyball
International Soccer Singapore
Fire Fighter
Activision Decathlon
Maze Craze
Space Attack
Space Invaders
Ice Hockey
Towering Inferno
Sky Jinks
Chopper Command
Football cx 2625
Street Racer
Activision Skiing
Burger Time
SG Propad 6
Gemstick Joysticks (2)
Original Joystick
Original Atari paddles (2)
Atari 7800 Games untested
Crossbow (Sealed CIB but box in rough shape. Unsure of reseal)
Robotron 2084 (Sealed CIB but box in rough shape. Unsure of reseal)
Joust (Sealed CIB but box in rough shape. Unsure of reseal)
Food fight
$215 shipped and insured

PC Games – All games come with case and instructions unless otherwise noted.
Scratches $5
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis CIB $12 SOLD
Myst Masterpiece Edition $5
Riven The Sequel to Myst $5
Myst III Exile (Sealed but no box) $10
AHX 1 $5
King’s Quest Collection $8
The Neverhood $45
Hard Truck II $3
Siberia II The Adventure Continues $5
Test Drive 5 $4
S*P*Q*R The Imperial’s Darkest Hour $4
Lands of Lore Guardians of Destiny $5
The Sims, The Sims unleashed expansion pack and Livin’ Large expansion pack lot $10
Streets of Sim City $5
NHL 98 $2
NBA Live 2000 $2
Hardball 6 $3
Nascar 2 $3
ATV Rally $2
250 Best Arcade games $1
100 Great Games Vol 2 $1
Diablo III CIB (Disc has lots of swirling on it. My computer recognizes it) Sold as is. Nice box! $5
Jeopardy 2nd edition (game only, comes in generic case $2
Earth Siege 2 promotional use only. Comes in generic case $3
Command & Conquer Red Strike & C&C Theater of War. (NOD forces have captured both original C&C disc’s and replaced them with Red Alert the Aftermath red disc and an extra copy of Red Alert Soviet Disc. Note only 1 Red Alert 2 Soviet Disc is included between the set as NOD are suspected of capturing that one as well) $15
Need For Speed 2 (untested, lot’s of swirling) Generic case, no instructions) $1
Warcraft Orcs and Humans Disc only $5

Nintendo DS XL with stylus. Includes case, stylus, charger and the following games: $120 Includes shipping:
Lego Star Wars
Lego Harry Potter
Katsuma Unleashed
Brain Boost
Spongebob Drawn to Life
Nickelodeon’s Truth or Square
Megamind the Blue Defender
Wall-e w/ case
Minute to Win It w/ case
ABC’s Wipeout w/ Case
The Penguins of Madagascar Sealed

Nintendo 3DS with case, charger and the following games. Note that the circle pad sticks when pushed to the left. Battery lasts for roughly 90 minutes under a normal load. Sold as is $120 Including shipping.
Super Mario Bros 2
Lego Batman 2
Lego Batman 3
Marvel Lego Super Hereo’s
Lego Star Wars 3
TMNT Danger of the Ooze
Ultimate NES remix
Wreck it Ralph
Nintendog’s & Cats
submitted by zizzybalumba to GameSale

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