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PES 2020 Next Season Patch 2020 + Update V2.0. PES 2020 PES 2020 Next Season 2020 If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. FIFA 20 Download PC Crack Torrent CPY CODEX. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Gamers and soccer fans are waiting for the new PES experience.

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Possible new bike: Devinci Kobain RS or another 27.5+ hardtail with 120mm suspension

Hi Guys!
Looking for a new bike. Previous post is here, but let me summarize:
  • Looking for a hardtail
  • Max budget of $2000 CAD (or 1500 USD or 1251 GBP or 1430 EURO)
  • Mostly riding trails & XC but want a bike that will give me a bit more confidence
  • 120mm suspension
  • 27.5+ wheels
I have gathered as much data as possible in this Google Doc. These are all of the candidate bikes that I am considering ranked in order. Have a look: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1USmmuRSqRtWqRJ0-EyqBga38gj94iVaNHO5ZMHIeaek/edit#gid=0
The top of the list is the Devinci Kobain RS. New this year. Why this bike?
  • Price
  • Dropper post
  • Reasonable looking geometry. Chainstays are a bit longer than other options but headtube is slacker.
  • Thru Axels front and back - no idea if this makes any difference
  • I haven't found any reviews of the bike. Since it is the first model year and it is still early in the season, there is virtually no good info on the bike.
  • I haven't ridden the bike and if I want to pull the trigger before the season starts (while there is still snow on the ground) I will need to buy without riding it outside. Not sure how much of an issue this is.
General buying questions:
  • Can I tell if the bike fits just by standing over it? Will bike shops do fittings for mountain bikes?
Nagging thoughts:
  • The Salsa Timberjack and Norco Fluid also look awesome. Any compelling reason to go with either of these? Specs look pretty much the same. Same forks, all 1x11s.
  • I might be able to stretch my budget to $2200 to get a Norco Torent but I think this might be too much bike. Very tricky.
Thanks for the help! See you on the trails.
submitted by sixtyfootersdude to MTB


You guys already know what it is, Week two of football is wrapping up which means unfortunately we only have four and a half months of football left :( none the less, with two weeks of ball in the bag we can now begin to see and analyze some trends among the rosters. Still, with the majority of the season remaining, there remains huge opportunity for upsets and letdowns, but you betcha I'm gonna toot my own horn this week. Leading into, our losers and winners of the week!
Couldn't figure out how to make this table pretty oops
Winners Losers
CORNDOG Chris (srry)
Da COMSH Marcioxs
xXAleXx Energy Efficient Zephren
Tirentasorous Reubx What is on his Dick? (Dalton)
Desert Bird (Nick) e-Girl Fanatic Jake
Everyone certainly gave it their all this week with lots of free agency moves and rosters reorderings, some shone more brightly than others. Though certainly not as bright as Daltons fancy new Diaamand ring. I think I can say we are all winners this week through our continued friendship, as more of us set off to explore the big spooky world and delve into the depths of love. Though yes, there are people who are 0-2 and I am sorry about that, sending extra friendship your way. ANYWAY, football stuff time...
Lots of big-name players getting injured this week with Roethlisberger, Cam and Drew Brees all with unfortunate news (this may or may not have won me this week.)
You guys know I only watch the Seahawks game and that was kinda tough so idk what to say there
The Falcons Eagles game was pretty fun tho
RIP Jets
Uhh AB looked good and Lamar Jacksons still killing it, might wind up being the steal of the draft.
Another phenomenal week of foopball with lots more yet to come. And while some might be feeling sad about their performance so far, lest we all be thankful none of us live in Florida. Which brings us to what you will all probably just scroll to, and at that just to your own name so you can see what I typed about you, the power rankings. With two weeks in the books, we are now split into three categories, the Elite, the half and half, and the friends. I am not very good at analysis so I will do what I can.
While we are all winners here, the least winningest winner thus far is someone who has not been very nice to me, despite me being very clear how important it is, Dalto Gunslinger.
10. Dalton (0 - 2) 146.86 | pf-297 | pa-313 | down 1
While I'm trying to avoid potential bias here, Dalton's defense did manage to score 42 points while the rest of his lineup ultimately let him down with another defeat in week 2. Your defense cannot be expected to be a team carry on a weekly basis, and with all of the injuries stacking up on Daltons side it would seem he is pouring all his luck into the lady department (though he doesn't need it.) He still has Saquon and Watkins however, and with this solid core I think he still has a very big chance of building up a playoff-worthy team. Dalton has complimentary big friend energy this week, everyone send him your friendship. Also, I know you have 4th most points for but refer back to 42 defensive points against the Dolphins.
9. Zephren (0 - 2) 136.28 | pf-290| pa-320 | down 2
Next up on the list also appears to have lost some of that mystical fantasy luck, the lad Zephren seems to be struggling despite the names present on his roster. Goff and Evans don't appear to be playing up to their expected potential, Murray is yet to break out, and everyone on the Saints takes a hit with Brees gone. Josh will need his players to start breaking out if he hopes to pick up them W's.
8. Jake (0 - 2) 141.48 | pf-288 | pa-328 | down 2
It appears our lad has lost his infinity stones, as he is proving to be mortal to start out this season with a 0-2 start. I still think Jake has the strongest roster out of the 0-2's, and perhaps could be rated a few higher, but you were 6 last week and lost again so I'm sorry :( I was wrong about Mahomes, and Elliots been blowing up, yet despite getting these two steals of the draft the rest of Jakes team needs to fill in the gaps. He got unlucky week one playing Marcus, but week two was still not a good showing. Best of luck to the co-supreme co-leader co-comsh.
(7-4 are very close in terms of power rankings as this early in the season being 1-1 does not really give solid evidence for a team one way or another IMO. Marcus and Trent both swapped excellent for poor performance, and I could not tell you which team will wind up being better.)
7. Chris (1 - 1) 139.16 | pf-291 | pa-305 | down 2
I am putting Chris at the bottom of the 1-1's partially because Nick rated him lower last week and partially because given this weekends events his team also takes a couple of major blows. Micheal Thomas becomes a big ?? without Brees and the whole Carr and Andy Dalton thing really is kinda rough to see. I hate to down on a fellow Seahawks fan but Chris took no Seahawks players so what does that say about loyalty. His team has been quite average so far with averaging just under 150 a week, but average does not win championships. Might want to trade up for Metcalf.
6. Trent (1 - 1) 155.48 | pf-260 | pa-295 | Up 4
The only reason I'm putting Trent 6 and Marcus 5 is that Trent had a much worse bad week and a slightly worse good week. 2nd most points for in week 2 is a good trend however, and so long as Torents team has many more of these kinds of weeks and many less 100 point kinds of weeks, he ought to be in good shape.
5. Marcus (1 - 1) 120.64 | pf-304 | pa-301 | down 4
Just as I have Trent jumping up 4 I have Marcus dropping down 4, as a stellar week 1 performance becomes a little shadowed by a not so stellar week 2 showing and news of Cams lingering injuries. If Cam has to miss any significant amount of time the Cam-McCaffery wombo combo suddenly starts to look very scary (for Marcus.) Hopefully, the power duo doesn't have to be gone for any significant amount of time, and Marcus can spring back up.
4. Alex (1 - 1) 153.24 | pf-293 | pa-288 | up 4
I am going to give the top spot here in the middle to our lad Alex, given he is only a few points behind Marcus in points for, and does not appear to have any injuries as significant as Cam. However, Alex has to hope that Arians can start getting O.J. Howards balls to come so that he can start putting up larger weekly numbers. I wouldn't be too worried as 0 points from your TE should be an outlier, and you still won this week besides the fact.
And now, for the two people still reading, the top 3
3. Nick (2 - 0) 145.42 | pf-293 | pa-246 | -
You rated yourself here last week so I'm keeping you here primarily because of that and the current points for the three of us 2-0 bois. Additionally, that Brees injury is rough in a QB economy as dry as ours, so uhhhh Luke Falk played alright?? You'll have to find a way to put that graduate education to use with some smart plays on the wire and trades throughout the few weeks. On the plus side, you've had the easiest schedule thus far, having 25 fewer points scored against you than the next lowest player, so there is also hope that the trend can continue.
2. Mason (2 - 0) 153.98 | pf-312 | pa-271 | up 2
Yes I know, I put myself at the first place spot but I did get 2nd most points in week one and most points in week 2. Mason still has put up a good showing but yer gonna have to show you can outscore me in the coming weeks if you want to move me down the ladder boio. I still I am very scared by your team and do not look forward to playing you whenever that happens to be, so nice job with the draft and working on those trades. Hope that Colorado is going well and that your new roommate is not too stinky, good luck :))
1. Cory (2 - 0) 165.16 | pf-332 | pa-293 | up 1
Hey, this might be my only chance to be here this season and I put the effort into this PR so I'm gonna take it :) As stated, we are really only two weeks into the season, so anything can happen still. Injuries seem to be the scourge of the league this year so it seems it will really just come down to that and then smart waiver reactions, so that should keep things interesting. GG this week lads, friendship all around

I am also upgrading myself to Weenie Hut status. Chris you can come to.
submitted by Longboard-Bonglord to WTBB

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