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Visio 2020 Connectivity API In this blog post, we introduce the new Visio 2020 methods used for working with connected diagrams. It is an effective and powerful graphics program designed to function as a vectorial drawing tool. MS Visio Assignment Help by Expert Writers. Kms Auto Net - Activate windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7 and Office 2020-2020. Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook (to some extents) had already adopted the ribbon with the release of Microsoft Office 2020. With the help of Capterra, learn about Visio, its features, pricing information, popular comparisons to other Facility Management products and more. Collection is compatible with Visio versions 2020 to 2020.

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Free Download Microsoft Visio Professional MS Office 2020. All versions of MS Visio share some functions with Excel and MS Office Word, such. Microsoft Visio - User Interface. Microsoft Visio Professional is an efficient software that is recommended by many Windows PC users. Microsoft Visio helps improve communication which ensures increased alignment. Ms visio 2020 with crack. Coping with Multiple Sclerosis Vision Disturbances.

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Microsoft Visio Serial Key can enhance all the service for team association; include the capacity to people work a single diagram at the same time. It can also be used for equal convenience for beginners as well as advance users. Microsoft visio 2020 free download. Title: Ms Visio 2020 Catalogue Number: 9798670661560 Barcode: 9798670661560 Format: BOOK Condition: New. On the Security tab, click the Trusted Sites icon. How to Recover Unsaved Visio File https://simturinfo.ru/crack/?key=2206. Servicing Stack Update for.

Microsoft Visio Reviews and Pricing 2020

About Microsoft Visio. Compare Microsoft Visio alternatives for your business or organization using the curated list below. Individuals with MS will likely experience double vision or blurry vision at some point. It can be used for any form of data visualization and its great interface, templates and assets help ease the process. Hi all, I have a question about the possibility to upload the MS Visio files format ( BPMN /EPC) into ARIS. Microsoft Visio Professional is a Office and Business Tools application like PhantomPDF, MyDraw, and File Viewer from Microsoft Corporation. Top 10 Microsoft Visio Alternatives And Competitors In 2020.

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You may get the trial by going here and registering for a free trial. Microsoft visio 2020 free download (Windows). Machines on the Win domain are automatically subscribed.

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[Super Smash Bros. Ultimate] The "Why Waluigi Should be in Smash" Video Essay (or, How Getting Hacked was the Least of our Problems)

This post will be a bit long, but this massive car crash of a drama was too good to pass up when I found this subreddit. All names have been changed to protect the identities of those involved.
Disclaimer: While I was not personally involved with this drama, I am friends with some of the people who were.
Second Disclaimer: This post is about a certain highly active Smash community rather than the entire fanbase.

Context (pre-April)
To start with, Super Smash Brothers. Ultimate is a fighting game developed by Nintendo. It is well known for including characters from different franchises that represent different companies (some that even compete with Nintendo). Despite the packed new line-up for the new Smash game, there was one character that was sorely lacking: Waluigi. From the release of Brawl two consoles earlier, Waluigi had been included in each Smash game only as an assist trophy, which is essentially a non-playable character that automatically fights your opponents. Each release of the game generated more outcry for Waluigi to be put into the game, culminating in the disappointing reveal that he was once again an assist trophy in Ultimate. Even major news outlets got in on the drama surrounding the announcement.
One group that was founded out of a collective interest in assist trophies was the Trophy Coalition: a collective of individuals campaigning for assist trophies to be promoted to playable characters in Super Smash Bros. The collective spans over Twitter, YouTube, and Discord, with thousands of members participating in their main Discord server. Members of the Coalition could be promoted to "Diplomats": semi-moderators of the Discord that are in charge of organizing social media campaigns to spread awareness of their assist trophy along with the goal of the Coalition in general. These diplomats are often well-respected individuals who are usually well known in the fanbase of their specific trophy.
During the fall of 2019, two admins from the Trophy Coalition (who were also Waluigi Diplomats on the Coalition) set out to create a short video essay on the history of Waluigi as a character and why he should be included in Super Smash Bros. The admins, Cage and DidNotRead, enlisted the help of multiple people from the Trophy Coalition community to develop a script, draft a moveset for Waluigi, and edit the video. Tons of work was put into the project by everyone involved, but it soon lost momentum and was left unfinished, presumably abandoned by the Waluigi diplomats who started the project. Loads of effort had gone to waste, quite a bit from two prominent YouTubers in the Waluigi/Trophy Coalition community: BenCanoe and TiredBread. BenCanoe and TiredBread were well respected on the server and held coveted Content Creator roles, signifying a steady fanbase surrounding the two YouTubers.

Drama (April and May)
During the start of April of 2020, the official Twitter for the Trophy Coalition was hacked. Racial slurs, gore, and pornography were spammed for a few hours before the Twitter account was suspended. Admins quickly scrambled to find the person who had given the password out to hackers. Each diplomat and moderator was grilled by admins for extended periods to find out who had vandalized the Twitter. Eventually, the admins had figured out who had carried out the vandalism and banned the moderator in question. This suspicion into diplomats, however, soon uncovered a much stranger oddity.
The diplomat in question was Visio - the official diplomat for the assist trophy Takamaru. Takamaru had a small but devoted fan base that regularly talked on the Trophy Coalition discord about all things Smash and Takamaru. Notable members of the tight-knit group were Gene, Luther, Jeremy, and Lizzy (along with Visio, of course). Every day for months, the small gang would talk for hours with each other, each member contributing their unique thoughts, art, and social media posts to the channel. Gene and Jeremy had recently become moderators on their own, and Visio and Lizzy were even e-dating on and off, bringing a whole new passion to the conversations. The homely clique of the Takamaru for Smash folks formed friendships with other members on the server and made themselves known as friendly people. Visio participated in these discussions all the same, but some strange messages by him to admins began to shed some light on the complex situation that had only begun to unfold.
Shortly after the hack, Cage and DidNotRead abruptly announced that the Waluigi Video Essay project was complete and being pitched to a popular YouTuber to be drawn out into a full series. This was a shock to the contributors of the original project back in the fall, who had received no updates during the roughly six months that had elapsed since the last message from the admins and this unexpected reveal. A concrete release date was announced (around the middle of April) and the creators tried to generate some hype. Most people were turned off by the lack of communication from the admins during the winter and brushed off the announcement. To make matters worse, the project blew through its intended release date along with multiple reschedules without any word until a few weeks later, near the end of April. Finally, a new concrete date was released along with a live stream link, with the maintainers of the project assuring everyone that the video was complete and would premier live at the scheduled time. As a consolation, the admins specifically offered to credit BenCanoe and TiredBread for their original contributions to the project (despite their complete non-involvement in the secretive reboot), which they both accepted. Soon, the time arrived, and the stream went live.
The video opened up with surprisingly professional graphics and voice-overs from the admins, a far cry from the collage of contributions that comprised the original attempts. The editing was slick and the video was very well-paced in the first few minutes, succinctly explaining who Waluigi was and his importance in the Nintendo universe. Immediately after the first few talking points, the video quality began to suffer: the slick and crisp graphics were inexplicably replaced with low effort MS Paint renderings and the narrator began to meander rather than articulate his points. Sure, it could be a rough draft to pitch to the more popular YouTuber, but they clearly had the ability all along to edit properly-
Static. Piercing static permeated the video as the stream went red. A poorly lit video of a Waluigi plush being beaten with various distorted "WAH"s rang out through my shitty laptop speakers as I fumbled to find the volume button. Creepypasta edits of Waluigi (hyperrealistic eyes with blood!!!!) flashed over the screen for a few seconds until the video abruptly cut to black, ending with the words
"5 of you are traitors Thanks to BenCanoe and TiredBread #ResistCoalition "
There was an immediate meltdown on the Trophy Coalition Discord. In retrospect, the video played out like a shitty creepypasta vying for attention, but it resulted in some immediate consequences. Cage and DidNotRead left the server and were retroactively demoted and banned after. BenCanoe and TiredBread lost their content creator roles and were placed in timeout indefinitely. The date listed in May wasn't too far away, and there was no real explanation for what it meant.
But Cage and DidNotRead were not the only staff members who were going to be banned. Shortly before the video was uploaded, the small world of the Takamaru fan community on the Trophy Coalition came crashing down in an instant with the bizarre discovery that it didn't exist.
It was made up.
Visio, for months, had been operating the accounts of "Gene", "Lizzy", "Luther", and "Jeremy" himself, switching constantly in different tabs to have the different personas talk to each other. "Lizzy" wasn't dating Visio, and as a matter of fact, none of the relationships the four distinct personas had with other individuals were really real. In a private apology, Visio vowed to seek therapy for his actions before leaving the server: there were some intense mental health issues at play for someone to put such immense effort into a scheme like this. There was immediate confusion and chaos following the announcement by the rest of the admins, followed by the solemn realization that some of the close friendships many people had formed were a farce and they were much lonelier than once thought.
BenCanoe and TiredBread were soon released from their timeouts after they were both able to proclaim their innocence in the debacle but were never given back their content creator roles. Cage and DidNotRead framed them as a final "fuck you" in a last-ditch effort against the Coalition. It wasn't quite clear what Cage and DidNotRead had against the Coalition, so the drama slowed down until the date in May came around. The now ex-admins involved went eerily silent, deleting messages from their personal server to anyone who dissented but refrained from making comments about the situation.
Soon, the date in May rolled around. Chaos began brewing on the Coalition Discord as people frantically enabled two-factor authentication, removed invites to the server, and overall melted down in the general chat. As the date grew closer, Cage and DidNotRead posted a countdown timer along with screenshots claiming that other admins on the server were compromised and ready to take down the Coalition. Tensions continued to mount and people left the Coalition in waves, fearing a massive hack was on the horizon. Eventually, the timer hit zero and, in the precedent set by the multiple reschedulings of the original video, their party was a few hours late. When the two admins finally arrived, they came with no cavalry, only a simple request to have Visio unbanned.
As it turns out, Cage and DNR were good friends with Visio. They saw his mental health spiraling out of control as news began to unfold that he was masterminding a grand alternate account scheme. The admins decided to pretend to revive the Waluigi video project as a vessel to raise awareness about Visio's situation. Visio was, by all accounts, a good dude with some severe mental health issues that needed to be put into check. He had already announced he was committing himself to therapy to help deal with the problems that led to the scheme, why further ostracize him and ban him from the community he put his heart into? This obviously was met with rigorous debate from those who were still hurt (and rightfully so) by his large-scale identity fraud that lied to hundreds of people. As for why Visio actually decided to start the alternate account scheme, no one knows for sure. Some people believe he wanted to give others the impression of an active community supporting Takamaru for Smash, while others believe he just wanted to seem like he had more friends (and a significant other) than he actually did.

Conclusions and Aftermath
Cage and DNR's vigilante handling of their unwell friend's demotion came off (to me) as more immature than actually helpful. While they did draw a bunch of attention to the situation at hand, they also freaked out a good portion of people and led some people to abandon the server entirely. As for Visio, while his operation under multiple different identities is incredibly misleading and untruthful, I can sort of understand it. His struggles with mental health and his reportedly less than stellar personal life (which I have not gone into) could certainly leave a lot to be desired when it comes to online interactions. Visio creating this online utopia around a favorite character of his was probably a coping mechanism for the things he had been going through, less a scheme to intentionally lead people on.
As the drama unfolded, the higher-up admins of the Trophy Coalition revoked all invites for the server, making it impossible to join the server from the start of May until the middle of June. During this time, plenty of people fed up with the drama and sudden vacuum of power left the server. The side projects Visio had been maintaining for the server were abandoned, and the video essay project was rebooted by BenCanoe and TiredBread themselves to relatively little success.

Final Casualties
- Visio, a moderator of the Trophy Coalition and the diplomat for Takamaru: Demoted and then banned, but later unbanned
- "Gene" and "Lizzy", moderators of the Trophy Coalition: Demoted and banned for being alternate accounts of Visio
- "Luther" and "Jeremy": Banned for also being alternate accounts of Visio
- Cage and DNR, two admins for the Trophy Coalition and both diplomats for Waluigi: Resigned, demoted, and permanently banned
- Unnamed moderator: Demoted and permanently banned for participating in the hack of the Twitter
- BenCanoe and TiredBiscuit: Permanently demoted and temporarily banned
- Multiple others: Many people left due to the triple-whammy of a drama that hit the server
submitted by theoracleofhim to HobbyDrama

C188 - Software Engineering Passed! Suggestions/Tips

For full disclosure I'm reviewing this course in the Fall of 2020, the template/rubric/requirements may change by the time you read this so keep that in mind, but in reading past posts regarding this course it doesn't look like the material/requirements have changed that much since the course began.
Overall you can do this course in a few days with no issues as long as you follow the rubric and the template. I've read other posts that say that you can use the webinar and uCertify material to help out, but to be honest I never even looked at either of them, I just used the template and the rubric as a guide and filled them out as I went along.
In all I would say I spent around 20 hours on this course between research, writing, and refining things. Also, note that I followed the template in order, meaning I started at the top and worked my way to the bottom. You don't have to do it this way, but I found it to be the most logical way that worked for me.
In this post I'll cover generally what you can expect to see, how I approached the course, and things that I would do differently if I had to do it again.
So for this course we are given an example company and a list of requirements for a new system that they are planning to build. From this list of requirements you're supposed to write a proposal for a potential solution that covers the details of the system that you would build if given the contract. To help with this, a template of what the proposal should look like is provided in the task overview/supporting documents.
The template generally follows the flow of: Intro Requirements Methods Design Testing Sources
With each of those sections requiring more detail/info to fulfill the proposal requirements.
I'll cover each of these sections further down below.
Intro: The first part is the introduction which is fairly straightforward in which the problem is described and outlined. Pretty much think of an opening paragraph to an essay. The thing that got me a kickback for revisions here was the scope, in which I stated the requirements that I would cover, but didn't list the requirements that I would NOT cover. The way to resolve this is to say something along the lines of, "this proposal looks at requirements A, B, C, but outside of the scope of this document are requirements X, Y, Z".
The requirements are fairly straightforward and provide background, context, and details on the main parts of the system that you'll be expected to write the proposal for.
NOTE: There are more requirements listed in the requirements doc than what you need provide in your write-up/proposal. For example, let's say there are 10 requirements, and the rubric provided(in this example) only has you detail 3 of them, in that case you only need to go in depth on 3 of them.
The other thing that can be confusing is that the requirements are generally broken up into main sections, and subsections/bullet points like so:
Main Section: Search Requirement The system must have a search function that is useful to users and can be used throughout the business. The search function will find information within a timeframe designated by the user and must allow for special characters and find the required data in a reasonable amount of time.
(subsection)The following general requirements apply:
  • The proposed system should have a response time of no less than 10 seconds
  • The proposed system should allow for at most 100 search results to be displayed for the given search, anything more than that should display "too many records found"
  • The system should allow for boolean searches (ex: AND, OR, NOT, etc...)
  • The system should log all searches to a database
I would write the above requirement as follows in my proposal: The system will have a search function that allows for users to search for records that are utilized throughout the business including sales records, contacts, meeting notes, etc... The search function will utilize special characters for internationalization as well as allowing for boolean modifiers for searches(OR, NOT, etc...). There will be a maximum response time of 10 seconds, and a maximum of 100 search results displayed so as to not overwhelm users or the system.
Basically I integrated all the requirements/necessities into a general paragraph that encompasses everything and is fairly readable.
To keep your proposal consistent, look back to what you stated/outlined in the scope section of the template/proposal. If you listed in the scope that your proposal will cover sections A, B, C, have your requirements match up with covering sections A, B, and C.
For this section we compare and contrast different approaches to developing software. This is pretty straightforward as you choose a couple of methods and list their advantages and disadvantages and end up picking the method that works best.
Here you're required to draw some mock-ups/wireframes of what part of your proposal would look like or how it would function. For this part, I just used simple MS paint drawings, but others have suggested things like Visio, Figma, or Draw io. It really depends on what you want to use, but for this MAKE SURE you label the drawing, and what it corresponds to (i.e. is it a wireframe of a user interface, a mock-up of how data will flow from one part of the system to another, etc...) I didn't label my drawings and it contributed to me getting my proposal kicked back.
So for example using the search requirement from above, I might draw an example of what a user might see when the utilize the search bar with the search box, buttons, options, etc... and label it:
"Fig 1: Mock up of user search bar with various buttons and options that the user would have" and I might draw a chart showing how the search bar would connect with various parts of the system as a whole and label it "
"Fig 2: Diagram of how the search bar will interact with the overall system to retrieve various business records and data"
This section has you detail various tests that should be run before the system is fully implemented to verify its functionality. These tests should correspond with what you outlined in the scope and requirements. I.e. If you outlined in the scope and requirements A, B, C. Test one(or all) of those, and not X, Y, Z.
For example using the search requirement above I might write a test like: This test will check the search requirement for logging. This will be done by inputting a user search and ensuring that it is written to the database
Because they ask that you write multiple tests, it's technically possible that you could write all 3 tests for 1 requirement/system. I.e you could test search logging, verifying that the search function accepts boolean operators, and that the search function responds in less than 10 seconds. But I decided to play it safe and write tests that matched up with different requirements (i.e. I wrote a test that corresponded to requirement A, a test for requirement B, and a test for requirement C).
Here you should list out the sources that you used for the research you did, I listed out my sources using MLA style.
My Approach to the course
The way I approached the course was to look up what other people had to say in course chatter and on Reddit.
The posts that helped me the most were Lynda's post: https://www.reddit.com/WGU_CompSci/comments/bp6u9f/c188_software_engineering/
And other posts asking general questions: https://www.reddit.com/WGU_CompSci/comments/funu4e/c188_question/ https://www.reddit.com/WGU_CompSci/comments/jdofzz/is_reading_the_material_for_c188_software/
From there I pretty much determined that I just wanted to follow the rubric/template and go from there.
Like I said above, I filled out the template top to bottom, but you don't necessarily have to go that way if you're more comfortable with something else.
For each section, I would look at the rubric, then read the design requirements doc, and then start filling it out in the template until it looked/read like something I was satisfied with.
Things I would do Differently:
If I had to do the course over again, I would pay more attention to the wording of the rubric (hence why I missed what the scope should not include, and that the drawings/figures should be labeled). The issues were quickly resolved but still cost time to get everything evaluated. My first submission was evaluated in 8 hours, my second one took 16 hours to evaluate, so it basically cost me a day total to make minor updates/changes that could have been avoided.
submitted by echo419 to WGU_CompSci

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