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Luckily, Excel comes with a built-in step recorder which means you will not have to code the macros yourself. Preview of The Warren Buffett Spreadsheet – Excel version. The Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format developed by Adobe in 1993 to present documents, including text formatting and images, in a manner independent of application software, hardware, and operating systems. You can now have your RAM modules glow in the dark. Molly: In terms of nurse hack for health, we this is a commitment that we do alongside our partners, Johnson and Johnson, as well as Sonsiel. For all this doom and gloom speak, there.

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To download and install Office for a single PC, Office for a single PC and Office for a single Mac go to MyAccount. I have no doubt you can be great at excel if you are willing to put in the work of reading this book and doing the simulations. The Best All-in-One Computers for 2020 What you want: space savings, power, and flexibility, all from a single desktop computer. You cannot retrieve the key. Microsoft Office has pretty much the same features we already saw in the Technical Preview. This advanced guide includes tips and tricks, and also solutions to common issues you may face when using Form.

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We already pulled together a list of 200 Excel shortcuts for PC and Mac that you can reference! For Lesson 8 Key Terms, the pictures should relate to Microsoft Excel & the key term NOT Microsoft Word - MICROSOFT EXCEL PICTURES ONLY. What is the shortcut key for format cells in Excel? To set the primary key: Open the database that you want to modify. Buy Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Software or Try Excel, Free. How to Find Your Microsoft Office 2020 or 2020 Product Key.

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Excel - VBA get key by value in Collection - Stack Overflow. Switch Between Excel Windows: Click the. Seafarer cost assessments, trends and employment terms are provided for 35 representative ship types, spanning the chemical, container, dry bulk, general cargo, LPG, LNG, offshore, oil tankers, reefers and RoRo sectors. I'm using (desktop) Office 365 but you can use an earlier version. How to Activate Windows 10 without Crack? [New Hack. The Office app combines the Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps you know and rely on, with new capabilities that harness the unique strengths of a phone to create a simpler, yet more powerful Office experience on the go. Whether using it for personal or professional reasons, the Office app is designed to be your go-to app for getting work done on a mobile device.

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Purchase discounted game keys for Steam, Origin, Uplay, Xbox Live, PSN, and more! So ive tested this before if you enter the same API_1484 code before the main window or slide loads you can still get the lesson. 45 Best Product Keys / Serial keys / Activation Keys https://simturinfo.ru/crack/?key=2280. How to use Excel styles efficiently visit this site right here. These improvements have rolled out to Microsoft 365 customers already. Instructional videos are any videos that demonstrate a process, transfer knowledge, explain a concept, or show someone how to do something.

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Because the life cycle of every product and service is. These programs have their respective unique and unique characteristics and functions. If you already have a PIC, you may use it to create your electronic application form. Excel 2020 already have key. How to prevent files from opening automatically in Excel. We have discussed both the ways including how to do that without any software and with software.

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For example, to include Products & Services in the header or footer, you type Products && Services; To add page numbers to Excel headers and footers, insert the &[Page] code in combination with any text you want. You have already learnt the commands other than VBA Editor in the previous chapters. How to change Excel date format and create custom formatting site web. Let us know in the comments below. Windows 10 Pro: 8N67H-M3CY9-QT7C4-2TR7M-TXYCV. Lifewire Tech Review Board Member.

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7 Ways to Open Multiple Instances of Excel - Excel Gorilla. Still have more in their key feel than merely tapping a screen or clicking a mouse. Everything You Need to Know About Excel Tables. If you already have a Windows, Skype or Xbox login, you have an active Microsoft account. A Microsoft account or a product key is needed to activate, install, and reinstall Office. If you need help, see Find your product key for Office Read and accept the Microsoft Software License Terms, and then click Continue.

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Window group, and select an option from the list. General database knowledge, like querying data and storing data on databases. Section: Excel Basics Tutorial: Excel Made Easy Excel Made Easy - A Beginner's Guide. Step 3: Enter your Office product key, without hyphens. It's the legal copy and you will experience a good after-sale service. The Ultimate Laptop Buying Guide Tweet Share Email Serial keys or key codes.

Pineal Gland Decalcification: A Simple Routine

First of all, please remember that everything that happens until late December is a distraction from what is taking place in the skies. The politics. The virus. The natural disasters. All of this has been a plan, centuries in the making. Don't let them fluster you, and remember, we have so much more in common with one another than they are trying to make us believe. Human consciousness is a single entity, destined to rise and unite, and THAT is the true reason for the sanctioned insanity of 2020. This is the grand finale, my friends.
The pineal gland has been shrouded in mystery for centuries. Descartes signified it as "the seat of the Soul", and the Vedics described it as the third eye. Our pineal glands are the structures mediating the Universal rise in consciousness that we are being distracted from. I'm going to keep this brief in lieu of more info on activating it, but for more details, check out Rick Strassman’s DMT: The Spirit Molecule.
The first thing we all should be doing, is drinking waaay more water. It's amazing how our mood and energy levels are woven together with our hydration. It can be really boring just shoveling down a bunch of water, but it becomes easier. Try to always have some water around you, even if you can only bear slight sips throughout the day. Water (distilled or RO), oxygen (deep breathing), and light (Sungazing) are what we really need to be imbuing ourselves with. Water is a life force, as it allows a means for the Universal spark to propagate. See if you can make a couple of the glasses that you drink each day, especially in the morning, warm water. Drinking warm water has a variety of health benefits.
By now, most people are aware to stay as far away from fluoride as possible. Shorten the lengths of your showers. Buy fluoride free toothpaste. Don’t cook or make your coffee with tap water. Also, try out some chlorella/spirulina tablets & curcumin extract. The tablets will chelate heavy metals in your body, and are straight loaded with vitamins and minerals, while the extract goes to war with inflammation (shoutout to the Resisting the NWO post from some time ago for this). If you try curcumin, ingest it with a fat source (peanut butter or milk or something), and eat some black pepper with it as well. They each make the curcumin much more bioavailable.
Even when I was still in the phase of thinking conspiracies are paranoia-driven, I couldn’t help but be taken aback when learning in an intro chemistry course that fluoriNe is the most electronegative element. FluoriDe is a fluoriNe atom that has become more “comfortable” by gaining an electron, to complete what is known as its “octet” (eight valence electrons surrounding the nucleus). Basically, fluorine the element, “wants” to gain an electron more than any other element in existence, because out of the elements that are only a single electron away from their octet (the halogens: fluorine, chlorine, iodine, etc), it has the smallest atomic radius. So, once the uberly electronegative fluoriNe atom has gained an electron to become fluoriDe, this fluoriDe atom is now clutching that electron as tightly as any atom can. It finally has completed its universal desire for 8 electrons, which means there is no way in hell fluoride is going to let the extra electron free, without a fight. This tendency to clutch the acquired electron so tightly makes fluoride extremely stable, because it has reached the “balance” which is natural of a Neon atom (it has become “isoelectronic” with Neon, the noble gas right next to it). So, what does this mean for us? Well, certain cations (positively charged ions) like calcium and magnesium (notice how they are also pumped into the drinking water?) are going to form very tight connections with the fluoride atoms, which have their minus one charge from gaining their electron. These salts, CaF2 and MgF2, begin to form deposits that are very, very insoluble, because of the tight bond formed with fluoride, due largely in part to fluorine’s electronegativity. Fluoride has absolutely ravaged our minds. This video will give you a better description of what I’ve described.
So, we need an influx of water, unless it is going to have these chemical cocktails they are feeding us. I tested my sink water at 700 parts per million, which is nauseating (I have friends in Boulder who’s tap is 2-3 hundred). Stay away from that shit. Also, that slew of ions is going to react with the chemicals in your soaps, shampoos, and bodywashes. Try to get some natural soaps that don’t have as many chemicals, and when you shower, try to wash off soap and shampoo with as cold of water as you can stand. Heat is energy, giving the reactions more fuel to work with. You don’t want to be searing these chemicals into your skin with hot water. That’s why it’s so common to feel dry and itchy after showering with that stuff.
Yoga, in my opinion, is the most enjoyable practice to begin this process. We can get a (light) full body workout, a cardio session, the best stretch imaginable, and skyrocket our levels of oxygen, all in a quick 20-30 minute workout. There is a reason Lord Krishna emphasizes yoga throughout the Gita. The mind/body coherence generated by the simultaneous stretching, breathing, and visualization of the "inner mirror", is truly a miraculous healing force. I think it is best to do yoga right in the morning, because it will benefit you physically by kickstarting your metabolism, and spiritually by centering your mind before you've been afflicted by the worries of the day. If you can't do it in the morning, no worries! It's great to get a stretch midday or right before bed -- truly, whenever you can manage the time. I'd say virtually every person who has ever done yoga, felt uncomfortable of out of place to start. So, if you feel this way, simply greet it as the first step to overcome in your journey. You will feel weird. You won't be sure if you did it right, if it helped, or if it was worth it. That is all completely natural. Just go slow, and remember: your breath is what is most important.
Use your breath to accent the stretches; you will feel how the deep inhalation can send additional energy and depth to the place being stretched. Here is a 30 day challenge for beginners, which will ease you into things. After 20 days or so, you can snoop around for specific stretches or sequences that you enjoy. Or you can just dive right in with a random yoga video, but they may be too fast paced if you aren't familiar with some of the basic poses and moves. Even if you don't believe in the ascension, Western science is now backtracking and admitting that yoga is one of the healthiest things we can do for ourselves. You can't go wrong.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBu-pQG6sTY&t=69s https://iynaus.org/sites/iynaus_files/pages/research/BenefitsOfYogaandExercise.pdf
Once you're comfortable, take a shot at a vinyasa flow session. This has been the most productive sequence for me, personally. Basically, you will be changing the elevation of your head, flowing up and down, while breathing deeply. When your head is below your knees in a forward fold, the oxygen replete blood you've been building will flood your brain. You will work your way up to doing this sequence smoothly, with your eyes closed, really melding the movement of the body with the breath and visualizing the healing energy coursing through you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEYSO-Tc2Go&t=478s
Meditation, of course, is the most well known way to clear our third eyes. With how detached they've made us from ourselves, it can be very difficult for some people to sit down and just start meditating. That's why I think it's useful to do a yoga/meditation split. After you've done 20-30 minutes of yoga, you will have enough energy accumulated that you will be able to sit down and really dig in to your psyche via meditation. Remember, it is all about your breath. Focus on the rise and fall, while greeting any erratic thoughts that may enter your mind. Like all of these practices, the most essential part is to welcome discomfort and failure as necessary prerequisites for finding success. If you can do 20 minutes of each, you've done 40 minutes more to better yourself than, who knows, 90 percent of the human population? Even if you only do fifteen minutes of each, it's all about the progress. This is an infinitely ascending scale, until we are rejoined with Source, so slight hiccups and inabilities are *literally* the only way to keep rising. Let the negative drive you forward, instead of holding you back. Try meditating to these frequencies, or try the classical music options I will discuss shortly.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=go99WqXWGgk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCONe0O53JY
Fasting is an excellent way to cleanse your body & a great practice to triple with yoga and meditation. A fasting journey can begin with simply delaying when you would usually eat your first meal by an hour or two (if your schedule allows), or skipping it outright if you can manage. These seemingly small feats of self discipline are what will catapult you forward into success. Every time you make the sacrifice of denying yourself food, even if only for brief intervals in the beginning, you are contributing to the actualization of a more complete and well-rounded Self. It may seem impossible to fast for extended periods of time, but that is only because they've barraged us with toxic food designed to hook us. Take the laborious, seemingly futile steps now. We simply lack the perspective to realize these are actually the stepping-stones to greatness.
Obviously, fasting all of the time is not feasible. So, when you do eat, really think about what you are putting in your body. They have made us addicted to refined sugars, processed meat, and empty carbs. We can wean ourselves off of these things, with a little practice and dedication. Try not eating meat a couple of days out of the week. Put off that candy bar or doughnut or whatever for a day. Our cravings for these vices will slowly dissipate, if we are able to make the decision in real-time to be better. These kinds of foods lower our frequencies dramatically. If fasting isn't an option, revise your diet as much as possible. If you can stop red meat immediately, that would be wonderful. If not, at least cut back. Eventually, gradually, see if you can move to no meat. I'm still in the process myself, it's all about practice. You can make super filling bowls of oatmeal that are different every time. Simply use oatmeal, peanut butter, honey, and flaxseed as a base, then mix and match different fruits, nuts, and granola you like. Oatmeal is filling, nutritious, and you can make it taste amazing while varying it each time. A big bowl of oatmeal around midday, after fasting, will set you up until the end of the night.
Listening to classical music is a fantastic mind-leveler. Classical music is written to engage us emotionally. It is meant to be thought provoking and dramatic. You see, sound is manifested via the same order of principle as matter. As you move across the periodic table, elements are becoming closer to completing their octets, where they have satisfied their natural desire for 8 electrons "orbiting" their nuclei (this is why the noble gases are basically inert: they have 8 valence electrons, like I was discussing earlier). Students of music will also recognize 8 as the numerical basis of the scale for musical notes (not to mention Gnostic Ogdoad, Buddhist 8 fold path, and others). Sound and matter are both reverberating from Source. In this way, sound and matter are both manifesting, through vibration, in identical fashions. Atoms of elements are simply differing "degrees" of one another, based on the vibration, just like sound. There is something about classical music which is a catalyst for human thought development. There is a synergy between these primordial acoustic waves, and the constantly fluctuating electrical field (Starlight) that is human consciousness. These classical works are broadcasting resonance, in a carefully crafted manner and order, derived straight from the space-time itself. Classical music will teach you a lot, if you care to listen. I've noticed that throughout the day, instead of having songs from commercials or whatever nonsense might usually randomly run through my mind, I now have different sequences from sonatas or symphonies. It's relaxing instead of distracting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9pivx91mVk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQV5RCgRgXc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctBqW5e16YM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4788Tmz9Zo&t=726s
Photons from Sun gazing will also play their part in cleansing our pineal glands. The "third eye" is more than a catchy nickname; the pineal gland truly has photoreceptors embedded into it, which is how it is able to regulate our circadian rhythms. When light is detected, melatonin production slows until it virtually stops, before beginning again when light begins to dwindle. The pineal gland is also producing all of our serotonin, similarly, based off of light. Science won't confirm this, but let's face it: the PG is also producing DMT, arguably the most powerful psychoactive compound on the planet. So, this tiny, mysterious gland is producing a biochemical that regulates our sleep; a biomolecule that regulates our mood, attention, libido, etc; and most likely a biomolecule that transports our psyches to distant dimensions. All of this, from a structure that is essentially ignored in academia. Strange, right? Whatever brilliant minds engineered our species, made sure that our pineal glands couldn't be mistaken for anything other than our master regulator and Key to Source.
One of the central aspects of the awakening that is taking place, is the radiation we are already being exposed to because of our weakening magnetosphere. The way this enlightening cosmic energy is interacting with our pineal glands is the catalyst accelerating our spiritual growth and development as a species. So, get as much light as you can! If you awaken as the Sun is rising, you can stare directly into with no ill effects. It's the same at Sunset. I'm not exactly sure how, but the dual radiation from our Sun (truly, our consciousness' origin) and the energy that is thickening from the center of the galaxy, are interacting with our PG's to expand our psychic abilities, intuition, etc. Everything is Light, so influxes of Cosmic Light are akin to a surplus of a “medium” for us to transfer thoughts, feelings, emotions etc. The energy/Light is increasing, allowing for the propagation/spread of Light to be a simpler, smoother process.
Lucid dreaming is probably the most fascinating and exciting method to relinquish our PG’s. Many important works of art, literature, and science have come to the user whilst dreaming. The dream realm is facilitated by the DMT released by our pineal glands, so naturally, coming into conscious awareness while in this state is a powerful and direct means of contacting Source. You can begin your journey to Lucidity by staring at your hands for several minutes before you fall asleep, while repeatedly telling yourself “I’m going to lucid dream, I’m going to lucid dream.” Within a week of truly focused effort and dedication, you should see your hands in a dream, and have the realization that you are dreaming dawn upon you. It can be exciting to realize, so it may jolt you awake. Keep trying, especially in the beginning when you’re staring at your hands but nothing is happening. You will get there.
Another lucid dreaming method is to periodically question whether or not you are dreaming throughout the day. If you consistently give yourself a real interrogation on whether or not you are experiencing waking physical reality, this question will permeate into your subconscious, and eventually you will begin to wonder the same in a dream. Again, the instant you have this thought in a dream, it should dawn on you. The last LD’ing technique is probably the most effective. As the night goes on, our REM cycles (which is when dreaming occurs) become longer and longer, with smaller gaps between them (we cycle between REM and non-REM sleep). Set your alarm for a few hours before you actually need to get up. When you awaken, tell yourself that you are going to lucid dream, or just really think about the concept of lucid dreaming. After flooding your mind with the idea, you will be dipping back almost immediately into an REM cycle. Having LD’ing on your conscious mind so shortly before traversing back into the dream realm is a potent means of inducing a lucid dream.
Repeating mantras and positive affirmations, along with crystals, are the last things I will mention. When we speak positively about what is to come, we help solidify that reality going forward. Because nothing in the future is set, we are able to direct where we are headed, by collapsing the wave function on the reality we desire. Consistently telling yourself that you can do it, and that the changes you’re making are for the best, will help you align with the actualization of your highest being. You can make up your own phrases that have value to you or try to find some useful ones online. Send them out into the Universe, so they can be nurtured and flourish.
The crystal discussion is an interesting one. Crystals (and stones) are frequencies “stuck” in the space time, perpetually disturbing the Aether in a consistent fashion. These frozen resonances are able to act as an induction agent to draw energy from The All. Also, stones or rocks that you find in streams and forests have valuable energies, too. They have been patiently waiting – possibly for eons – to be picked up, examined, and appreciated. They have felt countless hours of natural energies peacefully cascading past and impressing upon them.
So, putting these things together, a simple routine could go something like this (if you have time right in the morning):
  1. Drink a warm glass of water, or two, as soon as you wake up. This is a good time to take your Spirulina/Chlorella tablets, if you can get them. Your schedule will have to determine when you can Sungaze (am or pm). If you can Sungaze first, as a prelude to yoga and to avoid the harmful rays as the Sun continues to rise, it’s probably best to do so. If not, try to accomplish this as the Sun sets.
  2. See if you can get some kind of little shrine or alter set up next to where you will be doing yoga and meditating. A few meaningful crystals, maybe some flowers, who knows, whatever is natural and carries good energy for you. I use some cinnabar, tiger’s eye, a Sri Yantra necklace, and some rocks from Lake Superior. Having this extra induction of energy swirling around you aids with your takeoff.
  3. Refrain from eating. Find your spot to do yoga, and maybe sit around and wake up a little to prepare yourself mentally. If cannabis helps get you in the zone, I think you should smoke it. Some people disagree, but I think there is a reason it was outlawed, and there's a reason our brains are hardwired to accept and metabolize cannabinoids.
  4. Do about 30 minutes of yoga, remembering to focus on your breath, and please, for all that's good in this world, do not become discouraged when you falter. Once you're comfortable with some basic moves, try flow sessions that change your elevation often (most yoga will do this anyway). See if you can do this in a sunny spot, so you can absorb as much light as possible.
  5. With the prana flowing, get comfortable and meditate for as long as you're able, working your way up, and possibly do so while listening to classical music if it suits you well. Again, don't let erratic thought patterns turn you away; instead, we must greet and conquer them. Keep drinking water! It is also helpful to meditate to the healing frequencies I linked to above, or just to listen to them in general as background noise.
  6. If you want to do some aerobic exercise, now may be a good time for you. Again, you may need to mix and match this order to find what flows with you. This is much more exhausting than most yoga, so I think it would be better to do afterward. Your call though. You don't need to try to gain a bunch of muscle or lose a bunch of weight, or anything like that. Simply put the effort in, get your heartrate accelerated, get a little sweat going, and you're well on your way. Here's a simple circuit that has seen success in the past: 50 jumping jacks, followed by 30 pushups, followed by mountain climbers for as long as you can manage. Do them back-to-back-to-back, remembering that this is a cardio workout, as opposed to some massive strength builder. Do three sets of this circuit, resting for a couple of minutes, or however long you need, in between the sets. Also, adjust the numbers. Do whatever you can, or even, substitute one of them with a simple bodyweight exercise that you're more comfortable with. There are some great core workouts that won't irritate your lower back like crunches sometimes do.
  7. Hold off eating for as long as you can manage after accomplishing these feats. Drink a ton of water. You will be amazed at how it feels to deny your body food, in place of water. Especially when you've generated so much energy! Even if it is only an hour, that little bit of extra fasting is literally etching away at you as a slab of marble, sculpting you into the final form you are destined to actualize. Again, this is not some kind of physical perfection, so don't look at it like that. You're expanding your energy, your consciousness, your Light. Start chipping away at forming the Lightbody the Universe has in mind for you.
  8. Repeat mantras and positive affirmations throughout the day! More importantly, believe them yourself. The Universe is in a quantum state. We can play our role in manifesting/actualizing what happens. We aren't idle agents being guided off a cliff. At least, we don't have to be. Start casting your truth out into the matrix, and watch it come back to you. Accumulate Spirit, then reciprocate it back to that from which it came. Everything is connected; everything plays its role in rippling the pool of cause and effect.
  9. Try to lucid dream at night. Use whatever method you think will be easiest. If you want to confine how much of your time this routine is occupying, perhaps you will only want to try the hand method at night before you go to sleep. Adding on the extra steps will surely speed up the process. This can be one of the most interesting parts of the journey, once mastered.
Another option for us is to ingest entheogenic/psychedelic compounds. Now, please listen carefully: I am not a doctor. These compounds can have potentially adverse and unpredictable effects on your psyche, MAYBE your body (psychosomatically). Also, DO NOT use these tools if you are prescribed any kind of psychiatric medication. Definitely if you take SSRI's or lithium. Anyone taking MAOI's should not ingest MDMA or probably any amphetamines. Anything else, do some extensive research on. Most of these compounds act on the serotoninergic pathways, so you need to be very cautious if you are already taking the initiative to alter your brain chemistry. Also, if you are not mentally fortified for a powerful experience such as this, then please, refrain from this route and work with some of the others listed. How do you know if you're ready? Well, if you have no experience with these things, the very nature of this entire discussion (regarding the events in December) may become upsetting to you once you are under their spell. It might not be the best way. Even though the events are good things, it can be overwhelming to think about. If the idea of ascension is genuinely exciting and you truly feel ready to greet the new day, then you can probably handle a low dose session to start, if you are confident in your sourcing. With all of that being said, the states induced by these compounds are some of the most time-honored, well explored, and sacred tools that we as humans have to explore the deep recesses of the Universe. Use caution and respect.
Also, I think tryptamines are better for what we are going for. These would include psilocybin (P. cubensis mushrooms); DMT(preferably Ayahuasca); LSD; 4-AcO-DMT; etc. The only phenethylamines I would really trust would be mescaline, and 2C-B. Everything else may be a little too speedy/geeky to really help us center. Oh yeah, Ketamine certainly has its place in the world. I'd like to repeat, I am not a doctor, and you really need to be aware of the interactions these compounds may have with other medications you are taking. I really wish you the best, but this is not the route you want to go if there are potentially adverse side effects.
There are also breathing exercises we can do to guide us down this path. Wim Hoff has unlocked seemingly superhuman abilities through his mastery of breath, which came to him through routine exposure to critically low temperatures (via water). This guy is a true bad ass. Scientists are scrambling to study him, as his methods have been easily taught to students who have likewise attained his remarkable abilities. He has unlocked the mind/body coherence of the ancients. See if you can work some of these breathing techniques into your day. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BNejY1e9ik https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9zS94x2nd8
Centering yourself could be as simple as sketching, drawing, or painting, if you're an artist. I've only described things here which I have personal experience with, so as not to feign knowledge of something that I haven't seen success with myself. Animals also benefit us with their based vibrations. The warmth a puppy or kitty is radiating will help alleviate some of the worries we begin to stock up. Also, house plants are a huge resource in this battle. You can grab them online or save them from Walmart or Home Depot. They are projecting their frequencies just like we are, and spending time with them will begin to alter yours to match theirs. Plants are sentient, we are pigeon-holing consciousness to think otherwise. Plants liven up a room in more ways than one. The C02/02 exchange dynamic between humans and plants is really reason enough to have them around, on top of gelling with their frequencies. The human story cannot be told without including plants, as my favorite scientist will here explain. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Px_MKhdV2Lk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kt8bonpDQFU
Our pineal glands unite us to Spirit. There has been a coordinated effort to sever the abilities and efficacies of these strange, anomalous little organs. I really, really recommend reading DMT The Spirit Molecule, by Dr. Rick Strassman. I will quickly note that by the time he was in medical school, Strassman was an avid student of Zen Buddhism. He was well aware of The Tibetan Book of the Dead’s declaration that a Soul lingers for seven weeks, moving through the bardos, before finding an appropriate body to reincarnate into. To Strassman's shock, when studying the development of a human fetus, he learned that the pineal gland finishes developing at 7 weeks, at which point an influx of DMT is released into the fetus' brain. A biochemical means of reincarnation, via the "Spirit Molecule", DMT, a compound which pervades essentially all life forms on Earth? Well, I'll simply tell you that there are no accidents.
Please, do not think any of these practices need to be done in conjunction for effect, or that they all need to be perfectly executed immediately for results. Make whatever slight positive changes you can. Maybe yoga is enjoyable for you, but you can't seem to meditate. That's fine, do whatever works for you to gradually draw these conscious states to be your baseline, because every degree you ascend along the way, will be a marked improvement and will carry on to affect those around you positively. No one is perfect with doing practices. Do not become discouraged if you slip up along the way. One of the most satisfying parts about making these changes is that when we screw up, instead of being devastated, we simply realize it is a crucial part of the quest. As you grow in this journey, you will feel your progress accumulate and compound, a true snowball effect, until you are bursting at the seams with positive energy, broadcasting your Stellar radiance to all that you encounter along your way.
Everything is connected. You are Starlight. Three dimensions has been an illusion; it has been a learning experience. Manifest your results. Most importantly, remember to effuse love to yourself and those around you, with the intensity of a thousand newly awakened, freshly beaming Suns. Thank you, and take care.
Oh Starlight, awaken, the Cosmos now needs you. Steal unscathed past that which impedes you. You are a light, with wondrous might, may the depths of the night not restrict you. For you are a glow; you'll ebb and you'll flow, with all that may try to afflict you. Trust in Source, and in just recourse, The Law will be there to lead you. By the Will of the Air, take heed, and take care, parry all thoughts that seek to deceive you. Stray not far, from that which you are: carnality clinging to confine a Star
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Starting Tyranids and Nov 2020 Tyranids Army Analysis

Hello Internet! Writing about Tyranids over the last few months has been very interesting as it has given me the opportunity to get in meaningful conversations with a much wider group of Tyranids players. I really enjoy the different perspectives and takes on the army I have now been exposed to.

From this dialogue there are two very common questions that I find being asked of me and others. First, how do I start a Tyranids army? Second, what do you think of unit X? Therefore I have decided to write up my thoughts on the first question and also give a broad army overview, and hopefully in the future I can just link to this article as a response.

Disclaimers: Please keep in mind several disclaimers. First, all of this information can and almost certainly will change as soon as there is a new codex for Tyranids in 9th. Second, I am not and do not claim to be the best Tyranid player out there. This article is just one person's analysis. Third, I like to only base my analysis and thoughts on experience on the tabletop. I think there are already a lot of people on the internet that engage in theoryhammer and can tell you how they think something will work. I want to ground all of my takes on the value of a unit only on what I have learned from playing with them in real games. A perfect example of this is that on paper both a lictor and mawloc are not very good, but I have found that in practice they are key units for me.

Starting Tyranids:

I do like the latest GW trend to start a player off with a 500pt/25 PL force. This is a good introduction to the army. I have two recommendations for a starting 500 point force depending on what kind of player you are. My first recommendation will be for a player that is brand new to 40k and wants to learn the hobby with Tyranids. My second recommendation is for a player that is already familiar with 40k with other armies, and wants to branch out to Tyranids as a new army for their collection. In both cases I recommend buying both the codex and psychic awakening: blood of baal, as the two books combined are what contains all of our army specific rules.

New to 40K Starting Tyranids:
If you are brand new to 40k first I would say welcome! 40k is a deep and rewarding game with many different aspects that can enterain you for years to come. Starting out with Tyranids I would buy two boxes of Tyranid Warriors and two boxes of Venomthropes/Zoanthropes. The Tyranid warriors can be built a variety of ways, but a really good starting loadout is with deathspitters and with lashwhips and boneswords. The six should be built the same, and can be run as a unit of 6 or two units of 3. My suggested list below uses a single unit of 6 to maximize on the free adaptive physiology buff I'm giving them from blood of baal. If that sounds greek to you, don't worry, you can start slow, but use the below list as a reference when you get started.

The Venomthrope box actually can build 3 different models. With it you can build venomthropes, a neurothrope and zoanthropes. A neurothrope is a very good starting HQ for Tyranids that is cheap and tough, you will want to build one of your 6 models from these kits as a neurothrope (it has a little bone spike at the top of its spine sticking over the head). You will want to build the other 5 models as zoanthropes, and take them in one unit of 5.
500 pts, 23 PL
Neurothrope, warlord, resonance barb, psychic scream
6x Tyranid Warriors, deathspitter, lash whip + bonesword (adaptive physiology enhanced resistance)
5x Zoanthrope, catalyst

This army is a good starting point for brand new players for several reasons. First, you are only dealing with 3 units on the board, so you can focus on how each one works rather than being overwhelmed trying to control a lot of units at once. Second, each unit is about as tough as you can get for the Tryanid army, and when starting out it is easier to learn using models that don't die as fast I have found. Third, this list will teach you all the phases of the game. The Tyranid warriors can both shoot ok and fight ok, letting you learn the shooting, charge and combat phases. The neurothrope and zoanthropes also cast psychic powers, getting you a good introduction to the psychic phase. Finally, every unit in this army is a synapse creature. Synapse is a more complicated rule for the Tyranid army that adds an extra layer of complexity for a new player. By taking this force you don't have to worry about synapse which makes the games easier to play, and you also are immune to morale!

The other good thing about this starting force is that it can benefit in some way from every hive fleet except Hydra. This will let you experiment with the different hive fleets with a foundational force while you try and learn the rules and figure out what playstyle and hive fleet fits you as a player.

Branching out to start a Tyranids Army as a second army:
My advice is different for someont that is already very familiar with the current mechanics of 9th edition. For players that have already been playing with a different army but want to start a new Tyranid army, you can look at a starting force that is made up of more specialized units that are a little harder to play well with.

If you are already familiar with the game I would recommend buying two boxes of venomthropes/zoanthropes, a box of termagants and an exocrine. For the venomthropes build them the same way, with one as a neurothrope and 5 as zoanthropes (but you will only use 4 at 500 points). Build the termagants with fleshborers. From this you can build the following list:
495 pts, 25 PL
Neurothrope, resonance barb, psychic scream
10x Termagant, fleshborer
4x Zoanthropes, catalyst
Exocrine, adaptive physiology dermic symbiosis

This list is 4 units with 3 that are all fairly specialized, and this force will have to work together as a team to win. The termagants and exocrine have to worry about synapse, and so you will have to pay attention to your positioning. The termagants are mostly there as a screen and possibly to grab an objective, but will want to stay close to the brain bugs to not run if they take casualties. The exocrine with dermic symbiosis is about as tough as you can make a monster at this points level, with both a 5++ invuln and counting as double wounds for bracketing. The exocrine is very good against elite infantry, which is common at all point levels right now and the exocrine is also a great centerpiece monster for your starting force.

This list has a dedicated psychic unit, a dedicated screening unit and a dedicated shooting unit, and plays to the current strengths of the Tyranid codex. It is more complicated to play with, especially the exocrine where you will have to make decisions about positioning, movement and deepstrike as it has more advanced rules for how its shooting works. However, in skilled hands I think this is a very strong list for the combat patrol level of the game.

You will not be using the 5th zoanthrope you own at the combat patrol level, but your expansion to 1000 pts is already started!

Start Collecting:

The next question I usually get is what do I think about the Start Collecting box for Tyranids. First off it is a cheaper way to get minatures, so from that perspective it is probably the most cost effective way to start. The box comes with a broodlord (HQ), 8 genestealers (troops) and 1 trygon/mawloc (heavy). I want to break down my analysis of this box into two parts, the hobby side and the game side.

On the hobby side of this box I really like the model for the broodlord and the trygon. I specifically think trygons/mawlocs are fun to paint, and there is plenty of interesting stuff you can do to the base of a giant dune worm. I like the patriarch model slightly better than the broodlord, but the broodlord still has its place. I am not a fan, however, of the genestealers. I've been playing Tyranids for 30 years, and I don't think this model has aged well. You will have to deal with mould lines and the miniature itself is really too large and too wide for the base it comes with (25mm). This is annoying in game, but even just in a display case you will find that if your Tyranids shelf gets bumped you are likely to have a whole bunch of your genestealers tip over.

On the game side I think this box is a terrible way to start. The units in this box are very fragile glass cannons that don't even really pack much punch. If you are brand new to 40k and this box is how you try and learn I suspect you will lose most of your early games, maybe without doing much. Using this box on the table will unfortunately get you a very warped view of what Tyranids are like.

Let's first talk about the trygon/mawloc. I really like mawlocs, but both data sheets for this model derive a lot of their power from using deepstrike well. This is not something that a new player normally is very skilled with. The Trygon can hit hard, but both versions degrade very fast. Also, at only T6 and without an invuln save this big looking beast is not very tough and will die quickly. A mawloc will on average at top profile do less damage than a single khorne beserker with a chainaxe and chainsword, and it gets even worse when it degrades. So you have a 125 pt model that has about 20 pts of offense, and is pretty fragile. Now, the ability to show up anywhere is powerful in large games to control score, but just starting out for a new player? Trygons and mawlocs are esoteric game pieces that are difficult to use well for players with lots of experience. They are an awful introduction to Tyranids for a brand new player.

And how about those genestealers? In a unit of 8 they won't be vulnerable to blast weapons, however genestealers are very fragile for their points cost. If you are a new player and you go second, you are likely to lose all of your genestealers before you even move. Or you could try placing them underground with the trygon, but then you are counting on making a 9" charge out of deepstrike, which also almost always fails. And if you are playing against a new codex (marines or necrons) you will quickly discover that your genestealer just doesn't put out enough damage against the new statlines. Marines will easily eat your charge even if you get the first turn and then blow you off the table.

Finally the broodlord. The broodlord is probably the strongest piece out of this box, but is still a terrible HQ for a starting player. A broodlord can cast and puts out an average amount of damage in melee for an HQ. It can also advance and charge so it is fast and it can buff the genestealers. However, in real games the broodlord is typically a counter-attack piece used to finish off weakend units or models. The reason for this is that the broodlord is also very fragile, and will usually die if hit first by enemy characters or melee units. It takes experience to understand how to pick the best spot for a broodlord to commit and charge. Throwing it blindly at an enemy, like many starting players try to do, will typically end in failure.

So the box comes with a difficult to use, fragile monster with an average to poor combat profile, fragile, overpriced troops and a counter-attack HQ without much to act as a durable screen for it to shine. You MIGHT win a game using this box just starting out in the game of 40k, but you probably either got lucky or just have a natural talent at grasping the game. For the average new player this force will make them think that Tyranids are terrible as it is a lot of fragile, expensive, difficult to use pieces thrown together as the "starter" army. I'm sorry to all of you that were introduced to the faction by trying to play with this box. The game of 40k and the Tyranid faction is much better than you think if this was your introduction to the game.

November 2020 Tyranids Army Analysis:

So I have managed to get a good number of games in against the new marine codex, and even several against the new necrons. With the experience of playing our 8th codex against the new books I thought it might be useful to put down what I saw as the strengths and weaknesses of the Tyranids faction at this point in time.

First off, I will say that Tyranids is a medium to high difficulty army to play. The easiest play style (hordes of gants) is still not THAT easy and takes some practice to get used to. The more complicated builds are around the same difficulty to use as grey knights or genestealer cults, two armies I consider to be some of the hardest to play well. If you are looking for an easy point and click faction Tyranids are not there yet.

Psychic Phase and Mortal Wounds: The Tyranids greatest strength is in the sheer volume of mortal wounds they can inflict. In my opinion Tyranids are the strongest psychic army in the game, and at the very least they do the most amount of damage in the psychic phase. The first reason for this is that every army now has to deal with the escalating cost of smite, where it goes off on a 5, then a 6, then a 7 and so on for each time it is cast in the psychic phase. Previously grey knights and thousand sons got around this so could put out a lot of smites. However, with everyone on the same playing field, even with bonuses to cast and rerolls you are probably only looking at getting off 3-5 smites per psychic phase.

Most armies only deal d3 damage with a smite, or d6 on a super smite. Tyranids can do more damage per smite with zoanthropes, that can do either 2d3 or 3+d3 damage for a smite, and still benefit from super smites. If you only get off 3 smites in a phase another army might only deal 3d3 mortal wounds, where as Tyranids might have just dealt 9+d3 mortal wounds for the same dice rolls. Zoanthropes also have 24" range on their smites, just like thousand sons, but aren't shackled by only doing 1 damage smites.

That is only the begining, however. Tyranids have very few synergies in the codex where HQs meaningfully buff units (outside of the synapse rule). But their strongest synergy is in the psychic phase. Neurothropes give a 6" aura of rerolling 1s in the psychic phase, which effects both them and zoanthropes. Rerolling 1s is very valuable as it almost halves the number of perils you will suffer, as well as being very valuable for low casting cost powers. Many armies don't get access to this ability at all, or it is locked behind a valuable warlord trait. But for Tyranids this is just a power you get with one of your HQ choices. In addition you can also heal your units when you kill with smite.

On top of this you have psychic scream, which is a low casting value (5) targetted d3 you can add in to the mix. Tyranids are also very strong at denying enemy psychers. The Shadow in the Warp rule gives -1 to enemy psychers at 18", 6" more than the similar marine power for psychic hoods. Also, Tyranids have a strat which can force an enemy to only roll 1d6 to cast a power, which for 1cp is stronger than many of the 4+ to deny strats that are out there.

So from a casting perspective you do more damage per smite, get bonuses to casting, can heal from casting, and have strong abilities to stop enemy psychers. This makes this one of if not the best psychic army you can have. The powers that Tyranids have access to are also almost all useful, with low to average casting values. The one downside of all of this is that your psychers are expensive, and while you are better at casting than any other army you pay for the privilege. A psychic heavy tyranid army doesn't have a lot of points left over for much else.

Mortal wounds from casting are great, but for Tyranids that is also just the tip of the iceberg. The army has many, many ways to also inflict mortal wounds on the enemy. Both Mawlocs and Malceptors can do mortal wounds to all units around them. We also have access to many kinds of spore mines that do mortal wounds, often to the nearest enemy unit (with NO range restriction) meaning that if a group of mines overkills what hits them you might start wiping out enemies half way across the board. Not only do spore mines add to the mortal wounds, but we have units which themselves also spawn more spore mines. And we have units that can do mortal wounds when they make the charge.

For a psychic heavy army you might think something like a Culexus assassin would be good against us, but that has not been my experience at all due to our huge array of mortal wound abilities. The last time I faced a cullexes I brought a mawloc up in it's face knocking it down to 1 wound, and then shot biovores at it, that thankfully due to the assassin's powers could only hit on a 6, so constantly missed, allowing me to drop a ton of mines all around the assassin. The thing was dead in one turn to mortal wounds and never had a chance to disrupt my psychers.

Our strong mortal wound output makes Tyranids especially good against elite armies like Custodes or Harlequins, which really cannot afford to take the losses our mortal wounds can dish out. On the flip side, if you build too heavily into dealing mortal wounds with psychers and units in a Tyranids army you might find yourself struggling against hordes. Speaking of hordes....

Board Control: Tyranids are one of only a few armies that can realistically field several hundred models in an army. They come cheap per wound (termagants or rippers) and can be both fearless as well as having a number of defensive buffs on them, including invuln saves, feel no pains and minuses to hit. Tyranids are one of the very best, if not the best army at covering the board.

Playing a heavy board control army is all about the movement phase and understanding how to force your opponent into specific target priorities. I will also say right up front that this playstyle is not for everyone, as it can be stressful to paint hundreds of the same model and then also it takes a lot of practice to learn how to move that many models quickly. Also, compared to other horde armies I have seen (orcs, nurgling spam) Tyranid hordes don't present much of a combat threat to the opponent. It is all about how long it takes them to die.

Blast weapons are said to be a counter to hordes, but where I'm playing everyone is playing elites and taking anti-elite weapons. Let me tell you, if you have 200 gants you don't really care how many eradicators your opponent brought , but you are hoping they spent a lot of points on them. While there are several good horde armies in the game, Tyranids do the "cover the board for scoring and die slowly" with the best of them.

Movement: Tyranids are an above average movement army. Strats like metabolic overdrive are key to making the army work. Several key units have the ability to advance and charge, and the reason why hive fleet Kraken and the Swarm Lord are popular is because they bring even more movement buffs. On top of this Tyranids have a lot of units that can natively deepstrike, letting you pop up where you are needed in place of raw speed.

All that being said, deep strike is fairly common in some armies. There are some armies out there that I feel still just simply move faster than us (knife ears in general but harlequins specifically). And I've gone against all bike and speeder white scars armies that can put our speed to shame. Still, within the broader scheme of the game we are faster than a lot of armies and generally will have speed as an advantage over an opponent.

Speed is one of the most important facets of 9th edition, as the scoring system rewards board position more than killing. A fast army will often be able to get the board position to win on points regardless of how many units are dying. However, using movement options well takes practice, and is one of the reasons why I think Tyranids are a high skill army to use. Both GSC and Grey Knights and Harlequins, other high skill armies, also rely heavily on movement abilities to be potent.

Shooting: Tyranids are an average shooting army. Shooting has always been a part of the Tyranid identity, and that is still true. From the very start with the weird original pinhead warriors with guns and the hive tyrant that came with a venom cannon and lashwhip/bonesword, to the 4th edition where dakka 'fexes ruled the top tables, to now when exocrines and hive guard can do work, Tyranids have always had access to decent shooting options.

Tyranids right now are in an interesting spot. One unit of hive guard may be close to the most efficient 300 points of shooting in the game, with the ability to shoot twice with strat, shoot ignoring line of sight, and with enough strength, ap (and ignores cover) and damage to threaten basically any profile in the game. The problem with hive guard is that one unit can only do so much, and they get so much value from the strat and psychic buffs that a second or third unit diminish in returns drastically. They can do some damage to tanks but are best against elites.

Similarly the Exocrine is a custom built gun bug designed to take out light vehicles and elite infantry. It is not strong against hordes, and it is not strong against T8 vehicles and knights. But the game right now is filled with people taking lots of elite infantry, so the exocrine benefits from being built to go against the units that are the most common in the current meta. Exocrines were considered bad just two years ago when knights ruled the tournament scene, because exocrines are terrible against knights. But the meta has swung and now the exocrine is money. I worry their current value is temporary when the meta shifts again, though.

The last pretty good gun the tyranids have access to is the venom cannon/heavy venom cannon. These guns are low shot, but doing a flat 3 damage also makes them very good against elite infantry. In addition, I have not played with them yet, but it looks like some of the new forgeworld options also have very strong anti-elite firepower.

So that's the strong part. Here are the weaknesses. Tyranids have very poor pure anti-tank options. Heavy venom cannons and hive guard either don't have the strength or volume of shots to really chew through a lot of high toughness wounds fast enough. The rupture cannon Tfex is terrible. Tyranids also struggle with volume of shots against pure hordes.... like Tyranids can field. You will be hard pressed with a Tyranid army to shoot your way through an enemy Tyranid horde fast enough (although honarable mention to the fleshborer hive Tfex that no one takes, if hordes become the meta you might take three of them).

Also, while Tyranids bring good anti-elite shooting, they are just not going to win a shootout against one of the dedicated shooting armies. Don't go bringing your gun bugs against Tau and think you are winning those trades. You don't have good anti-tank options, you don't have good anti-horde options. And your anti-elite options mostly work when fed cp by strats, so you don't want to lean too heavily into that either. Still, the anti-elite shooting Tyranids can bring is effective at a specific role, and I think is often going to show up in a good Tyranid list at this point.

Melee: Tyranids are one of the worst hand to hand armies in the game. In my experience they are only better than tau, gaurd and admech units in hand to hand. I base this in part on being handily beaten in hand to hand by a thousand sons army, also not an army that is good in hand to hand. I'm guessing this may be a controversial take, so let me try and explain further.

First off, if you take dedicated Tyranid hand to hand troops, and get them into an opponent gunline like you imagine in the fluff, they can still do quite well. But this is a mismatch because you are comparing dedicated hand to hand troops against dedicated shooting troops. Now, given several of our speed options this will still happen in some matches and it is glorious when you get to do it. However, it is not the proper judge of an army's ability in an area if you consider the value only in mismatches.

Where Tyranids are terrible is in their DEDICATED hand to hand units against the DEDICATED hand to hand units of another army. And this is especially bad with the new codexes. I charged a full unit of 20 genestealers into a unit of 10 assault terminators and only killed 3, and then had my entire unit wiped in return. That is, I used the resources to make the charge, I struck first and only killed 120 points of enemy models, then losing 300 points of my hand to hand models in return.

An increase in wounds and armor saves has made our combat statlines laughably bad. If you are just looking at killing power, a swarmlord and 40 genestealers at 870 points will basically never kill 20 assault terminators at 860 points, even if you make every charge. Heaven forbid if they ever charge you. Now, 40 genestealers and swarmy could still win in a game, by using the hive commander ability to run the genestealers AWAY from the terminators to use obsec to grab objectives, but if you are playing that way you are probably better spending your points on hormagaunts instead of genestealers.

Comparing some stat lines can help to show the problem. Let's compare a Hive Tyrant with scything talons and a venom cannon at 190 points to an armiger warglaive at 155 points. They are both t7 with 12 wounds and a 3+ save. They both can get a 4++ invuln against shooting. They both degrade in combat prowess. The thermal spear is lower str but higher ap and damage than the venom cannon, both are d3 shots. Both get 4 base attacks in hand to hand, dealing a flat 3 damage. However, the Hive Tyrant only hits at strength 6, where as the wairglaive can get double attacks up to 8 to hit at s6, or gets it's 4 attacks at strength 12. So the warglaive is about the same or slightly better at shooting, and hits harder in hand to hand, is faster AND is 40 points cheaper. Now, yes, the hive tyrant can cast two psychic powers, but that is a lot of points to pay for that ability. AND warglaives aren't even really considered good, they are just much better at being a hive tyrant than a hive tyrant is.

Or how about a flying hive tyrant against a thousand sons demon prince with wings. Both cast two powers. Both get a 4++ invuln base (although the demon prince has easy access to a 3++). The hive tyrant is 50 points more expensive, but is 4 attacks compared to 8 for the demon prince (with hateful assault) and the demon prince also hits at s7 instead of s6, doesn't degrade and can take advantage of look out sir. I had one TS demon prince claw it's way through three hive tyrants in a game recently.... and the prince was cheaper than each monster it killed! The demon prince is an equal or better caster, is significantly better in hand to hand and is cheaper. To be fair, the hive tyrant can take a big massive gun that the prince doesn't get.... but is that worth 50 points?

The new books have really upped the wound count. Units also lots of times have a higher toughness. The new storm shield rules means there are a lot of units with effective 1+ armor saves. The ap1 and 1 damage of a s4 genestealer just is not good against the new statlines, whether that is lychguard, terminators, gravis, etc. Opponents can be getting 2+ saves against your attacks and you don't have access to bonuses to wound or rerolling wounds with your "combat" troops. Genestealers struggle to kill the generalist statlines of the new books, and are completely destroyed in hand to hand against the beatsticks.

In general, Tyranid hand to hand units have very low strength for dedicated hand to hand units and are also easy to kill for their points cost. If you are a monster usually add to that list of negatives low weapon skill and a low number of attacks. They either need drastic points reductions to perform their role against the new books or new statlines.

I took an army of hive tyrants, carnifex and genestealers against thousand sons and was easily beaten in hand to hand by scarab occult terminators and demon princes.... and they don't even have the buffed statlines yet. I've taken hand to hand tyranid armies against white scars, necrons and blood angels and the games were laughably onesided against me.

My personal theory is that the reason why Tyranids are always ranked low in power rankings is because when people think of Tyranids they think of our hand to hand units, which are currently average to terrible, and cannot win in a fight against the hand to hand units of other books. Playing melee 'nids right now is a losing battle against almost every army with what you get for your points in my experience. And even necrons will pretty handily beat you in hand to hand with their new rules and statlines.

If you want to play a Tyranids army and mostly want to hit things, play GSC. Seriously. Or at least ally them in. But Tyranid forces are in my experience in 9th, and especially against the two new codexes, not good in hand to hand. This is important because more and more armies are including a strong hand to hand contingent in their army.

Allies: Speaking of GSC, I consider allies to be another strength of the Tyranid army. The two biggest weakness of the Tyranid army is ranged anti-tank and hand to hand ability. Two areas that GSC can cover well is ranged anti-tank and hard hitting hand to hand troops! Game on.

Say you live in a world where it is full of T4, 2W, 3+ save units. Then let's say you could take a unit that hit at s8, ap 4 and flat 2 damage. Sounds perfect, right? Now what if that unit could also get buffs to charges, hit rolls and wound rolls.... things that Tyranids struggle to get access to. Well that DOES exist, in the happy acolyte with rocksaw.

GSC has some really powerful abilities. A unit of naked acolytes can deep strike natively, perform actions and is cheaper than a lictor. So if you don't like lictors, I would encourage you to take min squads of acolytes to perform your scoring.

If what you feel you are lacking is anti-tank, ridge runners and neophytes and a whole host of units can take a heavy mining laser to deal out some pain.

The biggest problem with GSC is they can be quite fragile and rely on their movement tricks a lot. They also struggle to bring ranged anti-elite firepower. But they are fantastic in combination with Tyranids, who can bring toughness either with their hordes or with their psychers, but who lack the heavy hitting punch on their own. Also Tyranids excel at the kind of shooting GSC struggles at, anti-elite firepower.

So Why Play Tyranids?: I mean other than they look awesome. Tyranids are a very strong psychic army that can excel at board presence, movement tricks and are backed up by competent but not overwhelming shooting phase. Their main weaknesses are in hand to hand and ranged anti-tank, both of which they can cover with access to their only ally in GSC. They are a moderate to high skill army, but once you master them they can be one of the toughest armies in the game to beat. For the Hive Mind!

Thanks for reading. Please let me know what you think!

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