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At the back of the plane there is space for the press corps, with designated blue carpet, and business.

r/SpaceX CCtCap Demonstration Mission 2 General Live Coverage & Party Thread (2nd Attempt)


Welcome, all the people of the subreddit! It is the mod team again that will be bringing you live updates during Crew Demo-2 mission. We are already really excited to give you the best commentary and updates during the whole mission!

This is the end of live coverage on this thread, thanks to all of you joining us on this mission.

Make sure to check back on Wednesday for our coverage on the upcoming Starlink-L7 mission.

Also a warm welcome to all our new members!

Make sure to also check out our Booster Recovery Thread

Your host team

Reddit username Twitter account Responsibilities
u/hitura-nobad @HituraNobad Conferences & Launch day coverage
u/Nsooo @TheRealNsooo Orbit & Docking
u/RocketLover0119 n/a Booster recovery
u/Shahar603 @shahar603 Undocking and Reentry

About the mission

SpaceX's eight mission of 2020 will be the launch of the Crew Dragon Spacecraft on its Demonstration Mission 2 (DM-2) to the ISS as part of NASA's program for Commercial Crew Transportation Capability. Demo-2 is the final major test for SpaceX’s human spaceflight system to be certified by NASA for operational crew missions to and from the International Space Station. SpaceX is returning human spaceflight to the United States with one of the safest, most advanced systems ever built, and NASA’s Commercial Crew Program is a turning point for America’s future in space exploration that lays the groundwork for future missions to the Moon, Mars, and beyond.
Source: SpaceX


Time 🚦 Time zone 🌎 Day 📅 Date 📆 Time ⏱️
Primary launch window UTC Saturday May 30 19:22
Primary launch window EDT Saturday May 30 15:22
Estimated arrival to ISS UTC Sunday May 31 14:15
Estimated arrival to ISS EDT Sunday May 31 10:15

Scrub counter

Scrub date Cause Countdown stopped Backup date
May 27 Weather 🌩️ T-17 minutes May 30

Official mission overview

On Saturday, May 30 at 3:22 p.m. EDT, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 launched Crew Dragon’s second demonstration (Demo-2) mission from Launch Complex 39A (LC-39A) at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. This test flight with NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley on board the Dragon spacecraft returned human spaceflight to the United States. Crew Dragon will autonomously dock to the International Space Station at about 10:30 a.m. EDT on Sunday, May 31.
Source: SpaceX

Crew Dragon

Crew Dragon, designed from the beginning to be one of the safest human space vehicles ever built benefits from the flight heritage of the current iteration of Dragon, which restored the United States’ capability to deliver and return significant amounts of cargo to and from the International Space Station. Dragon has completed 16 missions to and from the orbiting laboratory. To support human spaceflight, Crew Dragon features an environmental control and life support system, which provides a comfortable and safe environment for crew members. The spacecraft is equipped with a highly reliable launch escape system capable of carrying crew to safety at any point during ascent or in the unlikely event of an anomaly on the pad. While the crew can take manual control of the spacecraft if necessary, Crew Dragon missions will autonomously dock and undock with the International Space Station. After undocking from the space station and re-entering Earth’s atmosphere, Crew Dragon will use an enhanced parachute system to splashdown in the Atlantic Ocean.
Source: SpaceX

Vehicles used

Type Name Location
First stage Falcon 9 v1.2 - Block 5 (Full Thrust) - B1058 Landed on OCISLY
Second stage Falcon 9 v1.2 - Block 5 (Full Thrust) - B1058 Expended
Spacecraft (pressurized) Crew Dragon C206 - Endeavour In orbit 🌍
Trunk (unpressurized) Crew Dragon trunk In orbit 🌍
ASDS Of Course I Still Love You (OCISLY) Atlantic Ocean
Barge tug Hawk Atlantic Ocean
Support ship Go Quest Atlantic Ocean
Crew recovery ship Go Searcher Atlantic Ocean
Crew recovery ship Go Navigator Atlantic Ocean
Core data source: Core wiki by SpaceX
Ship data source: SpaceXFleet by u/Gavalar_


Name Position Nationality Seat
Douglas G. Hurley 👨‍🚀 Spacecraft commander United States Seat 2
Robert L. Behnken 👨‍🚀 Joint operations commander United States Seat 3

Lot of facts

☑️ This will be the 93rd SpaceX launch.
☑️ This will be the 85th Falcon 9 launch.
☑️ This will be the 8th SpaceX launch this year.
☑️ This will be the 1st journey to space of the brand new Falcon 9 rocket B1058.
☑️ This will be the 1st crewed launch from the United States since 2011.


Time Update
17:56 UTC Thanks for watching!
17:55 UTC Webcast ended
17:20 UTC Crew onboard ISS
17:02 UTC Hatch open
17:00 UTC Dragon ready for hatch opening
16:53 UTC 4 minutes equalisation time
16:40 UTC IDA hatch opened
16:19 UTC 30 Minutes to hatch opening
15:59 UTC Inventory
15:04 UTC First Hatch opened
14:56 UTC Switching to cable communication between dragon and ISS
14:47 UTC Dragon receiving power from Space Station
14:41 UTC ~ 1 hour  till hatch opening
14:38 UTC Taking off suits
I was u/Nsooo. Our thread hosting continues with u/hitura-nobad at the wheel.
14:30 UTC (🌑) Docking comfirmed! Crew Dragon Endeavour arrived and connected to the ISS.
14:17 UTC (🌑) Soft capture confirmed.
14:16 UTC (🌑) Range 5 meters.
14:15 UTC (🌑) Range 10 meters.
14:12 UTC (🌑) GO for docking. Final approach.
14:10 UTC (☀️) Waypoint 2, hold, range is 20 meters. Visor close for the crew.
14:03 UTC (☀️) Range is 135 m. ISS is ready for docking.
13:58 UTC (☀️) Manual piloting demonstration completed. Good test, good control. Preparing for final approach.
13:32 UTC (☀️) Manual piloting test underway.
13:26 UTC (☀️) Hold at 200 m. Crew execute the near-field manual piloting test.
13:23 UTC (🌑) Crew Dragon reaching waypoint 1, range is 220 m.
12:58 UTC (🌑) Spacecraft traveled over waypoint 0, means the range is less than 400 m to the ISS.
12:44 UTC (☀️) Range is about 1 km.
12:41 UTC (☀️) Approach course correction burn underway.
12:31 UTC (☀️) Good suit leak checks.
12:11 UTC (☀️) Approach Initiation Burn nominally completed.
11:58 UTC (☀️) Range is 10 km to the ISS. Good view of Crew Dragon from the station's cameras.
11:54 UTC (🌑) Comms issues between Crew Dragon and ground.
11:51 UTC (🌑) SpaceX teams are GO for Approach Initiation Burn.
11:50 UTC (🌑) Good comm checks, issue solved.
11:49 UTC (🌑) SpaceX CORE, Anna Menon, having issues to talk with the crew. SpaceX teams working on it.
11:43 UTC (🌑) Two directional data link between ISS and Dragon established. Comm checks.
11:19 UTC (🌑) Crew and SpaceX preparing for putting on space suits.
11:15 UTC (🌑) One more burn successfully completed. Nominal orbit. Some normal checkouts from the ground.
11:11 UTC (🌑) Range is 22 km. About 2.5 hours from docking if everything going smooth.
10:56 UTC (☀️) Media event finished.
10:47 UTC (☀️) Media event starting with live view of Earth and Moon from Dragon's window.
10:37 UTC (☀️) Preparing media even in 8 minutes.
10:35 UTC (☀️) ISS crew getting briefed for Dragon arrival.
09:56 UTC (🌑) Range is 40 km. Crew start daily operations with mission control Hawthorne.
09:40 UTC (🌑) Range is 45 km, everything is nominal aboard Crew Dragon.
T+13:56:00 Good final burn completed.
T+13:24:00 Crew woke up, normal communications underway.
T+13:22:00 Crew wake-up music playing.
T+13:17:00 In about five minutes, crew wakes up.
T+13:10:00 Nominal burn, good orbit.
T+13:09:00 Transfer burn has begun.
T+13:08:30 Transfer burn in half minute.
T+13:08:00 Crew wake-up and the fourth of the five burn coming up soon.
T+13:00:00 All systems are nominal, the crew still sleeping.
T+06:35:00 ♫♫ Hosted webcast ended, SpaceX FM takes over with trajectory animation for the night. ♫♫
T+06:20:00 ISS and Crew Dragon soon visible from northeast USA.
T+06:13:00 Everything nominal aboard Crew Dragon, the astronauts are asleep.
T+03:27:00 Medical checkouts, crew soon go sleep.
T+03:25:00 Onboard crew activity media event and spacecraft tour.
T+03:10:00 Close burn completed. Nominal burn.
T+03:00:00 Third of the five burns has started.
T+02:18:00 Boost burn completed. (Burn 2)
T+01:47:00 Hawthorne: You can start your meal and enjoy your new spaceship.
T+01:45:00 Transition to automated mode. Manual flight test completed.
T+01:01:00 Phase burn completed. (Burn 1)
Welcome, I'm u/Nsooo and I take over the thread hosting overnight UTC.
T+00:14:41 Launch success. Crew Dragon and crew on nominal orbit.

Crew Dragon's status

Crew Dragon is currently free flying in orbit, to later catch-up to the ISS.

Crew Dragon's last known orbital position

Apogee ⬆️ Perigee ⬇️ Inclination 📐 Orbital period 🔄
~419 km ~417 km 51.64° ~92 min

Crew Dragon's destination orbit

Object Docking port Apogee ⬆️ Perigee ⬇️ Inclination 📐 Orbital period 🔄 ETA ⏱️
ISS Harmony forward 419 km 417 km 51.64° 92 min 14:15 UTC Sunday

Crew Dragon's assigned place of splashdown

Location Coordinates 🌐 Sunrise 🌅 Sunset 🌇 Time Zone ⌚
Earth, Atlantic Ocean 🌍 TBA n/a n/a n/a

Watching the mission live

Link Note
NASA TV DM-2 Coverage already underway
SpaceX DM-2 Coverage already underway

Useful Resources, Data, ♫, & FAQ


Link Source
SpaceX SpaceX
NASA Commercial Crew SpaceX

Social media

Link Source
Subreddit Twitter SpaceX
SpaceX Twitter SpaceX
SpaceX Flickr SpaceX
Elon Musk's Twitter SpaceX

Media & music

Link Source
TSS Spotify u/testshotstarfish
♫♫ Nsooo's favourite ♫♫ u/testshotstarfish
SpaceX FM u/lru

Community content

Link Source
Watching a Launch SpaceX Wiki
SpaceX Fleet Status SpaceX Fleet
FCC Experimental STAs SpaceX wiki
Launch Maps u/Raul74Cz
DM-2 Paper Model u/AXM61
Flight Club live u/TheVehicleDestroyer
Flight Club simulation u/TheVehicleDestroyer
SpaceX Stats SpaceX
Discord SpaceX lobby u/SwGustav
Rocket Watch u/MarcysVonEylau
Reddit-Stream njr123
Multistream u/kampar
SpaceX Time Machine u/DUKE546

Photographer Contest! 📷🏆

Check out the SpaceX DM-2 Media Thread. You can submit your pictures related to the mission. It could be the Falcon 9 on the pad, a launch picture or a streak shot of the Crew Dragon overfly. The winner will be allowed to post their photo directly to SpaceX. May the best photograph(er) win!

Participate in the discussion!

🥳 Launch threads are party threads, we relax the rules here. However, we remove low effort comments in other threads!
🔄 Please post small launch updates, discussions, and questions here, rather than as a separate post. Thanks!
💬 Please leave a comment if you discover any mistakes, or have any information.
✉️ Please send links in a private message; if you send them via a comment, there is a large chance we will miss them!
Apply to host launch threads! Drop us (or me u/Nsooo) a modmail if you are interested. I need a launch off.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question in connection with the mission?
Feel free to ask it, and I (or somebody else) will try to answer it as much as possible.
Crew Dragon berths or docks to the ISS?
Crew Dragon will autonomously dock to the ISS.
Do you want to apply as a host?
Drop us a modmail.

Archived timlines (Pre-launch and launch)


Time Update
T+1h 27m That's all for launch coverage, I was u/hitura-nobad bringing you live updates on this historical launch
T+14:41 Launch success
T+12:36 Dragon deploy
T+8:57 SECO
T+9:36 Landing success
T+8:54 Landing startup
T+7:57 Reentry shutdown
T+7:25 Reentry startup
T+2:52 Second stage ignition
T+2:43 Stage separation
T+2:39 MECO
T+1:04 Max Q
T+0 Liftoff
T-1:54 Internal Power
T-4:14 Strongback retract
T-7:03 Engine chill
T-16:02 LOX loading started
T-19:47 20 minute vent
T-33:10 Propellant load started on Stage 1 & 2
T-41:29 Launch escape system armed
T-44:00 Access arm retracting
T-47:04 Weather reported green, watching lightning downrange
T-48:13 Moving forward with propellant load
T-58:28 Bob and Doug report they are GO for launch (waiting for weather)
T-1h 8m Weather briefing in 8 minutes
T-1h 13m Propulsion checkouts on F9
T-1h 38m Ninjas (Closeout team) leaving
T-1h 53m More comm checks completed
T-2h 8m Hatch closed
T-2h 30m Seats rotate to launch position.
T-2h 32m Comm checks completed, ingress technicians leaving Crew Dragon
T-2h 37m Comm checks
T-2h 46m Crew ingressing
T-2h 48m Crew in white room
T-2h 54m Crew talking to their families on the phone
T-2h 54m Heading towards the crew access arm
T-2h 57m Crew walking to the elevator
T-3h 2m Arrived at 39A
T-3h 5m Entering Blast Danger Area
T-3h 7m 3 miles to go
T-3h 17m Driving away
T-3h 18m Boarding Tesla Model X
T-3h 20m Crew walkout
T-3h 40m Selfie time
T-3h 54m Suit checks 
T-3h 58m Suitup starting
T-4h 16m Waiting for crew arrival in suit up room
T-4h 18m ** Livestream started**


Time Update
T-5d Static Fire
T-6d 5h Falcon 9 vertical on LC-39A!
T-6d 12h Falcon 9 and Crew Dragon rolling out for static fire
T-7d 1h Astronauts landed at KSC and out of the plane
T-7d 3h The astronauts have taken off from Houston airfield and are on their way to the Shuttle Landing Facility
T-8d 13h Crew Dragon arrived at the LC-39A hangar
T-~ 9 day Thread goes live

submitted by ElongatedMuskrat to spacex

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Peter Jackson: Lord of the Rings trilogy, King Kong, and The Lovely Bones.
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George Clooney: Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Good Night, and Good Luck, and Leatherheads.
Jason Reitman: Thank You for Smoking, Juno, and Up in the Air.
Éric Rohmer : The Lady And The Duke, Triple Agent, and Romance of Astree and Celadon.
Cristian Mungiu: Occident, 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days , and Tales from the Golden Age.
Lee Chang-dong: Oasis and Secret Sunshine.
Guy Maddin: Dracula, Pages From a Virgin's Diary, Cowards Bend the Knee, The Saddest Music in the World, Brand Upon the Brain!, and My Winnipeg. Apichatpong Weerasethakul: Mysterious Object at Noon, Blissfully Yours, The Adventure of Iron Pussy, Tropical Malady, and Syndromes and a Century
Errol Morris: The Fog of War and Standard Operating Procedure.
Makoto Shinkai: The Place Promised in Our Early Days and 5 Centimeters Per Second.
Paul Schrader: Auto Focus, Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist, The Walker, and Adam Resurrected.
Arnaud Desplechin: Esther Khan , Playing 'In the Company of Men', Kings and Queen, L'Aimée, and A Christmas Tale.
Jonathan Demme: The Truth About Charlie, The Agronomist , The Manchurian Candidate, Neil Young: Heart of Gold, Main from Plains, Rachel Getting Married, and Neil Young Trunk Show.
John Cameron Mitchell: Hedwig and the Angry Inch and Shortbus
Wim Wenders: The Million Dollar Hotel, Ode to Cologne: A Rock 'N' Roll Film, The Soul of a Man, Land of Plenty, Don't Come Knocking, Invisibles, and Palermo Shooting.
Lone Scherfig: Italian for Beginners, Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself, Just Like Home, and An Education.
Kelly Reichardt: Old Joy and Wendy and Lucy.
Niki Caro: Whale Rider , North Country, and A Heavenly Vintage.
Hal Hartley: No Such Thing, The Girl from Monday, and Fay Grim.
Shunji Iwai: All About Lily Chou-Chou, Triumphal March and 30 Days of Their Own, Hana & Alice and The Kon Ichikawa Story.
Neil Jordan: The Good Thief, Breakfast on Pluto, and The Brave One.
Matteo Garrone: Roman Summer, The Embalmer, First Love, and Gomorrah.
Jan Troell: As White as in Snow and Everlasting Moments.
Catherine Breillat: Fat Girl, Brief Crossing, Sex Is Comedy, Anatomy of Hell, The Last Mistress, and Bluebeard.
Isabel Coixet: My Life Without Me, The Secret Life of Words, Elegy, and Map of the Sounds of Tokyo.
Abdellatif Kechiche: Poetical Refugee,Games of Love and Chance, and The Secret of the Grain.
Götz Spielmann: The Stranger, Spiel im Morgengrauen, Antares, and Revanche.
Claire Denis: Trouble Every Day, Friday Night, The Intruder, 35 Shots of Rum, and White Material.
Cameron Crowe: Almost Famous, Vanilla Sky, and Elizabethtown.
John Crowley: Intermission, Boy A, and Is Anybody There?.
Todd Field: In the Bedroom and Little Children.
Anthony Minghella: Cold Mountain and Breaking and Entering.
Julie Taymor: Frida and Across the Universe.
Jane Campion: In the Cut and Bright Star.
Nick Cassavetes: John Q., The Notebook, Alpha Dog, and My Sister's Keeper.
Peter Berg: The Rundown, Friday Night Lights ,The Kingdom, and Hancock.
Jonathan Glazer: Sexy Beast and Birth
Brian De Palma: Mission to Mars, Femme Fatale, The Black Dahlia, and Redacted.
Miguel Arteta: Chuck & Buck, The Good Girl, and Youth in Revolt.
Tom Tykwer: The Princess and the Warrior, Heaven, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, and The International.
Sally Potter: The Man Who Cried, Yes, and Rage.
Ron Howard: How the Grinch Stole Christmas, A Beautiful Mind , The Missing, Cinderella Man, The Dan Vinci Code, Frost/Nixon, and Angels & Demons.
John Sayles: Sunshine State, Casa de los Babys, Silver City, and Honeydripper.
Michael Winterbottom: The Claim, 24 Hour Party People, In This World, Code 46, 9 Songs , A Cock and Bull Story, The Road to Guantanamo, A Mighty Heart , Genova, and The Shock Doctrine.
Curtis Hanson: Wonder Boys, 8 Mile, In Her Shoes, and Lucky You.
Roger Michell: Changing Lanes, The Mother, Enduring Love, and Venus.
Atom Egoyan: Ararat, Where the Truth Lies, Adoration, and Chloe.
Richard Eyre: Iris, Stage Beauty, Notes on a Scandal, and The Other Man.
James Gray: The Yards, We Own the Night, and Two Lovers.
Paweł Pawlikowski: Last Resort and My Summer of Love.
David Mamet: State and Main, Heist, Spartan, and Redbelt.
Sean Penn: The Pledge and Into the Wild.
Mary Harron: American Psycho and The Notorious Bettie Page.
Rebecca Miller: Personal Velocity, The Ballad of Jack and Rose, and The Private Lives of Pippa Lee.
Phillip Noyce: Rabbit-Proof Fence, The Quiet American, and Catch a Fire. Harmony Korine: Mister Lonely , and Trash Humpers.
Agnès Varda: The Gleaners and I, The Gleaners and I: Two Years Later, Cinévardaphoto, Some Widows of Noirmoutier, and The Beaches of Agnès.
Jean-Luc Godard: In Praise of Love, Notre musique, "Origins of the 21st Century", "In the Darkness of Time", "Liberty and Homeland", The Old Place, Moments choisis des histoire(s) du cinema, "Amateur Report", Vrai faux passport
Abel Ferrara: Mary, Go Go Tales, Napoli Napoli Napoli, 'R Xmas, and Chelsea on the Rocks
Wang Bing:Crude Oil, Fengming: A Chinese Memoir, Tie Xi Qu: West of the Tracks, Coal Money
Straub-Huillet:Workers Peasants, These Encounters of Theirs, A Visit to the Louvre, "Itineraire de Jean Bricard", "Artemis' Knee", and "Humiliated"
Lav Diaz: Evolution of a Filipino Family, Batang West Side, Death in the Land of Encantos, Melancholia, and Heremias: Book One...
Abbas Kiarostami: Shirin, Ten, ABC Africa, Five (Dedicated to Ozu), 10 on Ten, and "Roads of Kiarostami".
Manoel de Oliveira: Porto of My Childhood, A Talking Picture, I'm Going Home, The Uncertainty Principle, Word and Utopia, Christopher Columbus, Eccentricities of a Blonde Haired Girl, The Fifth Empire, and Belle Toujours.
Hong Sang-soo: Tale of Cinema, On the Occasion of Remembering the Turning Gate, Virgin Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Night and Day, Woman Is the Future of Man, Like You Know It All, and Woman on the Beach.
Jia Zhangke: The World, Platform, Still Life, Unknown Pleasures, and 24 City.
Tony Scott: Domino, Taking of Pelham 123, Man on Fire, Deja Vu, and Spy Game.
Eduardo Coutinho: Jogo de Cena, Peoes, Master a Building in Copacabana, Moscow, and O Fim e o Principio.
Jacques Rivette:The Duchess of Langeais, The Story of Marie & Julien, Around a Small Mountain, and Va Savoir (Who Knows).
Hou Hsiao-hsien: Three Times, Cafe Lumiere, Millenium Mambo, and Flight of the Red Balloon.
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