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The game was given 21 votes. Swords And Sandals 4 Full Version Download Jw Player Free Download Winbuilder Download Hanuman Serial Sony Tes5edit Install The Sims 3 Serial Code Download Star Trek Armada Download Punkbuster Bf4 Para Ordnance Serial Number Search How To Download Mongodb Prolific Usb-to-serial Comm Port (com4) Gate Anime Download It works on mac too, but I couldn't see the mac files to upload. Swords and saddles Sep 05, 2020 Posted By Louis L Amour Ltd TEXT ID 518c64ef Online PDF Ebook Epub Library and set out in a wider and more dangerous world up to four gladiators compete in a variety of minigames adventures and battles set across an epic eight realms of danger.

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To play the previous free online gladiator game in series, Swords and Sandals 2 full version click here. Swords And Sandals 2 Activation. Me and a friend will buy swords and sandals from steam just for nostalgia. Tavern 'gambling' currently broken; source of almost infinite cash. It is up to you to level up your warrior, fight off everyone else in the arena, and.

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  • Swords and Sandals 2 Full version

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I haven't played the full game, though I believeon some other site I might have played a longer version of. Hack Information: Note: Please dont set the character level above '50'. Rebirth rb-338 download google bluestacks for pc windows 8 free download. This is the second version of the. Swords And Sandals 3 Hacked Full Version is a Java application to test JDecisiontable applications.

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John the Butcher is the first Arena Champion in Swords and Sandals 2. The Evil Ninja. Autodesk products using the keygen to generate a working serial number by pasting request code from an Autodesk software to the keygen and getting the activation code. Swords And Sandals 3 Full Version Crack Pes Roxy Blue Want Some More Rar: Free Programs Wordperfect Calendar Templates Amigaos 3 9 Adf Downloads Honestech 2.5 Download Cadvent 6.0 Crack listlasopa. Swords and Sandals 2: Emperor's Reign Free to try Fight in tournaments, with ranged weapons, magic spells and powerful champions to battle. Swords And Sandals 3 Hacked free download - My Happy Games.

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The game has now 6509 page views. Free to try 3RD Sense Australia Windows NT//XP//Vista/Server /7 Version Full. Swords and Sandals 2 is a popular flash based video game. It has a saving function that can accommodate up to 10 charact. Cool Math Games Unblocked is great playground for TEENs to play unblocked games at school: Cool.

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Player, Flash, Action, Series, Buy Equipment Upgrades, Killing, Fighting. Price: Free with In-App Purchases. Gladiatorial battles beloved by millions of players still on flash come back in the new updated version. Warriors Orochi 3 Keygen. If you find any better hacks, just comment and I will be pleased to post that.

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Swords and Sandals 2. Action 7858613 Plays. Full version click here. For each victory you will receive. Flash 87% 541, 261 plays World Wars 2. Flash 63% 1, 942, 119 plays Chelyabinsk. Create a gladiator, arm him up with a variety of armor and weapons, and send him into battle against a horde of crazy gladiators.

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GO Swords and sandals 3 full version unblocked Dec 5, 2020. Swords and Sandals 2 is one of the most interesting games you should try playing. Ableton Live 9 Download Plus Ableton Live Crack & Serial Code. Mise a jour geant 5500 hd v 2.27 Dollywinkspremiumvideos Person Of Interest Season 1 Complete 480p Bluray 150mb 34 Roja Video Songs Hd 1080p Bluray Tamil 13 anand telugu movie hd free download The Man From UNCLE English Dual Audio Hindi Download Tamil Movies 720p Hd Sanam Teri Kasam swords and sandals 3 solo ultratus hacked full version. Swords and sandals 2 full version cracked.

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Swords And Sandals Hacked Full Version Download. SWORDS AND SANDALS 4. GODS OF ARENA. Swords And Sandals 2 Download Mount And Blade Warband Viking Conquest Serial Key Mksensation Download Ellen White Writings Download Traffic Manager President Edition Download Plants Vs Zombies Order Number Makemkv Keygen Mx Simulator Download Rosetta Stone Activation Codes Broadcom 4313 Driver Windows 10 MakeMKV 1.12.2 Crack + Serial Keygen Free Download. Swords and Sandals 2. Flash 88% 37, 430, 484 plays Battle Ships. The distinctive characteristics of the C96 are the integral box magazine in front of the trigger, the long barrel, the wooden.

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Swords and Sandals 5 Redux: Maximus Edition on Steam. Click to play Swords and Sandals 2 free game! Version 1.03 fixes numerous bugs and allows gladiators. Sword And Sandals 4 Full Version Free Hacked Minecraft https://simturinfo.ru/crack/?key=1917. Rebecca & Robert are avid restaurateurs ready to start their next adventure.

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Swords And Saddles [PDF, EPUB EBOOK]. Jane's Hotel 2 Hacked at Hacked Arcade Games visit our website. Swords and Sandals 2 Hacked Description: After being captured and being thrown in the Emperors dungeons you are chosen to become a gladiator. How to Hack Swords and Sandals 2 Without Cheat Engine navigate to this website. Download Swords and Sandals Medieval Download PC Game Cracked – Gladiator, you are now a knight!

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submitted by gazonvagon to gaming

Great, Odd and Alternate Tactics Showcase - AI Katy

Hey guys, I'm back with episode 49 of GOATS! This time I'm gonna be reviewing... oh wait. Gumi released some new unit the sub is going absolutely insane over? Well, I guess I'm putting my plans on hold and reviewing that instead. Strike while the iron is hot, and all that.
So I guess I'm reviewing AI Katy?


A quick peek at her kit shows that AI Katy does approximately everything. She can tank, she can break, chain, heal... all the signs of a unit that Gumi desperate wants us to pay for. Is she worth it, though? That's what I'm hoping to reveal (and if we're being honest, figure out for myself too).
So let's get on with it.

Stats and Trust Rewards

As usual, I'm first going over her stats. Her base stats are very reasonable for an all-rounder - HP about on par for a damage dealer, but lower than a tank. MP better than a physical unit but lower than a MAG based unit. Speaking of ATK and MAG, they're a bit lower than the top-tier hybrids of today, and even lower than dedicated mages or physical attackers. Her DEF and SPR are somewhere between offensive units and defensive units. So pretty much the definition of "Jack of all trades, master of none". Her pots are, predictably, the all-rounder set as well.
Passively? Well, we're gonna need a table. No, seriously. She has more weapon masteries than Gilgamesh.

Base (with Trust ability) 40 40 50 50 50 50
Unarmed 200
Dagger 50
Sword 70 70
Greatsword 100
Katana 100
Staff 50
Rod 100
Bow 50
Axe 100
Spear 50
Instrument 100 50
Whip 50 100
Throwing 100
Fist 100
Light Shield 60
Heavy Shield 60
Hat 30
Helm 30
Clothes 40 40
Light Armor 30
Heavy Armor 30
Robe 30

On top of all of that, she also has 150% physical/magical TDH, and 75% innate killer (both types) against humans and machines.
She's also immune to blind, sleep, silence and stone. All of those are relevant for at least part of her kit, so that's nice.
She doesn't have a refresh, but does reduce all MP usage by 30%. That'll be enough for shorter fights, but she'll need help for longer trials.
Lastly, she has a 20% chance to counter physical or magical attacks (one proc each) with a move that restores 20% of her max HP and MP. So if she's tanking, you don't really need to worry about her MP very much.

And now we come to yet another heavily discussed point - her trust rewards.
Her TMR is an accessory that nulls all status ailments (the regular ones, not berserk, stop or charm), grants 30 DEF/SPR, 10% DEF/SPR, and 3 turns of break immunity when a battle starts or when the character gets raised. To put it bluntly - this is a great accessory. Ribbons are always welcome, it's more DEF/SPR on average than a Genbu Ring (but losing the 20% HP hurts), and the break resistance can also be very helpful. It's mostly there for pre-emptive attacks, since if you're going into heavier content you probably have a healesupport who can cleanse and provide immunity to these.

And now her STMR. Oh boy, her STMR. It's another accessory, and just like AI Katy herself, looks like it does everything. I won't go into a full breakdown - u/testmonkeyalpha already did an amazing job here - but I will cover each of its facets.
- It grants a 10% HP/MP restore at the start of each turn. At best, this is equivalent to a Champion regen and a strong refresh. Having this at the start of the turn has its uses too - like MP drains or wave battles.
- It lets the user equip both kinds of shields, providing 40% SPR and 20% HP/DEF with a light shield, and 40% DEF and 20% HP/SPR with a heavy shield. Equipping shields is relevant only on a few support units, but the stats themselves are essentially 20% more of the chosen defensive stat more than a Genbu Ring.
- It adds 40 ATK, 40% ATK, 50% physical TDH and 50% physical TDW. This is very flexible on any unit that cares about physical stats. It's a Marshal Glove / Hermes Sandals that trades the LB boost for 40% ATK. That's actually really strong, but is it STMR level? Compare it to other pure offensive STMRs - it seems generally weaker than either of the FigaBros STMRs - Sabin's has no TDH/TDW but more flat and percent ATK, as well as a substantial HP boost, while Edgar's trades all the % stuff for a ribbon effect, LB fill and slightly more flat ATK. The ribbon effect is very valuable on physical attackers. I'm not even comparing the hybrid STMR accessories since this one doesn't provide any MAG TDH/TDW, which is much harder to get.
- Speaking of MAG, it grants 40 flat MAG, allows the use of Rods and Whips, and adds a 50% MAG mastery to each of the two. As far as pure MAG accessories go, this seems only marginally better than Nutkin Hairpin (a 4* TMR), and generally not as good as Ravenheart or Florid Hairpin. The masteries might look amazing at first glance - and 100% MAG from a single item is indeed pretty nuts - but it requires dual wielding. At that point you suddenly need a lot of MAG TDW, all of which is gated behind other STMRs. Plus the only good MAG whip is also an STMR.
So overall - it's generally better than most TMRs, but loses to specific STMRs in whatever they focus on. If you're equipping a shield, odds are you don't care much about your ATK or MAG stat - plus you're losing the TDH/TDW bonuses and giving up one of your masteries. The pre-emptive regen is nice, especially on tanks, but for tanks this is also only a 50ish DEF/SPR upgrade over a Genbu Ring...
One really cool thing that her STMR allows, though, is this. Now imagine if you add a 150% buff and some shields.

TMR or STMR? I'm gonna actually say TMR. Accessories are valuable, with some things being unique or almost unique to that slot (death resistance and passive provoke are noteworthy examples). It also feels worse the more STMRs you have. No mitigation, no LB fill. It's great as an ATK STMR but even then it's debatably not even the best ATK accessory out there.


Thankfully, AIKP's abilities are easier to digest than her passives and her STMR.
She does get a lot of magic, so let's get that out of the way first. Note that she does have dualcast and triple black magic:
- Drain, Osmose, Curaga, Protectga, Shellga, Meteor and Ultima are kind of useless throwaway crap.
- Curaja and Raise are really nice to have as a backup, but they come with a big fat asterisk on them. If you're using magic, you're not using abilities. Her abilities need to be chained into each other or they get dramatically worse.
- She gets six Bar-X-ga spells (fire, water, wind, lightning, earth and ice).
If you have her TMSTMR equipped, she also unlocks a ton of black magic which have an additional 2x mod on all of them:
- Blizzaja, Waterja, Stonja, Aeroja, Thundaja and Firaja are the classic stacking AoE magics, but now they go from 4x to 8x.
- Tornado, Quake, Flood and Freeze are the chaining spells.
- Flare just sits there looking sad because it sucks.

Anyway, on to her abilities. She does have innate dualcast and triplecast for these, so mix and match as you like.
First, the random one:
- Full Scan is a Libra that buffs her ATK/MAG by 70% for 3 turns. Mostly irrelevant.

Next, her tanking skills:
- Defensive Measures is an 80% (per unit) AoE physical cover for 3 turns with the standard 50-70% damage reduction, boosts her DEF by 150% for 3 turns and also grants a healthy 5000 HP shield.
- Protective Measures is the magic equivalent of Defensive Measures, covering magic and boosting SPR for 3 turns instead. It still has the shield.

Next, she has upgradeable skills. You first need to use System Update (one of her cooldowns). Apologies if I make a mistake - she is one of very few units with this mechanic and I have none of them. My understanding is that when you use System Update, for the rest of that turn and the next turn, all of these skills are upgraded. If you go a turn without using one of these skills, it loses its upgrade. So, let's look at them:
- Offensive Measures starts as an AoE stacking (8x-11x) physical chaining move with Stardust Ray frames. It upgrades to Offensive Measures+, which deals a flat 17.5x AoE damage, inflicts 8 status ailments to all enemies (20% each except blind, which is 100%), and buffs AIKP's ATK by 250% for 1 turn.
- Combative Measures is actually very similar to Offensive Measures, except that it's magic damage (still counts as a physical attack, kind of like Circe's kit). Same modifiers before and after upgrade, same status (except 100% for silence instead of blind), and it boosts MAG instead of ATK, and chains with Chaos Wave.
- Hacking System is a 55%, 3 turn single target full break. It upgrades into a 70%, 3 turn single target full break.
- Crossed Wires is an AoE hybrid attack that starts at 26x damage, and upgrades into 35x damage, with the same status infliction as the other two damaging skills (except this one prefers confuse), it boosts ATK/MAG for AIKP by 200%, and chains with Bolting Strike.

Next we have her cooldowns.
- System Update is on a 5 turn cooldown, available from turn 1. As promised, it upgrades her damaging skills. It also gives her a 5 turn 200% ATK/MAG stat boost and a 50% physical/magic machine and human killer buff for herself for 5 turns. On top of that, it gives all allies a 5 turn, 5x increased mod to Flare, Flood, Freeze, Quake and Tornado. It also works on enhanced versions, so the couple of mages who still use actual magic could take advantage of this.
- System Reboot is on a 9 turn cooldown, also available from turn 1. It removes all debuffs from AIKP, fully restores her HP and MP, and grants 3 turns of break immunity and applies a reraise to her.
- Cloned Matrix is on a 5 turn cooldown, available on turn 1. It's kind of cool and weird, too. It boosts the mod of the offensive abilities of the other Katys. Red Katy gets a 10x mod increase on her moves for 5 turns, Blue Katy gets a 5x mod increase on her abilities (not spells), and Pink Dress Katy gets a 5x mod increase on her damaging abilities too.

Finally, her LB is a single target 70% full break (that doesn't even scale with LB level, so it's a 70% break at lvl1!), buffs all her stats by 250% for 3 turns, and deals two separate physical hits (one using her ATK against their DEF, one using her MAG against their SPR) of 25x damage to one enemy. This happens after her buff and break, so it'll be painful.


Gearing AIKP is kind of a headache, since she can equip literally everything.
So let's look at some builds for each of the things you probably want her doing:
- For physical tanking, you could try this. Or this for a budget version.
- For magic tanking, there's this. Or the cheaper version.
Now we get to the fun stuff.
- Physical damage (budget) - unfortunately locked to Light. Replace with Lionheart.
- Magic damage (budget) - due to the equipment diversity, this is one of the stronger budget builds so far.
- Hybrid damage (budget)
Or some whale builds for physical, magic and hybrid.

Bonus Section

So, she can hit big numbers and has strong modifiers. But can she delete Morgana? Let's find out!
- This build. Twin AIKP with the same build.
- Breaks don't work, but imperils do. Using Light imbue from Sylvie and a 100% light imperil from whoever. Kryla works.

First Round:
System Update > Crossed Wires+ > Crossed Wires+
for a total of 135,611,910 assuming you highroll on the variance.
That's an OTK. Whoops!


As a tank / healer, AIKP wants someone who can buff resistances, as well as set up mitigation:
- Folka has mitigation, and hits all the healing that AIKP can't hit.
- Sylvie has mitigation, all resist, and can put up status and break resistance.

As a chainer, she has Triplecast CW, SR and BS frames.
- Sylvie makes a great partner since she can imbue AIKP with several elements.
- Elena has both SR and BS frames, and has triplecast.
- Similarly, Tsukiko has CW and BS frames, also with triplecast.
- She can also chain with BS Sakura, who can not only imbue her, but also chain with BS and cap those chains.


- Versatile in her roles, can switch mid-fight if really needed.
- As a tank, 5000 HP shield on her cover moves is crazy good.
- Can reasonably easily keep a cover and 70% breaks up full time on one enemy.
- Can equip anything, making gearing her easy.
- LB is a massive nuke that deals 50x without having any +LB damage mods on it.
- Strong turn 1 burst and sustained damage.


- As a healer, she doesn't have dispel, reraise, break removal, status removal or full-life.
- If she uses magic after a System Update turn, she bricks her skills until it comes off CD.
- As a tank, she has no provoke or any kind of party mitigation.
- As a breaker, her breaks are all ST and need to be cast every turn to not be useless. She also doesn't offer much else as a breaker because of this.
- As a damage dealer, she doesn't have any imbues or imperils in her kit. She also has a very restrictive rotation.
- Her LB is only single target, bricks her rotation, and she has no innate LB support.
- Sprite is quite possibly the worst in the game, even worse than OG Sabin.


So yeah. While she can indeed do a bit of everything, AIKP can't do it all at once. She has to fully commit for at least 5 turns (4 if you want to take the last turn to LB or heal or something), or her rotation suffers greatly. You can build her pretty well as a damage dealer, a tank or breaker, so that's kinda cool if you're lacking any of those roles.
In general I agree with what Claic said - she's great for newer players, but her value drops off the more units (and STMRs) you have.


Pilot: Rem GOATS 2: Illusionist Nichol GOATS 3/4: Meliadoul / Soleil
GOATS 5: Tidus GOATS 6: Rinoa GOATS 7: Gladio
GOATS 8: Beryl GOATS 9: Dracu Lasswell GOATS 10: Roy
GOATS 11: Christine GOATS 12: Kunshira GOATS 13: Duke
GOATS 14: Olive GOATS 15: Dark Fina GOATS 16: Yan
GOATS 17: Lulu GOATS 18: Marie GOATS 19: Lilith
GOATS 20: Citra GOATS 21: Jiraiya GOATS 22: Myra
GOATS 23: Karlette GOATS 24: Livid Shantotto GOATS 25: Ashe
GOATS 26: Veritas of the Light GOATS 27: Dark Knight Luneth GOATS 28: Noctis
GOATS 29: Fohlen GOATS 30: Atoning Dragoon Kain GOATS 31: Veritas of the Flame
GOATS 32: Nameless Gunner Jake GOATS 33: Beatrix GOATS 34: Lila
GOATS 35: Tifa GOATS 36: Squall GOATS 37: Circe (Enhanced!)
GOATS 38: Ellesperis GOATS 39: Beryl (Enhanced!) GOATS 40: Morgana
GOATS 41: Blossom Sage Sakura GOATS 42: Black Mage Golbez GOATS 43: Kimono Ayaka
GOATS 44: Neverending Hope GOATS 45: Malphasie GOATS 46: Kryla
GOATS 47: Raegen GOATS 48: Kaito
submitted by Soulweaver89 to FFBraveExvius

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