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Tweet Share on Facebook. Well, they all mean the same thing. Four years ago, Hillary Clinton beat Mr. Trump there by 2.4 percentage points, or about 27, 000 votes.

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Why Trump's base is a brainwashed cult, and how to break the spell

Why Trump's base is a brainwashed cult, and how to break the spell
Americans underestimate just how dangerous Trump really is.
MAGA is a death cult. They hate liberals with the same intensity, and for the same absurd reasons, as the Nazis hated the Jews. Nazis thought they were righteous and good, and that they were eradicating evil. MAGA believes the same thing about themselves and liberals. They don’t want to co-exist.
Growing up in Germany, I thought I knew everything there is to know about America, until I moved to New York in my early 20s. Actually living in America was surprisingly different from just watching it in my favorite movies.
The first thing I noticed, when I immigrated to the US 30 years ago, was the casual racism. I had no idea there was this much racial tension and xenophobia in America. The movies I watched as a teenager had made it seem like America is a big melting pot, where everyone is welcome. I thought the inscription on the Statue of Liberty was America’s national motto. Now I know better.
I’ve lived my entire adult life in this country, and became a US citizen. America is my home. I lived in New York for 16 years. Then I lived in Pennsylvania and Florida for a couple of years. And for the past six years, I’ve been living in Los Angeles. But I still go back to Germany at least once a year, to visit friends and family.
In 2012, a German novelist wrote a bestselling book, called Look Who’s Back. In 2015 it was turned into a blockbuster movie. It’s a comedy that imagines what it would be like if Hitler suddenly showed up in present day Germany:

Present day Hitler 2.0 quickly gains a right-wing nationalist following and becomes a celebrity with his own TV show, because “he says what everyone is thinking” about foreigners and immigrants.
In the movie, present day Hitler 2.0 says the very same hateful things about minorities as the original Hitler did in the 1930s. Some present day Germans recognize him for the hateful monster he is, but many Germans are oblivious and become his brainwashed cult followers.
Sound familiar? It should. Basically the movie predicted Trump’s rise to power.
Here's the real mindfuck: The movie is just like Borat 2. In some scenes Hitler 2.0 interacts with real Germans, who are not actors. And they don't know that he is an actor who is just pretending to hate all the same people Hitler used to hate. They think he's for real. They agree with him. They cheer for Borat Hitler 2.0.
In a recent interview with a major German news outlet, Obama’s policy adviser Ben Rhodes said that Trump’s re-election will lead to war, and that Obama is having sleepless nights, because he feels that many Americans don’t realize how close to the abyss we really are.
Like Obama, most Germans feel that Americans underestimate just how dangerous Trump really is. When Germans look at Trump, we see Hitler 2.0. And that’s not hyperbole. German Neo-Nazis, nowadays also known as Reichsbürger, love Trump just as much as American Nazis and KKK members do.
In 2017, Stern, a major German news magazine, compared Trump’s policies to Hitler’s policies. They even put an image of Trump on their cover, draped in the American flag and raising his hand for a Nazi salute.

Spiegel, another major German news magazine, called Trump a dangerous president and the United States a danger to the world. They warned that Europe must defend itself against Trump. The article echoed warnings from the 1930s about Hitler. Surveys show that the rest of the world sees Trump’s America as the number one threat to world peace.
In America, people like to say: “The first one to accuse the other one of being like Hitler, loses the argument.” In Germany, Hitler comparisons are even more taboo. These news magazines weren’t crying wolf. It wasn’t clickbait. They weren’t trying to sell papers. Their warnings about Trump were absolutely sincere and analytical.
ARD, Germany’s version of the BBC, just released a new documentary about the 2020 US election, called Madness — Trump and the American Catastrophe. It documents the end of American democracy, and the rise of American fascism. One of the many foreign policy experts interviewed in the documentary is current German Secretary of State, Heiko Maas.
Hitler replaced all the judges with his loyalists. After that, everything Hitler did was legal. Opposing him was illegal. And that was the end of German democracy and the birth of Hitler’s dictatorship. A leader who is above the law is the definition of a dictator.
Trump and his henchmen just bulldozed Amy Coney Barrett into the Supreme Court. What happens if Trump refuses to accept defeat? It sure looks like he stacked the Supreme Court to ensure that they will hand him a win.
The similarities between Trump and Hitler are crystal clear to every German. But many Americans don’t see the similarities, because they don’t even know that they don’t know anything about Hitler.
They think Hitler was an evil genius. He wasn’t. His contemporaries thought he was ridiculous. Hitler was an almost comical figure. Just like Trump. Even Mussolini called Hitler a mad little clown. People made fun of the way he looked and talked. Nobody took Hitler and his cult followers seriously. Until it was too late.
Hitler was a con man with a gift: He knew how to bullshit dumb people. He figured out how to use lies as a weapon. He convinced the German people that there was a global anti-German conspiracy, controlled by Jews, who’re trying to destroy Germany, exterminate the white German race, and replace them with subhuman mongrels.
Yes, you read that right. Thanks to Hitler’s daily lies, his Nazi followers seriously believed they were the victims of the Jews, not the other way around. And that is the key to understanding Nazi bloodlust and the Holocaust. They thought they were fighting a righteous war against evil. Their uniform belt buckles were engraved with the words “Gott mit uns” — God is with us.
And when smarter people tried to tell Hitler’s brainwashed Nazi minions that he was a bad guy who was lying to them, Hitler called it fake news. The German word for fake news is Lügenpresse.
Sound familiar? It should. Trump uses the very same lies to brainwash his followers. Like Hitler’s Nazi minions, Trump’s MAGA minions are convinced that they’re the good guys and liberals are evil demons. They think of themselves as the victims of a sinister liberal conspiracy to exterminate white Americans and replace them with brown people. That’s why they were chanting “Jews will not replace us” in Charlottesville.
Trump’s MAGA minions hate liberals with the same intensity, and for the same absurd reasons, as the Nazis hated the Jews.
But the similarities don’t end there. Trump isn’t the first wannabe dictator to use social media to brainwash his followers with a daily diet of lies. Hitler did it first. The Nazis mass-produced a cheap radio, called Volksempfänger. Think of it as the Twitter of the 1930s. It enabled Hitler to speak directly to his cult followers, and fill their heads with an alternate reality, where up is down and down is up.
No dictator has ever destroyed a democracy alone. Every dictator has millions of brainwashed groupies.

There really were millions of Iraqis who loved Saddam. And there really are Russians who love Putin, and Turks who love Erdogan, Indians who love Modi, Brazilians who love Bolsonaro, and North Koreans who love Kim Jong Un. Without these enablers, dictatorships wouldn’t exist. But those enablers don’t realize that they’re living in a dictatorship.
Nazi Germans didn’t think of Hitler as a dictator. Hitler convinced them that he was the Messiah, and God had sent him to make Germany great again. His followers worshipped him the same way MAGA minions worship Trump. And for exactly the same reasons.
When Trump came down that escalator and said Mexicans are an invading horde of rapists and murderers, it was a lie right out of Hitler’s playbook. Trump’s wall is a monument to racism. It protects “good white people” from “evil brown invaders.”
That kind of institutionalized racism is pure Nazi ideology. That’s why Twitter’s AI content filters couldn’t tell the difference between Republicans and Nazis.
Nazi Germans believed that their own survival depended on Hitler’s success. They were convinced that everything Hitler did, he did to protect them. MAGA minions believe the same thing about Trump. That’s why they don’t care if he lies and cheats. They believe he’s doing it all for them. The more cruel he is to minorities, the more they love him for “making the liberals cry.”
While convincing the German people that they’re under attack by Jews, Hitler used his public office to loot the country and fill his own pockets. By the end of his reign, Hitler was a billionaire. Oh, and he was a tax cheat.
Trump is also good at bullshitting dumb people. Fascist propaganda works best on the uneducated, because they don’t know when they’re being lied to. Dumb people are putty in the hands of a good liar.

“Democrats want to destroy you and destroy our country as we know it.”
-Donald Trump (video)

Trump shares video of cowboy activist saying ‘the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat’
-The Independent

Replace the word Democrat with the word Jew, and what do you get? Typical Nazi propaganda.


Trump Jr. called for total war after it became clear that his father is losing the election. It’s a Nazi dog whistle. Do you want total war? is one of the most iconic sentences of the Nazi era. Every German knows that sentence. It’s as famous as “Sieg heil.”

“The receptivity of the masses is very limited, their intelligence is small, but their power of forgetting is enormous. In consequence of these facts, all effective propaganda must be limited to a very few points and must harp on these in slogans until the last member of the public understands what you want him to understand by your slogan.”
-Adolf Hitler

"All propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach.”
-Adolf Hitler

“The frailest woman will become a heroine when the life of her own child is at stake. And only the will to save the race and native land or the State, which offers protection to the race, has in all ages been the urge which has forced men to face the weapons of their enemies.”
-Adolf Hitler

Fascist propaganda switches the roles of victim and attacker. Just like the Nazis thought they were under attack by Jews, Trump’s MAGA cult thinks they’re under attack by liberals and immigrants, not the other way around.
Most of Trump’s MAGA cult followers actually believe that liberals like Bernie Sanders and AOC are literal Nazis. They don’t even know that the Nazis are world famous for murdering people like Bernie.
In Germany, absolutely everyone knows that the Nazis were right-wing conservative nationalists, who hated left-wing democratic socialists like Albert Einstein. In German, “right-wing extremist” is an official synonym for Nazi.
Right-wing propaganda outlets like Fox News convince low info voters that the Nazis were socialists, and Bernie is a socialist, so Bernie is a Nazi. I have encountered hundreds of Trump fans online, who are convinced that the Nazis were left-wing, not right-wing.
This fascist lie, that switches victim and attacker, is the foundation upon which all other right-wing lies are built. Fascist lies turn reality on its head, to create an alternate reality where the fascists are the good guys who’re just defending themselves from evil immigrant hordes and liberal demons. That’s how they demonize socialism and Obamacare.
Thanks to fascist propaganda, MAGA minions think the Nazis were left-wing socialists. And if the Nazis were socialists, then socialism is bad. The entire house of cards of right wing ideology is built on this lie that is used to demonize liberals, social democrats, universal healthcare, progressives, UBI, and covid aid for the working class.
This fascist lie is the reason why many red state Americans hate liberals so much, they’re willing to kill blue state Americans, if Trump tells them to. They already told us that Kyle is a hero for killing liberals. And that’s why some of them tried to kidnap and kill a liberal governor. Their bloodlust is caused by fear. They think they’re fighting for their survival against evil liberals. They don’t know that it’s all just a big lie Republicans use to manipulate them.
Exposing this “big lie” is the key to deprogramming Trump’s brainwashed cult, before his lies and their bloodlust cause a second civil war.

Donald Trump's ex-wife once said Trump kept a book of Hitler's speeches by his bed
-Business Insider

Donald Trump 'kept book of Adolf Hitler's speeches in his bedside cabinet.' In a 1990 interview, the billionaire businessman admitted to owning Nazi leader's 'Mein Kampf' but said he would never read speeches
-The Independent

Schmidt: Trump's 'only affinity for reading anything were the Adolf Hitler speeches he kept on his nightstand'
-The Hill

Donald Trump using Adolf Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' playbook, says world expert on Nazi leader
-The Independent

Oliver Markus Malloy is the author of American Fascism: a German writer’s urgent warning to America.
submitted by OliverMarkusMalloy to AmericanFascism2020

SPCE is far more than Space Tourism, allow me to shed some light

Hello, World!
The moment is finally upon us for SPCE to start making serious moves and this is pre-revenue, pre-flight, and pre-publicity. So what is all the hype, why are people confident in its future, and why are they right? One this is for certain this is NOT, I repeat NOT, just a space tourism company.
Let me first introduce you to the staff and some key players:
Founder - Sir Richard Branson: Founder of the Virgin Group (Virgin Mobile, Virgin Atlantic, etc.) CEO - Michael Colglazier: Former President and Managing Director of Disney Parks International CTO (Chief Space Officer) - George Whitesides: Former Chief of Staff NASA CFO - Jon Campagna: Former Corporate Controller of ICON Aircraft Inc.
Noteworthy Investors: Vanguard Bank of America Morgan Stanley ARK Boeing Chamath Palihapitiya (Also a Virgin Galactic Chairman) Cathie Wood (presumably through ARKK)
Partners: Boeing ( investohopes to be a part of the hypersonic point-to-point travel ) Rolls Royce ( designing and developing engine propulsion technology for high speed commercial aircraft as well as interior design ) NASA ( a plethora of tasks including transportation to the ISS, research, and hypersonic point-to-point travel ) Lockheed Martin ( developer of the Supersonic X-59 plane which will be used for testing hypersonic travel ) Under Armour (suits)
Timeline of events:
  1. Q4 2020 - Q1 2021: A final round of test flights which were supposed to occur during the window of November 19-23. This was delayed due to the New Mexico lockdown. COVID depending this test flight could still possibly happen before the end of 2020, if not very early 2021. This test flight will mark FAA approval and will be carrying a revenue generating payload, being the first revenue to be generated by the company...well...ever.
  2. Q1 2021: Sir Richard Branson himself will take a flight up marking the start of commercial operations, the start of publicity and marketing, and the re-launch of ticket sales. So far roughly 600+ tickets have been sold and these will be the first clients to go up. Notable clients include: Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Russell Brand, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, and Ashton Kutcher. The interior of SpaceShipTwo has 16 cameras which will be engaged during the duration of the flight and will capture these stars, quite literally in the stars as they float around in microgravity for several minutes. This will be recorded and surely uploaded to their social media. I imagine some of these individuals like Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga will attempt to shoot a music video using this footage. Ticket sales will also resume again at this point.
  3. 2021: For the rest of 2021 Virgin Galactic will be sending clients to space all the while they will be pushing profits in R&D for future endeavors, such as the hypersonic point-to-point travel which will be discussed later. They will also be building out more Spaceports and ships in order to conduct more flights. According to the last investors meeting, each spaceport is predicted to generate $1B/year.
  4. Around 2025: The hypersonic point-to-point ship will be complete and ready for commercial operation. This will revolutionize human travel. To put it into perspective, the International Space Station circles the globe in 90 minutes, and when this plane is complete, so will we. Preliminary indicators suggest that a trip from NYC to Sydney, Australia would take roughly 30 minutes.
  5. The possibilities are as limited as space and I won't make your eyes bleed as we talk hypotheticals. I do however want to address highly likely revenue streams we could expect.
Revenue Streams:
  1. Space Tourism
  2. Hypersonic point-to-point travel
  3. Space Force https://spacenews.com/traditional-launch-services-may-not-suit-the-needs-of-the-future-space-force/
  4. NASA Contracts ( astronaut training, payloads, taxi services, etc)
  5. Booster Services
    1. Now, there is no news on this, but this is my prediction and what I would attempt to achieve. As hypersonic travel becomes the standard way for humans to traverse the globe there will need to be a way to make it possible and affordable for the general public. Virgin Galactic cannot achieve this on their own and current airlines (Delta, Southwest, etc.) cannot convert to Spaceship companies either. With Virgin Galactics unique approach and design, they could become a booster service for airlines. Airlines will need to design a space plane that is capable of hypersonic travel and Virgin Galactic will use their mothership to carry these planes to sub-orbit.
  6. While Virgin Galactic is currently operating in the sub-orbital space, I am sure they will begin working on deeper space projects for asteroid mining, moon operations, etc.
Common Objections and Rebuttals:
  1. Who would be able to afford this and even if they could, why would they?
    1. There are around 42 million people in the world with a net worth of $5 million where $250k is extremely affordable. The price of the ticket is the same price of chartering a yacht for the weekend. Except instead of playing on a boat for two days, you go to space for a few minutes. Yes, the complete trip lasts around 90 minutes, but we are talking about going to Space. Virtually anyone would say that's something they long to do because that is human nature, if you look at people with high net worth they spend their money on much more ridiculous things. Not only is it human desire to want to go, it has the "Johnson's effect" as well. The Johnson's effect is an old sales analogy, where someone in your neighborhood would say "Oh did you see the Johnson's got a new Porsche?" Inclining you the observer who has the capital to feel the competitive nature and want to also have said clout. So yes, there is very much latent demand on this service. As explained earlier there are already 600+ pre-sold tickets including highly renown individuals and 900+ who have reserved a slot for a future ticket purchase. Note that these ticket sales only stopped because Virgin Galactic stopped them and will resume ticket sales Q1 2021. Virgin Galactic could currently handle 50 flights per year per plane and has recently finished their second plane, meaning they can handle 100 of the 1400 pre-purchased flights over 2021. So, even as Virgin Galactic scales, there is enough customers already to cover operating costs and the development of new planes for several years.
  2. Wow so you get to go to space for all of two minutes?
    1. People who say this are people who can't afford it. That might sound harsh, but it is that simple. Very few humans would pass up on this opportunity for such a magical thing if they could actually afford it.
  3. It's not really "space"
    1. Who cares? You get to experience microgravity and float around. You get to see the curvature of the Earth. You get to officially be called an astronaut. The media will not be attempting to point out this very minute, arrogant point. Again, only people who can't afford it will be pointing it out purely out of jealously or disbelief in the Space Age that is upon us.
  4. People only invest in this because they can't invest in SpaceX.
    1. Not true. First off, they are completely different markets. SpaceX is orbital, Virgin Galactic is sub-orbital. A SpaceX tour would take you into deeper space for around a week and costs somewhere around $52 million. Secondly, even if SpaceX is a direct competitor I hardly see how that's a bad thing. Competition drives commerce, and to have Elon Musk being your direct competitor, that would only bolster Virgin Galactic. Thirdly, there is potential for partnership between these two companies in the future. A collaboration of completely different and unique technologies to overcome the challenges of the Space Age. Finally, SpaceX news and Elon Musk hype will mean space news and space hype, also helping Virgin Galactic.
What I imagine by 2035:
Spaceports all across the globe, connected by the Virgin Hyperloop (for those who don't know it's another Virgin project that allows humans to travel faster than the speed of sound through tunnels). At this point, Virgin Galactic will already be partnered with other major airlines who have created space planes, very much reducing the cost and barrier to entry. Meaning any human who would have normally have flown "first-class" will now have the ability to end up anywhere on the planet in under an hour. Virgin Galactic will also partner with shipping companies and if you're impressed with 2 day delivery, how does 2-hour delivery sound? Packages moved via space plane, then into a hyper loop to your distribution center, and finally automatically driven to your home via autonomous AI. All the while Virgin Galactic is innovating new technologies for deeper space missions, working with the Space Force, and continuing space tourism.
This is not some flashy new technology, this is the revolution of human travel. This is not sci-fi, it is simply sci. The future truly is now and we all have an opportunity to be a part of it. Thanks for listening and big disclaimer, I clearly own SPCE shares, because at this point, it doesn't make sense not to.
submitted by hooman_or_whatever to stocks

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