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JoAnn Matouk Death - "Lady in the Lake" Information That Keeps Being Left Out

For those who have yet to watch the second set of segments released earlier this month on Unsolved Mysteries, one of the cases featured was one titled, "Lady in the Lake". It features the mysterious death of JoAnn Matouk who disappeared near the Detroit River before being found on the Canadian side of the river roughly over two months after her disappearance. The police concluded suicide, but her family is convinced that foul play was involved. You can reread a run down of the various foul play scenarios here and here.
Knowing Unsolved Mysteries (and Netflix's) penchant for leaving out context and information on various segments over the years, I decided to do some digging. I found both the decision to throw out a lawsuit brought by JoAnn's estate (her daughters & family), as well as the upheld appeal which went into much more information than what was shown on UM and on various articles and write ups about the case. Here are the highlights:
  • With regards to the claim that it was "suspicious" for the police to have become alarmed by just seeing a parked car in a church parking lot:
Lieutenant Rogers ran the vehicle’s license plate from his patrol car through the Law Enforcement Information Network (“LIEN”) system and learned that the car was registered to Kathy Matouk and Michelle Romain, Ms. Romain’s daughters. Rogers also learned that the license plate had expired several days earlier. Because the vehicle was on private property, Lieutenant Rogers did not believe there was a reason to investigate further or issue a ticket.
About an hour later the same evening, GPF Public Safety Officer (“PSO”) Keith Colombo, also on routine patrol, came upon the Lexus. Colombo was concerned because the Lexus was the only vehicle in the driveway, he saw no one around, and it was late on a cold January weeknight. He approached the Lexus and illuminated the interior with a flashlight to confirm that there was no one inside the vehicle, which there was not. PSO Colombo then returned to his patrol car and ran SUV’s license plate through LEIN and discovered it was registered to Kathy Matouk and Michelle Romain, with an address of 693 Morningside Lane, Grosse Pointe Woods.
PSO Colombo then got out of his patrol car to check the area. Not seeing anyone, PSO Colombo thought the driver and/or occupants of the Lexus might be down by the water’s edge because, in his experience, people “very frequently” park in the church parking lot and streets adjacent to Lake Shore Drive and go down to the lake. Aided by the headlights and spotlight from his patrol car facing south on the driveway toward Lake Shore Drive, the ambient light from the snow-covered ground, and his flashlight, PSO Colombo noticed footprints in the snow on the south-side of Lake Shore Drive, leading to an embankment.
PSO Colombo then walked across Lake Shore Drive to the curb closest to the lake, where he saw footsteps in the snow leading down toward a second embankment at the water’s edge. An impression in the snow on the first breakwall suggested that someone had sat down on the breakwall and pushed off to get down to the second breakwall. Additional prints suggested that someone also had sat down on the second breakwall. Colombo looked for footprints in the snow leading back from the water and saw nothing but fresh snow.
Two police officers ran a check on the car that night. The plates were expired. The second officer was more likely than not (since it was not specified) notified that another officer ran a check on the vehicle about an hour prior, which heightened his suspicions about the vehicle.
  • Much has been made by JoAnn's family saying that there were records that show the Coast Guard was at the scene much earlier than what was indicated by the police. It turns out, it was just crappy record keeping:
Several pages of the Coast Guard’s Search and Rescue (“SAR”) file reflect that it was contacted about a person in the water off Lake Shore by GPF Lieutenant Rogers via land line at 10:33 p.m. The Coast Guard's Situation Report (“SITREP”), however, apparently reflects that assistance was requested at 9:30 p.m., an airboat was launched at 9:38 p.m., and the airboat was on scene at 9:51 p.m. In an affidavit submitted in support of the GPF Defendants’ motion for summary judgment, Bruce W. Czako, the Coast Guard Officer who received Lieutenant Rogers’ call, states that these earlier entries are incorrect based on his personal recollection of the events in question and the other entries in the Search and Rescue file. Czako indicates that the incorrect times are times entered manually by a station member. United States Coast Guard Operations Specialist First Class Petty Officer Stephen E. Veda confirms Czako’s statements in a separate affidavit submitted in support of the GPF Defendants’ motion for summary judgment.
  • The officer who was dispatched to go to Michelle's home says that he arrived and was sent to inquire about the car. Michelle told him that she hadn't heard from her mother and he advised her to start calling around to see if anyone had seen her. About twenty minutes after arriving, he called the dispatch to inform them that Michelle and other family members were on their way to the scene of where the vehicle was found. Michelle, however:
Michelle Romain asserts that the GPW officer who came to her house the evening of January 12, 2010, was not PSO Fisher. According to Michelle, the officer was approximately 6 ft. 1 in. in height, which is much taller than PSO Fisher, and had very dark hair and a slender build. Michelle describes PSO Fisher as having light brown hair and a stocky build. According to the Grosse Pointe Woods Defendants, Plaintiff [Michelle] was provided in discovery a roster of all GPW Department of Public Safety employees and their photographs, but Michelle has not identified any of those individuals as the person who came to 693 Morningside the evening of January 12, 2010.
Michelle also insists that the officer who came to the house arrived at 9:25 p.m. and specifically inquired about the whereabouts of her mother, stating that her mother’s car was found parked in the St. Paul’s Church parking lot.
Michelle provides that she left the house with her sister Kellie and Uncle John Matouk at 9:45 p.m., and arrived at St. Paul’s Church between 9:55 and 10:00 p.m. Michelle further provides that when they arrived, she saw a helicopter with lights shining into the lake across Lake Shore Drive. There was caution tape around the Lexus and an officer utilizing a tool to open the car door. Michelle attests that she saw the officer gain entrance to the vehicle and remove her mother’s black purse and search its contents. The contents of the purse did not include a cellphone or keys.
Credibility issues much? And it's important to point out that she is the largest source for the various foul play scenarios presented in the segment.
  • The "tear" on the purse did not indicate a struggle as if someone ripped it away from JoAnn:
According to Defendant Daniel Jensen, GPF Chief of Police and Director of Public Safety, the tear was on the flap area of the purse. The tear is pointed out in the photographs of the purse taken after it was found. These photographs reflect a portion of the top ruffle of the purse, which has approximately nine layers of horizontal ruffles, detached at the seam.
  • Her family, specifically Michelle, has claimed that 6 weeks prior to her disappearance, JoAnn made a mention that her spare key for the car was missing. When her body was found, the one key was found in her zipped up jacket on her body. Michelle claims that the spare key "mysteriously" showed up at the police station one day. However, there is a chain of command as to who got the key and when:
According to PSO Good, McCarthy said something along the lines of looking through the vehicle to see if there was anything suspicious or unusual about the contents. Good received the key for the Lexus from Defendant Frank Zielinski, another GPF PSO. PSO Zielinski testified that during the morning of January 13, 2010, someone at the department instructed him to go and retrieve a set of keys for the Lexus. Good testified that the instructions did not come from him. At his deposition on October 9, 2015, Zielinksi could not recall who gave him the instructions or the address where he was sent. He also could not describe the person who gave him the key when he arrived at the address. Until shown PSO Good’s report, Zielinski did not remember who he gave the key to when he returned to the police station.
Zielinski was testifying 5 years after the fact. Since his sole role in this case was to retrieve a key, I don't think this indicates anything nefarious.
  • Much has been made (online, but not mentioned on UM) about a woman who saw a man jogging near the scene at around 7:50 p.m. that night wearing a scarf. A scarf was recovered from the scene. However, she says that nothing was suspicious at that time and the only reason she came forward was when she saw JoAnn's disappearance featured on the news. A paralegal working with the firm who was representing JoAnn in her divorce proceedings also saw the news report about JoAnn's disappearance and contacted police:
According to Detective McCarthy’s report, Ms. Barich indicated that Ms. Romain had been at the law firm’s offices early the preceding week and appeared “distraught” and “paranoid.” According to Ms. Barich, Ms. Romain complained that David Romain was “controlling.” Ms. Barich found Ms. Romain’s behavior not normal and unusual.
  • Another worker at the law firm:
Ms. Wyatt told McCarthy that she saw Ms. Romain at the firm’s offices within the last few weeks and Ms. Romain “feared trouble from her husband.” According to Ms. Wyatt, Ms. Romain also believed someone was tampering with her mail, but Ms. Romain did not have anything specific. Ms. Wyatt told Detective McCarthy that she did not think Ms. Romain was depressed and/or despondent.
  • Michelle:
According to Detective McCarthy’s report, Michelle told the officers that her mother was increasingly paranoid in the last few months. Ms. Romain thought her cell phone was being tapped and that people were entering her home and so she had the locks changed. McCarthy wrote that Michelle did not believe any of her mother’s concerns were substantiated or could be confirmed by anyone.
  • A man called the local police department with a tip and reported:
On January 17, 2010, PSO Trupiano took a statement from David Grant, who reported that at around 6:45 or 7:00 p.m. on January 12, he saw a heavy set woman wearing a dark color trench coat standing on the north side of Lake Shore Drive at St. Paul’s Church. Grant stated that she was staring out into the water.
  • JoAnn's family (again, this was not mentioned on UM) have pointed out that another witness, a man named Paul Hawk, claimed to have seen two vehicles parked by the lakeside near the church on January 12th, and saw a woman "sitting on the breakwall". However:
When Detective McCarthy asked Hawk when on January 12 this occurred, Hawk said he was not sure of the exact time, but that it was mid to late afternoon and light outside. Detective McCarthy did not believe the woman Hawk saw was Ms. Romain based on the timing, but gave him a witness statement to fill out and return. Detective McCarthy testified that he did not include Hawk’s statement in the case report because he did not think the information was relevant to Ms. Romain.
  • Hawk's written statement, however, says that he saw all of this occur "near dusk" and that in addition to the woman, he saw 2 men near the 2 parked vehicles. Two years after giving his statement, he filed a property damage complaint against the police department because he noticed a splotch of tar on the side mirror of his car, which he said resembled a hawk and that "he was a witness in the Grosse Point Farm's Romain-Matouk murder and he thought someone put the tar on his car to send him a message to remain quiet." Detectives re-interviewed Hawk, and he now claimed:
Mr. Hawk told Detective Chalut that when he passed the two men and woman on Lake Shore Drive the night of January 12, 2010, one of the men placed his hand in his pocket, as though reaching for a gun. Chalut noted that Mr. Hawk did not mention the man reaching for a possible weapon in his GPF written statement. During their conversation, Mr. Hawk stated that he went to the Michigan State Police and FBI regarding what he saw the night of January 12, 2010, because no one at the GPF Department of Public Safety ever called him back. Detective Chalut wrote in his report that he explained that the investigating agency is responsible for recontacting witnesses if they deem it necessary and that this seemed to upset Mr. Hawk. Detective Chalut further explained that, in his opinion, Lieutenant Rosati did not find Mr. Hawk to be a credible witness due to inconsistencies in his statements compared to known facts in the case.
  • Hawk changed the time he witnessed these events from afternoon, to dusk, to the night, and then added details each time he was re-interviewed. It's also interesting that Hawk identified Tim Matouk as one of the men he saw that night. It should be noted that this identification was made roughly 4 years after the fact, during the entire lawsuit fiasco.
  • A church goer called a detective with the police department and said:
On January 13, 2010, GPW Detective John Kosanke received a telephone call from Elizabeth Fisher who reported that she saw Ms. Romain enter St. Paul’s Church the night before at around 7:05 p.m. Ms. Fisher indicated that Ms. Romain sat in back and that her body language while walking indicated she was depressed. Specifically, Ms. Fisher described that Ms. Romain walked slowly and in a slumped position. According to Ms. Fisher, the service lasted until 7:20 p.m. and she saw Ms. Romain leave the church.
  • A woman called the police and said she observed someone standing on the road facing the lake at 8:30 p.m. on the evening prior to JoAnn's disappearance. She said this person was wearing all black and that she thought it was a male.
  • The Canadian coroner's report noted "paranoid psychosis (presumed)." Despite this, he wrote that there was insufficient evidence to suggest suicide, concluded that the cause of death was drowning, and that the manner of death was undetermined. The local coroner in Macomb County concluded the same. They even conducted a third autopsy with an independent pathologist from the University of Michigan. He too, reached the same conclusions.
  • Michelle also accused her uncle Bill of being involved with her mother's death. But:
As Defendants point out, Plaintiff fails to present any evidence to support her assertion that Bill Matouk was involved in “plenty of illegal activity” and she mischaracterizes his relationship with the officers named in this action to suggest that they were close enough that the officers would be willing to conceal his involvement in a murder. During the deposition of Bill Matouk that Plaintiff offers to demonstrate this close relationship, Plaintiff’s counsel repeatedly tried to get Mr. Matouk to say that he was “buddies” with the named officers. What the deposition testimony reflects is that some of the defendants are or have been customers at Bill Matouk’s store and he was friendly with them, but never socialized with them.
  • Michelle alleged that in addition to her uncle Bill, her cousin Tim, despite having an airtight alibi due to his work with a narcotics unit for completely different police department on the night of JoAnn's death, as well as the Grosse Point Farms and Grosse Point Woods police departments of all being involved in the coverup. The motive?
To help a friend who sold the officers alcohol at prices cheaper than Costco.
This is nothing more than a family who is desperately grasping at straws and accusing estranged family members of killing their loved one because they cannot accept the fact that she took her own life. Rey Rivera 2.0
submitted by DJHJR86 to UnresolvedMysteries

Here is a Market Recap for today Thursday, October 29, 2020. Please enjoy!

PsychoMarket Recap - Thursday, October 29, 2020
Stocks rose today, reversing course after being deep in the red the last two days. Market participants digested a record increase in third-quarter GDP for the US, a better-than-expected weekly unemployment report, new coronavirus restrictions in the US and Europe and a slew of corporate earnings for massive companies.
The Nasdaq (QQQ) rose 1.75% today, the best performing of the major indices. The S&P 500 (SPY) finished 1.05% up and the Dow Jones (DIA) finished 0.44%.
After coming off one of the worst quarters in US history, the economy rebounded, growing at its fastest pace ever. Gross domestic product (GDP), a measure of the total goods and services produced from July to September of this year, expanded at a 33.1% annualized pace, according to the report by the Department of Commerce. The gain came after a 31.4% plunge in the second quarter and was better than the 32% estimate from economists surveyed by Dow Jones. The previous record was the post-World War II 16.7% surge in the first quarter of 1950.
Today, the US Department of Commerce released its weekly unemployment report, showing that another 751,000 individuals filed initial jobless claims, better than the 770,000 estimated by analysts. Continuing claims, which refer to individuals that are currently receiving unemployment benefits who filed for unemployment benefits at least two weeks ago, was 7.75 million, slightly better than the 7.77 million expected. According to Yahoo Finance, this report represents the ninth-straight week initial unemployment claims have remained below 1 million and continuing claims below 10 million, a key indicator that the economy is recovering, though not as fast as many would like.
In Europe, countries are still struggling to contain the recent surge in coronavirus infections. Both France and Germany announced renewed lockdowns spanning for about the next month, though the restrictions stopped short of the draconian measures announced earlier on during the pandemic. In the US, the seven-day average of daily new cases rose to a record 70,000 as of yesterday, according to data compiled by the Washington Post.
On the vaccine front, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious-disease expert, said he believed it would take until at least January for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to authorize a COVID-19 vaccine. There are five companies (Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), Moderna (MRNA), Pfizer (PFE), Eli Lilly (ELY), and BioNTech (BNTX)) in the final stages of study for a coronavirus vaccine, with Pfizer Inc. and Moderna Inc. having fully enrolled their trials, Fauci said.
Some analysts consider the recent pull-back in the stock market a healthy inevitability, given the strong rally that took many stocks to all-time highs earlier in the Month. Brad McMillan, chief investment officer for Commonwealth Financial Network, said in a note to clients, “Markets have been baking in a lot of optimism: that the pandemic was under control, that the economy was healing, and that things would be back to something approaching normal in 2021. Those assumptions were always optimistic, though, and what we are seeing now is a reality-based repricing. As such, this drop is both necessary and healthy. Markets should reflect the most likely future path, not the most optimistic, and that is where we are headed.”
  • Today is going to be a huge day in earnings:
    • Amazon (AMZN) reported better-than-expected earnings.
      • EPS of $12.37 vs $7.41 estimate
      • Revenue of $96.1 billion vs $92.7 billion expected
    • Apple (AAPL) reported better-than-expected earnings
      • EPS of $0.73 vs $0.70 estimate
      • Revenue of $64.7 billion vs $63.7 billion estimate.
    • Alphabet (GOOG) reported better-than-expected earnings and went up 5% in after-hours
      • EPS of $16.40 vs $11.42 expected
      • Revenue of $38.01 billion vs $35.35 billion
    • Facebook (FB) reported better than expected earnings.
      • EPS of $2.71 vs $1.91 estimate
      • Revenue of $21.5 billion vs 19.6 billion estimate.
      • Daily Active Users of 1.82 billion vs 1.78 billion expected
    • Twitter (TWTR) missed user-growth expectations and as a result, the stock dropped 9% in after-hours.
      • EPS of $0.19 cents vs $0.06 estimate
      • Revenue of $936 million vs $777.15 million estimate
      • Daily Active User of 187 million vs 195.2 million estimate
  • Disney (DIS) is closing its Disneyland Paris theme park at the end of the day as France initiates a fresh round of restrictions meant to curb a rising number of new Covid-19 cases.
  • Pinterest (PINS) exploded after beating-earnings up 26% at the time of writing
  • Pinterest (PINS) with several price target increases from Barclays, Wedbush, and Robert W. Baird with average price target of $68. Stock gapped up 30% after earnings yesterday
  • After the rally post-earnings report, $PINS rocketed up 35% adding $10 billion in market cap to a company that was valued at roughly that much when 2020 began. Crazy
  • The largest deal in luxury is back on after New York's famed jeweler Tiffany agreed to a slightly reduced offering price from LVMH in Paris. LVMH will now pay $131.50 for each Tiffany share putting the total price tag at $15.8 billion, down from the $16.2 billion that was first offered earlier this year.
  • Shopify (SHOP) destroyed earnings!
    • EPS: $1.13 vs $0.53 estimates (113% surprise!)
    • Revenue: $767M vs $636
  • Penn National Gaming (PENN) with a pretty nice surprise. Stock opened around 5% higher but lost the gains throughout the session. Stock has been pulling back stteply since hitting all-time high earlier in the month.
    • EPS $0.93 vs $0.48 estimate (93% surprise!)
    • Revenue: $1.13B vs 954M
  • Tupperware (TUP) upgraded by DA Davidson from $30 to $46 at BUY.
  • Penumbra (PEN) with price target increase from Smith Barney Citigruop from $264 to $270. The stock gapped up today 13%
  • ETSY price target increased by Wedbush from $155 to $165 at OUTPERFROM
  • UPS with price target increase:
    • Wells Fargo (WFC) $152 to $184 at OVERWEIGHT
    • Deutsche Bank (DB) from $195 to $201 at BUY
  • ServiceNow $NOW with several price increases from Wells Fargo (WFC), Morgan Stanley (MS), Raymond James, and Piper Sandler today after beating earnings. Very notable
  • Bunge (BG) with several price target increases:
    • Credit Suisse from $60 to $67 at OUTPERFORM
    • Morgan Stanley (MS) from $50 to $66 at EQUAL-WEIGHT
  • Viking Therapeutics with price target of $27 at STRONG-BUY by Raymond James. Very notable because the stock is only $5.60 right now.
  • Exxon Mobil (XOM) said it plans to cut 1,900 employees in the U.S., as company seeks to reduce costs to fend off lower demand for its products during the pandemic. In comparison renewable energy stocks have been flying this year "To thine own self be true" - William Shakespeare
submitted by psychotrader00 to StockMarket

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