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Manchester United 20/21 Pre-Season Complete Analysis

For months now I have thought about writing an in-depth article type post, tackling the stress-fest that is Manchester United Football Club. Outside of Fan Channels and the usual complaints made online, there is no real competent, analytical discussion regarding the club and how we move forward. Here, I hope to provide the catalyst to a mature, interesting and thought-provoking discussion on many of the fundamental areas hindering Manchester United.
Any information in this report that is not backed up with factual evidence is purely my opinion, formed on an inordinate amount of time researching this club in anyway possible, to get an understanding of what is holding us back and how we can move forward. The topics I have chosen to delve into are what I consider most interesting and relevant at this time. Feel free to disagree and comment down below on your thoughts

Topics Discussed
- Current Transfer Window and Financial Analysis- July 27th....The BIG day!!- What is happening with Jadon Sancho?- The Glazers and Jadon Sancho- What I believe is happening with the Sancho deal- Ins- Outs- XI and Bench- Key Players- Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Current Transfer Window
(Flashback) It is July 27th. Manchester United have just finished 3rd in the Premier League, beyond all belief. Not many can say that top 4 would have been a hopeful target come January 2020, with a loss of form and injuries to key players plaguing Ole's team. However, thanks to what can only be described as a desperate last minute decision to bring in Bruno Fernandes, began the turn around of a life time and the beginning of our road to Champions League football.
With a stressful 9 months behind us, top 4 and seemingly something of a stable foundation to build on for next season, United fans, including myself, were high on adrenaline and ready to purchase anyone and everyone to achieve that long lost dream of climbing back onto the throne once again. Reborn. Quickly, rumours circulated of talks with Jadon Sancho intensifying after months of speculation on Jadon joining Manchester United but ONLY if top 4 was achieved. TEIR 1 Journalists, trusted media individuals confirmed that personal contractual agreements between Jadon Sancho and Manchester United had been completed. All that was left, was for the payment to Borussia Dortmund to be paid....
Here we sit, 5 weeks on from the transfer window opening, 3 weeks on from the poor performance that had us embarrassingly eliminated from the Europa League Semi-Final and still the mainstream media outlets throw us around with Jadon Sancho news as to what is or is not happening. So, trusting the credible journalists that confirmed personal agreements were done with Sancho, why have we still not signed him? This will be the first topic that I will give a quick analysis on.

Jadon Sancho vs Bankers
Let me say this straight away. I believe Jadon Sancho is coming to Manchester United....I am 99% sure. Why, you ask? Firstly, as previously mentioned, the personal terms have been agreed between Manchester United and Jadon Sancho very early on in to the transfer window. This was logical on the part of MU as they wanted to make sure to secure Sancho through talks with the club, manager and all the niceties to create that first agreement between the player and club. MU would not do this and certainly would not allow it to be spread into the public mainstream arena if they were not 99% sure they were going to follow through with a statement signing like this.Secondly, the back-lash and impending negative verbal riots that will ensue if MU were to back out of this deal, due to Dortmund's fair price set on his head, will topple this club like never before. This is the last thing MU want to fuel after 2020s very unstable start with the anger MU fans displayed toward the handling of this club. Not only that, but as a fan base, we know the Glazer's back ground and history with finances. If you do not, here is a quick summary of how Malcom Glazer, followed by his 6 children after his death, came to be the nightmare owners we never asked for.
Taken from an article on goal.com, it states - Malcom Glazer's purchase of Manchester united totalled almost £800 million. Most of the capital used by Glazer to purchase Manchester United came in the form of loans, the majority of which were secured against the club's own assets, incurring interest payments of over £60 million per year. Believe it or not, United were debt-free when the Glazers took over in 2005, but the takeover deal, advised by Ed Woodward left the club with almost $1bn worth of debt. In the years since, it is widely reported the takeover has cost the club well over £1 billion ($1.3bn) in interest and other fees.
So, back to why Manchester United have absolutely no leg to stand on regarding Jadon Sancho's fair fee of £100m, in instalments. Would it not be the most hypocritical lie of Manchester United, owned by the Glazers, protected by Ed Woodward, to use the Covid 19 Pandemic and claims of financial weakness as the excuse to back down from the Sancho deal, when these same people were more than happy to put our club into 100s of millions of pounds of debt to acquire us and leech money out of the club year in and year out? Yes. Yes it would. Does that mean they wont do it? No. But if they were too, they know what the response would be and it would benefit them in the slightest.
Thirdly, and this is where my conspiratorial hat comes on but it does make absolute sense and also explains why on any of our big deals over the years, MU have always taken many weeks if not months to secure the signing with that final big payment and this is why I believe it is happening again with Jadon Sancho. Interest. The Glazers and Woodward are bankers first, football club owners second. Their focus is on profit and profit only. Give the fans just about enough to keep them ticking over and spending their money and take as much out of the club as possible. Now, Jadon Sancho is too far in to the lime light to be backed out from and he would be a purchase that would make Manchester United a lot of revenue. From shirt sales, brand deals and more, Manchester United would make back and more what ever they spend on Jadon Sancho.
So, this is what I believe is happening with the Sancho deal currently. Manchester United have agreed terms for the personal contract with Jadon Sancho. Jadon Sancho has been privately told that a bid will be made for him and he will be coming to Manchester United. Dortmund may have been told the same. But, Manchester United wont officially make the final bid, and release the payment until nearer the end of the window. Lets do some quick simple math to see why. I am no banker or financial adviser. So I am going to look at this in regards to if I was giving up £100m for Jadon Sancho.
I am with TSB. TSB's yearly interest rates are 3% up to £1500. Lets just take that 3% and use that for an easy example.If I have £100m in my bank on July 27th and I buy Jadon Sancho the following week, I am left with £0. However, if I get Solskjaer and the transfer team to secure Jadon Sancho privately, complete the personal contract terms and hold off on the final payment for 2 months, till September 27th then I will have :100m + (2* (100m *0.03)) - 100m = £6m
Suddenly, waiting 2 months to pay for Jadon Sancho earns me an extra £6,000,000 in my bank, than if I purchase him quickly. And this is only with £100m. Add on the money for Van De Beek and another possible signing around £30 and suddenly we would hit £10m profit for taking my time, signing these players.
This is fundamentally what I believe is the reason behind the stalling of the Jadon Sancho deal. We have multiple profit-driven bankers as owners and this explains why we sign the lower financed transfers first, but still a few weeks in to the transfer window (take for example Van Da Beek and Daniel James) but we wait towards the final weeks of the transfer window for the bigger signings (take for example, Harry Maguire, Pogba and hopefully Jadon Sancho)

Manchester United XI Analysis
Now that I have got the financial analysis and the main headlines out of the way, lets look at the Manchester United team and see where our focus should be for signings towards the end of this window.
In goal, after the surprise new contract accepted by Dean Henderson, we now have more quality and depth in the GK position than any other position on the pitch. Some would say this is good, how ever GK positions do not work the same as on field positions. Traditionally, you have a 1st GK and a back up GK. Unlike outfield positions, usually, if a GK has a bad game or a few, he wont be replaced by the 2nd in line and have to earn his spot back. That kind of uncertainty in the GK position will create extra psychological pressure and stress that will adversely affect every performance and not always positively. So I do believe, as lucky as we are to have 2 1st team Goal Keepers, I am worried at the moment that there seems to be no sign of loaning out Henderson and no chance of selling De Gea, given his ridiculous wages.
So, with GK being over filled with quality, we move to the CB position. As a team that seems to want to play out from the back, we need a left footed Left Centre Back. So far Benoit Badiashile seems to be the most likely signing Manchester United will aim to sign, if any. Koulibaly is too expensive and right footed, Gabriel has already accepted a contract with Arsenal and that transfer is to be completed in the next week (at the time of writing 29/08/20) so all that is left, that MU has been linked to, is Badiashile. He is young, tall, strong, good on the ball, fast and cheap. He ticks all the boxes for a player to come to the club and hopefully work his way in to the 1st team along side Harry Maguire. This would also balance our defence with Maguire being very slow and right footed. Then we would have Lindelöf, Bailly as immediate back ups (granted Bailly is fit) and then Tuanzebe and Mengi as young, future prospects.
Moving out to the left, Luke Shaw had a fantastic year. Playing in LB and outperforming Maguire and Lindelof as a Left sided CB in a 5-3-2 formation, he really showed his versatility and attacking qualities, linking up with Rashford, making our left sided attack much more dangerous than when Williams played. Unfortunately he received another injury but it was not serious and he should be ready for next season. He would be my first pick. A back up LB is very important, as this would free up Williams from having to play LB, which is not his favoured side, and again he is right footed which reduces the ability to build up against high-pressing teams and eliminates the ability to cross once down the wing. Then Williams would become a back up to the defensive wall that is Wan-Bissaka.
With the January purchase of the wonderful Bruno Fernandez and Van De Beek seemingly on the brink of being signed, that would leave us with Bruno, Pogba, Matic, Van Da Beek, Fred and Mctominay as our midfielders. Fred seems to be Ole's favourite for the CDM position and is a great energetic player to bring on towards the back end of the match, when winning, to hold the lead. Van Da Beek is very versatile and is an all round midfielder, box to box style of play with creative abilities. He has the skill to replace Pogba and Bruno in the 2nd half of matches and inject some energy in to our midfield. I would love to see Van Da Beek push his way into the first team, replacing Pogba and then having Bruno and VDB is a creative, energetic midfield that most teams in the Premier League would struggle to out perform on paper.
Up front we have Rashford, who ended the season on poor form, but had come back from an injury and was clearly out of practise and I expect him to be back to his best, come the beginning of the season. With Daniel James as a back up to Rashford, we have a solid Left Wing. Down the middle Martial has really stepped up last season, taking Lukaku's position as the No.9 when many doubted his abilities and he has proven himself a valuable asset to this team. He has developed his hold up play and play making abilities, his clinical finishing has won us many games and he has proven that we do not need to purchase a 1st team ST. I am so proud of Martial as his future at Manchester United was hazy at best during Mourinho's era and the one good thing Ed Woodward has done, was deny Mourinho his wish to sell Martial. Well done Eddy....for once. And lets not forget the sensational explosion of Mason Greenwood shocking the Premier League with consecutive games scoring. And against the lower skilled teams, he was more than capable playing off the right, but he is and should be in competition with Martial. If we are to buy Sancho to dominate the RW, that would give Greenwood the ability to replace Martial, Sancho and Rashford, with his seemingly ambidextrous feet abilities and football intelligence.
Overall, with the purchases of VDB and Sancho, being the most likely, MU midfield and attackers will have good depth and quality, but most importantly Rashford, Martial, Sancho, Greenwood, Daniel James, Bruno, Pogba, Van Da Beek and Fred are all extremely versatile players, with the ability to play multiple positions. This allows Solskjaer to further implement his fluid, rotational tactics and during times of injury, we will have many players that are able to fill many positions efficiently and that is something we truly suffered with last season and the season before.
Having discussed the weaknesses in the team and who we can bring in to combat those weaknesses, lets have a quick over view of sales that we can do, that ultimately will be done, to lower the net spend for this transfer window and clear out that "deadwood" we have all had nightmares about for years.- Smalling is most likely going to go back on loan to Roma- Romero is not part of the "deadwood" but now having 2 1st team keepers, his place has been taken. Having a good performance in the cup competitions, he should be easy to sell to a mid-low table team- Fred has been reported gaining interest from a European club but currently it is rumour and I think selling any of our good midfielders would only set us back in terms of quality and depth- Lingard and Pereira are 2 players who we definitely need to move on after years of chances to prove themselves and having failed.- The infamous Phil Jones should have been gone years ago, but some how he manages to get himself injured during the transfer windows....CONSPIRACY!! There are reports that Phil Jones has decided to move in to the locker rooms at Manchester United training grounds and cleans the teams kits, for free as part of a volunteering contract.

The Right Man for the Job?
A controversial question with equal weight on either side. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer had a rough first 12 months after receiving the contract making him full time manager of Manchester United. During that time we have had many lows, suspect performances, defensive formations, questionable tactics and substitution decisions and maybe not enough trust in the youth prospects we have when our bench players and even our 1st team players were letting us down consistently. Ole has stepped in thick, gooey mud but has kept walking, kept fighting and most of all kept positive. With the negatives of Ole out the way, let me tell you why I think, long term, could the man that gets us back on top, or at least gets us much closer to the top than any of the previous 7 years worth of seemingly top tier managers.
Lets begin with just that. We have had David Moyes, the direct pick of the Great Sir Alex Ferguson to replace him when he retired. Moyes was clearly out of his depth and to go from Alex and a title win to Moyes and....well lets just say that was less than optimal.After winning the world cup against a degrading Spanish team, Van Gaal seemed to have all the qualities of a Manchester United qualified manager to get us back, challenging for the Premier League title. Although, with 3 too many failed signings, leaving us all the more suffering with having not replaced key players that led Manchester United to victory previously, and a style of football that near led the fans to sleep, he was quickly dismissed.We all remember Jose and what seemed to turn into a weekly episode of T.O.W.I.E Manchester Edition. Lingard and Pogba strutted their stuff on social media and danced when they actually managed to score, Jose fought and threw half the team under double decker busses and again, tactically, his system was unenergetic and sleep inducing to say the least. Although he managed to get 2nd place in the BPL, which he stretched at naming his "biggest achievement of his career", fans wanted him out out out. And so he went, half way through the season.And thus brings us to the light at the end of the tunnel, Ole. A club legend, filling in, seemingly at the time till the end of the season when it seemed we would hire a new manager full time. Ole let the reigns loose of the players and immediately, we saw a new team. It was a breath of fresh air. High pressing, energetic - at least until the 75th minute, where fatigue and lack of fitness from Jose's previous 2 years of tactics had led to - free flowing football and team performances, smiles, positivity that we had not experienced in too long. All the while, Ole sat on the side, smiling and happy to help.
So, my point here is to emphasise that the argument for Ole not being the right manager for MU, due to his lack of accomplishments on his CV, is flawed slightly. We have had the best and we have recycled manager after manager filling the cracks that were only going to leak the fundamental issues hidden behind the wall all along. The Glazers. What Ole does give us, is some one who knows, deeply, the D.N.A of Manchester United, the feeling of winning the premier league, champions league and more, the experience under the man himself, Sir Alex Ferguson. If there is anyone who has the fundamental ideas, experience and determination to take Manchester United to the top, it is OLE. No, he is not perfect. He does not always make the right decisions. But these are subjective opinions in the end. We are not the manager and would never want to be with the day to day pressure and expectation from the many millions of fans around the world. What Ole has done, for me, is more than any of the previous managers has achieved. Great signings, that so far have all benefited the team. Positivity and mature attitudes instilled in to the players. He has turned Martial from a supposedly failed winger, to a world class no.9 in under 18 months. He has managed to reach 3rd place, with many 1st team injuries and a lack of any sort of competent bench options. He has cleared the club of many players that needed clearing out long before even Jose signed and still we could be about to finish a year, obtaining players the likes of Bruno Fernandez, Jadon Sancho and Donny Van Da Beek. If there is anything the last 2 years will tell you, it is we are heading in the right direction. Ole is doing all the things we want from our manager. He has become the replacement we needed from Sir Alex's departure. Ole may not be the finished article, but half of the team are not, averaging the age of 25, everyone has progress and ladders to climb, achievements to aim for. But what I can say for sure, is the only thing Ole can not fix, is who owns this club. So next time Manchester United put in a bad performance, or lack the players needed for what ever silverware you want, remember that Ole does not control the finances, or have power over who we sign and who we sell. He may not understand what it is to lead a team to victory in a league title or the CL or even the Europa League, but he knows Manchester United and for now he is our best chance. So lets back the manager. Back the players. Back the staff. But do not be fooled, the Glazers will always be in the background making the final decision and lets make sure we make our voices heard when they do not back our manager, our players, our staff, but most of all, our team. Manchester United.
submitted by AnonymousALM25 to PremierLeague

COVID-19’s Effect On Digital Marketing, Social Media and Paid Advertising

COVID-19’s Effect On Digital Marketing, Social Media and Paid Advertising

What new features to expect in LinkedIn’s Company Page? Is the GSC Coverage Report still experiencing delays? What changes are coming to Google Ads Search Terms Report? Is there going to be a new Digital Service Tax (DST) for ad servicing in the U.K.? What does Microsoft Ads integration with LinkedIn Ads targeting entail? Is GMB expanding the COVID-19-related business attributes for listings?

“Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.” – Joe Chernov

In this article, we’ll cover the following digital marketing news:

  1. LinkedIn added new features to the Company Page
  2. Google Search Console Coverage Report ongoing delays
  3. Google Ads made changes to the Search Terms Report
  4. Microsoft Ads integrated LinkedIn Ads Targeting
  5. Google My Business (GMB) adds new COVID-19-related business attributes for listings
Let’s dive in.

Social Media

New LinkedIn Company Page’s Features

LinkedIn introduced new features to Company Pages to help businesses promote their events, learn more about their followers and facilitate communication among employees amidst the challenges created by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
According to a survey conducted by Glint, 31% of employees experience less connection to leaders; 37% feel less connected to their teammates; and, 40% are less connected to their friends. The survey also states that “with a growing number of organisations announcing that their employees are required to work remotely until 2021, it’s more important than ever for organisations to take action and ensure their teams will thrive in a virtual work environment.”
Thus, the three new features introduced to Company Pages aim to strengthen the connection between businesses and their communities by helping Page admins connect their employees, highlight upcoming events and gain more useful insight about their follower-base.

1) Page followers

Page owners will now be able to see more than just the aggregated number of followers and general demographics. The new feature will allow you to sort your follower-base by current company, industry and location, as well as see further insight like who followers found your Company Page and when.

2) Events

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, more and more businesses move their events online. The new ‘Events’ tab focuses on making virtual events – especially those happening during the pandemic – more easily discoverable. Visitors to a Company Page will have the opportunity to see a business’s past, present and upcoming events on LinkedIn.

3) My Company

Since a business’s employees are the heart, soul and most powerful advocates of a company’s community, the new ‘Company’ tab creates a new space for them to get closer by celebrating key accomplishments, increase employee engagement, connect different colleagues with a single click and show trending content published on LinkedIn by employees. Additionally, the new tab will also show intercompany connection recommendations. LinkedIn stated that, in the future, they’ll be adding more tools like creating unique curated content and live broadcasting.
Why is this relevant? The COVID-19 pandemic caused a huge shift for businesses all over the world. These new LinkedIn Company Page’s features are the company’s response to the shift. With more and more events happening in the virtual world and employees working remotely, LinkedIn’s new features provide more insight and transparency into a company’s follower-base, as well as, a better way for businesses to build their community around what matters most to their followers.

Search Engine and SEO News

Google Search Console (GSC) Coverage Report Ongoing Issue

Last week, Google Search Console (GSC) seemed to be having yet another data issue, this time with the Coverage Report. According to GSC users, the last time the Coverage report was updated was around the end of August.
Usually, the delay in updating the report takes 2 to 3 days, but not over a week. People contacted John Muller on Twitter for any comments/updates on a timeframe for fixing the Coverage report issue.
Unfortunately, according to Google Webmasters post, the issue is still ongoing and Search Console Index Coverage report is still experiencing delays.
On the plus side, the coverage reporting delays have no impact on crawling, indexing and website ranking.

PPC and Ads News

Google Ads Limiting Search Terms Reporting

Google started alerting advertisers it’ll soon cease showing queries triggering their ads if there is no “significant” data.
As you can imagine, the advertising community was not happy with this chain of events. As a spokesperson from Google stated, “to maintain our standards of privacy and strengthen our protections around user data, we have made changes to our Search Terms Report to only include terms that a significant number of users searched for.”
The overall impact of this change and its effect on advertisers’ ad campaigns and budgets will depend on Google’s definition of “significant”. Currently, it’s common to see search terms with one click or one impression in the Search Terms Report. However, advertisers should expect that will no longer be the case when this change goes into effect.

Why is this relevant?

The purpose of this change, aside from Google citing privacy, is to limit advertisers from using minimum query data to identify users or have access to any personally identifiable information (PII) users may include in their search queries. Also, Google is already limiting the query data in the Search Console for privacy reasons. However, the difference is advertisers pay when a user clicks on an ad triggered by the user’s query. The loss of this data could have significant financial implications for advertisers as millions of ad spend will be made invisible to them.
Ah, Google Ads will also begin charging new fees for ads servicing in the U.K., Austria and Turkey starting November 1st, 2020. The new Digital Service Tax (DST) charges will be added to advertisers’ monthly budget. For example, ads served in the U.K. will have a 2% UK DST fee that will be added to the advertiser’s invoice.

Microsoft Ads Introduces New Audience Targeting Features

The holiday season is just around the corner and marketers need to prepare themselves since reaching the right customers at the right time is becoming more vital than ever. With this in mind, Microsoft Advertising introduced more access to three audience targeting options –

1) LinkedIn Ads Targeting

LinkedIn profile data for targeting on Bing was initially introduced back in 2018, two years after Microsoft acquired LinkedIn. With the expanded access, advertisers will now have the ability to target highly relevant audiences based on LinkedIn users’ job function, industry and company. According to Microsoft, “LinkedIn Profile Targeting will be available for search and audience campaigns for the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, France and Germany markets.”

2) Dynamic remarketing

After its release last year, dynamic remarketing (formerly called product audiences) is finally out of beta. The additional access will allow advertisers to target and reach customers based on their past product browsing and purchase history, as well as, previous product considerations. When an advertiser associates a dynamic remarketing list with a shopping campaign, they will be able to retarget visitors to their website with shopping ads of products the customers previously interacted with as well as boost performance and increase conversions. Currently, there are five types of dynamic remarketing lists supported –
a) general product pages visitor; b) product searchers; c) product viewers; d) shopping cart abandoners; and e) past buyers.
Ah, advertisers must remember to update their universal event tracking (UET) tag to include the custom events they want to track based on the type (or types) or dynamic remarketing list they are utilising. Furthermore, the lists are kept up-to-date to avoid showing the same ad. For example, within minutes of a customer purchasing a product, they are removed from the dynamic remarketing list.

3) In-market audiences

Advertisers can now utilise in-market audiences when targeting ads in France and Germany to approach people who’ve shown purchase intent for specific products based on their browsing history and pageviews on Microsoft services. Moreover, advertisers can associate in-market audiences with ad groups and campaigns. According to Microsoft, “the release includes 100+ French and 200+ German audiences designed to maximise conversions in verticals like apparel, auto, financial services, home & garden, travel and more.” In the U.S., the company has added 47 new in-market audiences bringing the total number to over 700.
Why is this relevant? With the help of these new audience targeting capabilities, advertisers will be able to expand and refine their targeting, get more precise insights, observe the different audience types, boost ad performance and increase conversions.

Digital Marketing News

Google My Business (GMB) has introduced a set of COVID-19-related health and safety attributes for listings.
Attributes in GMB profiles are designed to grab the attention of ‘searchers’ by highlighting important information and service offerings, as well as, help people make more informed decisions.
The new health & safety attributes GMB users can choose from are –
a) appointment required; b) mask required; c) staff wear masks; d) staff get temperature checks; and e) temperature check required.
These attributes will provide not only clarity but also potential reassurance to customers that businesses have safety protocols in place. Additionally, the new attributes will also become a part of Google My Business’s expanding list of new attributes added as a direct response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
Why is this relevant? Since Google My Business business attributes are category-dependent, these new health and safety attributes might not show for all categories. The key point is that local retailers and merchants utilising these attributes can potentially see more engagement and an improved customer response rate. Customers want to do business with merchants who make health and safety a priority and offer assurances their stores are safe to visit.

Final Thoughts

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This article was originally published on 13 September and can be found here.

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