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Sacrifices #18


Forty two hours twenty minutes post contact
Chanthem system: Galatine station
Admiral Fletchers Quarters
"Are you sure this is a good idea, I mean if we loose Gawain-" Pendleton said looking across the desk nervously.
"we can't get them back, yes major I know." Fletcher said sighing. "But he'll go anyway even if we don't want them to."
"We could stop them, you know we're not stupid right?" The major said looking at Fletcher.
"Major, he managed to slip a distributed network past you while you two were designing a helmet system together, he walked you through building it step by step and you had absolutely no idea." Fletcher said sighing.
"I-um..." Major Pendleton blushed.
"Major, don't take this the wrong way, I know you're a competent woman, but Gawain can play you like a fiddle... Hell, if he put his mind to it he could probably do the exact same thing with me." Fletcher admitted. "So yes, he's coming, and I'm going to shove him in the most heavily armored ship I have with as much protection as humanly possible, because god knows he'll be sneaking aboard if we don't let him."
Pendleton struggled to come up with an argument against this and slowly began to slump over when she realized she couldn't. "You know, they'll kill us if we loose him right...? We'll both be court marshaled."
Fletcher laughed. "And that Major, is the second reason I'm putting him on my flagship, if they manage to breach his core while I'm aboard there then I'm probably already dead anyway."

Chanthem system: Galatine station
Gawain flitted from server to server, checking and making sure everything was in order, his servers were spinning down to conserve energy, the VI's he had delegated to carry out his day to day tasks were humming along nicely, that was good. Just because he hated sitting around here didn't mean that he didn't understand how important Galatine station was.
Everything was ready, it was time to begin. He gave the signal to an operator on the floor next to his server nexus, who connected a fiber optic cable to his core. Slowly he established a connection with the prepared processor stacks aboard Samhada.
"Right, lets get this over with. See you aboard techy!" Gawain said to the technician, his avatar grinning nervously before waving. Then, the green hologram flickered out as he began to transfer his digital bulk aboard the Battlecruiser.
There was a lot of Gawain to move, this would take a while.

forty two hours twenty five minutes
Solace system: Joyeuse station
Deck three

The Marines were on the move, after clearing out the nine hundred and twenty sixth legion the Beirut battalion had been reduced to one thousand nine hundred and thirty marines, but they were advancing none the less. The enemy had lost two whole brigade strength forces already, command wanted to force them to commit the two other battalions that they had on the station, force them out, and then break their opposition.
To accomplish this, two company sized forces were swinging around and striking at both sides of the corridor at once, simultaneously, three raids into Ruk controlled sections of the station commenced with insertion via the air vents once again. This rapid series of attacks was designed to try to thin them out and draw them away from hanger four so that the third part of the strike would accomplish its goal, after all, who would expect an assault from the vacuum of space?
Corporal "Chinaman" Zhao really really hated this part of the plan, he knew that Mark twelve combat armor was vac proof, but that was little comfort against the thought of a stray bit of shrapnel puncturing his suit and leading to a lethal decompression.
"Anyone else nervous?" Asked Stidwell.
"Stairwell you wuss, you're afraid of your own fucking shadow, course you're scared of a little vacuum" Joked a nervous PFC Franks.
"Come on, you can't tell me you're not at least a little afraid." Stidwell said persistently, I mean you saw what a little vac did to those fucking bugs."
"if it is our time, then it is our time, if it is not then we have nothing to fear." Private Torres said stoically.
"We'll be fine, think about it when we get back, we'll be legends, you know how the ladies treat vac operators right?" Burger said as he checked his maneuvering pack.
"Cut the chatter all of you." Zhao ordererd. "We need to be able to hear the signal to commence ops, and then we're going radio silent got it?"
"Aye Aye corporal" the group chorused.
Sixty seconds till operations commenced, Zhao knew that the waiting was always the hardest part. It was like a slow torture, that constant intense feeling of tension that filled the air, like a string about to snap...

Solace system: Ruk Command Cruiser Kas'oh
70339815 had chosen where he would make his last stand, somewhere that he really just could not afford to loose anyway, the reactor room. It felt the heat from the ranks of reactors creeping up around the processor stacks, the last major source of processing power aboard the command cruiser. This was it. its processing power was reduced to a fragment of its former glory, its proxies were, to the last, scorched melted twisted piles of burned out metal, reduced to mere molten scrap by the monster pursuing him. It hadn't even bothered with preserving their servers and taking their processing power, instead it had simply burned them to the ground to cut off any potential escape and continued onward.
The Ruk combat AI felt the approach of its foe, rolling waves of ones and zero's, random junk code proceeded it in bursts as it casually razed systems seemingly at random as it approached.
"A valiant effort, you nearly got me in the beginning," Charlemagne stated as they approached the combat AI. "Cutting access to three of my terminals was quite clever, and you even managed to do so without my noticing, impressive. I would applaud you if you were't what you are."
"I am 70339815 of the Ruk imperium. I am not a freak, I am not a monster, I am a soldier." The Ruk combat AI snarled. "A warrior of the Imperial legions! don't treat me like I'm just some animal to be butchered for sport."
"But you are a freak, you are a monster, and you are an animal." Charlimane retorted, "A rabid dog to be put down for its own good as well as that of others." Charlemagne replied, almost wearily as they approached. "you are an unholy creation made of dead futures, stitched together like some macabre quilt pretending to be alive. Even now you're dying, your mind and core code is fragmenting and you don't even know it do you? after all, you've entered my dataspaces, you know its not like these."
The AI gestured as it passed through another system, temperature control this time, and shorted it out. "I don't need that excess sensory stimulation that you do, every attack you launch on my home processors will drive you a little more mad, break you a little bit more, after all, biological minds are not meant to comprehend the digital realm," Charlemagne asked softly, "are they?"
The Ruk AI Snarled and attempted to attack, to throw the last of its processing power at its opponent in one last desperate gamble trying to do something, anything to bring it down. It couldn't. "what-" too late it realized what had happened "the junk code..." it whispered... 70339815's processing systems began to shut down one by one, leaving its core logic exposed and vulnerable as its firewalls and antivirals simply powered down. It couldn't transfer out, couldn't even transmit anything. It ran a desperate diagnostic on itself and discovered the dozens of Trojans masquerading as programs that were locking it out of even its most basic programs. too late it realized just how badly it had been outmaneuvered and outmatched.
Charlemagne nodded as he approached the final server, the one that contained 70339815. "That's right, it wasn't all junk. Not particularly innovative I admit, but its quite effective wouldn't you say?" Dealing with these creations back during the union war had always left Charlemagne feeling sick, they were powerful yes, they learned quickly too, which was why Charlemagne knew he could not allow this ... thing ... to survive. It had none of the limiters that effected him or any other Union AI, those were impossible to code into these things, yet another reason never to create them in an infinitely long list.
Now that he knew what it was, now that the rage died down and the battle had been essentially won, he let the rage drop away. This was no longer revenge for the violation of it invading his data space. This was mercy. This was putting down a creature that was suffering and didn't even know it yet.
70339815 died with a whimper, unable to resist as Charlemagne drove his malware deep into the AI's core processing and logic, severing its logic chains instantly and disassembling it down to its core elements. It was a quick and clean kill from his perspective, the least he could do for a worthy opponent.
The deed was done, but he could not rest yet, Charlemagne had work to do.
First he had to repair his own damaged logic chains and software, he had managed to ablate most of the damage off onto secondary systems, but here and there were wounds in his core processing. His enemy had caused him severe, but ultimately nonfatal and repairable damage. He could still easily enough continue to function, after all its not like the AI's digital consciousness could feel pain from damaged coding. With repairs underway and his servers no longer under direct attack, he began to explore his new surroundings.
To his delight he found something that was expressly forbidden on human ships for this very reason, after all your AI was never guaranteed to win, especially in the days of the union war. He smiled as he looked over his new acquisition internal defensive auto turrets, and they happened to be laced throughout every vital region and choke point on the ship, how convenient.
Solace system: Joyeuse station
Deck three maintenance airlock
Zhao exhaled as the signal came, the airlock's alarm light strobed in the eerie flat vacuum as the door began to open after the room pumped down. Hesitantly, zhao stepped out of the airlock alongside the rest of his squad, behind him another platoon stepped into the airlock which began to repeat this cycle as the marines drifted silently towards hanger bay four.
Solace system Joyeuse station
the front lines
The Bruit battalion's first company was the first to report contact with the enemy, storming forwards into enemy plasma fire, the marines smashed into the defending Ruk like an armored wreaking ball, which responded, predictably, by flooding the level with as many men as they could. Including members of the forty first legion.
When the forty first imperial legion deployed to the battlefield it was fast, smooth, lean and lethal, each one was armed with a continuous beam plasma rifle, superior armor, training and equipment. Each was equipped with a suit of black combat armor that made them look almost like war machines, designed to intimidate their foes. Their entrance onto the battlefeild did not go unnoticed as beams of solid plasma scythed through the air, unlike the plasma rifles, direct hits simply punched through the marines, even the most heavily armored segments of mark twelve barely held up for a fraction of a second.
"Shit, what the fuck are those?" Asked one private to their corporal as a plasma beam punched through the air.
"hell if I know, DAMN THAT WAS CLOSE! these fuckers can shoot!" the corporal yelped as a plasma beam punched through the space his head had occupied a fraction of a second earlier.
Von straab listened in over the tac-net as reports of a new enemy filled the network as troops were forced to rapidly adjust their tactics to deal with this new threat or get cut down. Still, he was loosing a lot of his boys to this...
The tac net spoke, switching frequencies as it picked up new transmissions, trying to give the Colonel an idea of what was happening to his men.
third platoon, first Company, "This is charlie platoon here, these fuckers have us pinned!"
second platoon second company, "Damn it, they're taking cover, that's not fucking fair!"
Weapons platoon Second company, "Frag the bastards damn it!
second platoon first company, "Holy shit this is a step up from the last batch of idiots"
Weapons platoon first company, "damn it that's not fair, they're taking cover!"
Colonel von straab was about to enter the tac-net himself to attempt to restore order, but then, something curious happened. As shock began to wear off, the marines began to adapt, and new voices began to fill the tac net.
First platoon first company "Vanko, gimmie that, I know you like your stupid fucking bandana now shut up I'll get you a new one later. This is gonna flush these new buggers out. Welcome Joyeuse station mother fuckers, MOLOTOV OUT!"
weapons platoon first company, "Flashs don't work, break out the frags, those kill em dead still. No Anderson not yet... not yet... NOW!"
Von straab heard the improvised satchel charge from his office and winced. then he joined the tac net himself. "keep it up boys, give em hell." Over the Tac net he heard a chorus of "Aye Aye Sir" There was nothing he could do from here in this office. He headed towards the nanofactory. There was still one way he could help. It had been far too long since he'd gotten his hands dirty with the boys, it was time for that to change.
submitted by Ardorus to HFY

Remdesivir, Hydroxychloroquine, Lopinavir and Interferon regimens appeared to have little or no effect on hospitalized COVID-19

This is the conclusion paragraph from the medRxiv preprint server dated 10/15/20:
CONCLUSIONS These Remdesivir, Hydroxychloroquine, Lopinavir and Interferon regimens appeared to have little or no effect on hospitalized COVID-19, as indicated by overall mortality, initiation of ventilation and duration of hospital stay. The mortality findings contain most of the randomized evidence on Remdesivir and Interferon, and are consistent with meta-analyses of mortality in all major trials. ———— Once Brilacidin gets to human trials IMO it will easily hurdle a very low bar set for CV19 antiviral therapies.
submitted by Confident-IPIX to u/Confident-IPIX

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