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Advance through your career to open up new parts of the city and access more races. File Archive; Play the Game! Underground 2 v. 1. Patch [US]. For Need for Speed: Underground 2 on the PC, GameFAQs has 64 cheat codes and secrets. Need For Speed Underground 2 Download Free. I have Need For Speed Underground 2 and Most Wanted (2020) and they work fine. Need for Speed Downloads.

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The Plane of Lightning (Light & Ning)

This post is part of the "Atlas of the Planes" Project. Come and stop by our announcement page here to view the full list of planes, the sign up sheet, and links to other posts of the project.

“If you’re sober for this, that you should *hic* immediately remedy.
Whole plane’s a moral grey area, if ya ask me.
You’ll do anything to endure the storm."
Hjalbar, Dwarf Geologist, Explorer of M3c4n1s

“Where there is light, swords shine red.
Where there is darkness, peace lies in bed.”
Ch13, v1, Way of the Shadow, common Monk Proverb in the East

Thunder and Lightning Chillstep — Various Bards

Table of Contents:
  • DISCOVERY - text
  • SURVIVAL - text
  • THE LOCALS - text
  • MYSTERIES - tables
  • TRAVEL - tables
  • ADDITIONAL NOTES - Stormland Frontier and Fallen Netherese Colonies


“Most know it as a realm of storms. This is a half-truth, founded on mistranslation. All life, all matter, all space, and even time are connected to a great current on the Plane of Light and Ning...”
[scholar] Conrad Ungin, wizard specialist of the bio-arcane
“Most people think of lightning as one thing. That’s a common mistake; it’s actually two things. The beam of light, and the surrounding darkness.”
[oracle] Tsenu Odiwun, half-orc epistemology scholar
“When you go to the plane Light and Ning, time there bends to a different master. You come and go as the current dictates or whims. Even your choices bend to the current. Prime Material Worlders take linear time, present time, for granted. Let me try explaining it again.”
“Imagine only experiencing life every ten seconds. This is the cycle of Light on the plane. You are aware for a short while. Now, imagine you experience amnesia regarding the corresponding prior and sequential ten seconds. This is the cycle of Ning. The experience of a Prime Material Worlder, therefore, struggles with memory on this plane, as they are used to a linear experience, the NOW, but not the BEFORE, and not the AFTER. The plane of Lightning, as experience by us in the NOW, occurs manifested as the current, the combination, the conjoining, of the THEN and THEN, the BEFORE and the AFTER. The individual is left with an experience akin to a jumping rope game.”
[scholar] Kaelori, Dwarf Ethnologist
“...Yeah, the place has a lotta storms. But the real meat of it? The plane of Light and Ning strikes you like a thunderbolt. Every choice you make is made in a split second. There is no pondering, no thought, and minimal debate. You live the constant experience of trying to recall the prior night, only instead it's the prior ten seconds.”
“Fuck that. I won’t be going back”
[source] Detri Staka, gnome explorer
“I don’t remember…”
“...Alright, yeah. If it’s that important. It was night. We were sleeping. That night, the dragon that burned down our home, the one back in Direlle Village, came. I didn’t even see poor ol’ Jasper get crushed. I woke up to the sounds of splintering wood, and a felled wooden beam where my husband should be. I only knew one thing, and one thing only — I had to get my two children to safety. And a great crack of light — what I later knew to be the the portal — flickered between the floor and ceiling. It was like a curtain. And even as my feet reached the ground and I was climbing out of bed, I could see great towers enamored in lights, like their many windows held the candled stars of the night sky.... I knew and prayed that such a place was safer.”
[source] Felta Schoocke, half-elf refugee
“How to get there? You could try holding your arms wide open in a thunderstorm. Barring that, the portal might appear adjacent to those whom meet three conditions: those who are faced with a sudden choice; those who react decisively to a choice; and the individual (s), beyond means of their control, and beyond what one could readily call intent, faced with desperate, desperate, desperate need.”
“If it would aid your textbook, Oracle, you may interview some of my congregates as sources. Please, allow me to introduce you to — ”
[oracle] Frizzle’d, Tiefling Prophet of the Sun
“What did i…”
“I knew. I felt it. Even second of it. The knife. The blood. Her face. The seventeen thrusts.
“I didn’t remember. But I knew. And I was told. And I knew I needed to get away.”
[source] Gill Tee, accused Elf
“I don’t remember…the last textbook I read before leaving the Wizards College. And yet, deeply ingrained in my very being, I remember the fear I had as my eyes glazed over the pages. It was this sensation of living trapped in a cage, in that basement with scrolls and books. How very alike it is to being buried alive, isn’t it, with no hope of a gust or change in light. That was the moment when I decided I was going to dropout. that I had to leave and get as far away from that dusty old library as I could.”
[source] Tuyung Fortis, Halfling sorcerer


“The Plane of Light and Ning exists on the universe of positive energy. Unlike the plane of Steam, which manifested the surges of positive energy along the realm of space, this plane operates its surges of positive energy along the temporal spectrum, that is, time.”
[scholar] Conrad Ungin, wizard specialist of the bio-arcane
“The locals congregate into tribal factions.”
“The primary ones are those of Positive and Negative camps, the camps of Light and Ning, though it’s occupants are cosmopolitan, embodying a wide range of beliefs and attributes. In a utopia of Light, such diversity might have existed without strife. But this plane also incorporated the dystopia of Ning, and with it descended the censorship of choice.”
“Surviving the plane is not so much a struggle against the elements — it’s a struggle against an internal anxiety. Against one’s own reflexes. Against one’s lack of adaptability. A struggle against the current that pervades throughout the land.”
[oracle] Tsenu Odiwun, half-orc epistemology scholar
“The entry to the realm is through Shocchain City, the Sky Archipelago, along the floating islands spiralling down from the storm to the sea. It’s entire land masses are connected by lightning-resistant bridges made of metal, linking the floating and falling islands together. You enter the plane atop a great Sky Archipelago summit, above Highreach Suburb, at the Stormcloud Crossroads. And there are a great many places that might be called parks, or reserves, or cropland, or pastures.”
[source] Detri Staka, gnome explorer
“Two opposing factions, Light and Ning. They had their own neighborhoods, where they pitched single story tents or rented rooms in Downtown Shocchain — the factions of Light preferring the former, the faction of Ning the latter. They had their own lectrum halls, their own hospitals, their own festivals and forums, in general, and citizens of the city did not even know it.”
“Some Prime Material Worlders claim that they in fact have the same halls, hospitals, and forums, but merely perceive the same spaces with entirely opposing worldviews, in opposing checker tiles. There is no evidence really to support either theory, other than the persistence and congruence of named aforementioned locations, events, and dates.”
“Animosity between the two factions is fierce. I’m told that this is not always the case, that this was not always the way the current flowed, or indeed, could flow.”
[scholar] Kaelori, Dwarf Ethnologist
“After I stepped through the crack of light, my children and I found ourselves seated on comfortable cushions inside a large metal bucket, on front and rear wheels, along a great track arching and twisting down from the blue and open sky. There were as many tracks as there were pathways of light from the stars; and they all convened on one location: the Stormcloud Crossroads, the radial station above Thunderstruck Peak. The station was huge. There were long lines for counters, but I don’t remember waiting in line. I remember watching the great dais were were on turn as it received each new passenger, each new arrival. It was gradual enough that even the kids didn’t feel nauseous. I did, once it was our turn. The attendant said ‘it’s your turn now.” And stupidly, I thought he meant us. Not me, us. All three of us. Ella and Neo too, of course. But no, the ticketmaster said, no, they came later. And that wasn’t true — we all came together! And no matter how much I cried, I pleaded, I screamed...”
“They took my babies from me. Sent me on another bucket track, down, down towards the Highreach Suburb —”
[source] Felta Schoocke, half-elf refugee
[after rubbing Felta’s back comfortingly] ”Can you tell the Oracle where the next track took you?”
[oracle] Frizzle’d, Tiefling Prophet of the Sun
“I got off the track in a street of tents. They were in the center of a park. There was a big one in front of me, sort of a communal hut. They gave me food. They gave me a tent. They also gave me protective goggles to prevent the blindness from the lightning strikes, and earplugs to avoid hearing loss while I was traveling. Around the park were homes like small ranches, intermingled with busy shop streets.”
[source] Felta Schoocke, half-elf refugee
“To quote the Book of Gejinnaja, Chapter 7, Verse 2: ‘They bathed her, they clothed her, they sheltered her.’”
[oracle] Frizzle’d, Tiefling Prophet of the Sun
“I stumbled out of the dark tunnel doorway. Where did my clothes go? The four story buildings all around had clotheslines, so I took what I needed.”
“The lightning strikes throughout the city were constant. The rain wasn't. It came and went, like the parting of clouds. Like the images of the knife. I thought, maybe if I stopped thinking about it, I could try going back to things being normal.”
“I wish I hadn’t made that deal with that devil in the Undertow. But I needed money to move forward, downward. He gave me 24 hours and 2000 g to escape to the sea coast. He said a portal would take me far away. I bribed a mobster to smuggle me down the Highreach Suburb.”
[source] Gill Tee, accused Elf
“The track opened up into a bedroom, like an child’s play set into an inn’s inner chambers. I drank at the bar downstairs with an Orc, Drow, and Gnome. No punchline. I don’t really remember them. There were Elf girls, Turami girls, Dragonborn girls… I don’t really remember them either. The constant thunder was murder for hangovers. I remember the fire. The city guards didn’t know who started it. But I knew. I didn’t know why. But I knew. And I had to leave.”
“I kept out of the lightning by staying inside, as I journeyed from the Highreach Suburb to Downtown Shocchain. Although, there were these strange sky whales that flew slowly above the city. I know they were whales, and not constructs. You could tell the way they wiggled. The lightning always seemed repelled by them. Sometimes I’d walk under one, as I made my way down the Sky Archipelago. They cast a beam of light upon the ground. Like a whale would cast a shadow underwater. The rest of the city was cast in darkness. Cept whales. Cept streetlights. Cept lightning strikes.”
“With such a great distance from friends and family, I do believe I began to grow a little mad. After that, I started smoking Hasrash. The crystal's black market isn’t even that underground. Who knows how many use it, allegedly in the times they don’t even remember? But with all the glazed eyes in The Tempest Temple, Holla Louda Palace, and in all the streets, it seemed pretty widespread to me.”
[source] Tuyung Fortis, Halfling Sorcerer
Weather Hazards — from Random Encounters (see table in Mysteries)
Weather Event Status / Effect Duration
Nearby lightning strike Blinded — penalty to stealth and perception checks; greater chance of being pick-pocketed 5 mins
Torrential Downpour Waterlogged — movement and travel times are doubled. Any carried items size medium or above become wet; small items may stay dry under DM’s discretion. Potential item damage. 2 hours
Gust of Wind A gust of wind causes a party member to drop a key item. Roll 1d4: 1 — a kind passerby it picks up without delay; 2 — you must bribe, threaten, or persuade a believer of “finder’s keepers,” opt. combat; 3 — the DM narrates a long string of mishaps as you chase down the windswept item; 4 — The item is blown into a large, broken sewer grate, falling beyond your sight. 5 min delay; longer on roll 4
Putrid Ozone Roll a constitution saving throw. Sensitive party members suffer 1-2 levels of exhaustion from symptoms, in reaction to a sudden drop in barometric pressure. Until long rest

“Devils are common in back alleys and bar basements. Demons, not so much, unless they’re summoned. All sub-races of were-creatures aplenty: werewolves, were-tigers, were-boars and the like. There are Angels there too, and Aarakocra. Absent, however, you’ll note, are wide categories of abominations, and the realm is completely free of spirits and the undead. There are Giant and Genie emissaries scattered about here and there, corresponding to the elements of air and water.”
“Out in the Stormlands Frontier, such races as the Gnolls and Orcs, aren’t-” [Interrupted by arrows on roof.]
[scholar] Conrad Ungin, wizard specialist of the bio-arcane
“The Oracles mediated between the two factions. They were rare diplomats and scholars of distinguished merit, easily recognized across the realm. The angels and aarakocra praised them; the devils and demons did quite the opposite.”
[oracle] Tsenu Odiwun, half-orc epistemology scholar
“Every corner I turned had another shop, bank, home, or almshouse. Ugh. Everyone trying to sell something, or give something out. I didn’t see a whole lot of doing, but there was a whole lotta walking ahead of me. At least every tower and tent looked a little different than the last.”
[source] Detri Staka, gnome explorer
“The two opposing factions, Light and Ning, saw themselves in the same way: us, and the other.”
[scholar] Kaelori, Dwarf Ethnologist
“Every person I met either helped me in some way, or taught me something valuable, even if they didn’t mean to. I made my way down the streets and paths leading along the streets and bridges of the Sky Archipelago. As I reached the Arcane Skyscrapers, which had blocks of five stories floating in separate segments, it became harder and harder to find a strangers tent who would shelter me.”
[source] Felta Schoocke, half-elf refugee
“They all come back. Ella and Neo did. The only ones who don’t are those that are born there. they become citizens of the plane, and live their whole existence under Light and Ning cycles without ever being aware of linear time as we know it.
“I pray that they are happy, no matter if they are of Light or Ning. It is indeed rare to die there, even with all the misfortune. Such consequences seem delayed until re-entry to our world.”
“Perhaps we all go to the plane of Light and Ning in the brief moments before our deaths.”
[oracle] Frizzle’d, Tiefling Prophet of the Sun
“Was there such a thing as selfish, when everyone took what they wanted? We were all crooks. But this wasn’t like any prison I knew. Anyways, I got out, didn’t I?”
“In Downtown Shocchain were these weird floating towers. As long as I was willing to accrue debt, I could stay at any fancy place I wanted. This freedom — for whatever long I had it now — I relished. And so I wanted more, and more, and more.”
[source] Gill Tee, accused Elf
“There was this moment where it all clicked. I met her.”
[source] Tuyung Fortis, Halfling Sorcerer

“A great mystery is the lighting of the plane itself. Nearly every room is lit; sometimes the source easily identified, sometimes seemingly to radiate from the very ceiling. And the exterior paths and roads, they too are lit, except perhaps in remote pastures and reserves. No magical spell is associated with how they operate, and yet most citizens of the plane are wholly ignorant of their inner workings. Here you shall see no candle; and only rarely, fire.”
[scholar] Conrad Ungin, wizard specialist of the bio-arcane
"How did these islands of earth become linked, floating like fragments of frozen lightning? Was some mountain struck by a bolt of lightning so powerful that it forever hung in magnetic partial destruction? Was this some “City on a Hill” before the age of Mount Celestia?"
[source] Detri Staka, gnome explorer
“I don’t remember…”
[source] Felta Schoocke, half-elf refugee
“What did I…smoke?”
[source] Gill Tee, accused Elf
“Who is she? Well… [smile] she's an explorer...”
[source] Tuyung Fortis, Halfling Sorcerer
NPC Table
Name Race Profession / Class Faction
Ra’Kapatul Devil Merchant / Boss — tricks innkeepers into giving citizens cursed coins. Ning
Aecee Daysi Aarakocra Bard Class Trainer — teaches Bards "Song of Thunder," a homebrew bard spell Light
Voltroca [Sentient] Roc Barbarian Class Trainer — upgrades Totem path of Eagle to Thunderbird Light
Arca Maelstrom Angel Leader of Tempest Clerics, whose acolytes provide training for the class Light
Fistfurno Human Monk Head Instructor: teaches additional proficiency the Fist of Four Thunders, for monks following the Way of the Elements. Neutral
Daestra Spinebreaker Storm Giant Vengence Paladin Trainer - teaches Vengeance Strike, a homebrew bolt spell. Neutral
Conshroud Halfling Rogue Trainer — gather respect from Ning faction to gain additional proficiency in stealth during dust storms, rainstorms, and other poor visibility conditions. Ning
Astra Klout Elf Wizard Professor — offers classes on the School of Divination. Light
Izzi Pac Tiefling Wizard Enchanter — enchants weapons with thunder spells for a steep price. Ning
Hammond Tenacious Dragonborn Sorcerer of the Storm Class Trainer, gives endgame quest "witness a dinosaur get struck by lightning" both

Start Location NPC Referral Task End Location / Condition
Dumpov Inn and Bar, Downtown Shocchain Dumpov Innkeeper “who did it?” arsonist mystery Dumpov Inn and Bar
Random, Highreach Suburb Aecee Daysi, who is street performing to lost children family reunion; escort child npc to destination mission, investigation side quests in each zone Holla Louda Palace
Oracle Miniquest, Random Any Oracle Oracle gives miniquest “Clickbait Headline,” a 30 second “provide a madlib catchphrase” quest, before rewarding the letter as compensation Loot: Oracle's Expose: Outlines three important locations, all of which offer a separate quest start
Monastery of Four Thunderclaps Fistfurno escort armored carriage mission, which discounts wagon trains for hire, in order to carry loot from dungeon crawls on the plane Iron Bank, Downtown Shocchain
Random Any Ning - aligned NPC “deal with the devil” unlocked through bribery, trickery, or a pact with a devil Temple of Temptation
Random, Highreach Suburb Any Light - aligned NPC align with Tempest Temple by pledging fealty to Arca Maelstrom , Tempest Temple
College of Forecast Astra Klout “Lantern through the Haze” , a three-part supply turn-in quest to fund a Hasrash rehab center. State Hospital, Downtown Shocchain
Random Izzi Pac First, discover the existence of the codeword; search the college, palace, or research center to learn who has investigated it; then convince them to tell you what it means. Reward: gain access to the black market. Convince Izzi Pac in the College of Forecast

Random Encounters: 1d10
Event description Combat? Loot? Restrictions
Passerby attempts to pickpocket you 50/50 Confiscated stolen items Roll a Wis saving throw
Witness a crime, and be questioned by guard No No Token amount of compensation Don’t get too paranoid, they won’t search ya
Get accused of a crime you are innocent of by a guard 50/50 No
You lurch forward, down a street you don’t recognize, and you are momentarily lost as you gather your bearings Unlikely No (1 round of Ning)
A nearby taxi wagon offers a free ride - but at what cost? Likely Arc Whale Voucher — free ticket Must like free candy and getting into stranger’s vehicles
A severe weather event occurs, see Survival Weather Hazards no Unlikely, DM discretion
A stranger murmurs “Val tae gor ... Alohoamoris” as they pass you No Access to Black Market Party / Players must be willing to put a bag over their head, as the stranger leads them to the Black Market
You spot an Oracle in the crowd. You can tell by the twine necklace with a sheet of stiff papyrus, which reads "ORACLE" from a distance. No The Oracle’s Letter — Miniquest see miniquest above
A stranger asks you for hasrash Likely Random Can’t occur within broad sight of a guard, unless bribed
A stranger looks kindly at you, and asks if you’re alright Rare* Directions or info at no cost Greater likelihood near religious centers of Light
*Could be a clever mugging trap or devil in disguise -- DM secretly rolls a 1d10, with a result of 1 triggering evil intent.
**For more relating to mysteries, see “Crashed Netherese Colonies” table in Additional Notes

“Every experience is hallucinogenic. Something is always afoot there.”
[scholar] Conrad Ungin, wizard specialist of the bio-arcane
[Repeated qt.] “The locals congregate into tribal factions...”
[oracle] Tsenu Odiwun, half-orc epistemology scholar
“The Storm King, Uzkazul the Storm Giant, makes degrees from his royal throne; but no matter the measure he passes, the Council House of Genies is unlikely to ratify any such measure into law. Uzkazul vents his rage with his corrupt law enforcement, who constantly turn blind eyes to crime and make bullshit raids on the offices of prominent officials.”
[source] Detri Staka, gnome explorer
“Two opposing factions, Light and Ning. Raindrop Coins are the Sky Archipelago currency, and Rubicite, a lightning-resistant metal, is the economic driver of mineral scarcity. Mines, which have been renovated as city sewers, sprawl underneath the Highreach Suburb and Downtown Shocchain. These ancient mines have largely drained the Sky Archipelago of this precious resource as they connected their islands and lined their important structures with Rubicite.”
“The Coastal Pastures remains the only region to still have untapped Rubicite clusters, and with the limited land provided by the floating islands of the Sky Archipelago, these lands are owned by the State — that is, the Storm King and House of Genies — to be state auctioned to private contractors. These lands were bought up from former land workers and farmers of the light.”
[scholar] Kaelori, Dwarf Ethnologist
“To my horror, the clerics of the Tempest Temple suggested my children might be on the black market, which I frantically searched for signs and clues of their whereabouts. Finally, an innkeeper in the Coastal Pastures, far from Highreach, suggested that Ella and Neo might be at the First Lady’s Royal Daycare. I felt both relief and betrayal. Why had the acolytes in Highreach directed me to a den of cheats, when in all likelihood they were safe in state care?”
[source] Felta Schoocke, half-elf refugee
“With the combinations of environmental, social, and internal pressures, it’s no wonder that the citizens of Light and Ning turned to a wide variety of religions, each offering their own answers, promises, and manifestation of security.”
[oracle] Frizzle’d, Tiefling Prophet of the Sun
“What did i…what did I do? Anything I wanted — the storm king guards of the city were all too easy to escape. They relied on primitive submissions of evidence and dubious witness testimony. Crime might be punished brutally in the streets. Vigilantes are common. But in the courts? Its an eternal appeal process. So I hear, anyway. Nothing lasting is ever done.”
[source] Gill Tee, accused Elf
“I noticed that anyone trying to learn something here on the Sky Archipelago went through a period of frustration. Their awareness of training was constantly interrupted by spouts of forgetfulness, influenced by Ning. And yet, completion saw a greater degree of mastery, as the unconscious mind bent to the merits of repetition. This I learned professionally; this I learned as she made love to me. ”
[source] Tuyung Fortis, halfling sorcerer

Shocchain Religions Centers
"Shrine of -" (11 seperate, some multiple) Faction Domain Location
(2) Akadi, Faerunian Goddess of Air both Tempest Monastery of Four Thunderclaps
Talos, Faerunian God of Storms (CE) both Tempest Monastery of Four Thunderclaps
Umberlee, Faerunian Goddess of the Sea Ning Tempest Temple of Temptation
Berronar Truesilver, Dwarf Goddess of hearth and home Light Life, Light Tempest Temple
Aerdrie Faenya, Elven Goddess of the Sky (CG) Light Tempest, Trickery Tempest Temple, Monastery of Four Thunderclaps
(2) Shevarash, Elven God of vengeance Ning War Tempest Temple, Temple of Temptation
(2) Labelas Enoreth, Elven God of time, history, and philosophy both Arcana, Knowledge Research Station of Sanitation Services, College of Forecast
Vhaeraun, Drow God of thieves Ning Trickery Temple of Temptation
(3) Brandobaris, Halfling God of thievery and adventure (N) both Trickery Coastal Pastures, random
(4) Cyrrollalee, Halfling Goddess of hearth and home Light Life Coastal Pastures, random
(5) Sheela Peryroyl, Halfling Goddess of agriculture and weather (N) both Nature, Tempest Coastal Pastures, random
“Church of “ (3 separate, 6 total) Faction Domain Location
(3) Sacrifice Ning Nature, War Coastal Pastures
(2) Atonement Light Light Highreach Suburb
(1) Protection both Life Downtown Shocchain

Key Locations
Name Region, Faction Primary NPC, or function if n/a Ambient NPCs Quest or Item of interest
Tempest Temple Highreach Suburb / Light Tempest Cleric Trainer; Vengeance Paladin Trainer Acolytes, Clerics, Paladins, affluent citizens parading donations Educational center, Religious center, quest "align with Tempest Temple"
Temple of Temptation Downtown Shocchain / Ning Sorcerer Trainer; Warlock Trainer Thunder-themed Sorcerers, anonymous Warlocks in training, worshipers, devils in disguise Education center, Religious center, quest "make a deal with a devil"
Monastery of Four Thunderclaps Coastal Pastures / both Monk Trainer; adjacent Barbarian encampment with Trainer Monks, pilgrims, poor citizens making donations, (rude and lewd) barbarian guards Education center, Religious center, quest "armed wagon escort"
College of Forecast Highreach / both Wizard Professor, Wizard Enchant Oracles, wizards, apprentices of magic, heroes seeking prophecies, tents for peasant divination services along exterior Education Center, quest "a lantern through the haze"
The Scorched Lighthouse Coastal Pastures / Ning Exploration Quest Giver abandoned Burnt - Ruined Tower, Dungeon Crawl, Basement
Thunderous Bellow Amphitheater Downtown Shocchain / both Bard Trainer Playwrights, actors / actresses, audience members, expert bards, amateur bards Cultural Landmark (hmm... "curse of Letham" - investigate the origins of a cursed play, interview stage performers)
Undertow Highreach / Ning Black Market - bar basement Affluent citizens, bankers, merchants, mobsters, criminals Economic Center
Research Station of Sanitation Services Highreach / Both Sewer and Storm Drain Entrance Water Wizards Engineering personal, culinary school (ew) Education Center (surface); Dungeon Crawl
Historical Museum of 3rd National Rubicite Mine Downtown Shocchain / Light "abandoned" mine Non-magical scholars, students, peasant families, field trips from Royal Daycare Cultural landmark, Education center
Private Mine — NinCorp Coastal Pastures / Ning a prime target for ambitious rogues Private contractors secretive miners, union representatives, heal based casters on site Optional Dungeon Crawl; infiltration, reconnaissance, and spying potential
House of Genies Downtown Shocchain / both politics Political elite, affluent citizens, Djinni, Marids, pages, shield bearers, mercenary body guards Governmental building
Holla Louda Palace; see next entry Highreach / both Throne Room, Audience Chamber advisors, royal elite guard, affluent citizens, genies, storm giants, human servants, demon butlers, occasional peasant, children of all economic classes Governmental building
First Lady’s Royal Daycare Highreach / Light Storm Giant [Queen] Milani First Lady Wet Nurses, instructors, class scouts, children Governmental building
Grounding Sea Coastal Pastures / Plane Border -- -- Portal
State Hospital Downtown Shocchain / light staff, both patients Life clerics Wounded, sick, infirm, addicted, staff Governmental Building

“So when can you leave the Plane of Lightning? Well, it might be by accident — it seems those that are unable to keep making rapid decisions will find themselves abruptly kicked out of the plane, and if they are especially unlucky, their point of re-entry onto the Prime Material Plane is far from the ground.”
“Barring that, it seems to be at the discretion of the current between Light and Ning.”
[scholar] Conrad Ungin, wizard specialist of the bio-arcane
“Rest is how you leave; but those in a hearth of light may stay.”
[oracle] Tsenu Odiwun, half-orc epistemology scholar
“I never felt I was there any longer than I needed to be. Conversely, I never felt I was there as long as I wanted to be”
[source] Detri Staka, gnome explorer
“Stagnation is how you leave; but oppressors of amoral law cannot remain forever. Those the state wishes to exile are thrown into the Grounding Sea, where they wash away to their plane of origin.”
[scholar] Kaelori, Dwarf Ethnologist
“The smell of corruption was strongest in Highreach. I only smelled the salty wind in the Coastal Pastures.”
[source] Felta Schoocke, half-elf refugee
“Those who convert are sometimes rumored to be swept away to the Plane of Light and Ning. I think it depends on the degree of the conversion on the alignment spectrum.”
[oracle] Frizzle’d, Tiefling Prophet of the Sun
“The rain washed away any scent of sulfur or blood. But the odor of ozone was rampant.”
[source] Gill Tee, accused Elf
“It smelled of sweat, and perfume, and hidden vomit under the straw,”
[source] Tuyung Fortis, halfling sorcerer

Travel Options
Name Speed, benefit Cost, encounter rate Access Quest Req. Faction
Walking Standard 0 g, high all -- both
Arc Whale Ticket - i.e. bus escort Standard (safe) - forces aggressive / arresting guards to suddenly forget / ignore you (link) 25 g, low all -- Light
Smuggled in a box Slow - full stealth 40 g, rare (box is searched, or courier is attacked) all -- Ning
Temple Staff Shortcuts Standard -- various secret passages connecting religious centers of similar fractions 0 g, none faction dependent "Align with the light," or "escort a wagon train" to unlock Light
Underground Railroad Quick, Quest 5 g, low (occasional nuisance, i.e. "giant bat") quest reward “Lantern through the Haze” Light
Footwagon Taxi Slow -- pulled by peasants 5 g, normal all -- Ning
Shadow Pact Translocation Instant 10 g, rare quest reward "Make a deal with a devil" Ning
Armored Wagon Carriage Standard to brisk, depending on traffic - Barbarian wagon escort 40 g / wagon, rare discounted 25% after quest, but not required "escort a wagon train" for discount; wagon trains carry loot from dungeon crawls both
Zeppelin Freighter Quick -- extended exploration 500g one-way ticket Endgame Airship to Stormlands Frontier, see Additional Notes both

Expansion: Stormlands Frontier
Expansion: Fallen Netherese Colonies
Source: Jorphdan ("the ph is silent")— link 1 link 2

Stromlands Frontier
Travel by Zeppelin Freighter
All quotes are provided by
[source] Detri Staka, gnome explorer,
on her second trip to the Plane of Light & Ning.
Biomes (4)
(1) Salt Reef Flats
“The Salt Reef borders the Plane of Salt. Some alchemists say all life was formed through the combination of Salt, electricity, a little carbon, and some oxygen. Life would be abundant here, if the region wasn’t an oceanless desert. In the absence of a sun, but lit with the flickering of lightning, the region imitates the sensation of being underwater, while the swimming, or rather floating, creatures are gill-less, and all manner of creatures are free to breathe the air. When there’s not a salt storm (dust storm), that is.”
Geographical Features
“Fossilized Lightning, which are pillars of salt that have been struck by lightning, are scattered across the flat salt dunes. Above the dunes rise great white mesas and plateaus, which draw the majority of the lightning strikes away from the lowlands. .Aquifer caves, both drained and untapped, have exposed entrances near the bases of many of these rising shelves. Abandoned Aqueducts often point the way to a secret oasis.

(2) Rainforest Valley
“It is a strange sight to a banana tree explode from a lightning bolt. It’s almost comical. But when a great big, ancient Warpo tree gets hit, one of the ones that’s a coliseum wide and a pyramid tall — it’s a heart wrenching tragedy. Guess the upside is that everything grows faster here, what with all the nitrogen and rainfall. It seems that the sun, hidden behind the storm clouds, still filters in enough energy to sustain even these towering biolithes. The dense jungle represses the growth of gigantic creatures, more frequently producing those of the medium sized variety.”
Geographical Features
“Scorched Trees are common sights. Sometimes they explode, or crash to the ground. Otherwise, they remain standing until wildlife gets smashed into them, usually in a predator chase. Blue Amber Deposits are formed when Amberfruit becomes electrocuted. I’ve heard a rumor from a treasure hunter saying the Netherese experimented with it as a power source. The Gurgling Caves collect water from the highland regions, and their watershed is believed to be under the Salt Reef.

(3) Ice Pine Ridge
“Ice Pine Ridge is riddled with tornadoes, hail, and blizzards. It borders the Plane of Ice, although unlike that plane, trees grow among the ice and snow. Dinosaurs avoid this region, while furred and hairy creatures thrive. Lightning is most persistent in warmer climates, and as such, there strikes here drill home a cold, foreboding fear.
Geographical Features
“Cinder Drains mark unusual locations of a lightning bolt striking a glacier, where trees are unable to attract lightning. The bolt vaporizes a winding tunnel through the snow, avoiding rich deposits of Rubicite. As such, their absence in an area may indicate Rubicite deposits. Yellow Snow Craters were once believed to mark gold deposits and treasure sites. They are now confirmed to merely be the most recent urinals of a Storm Giant — may the uninformed traveler beware! Frozen Aurora Veins, however, are rare and understudied minerals scattered across the region.

(4) Plains of Thunder
“This is the only region that experiences partially sunny days and breaks in the storm. Because of this, most scholars believe it borders the Plane of Radiance. The rolling hills and green prairies often remind travelers of home, and is consequently the most visited and explored region of the frontier. Unlike home, dinosaurs still walk the grasslands, and they are most abundant here.
Geographical Features
The Booming HIlls are perhaps the strangest feature of the plains. They repeat the sound of thunder, even when no storm is present. The Fields of Echoing Thunder, by contrast, never cease to have a circling storm system above them, even if the rain lets up now and then. The Trident Delta splits the region in two, running from the hills to the Grounding Sea. The colony of New Synod lies along it’s banks to receive Zeppelin Freighters.”

Monster Tables
Dinosaurs — Prehistoric Chaos — MM pg. 79
Name Biome Diet Frequency, 2 (lair or rare) -- 3 (uncommon) Thunder Mod?
Allosaurus Salt Reef, Plains of Thunder carnivore 2 No - too scary
Ankylosaurus Plains of Thunder, Rainforest Valley herbivore 3 Yes
Plesiosaurus Rainforest Valley carnivore 3 No
Pteranodon Salt Reef, Plains of Thunder, Rainforest Valley carnivore (fish) 3 No
Triceratops Salt Reef, Plains of Thunder herbivore 3 Yes
Tyrannosaurus Rex Plains of Thunder, Rainforest Valley carnivore 2 Rumored, sounds fucking terrifying...

Homebrew Monsters
Name Biome Sub-region Frequency, 1 (rare) -- 4 (common) page # of Monster Manual for basis of Homebrew
Arc Whale Salt Reef flatland 1 Killer Whale, 328
Shoctopus Salt Reef flatland 4 Octopus, 333
Beam Shark (sharks w/ freakin' lazers) Salt Reef shelf 3 Reef Shark, 336, or Giant Shark, 328
Great Black Sea Horse Salt Reef shelf 2 Giant Seahorse, 328
Voltiger Rainforest Valley lowland 1 Tiger, 339
Electric Constrictor Rainforest Valley highland 3 Giant Poisonous Snake, 327
Alternative Current Ape Rainforest Valley lowland 2 Ape, 317
Shocking Large Thunder Beetle Rainforest Valley canopy 4 Giant Fire Beetle, 325
Shock Wolf Ice Pine Ridge lower 2 Winter Wolf, 340
Thunderhoof Horse Ice Pine Ridge lower 1 Warhorse, 340
Thundercharge Boar Ice Pine Ridge upper 3 Giant Boar, 319
DC Tree Ice Pine Ridge -- 4 Awakened Tree, 317
Thunderbird Plains of Thunder hills 1 Giant Eagle, 324
Crackling Hyena Plains of Thunder hills 3 Giant Hyena, 326
Para-Badger Plains of Thunder fields 2 Badger, 318
Lightning Elk Plains of Thunder fields 4 Giant Elk, 325

Cannon Monsters
Name Biome Subregion Frequency, 1 (rare) -- 4 (common) page # of Monster Manual
Flumph Salt Reef shelf 2 135
Sphinx Salt Reef flatland 1 281
Blue Dragon Salt Reef any 1 90
Medusa Salt Reef shelf 2 214
Hydra any any 1 190
Will-o-wisp Rainforest Valley canopy 4 301
Troll Rainforest Valley highland 3 291
Displacer Beast Rainforest Valley any 2 81
Weretiger Rainforest Valley lowland 2 210
Nagas Rainforest Valley lowland 1 233
Yeti Ice Pine Ridge upper 2 305
Oni Ice Pine Ridge upper 2 239
Werewolf Ice Pine Ridge lower 2 211
Wereboar Ice Pine Ridge upper 2 209
Peryton Plains of Thunder hills 1 251
Bronze Dragon Plains of Thunder lair 1 107
Storm Giant Plains of Thunder hills 2 156
Basilisk Plains of Thunder fields 3 24

41k / 40k character length --
For Fallen Netherese Colonies, which are exploratory ruins containing the secrets of floating cities, Please see comment section ( "small" ~2k character post)
submitted by foen7 to DnDBehindTheScreen

Basically a list of every character I could possibly want from Mario Kart in one roster - My 73-character roster for Mario Kart 9 [MK]

Mario Kart 9 has been awaiting the community for years now, and with a very likely 2020 release date, I thought I'd post about my complete list of every character I could possibly want. I've also included a Special Power mechanic, just like in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, to every character. There are 75 SPs, so some will probably be similar (e.g. Cranky Kong and Shiverian, just note that these characters are in the roster. It'll give you an idea as to how many characters I've decided to put into the game.)
First, I'll be covering characters that I'm not including in my roster that have been in previous games. First, basically all clones. (Side note: I have Metal Cap and Sandstorm both as items, with Metal Cap making you invincible but slightly slower, and Sandstorm basically doing the same thing as Blooper. Hence, Metal Mario, Pink Gold Peach, Gold Mario, etc. are not playable, but just forms of existing characters, and Blooper might be playable.)
Baby Daisy: Yeah. I'll explain this a little more later, but basically, Baby Daisy just sucks.
Metal Mario: Metal Cap is a powerup, Metal Mario does exist sometimes.
Honey Queen: Spoilers: I really hate MK7's roster. It has so many unnecessary and ridiculous characters. Like this!
Wiggler: Another one that doesn't make sense. They had to give him gloves so he could drive the car...that says it all.
Lakitu: This might be controversial, I know that people like Lakitu, but I personally don't. He serves his purpose anyways.
Tanooki Mario: No surprise here.
Cat Peach: No surprise here either.
Baby Rosalina: Technically destroys canon, also just isn't innovative at all. Yet again, there is an alternative I'll explain later.
Gold Mario: Nope, again.
Pink Gold Peach: What else is there to say?
Non-Nintendo Characters: Love 'em. Haven't got around to putting them in. I want them in eventually, though.
Alright, with that out of the way, let's take a look at my full roster (and the SP for each character)!
Note: I wasn't really planning on uploading this while writing it, so some things might be slightly stupid. Take these as you will.
Mario: Ferocious Fireballs
Mario launches three massive fireballs, which race down the track and scorch anyone in the way. They cover most of the raceway, and they bounce off walls, so pay close attention to them!
Luigi: Poltergust 6000
Instead of launching foes away immediately, Luigi sucks them up with his vacuum, the Poltergust 6000, before shooting them into the distance. Make sure to go nowhere near Luigi as he uses the Poltergust 6000, because you’ll end up flying off into the background!
Wario: Wario-Man Transformation
Wario turns into Wario-Man, his superhero alter-ego, turning him invincible and giving anyone who goes near him a slap in the face. He also swaps his kart for the Wario Bike and zooms past the competition! It’s a three-in-one combo, so watch out for all three!
Waluigi: Rapid-Fire Racket
Waluigi gains a tennis racket and a practically unlimited supply of tennis balls, homing onto all nearby opponents and slamming them with a powerful serve to the face, much like his appearances in tennis games! Stay out of the way of Waluigi in his rapid-fire mode!
Peach: Love Shield
It may not seem like a great powerup at first, but Love Shield gives Peach full immunity to all projectiles coming her way, and also gives her a speed boost. Peach can’t damage you in any way, but nothing can damage her, either! Consider it a peaceful robbery of your victory.
Daisy: Love Boost
Much like Peach’s Love Shield, but with more of a boost and less immunity. Certain items like Lightning or another character’s SP can hurt Daisy during her SP, she also gets an insane speed boost. Careful; she’s what other racers like to call a ‘glass cannon’. Use her wisely!
Rosalina: Launch Star Liftoff
Unlike most SPs, Rosalina’s Launch Star Liftoff can do one of two things. If you throw the Launch Star, it sends any opponent who drives into it backwards in the course. If you just drop it where you are, it will launch you forwards in the course! This is one of the most strategic SPs in the game!
Bowser: Fierce Fire Breath
Bowser unleashes a powerful attack that he can use: Fire Breath. If you’re in front of Bowser while he’s using his SP, be prepared to be burnt to a crisp! However, if you’re behind Bowser, you need to watch out for the spikes on the back of his kart!
Toad: Turnip Toss
Toad takes a special ability from Captain Toad and throws turnips at his rivals. Even though they usually don’t do much in their games, the turnips Toad throws are Stitch-face Turnips, meaning that they’re much more devastating than your normal vegetable!
Toadette: Expert Navigator
Toadette takes her headlight from the Captain Toad series and uses it to find secret passages that other characters can’t race on. Don’t worry about falling off of them, either; they have guard rails, protecting you from the danger of a very narrow invisible passageway!
Boom Boom: Incredible Invisibility
Boom Boom turns himself and his kart invisible and flails his arms around, causing anyone he crashes into to spin out. You can still hear Boom Boom if you have your volume loud enough, but there’s no visual indication if he’s right behind you!
Pom Pom: Shuriken Shot
In her SP, Pom Pom uses her signature shurikens and throws them at foes! She gets five shots, which all home on a racer near her, and the last is pink instead of blue, acting like a Bob-omb and causing much more devastating than the blue shurikens!
Bowser Jr., Larry, Morton, Wendy, Iggy, Roy, Lemmy, Ludwig: Boxing Clown Car
Bowser Jr., Larry, Morton, Wendy, Iggy, Roy, Lemmy, and Ludwig all swap into Koopa Clown Cars and use giant extendable (and rotatable) boxing gloves to punch all nearby racers. Watch out for the red fists coming your way!
Yoshi: Good Egg Giant
Yoshi’s SP lets him throw a giant egg that demolishes any character that it drives over. On stages like Bowser’s Castle, beware; Yoshi’s SP can also set racers on fire if it happens to come in contact with some boiling lava! Watch out for the Fire Egg Threat!
Poochy: Poochy Pup Parade
Poochy gathers a bunch of Poochy Pups that protect him from any enemies or projectiles, while also being willing to leave the pack to cling onto another racer’s kart. If they cling onto a kart, that kart will be slowed down, and the racer must hop to shake the pup off!
Koopa Troopa: Super Shell Shock
Koopa Troopa ditches his kart, and retrieves into his shell. However, instead of staying put, he starts flying down the track in his shell, spinning out any racer he runs into. It looks just like a normal Green Shell, but is much more devastating, and is slightly bigger, so if you have a keen eye, you might be able to spot the difference!
Paratroopa: Practical Para-Pass
For Paratroopa's SP, he jumps out of his kart and flies into the air! You can use this ability to make insane short-cuts or simply avoid most items for a little. Beware, though; Lightning strikes will send you right back down to the ground! Keep an eye out!
Chargin' Chuck: Diggin' Chuck's Demand
Chargin’ Chuck turns into Diggin’ Chuck and throws rocks around like Green Shells, but faster. You’re going to need some agility to dodge these speedy boulders, but if playing on a Mario Circuit, they’ll be even faster, since it’ll be a Confused Chuck throwing baseballs instead! Watch out for those!
Shy Guy: Fly Guy to the Rescue
Like Rosalina’s, Shy Guy’s SP does two different actions. When thrown, a Fly Guy will take another random character up and away into the air, and they have to fall back down to keep racing. If held until the racer falls off the course, Fly Guy will save them instead of Lakitu and let them go further ahead.
Hammer Bro: Hammer Hurl
Much like Hammer Bros in Mario games, Hammer Bro’s SP will randomly throw a barrage of hammers at any nearby opponents. Stay away from this powerful attack, or else you might just be stuck in the range of a Hammer Bro and be constantly stopping and starting from the hammers!
Sumo Bro: Shock Wave Stun
Sumo Bro stomps his foot, causing a shock wave all around him. If a character is stuck in the shock wave, they will have an effect similar to the effects of being hit by a Thundercloud from Mario Kart Wii. The electricity, however, will make Sumo Bro go faster!
Birdo: Extreme Egg Extravaganza
Unlike Yoshi’s SP, which is just one massive egg, Birdo shoots multiple eggs in all directions, which break (and explode) if they hit a wall with no direct encounters. Being around Birdo while this attack is occurring is extremely dangerous, so keep your distance!
Pianta: Driver Delivery
Pianta gets a major speed boost, and any racer it runs into, it picks up and throws off the stage. If Pianta is going faster than you think Pianta should be going, then you’d better get away from them as soon as possible, or you’ll be tossed away!
Donkey Kong: One-Two Tremble
Donkey Kong slams his hands against the ground, essentially replicating an earthquake for anyone who is in close range. You can short-hop over the dust waves, but you’ll need to leave the vicinity before the final blow shows up and makes all racers nearby spin out!
DK Junior.: Ivy Vine Venture
D.K. Junior creates two ivy vines from the ground, and climbs them up to the top of the stage. From here, he is taken to a random spot far ahead of him, which is usually substantially far ahead, since D.K. Junior must climb the vines first to get there. This one is very chance-based, but can certainly pay off!
Diddy Kong: Rocket Racing
Diddy Kong puts on his barrel jetpack and zooms forward in the course. He also has a stream of smoke behind him because of how fast he’s going, and that can make it hard to see, and you might spin out if he hits you while going fast enough. Stay away from the little DK!
Dixie Kong: Bruised Banana Bunch
Dixie Kong’s SP is a bunch of five bananas, but these aren’t just regular bananas; they’re Bruised Bananas, meaning that if a racer runs into one, they’ll be stuck in the ground for a while. Make sure you throw these in the right spots, because even if they aren’t easy to avoid, they can still definitely be avoided!
Cranky Kong: Cane Bounce
Cranky Kong uses his canes from Donkey Kong Country Returns: Tropical Freeze to bounce all over the stage. Not only does this give Cranky a significant boost, but it also means he can take some risky shortcuts over endless pits, but depending on your skill level, you might want to avoid doing it.
Funky Kong: Surf 'n' Slide
Funky Kong ditches his vehicle and rides his surfboard instead, racing much faster, but making turning much more loose and slippery. Anyone who is caught in the surf will skid out, so be careful of where Funky Kong last was, and don’t be there!
Kritter: Rocks and Bombs Away
Kritter has two uses for his SP; he can either throw rocks, which are very fast projectiles that break on impact, and the debris from a shattered rock can be used as obstacles, or use bombs, which are slower and smaller, but are much more devastating!
King K. Rool: Cannonball Crash
King K. Rool takes on his pirate outfit and blasts heavy cannonballs around his vehicle. Since they are very heavy, they don’t go very far, but they can be devastating. It’s not too hard to avoid, but you’ll need to be 100% sure that you do, or else you’ll get demolished!
Pauline: Mayor's Guard
Pauline, being the mayor of New Donk City, has an authoritative SP. She gains many boosts during her SP, one of which causing any character nearby to be stunned from her singing, and a remarkable speed boost akin to her appearance in Mario Tennis Aces. Careful; her voice isn’t harmless in this game!
Spike: Spiked Ball Striker
Spike throws spiked balls in all directions, but has to slow down to throw them behind him, because he needs to turn around. They are very powerful, but be warned, because if you aim them incorrectly, they can bounce back to you, and you’re not immune to them!
Whomp: Boulder Barricade
Whomp, being a slab of rock with arms and legs, isn’t very agile, but with his SP, he can cause others to come to a complete stop. Whomp turns into a Big Whomp and turns his kart into complete stone, causing anyone who touches it (or gets run over by it) gets completely flattened. Watch out!
King Boo: Boo's Boost
King Boo calls on its minion Boos, which give it incredible boosts and also turn King Boo invisible. His speed is drastically increased, and his Boos can also steal items from other players if you so please. However, the less Boos that are around you, the slower you go, so think carefully!
Broozer: Bash 'n' Smash
Broozer slams his fists repeatedly while going in a straight line, demolishing anyone or anything that is in the way. The broken rocks in stages on the walls mean that Broozer can punch his way through them to find secret shortcuts! Watch out for these shortcuts!
Peepa: Floating Feint
Peepa turns invisible, just like Boom Boom, but instead of damaging foes, it can pass through certain walls! These walls are the same walls that Broozer can punch through, but this time, it doesn’t open up the way for any other character to use the shortcut!
Luma: Star Bit Sprinkle
Luma gathers up a group of other Lumas to cover it in Star Bits, giving it full invulnerability and invincibility to everything, and also a much faster recovery from falling off stages. Basically, nothing can stop you while you’re using Luma’s SP!
Sprixie Princess: Fairy Dust Flutter
Sprixie Princess is a unique SP, because instead of just one character, or characters near Sprixie Princess, Fairy Dust Flutter hits every single racer moderately. A coating of fairy dust is sprinkled all over the stage, and those who are hit become noticeably slower and drowsier, rendering them vulnerable.
Greenie: Dastardly Disguise
Greenie disguises itself as another racer, and gains that character’s SP. Although some similar SPs exist, Greenie’s SP is based on the character who is in first place, and if used while in first place, whoever is in last. Use this to your advantage, and if you see a racer you want to mimic in 2nd place, just wait!
R.O.B.: Laser Launcher
R.O.B. has a unique projectile, because instead of launching from the side, it launches straight ahead, blasting any characters who happen to be in contact with it. Make sure you have your volume up so you can hear R.O.B. approaching, and avoid the laser!
Dry Bones: Bone-Crushing Bonemerang
Dry Bones’s SP lets him throw bones in all directions. The unique trait about this projectile is that they’ll go on until they hit someone, so even if you’re half a lap behind the competition, this powerful projectile will catch up to them eventually! Bananas, green shells and other items on the track stop it, however.
Kamek: Magic Mayhem
Kamek uses his magic sceptre, which is a powerful attack with a little bit of luck involved. Every time he uses it, he also teleports to a nearby spot, but it’s completely random. This can be good and bad, so take your pick as to how much you should use this SP!
Nabbit: Racing Robbery
Nabbit gets a speed boost until he runs into a racer, or for an extended period of time. He then takes that racer, and their special item, and throws the racer off the course. It might be a good idea not to hit a racer, because the speed boost might be better for your current situation!
Blooper: Inky Interference
Although the Blooper item is long gone, Blooper’s SP shares some resemblance to it. Not only does the ink cover most of the players’ screen, but it also adds ink splotches to the race course, making newcomers or simply unlucky racers spin out from the ink spill!
Penguin: Super Penguin Slide
Penguin doesn’t have as much as a name, but can still be a powerful racer! He’s also much better while sliding across the ground, and he turns into Super Penguin while doing it, so you might want to watch out! You’ll spin out if you’re hit by him!
E. Gadd: F.L.U.D.D. Pack Flight
E. Gadd gains full usage of the F.L.U.D.D. pack, choosing between the Squirt, Hover, Rocket or Turbo nozzle at will, since he created the robot. Squirt works as a basic projectile; Hover can be used to make small shortcuts and fly; Rocket will shoot you into the air for you to hover with Hover; Turbo gives you a major speed boost.
Toadsworth: Toad House Twister
Toadsworth is usually in charge of Toad Houses, but this time, he gets to use them for himself! He gets five random power-ups in Mystery Boxes, and gets to use all of them in the race! The odds are about three racers below your current standing, so they’ll all be better than normal!
Topper: Hat Hielaman
Topper, the first of the four Broodals, surrounds itself in hats for protection. If anything hits the shield of hats, the item will immediately home back in on the racer who sent it, but it removes one of the eight hats in the process, leaving a weak spot in the shield when it gets down to five. Use it wisely!
Hariet: Spiky Bomb Strike
Hariet throws explosive bombs at other racers, which are devastating, but can also be hit back by a shield of any kind (except Daisy’s Love Boost). If you use these menacing projectiles, either you need to know when to use them or you need to know that the racer doesn’t know you will!
Rango: Catapult Cap
Rango doesn’t use his hat as a projectile, but instead uses it to launch his own vehicle. This lets him glide back down to the ground, giving him a slight speed boost, but also letting him take unique shortcuts that you cannot access on the ground.
Spewart: Poison Protection
There are two ways to use Spewart’s SP. You can use it to protect yourself by making a circle of poison around you that stays for the longest of any shields, or you can use it as a projectile to prevent other racers from going in certain places on the raceway.
Dry Bowser: Blue Burning Blast
This is a type of fire, but different from Mario’s and Bowser’s, since it is one massive shot that goes in a straight line until it is out of the racetrack. This burning ball is not something you want to be hit by in any circumstance; the blue in the fire represents the blue shell, but much worse. Avoid at all costs.
Petey Piranha: Cage Capture
Petey Piranha throws cages at the other racers. If one hits a racer, they need to mash the buttons on their controller, because if they stay in long enough, Petey Piranha will steal their item (and they’ll lose a lot of time from being stuck in the cage).
Geno: Geno Whirl
Much like Geno Whirl in Super Mario RPG, Geno’s SP can be insanely devastating if timed right. Geno sends a magic blade forward, which is rather slow-moving, but does slow down the opponents. However, if you use the move at just the right time, indicated by a circle around the item, it immediately destroys racers!
Tostarenan: Dawn of the Dead
For Tostarenan’s SP, it transforms into Chincho, the undead version of itself. Chincho can go much faster and pass through certain walls, also not being able to be hit by any items. Make sure to look for the blue force-field on walls that Chincho can go through!
Lochlady: Sea Shield
Lochlady creates a veil of water around her, protecting her from racers and most items, although Lightning is much more impactful due to Lochlady being underwater. When in the water, she can move much more swiftly and take shortcuts in underwater levels.
New Donker; Treacherous Taxi Trip
New Donker ditches the kart and hops into a taxi, which takes them far ahead in the course without them having to do anything. The transportation takes much less than a Bullet Bill, but also goes less in terms of distance, so depending on what you personally are going for, this is usually much better.
Steam Gardener: Rocket Flower Racer
Steam Gardeners live in the Wooded Kingdom, which is home to the world’s largest supply of Rocket Flowers. This flower is what they use for their SP, making them go incredibly fast, but without any other good or bad side effects. It’s a very basic SP that doesn’t require too much strategy.
Shiverian: Bouncing Boost
For his SP, Shiverian decides to ditch the kart and bounce along the racetrack instead. While doing this, you can get major boosts by hopping immediately while touching the ground, but if you miss the timing, you’ll still make great strides and possibly make shortcuts!
King Bob-omb: Extreme Explosion
King Bob-omb’s SP is, in typical Bob-omb fashion, the most destructive of all of them. King Bob-omb explodes most of the entire stage in one big boom, but it ends in his own destruction, forcing him to explode and reappear thanks to Lakitu. This is the most impactful of all of the SPs!
Glydon: Stop, Drop and Drive
Glydon takes flight, launching himself far into the air, and from there, you can do one of two things; glide all the way down, since it’s faster than racing, or dive-bomb a racer and continue racing. Glydon will act as a blue shell and the racer will completely spin out.
Monty Mole: Undercover Digger
Monty Mole burrows underground, where he goes much faster than in a cart, and pops up further in the course. If he is below someone when he pops out of the ground, they’ll spin out. Watch out for the dirt clumps on the raceway, because you might be attacked by a Monty Mole!
Fawful: Mechawful Maraud
Fawful summons an army of Mechawfuls that search for nearby racers, and will punch any that they find. Although the punches don’t make the racer spin out, they do cause a complete loss of momentum, so using Fawful’s SP while near a big jump could cause racers to miss the ground at the end of it!
Baby Mario: Baby Power
Baby Mario unlocks all of the special abilities from Yoshi's Island DS; Baby Mario can dash much faster, and M Blocks will appear throughout the raceway. You can drive on these M Blocks, which allows major shortcuts depending on which stage you're playing on.
Baby Luigi: Strategic Crybaby Chaos
Baby Luigi doesn't do much, so he capitalizes on his vulnerability for his SP. Even though just crying may seem like a terrible strategy, it causes all other players to be confused, slowing them down and making their own items hit themselves instead of other opponents.
Baby Peach: Rage Vibe Ruckus
Baby Peach will activate her Rage Vibe, This means that she will be surrounded by flames, making her very dangerous to go near, and go much faster. This will also light up dark areas, but most importantly, she can destroy the weak brick blocks in the walls, allowing for secret shortcuts!
Baby Wario: Magnetic Mayhem
With his sizable magnet, Baby Wario draws all items and racers near him. If a racer comes too near to Baby Wario, he can steal their powerup before it's on the field, but once you feel like you have enough people brought in, you can slam the magnet against the ground to stun them!
Baby Yoshi (Balloon): Inflation Elimination
Baby Yoshi (Balloon) puffs up like a balloon, causing them to fly far into the sky. You can start descending at any time that you'd like, but remember not to stay in the sky for too long, since if you go above the clouds, you'll be going slower than you'd be going on the ground!
Baby Yoshi (Bubble): Bubble Trouble
Baby Yoshi (Bubble) uses their bubbles as a basic projectile, but once they come into contact with another racer, that racer gets stuck in the bubble. They have to jump repeatedly for a chance to pop the bubble and keep racing, and if they don't, they'll lose seven seconds!
Baby Yoshi (Glowing): Glow and Know
Baby Yoshi (Glowing) lights up the way around them, but lights up a little bit more from your own perspective. In fact, he lights up the hidden secret shortcuts from Toadette's SP, but the difference is that Baby Yoshi (Glowing) reveals the section of the shortcut that he's on. If somebody is right next to him, they can also take the shortcut, but otherwise, they'll fall off!
Cappy: Possession Power
Cappy targets a nearby character and possesses them, but since he can’t shift the other racer’s body into any other character, he simply takes their Special Power-up instead of fully capturing them. If you can see Cappy flashing bright colours, keep your distance!
Tiara: Anti-Assisted Amplification
Tiara doesn’t possess racers like Cappy, but instead uses an Assist-Mode-esque strategy: ditching the kart and flying through the course. Tiara will always be just slightly above ground level, but she can also spin out other racers that she bounces into. However, this slows Tiara down slightly, so choose your style!
The last traditional racer in my roster is...
Soundfrog: A Groove So Funky
Hear me out on this one.
I'm going to make this quick, since my Internet is sputtering on and off, and I don't know how much of this will be saved, but basically, Super Mario Maker 2 shows that Soundfrog isn't really a frog, but rather, just pretending to be a frog. He's actually built like a full-grown man (of course, with the personality of anything but), so he could drive a car, and I just really love the characters that nobody was expecting. They almost always become a fan favorite; who expected Funky Kong in MKWii? That's why I added Soundfrog; he works as a character, technically, but is just hilarious.
Here's his SP:
The strangest character in Super Kart Bros, Soundfrog, does a powerful dance that, as it does in Super Mario Maker 2, makes “mountains move”, or in this case, the track move, with several pieces of each track being separated by earthquakes, or walls will move closer to the racetrack.
Next are the two non-traditional characters. First, Miis. Of course, these need to be in the game. I'm hoping that the costumes from MK8 return, but maybe with some more costumes replacing some characters that didn't quite make it in.
The other character is something relatively completely new; Miniis. They're basically baby variants of Miis. This is my alternative to Baby Daisy and Baby Rosalina, because just imagine that they have the costumes available. I'm not going to list the costumes, because really, it could be anything. The SPs for the Miis will also be completely unique, and it could really be anything, but I've decided that if you're wearing the costume of a character that is playable, you'll have that SP. Amiibo functionality could also be worked in, but I don't really want to deal with that kind of thing.
And there you have it! That's all of the characters I'd probably play as in Mario Kart 9! Of course, there are other characters I'd be fine with (Wart would be cool, Flutter at least has hands, and I'm all for another WTF character like DJ Ballyhoo), but this is my main list. Thanks for reading! I'm open to constructive criticism; nothing here is truly set in stone or anything. But man, this was really fun! I'd do more, but I'm worried that I won't be able to come up with a 76th unique SP...
Edit: If anything says Super Kart Bros, yeah, that's what I was originally going to name it. I like the name, but Mario Kart 9 seems reasonable.
Edit 2: Added Paratroopa, changed Koopa Troopa's SP to Super Shell Shock
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