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A bit late but this is my concept for the LA Rams. Feedback welcome.

The image
The image is divided to show how it would be used on a blue background and a yellow (or other color) flood. There's an alternate set of just outlines as well. The team rams head logo bothered me a great deal. It felt as though it was being created for a telecom rather than for an NFL football team.
The official logo
All of this was done a few weeks back before I thought to look for a sub devoted to logo design. I tried to keep the horn because that was a common element to the sunlight LA logo. I work with a combination of Flexisign and Photoshop. I'd like to see what it would look like with some dimension (similar to this ) but that will be for when I have a chance to get to around to it.
What do you think?
submitted by Darth_Brooks_II to logodesign

[OC] Revising Defunct NFL Teams: The Milwaukee Badgers.

There's an old football saying that goes "The most popular guy on every football team is always the backup quarterback." There are some reasons for that, especially if the team isn't doing well. in 1925 the Milwaukee Badgers found out just how disastrous it can be to listen to a backup quarterback.
The Badgers were formed in 1922 because two Chicago sporting promoters, Joe Plunkett and Ambrose McGuirk thought there would be support for a pro football team in Wisconsin. They knew that the Packers would be their natural rival and they set out to build the best team they could. The first season was not great, they finished 2-4-3. The second was much better at 7-2-3, they were tied for third in the standings at year end although it stung that the two losses came against Green Bay. From their they regressed, going 5-8 and then 0-6 in 1925. After that, the team shut down and the players went home for the season.
Then Ambrose McGuirk got a phone call from Chris O'Brien, the owner of the Chicago Cardinals.
The Chicago Cardinals were trying to set up a match with the Chicago Bears. The Bears had Red Grange and that would have been a great box office draw. Remember now that the players had gone home. Some came back but they were short four players. This is where Art Foltz came in. He was the backup QB for the Cardinals. Now, there were two amazing things here. First, that a football team in 1925, where most rosters were 15 players, had a backup QB. Second he recruited High School players to fill in the roster of the other team. He went back to his old school, Englewood High and talked four students into playing in a Pro game. He also told them it was practice and wouldn't affect their eligibility, and oh by the way, your name is Smith, and you over there are Jones.
Yup, he lied.
The Cardinals beat the sorta Badgers 58-0. The game was enough of a stinker coming in that O'Brien didn't charge admission. The Cardinals didn't get the game against the Bears that they wanted. They did get the NFL Championship when the NFL Commissioner got pissed at Pottsville for playing a game in against Notre Dame players in Philadelphia rather than near Pottsville. Pottsville thought they either had permission or could get away with it and when Frankfort complain the crap hit the fan in prodigious amounts.
Pottsville had their previously won NFL Championship taken away from them and got kicked out of the league. The Cardinals were fined one thousand dollars, the high school students were banned form playing in Big Ten colleges and Ambrose McGuirk was ordered to sell his team. And he was fined five hundred dollars for good measure.
The commissioner eventually had a change of heart. The fine against the Cardinals was rescinded, the kids got their eligibility back and well, by this time McGuirk had sold the Badgers so he was out of luck. As long as Chris O'Brien owned teh Chicago Cardinals he refused to accept the 1925 NFL Championship. His team had lost to Pottsville so the felt they deserved it. It wasn't until the Bidwell family bought the team that they took credit for the '25 championship. The Milwaukee Badgers limped along one more year. The fine did irreparable damage to the team.
The Badgers had a great mascot. I was able to find this. PowderedWater on the sportslogos.net forum found this one but I'm almost certain that the green was wrong. It did help me in rebuilding the logo. This is the logo cleaned up and rebuild in Flexisign.
ZionEagle on the sportslogos.net forum took what I made and made his own take on modernizing it.
I think it would work as a modern logo. It's clean. Ironically this is one of the times I didn't use the logo on the helmet. I had been using a previous drawing of the logo and popped it into the helmet template to see how it would look. The logo was a great deal larger than I expected and the helmet shape was filled by one portion of the logo. It looked interesting, more interesting than having the logo centered where it would be normally. I used more of the shapes on the jersey but if you notice on the white the pattern is only on the body and on the dark jersey it's only on the sleeves. The pattern was going to distract from the numbers so I split the pattern up that way.
Oh, by the way, this is the design.
There's been a bit of delay as I've been busy at work. I planned on doing the Rochester Jeffersons but had to switch. You can kinda guess which one is next.
Here's the list of the teams that I've already done.
Previous threads in the new series.
These were done in Photoshop. I made the template off of resources found on the Zero one and NFL Shop pages.
submitted by Darth_Brooks_II to nfl

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