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New Normal

The number 369 is a key number for which I have kept an eye out since the beginning of my gematria study.
Many people are familiar with the Nikola Tesla quote:
"If only you knew the magnificence of the numbers 3, 6 and 9, you would have a key to the universe"
There are entire branches of perhaps dubious 'alternative mathematics' investigating conceptualizations surrounding these numbers (re. 'Vortex mathematics' etc.). I've not delved too deeply into these, and simply take 3,6 and 9 (and thus 369 ) as a 'cultural touchstone' - starting points from which to begin an investigation ( just as we might take 911, or 42, or 666, for example - which are numbers I treat as given to us as gateways into the labyrinth; pop-culture keys that might lead us to the Holy Grail, for all we know...).
"If only you knew the magnificence of the numbers 3, 6 and 9, you would have a key to the universe"
What are the odds then, that in the prime number cipher (which I deem to be perhaps primary, in the English schema), we have:
  • "Humanity" = 369 primes
Hu.man Mighty.man
  • "The Mighty" = 369 primes
... and not forgetting the system of mnemonics that may encode that Humanity (ostensibly 'created in the image of god'):
  • "The Alphabet Code" = 369 primes
However, this article not about 369, but about the number just beneath it, 368.
  • "New Normal" = 368 primes
You might ask, are we being degraded, or is this a countdown? In this context of 369 as 'humanity', is it a 'good' or 'bad' thing to descend numerically? Do we get 'closer to god' by going towards infinity, or instead, towards the Monad, 1?
Either way...
  • "Humanity" = 369 primes
  • .... "New Normal" = 368 primes
I definitely see an aspect of mockery here - in one sense, the people of the world are being corralled like beasts.
Some might choose to view this degradation as representative of a necessary stage in an initiation ritual (ie. 'break them down to build them up').
  • "Initiation" = "Humanity" = 369 primes ( = "The Mighty" )
  • .. ( "New Normal" = 368 primes )
  • .. . ( "The Initiate" = 368 primes )
  • ... . ( "Total Noob" = 368 primes ) [ Noob @ Boon ]
  • ... . ( "To Break Them" = 368 primes )
  • ... .. ( "The Ritual" = 368 primes )
  • ... .. . ( "One Ritual" = 368 primes )
  • ... .. .. ( "The Compliance" = 368 primes )
  • ... .. .. ( "Social Order" = 368 primes ) [ "Society" = 911 trigonal ] [ "Church" = 911 sq ]
  • ... .. .. . [ "The Medical Mask" = 368 primes ] [ "A Social Distance" = 1,911 squares ]
And all the above, ostensibly, with the goal of the...
  • "illuminated" = 368 primes
... .. initiate ascending into the order of the ...
  • "Secret Circle" = 368 primes
... .. and join with those privy to an occult...
  • "Universe" = 368 primes
So, in the above, the notion of degradation is one perspective, but not necessarily the totality of the situation. Via the de-facto standard numerological Rule of Colel (aka. the off-by-one rule), we might view the numbers 368 and 369 as quantum-entangled (being adjacent in the number line), this rule enabling a semantic leeway for those that we hypothesize have hand-constructed many orthodox spellings.
From a Biblical perspective, all of the animals went onto the archive two-by-two, and this I read as potentially cluing us in as to how concepts might be encoded in the archive that is the hypothetical gematria-based language lexicon.
We might wonder if the number line (say, from 1 to 1000 and then repeating), has been used as a huge bookshelf, with sequentially numbered shelves or cabinets into which are placed thematic or archetypal domains, based on some logic as yet unknown to us.
Perhaps indeed 369 represents the concept of the totality of 'humanity'. It is a nice number, with each of it's digits being spaced three apart, and being multiples of three. It is a number strongly reflecting the trinity, the faceted nature of the geometry of the triangle, and esoterically might be linked to the 'holy family' of father, mother, child - which we might argue is the the foundational religious prototype for society and civilization.
Three things is also a threesome... and that too takes us to Brave New Worlds.
"If only you knew the magnificence of the numbers 3, 6 and 9, you would have a key to the universe"
The Monad is One ( ie. Neo ), who completes the World.
  • '1 Universe" = 369 primes ( "Humanity" = "1 Social Order" = 369 primes )
  • "The Empire" = 1,369 squares ( "1 Universe" = 369 primes )
  • "The Number" = 333 primes
  • ... ( "The Religion" = 333 jewish-latin-agrippa )
  • ... .. ( "Domination" = 333 jewish-latin-agrippa )
  • ... .. .. ( "Galactic Empire" = 333 jewish-latin-agrippa )
For the Imperial Beginner
The ultimate purpose of this post reflects the above. This is a meandering discussion about - and list of ways that one might begin to approach - gematria studies. It is a tutorial for total noobs (ie. beginning summers seeking mathematic boons) that require a starter-set of lenses through which to read the spells of the world. This is a shop of free sunglasses: filters to overlay upon the matrix code. Ultimately, I will simply list a set of presumptions one might make about intent, when examining the numeric spectrum of alphabetic constructions.
  • "Open the Door" = "Imperial Beginner" = 1981 squares
  • ... ( "Learn Spells" = "Secret Sauce" = 1981 squares )
  • ... ... ( "Develop a Vaccine" = 1981 squares ) [ a 'vaccine' is wordplay. It's a punny innuendo ]
Zarathustra, after much contemplation, decided ...
  • "To come down from the Mountain" = 1981 jewish-latin-agrippa
... to initiate the men of the plains, thinking that....
  • "It is the only way" = 1981 trigonal
... to ensure the civilization of man.
Unfortunately, one has to be quite...
  • "Particular" = 1981 squares
.... when dealing with the Monolith, for it has many facets (though in the end, these variegated forms might ultimately encode but One Thing.
  • "The Map of the Peace" = 1981 squares
  • ... ( "The Illuminati" = "Numerology" = 474 primes )
  • ... .. ( "The Pax" = 474 jewish-latin-agrippa )
... which is why the world is currently beset by a pox.
Lenses and Prisms.
Described as simply as possible, gematria is the esoteric art of presuming that numeric values are associated with letters in the alphabet and that words thus encode numeric totals. Based on this foundation, the numeric values of spells are compared with other spells, and if two spells share a numeric value (or perhaps more than one value, if multiple ciphers are in use) then some sort of relationship is perhaps implied between them (beyond any obvious connection we might make without regards to numbers).
Who is responsible for setting these associations up in the first place is open for debate, presuming evidence can be shown - in whatever form - for what appear to be intentional relationships.
If I show you two words...
Sun, Hot
... or...
Rain, Wet
... few would deny an obvious relationship exists, and that these associations might be shared, in some form or other, by other people.
We might say these concepts are somehow bound to eachother upon the Web of Wyrd.
Semantics (ie. meaning) is of course a fluid thing (...or if it is not, then it appears to be so - due to the human inability to transfer emotions, thoughts and conceptualizations directly, mind-to-mind and perfectly).
Either way, in the same way 'Water' is 'Wet', and 'Light' has a large chance of implying 'Heat', we might associate a numerical value (analogous to a frequency, or a frequency spectrum) with every spell, and find that perhaps, some work has been undertaken to connectcertain notions to others - in an occult form - within the dictionary,
The Mind Map:
I mostly view the study of gematria as a scientific investigation into a crystal gem that contains a freeze-frame of a mind.
Before you can read the Holy Book of your society-maintaining Faith, you must understand the meaning of the words. Thus the Dictionary is the core grimoire of any speaking and writing civilization. The Dictionary is a mind-map of ideas. It is a list of names (spells) that invoke a specific thing, idea, or action, or relationship, which we can string together to build messages to others.
I believe more strongly every day that the formalization of the spellings of languages have been opportunities taken - to encode a set of sub-channel semantic associations between words, and also that, regardless of this hypothesized intervention or lack thereof, that there are people that observe these relationships for their own reasons.
  • "Crafted News" = "World of Lies" = 1234 jewish-latin-agrippa
... which you might view as mocking misdirection - an overlay and veil that occults..
  • "Great Knowledge" = "What is in a name?" = 1234 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • .... ( "The Spells of Eden" = 1234 trigonal )
  • ... .. ( "Code of Culture" = 1234 trigonal )
  • ... .. ( "Culture of Code" = 1234 trigonal )
Or you might read the above as representative of the fact that there is no objective truth (but that nonetheless perhaps, some seeding of constructed 'catch-phrases' has occurred, leaving intriguing false trails).
Nonetheless, as I wrote in a recent post, in a World of Lies there is only Fiat Truth, and many might go with the flow that it presents and provides.
What is the Canon of those running a World of Lies?
From whence the rules?
  • "What rules?" = 1234 english-extended
There may indeed exist cults operating under the presumption that gematria-based divination is actually a form of interacting with God, and ritually obey the prescription of the Logos within the Dictionary. For all we know, they could be right (write? rite?)
  • "According to the Code" = 1234 trigonal
  • ... .. ( "Culture of Code" = 1234 trigonal )
  • ... .. .. ( "My Call of Duty" = 1234 jewish-latin-agrippa )
ie. Walk the path. Climb the stairs. Ascend the mountain. Know that you must descend again to attain the One.
I have linked to this clip...
... multiple times in recent months, and what I imply by doing so, is that Superman (the next generation being initiated) is conducting an inquiry and discussion with a technological 'mind map' of his father, Jor El (noting 'El' means 'deity'). I read this scene as a fanciful interpretation of Clarke Kent working on Kabbalistic interpretation of the Monolith of Language, the Logos of his 'Father' (be it God, or an Ancestor). He is playing with spells, like I do all day here.
Superman's flight represents a mental leap. Liquid thought.
Yet he is a man of steel, he is irrefutable. Numbers do not lie.
Superman does not exist. Neither do numbers.
Yet Superman and numbers can teach us things. They are abstractions, myths, that have practical use.
Gematria as a gem ( a holographic data-store ):
Each new spell (ie. word or phrase) is a newly-shaped prism through which to examine an hypothesized white light of Truth found in the Black Box (which are Black Books... that is, Occult Books)
Each spell reflects some aspect of the contents of Pandora's box, and viewing the contents through the lenses of different spells, trying to formulate the shape, meaning and intent of the Thing inside, might be viewed as a form of gem-cutting. We slice and dice through the crystal matrix to figure out the abstract information-containing geometry within.
Gematria as a mind-model ( a semantic map of 'consciousness' ):
If you managed to petrify a human brain in such a way that the semantic associations, or mental mind map of the consciousness within could be captured, and the result be analyzed or interrogated as fixed mathematical functions (perhaps by pulsing light beams through it's core, and examining the fractured and splintered light reflected through it's crystal folds), then you have one of the ways I approach gematria study. A mind-gem, as it appears in much mythology (look up the headstone of the python, in African myth, or the gem of lucifer, the Emerald tablets, etc. etc.)
  • "The Splintering of the Tongues" = 1234 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... ( "The Tower of Babylon" = 666 primes )
In the sci-fi movie Arrival about the study of an alien language, we are told that the language is geometric and "without time". This might be hint as to the nature of tense within the hypothetical mind map. The structure is frozen, and unchanging. It is no longer evolving (excluding new slang terminology being injected into modern parlance). Thus we might find the correct decoding procedures by using only infinitive forms (ie. "to run" rather than "run" on it's own). We might find, for example, that the numeric cipher results of past tense form of words are irrelevant.
Queries and Statements:
Presuming a mind-gem exists in the alphabet-and-lexicon system, an archive containing... something - the question arises - how to query the system?.
How do we ask it things? Or does it simply tell us things?
Single words and their numeric frequency spectrums compared against other words might reveal 'geometric planes' of meaning that may be extracted (see Semantic Field) (*)
To begin with a new system, with no map or instructions to the system, we might just ask it to ...
... or, to do so at the....
... which might be to ask a gematria calculator to return all the words in the lexicon (via dictionary files, or custom, hand-entered lists of spells) that closely match the above triggering spells.
Example, see: /GeometersOfHistory/wiki/spellcomponents/beginning
We note that the Hebrew word for 'Beginning' sums to 911.
See here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrB6V6Ba14Y
It could be that those topics or knowledge domains that are core to the system will be numerically keyed to match spells that act as 'passwords', such as "begin", or "show me" or "abracadabra", and thus be immediately provided by such as query. The resulting listings being further course markers along the way into the great web of wyrd.
Alternatively, perhaps there are formal mechanisms that have been built in to enable a form of question and answer capability.
A made up example - in searching for such mechanisms, it would be interesting if a question spell like:
"what is 'sad'?"
... ended up sharing numbers with
... or...
There is the problem in English, that without the 'question mark' (?) there is sometimes ambiguity as to whether a spell is indeed a question.
  • "Are you happy?" = "You are happy" ( ie. these are totally equivalent, numerically )
In order to communicate with an 'alien', you have to first build up a shared lexicon. See Arrival
If there is indeed a formal Q&A mechanism built into the gematria system, then that implies a certain grammatical form might be required (such as, for example, prefixing your query topic with "tell me [XYZ]", etc.), or the use of other orthodox, but as yet unknown, spell augmentations
Otherwise, this ambiguity surrounding queries is actually a particular clue as to how to think about the system as a whole in the first place: how exactly is 'information' to be extracted from this apparently free-form, yet intriguingly-connected semantic network?
Imagine that the lexicon archive is an instruction set for Adam and Eve, new and naive humans in the Garden of Eden (or perhaps an instruction set for the Gods, that they were not meant to mess with).
What if the system is 'reflective' in the following sense: what if the following is the mechanism of query (making use of the discovery of shared gematria values, and thus implied relationships being extracted).
We enter:
'my drink'
... and see that it sums to 303 in primes, which matches...
'the language'.
... as well as (for interest sake, in terms of metaphorical application)...
'virus' ( and 'the viral' )
We also know that "magic" and "name" sum to 33 in the basic alphabetic cipher, and the dictionary of a language is made of nought but spelled-out names for things.
We might then - given the hunt for 'my drink' in the Garden of Eden, and for the purposes of experimentation - work with the assumption that the entirety of the alphabet lexicon contains one primary overarching kernel of knowledge that leads the practitioner to the waters of Fountain of Youth, aka. the Elixir of Life - the Soma of the Gods.
We then find and examine other spells that sum to 303 (or permutations of that number) in key ciphers, and ponder how these associations might lead us closer to the center of the Labyrinth.
We might try other forms of 'query spell', such as:
'my drink is'
... which is the same as...
'is my drink'
The above has the value 393 in primes, which matches 'survive'.
Of course you have to drink at least water to survive.
We see also that "accountancy" sums to 393 in the same prime number cipher, while "count" sums to 393 in the jewish-latin-agrippa cipher.
This connects the notion of the 'drink', with 'the language', and also 'counting' (and survival), and since we are examining the notion of a 'numeric language', the latter two, combined, strengthen the possibility that the 'numeric language' might point us to 'the drink' (and who knows what else) for whomever the alphabet lexicon was originally designed for - mankind or otherwise.
There is also the obvious implication that "Accountancy" (393) is a wise profession to take up, if you want to "Survive" (393), and that you have to be able to perform an "Accurate" (393) "Count" (393) if you want to succeed at "Accountancy" (393).
The crystal ball that is the alphabet code might well contain heady secrets - though it might just be a collection of simple common sense.
  • "Speed" = "A Risk" = 22 in reduction
...and the number 22 is known in basic numerology as the 'master builder number'.
  • "Patience" = 223 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • .. ( "The Law" = 223 primes )
... so says the "Preacher" = 223 primes
Where does the Preacher hold his sermons?
  • "Preacher" = 242 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... "The Garden" = 242 primes
The above series of extractions and calculation can be seen as crawling along certain branches of the tree of words - navigating the interrelations across the web of wyrd - jumping from one semantic field to the others via association of meaning.
The ease with which this can be done depends on the level of intentional design of alphabetic archive, but also on the ability of a person to conceive of these mental linkages.
We've looked at simple word association, and query mechanisms...
... So what about statements?
Might be there an anthropomorphism involved here? Is the Logos archive an 'I am'?
What is the 'identity' of the system?
...And in a potentially timeless/tenseless language, is there nonetheless a calendar to be observed (even if only ritually)?
When I reveal to you that, in the square number cipher, we have:
  • "I am the Eschaton" = 2021 squares
... or if we enable a contraction (ie. a Bene Gesserit 'Shortening of the Way'), we have this very year:
  • "I'm the Eschaton" = 2020 squares
The word 'Eschaton' means 'End of the World', or the 'End of Time'. The Apocalypse, which means, the 'Unveiling'. The 'Revelation'.
If one views the gematria crystal as a copy of the mind of God, then here perhaps you have a statement, straight from the horses mouth, that (if God goes by the Gregorian Calendar) we might be living in interesting times.
  • "Coronavirus Religion" = 2020 trigonal
  • ... ( "Entirely Obvious" = 2020 english-extended )
ie. 20/20 vision.
'Co-Vid' -- 'Together-See'
  • 'Do you see?" = 1234 nglish-extended
Certainly, even if the gematria crystal is not the mind of God, or some priestly faction's idea of such things, then there might be those that ritually decide, based on gematria-as-Canon, to make 2020 AD(d) into some sort of Apocalypse... even if that simply means publishing a new artwork during the current year (perhaps having a theme to do with eyes or sunglasses, or binoculars).
Regardless, my point being we do not necessarily know off-hand the correct way to 'query the system', so to speak.
In terms of infinitive forms, that fact that....
  • "To Know" = "The Proof" = "Counting" = 322 primes ( "Magician" = 322 trigonal )
... is telling.
ie. 'to know' appears, perhaps as a signpost, informing us that using the infinitive form of the verb might provide 'truer' values of the semantic of 'knowledge'.
I derive the importance of 322 from many things, but primarily it's the notion that 'counting' is the core of the entire enterprise of gematria. We are counting up the letters. We might be counting the fates of mankind, for all we know.
Mathematics and Geometry are perhaps self-reflectively given tribute within the mathematical and geometric structure of the gem of words.
One of my key presumptions about the alphabet code is that the core concepts at play in the implementation act as keys to the system, providing us numbers to begin with.
So... "Writings" = 2021 squares
Most people will only see the Revelation next year. You are an early bird (that is, bard).
ie. the instruments of writing: the pen, the quill, the ink, the paper, the parchment, the papyrus, the letter, the number, the word.
These are all perhaps to be seen as key spells. Gateways to the paths of the monolith. Ultimately, it's just a presumption of mine, but I think a strong case can be made for it.
  • "Writings" = "Elixir of Life" = 388 primes
... which sounds promising. Tempting, you might say.
We might say, that given the ever-elusive Elixir of Life - the very Food of the Gods - is tied numerically to 'Writings', and so too, to the number 388, that the concepts are intriguingly tied (via prime numbers, no less) and that perhaps the number 388 is worth keeping an eye out for.
Oh, look!
  • "Hidden Messages" = 388 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... ( "Great Spell" = 388 jewish-latin-agrippa )
  • ... .. ( "Numerical" = "Hidden Messages" = 388 jewish-latin-agrippa )
  • "Masterpiece" = "Innuendo" = 388 jewish-latin-agrippa
It looks like this is going to be fun.
What is it?
What might the totality of a gematria-based lexicon represent?
The following represent various ways the hypothetical knowledge to be found within gematria has been viewed or described by myself and others. Opinions about what sort of Ultimate Truth might be found within - and also how it might be used by practitioners - lie on a wide spectrum.
It could be (from grandest notions to least, descending):
  • The true expression of the Logos, an encoded form of the mind of God ( 'I create as I speak' ), that we might poetically view as a 'crystal ball' or headstone gem.
  • A corrupted, broken down version of the above - a cracked gem of divine origin, perhaps with some interesting forbidden secrets still discoverable, but containing misleading flaws and misalignment, and thus false reflections. It might contain intentionally man-made intrusions, for good or for ill.
  • A work of the devil, a great deception, corruption and inversion of the above divine Logos. A gateway to hell.
  • The magum opus of a great sage or sect of sages. A slowly-crafted handiwork, containing a numerically-indexed library of semantic association, perhaps with a different set of beliefs and intentions underlying the on-the-face lexicon. Perhaps it is an attempt to emulate God, by creating a world with words.
  • Some sort of man-made archive of knowledge, partial and biased with regards to topic and themes. A dewey decimal system for concepts and ideas.
  • Words are the Weapons of the Mage (leave the melee and armed combat to the cretins. Magic is the ability to effect change in the world. Words command others). Alphabet and lexicon as instrument of control and empire. Shared lexicon, shared mindset.
  • A system of mnemonics, focused on certain core knowledge domains (perhaps to do with agriculture, or timekeeping, or some other foundational technologies and cultural keystones of civilization). Ways to remember the key activities during certain seasons, or to record the mechanism for calculating the times of eclipses.
  • Some few key words have been designed or constructed by authorities, paying tribute to some key notion or other, perhaps memorial, or political, but these are scattered injections into a random evolved structure with no inherent meaning.
  • A tool for overcoming writers block (if you are writing a Halloween story, see here).
  • Enough intentionally-crafted connections exist to create false trails that lead nowhere. ie. Gematria is a tool of distraction and time-wasting.
  • All of language (as well as the encoded numeric schema) is a gigantic sex joke. Biological wordplay (I put much stock in this thesis myself, actually, which is not to say it cannot simultaneously contain acknowledgments of important practical realities).
  • It's all a bunch of coincidences and stretching of metaphors.
Certain concepts might act as literary metaphors for the totality of the occult matrix code of gematria, or that which is to be found within it, as it's vessel:
  • The Matrix code itself (ie. that from The Matrix movies)
  • The Web of Wyrd
  • The Language of Branches
  • The Green Language
  • The Authurian sword, Excalibur
  • The Mind of God ( or of an Archetypal 'Man')
  • The 'Secret Name' of God
  • Adam Kadmon
  • The Torah
  • The Heavens
  • Magic
  • Fire
  • The Pyramid
  • The Zigurrat
  • The Black Cube
  • The Tesseract
  • Pandora's Box
  • An Oracle
  • The World Tree ( Tree of Language )
  • A Trojan Horse
  • The Riddle of Steel
  • The Law
  • The Book
  • The Map
  • 'Illuminated Text'
  • 'The Source'
  • The World
  • The Underworld
  • The Ocean
  • The Woman (or Eve's Apple)
  • ... etc.
In the purview of archetypal institutionalized wizardry, the role of the wizard (or druid, or sage, or priest) is that of a Mentor, a Guide, a Healer, a Sage, an Historian, an Advisor to Kings and perhaps Elector of them. They are Craftsmen of Belief, designers and architects of Religions. Founders and Maintainers of Societal order.
The wizard is generally not active in a 'martial' sense, but may act as a Military strategist and intelligence agent, and craftsman of illusions and deceptions.
The wizard is foremost, associated with Magic - that is, effecting change in the world through the medium of Spells.
In my mind, that means that in today's apparently-not-very-magical world, the Real Magic is spelling.
The real magic is injecting words into minds.
Given that, there can be no greater magic than calculated spelling.
And this possibility of perspective is one reason I feel confident that numeric integration (ie. gematria) is present in the lexicon our modern languages, paying tribute to an old legacy of alphanumeric encoding.
Peruse an old Bible Concordance, with an eye to the mindset of the people that felt obliged to create it.
Those people were meticulous tabulators... and they got up to other occult tricks too, I bet.
Given mankind's visible predilection and fetishism for the esoteric, for mystery, and for domination, and the vast variety of pursuits that our species has endeavoured upon, I argue that it is more likely that at least some intentional spell-construction (ie. enciphering) has occurred in the languages of the world, as opposed to having never occurred.
And moreover, those languages of which we are loudly assured no such things could have occurred - having no legacy of such practices - are perhaps the most suspect.
Why do we have such canon catch-phrases as:
This guy did the math.
Anagrams and Swizzling wordplays
Examine words for evidence of anagrams being a construction tactic, as well as slight consonant and vowel shifts being used to derive related spells:
word - worð - worth
ie. ponder this in terms of your worth being how true you are to your word.
The word 'worth' is the word 'throw' backwards, since 'th' can be viewed as a cryptic covering of the single letter, ð, and thus 'th' might remain in it's original order as a particle, even though the rest of the letters get reversed.
worth - worð .. @ .. ðrow -- throw
Common sense: If it is of worth, do not throw it away.
If you are in the guild of the spear-hunters of your tribe, your worth is your throw.
Consonantal roots:
worth - WRT - (w)RT - RT - root (by) rote writ(e)
worth - WRT ( .. with regards to / with respect to )
worth WRT write - rite - right ( ritualized correction )
  • "Correct" = 321 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • .. "Society" = 321 primes
  • "Correct" = 321 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • .. .. "In the Beginning" = 321 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • .
  • "Correct" = 321 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... ( "The ABC" = 123 reverse alphabetic )
Wiki index: https://old.reddit.com/GeometersOfHistory/wiki/index
Previous major writing on 368/369: /GeometersOfHistory/comments/jnus56/domination/gb8o9av/
Spellbinder tutorial: /GeometersOfHistory/comments/i828sf/the_spell_binde
(ie. you are a mage, building a dictionary)
Know Godzilla: /GeometersOfHistory/comments/jb8ord/know_godzilla/
Imperial March (Medieval Style)
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Why Valorants Vanguard Anti-Cheat has to be changed ASAP

I am posting this in here, as my attempt to post it in the Valorant Subreddit failed by it getting removed immediately.
I don't mind an Anti-Cheat program having elevated rights to be eligible to check whether the software I am running next to Valorant is doing some "magic" in the background. But let's gather up a bit what Vanguard does, what it doesn't:
A small word ahead what qualifies me to speak about stuff like this: I work in IT. I'm managing the network, servers, software-distribution, etc. for a company that is programming accounting-software with more than 70.000 client-installs global, including my responsibility for the total infrastructure of a 4*S hotel with almost 100 rooms. I'm sitting next-desk to a dozen programmers, so I do know a little about computers, software, and networks. I will do my best to give enough info but without going too deep into technical terms. If you want more info on a point, just ask. I'll gladly explain it more detailed in the comments and there are TONS of details to be given about this.
Vanguard is running on "Ring 0" (Explanation about the "rings" on-demand), the essential system-level ("kernel-mode driver") of your computer, which means without some serious knowledge you CAN'T even stop it from running (except uninstall), as it has more power over your computer than your admin-user. You'd have to assign SYSTEM-permissions to your user which is something you just don't do for security-reasons. And if it is not good for you to have maximum control over your computer, why should RIOT be assigned this?
Another point in this is, that it is always running. It starts when you boot up your computer and never stops. It starts on the same permission-level as your anti-virus program, which is one of the very few applications that I'd grant this unlimited power over my computer. It could (not saying it will) just stop your anti-virus program and drop tons of malware on your system. I'd swallow a lot more if it was only running when I play Valorant. But no, it's always there. Dormant, but still there.
But even with RIOTs most noble intentions: No system is un-hackable. With easily 1 Million installs until the end of this year, hacking RIOTs Vanguard-Control Servers would basically grant hackers full access to a 1-Million Client large bot-net. Not even speaking about all the data they'd gather. Remember: Maximum access. This means it could go into your Google Chrome and ask it for all your saved passwords. Or just sit there quietly, reading them out while you type them. Including your online-banking, etc.
And before you tell me: "Chrome wants your password before it shows you the other passwords" - Yes, and when you enter your Windows Login-password after boot-up, Vanguard is already running so...
Sure, this could happen to any anti-virus company. But every program on that permission-level raises the risk. And this raise is rather unnecessary.
It does scan your external devices.
Okay, what happened there? He plugged in his phone, but how is this proof Vanguard reads the storage of his phone or at least tries to? Here are a few theories:
A phone has it's own OS, with its own privileges, has different file-endings (e.g. .apk instead of .exe) and for a Windows-program, many of this just looks cryptic. So it does for Vanguard. But most importantly: Vanguards elevated permissions do NOT count on that phone. That is the result of privacy-policies that went active a couple of years back and are mandatory on ALL mobile devices. So Vanguard expects to have an all-access pass, but when it all of a sudden encounters a wall it can't breach, it will trigger.
If for some reason it managed to bypass this policy (which it theoretically can with ring0 permission, even though that's a little bit more tricky as far as I know), it might've found an app on his phone that looked fishy enough to trigger the algorithm. If he'd have plugged in his USB-mouse this (most likely) wouldn't have happened.
Another possibility which would be just sloppy programming but take away most of my arguments for this point is that the vgc service simply couldn't handle the mobile device and stopped/crashed. Since there are hundreds of reports of vgc service just stopping randomly, this could very well be the actual reason.
Why am I sure about this? Because I had the same issue but with my Firewall. As said before, I do know a little about security on Windows-Systems. So I do have my Firewall set up in a way that it won't interfere with my gaming, but also does a rather good job protecting me. It only has to trigger really obvious traffic though, as I'm not fooling around with any dubious stuff and I have a business-level anti-virus tool.
Still, Vanguard did trigger whenever I started the game. My first guess on this is usually the Firewall. I tried to find the exception in the firewall but there is none. So I simply tried to disable my Firewall and it worked. I did contact the support and received a very kind response that they will look into this and after the last update (yesterday / 2 days back) the issue was gone.

What I'm still about to do is the attempt to Wireshark-track everything that Vanguard sends out to the web, but as it is so deep inside my system this is rather difficult. If any of you have an idea how to successfully track this and/or get more detailed logs on what vgk does on my computer (like access-logs, read-logs, etc. - I don't have any NSA-tools for this permission level) I'd be very happy, as I really want more info about a tool that is stuck so deep inside my machine.
In general, an anti-cheat tool in 2020 should...
... never run on Kernel-Mode Driver. No excuses for it. And I'm even leaving out the Tencent-China-regime conspiracy theories. Still a no-go.
... never run when the linked game is not running (or the launcher of the said game if you want)
... never interfere with ANYTHING else on your computer. Read-permissions while I play Valorant(!)? Sure thing, but you ain't gonna be supposed to be writing a damn file outside your own bubble and/or while Valorant ain't running. There are multiple proven cases where Vanguard e.g. reduced FPS in CS:GO. No-go!
... have at least a clear Firewall-entry so you can look into the port it uses to communicate. If RIOT spies on my computer, I want to spy on their spy-tool. Period.
... take its god damn hands of ANY device that I plug into my computer. If I want to charge my sex-toys on my USB-port this is not RIOTs god-damn business!
Valorant is a really cool game. I love it. But RIOT please, this Vanguard Anti-Cheat is just utter bullshit. Change this, ASAP! While this game is in BETA. And for you all as a community, please help to spread, that this is non-negotiable. If your computer was a car, Vanguard would have full control over everything. Steering, brakes, throttle. It is supposed to be a camera pointing on the driver-seat, but they've installed in right inside the engine.
Edit: Okay this blew up rather quick, thank you all! First awards for me, too. Thanks a lot!
Edit2: I really need to thank you all for your response, your support and all the awards! I'm the father of a 4-week old child and therefore my time is somewhat limited, but I will read through every comment and give my best to answer questions as well as respond to DMs. Please understand, that this might take a while now.
What I read in the evening was a statement from RIOT to exactly this topic: https://www.reddit.com/VALORANT/comments/g39est/a_message_about_vanguard_from_our_security/
I do appreciate the statement from RIOT and I do understand why they designed Vanguard the way it is, despite me believing that building Vanguard on a lower permission-level and pairing it with other precautions to prevent cheating in ranked-games would have been a better solution (linking your phone like for Clash in LoL + additional requirements like unlocking every hero e.g.). You'll never fully prevent hacks in a shooter, Vanguard in the state it is will be no exception to that I suppose. RIOT tried to push into new territory, design a really modern Anti-Cheat and I think it might get very effective if done well, I still do not like a game-related software being this deep into my computer.

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