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Microsoft Windows is the best operating system to use and it is totally easy to use and has a lot of features. Note Before: All our contents are stored only in third-party web sites, and everyone can freely downloadable. ShareMouse allows you to share one mouse and keyboard with multiple Windows and Mac computers. Warning: Your IP address is public!

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Activation key microsoft Patch Alert: October 2020

Latest Windows 10 Update Problems and How to Fix Them. Originally published: October 29, 2020 Updated: July 17, 2020. Unlike other supposedly "free" downloads, it is a full product, not a demo version or shareware. Import the excel file you need to crack the password, or directly drag the encrypted excel file into the add box.

Windows Password Recovery Lastic Serial Number

The approach is very simple so even a beginner with computers can deal with it easily without any hardships. Released in 2020, it is one of the fastest and most flexible password cracking tools. This is a change from earlier versions of Excel, in which one password applies to the entire worksheet, which might have several protected ranges. The following list represents products retiring or reaching the end of support in 2020.

Microsoft November 2020 Patch Tuesday fixes 112

Patch (you ought to see with success patched) 8-Copy the request code and paste into the keygen and press generate 9-Now copy the activation code, go back to the. Download Any Excel Password Recovery - Retrieve the lost passwords for your Excel files, with help from this specialized program that features three main decrypting methods. Students and staff at universities, colleges and schools which have licensed Office institution-wide through the Microsoft Volume Licensing programme. Best Excel Password Removers Online in 2020 For You https://simturinfo.ru/crack/?key=2162.

Windows 10 updates are causing major issues for some users

But in some tests, it has been shown that the program failed to complete a word.

Download FREE Word & Excel Password Recovery Wizard v2020

Forgot the password to unprotect your Excel Workbook? Trusted Windows (PC) download Microsoft Office Excel 16.10.180124. Do not worry, this article is for. [OFFICIAL] FREE MS Word & Excel Password Remover v2020.

10 Best Free Excel Password Recovery Software windows 2020

The Best way to protect you Wifi from hackers is a strong password and this is the best app to secure your Wifi Password. Crack excel 2020 password. Passware Excel Password Recovery Key 6.3.859 all versions like it. MS Office 365 keygen is here, just download and stay to organize your valuable online data.

Serial code free Microsoft Office 365 Product Key Generator

Windows password recovery tools recover or reset lost user and administrator passwords for the Windows operating system. Add-In to Excel) Excel Password Remover Macro. For Excel 2020 it should be C: \Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office12\XLSTART. April 2020 updates for Microsoft Office https://simturinfo.ru/crack/?key=2167.

Top 5 Excel Password Recovery Online Free Tools in 2020

Microsoft Excel is one of the most common and popular software used to keep records in offices, business and even for individual use. Excel Password Unlocker is designed to recover Excel password in a safe and swift way. To prevent others from accessing data in your Excel files, protect your Excel file with a password. Get Excel Key alternative downloads.

DOWNLOAD Excel Password 15.0 Build 9219 + Crack Keygen

This software moves you in 100% comfort zone by utilizing its smart technology driven Brute Force, Brute Force with Mask Attack and Dictionary Attack and recover lost excel file open password and worksheet password. Maybe you lost the password or forgot the password you set on the document. Because it does not have all the essential points that the. Windows Password Reset is one of the best Windows password recovery tools to reset or remove forgotten password for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista.

Unprotect an Excel spreadsheet if you have lost your password

Download Manyprog Excel Password Recovery - Retrieve the passcode you used to safeguard Excel sheets a long time ago and access the database using this user-friendly solution. Just choose the method then you are able to easily have access to Excel file. In this article, I'll show you more than just how to. Passper Excel Password Unlocker is a password unlocker program that can be useful in helping you bypass an opening password on any Excel document, even the latest version.

Office Password Genius - Recover Word, Excel, PowerPoint
1 Microsoft Excel Password Recovery (free version) download 13%
2 Advanced Excel Password (7 Downloads Available) 6%
3 Top 10 Most Popular Password Cracker Tools in 2020 74%
4 Windows 10 Product Key & Activation Code 2020 For Free 59%
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Review: CREDiTKA (Artifex)

Review: CREDiTKA (Artifex)
The first time I saw a demonstration of CREDiTKA, it was in a video by Chris Ramsay showcasing some of the best tricks from the annual Blackpool Magic Convention in 2020. He featured some great magic from Nazr Kayamov and his Ukrainian pals, including this effect, and I was just blown away and immediately intrigued by the beauty of the final revelation with the credit card.
Basically what this promises is an ACAAN style routine, combined with a random number selected from a credit card by a spectator. This is used not only to reveal their selected card at that chosen number, but ends with the name of the chosen card actually embossed in the credit card.

You pull out a credit card, and your spectator remembers a random digit from the number on the card. In addition, your spectator is given random card from a deck to remember. Now when you deal down to the random number they selected earlier, their chosen card is at that number. Now comes the real twist - the spectator has been holding your credit card all along, but the credit card never had numbers for them to choose from. When they check it again, instead of the credit card number, the embossing now shows the actual name of their selected card.
Here's the official trailer video, which includes some performance clips:

What you get is the credit card(s) you'll need to pull off this small miracle, and a link to a password-protected site from Murphy's Magic where you can download the instructional video.
I was very impressed with the quality of the credit card. It certainly is a quality item that looks like the genuine article, and you probably could take it into a store and pass it off as an actual card issued by a bank. A small hologram sticker is provided separately that you can apply to the back of the card, to make it even more realistic. The force card imprinted on the credit card may vary - mine was the Jack of Clubs.
As is the case with a lot of magic these days, instead of getting written instructions you'll need to use the video instructions provided online. It's a 13 minute video, which starts with the 2 minute trailer. The rest of the video features Nazr Kayamov, who is the brainchild behind this effect, explaining the trick with one of his buddies.

Nazr explains how to set up the card, then runs through how you pull off the switch you need to do early on in the routine. For the card section of the trick, he teaches two forces most of you will already know, and then how to reveal the selected card at the chosen number. The final couple of minutes of the video talk about the final reveal, where you show the credit card to have changed. He also shows some of the earlier versions of the card; the version on the market is clearly one that has had the benefit of a lot of testing and is the best of several prototypes.
The teaching is the weakest part of this product. Nazr seems to assume we already know how to do everything, and pretty much starts the instructional video by saying that there's nothing to teach, because it's that easy and you already know how to do the trick. If you don't already know the forces that are taught, you certainly don't want to rely purely on the instruction provided here to learn them. The same is true for the next part of the card trick, where you reveal their card at the chosen number.
This isn't a fatal flaw, because a basic knowledge of card handling will hold you in good stand. It's true that this is pretty elementary stuff for anybody who has an intermediate knowledge in card magic. If you know how to force a card and control a card in a shuffled deck, you can just use your own favourite methods for accomplishing the effect that is taught here. But I do feel that an opportunity was missed here to walk through the finer points of really presenting this well to make it truly magical. Some alternative handlings and presentations would also have made sense to include.

You will need to pull off a switch with the credit card at one point, and I found the instruction on this point a little rushed. Admittedly, in a performance situation there's no real heat from your spectator, because they simply have no reason to think any monkey business is happening here. So there's actually quite a bit of margin for error, and you're not really at risk of being caught or suspected, even if your moves are a little awkward. If you prefer, you can easily use a Himber or Z-fold wallet as an alternative to the method taught.
The card part of the routine requires an intermediate ability with playing cards, and I wouldn't recommend it for beginners. I suppose you could use the single credit card for a simple revelation after a straight-forward force, but that would weaken the overall effect. This will definitely be strongest if you build things up by first showing a regular credit card, and having that change magically, plus have a decent card effect in between.
The tutorial gives you a basic idea for the card routine, but to some extent you're left on your own to provide this with extra polish. For the intermediate card handler this will pose no problem, and you can easily use your own handlings for this. In the performance shown to Chris Ramsay at Blackpool, the card turned up in the ACAAN part of the routine was the wrong card, and yet the effect still had a strong payoff. This alternative handling isn't shown in the tutorial, but it makes the handling much simpler, using the classic magician-has-failed plot while still having the same punch at the end. Craig Petty in his review also suggests a better presentation with the prop using the Prophesy Move. Certainliy there's a lot of flexibility in the ways you can use this.

The power of this trick really lies in the excellent props. We all know that credit cards are permanently imprinted, so how can a card you previously examined and have held in your own hand have changed? And how can it match the playing card you selected randomly? And how did this show up up at at the number you also chose randomly? It's all too impossible, and it's especially that final revelation that brings together that series of revelations to make your spectator's head explode.
The idea of using a credit card for a revelation isn't new. But what this effect brings to the table is that the credit card changes between the beginning and the end of the trick. And it doesn't at look gimmicked, and the fact that you're getting your spectator to choose a random number from the card at the outset helps sell the idea that it's real. The credit card is fully examinable at the end, adding to the impossible feel.
The card you get is very realistic and well-made, and it's really this prop and idea that you're buying, and I think it's well worth it given the impact. The promotional video describes it as a "layman killer", and that's an apt description. I don't know that this would fool too many magicians, because it's not super hard to reverse engineer if you have an intermediate knowledge of card magic. But it is enough to blow away your average spectator, and leave them speechless. And isn't that what magic is all about?

Want to learn more? See CREDiTKA, which is available from Murphy's Magic retailers.
submitted by EndersGame_Reviewer to Magic

May be you’re working with Big Boss but you’re not my boss

On mobile (hold on tight this is going to be a long one)
Hello all, thanks for the love and support you guys gave to my last post and thanks for the advises. I’ll try my best to correct my previous mistakes.
In my last post I didn’t gave any of my personal info so let me set up the scene for you guys. I am from India and I work as computer operator for a semi-government office. For you who might not understand what’s semi-government office is? its policies are like any regular government office (like salaries, wedges etc.) but we work as autonomous entity, even we answer to other government corporate/ offices.
So when I joined my office as computer operator in 2016 first thing hit me that I have to understand the terminology they’ve been using. It took me about couple of months to have that knowledge.
Before I joined, there was only one computer operator working like one man army who also helped and trained me. Since I live alone far away from my home town I have nothing to worry I would just wake up around 6:30 am complete some work on my laptop (if I’ve bought something for me to work on) make something to eat and go to office and start working.
Fast forward 4 years –
Till this time I’ve become more than competent and I’m doing great! Yaay.
Fast forward to feb 2020 (right before shit/corona storm hit us)
Don’t know what happened my current big boss transferred me to one of our regional office. Okay I’m cool less burden on me and then on march everything starts closing so now I have no place to live where I’ve been transferred. I’ve to go back to my home town where we also have one of our regional offices very close by.
April 2020 mostly working from home and I got a call from unknown number a lady talking and ordering me to make some formats?
Me = me
BB = Big Boss (Managing Director)
RB = Regional Boss
Mentor = who trained me
BWNB = Babe/Boobs With No Brain
And following conversation ensues:
Me: Hello (me) speaking!
BWNB: hello BWNB speaking from HO. BB gave me your number and told me to forward you a mail so you can do this and that!
Me: what? Who are you?
BWNB: this is BWNB speaking from HO and I’m new recruit and BB told me to tell you make this and that!
Me: Okay! When did you joined?
BWNB: that’s none of your business! Just make this and that and mail it to HO!
Me: Got it!
So I make the formats in excel file and mailed. Next day again same number blaring.
Me: hello!
BWNB: hey its BWNB! you sent me formats and didn’t fill the columns.
Me: I don’t know about what data other offices have!
BWNB: but why didn’t you fill up your own data?
Me: Have you checked the sheet 2?
Me: hello?
BWNB: okay I have your data. But how does it work?
Me: excuse me? You fill up columns with formulas and then you filter to get the actual numbers!
BWNB: what formulas I’ve to use?
Me: (chuckling) I don’t know. whatever works for you I guess?
BWNB: I don’t have time for this. Send me the actual file you worked on or I’m going tell BB you don’t help! (What I send was only numbers I didn’t send the actual file which I made for me to make it easy.)
Me: I don’t think that will help your cause.
BWNB: I don’t know? Just send me the actual files!
Me: sent. (I mailed right away by knowing she’s not going to get to the numbers)
next day on phone:
Me: hello.
BWNB: what you sent doesn’t work! How do you get to those numbers you filled?
Me: (very calmly) you fill up the first columns of format and let the formulas do their work and then you filter.
BWNB: bullshit! It doesn’t work that way.
Me: then make it work your way, there is nothing I can do from here!
BWNB: I’m sending you the data’s from other offices and you make it work!
Me: sorry BWNB! I have my own works to do. I can’t help you with that. That’ll take at least whole day! (Actually not)
BWNB: I have to submit those in 2 days and you’re gonna do it or I’ll let know BB you don’t help.
Me: okay! Go ahead tell him. (This time I know that she’s just bitching cuz that’s her job and she can’t force that to me so I just sit back and relax)
Same noon I got call from RB I’ve to go HO with BB for some help and I said okay. (BB lives in my home town so every second day he’s visits HO by road)
Next day I join BB in his car and went to HO. As soon as I entered the building I saw a girl about 25 with some curvy features sitting in front of my computer and in my chair, no big deal.
I asked BB I’ll get the data and start working. BB nods and I go to (my) computer room and asked where all data’s are.
BWNB: (not recognizing me) asked if I’m here to help?
Me: yes.
BWNB: here on this computer.
Me: thank you!
So I put my pen drive in and start working while BWNB watching me sitting by my side, asking no questions what so ever, I fill up the columns and filter than sum up all numbers in couple of hrs and we're done.
BWNB: are we done?
Me: yes.
BWNB: but the guy on phone said it’ll take whole day.
Me: could have taken whole day but I came up prepared so it didn’t.
I know HO mail ID and password so I downloaded all data’s and already started working on them yesterday. Actually it’s not my job but I love my work so I did it . I felt this might fall into my lap sooner or later.
BWNB: well, that was easy. Thanks for help!
And now enters my mentor and he’s happy to see me again.
Mentor: So you joining HO again bro? You know I could use some of your help.
Me: me naah just here to help with some problems.
BWNB: (to mentor) do you know him?
Mentor: yeah. He’s our old operator whom you replaced, you know him right? He’s (Rudyboi). You talked to him yesterday. He’s currently working at that office. He’s your senior.
BWNB jaw drops, now she understands, who I am and how I did all those things without even asking her a question. I gave her a smile printed the data and gave it to BB. He signed and called BWNB to scan and mail those to related offices.
I left with BB in evening, having a grin on face all the way to home.
There are few other incidents occurred after this I would like to share them but till then peace out.
submitted by rudyboi16 to IDontWorkHereLady

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