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a WW2 DND Class for a semi relisitc dnd campaign any feedback would be great!


D10 hp
Leveling up 1d10+con

Starting Proficiencies:

Proficient in these and whatever your background gives you[l1]
Armour: All
Weapons: Bolt Action rifles, carbines, sidearm, Automatic rifles, bayonets
Tools: Entrenching tools
Saving throws: Strength, Wisdom
Skills: Choose 3 from: Survival, Athletics, insight, Perception, Stealth, Deception, Medicine

Starting Equipment:

Start with following equipment + whatever your background gives
· (A) Lee Enfield No1. Mk III 10 Ammo Clips (B) M1 Carbine 10 Ammo Clips
· (A) 3 Grenades (B) Webley Revolver
· (A) Assault pack (B) Scout Pack (C) Airborne Pack
· M1 Bayonet, (A) heavy body armour (B) light body armour, and Entrenching tools

Class level list

lv int ability
1 +2. Weapon modification
2 +2 National Spirit
3 +2 Subclass feature
4 +2 Secondary Firearm
5 +3 Ability score improvement
6 +3 Improvised weapons
7 +3 Subclass feature
8 +3 Promotion
9 +3 Ability score improvement
10 +3 With any semi-auto weapon with more then one max ammo you can use your bonus action to attack
11 +3 Subclass feature
12 +3 Extra ammunition
13 +4 Ability score improvement
14 +5 Someone waiting for you at home
  1. +5. Subclass feature
16 +5 courage
17 +5 promotion
18 +6 Ability score improvement
19 +6 Vetran
20 +7 Know your enemy

Weapon modification

You are able to augment your weapon, look at the list at the end of the class to see what augments can be used on what weapons.

National Spirit

Roll a number of D4 equal to your level, you gain that many temporary hit points.

Secondary Firearm

You gain the use of a secondary firearm, more commonly known as a pistol.

Improvised weapons

Due to your experience on the battlefield you can now built any improvised weapon from explosives to shivs, look to the end of the class for a list of improvised weapons.


You gain 20 temp hp once per long rest, and gain proficiency in one weapon of your choosing

Extra ammunition

You gain +5 ammo clips to your inventory and are able to use almost any ammunition you find off dead bodies so long as its type is for the same category of weapon (sniper, rifle, sidearm, shotgun) heavy weapons require special ammo.

Someone waiting for you at home

You gain advantage on all death saving throws


Due to your courage in battle all low ranking enemy forces fear you and must make a saving throw against your strength score, you become a high target to sniper fire for one minuet


Due to your many combat encounters you gain immunity to being frightened or scared, you also gain proficiency with any gun of your choice.

Know your enemy

You gain advantage on attack rolls against all enemies


Heavy Weapons Expert:

You Were trained in using heavy weaponry and in supporting your squad.
(Instead of regular weapons)
Weapons: (A) BAR 100 ammo (B) Browning M1919 400 ammo (C) Lewis Machine gun 100 amo
Special Weapons: (A) M1 Bazooka (B) Sten SubMachine gun 10 clips of ammo
Can use all automatic weapons
(after 2 min of straight firing your barrel will overheat so change it when its overheated or gun will break takes one turn)
Prof: Athletics
5 berrol changes
Starting At level 3: you gain the ability to fortify your position giving yourself and your squad half cover, 10 minutes to build fortifications, once per long rest.
Starting At level 7: you can use the ability suppressing fire which makes the enemy take cover for one minute and if they come from cover you and your allies get advantage on attacks against them
Starting at level 11, you don't need to spend an action to set up your heavy machine gun, as you are able to do it in the same action as you attack with it.
Starting at level 15, you gain the ability to ignore all enemy AC for 2 turns and you do double dmg


You were trained to save lives and not to take them,
Gear: 5 morphine 10 combat bandages
Weapons: Enflield Revolver and one rifle from equipment list
Prof: Medican, Athletics
Starting at level 3, you can stabilize anyone in one minute and revive them with 3 hp
Starting at level 7, you can give one of your teammates who is under half their hp 20 hp, Action takes 20 seconds and leaves you exposed to enemy fire.
Starting at level 11, you can drag a unconscious allied soldier to cover 3 times a short rest, leaves you open to attack for 1 turn.
Starting at level 15, you can revive someone with half their hp, This action takes 2 minutes and leaves you open to attack unless your under cover.


You know how all vehicles work and know the weak spots of any vehicle.
Mechanic tools
Starting at level 3: you can make an improvised anti tank bomb that will knock out the tracks of any tank. You may have 1 ATB (anti-tank bomb) at a time, and you may make one during a long rest.
Starting at level 7: you can spend 5 minutes to restore the hit points of any vehicle.
Starting at level 11: you can attempt to hijack any vehicle, steam or not, and can drive them as if it were one you know how to.
Starting at level 15: you can use any special weapon you can get your hands on.

Assault Infantry:

Due to your training you specialize in attacking enemy strong points.
Equipment: 1 spade, 3 extra ammunition clips
Intenmation, Athletics
Starting at 3rd level: you can use reckless charge to charge at an object up to 50 ft away dealing 3d10 dmg to their chest, you are vulnerable during this charge and cannot attack until you hit the target. This takes one turn, as a bonus action you can attack one target with disadvantage on your attack roll. Once per long rest
Starting at level 7: you can use your bonus action to attack twice, you can use this ability equal to your strength score per long rest
Starting at level 11: you can pretend to charge at someone giving you advantage on intimidation can attack right after the faint charge. (Charge lasts for 20 feet)
Starting at level 15: you have a gas mask that protects against any chemical attack and gives you a +3 to intimidation


You are sneaky and can kill a man in a single shot and you're highly trained.
Equipment: Lee Enfield No. 4 Mk 1, spy glass
Prof: Stealth, Perception
Starting at level 3: you get advantage on all investigation and perception checks
Starting at level 7: with your exapties in camouflage you can hide anywhere. you get a +10 to stealth checks, as well as advantage on deception to lie about where you were at certain times.
Starting at level 11: you can accurately predict where enemy troops will deploy.
Starting at level 15: you can, once per long rest, hit a target without making any attack checks as if you rolled a nat 20, though you do not crit.

Squad leader:

Every squad needs a leader and you're the leader.
Equipment: Enfield Revolver, binoculars, map of objective, radio set, Thompson Submachine gun
(you get prof with submachine gun at lv 3)
Prof: Athletics, Persuasion
(hip fire at ranges above 10ft you have disadvantage on attack rolls)
Starting at level 3: you can use inspiration on your squad giving them advantage on attack rolls, use once per short rest per person.
Starting at level 7: you can use your pistol to make 3 attacks once per short rest.
Starting at level 11: you can call in Air support for your squad once per long rest, this destroys any enemy vehicle and all enemy infantry must make a dex save and the radius is 200 ft. you chose where the bombs drop dealing 5d20dmg
Starting at level 15: you can accurately predict enemy weak points, where it will be easiest to make attacks with minimal losses.


range 600 ft
2 handed
ammo 6

Sniper rifles,

(Lee Enfield No.4 Mk1)
300 - 1000 ft
6d10 dmg
Two handed reload
Ammo 6

Sub Machine guns,

2d12 dmg
300 ft
Two handed reload
Ammo 2
2d6 dmg
20ft radius
30ft range
Light one handed

Heavy Machine Guns:

5d10 dmg
500 ft
Two handed heavy
Ammo 3
Able to attack twice a turn


2d6 dmg
100 ft
One handed light
Ammo 6 twice per turn

Special weapons:

M1 Bazooka

2d20 dmg
600 ft
Heavy, two handed
Ammo 1


4d6 dmg 2d4 dmg per turn for 3 turns
Heavy two handed
Ammo infinite
Grenade launcher:
3d6 dmg
20ft radius
100ft range
Able to attach to gun

Molotov cocktail,

3d4 fire dmg 1d4 fire dmg for 2 turns
15 ft radius


1d12 dmg
Light one handed


2d12 dmd
5ft radius
15ft effective range
Medium two handed
Ammo 6


high powered sniper rifle scope, +200 ft range
Larger mag adds 2 ammo
Initials carved into stock gives a =1 wis
Cover gun in camo +1 to stealth
Permanent bayonet (don't have to fix bayonet)
Select fire for automatic guns takes up ½ ammo per attack
Metal plating on stock +1 to bulging
Better grip able to react faster +1 to initiative
Ace of spades gives you +10 hp
5 of diamonds +1 wis
6 of hearts gives you night vision 30ft
Forward grip, able to hip fire with full auto
Faster barrel change able to make it a bonus action
Smooth pump able to attack 2 times a turn (shotgun)
Silencer can shot without being heard (sidearm/sniper)
You can pick just one of these so chose wisely
submitted by Aussie6000000 to DnDHomebrew

Breaking down the playoff loss: DEFENSE

It wasn’t complete domination by any means, but the defense didn’t necessarily lose this game. It did feel at times like death by a thousand paper cuts. Things did begin on the shaky side, as the Eagles offense made a resounding statement to begin the game. It was the 2nd play, and a brilliant play call by Doug Pederson. The Bears were in a cover 1 man coverage, with Amos playing the robber out of strong safety into the middle of the field.
Because this is man, Fuller has to follow his man across the field, leaving the entire side of the field empty against the eventual screen pass...
There was only 1 bear on that side of the field who had any chance of stopping this play, and it was Trevathan. But this is where the statement comes in, as the Eagles center absolutely levels him to wipe him out of the play. That’s how you make a statement...
That play withstanding, the Bears inside linebackers were the stars of the show putting together a dominating performance. Rookie Roquan Smith, in his first playoff game, stepped up and carried the defense...
But the Eagles did drive the field with relative ease on their first possession. And this is because of a big risk Doug Pederson took in his gameplan. All season, teams have been keeping extra blockers in on passes, or at least using TE’s/RB’s to chip. So even if the pass rush didn’t get home, they were still affecting the game by making life easier on the secondary as a whole. Pederson decided to go with basic 5 man protections, sending 5 targets out immediately. This opened up holes in the Bears secondary.
The Bears are in cover 1 man coverage again, with Amos playing the robber in the middle of the field. But the RB is sent out into the flat immediately at the snap, forcing Amos to go cover him.
The TE Ertz also released immediately. Not slowed down by any chipping assignments, Ertz is able to beat Fuller to the open space down the middle...
A few plays later, Foles did a great job of averting disaster. Ertz is the primary read on this play, and Amos is giving him too much space underneath. Foles sees an easy completion, but he does not see a lurking Roquan Smith hidden behind the front. At the last possible moment, Foles does catch himself and adjust. Roquan Smith looked like he was 2 moves ahead of everyone in this game...
Khalil Mack was not getting to the QB early in the game. He made up for it in the run game. On these kinds of runs, the defense doesn’t even bother to block the defender on the opposite side because he’s usually out of the play. Unless he’s Khalil Mack...
Here Mack gets around the RT twice to make the stop...
Yes, this was a reception, but the coverage by Smith was so damn good on this play. I can’t stress enough how great he was in this game...
Vic Fangio answered the opening drive tactics swiftly. If the Eagles are not going to help their offensive line, he would force their hand by blitzing into it. The adjustments came on the very next possession, following this nice tackle by Deon Bush to stifle a potential big run. He was 20+ yards away from the LOS at one point, and closed in to keep the run to minimal yards...
A 5 receiver set against a ferocious pass rush working against crowd noise pinned deep near your end zone is bordering on arrogance. Fangio sends Trevathan on the blitz and forces Foles into a dangerously erratic pass...
The Eagles look to have called a screen out of the perfect coverage again...
But this time Trevathan will not be denied...
Hicks with a rather violent maneuver to free himself up...
Here the Bears are in cover 3 zone with the SS Amos playing underneath coverage. Amos is responsible for picking up anything handed off to him underneath, but he also has to keep proper depth. Amos bites inside hard off the snap and gets sucked in too far underneath, opening up a huge open zone in which Alshon Jeffery enters...
At the LOS, a scraping Trevathan actually cuts this play short before it’s fully developed. But Amos leaves such a huge void that Foles has the luxury of rainbowing this ball up into space. If Amos maintained the proper depth, this pass would never have been attempted...
But on the very next play, Roquan Smith bailed Amos out. He has to choose between the RB and the TE here, and he reads Foles like a book...
Here is a cover zero blitz from the Bears. It looks like they send 7, but Eddie Goldman of all people backs into coverage. LOL..
I now understand the term “Foles magic”. I have no idea how he completes some of these throws, especially in the face of pressure, with his weak arm and awkward short armed throws...
Remember when people (Brett Kollmann) were saying Roquan Smith had a fatal flaw in that he wouldnt be able to shed blocks in the NFL...
Here the Bears are in cover 2 man coverage...
Both outside receivers run sideline routes to widen the safeties and open up the middle of the field, where McManis is beaten badly by the slot receiver...
At the LOS, Khalil Mack is rushing inside on a stunt.
And because of a heads up decision by Trevathan, he penetrates the line. Once Trevathan reads that the RB is not releasing immediately, he threatens a blitz through the A gap. This forces the center to account for him and leaves an open lane for Mack to attack...
Once Mack is through, Trevathan bounces back out to cover the RB...
Because of the pressure up the middle, Foles is unable to step up into his throw. With a weak arm to begin with, he definitely can’t get much on throws without the use of his lower body. So he is forced to throw up an incredibly wreckless floater down the middle of the field that could have gotten his wr killed. But somehow he got away with another one. #folesmagic
Year after year, new rules are put in place which make it easier and easier to score points and almost impossible to slow even an adequate offense. I believe the only way to survive these mounting odds is to think outside the box. But if you look around the league, most defensive coordinators still have the same generic philosophy. An emphasis on stopping the run (a lot of cover 1 and cover 3), playing to their strengths (same coverages all game), pressure the qb (blitz). But year over year, these philosophies become less effective in the new NFL...
Stop the run —> Teams now pass more than ever on early downs Playing to strengths —> defense becomes way too predictable against good QB’s Sending pressure —> easily beat nowadays unless it’s out of an unexpected formation
In comes Vic Fangio. He seems like an old school type of coach that is perceived to lean on his talent because he doesn’t take “risks” (blitz). In actuality, it’s quite the opposite. Fangio is actually hyper agressive, just not in the traditional old way. Fangio actually reminds me a lot of Bill Belichick, an outside the box thinker with a defense that evolves from game to game. While most defensive coordinators are trying to simply stop offenses, Fangio already knows he can stop you. So he goes one step further and tries to dictate the offense/defense exchange.
It’s 2nd down and 9 at the Bears 21 yard line. The Eagles are in a 3 x 1 receiver set, and the Bears appear to be in cover 2 man Coverage.
Peyton Manning, when asked how he reads defenses presnap, remarked that he first figures out what sort of defense it simply cannot be based on the defensive alignment. The Eagles #1 WR, Alshon Jeffery, is lined up alone on the short side of the field. Note the way Prince Amukamara is covering him presnap. He is right at the line of scrimmage in a press man technique. This almost confirms to Nick Foles that this cannot be cover 1 man coverage post snap, because you would not leave Alshon Jeffery 1 on 1 with no help over the top with a CB that is going to try to jam him at the snap. There is just no way. The safety over the top is specifically what allows the cb to play this tight. This could be cover 2 as it already looks, or it could be cover 3 if Amukamara immediately bails from his press position to cover a third of the field.
Nick Foles proceeds to bark out a hard count in order to see if Prince is going to bail out of his press coverage position, but he doesn’t move in the slightest. This confirms to him that this is cover 2 man.
After diagnosing the Coverage presnap, Foles decides to completely eliminate Alshon Jeffery as a viable progression, as he will be double teamed on a short field. As the ball is snapped, and through the progression of the play, Foles never looks to Jeffery. Instead, knowing that his only play is to his right, Foles takes the first open lane he can find to move to his right and make the throw easier for him. Had he not eliminated Alshon presnap, he had enough time and space to stand in the pocket and progress to his left...
But this was not cover 2 or cover 3. Fangio actually did leave Alshon 1 on 1 off of a jam at the LOS. If Foles were to look his way, he’d see Jeffery making short work of Amukamara. But he didn’t, and Fangio somehow knew that. Fangio was baiting Foles to throw the ball to a specific area of the field, and he deployed both safeties to converge at that very point of the field. He sent Amos to Bush’s side to undercut the route...
Amos even stops at one point, even though there is no threat coming into the deep middle, just to stay out of Foles’ line of sight until the ball is thrown. Great strategic work by Fangio...
Eddie Goldman vs TE...
Cover 2 man again, and great coverage all the way around. As this ball is thrown, Roquan Smith is all over Ertz and Amos seems to be in pretty good position...
But he just doesn’t have the range. And to top it off, he doesn’t track the ball and hits Ertz blindly...
Trevathan pounces...
Crucial 3rd down and absolutely abysmal coverage by Houston-Carson...
Foles is ready to concede this play, bracing himself for impact, until he sees Houston-Carson giving his receiver a 2 mile cushion..
Have I mentioned how GREAT Roquan Smith was in this game?
This time the Eagles decide to block Mack from the backside, same result...
Mack added another gear to his game in the 4th quarter...
3rd and long and Amos just gives up way too much space here. Roquan Smith can only sink so far...
This is as bad as it gets, folks. Foles attempting a no look pass across his body across the field with his girly arm and Khalil Mack right in his face. The Eagles should have been disqualified after this play. #folesmagic
The final drive was just a long, drawn out series of unfortunate events. It all started with Amukamara and McManis colliding with each other, leaving Jeffery open...
Kyle Fuller hits the ball carrier at a side angle with such force, that it ricochets him away from the Bears ILB’s, turning a 2 yard gain into a 10 yard gain...
McManis comes on a slot blitz, so Foles immediately gets it to the wr he was covering. Deon Bush backed it up perfectly, but the over pursuit turned no gain into an 8 yard gain...
2nd down and short with the Bears in cover 2 man coverage again. Roquan Smith is responsible for the TE in the flat...
Knowing this, Foles pump fakes to the flat in order to clear Smith out from the middle so that he could get the ball to Ertz. While this is happening, Khalil Mack somehow ducks under the block of Lane Johnson...
But Smith is not your ordinary rookie, as he possesses otherworldly instincts. Smith is not fooled for a second. The moment Foles moves his eyes toward the middle of the field, Smith stops on a dime.
With no time for confirmation with Mack barreling down on him, Foles just assumes Smith will clear out and goes ahead with a pass. But since Smith has not moved, there is absolutely nothing here. Ertz is completely engulfed by a double team and Foles has just made another critical mistake...
But Foles gets away with it again because of the ball placement and the push off by Ertz which knocks Smith to the ground and catapults himself backwards in position to make the catch. #folesmagic
3rd and 9 from the 13 yard line, the most critical play in the drive. The ball is in that area where it’s hard to find any space to throw into because of the crowded zones, yet still far enough away where a checkdown is not a threat to score. The secondary is aligned in 4 deep quarter zones of a very compressed alignment. And Amos basically sinks the Bears within his first (false) step...
At the snap of the ball, Amos takes a full stride in the wrong direction, leaving his zone open. If he simply read the qb, he would see him staring down Alshon for the entirety of the play...
submitted by Adipost1 to CHIBears

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