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Top Best Laptops For Home Use of 2020 - November 2020. The following list represents products retiring or reaching the end of support in 2020. The Office Home & Student 2020 for Mac subscription costs $149.99 as a one-time purchase. If you spend your days doing cool stuff, drop us a line at iDoCoolStuff at Cracked dot com, and maybe we can share your story with the entire internet. The new version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, SharePoint, Exchange, and Skype is an essential tool for the office workplace of today. Get 100% free powerful virus protection for all your devices!

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Microsoft Office Home and Student 2020 + AVG Internet https://simturinfo.ru/crack/?key=2360. Office 2020 home and student crack internet. Varsity student gets offer to use Pitas education office internet facilities. His monthly internet plan costs $69 per month. Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2020 Product Key. There are a lot of free office suites out there, but Libre Office is one of the best.

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Office Home and Business adds Outlook to the Home and Student version and costs $ Office Professional Academic is available through authorized academic resellers only and costs $. How to install office home and student 2020 on a new. However, if you do not currently have broadband at home but do have a smart phone, then you can setup a mobile data connection (hotspot) instead.

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Buy Microsoft Office Home Student Download. Powerful Productivity Software for Home and Office. If you can let me know the model of your laptop, I can look up manufacturer's site to fish out the information regarding How to activate Office. Free School Meals / Uniform Grants. LibreOffice is an open-source personal productivity suite that gives you six feature rich applications for all your document production and data processing needs, writer, calc, impress, draw, math. Get Office apps like Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

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An easier way to start work. It's back to school, college and university time, and that means many of us are likely to be looking for the best student laptop of 2020. Best for: Its similarity to Microsoft Office. Home Office Setup Guide: The Best Gear for Working at Home https://simturinfo.ru/crack/?key=2359. Office Home and Student 2020 I bought Office Home and Student in January of 2020, and completed all the steps to download and install it. but my computer is still opening Office 2020 and giving me warnings about 2020 not being supported anymore. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Microsoft Office Home And Student Product Key Card at the best online prices at eBay!

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Originally published: October 29, 2020 Updated: July 17, 2020. Stay focused when you take advantage of the full-featured applications in this keycard box of Microsoft Office Home and Student. Office Home and Student features new photo, video, and text effects for creating standout documents and presentations. Moreover, OneNote that was not in the Office 2020 is now integrated with the Microsoft Office 2020 Full Crack. While collecting data for the Quarter 1 (Jan to Mar) 2020 International Passenger Survey (IPS), there was an overestimation in the number of non-EU students, particularly students coming from Asia; therefore an adjustment has been applied to non-EU student immigration for year ending Quarter 1 2020 estimates using Home Office visa allocations and consequently overall immigration and net. Student Internet Deals And Tech Discounts For 2020.

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Work From Home Internet jobs. Troubleshoot installing Office. Official Apache OpenOffice download page. Our guide has been put together to help take the stress. Our online Open Days are a great way to gain in-depth information on life. Office 365: A guide to the updates try this.

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The first duty of the government is to keep citizens safe and the country secure. See why WordPerfect Office 2020 is a legendary leader in office suites! Every Office 365 user is automatically updated to Microsoft 365 12 months subscription - up to 6 users – each user can install on 1 PC or Mac, 1 tablet or iPad and 1 mobile phone (Windows, iOS, Android). Microsoft 365 and Office Resources. You can access this offer on Accor\'s website here. Microsoft Office Home & Student 2020 79G-05011 B&H Photo.

I'm a 26 year old making $170k total comp (joint $470k total comp) living in Seattle

Breakdown of my total comp:
Base: $100k base/year
Stock: $70k worth of stocks to vest this year
Husband’s (we will call him P, he is 27 years old) breakdown of total comp:
Base: $180k base/year
Stock: $80k worth of stocks to vest this year
Bonus: $40k cash bonus based on performance (cash bonuses are based on seniority and performance; at a certain level you can only earn an X% of your base salary and as you move up in levels your bonus cap % increases)
Section 1: Assets and Debts
Retirement Balance (and how you got there): $67k in 401k, maximum contributions to my 401k since I've been working in tech. Contributions are based on base salary and my base went from $68k>$100k in the last 3 years. My company matches a percentage of my base pay at the rate of 50%. As you read on, you’ll see I switched job roles and got promoted within tech, which increased my base.
Stock investments: $98k
Savings account balance: $0; I re-invest any liquid cash I have leftover into stocks at the end of the month rather than letting it sit in savings where the interest is significantly lower than what I can get from tech stocks that I invest in.
Checking account balance: $5k, for emergency funds
Credit card debt: $0
Student loan: $0, my parents helped pay for my education
Retirement Balance (and how you got there): $233k in 401k and Roth combined
Stock investments: $73k
Savings account balance: $0, we both have similar philosophies. We’re young and don’t have kids so we’re more willing to take risks with our investments. In this case, we dump most of our leftover cash at the end of each month into tech stocks.
Checking account balance: $15k, some liquidity because he’s got some projects coming along he wants to have cash to spend on. Usually this is around $5k like mine.
Credit card: none
Student loan: none, he paid these off already as he went to school outside of the country where the entire 4 year tuition is under $20k
Equity if you’re a homeowner: ~$220K+, not exactly sure how much now at this point since we're planning on staying here long term (until there's a significantly nicer house/area we can move to).
Our downpayment was 20% ($220k). My parents helped us with $60k in down payment and we repaid them in full within a year. We know we are in a really privileged situation, so we are thankful for the help. We bought our house 2 years ago and have paid 24 months of mortgage at $5.1k/month. We bought our house for $1.1M and now it's estimated to be worth $1.3M.
Section 2: Income Progression
I was a biology grad and was going to go to med school. Applied and had gotten in at the time I had met P. He encouraged me to apply to some tech roles since he thought my personality better fit tech than medicine. I decided I might as well apply to a couple tech companies around the area and got an interview, and an offer. Decided I might as well try it and if I don’t like it I can still reapply to med school; with some additional non-traditional experience.
I worked throughout my undergrad years from as a lab aid making $11/hr part time (20 hrs per week). Once I graduated I also worked as a medical scribe and a patient coordinator making $11/hr and $15/hr respectively. These jobs were more to get more experience in the industry and help my med school apps.
2016 (23 years old): Patient care coordinator $15/hr; ~$30K/year
2017 (24 years old): My first year in tech my total comp (base+sign on bonus) was $68k as an account manager
2018 (25 years old): I became a PM and my total comp (base + sign on bonus + stock) increased to $97k.
2019 (26 years old): I got promoted and then my total comp (base + stock) went to $170k.
P’s (not sure what his total comps were for the past years, just know what it is this year):
P studied comp sci in college and during third year in college he did an internship with his current company. He received a return offer after his internship to work in the main campus in the US once he graduated.
2016 (22 years old): Software Developer 1 (SDE 1)
2018 (23.5 years old): SDE2
2019 (25 years old): Senior SDE
2020 (26 years old): Senior SDE Manager; he became a manager this year and now manages 10+ people
Main Job Monthly Take Home:
$4.9K after tax/month
Health insurance: $0, deducted from paycheck but this is only around $40/paycheck
Dental insurance: $0, deducted from paycheck but this is only around $12/paycheck
$5.4K after tax/month
Health insurance: $0, his company pays for it completely
Dental insurance: $0, his company pays for it completely
Vision insurance: $0, his company pays for it completely
You might wonder how P is only taking home $5.4K after tax/month even though he makes much more than me. His company has an ESPP program (employee stock purchase plan) and he maxes out his options for that every month, additionally he also maxes out his 401K as has 15% set for his Roth since his company match plan is really great (better than mine). Since he’s not needing to put much into his 401K due to his company’s generous match policy, he’s deciding to put more into his Roth/ESPP.
Section 3: Expenses
Mortgage: $5.1K/month (includes homeowner’s insurance) split evenly between P and I
Car payment:
Mine: $1100/month (still 4 more years left, I bought my car last year; it’s a used performance car with some mods. You’ll see below that P and I are both very into cars)
P: $571/month (only a year left; he bought his car soon after moving to the US; it’s also a used performance car with significant mods)
Car Insurance: ~$220/month for both cars
Pet expenses:
Food: $140/month
Meds: $23/month
Insurance: $60/month
Electricity: $110/month
Water: $105/month
Internet: $50/month
Netflix: $16/month
Youtube: $12/month
Hulu: $12/month
Phone: $90/month
9/12 (Saturday)
10 AM: Wake up, get ready (brush teeth, skincare routine, etc.), feed dog. I come back into bed because I’m still tired.
11 AM: Forgot to water my plants, so go down to water them
12 PM: Head to Costco to gas up the car ($60) and bought some groceries $130.
1 PM: Get home and watch some youtube videos with P.
6 PM: Eat some dinner, feed dog and after eating, start playing some video games
12 AM: Get ready for bed (brush teeth, skincare routine, etc.)
Total Spend: $190
9/13 (Sunday)
10 AM: Wake up, get ready (brush teeth, skincare routine, etc.), feed dog.
1 PM: Eat lunch and go with P to Home Depot to get materials ($70) for finishing up the laundry room (We recently remodeled but didn’t fully finish, still need to do the trims). We also went to Whole Foods to return an Amazon package. P has been doing mods to his car and now is ready to have his car wrapped. He gets a call from his wrap, who tells him we have to bring the car in on Monday. Shoot, need to get the car ready. Getting the car ready now.
4 PM: Sanding and prepping
11 PM: Get ready for bed (brush teeth, skincare routine, etc.)
Total Spend: $70
9/14 (Monday)
8 AM: Wake up, get ready (brush teeth, skincare routine, etc.), feed dog.
1 PM: Eat lunch
3 PM: More meetings, not sure when I can actually do some of my own work.
5 PM: P is asking to help him with his car, so I try to finish as quickly as possible
9 PM: Make Caesar salad for dinner. After dinner, we immediately go back to working again
11 PM: I stop working, since it’s just too tiring. P is still working, he said he will come up once he gets the bumper ready
12 AM: Get ready for bed (brush teeth, skincare routine, etc.)
9/15 (Tuesday)
7 AM: Wake up, get ready (brush teeth, skincare routine, etc.), feed dog. Back to the garage to do some more sanding and washing ahead of dropping off the car at the garage.
11 AM: Finished prepping car and head over to Seattle to get the car to the garage
12 PM: Arrive at the shop and owner tells us the sanding isn't at the quality that will allow the wrap to adhere well. Will need to look at sanding some more or have a body shop finish the work. The cost is going to be around $3k in addition to the wrap job which will cost around $4k. P asks if I want anything for food for lunch. I tell him I can't get anything since I have a 2PM meeting that I have to drive home for. He offers to go to the supermarket and also get me some food in that area. I asked him to get me some dumplings and some groceries. Total cost was $77.
1 PM: I get home to make it home for 2 PM meeting
2 PM: P gets home and gives me food. J
5 PM: I take a small break and bring my laptop from the office to the living room to do my work
9 PM: Finish my work for the day and start watching some 20/20 show and dancing with the stars (this seasons has some interesting stars)!
12 AM: Get ready for bed (brush teeth, skincare routine, etc.)
Total Spend: $77
9/16 (Wednesday)
9 AM: Wake up, get ready (brush teeth, skincare routine, etc.), feed dog
12 PM: Prepare lunch for P and I and continue to work through lunch
7 PM: Finish work and take dog to neighbor’s house for a dog meet up. Unfortunately, my dog seems to be too hyper and our dogs aren't getting along. We will need to adjust them to each other and have some more meet ups with close monitoring.
8 PM: Get back home and eat some dinner
12 AM: Get ready for bed (brush teeth, skincare routine, etc.)
9/17 (Thursday)
8:30 AM: Wake up, get ready (brush teeth, skincare routine, etc.), feed dog
9 AM: Start the day with my first call in the morning. The meeting this morning was early so I'll work out after this call since I have time.
1 PM: Eat some lunch and power through lunch to try
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I'm 32, make $59k annually, live in the rural northeast US, and work in logistics

Preface: please be kind! I am aware that I am “Money Diaries poor”, and by that I mean I’m not living in poverty, but compared to most people here and on R29, I’m doing poorly, especially for my age. I’ve had no financial assistance from my parents/family at any point in my life. I don’t think my life is hard by any means, but I know I’m not doing well.
I apologize in advance for both length and for being vague about some details, I’m terrified of being identified on here. Also, I am extremely boring. Sorry about that.
Section One: Assets & Debt
Equity if you're a homeowner (and how much you put down and how you accumulated that payment): n/a
My husband (32M) and I have joint checking and savings accounts.
Savings account balance: $1720
Checking account balance: $970
Credit card debt: ~$10k. A combination of car repairs and significant healthcare expenses while not having real health insurance. My husband had to have extensive dental work done, and I had some issues with my lower back that I couldn’t ignore anymore and required physical therapy.
Student loan debt: $17k for my BS, which I finished last summer. Husband didn’t go to college.
Section Two: Income
Income Progression:
I was a banquet server and worked at a café during my teens/ early 20s. There were a lot of variables re: how much I took home, and I honestly don't remember now.
First job, 2012, age 23 - $12/hour as an Executive Assistant
Same company, 2013, age 24 – promoted to Account Executive, $14/hour. I did not want this job, but I couldn’t say no to more money.
In 2015, the company I worked for was bought out, and I moved into a different role. It’s pretty specific, so I don’t want to say exactly what it was, but when I left the company in 2017 I made $15.90/hour.
2017, age 28 – purchasing/ logistics for a food supplier, $17/hour.
Early 2018, age 29 – new job in customer service for a manufacturer, $19/hour.
Summer 2018 – new job, $26/hour. I am currently still employed here, and I make $28/hour. Again, I don’t want to be too specific, but my current job is in STEM.
Main Job Monthly Take Home:
$3,250 monthly. ~$75 per week for my super mega bummer health insurance, which I just got this past summer. Includes dental and vision, but doesn’t cover much. Currently no 401k contributions for either of us because our companies don’t offer it.
Husband works part time (~30 hours per week) and takes home between $500-$600 every 2 weeks.
Section Three: Expenses
Rent: We pay $800, our roommate pays $400, for a two bedroom apartment. Note: our roommate just moved in last month. A close friend was in need and we had a spare room, so it worked out for all of us. Ideally I’d like to put the money we're saving on rent toward credit card debt.
Savings contribution: $20/week. I contribute more if I can.
Debt payments: We have two credit cards, one joint card and one that’s just mine (got it before we were together.) The minimum for each card is ~$150. I try to pay more than that, but I am not always able to.
Electric: varies. It’s ~$100-$200ish during the summer when we run the air conditioners, less in the winter.
Heating oil: again, varies. In the winter it’s ~$200-$300 every couple of months or so, but it varies depending on how cold it is and the price of heating oil.
Internet: $75
Cell phones: $160
Subscriptions: $6.99 for Hulu, $15 for Spotify
Gym membership: $50 (for both of us). I usually also pay for my work gym, which is $30 per month, but that’s on hold until I’m back in the office. I know it’s dumb to have two gym memberships, but the convenience of being able to work out during lunch is worth it to me.
Car payment/insurance: My car payment and insurance is $415 total. Husband’s is about the same. I loathe having a car payment, but I’ve never been able to save enough to pay for a car outright without financing, and I’d rather drive a decent, reliable car than a beater that needs repairs constantly – I bought my car 3.5 years ago and it hasn’t needed a single repair (knock on wood!). Yes, we both need cars. There is no reliable public transportation in my area. If there was, I would absolutely be taking advantage of it.
Was there an expectation for you to attend higher education? Did you participate in any form of higher education? If yes, how did you pay for it?
No. My parents were open about the fact that they thought college was a waste of money. They both did okay with only high school diplomas, so they didn’t see why I couldn’t do the same. I wasn’t allowed to apply to any colleges, and when I graduated I had the disadvantages still being 17 and also already having a pretty significant amount of financial responsibility. My mothers & stepfather reluctantly allowed me to sign up for community college. I worked full time hours doing banquet serving while I went to school. I couldn’t afford to pursue a Bachelor’s degree when I finished my Associate’s degree, so I found my first full time office job. I completed my BS last summer at age 30, and for that I took out student loans.
Growing up, what kind of conversations did you have about money? Did your parent/guardian(s) educate you about finances?
My mom made sure I know how to write a check, balance a checkbook, and pay bills while I was in high school, but they didn't talk to me specifically about their own finances. I knew that they had a lot of credit card debt, which was something I'd tried to avoid, but obviously that didn't work out so well for me.
What was your first job and why did you get it? I got a job at a café when I was 16 because my parents wanted to me to start paying rent and for my share of bills and household expenses. I also needed to be able to put gas in my car, pay for car insurance, etc.
Did you worry about money growing up? Not until my parents started asking me for money when I was around 15. After that it was a constant struggle to figure out how to make as much money as I could as quickly as possible.
Do you worry about money now? Constantly.
At what age did you become financially responsible for yourself and do you have a financial safety net? I do not have a safety net, and I’m not sure what I’d consider the age I became financially independent. I’ve been paying bills and my share of rent and other household expenses since I was 16, but that seems young.
Do you or have you ever received passive or inherited income? If yes, please explain. No.

Day 1 – Friday, October 30
710am: Alarm goes off. I hit snooze.
730am: Alarm goes off again, this time with help from my alarm cats. My husband, who I will refer to as H, goes to take a shower and get ready to leave for work, and I turn on my laptop to start work. After he leaves, I make my usual breakfast (english muffin w/ butter, stok cold brew iced coffee).
830am: I quickly check my gym’s website to see if I can schedule time for today. I would much rather go for a run outside, but it’s raining and snowing basically just kinda shitty outside. I make a reservation for late morning and get back to work.
11am: I take a break from work after a busy morning to brave the snow and hit the gym. I know lots of people will complain about snow in October, but I’m kind of excited to break out my cozy winter sweaters. At the gym I use the indoor rower and do a Stephanie Sanzo Lifting at Home workout via the SWEAT app. I currently have a free trial for SWEAT but I’m seriously considering paying for a year subscription because I like it so much, and because I suspect that I’ll be spending more time in the gym as it gets coldemore winter-y outside.
1215pm: Back home. I shovel our deck stairs and put down salt. Then I check my work email, take care of a few things, and take a quick shower before getting back to work to work for the rest of the afternoon. At some point H texts me to tell me that he made a $10 donation to Biden/Harris. We’ve made several donations over the last couple of months, but I suspect that this’ll be our last one. $10
1pm: I make oatmeal for lunch. As you’ll see, I hate cooking, so most of my meals are kind of sad unless someone else is preparing them. I also decide to get “dressed,” and by dressed I mean I put on a normal sweater instead of a pajama shirt, and a bra. I’ve been working from home since March, and I find that I feel so much more like a productive human when at least my top half is dressed. The bottom half is still perfectly content to remain in sweats or yoga pants all day. 😊
5pm: The afternoon is a blur of work busyness. So glad to be done for the weekend! My group at work had a couple of people out of the office this week, so it was crazy busy, and the next 2 weeks will be the same, so I’m ready to take the weekend to relax and recharge. H and our roommate, B, come home, and we make homemade pizza with cheese, mushroom, and spinach for dinner. After dinner I read and end up finishing my book (All The Light We Cannot See).
12am: For some reason I’m not super tired, which is weird because usually I’m the most tired on Friday nights, especially after a busy week. H and I stay up and talk and hang out, and we turn off the lights for bed around 1230am.
Daily total: $10

Day 2 – Saturday, October 31
750am: I get up with H when his alarm goes off. He gets ready for work. I make his lunch for him, and after he leaves I eat my english muffin and drink coffee, and browse reddit. Not the most productive morning, but whatever.
1140am: I go out for a run. I expect it to be cold because it’s under 40°F, but it’s quite nice. When I finish, I take a nice long shower and eat an Amy’s frozen burrito for lunch.
230pm: I take a quick ride to the library to drop off a book and pick up two books I had on hold.
530pm: H is home from work. We discuss dinner plans with B. I am super craving chinese food and have been for weeks, so I decide to finally indulge and we order takeout. 100% worth it. After dinner I start one of the books I picked up from the library (On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous). $25
730pm: H and I watch a movie (virtually) with friends via Discord. I can't remember the name of the movie. It was supposed to be a scary halloween movie, but it was super low budget and weird. I get bored/ distracted and spend time making playlists on spotify because I have the attention span of a child.
915pm: I eat too many peanut butter cookies, read some more, and go to bed around 11pm.
Daily total: $25

Day 3 – Sunday, November 1
7am: I wake up to pee, then lay back in bed for awhile scrolling through my phone. I don’t use any social media so it’s basically just reddit. Also I somehow forgot about daylight savings and am very confused when I look at the clock.
830am: We get up and make fried dough for breakfast with B because #healthyliving. H has the day off. It’s always nice when we get a day off together. We spend some time this morning cleaning and tidying up the apartment.
230pm: I go drop off our rent check at our landlord’s house (side note, does anyone else have to drop off their checks? I find it super annoying, and everyone else I know who rents tells me that their landlord picks up the check from them). I also go to the grocery store. My list includes but is not limited to: bananas, spinach, broccoli, hot sauce, salad dressing, english muffins, iced tea, diet coke, gatorade, shampoo, and lunch stuff for H. Basically just a general restock of our grocery essentials. $89.80
6pm: We make dinner (chicken cutlets, roasted broccoli, and potatoes). After dinner I read and watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix, and go to bed around 11pm.
Daily total: $89.80

Day 4 – Monday, November 2
715am: I wake up, pour myself an iced coffee, and start my work day. H gets up soon after I do. I make his lunch for him and he goes to work (B goes to work really early, so she’s never home when we wake up). Later in the morning I eat my usual english muffin for breakfast.
130pm: The morning goes by way too fast. Work is super busy. In between work, I do a load of laundry, and load/run the dishwasher. I eat a salad for lunch. No time for exercise today.
630pm: H and B are both home from work. We make panko breaded chicken tenders, rice, and more broccoli for dinner.
10pm: H and I decide to go to bed early - who knows how much sleep we're going to get tomorrow night. I read for a bit before lights out.
Daily total: $0

Day 5 – Tuesday, November 3
630am: holy crap it's election day. I’ve been waiting for today for 4 years. I am anxiety. H and I voted by mail a couple of weeks ago, so I don’t actually have to go vote. My morning is pretty typical – work, coffee, breakfast. Later in the morning, I go for a jog and take a shower.
1230pm: I eat an Amy’s frozen bean, cheese, & rice burrito for lunch and keep working. I’m happy to have the distraction of work today. I briefly considered taking today off, and I'm really glad I didn't. Later in the afternoon, I have a training for work, which takes up a good chunk of the afternoon. At some point today, H puts gas in his car. $28.51
5pm: H is home. Neither of us feel like cooking. One of my weaknesses when it comes to saving money is that I haaaate cooking, so 99% of the time if given the choice I’ll choose to order takeout instead of going to the grocery store and cooking at home. I’m working on it. Tonight, though, we get fast food. $21.57
1030pm: We decide not to stare at the news all night and go to bed. I take two tylenol PM and fall asleep pretty easily.
Daily total: $50.08

Day 6 – Wednesday, November 4
7am: I expect to wake up to Donald Trump remaining as president for the next 4 years, but I am very pleasantly surprised. I try not to feel too hopeful and go about my morning as usual.
11am: I go for a jog, shower, and make oatmeal for lunch. Super exciting, I know. H is off work today, and we periodically chat about everything going on. It's nice having company (other than my cats) while I work.
1pm: H gets a phone call from work – the company he’s worked at for the last 2 years is closing due to COVID. They'll be closed for good by the end of 2020. Finances will be tight, but he'll be able to collect, and hopefully he'll find a decent full time position.
6pm: B comes home in the early afternoon, and we all make paninis for dinner. I put turkey, cheese, and pesto on mine. It comes out sooo good.
1030pm: I stay up later than I planned to stress eating snacks and reading. I finish my book go to bed around midnight.
Daily total: $0

Day 7 – Thursday, November 5
715am: Wake up and immediately check election results. No change. Sigh. I do my usual routine - work, coffee, breakfast.
1030am: I go for my run, shower, and get back to work. It's really busy and honestly I don't have the time or mental capacity to worry about anything else while I'm working, which is kind of nice right now.
4pm: I go to the grocery store to restock on some stuff, and stop at the library again to pick up some books (contact free). $52.41
9pm: Typical evening - dinner, reading, stalking election results. Bedtime around 11pm.
Daily total: $52.41

Weekly totals: $227.29
Food & drink: $188.78
Transport: $28.51
Home & health: $0
Clothes & beauty: $0
Fun & entertainment: $0
Other: $10

Reflections: This was a pretty typical week. I was boring before COVID, and COVID has somehow made me even more boring. I've lost touch with the few friends I had over the last few months, which sucks, and making friends as an adult was already hard, I can't imagine how it's going to be now. I've never had an active social life because I'm extremely introverted and have always preferred books and pets over (most) people, and left to my own devices I could probably go weeks without seeing anyone other than my husband and be okay with it. Money wise, I have a lot of work to do, and if I think about it too much I feel really ashamed and stressed and upset, so I try to maintain a level of worry about my finances that doesn't keep me up at night but also isn't too relaxed. Thanks for reading. :)
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