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StarCraft II - Wings of Liberty Official Strategy Guide (Brady Games) BradyGames. It also says that the code can be found on the back of the package, but I didn't get the package since I downloaded it online. But please don't let that intimidate you from trying to understand everything. Star Craft 2 - Wings Of Liberty Tips and Walkthrough.

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News Sep 09; Video: Amazing StarCraft II trivia and first. Some Game Trainers are sometimes reported to be a Virus or Trojan. This transparent Knight Cartoon - Starcraft Ii Legacy Of The Void, Starcraft, Heroes Of The Storm, Artanis, Characters Of Starcraft, Zeratul, Jim Raynor, Video Game, Protoss, StarCraft II Wings Of Liberty png image is uploaded by Rnibhrbqrjwb for personal projects or designs. PC Longplay 373 StarCraft 2 Wings of Liberty Movies Preview remove-circle Share or Embed This Item.

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One thing that has always bugged me about HotS is how small the healing roster is. I've always been an assassin players but I try to play healers when they're needed for the team. However, there's such a small selection compared to most other roles. I'm not designing entire kits here though, just listing out some characters.
Blood Queen Lana'thel
Lana'thel is an warrior elf who had found the sword Quel'delar, a legendary weapon originally used to fight the trolls and scourge. Upon finding the blade she used to find her vengeance in icecrown, where she ultimately fell to the lich king and was raised as the vampiric Blood Queen, leader of the San'layn "Lana'thel shed tears for the lives of the elven kin she expected to lose during their war march to Northrend. She had no idea at the time that she would be the cause of many more."
Her kit could revolve around stealing life and using it to heal/shield allies. In a now-dead Moba called Dawngate there was a support named Viyana who had such a kit. She could drain life from a targetted enemy and convert it to shielding. All her abilities cost life to cast, but could end up dealing moderate damage or signifigant healing. Some possible heroics could be, "Know my Hunger" where Lanathel leaps to the corpse of an ally and after a very short delay resurrects them temporarily. The duration of the temporary resurrection could be increased when that person gets kills or deals damage.
Alexstrasza The Life Binder
Alexstrasza the Life-Binder, Aspect of the red dragonflight, is guardian of the life on Azeroth. She was one of the original dragons empowered by the titans to watch over Azeroth's life. She had been appointed queen of all dragons, and was known for her compassion. This is my gift: compassion for all living things. A drive to protect and nurture them. And the ability to heal that which others cannot, birth what others may not, and love even the unlovable--who surely need such grace more than any other souls. - Blessing of the Red Aspect, given by Eonar
Alexstrasza has three main qualities to her character. Healing, fire, and purity. In the fight against Deathwing she purified his corrupted blood with fire that wouldn't harm her allies. In the fight with Ultraxion she boosted the healing of her companions to almost absurd levels to cope with the pure power Ultraxion had. Alexstrasza is a quintessential support in terms of what she does, being one purely focused on boosting and healing her allies. To put this into her kit she could have multiple directions, she could have massively AoE focused healing in the forms of breath attacks or sweeping flames with a 'mark' or buff she places that significantly increases healing received from all sources. A potential heroic could be a large zone of flame that reduces the duration of all debuffs on allies significantly while healing them as they stand in it.
Egon Stetmann
Egon Stetmann, a former dominion scientist had fled the dominion after having reservations about using inmates as test subjects. To escape he had invented a new virus to infect the facility he was in and fled, eventually joining Raynor and becoming the hyperions lead scientist.
A quirky an interesting individual, Stetmann has used numerous elements from zerg, protoss, and terran. During the Wings of Liberty campaign he had developed large amounts of technology from pieces of zerg and protoss biogens and tech. His kit could be unique in that he could have three heroics to choose from... one protoss themed, one zerg themed, and one terran themed. His abilities could also have one of each theme and his traits would augment said abilities. The protoss side of things could be primarily in support, from cloaking to shielding to movement speed. Meanwhile the zerg side could be a directly injected mutagen. This could be used as either offensive or defensive and provide debuffs or buffs that your traits would decide/influence. Lastly his terran side could be more conventional, he could have a weaker Morales style heal or some form of AoE biotic grenade, cementing his role as a pure support character. A potential heroic could be injecting an ally with a mutagen that makes them unstoppable and grants significant movement speed.
Jet Set Ra-- I mean Lucio!
Lúcio Correia dos Santos grew up in Rio de Janeiro following the Omnic Crisis. Using his music he lifted spirits of his friends and those around him until his close-knit community was thrown about by the Vishkar Corporation. The corporation exploited Lucio's community, having rebuilt the area with the promise of improving their lives. Not standing for it Lucio stole Vishkar sonic technology used to suppress people and used it to rally them. Driving vishkar away Lucio became a symbol and a global star.
Lucio's kit is largely already in Overwatch, an passive AoE healing / speed boost that can be toggled on and off. I don't believe I need to write much on him given how well blizzard implemented tracezarya based on their overwatch versions.
Velen The Prophet
"Velen has been the leader of the draenei people since their flight from Argus 25,000 years before the first orcish invasion of Azeroth. Known by his people as the Prophet, he has been granted the gift of Sight, and — aided by the Light — has guided his people as they fled from, and later fought against, the Burning Legion and their former eredar brethren. He is first among the draenei and is the arch-nemesis (formerly best friend) of Kil'jaeden." -Wowpedia
Velen has so much lore and history It'd be hard to do him justice in here. As the best representation of a holy priest in the game Velen could easily have a kit based around them. From Holy Words like Chastise, the now removed Chakrams, and anything else from the history of Wow's priest you could build a number of interesting kits for Velen. For heroics, Prayer of Mending could be a very unique heroic. For those who don't play WoW, prayer of mending marks a target and heals them when they take damage. It then bounces to a new ally and repeats for a specific number of bounces. For a Moba version it could have a % health component to it (say 5%?) to make it so folks with Dots can't cause it to bounce hectically. Another good heroic could be summoning a naruu that copies Velen's healing on an additional target, similar to the current priest artifact weapon.
Hope you enjoyed the read, there are plenty of other characters but I do hope sometime there's more supports added to the game that add flavor like the upcoming Rag does.
submitted by Antermosiph to PostPreview

Zagara – Character, Abilities and Quotes Lore (Final Episode!)

Hey folks,
So, we’re now on the last episode of our weekly series looking into the lore of StarCraft things in Heroes, and we’re going right back to where we began: with the zerg. Today we’ll be looking into Broodmother Zagara, the first of the broodmothers, Kerrigan’s second, and later ruler of the zerg swarm. Being a summoner, her kit is also filled with SC references, so let’s dig in.
All previous Lore Of episodes
Birth of the Broodmothers
After the Brood War, Sarah Kerrigan stood as the supreme ruler of the Zerg Swarm, having overcome the cerebrates of the old hive mind, the Overmind. Yet, even those cerebrates loyal to her were not designed to live without an Overmind, and eventually they all died out. With the need to keep the broods in line with other consciousnesses within the hive mind, Kerrigan decided to design a new species with sentience that could serve as subcommanders for the Swarms.
To this she looked to an old brood named the queen. The original queen strain was taken from an insectoid creature named the Arachnis brood-keeper, which was assimilated into the Swarm as a flying support strain capable of housing and launching parasites, thick sprays of slowing mucus, and the zerg hyper-evolutionary virus (which they used to infest creatures). Kerrigan and Abathur began to change this strain, using terran biomatter, generic material from Kerrigan herself and possible modifications modeled after protoss subjects (though assimilation of protoss DNA is impossible for the zerg). This created a new generation of queen, with a more human-like upper body but with the webbed lower body of the older queen. This queen lost the ability to fly, but served as a hive support strain, capable of spreading the purple creep zerg use for nourishment, spawning the larva zerg morph from, healing allies, and attacking enemies with deadly claws and projectile spines.
Yet, in spite of defending the hives these were not designed to command the zerg, so a select few had heavy modifications. They were allowed the ability to learn, problem solve, and have multiple focuses, giving them the ability to command broods. Yet this was limited by Abathur, who held back on extraneous brain-matter to prevent this new strain from gaining too much independence and being a threat to Kerrigan. This new larger queen was named the Broodmother. The first one of these made was the one we know and love, Zagara.
While many more would be bred, Zagara was Kerrigan’s favored and second in command. Kerrigan gave her the order that if she was to die, Zagara would need to fight, evolve, and become stronger to claim leadership over the broods, even if it meant fighting other Broodmothers.
Return of the Queen
A few years after her birth, Zagara would be tested when Kerrigan would send her broods to invade Terran Dominion space, looking to disrupt the plans of a xel’naga named Samir Duran who was seeking a relic named the Keystone, which he needed to empower to bring back his master, the xel’naga Amon. However, Jim Raynor played into Duran’s hands and assembled the Keystone, launching an attack on Char alongside the Dominion’s crown prince Valerian Mengsk and General Horace Warfield. Raynor unleashed the Keystone on Char, purging a large swath of broods from the surface and deinfesting Kerrigan. The terrans took her off Char (fleeing from a fleet under Emperor Arcturus Mengsk who wanted to finish off Kerrigan and kill Raynor), with General Warfield staying behind to claim the planet, establish a stronghold and purge remaining the zerg off of the world.
With Kerrigan gone, the swarms were shattered. Zagara attempted to rally what broods she could, but she proved not strong enough to control them all, even failing to control Abathur, who remained on Kerrigan’s leviathan (capitol ship creature) in orbit of Char. She fought Warfield’s forces, attempting to drive him off Char, but Warfield established his base in a defensible region named the Dauntless Plateau, and every time Zagara ran her broods through the choke leading to the fortress he would strafe them with his Gorgon battlecruisers. Much of Zagara’s broods were wiped out, and she was forced to retreat to a region named the Acid Marshes.
(Before anyone asks, the next bit can technically be done in any order in the Heart of the Swarm campaign, but the recent Shadow Wars comic confirmed the canon order is Char -> Zerus -> Kaldir. The second arc of missions has no canon order.)
Soon a now terran Kerrigan returned to Char, with her memories and personality as the infested Queen of Blades lost, but with a desire to rebuild the Swarm to get revenge on the Terran Dominion’s emperor Arcturus Mengsk. However, Zagara refused to acknowledge that the terran Kerrigan was the Queen of Blades, and fought against her. Kerrigan hatched the hundreds of baneling eggs she stored in the swamp, and sent them against Zagara, overwhelming her broods. Just when Kerrigan was going to deliver the killing blow, Zagara reminded her that it was she who told her to keep fighting, to become stronger. The former Queen of Blades had no memory of this, but decided to spare her, making Zagara her second in command once again.
Kerrigan lead Zagara’s forces through the Bone Trench leading to Warfield’s base, luring out his battlecruisers then using defenses named scourge nests to take them out. Meanwhile she had Abathur modify Zagara, giving her more brain matter, increasing her ability to thing and process information. She wanted to teach Zagara “vision,” the ability to look beyond the current battle or even war to look toward a greater, long term goal for herself and the Swarm. Zagara and Kerrigan raided Warfield’s compound, overrunning it and his men, and killing the general, though in a rare show of mercy Kerrigan allowed Warfield’s men to evacuate Char. With Abathur’s modifications, Zagara came and talked to Kerrigan in the wake of their victory:
Zagara: I am so powerful. I feel as if I could… be a threat to you now.
Kerrigan: Listen well Zagara. Someday you might rule the Swarm. If you think you can take it now, make your move. But the next time we fight it is to the death. All or nothing.
Zagara: I will serve you, and learn from you. And perhaps someday I will lead the Swarm. But not today.
(going to top bolding Kerrigan, you get the point)
Kerrigan was lead to the planet of Zerus, the place where the zerg first evolved, by Zeratul, who told her the xel’naga (progenitor species of the universe) desired her to become more powerful, and that power could be used against the coming of Amon and against Mengsk. Not caring about the xel’naga but seeking to kill Mengsk, Kerrigan attacked Zerus in order to discover whatever was there that could make her more powerful, fighting the primal zerg, zerg who were never bound to the Overmind and had no hive mind. Zagara aided Kerrigan as she slew the primal zerg pack leader Brakk and awakened an ancient primal named Zurvan, who lead Kerrigan to the first spawning pool the zerg first evolved from, where Kerrigan could be remade as primal zerg. She left Zagara in charge while she metamorphized. Zagara fought against the remains of Brakk’s pack and the pack of a creature named Yagdra to defend her queen, holding the line against waves of primals. And hold she did; Kerrigan became a primal zerg, and allied with the pack of the primal Dehaka, who saw her as the way to gain more essence (though Zagara distrusted him). Zagara defended their leviathan from the primal zerg while Kerrigan and Dehaka killed the remaining primal pack leaders, including Zurvan, and rallied the primal zerg to their side. They then left Zerus to return to the sector.
Zagara and Kerrigan then went to the planet Kaldir to reclaim a broodmother named Nafash, but found that the protoss had killed her, and now sought to warn the protoss fleet of the zerg’s return. Kerrigan slaughtered the protoss and stopped their evacuation, reclaiming Nafash’s brood. Kerrigan then worked with Valerian Mengsk and Raynor’s old group (much to Zagara’s distaste) to rescue Jim Raynor from a Dominion prison ship. The Swarm then destroyed a Dominion operation to breed protoss/zerg hybrids lead by Duran, and Zagara allied with an infested Alexei Stukov to help Kerrigan destroy the facility. However, in Duran’s mind Kerrigan found that he had managed to resurrect the fallen xel’naga Amon, who now desired the destruction of all life in the material universe. She slew Duran, banishing him back to the xel’naga’s dimension of the Void, though she was wounded in the fighting, and Zagara took control of the Swarms. Kerrigan was shocked Zagara didn’t kill her, but Zagara said she still had much to learn from Kerrigan (showing she put her new “vision” into practice). When Kerrigan recovered, she rallied the Swarms to move on the Dominion throneworld of Korhal and take her revenge on Mengsk.
Zagara aided Kerrigan in besieging the world, helping her land bile cannons to destroy Korhal’s orbital defenses. Zagara then distracted the main Dominion force while Kerrigan and Dehaka destroyed a weapon named the psi destroyer that could kill zerg bound the hive mind. With Mengsk’s palace surrounded, Zagara lead her brood on the southern approach, sending waves of zerg again the Dominion’s defenses. Eventually the Dominion was overrun and Mengsk killed, and Zagara followed Kerrigan against her new enemy: Amon.
The Swarm would fight against protoss/zerg hybrids, feral zerg controlled by Amon, terran thralls named Moebius Corps, Tal’darim (Alarak’s faction), and protoss connected to a mind link named the Khala mind controlled by Amon, but took heavy casualties in the process. In the non-canon Co-op Missions, Zagara personally deployed her broods against Amon, leading unstoppable waves of zerg to drown Amon’s armies in an endless tide of zerglings, scourge and banelings. Eventually, the zerg’s push (along with the protoss and terrans) succeeded in stopping Amon’s advance, and Artanis managed to force Amon back into his realm of the Void.
Two years later, Kerrigan and Zagara rallied Jim Raynor and Artanis to push into the Void, to finish Amon off once and for all, as they knew he would return someday. They freed a spirit disguised as the ghost of Tassadar, which was revealed to be a xel’naga named Ouros, who had been manipulating the races with “prophecies” to bring Kerrigan to the Void. He channeled his energies into Kerrigan to have her ascend to a xel’naga, allowing her to fight Amon. As he did this Amon send void creatures against the allied forces, and Zagara claimed control of the zerg broods to defend her queen. The defense was successful, and Kerrigan ascended into xel’naga, taking the form of a fiery angel. As she ascended she told Zagara:
Kerrigan: The Swarm is yours, Zagara. Remember our lessons.
Zagara: I shall.
With that, Kerrigan lead the zerg, along with the protoss and terrans, in a final assault against Amon. The attack was successful, killing the xel’naga once and for all. She gradually sent the terrans and protoss back to the material universe, but before she sent Zagara she gave her two gifts to help her lead the Swarm better. First was the “ability to choose the Swarm’s own destiny,” which we aren’t clear on but many assume to mean more independence for the sentient broods. The second was an amount of xel’naga essence (biomass), and knowledge of creatures that could house it.
With these new gifts, Zagara returned to the material universe, now the uncontested ruler of the Swarm.
Reign of the Overqueen
Because people will ask, most of the next section is from the book StarCraft: Evolution by Timothy Zahn. Spoilers for it obviously.
With Amon defeated, an uneasy peace settled in the sector. Zagara, crowning herself Overqueen, supreme broodmother of the Swarm, forcibly seized control of the systems surrounding the zerg central hive on Char. Yet many zerg were feral and beyond her limited control. Zagara did not continue her conquest. Thinking on Kerrigan’s lessons of vision, looking toward the future of the Swarm, she saw that peaceful coexistence was the only way the Swarm would survive. So, she put Abathur to work on using the essence Kerrigan had given them and the creatures Kerrigan had pointed her to in order to make a new breed that had the xel’naga’s ability to passively accelerate the growth of organic beings to help rebuild worlds devastated by the wars of the past decade. Zagara hoped that this peace offering would help mend the distrust and scars that remained between the zerg and the terrans and protoss.
But Abathur was infuriated with this course, as he saw conflict as the only way the Swarm could evolve, and that using non-Swarm creatures that would not be assimilated into the zerg genome was an abomination. He did as Zagara asked and made creatures named the adostra, which could regrow worlds as they “slept” in organic pods, but he secretly used some of the essence to make a combat strain with the ability to disrupt psionics and communications, could seize control of zerg broods and existed outside of the hive mind. This became known as the chitcha, and Abathur hid them away, hoping to use them to simultaneously destroy the adostra and spark a war between the races once again.
When the zerg regenerated the planet of Gystt, which had been purified by the protoss, the Daelaam (unified protoss) under Hierarch Artanis were notified and surrounded the world with their fleets, fearing another zerg invasion. Yet this was part of Zagara’s plan, and she sent for Emperor Valerian Mengsk of the Terran Dominion to arrive too, hoping to have a peaceful discussion on how to use this new regrowing power, as both nations were suffering from resource scarcity in the war’s aftermath. Reluctantly, they came to meet with her, but on the condition that a Terran Dominion research team be sent to investigate the planet to ensure it wasn’t a trick.
However, here Abathur sprung his trap. While Zagara met with Artanis and Valerian, he used the chitcha to control broods and attack the research team, luring them to an adostra nest. In the confusion, the research team destroyed one of the three nests, a loss that could not be replaced. Zagara was horrified, and explained what they were, and of Kerrigan giving the Swarm essence to rebuild. Artanis nearly prepared his fleet to purify the planet when he was talked down by Valerian.
Soon an all-out conflict broke out between the broods under the control of the chitcha and the Terran Dominion/Daelaam forces allied against them. The second of the three nests was destroyed in the crossfire, but the research team saved the third one, with Zagara rescuing the team before they were overrun by the chitcha. The team discovered that Abathur was aboard one of the leviathans in orbit, and went to confront him. A firefight broke out, and the team’s ghost unleashed her power to incinerate the chitcha he sent against them, and Zagara laid into Abathur, tearing him limb from limb but leaving him barely alive, taking him away as “he still had use to her.”
With Abathur imprisoned and the last adostra secured, peace talks began again. Zagara discussed how best to use the creatures to rebuild destroyed worlds, and a Zerg Compliance Ground-Force Unit was established by the Dominion to help improve terran/zerg relations, and hunt down the last of the chitcha.
With Zagara in charge, it’s unclear what the future of the zerg will be, but she seems to be aiming for peace in the long term. But with forces conspiring to see conflict, and some broods not under her control, we’ll have to see if Zagara’s peaceful reign lasts, and if we are forced to see the fury of the Zerg Swarm unleashed once again.
Zagara’s Heroes kit (except for her ults) was later used for her Co-op Missions hero unit. Several of her upgrades also reflect talents from Heroes of the Storm.
  • D: Creep Tumor – Creep is a nourishing carpet of purple biomatter that provides zerg creatures with nutrients and allow them to build large organic structures. In-game, creep gives vision and lets zerg build structures on it, and in SCII it gives zerg units a speed boosts. Creep tumors are an evolution of the creep colony, which spreads creep, and are spawned by queens in SC2 to extend where the creep goes. Like in this game tumors are in stealth until revealed.
  • Q: Baneling Barrage – Banelings are an evolution of the small zergling, evolved when zerglings needed acidic explosive sacs to break the fortifications of the terran city of Cask. Since then they have become standard in the Swarm, and are the suicide troopers of the zerg. In Co-op Missions, Zagara has an attack based off of this ability that functions the same, and her army has a mechanic where she spawns groups of banelings for free.
  • W: Hunter Killer – Hunter Killers are an elite evolution of the hydralisk, the slithering ranged attacker of the Swarm. Initially they were part of Daggoth’s Tiamat Brood, and were deployed on operations like safeguarding Kerrigan. Kerrigan later claimed them and used them as her escort. Hunter Killers are much more durable and do more damage than hydralisk, and are the “hero version” of them in SC1. In Co-op Missions, Zagara can spawn a temporary group of Hunter Killers to aid her.
  • E: Infested Drop – There are two parts to the infested drop: the sac and the roachling. Sacs are zerg drop pods, organic transports designed to be launched from a behemoth or leviathian, go through a planet’s atmosphere and land behind enemy lines. Roachlings are an offshoot of the roach, armored attackers that spit acid and regenerate quickly. Abathur designed an evolution named the Corpser strain, which had eggs in its acid. Once the target died, two smaller roaches would eat their way out of the body, and attack nearby targets until they died. These temporary small roaches were named roachlings. This ability is an “ultimate” for Zagara in Co-op Missions, and but spawns full roaches in that mode.
  • R1: Nydus Network – Nydus networks are a network of worms the zerg use to transport mass numbers of units around the battlefield. Evolved from the nydus canal, a stationary zerg structure that could move units between hives, nydus networks create massive nydus worms that can tunnel through enemy defenses and pop out behind them, no creep required. This allows massive swarms to bypass defensive lines.
  • Infest (Level 1) – Infestation is the zerg process of using a hyperevolutionary virus to twist a creature’s flesh under their control. Some are more random, creating claws and spines and fleshy protrusions (Infested Tychus) and some are more controlled (Kerrigan). In SC1, queens were in charge of infesting terran command centers.
  • Medusa Blades (Level 4) – An upgrade that started in Heroes and moved in SCII, in Co-op Missions Zagara can get this upgrade to attack multiple targets.
  • Mutalisk (Level 16) – A brood evolved from the mantis screamer, mutalisks are the fliers of the zerg, fast attack creatures that can hit enemy lines and be out or provide air support with living homing blasts named glaive wyrms. Mutalisks used to be able to evolve into guardians or devourers, one anti-ground and one anti-air, but lost that ability in SCII. In Co-op Missions, Dehaka’s hydralisks evolve into mutalisks much like they do with this talent.
Removed Talents
  • Centrifugal Hooks (Level 1) – In SCII, this is an upgrade for banelings that increase their movement speed, adding hooks to the outside of their body that allow them to roll in a ball at enemies.
  • Ventral Sacs (Level 7) – Ventral sacs are an upgrade for the bulbous flying overlords in SC1 and SC2 that allow them to transport units within their bodies.
  • Rapid Incubation (Level 7) – Rapid Incubation is a campaign upgrade in Heart of the Swarm that allows locusts (Abathur’s passive spawns) to spawn faster from swarm hosts (Warhead Junction boss).
  • Grooved Spines (Level 13) – An upgrade to hydralisks in SC1 and SC2 that increase their attack range.
  • Broodling Nest (Level 20) – Broodlings are temporary melee creatures spawned by brood lords or when zerg buildings die, and live for only a few seconds. In StarCraft 1, queens could spawn broodlings on a target with an organic pilot, killing the target and spawning two broodlings from their corpse. This is also how most players killed the protoss hero Fenix.
Poke Quotes
”The Swarm hungers.” – A quote from the non-infested queen Kerrigan from Heart of the Swarm, also used for Zagara’s StarCraft II unit.
”Shouldn’t you be spawning more overlords?” – When you run out of supply for zerg in StarCraft II, a queen advisor will tell you “spawn more overlords.” This advisor has the same voice actress as Zagara. Overlords are a bulbous flying unit that allow the zerg to maintain control of a large number of forces, relaying orders to individual zerg creatures. Zagara has this poke quote in StarCraft II.
”I’m a killer queen.” – A reference to the song “Killer Queen” by Queen. Broodmothers are a strain of queen. Also used one of Zagara’s poke quotes in StarCraft II.
”Fat-bottomed zerg make the rockin’ world go round.” – A reference to the song “Fat Bottomed Girls” by Queen, and a poke at the queen’s larger abdomen.
”It’s not a tumor! Wait, that actually is a creep tumor. Nevermind.” – A reference to the Arnold Schwarzenegger film “Kindergarten Cop” and the famous line “It’s not a toomah!
”God save the queen! Everyone else can die.” – An old saying regarding the British monarchy is “God save the queen!” After Kerrigan the zerg were ruled by various queens, be it the Queen of Blades or Broodmothers. They don’t have much care for the lives of their enemies or their own forces.
”It’s difficult being a single broodmother, with 4.5 million zerg to feed.” – A joke at the single mother lifestyle. Zerg broods are large, some reaching as high as the billions. 4.5 million is fairly small, as Artanis was able to lure over a billion to Shakuras and detonate the planet in Legacy of the Void.
”Always the broodsmaid never the bride.” – A joke at the old saying “always the bridesmaid never the bride.” May be a poke at the fact Zagara wasn’t the center of attention until after this quote was made and Kerrigan left the Swarm.
”Once I am the Queen of Blades I won’t have to take this from you.” – While she never became the Queen of Blades (because that’s a title for Kerrigan not a rank), Zagara became Overqueen, ruler of the Swarm.
”Four years old and already a broodmother. I hope my broodfather doesn’t find out about this.” – While we don’t know when Zagara was born canonically, this roughly dates her creation to around 2501, one year after Brood War. Many zerg made during the reign of Kerrigan were relatively young, as all but the most evolved strains don’t live long in the swarm. This seems to be a poke at the “I hope my dad doesn’t find out I’m a young mom” thing.
”(Queen noises) (coughs) Sorry, I think my accent was coming through there.” – The actual queen unit in StarCraft II doesn’t actually speak, but makes noises similar to the noises Zagara makes here. While some regular queens seem to be able to communicate, sentient zerg command strains don’t actually “speak” but plant a statement or concept in a target’s mind psionically, similar to the protoss.
”What do you think you’re doing? Turn your head! Don’t you know it’s rude to watch a queen inject her larva?” – In StarCraft II, one of the main roles of the queen is to inject larva into a hatchery, which creates eggs that after a short time will create a group of four larva. This is one of the main mechanics of zerg that makes sure they can always have an army up and ready.
”Does anybody else feel a little topheavy?” – A reference to the massive head head Zagara has. This is actually a toned down version of her unit from StarCraft II, which has a bigger head, similar to her Overqueen skin. This is also one of her poke quotes in StarCraft II.
”Just give some time, and I’ll worm my way into your pathetic terran heart.” – This could be a twofold reference, the obvious one being that zerg can use nydus worms to bypass enemies and defenses and push through forces. This could also be a reference to the fact queens used to be able to infest terrans.
(To Abathur) Zagara: ”Do not fail me, evolution master.” / ”Our time has come Abathur! For the Swarm!” – Abathur served as evolution master of the Zerg Swarm, building the various zerg broods and weeding out mutations in order to drive them to perfection. Abathur helped make Zagara, and modified her to improve her capabilities during Heart of the Swarm. During the book Evolution, Abathur tries to rebel against Zagara’s rule of a more peaceful zerg, but fails.
Anub’arak: ”Nice legs.” Zagara: ”Creep.” – The plot of Heroes’s Love is in the Air 2015 video was Anub’arak and Zagara meeting and dating. Since then that romance is a bit of a running gag.
Zagara: ”You know, you would make a powerful addition to my Swarm.Anub’arak: ”I am already shackled to the will of a monarch, I have no need for another!” – Anub’arak is rather zerg-like with his insect-like nature. Anub’arak is under the control of the Scourge and the Lich King, first Ner’zhul, then Arthas, and was forced into service. Keeping with the romance joke, “assimilate into my swarm” is the closest thing Zagara would realistically ever get to flirting.
Alarak: ”Ha! I see. Kerrigan’s lackey.” – Zagara long served as Kerrigan’s second in command before taking over the Swarm. While Alarak seems to respect Kerrigan, this doesn’t seem to be the same for Zagara.
Dehaka: ”Strong for one who does not collect, but how strong?” / ”You seek change. To adapt. Evolve. More like me than you know.” – Dehaka is a primal zerg not connected to the Swarm, but who followed Kerrigan to gain essence. He and Zagara often got into bickering matches through Heart of the Swarm, with Zagara serving Kerrigan out of obedience and Dehaka serving out of self-interest.
Dreadlord Jaina: ”What happened to you Zagara? You look weak.” – Dreadlord Jania met a Zagara from an alternate reality where she is a crypt lord, a neurbian beetle that was ressurected to serve the Scourge much like Dreadlord Jaina does. She’s not used to the regular Swarm Zagara.
Kerrigan: ”Zagara. There’s no one I’d rather have as my second.” Zagara: ”Undoubtedly.” – Kerrigan created Zagara as the first Broodmother, creatures to help command her broods. Through Heart of the Swarm, she uplifted Zagara to be the most powerful of them and her second in command, eventually giving her the Swarm when she ascended to a xel’naga.
Zagara: ”My queen.” Kerrigan: ”Remember what I taught you about vision? Time to put it to practice.” – When Kerrigan reclaimed Zagara’s broods and the two destroyed General Warfield’s forces on Char, Kerrigan tried to teach her “vision,” seeing beyond the current conflict to the future of the Swarm. As ruler, Zagara put these lessons into practice.
Queen of Ghosts Kerrigan: ”Zagara? If you’re as tough and mean as I remember this should be easy.” – Queen of Ghosts Kerrigan is Kerrigan completely deinfested, and when she was turned to terran by the Keystone, she lost some memories of being the Queen of Blades. One she did not lose was memory of Zagara.
Stukov: ”Our paths cross again, Overqueen Zagara.” Zagara: ”Do your part Stukov, I shall do mine.” – According to Heroes (which is non-canon), Stukov may have left the Swarm after Kerrigan gave leadership to Zagara, taking many infested terrans with him. Overqueen is Zagara’s title after she ascended to the ruler of the zerg.
Kill Quotes
Abathur: ”Your place is the evolution pit. Not the battlefield.” – Through the Heart of the Swarm campaign, Abathur manipulates the Swarm from his evolution pit, using zerg to seek out new strains he can incorporate into the Swarm. He never personally takes the field.
Dehaka: ”Learn your place, primal.” – In Heart of the Swarm, the two have a bit of a rivalry, with Zagara looking down on Dehaka as not “true” zerg. When Zagara and Dehaka are waiting in deep space for Kerrigan to discover where Raynor was imprisoned, the two begin to verbally spar, and Zagara has a similar quote to him.
Demon: ”Hmm, such a strong essence. Abathur should examine this.” – Essence is biomass the zerg can use to assimilate into their Swarm. Demons are particularly strong in their respective canons, so bringing them into the Swarm would lead to some powerful strains.
Kerrigan: ”Now I am the heart of the swarm!” – Kerrigan and Zagara fought on Char when she refused to acknowledge a deinfested Kerrigan as the Queen of Blades. After that, Kerrigan told her to take the Swarm if she felt powerful enough, but the next time they fought would be to the death. This is also a play on the zerg SCII expansion Heart of the Swarm.
Protoss: ”How I love hearing the snap of protoss bones.” – A reference to her quote in the Kaldir missions “I have always wished to feel protoss bones snapping in my claws,” after Kerrigan captures a protoss colonist named Lasarra.
Stukov: ”You have outlived your usefulness, Stukov.” – Stukov and Zagara were never on bad terms, but Zagara never considered him to be true zerg as he was unconnected to the hive mind, and just a tool to be used. May also be a reference to the fact Stukov continues to be alive in spite of everything he's gone through, including dying once.
Terran: ”Useless terran...” – The zerg feel terran biomass isn’t very helpful and useful only for minor adaptations. Zagara in particular has a habit of underestimating terrans, such as when her brood was decimated on Char by General Warfield.
Zagara: ”I am the first among the broodmothers.” – Zagara was the first broodmother to be created, and became Kerrigan’s second in command. Though there are renegade ones, Zagara currently commands the vast majority of Broodmothers and the general Zerg Swarm.
Killing Zagara Quotes
Abathur: ”Broodmother template inadequate. Must improve.” – Abathur was the one who created the Broodmothers alongside Kerrigan, and throughout Heart of the Swarm he gradually makes painful improvements to Zagara to make her a deadlier, more powerful and more cunning broodmother.
Alarak: ”Aw, a disappointing start to your reign Zagara.” – While Zagara is the new Overqueen of the Swarm, she’s untested, and her motions for peace are contrary to what Alarak's love of conflict and strength.
Dehaka: ”Waited so long to collect your essence. Disappointing.” – Dehaka and Zagara have a bit of a rivalry in StarCraft II, with Dehaka stating he would like to collect from Zagara (eat her) when she starts ordering him around.
Sgt. Hammer: *”Aww, think I got a lil on my windshield!” – Zerg aren’t exactly the cleanest, with queens being able to spew various forms of offensive and support acids to help on the battlefield. Blasting through zerg is a messy affair.
Stukov: ”The infested serve no queen.” – While Stukov’s fate after Legacy of the Void is canonically unknown, this and one of his generic zerg interactions (“my allegiance was to Kerrigan, not to you.”) suggests that he left the zerg after Zagara took over the Swarm, as his alliance was only with Kerrigan and not the Swarm itself.
Tychus: ”I swear, these zerg just keep getting stranger.” – Tychus fought and killed a queen when he raided the tunnels of Char in the Wings of Liberty mission “Belly of the Beast.” Zagara is an evolved and “stranger” brood of that queen he fought.
Infested Tychus: ”The weak perish. The strong survive.” – A quote from the ancient primal zerg Zurvan to Kerrigan during Heart of the Swarm, and a philosophy both the zerg and primal zerg have.
Other Quotes
Zagara’s StarCraft II unit quotes
”We move.” / ”Without question.” / ”The fittest shall survive.” / ”Agreed.” / ”The conquest begins.” / ”Our vengeance will be complete.” / ”Our prey nears.” / ”Feel the fury of the Swarm!” / ”We devour.” / ”I am your undoing.” – Quotes from her StarCraft II unit.
”Reconstitution complete.” – When Abathur brings back a zerg from the dead or assimilates them back into the Swarm, he calls the process reconstitution.
”Defeat me a thousand times, and I will return!” – During the mission “Domination,” Zagara says this when she respawns after Kerrigan defeats her.
”Mutation complete.” – The zerg completes research in-game, this is the soundbite that plays.
  • Char – Char was a volcanic terran planet that was taken over by the zerg when they invaded the sector. Since then it has become their central hive, and stayed that way both through the reign of Kerrigan and Zagara. Zagara was created on Char and considers it the ideal zerg world. The skin’s red tne is made to reflect the lava of Char.
  • Zerus – Zerus is the world the zerg first evolved on, and where they were bound to the Overmind by Amon and his followers, creating the Swarm. Since then zerg who were not bound and thrived, the primal zerg, the race of Dehaka. Later Kerrigan and Zagara returned to Zerus to claim the power their and assimilate the primal zerg into their broods. A recent queen skin added to StarCraft II has a similar color scheme to this.
  • Kaldir – Kaldir is one of the coldest planets in the sector, with brutal flash freeze storms that can drain the heat from almost any creature. During Heart of the Swarm, Kerrigan came to Kaldir to reclaim the brood of the broodmother Nafash, but found protoss colonists there had killed her. Kerrigan slew the protoss before they could warn the greater whole of the protoss that Kerrigan had returned. Generally any blue zerg skin is considered to be a “Kaldir” skin.
  • Overqueen – Overqueen is a title Zagara took after becoming the leader of the zerg, and denotes that she is the primary broodmother (much to the hatred of Abathur who scoffed at the title). The skin description references the improvements Abathur made to Zagara through the Heart of the Swarm campaign. The model of this skin is more similar to her actual StarCraft II unit, while her regular model in Heroes is closer to her cinematic and between mission appearance.
  • Insectoid – An alternate universe skin where she’s more of an insect than a zerg. The original skin seemed to reference the scientist, Dr. Wright, was from Tarsonis, the former capitol of the Terran Confederacy before it was destroyed by the zerg, but oddly enough the reference to Tarsonis was removed.
  • Desert Queen – Part of the Luxoria series of skins that Sky Temple and Tomb of the Spider Queen are part of, as well as other skins like Flying Monkey Brightwing and Crypt King Tassadar.
  • Crypt Queen – The skin itself appears to be a spider queen from the Tomb of the Spider Queen. However, its place in Kel’Thuzad’s Scourge and the Scourge skinset is a reference the Crypt Lord hero from WarCraft III, a role Anub’arak fills. u/StuntedSlime goes into more detail on the skin in this thread.
  • Mount: Broodmother’s Flight – The special mount for Zagara gives her wings she can use. The mount’s description references the fact that queens used to be able to fly in StarCraft 1 back when they were a support spellcaster, but that ability was suppressed by Abathur when they got their new role as hive protectors in StarCraft II.
That’s all everyone! This weekly series has officially gone through every StarCraft character, battleground, skin and collectible in Heroes! Thanks to all of the people who have been supporting this just with your positive comments, and for those just recently joining us you can look back at the google doc at the top to go through previous episodes. I’ll likely return to do these out on the occasion a StarCraft hero or map gets added (hopefully you’ll see me soon if firebat rumors are to be belived), but I expect that’ll only be two or three times a year, but hey maybe we'll see an uptick in SC content! In the meantime, check out the Warcraft series of u/Stuntedslime and the Diablo series of u/Golblin, who are still carrying on the torch with two fantastic looks into the lore of their games (and given the depth of info they have to go through, I expect they’ll be around for a while).
Anyway, thanks a ton again for listening to an old StarCraft fan ramble, and if anyone has any questions on lore feel free to hit me up anytime. I’ll see you all around!
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