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[WP] A few thousand people around the world suddenly get superpowers based on the character of the last video game they played. You are unique in that you had modded the hell out of your character before this all happened.

I figured with all the talk of the Sonic Movie coming out it would be a fun time to post one of my most popular (and weirdest? lol) video game related stories.
If you've got basic knowledge of games in the last 10 years or so, you should get most of the references (most people on WP understood them fine). But if you don't really play games, I put together a little cheat sheet of various terms used for ya down below! Putting a spoiler tag on it, so you all can choose when or if you want to tap on it to consult the info 🙂
Glossary of terms/references used in this story if you need them:
Mario - Red jumpsuit, plumber, Nintendo mascot. Loves mushrooms and saving princesses, questionable skills at preventing princess kidnappings in the first place.
Sonic - A very speedy blue hedgehog, and cartoony Sega character with a lot of "rude attitude".
Mortal Kombat - A long running fighting series that has been very controversial at various times because of the level of hyperviolence and gore in it.
Dark Souls - A recent game series known for being punishingly difficult and not explaining much of anything to players. What little story is there is quite dark, you play as an undead character who is occasionally able to restore themselves back to their former human appearance. Most every character you encounter out in the world seems either depressed or resigned to their fate.
Knight Solaire - A Dark Souls character, if you've ever seen a "Praise the sun!" meme around the internet, it's this dude.
List of mods and cheats referenced:
"God mode" = Invincibility, your character can't be hurt or die.
"All weapons/spells" = Pretty self explanatory, give your character access to all the weapons and spells in a game before they're supposed to, often to make it very easy for you.
"Aimbots" = Cheat programs that automatically lock your cursor to your opponent, allowing you to kill them very easily. Aimbotters are probably the most hated element of any multiplayer game.
"No Clip" = The ability to walk through walls in games, bypassing locked doors and puzzles.

Jeeeeeesus, check out that pathetic excuse for a "Mario" in red overalls on the other side of the road. Running, jumping, and 'Wa-hoooo-ing' like a madman as he makes his way down the street... what an amateur!
I don't mean to brag, it's just that I kinda lucked out when the super power lottery was being handed out. By my count there are a couple thousand of us who received our powers from the last video game we'd each played when the anomaly hit, but I was always a bit of a hobbyist moddecheat enthusiast, and as a result, my game character was a tad... overpowered at the time I was granted all his powers.
God mode, all weapons, unlimited spells and ammo and many more. You name it, I probably had that power in game, and now in my actual day to day life.
You could label me as something like a bounty hunter in this new world full of video game powered heroes. Essentially, people call me when one of my brethren get out of hand and the very under equipped cops without any powers can't do jack shit to stop them.
Right now I'm on a call to detain an 'incredibly annoying blue hedgehog', which I'm not exactly looking forward to, but hey, a paying a gig is a paying gig, am I right? The warehouse he'd been spotted at is just around this next corner and then I'll-
Oh crap... that creepy Knight Solaire wannabe walking right towards me. Interactions with him are always so awkward, and it's too late for me to change direction.
Don't make eye contact, don't make eye contact...
"Praise the sun, good sir!" I bellowed out while keeping my head down, trying my best to stay on his good side.
"Fuck off," his muffled, echoing voice muttered from under his helmet. He passed by me without breaking his heavy footed, clunking stride.
That was about par for the course for how those interactions typically went for me. In fairness, the folks playing Dark Souls at the time of the event did kinda get the short end of the stick. The "powers" they were granted include being incredibly somber and moody, invulnerability for a split second while rolling, and the 'gift' of being transformed into an undead husk of a human being when they die.
I was there the first time one of them found a bonfire on the beach, but when they realized couldn't kindle it or restore their humanity no matter how hard they tried, they were extremely pissed. I guess if I were cursed to live for eternity as a grotesque creature, looking like a goddamn human shaped spoiled raisin that had been left out in the sun 200 years, I might be a little pissed as well.
But I can't do much for those poor souls right now. As I entered the warehouse, my worst fears were confirmed. A blue blur flew past me, shouting about how 'rad' he was, and knocking me over in the process. A life sized Sonic the Hedgehog reject stood over me wagging a finger at me as a grin crossed his distressingly human face.
To be clear about the world we inhabit, you don't HAVE to dress up like the character you received your powers from. This dumbass apparently just really wanted to dress up as Sonic.
And let me tell ya, you think the CGI movie Sonic was an atrocity? Imagine the horrors I'm seeing right now as this middle aged, out of shape man sprints around the warehouse completely nude aside from oodles of blue fur poorly glued to his body. The fur did not leave enough to the imagination. I'm gonna need some serious eye bleach after this is over, that's all I'm saying.
"You're too late, I'm outta here pal! Gotta go fast!" he shouted as finished off his chilidog, 'wound up' his legs, and was off like a shot.
"Okay," I shrugged, as I suddenly moved at light speed and caught up with him in an instant.
"You goddamn cheating speed hacker!" he shouted back at me as he took a hard turn to try and throw me off.
Growing tired of chasing him, I surveyed my bevy of hundreds of fully loaded weapons, selected a concussion grenade launcher, aimed, fired and... missed him by a mile.
Yeah, no aimbots for me... I'd never even researched them. Look, even I had to draw the line somewhere! I do have my personal moral code to follow, but sadly that code was coming back to bite me at the moment. As I missed, 'Sonic' slipped through the door, slamming it shut and locking it up tight behind him.
"You're tooooo slow, dude!" he taunted me poorly through the window.
Thoroughly annoyed at him by this point, I activated the last of my major powers, dove directly through the solid wall, and tackled the blue freak to the ground without warning.
"What the heck?!" he protested.
"No clip," I growled into his ear as I tied up his hands and feet.
One more degenerate off the streets, but I can't help feeling there had to be far worse 'heroes' and 'villains' out there. I mean, odds are that somebody had to have been playing Mortal Kombat just before the powers got handed out, didn't they?

Thanks for reading! When I edited this today I made some changes/improvements as always, but I didn't remove the reference to the original Sonic CGI images that got released months ago. I'm not gonna subject anyone to them, but if you need to remember that horror show, Google away with like "new versus old sonic CGI" or something, it's still quite shocking to see what they had originally haha.
Oh and btw I posted the latest chapter of Perils of Adventuring this past weekend, which I don't think I've ever done before, so if you missed it, here's a link to check it out.
submitted by Ryter99 to Ryter

Roadmap, Objectives that must be prioritized

Here is a list which shows explicitly the real potential of H1Z1, but it's a small list compared to what this game could have as ambitions, and that it could reach. H1Z1 and his passionate community both have a huge opportunity to come back very strongly.
Imagine, in a fantastic universe, that we would go back to solid and essential foundations. Imagine, in this fantastic universe, that you would be guaranteed a complete, visible roadmap of absolutely everything that is on the way. Imagine, in this fantastic universe, that the game would be not as much hated by so many people, very upset and angry about the fact that the game isn't what it used to be. Imagine, in this fantastic universe, that we would take again this road... this right direction who has been sadly destroyed.
Imagine, in this fantastic universe, that we would continue what began... Now, it's official. We're going to take again the road to success.


  • It's really necessary to mobilize, align and coordinate efforts of everybody. Time must be profitable to the maximum. We need a complete, visible and transparent roadmap, but also a test server clearly more exploited with surveys, better ways to communicate, etc... In a roadmap, there are content additions gradually over time, there are several phases on it, for example:
    • First objective is mainly to bring back PS3. As the revert progresses, it would be great to let us test at the same time. Then we could give feedback on test server about every adjustments needed until find perfect solutions


Weapons & Movements, mechanics:

  • For weapons:
    • Compared to currently, bullet speed must be decreased and bullet drop increased with a logical, proportional bullet trajectory according to the distance: Here are flagrant comparisons about bullet speed. Currently, there is no more pleasure, no more sensations to make a 2 taps on a (very) long range. We must bring back this mechanic of lead its shots depending to player's distance, bullet speed and drop
    • Bring back old full horizontal AR. That would permit really more sprayability than currently. It's why his efficiency must be adjusted in terms of continuous rate of fire, especially with anti-spray penalty: In addition to have reasonably more spray capacity than currently, while erasing idiot, excessive continuous sprays with anti-spray penalty, we would have a smoother recoil. Anti-spray must be active when rate of fire limit exceeded, so anti-spray must intervene against continuous abusive uses. During it, AR recoil need to kick horizontally and not vertically. Spray can't be overpowered because of bullet speed decreased, bullet drop increased and of the anti-spray penalty. In summary, that would permit more liberty, possibilies, diversity in the meta with better feelings, accessibility, pleasure. So this would at the same time reasonably facilitates to learn recoil, right rate of fire, while establishing a real skill gap by mastering things already said with bullet drop and speed, movements, aiming accuracy, leading your aim, etc...
    • Bring back old AK-47 and erase the possibility to switch between semi and full automatic: AK-47 must not allow two different shooting modes. There must be real choices of weapons when you're looting
    • Keep current shotgun. Bring back old first person shotgun, its old recoil and improve damage consistency
    • Remove hellfire: Here are some explicit reasons and here is a flagrant example of its eccentric and disproportionate power compared to what H1Z1 must be
    • Remove grenade slot: This slot has an immense influence on players build. Everything is centered around the same style of meta, there is no other choices than 2 AR or 2 AK + 1 Shotgun +1 Grenade. It was a huge mistake to add it, it must be removed
    • Bring back all the old weapons sounds: Old AR sounds, old AK sounds, old Shotgun sounds
    • Have the possibility in skins menu to choose between old and current weapons models
    • Decrease drastically damages when helmet breaks. We must hit, as before, 1 helmet + 4 bodyshots to kill: Basically, helmet is a protection. Lose 35 HP when it breaks is really far too much
    • Bring back old bleeding system
    • Make blood splatters more pronounced
  • For mechanics and movements:
    • Increase significantly movements efficiency:
      • Movements efficiency need to be significantly increased. If you did an impressive, unsual performance, you must be rewarded. It's why we must have real movements mechanics that permit us for example to dodge bullets, clutch difficult situations, etc... We must add real interests to use movements, add more impact when we use them during a fight, and be more confident about their capacities
      • We must running faster and have stronger, smoother movements in general
      • It's not normal in any case to be embarrassed, blocked by demesurated movement restrictions, especially when we're looting, or shooting, or trying to outplay somebody who is codrusing, or trying to defend himself on open fields, etc... Anti-ENAS intervention need to be a thing against continuous and abusive ENAS, but its movements restriction must be decreased
    • Erase time to ADs and slightly increase hipfire accuracy: If you're on a close range fight against someone with a shotgun, or in a 1v2, or in an open field against someone behind a car, etc... with AR-15 or AK-47, you need to be helped. This is why erasing time to ADs and slightly increasing hipfire accuracy are both primordial. If you win these types of fights on these conditions, you need to be rewarded because of your performance. It's simply a question of merit and logic
    • Bring back seat swap, but more balanced compared to before: For example by setting a maximum number of seat swaps every 10 seconds, etc...
    • Bring back old animation

Spawn system & Loot distribution:

  • Bring back old RNG spawn system: RNG spawn system is an essential core mechanic, who only need to be improved and not removed. Here are clear explanations
  • Improve loot distribution




Way to progress for all types of players (especially news or casual):

  • Remove Combat Zone game, and instead of it:
    • Add a delimited space in all lobby for train its aim until the game starts:
      • It's something essential for keeping the envy to play and maintain a regular rhythm. In this delimited space, we would be able to choose which weapon to use, with unlimited ammo, and shoot on inoffensive human targets with infinite HP. At least one target would be needed for each distance (5, 10, 15, 20, 50, 75, 100, 150 meters). Some of them would be static (not moving), and others dynamics (moving). Every players don't receive any damages. So those who want to chill in lobby can, and those who want to train their aim can
    • Add a way to create/join a private game for train its aim like on CS:GO:
      • That would be like what has been explained and described just above, but on a private game alone in it
    • We must have a real contrast, difference between important, decisive games and unranked, pratice games. We could give feedback on Test Server about adjustments needed on playability, agreeability, overall effectiveness, etc... until find perfect solutions:
      • Add unranked games: Only unranked games would have a SBMM (Skill-based Matchmaking) system and automatic tips messages for giving to new, casual players all their chances on their side to learn and progress. Both gathered would create by themselves an in-game tutorial (have the possibility to disable tips messages in settings). SBMM system would be based on factors, one of them would be for example level limitations (for example from lvl 1 to 5, from lvl 6 to 10, from lvl 11 to 15, ...). There would be Combat Zone map with 50 players lobby, Z1 and EARLY Z2 maps with 175 players lobby. Player would have the possibility to choose between a first choice, Combat Zone map, and a second choice, Z1/EARLY Z2. Only the second choice, Z1 and EARLY Z2 would be in rotation. In any case, there are solutions for avoiding too long lobby. First choice has only a 50 player lobby and second choice is in rotation, with a lobby having a time limit of 1 or 2 minutes to launch the game. So if player would choose the first choice, he would be sure to have it. But if he would choose the second choice, rotation system would decide itself on which map the player would play between Z1 and early Z2
      • For ranked games: Lock access to players below lvl 15. Disable SBMM system, automatic tips messages. There would be Z1 and EARLY Z2 maps in rotation
  • Add custom crosshair: Here would be for current UI/HUD, and here would be for old environment. Any type of player, especially new or casual, need to feel comfortable, to be certain to exploit all their capacities and have a great, enjoyable time

Motivating reasons to play & Skins:

  • Give real interests to grind levels. Add a prestige system with exclusive rewards: Here are pictures of different prestiges. Here and here are the exclusive rewards. When you would reach lvl 100, you would win automatically a special hoodie « H1Z1 King of the Grind ». You would be able to choose only one reward every time that you reach one new prestige. Prestige system would start from level 100 until lvl 220, so each prestiges are separated by 10 levels. You would be prestige 1 at level 110, prestige 5 at level 150, prestige 12 at level 220
  • Give real interests to grind leaderboards: Create a new rank called « Slayer » only for players above Royalty rank limit. Add end-saison events, with special and huge prices, for those who would be ranked Slayer at the end of season. Make one Showdown at each end of season. Give more rewards at the end of each seasons, for example special skins, emotes, loading screens, xp boosts, skull boosts, etc...
  • Create a new and better skin economic system:
    • Add a battle pass: Here are explanations about how this battle pass system might work. There are currently in-game scary messages transmitting a feeling of last hope, fear, apocalypse and infection. This environment is aggravated by scary, aggressive clowns and snowman head. This atmosphere could easily create a hype with teases on Twitter about a blass pass. There are a lot of creative possibilities: parachutes, cars, emotes, outfits, weapons, loading screens, etc... For example, there are animated weapons with particles additions now on Zodiac and Apocalypse creates
    • Instead of releasing 2 or 3 new skins per week: Update skull store more frequently. Here are a lot of insane skins made by very talented players. Help you of this source of creation from players for skull store. Create a new generation of crates with different weapons visual appearances (unique animated designs, particles, etc...) for each category (legendary, ultra rare, rare, common and uncommon) so that would give more value to old and news skins
  • Improve current skull system, by giving even more the desire to continue playing:
    • Add public skull tournaments by paying with skulls. We could give feedback on Test Server about adjustments needed on playability, visibility, fluidity, beauty, etc... until find perfect solutions: We would be able to participate in public tournaments by paying with a certain number of skulls (set a minimum value, for example: 5000) and by setting a multiplier (set a minimum value, for example: 4), both would be determined by yourself. If you win a tournament, you would receive the amount of skulls that you had bet multiplied by the multiplier that you had set. Size of the multiplier would be proportional to the difficulty. This means that if you would set 1 or 2 as multiplier, nothing would change, everything would be as currently. If you set 3, you would play in a unique game mode called « Capture the Flag» who would BE ONLY AVAILABLE IN THESE PUBLIC SKULL TOURNAMENTS. Everything would be identical as currently, except that capture flags would earn to you points which would be added to the habitual final score. The one with the highest final score would win, would receive the amount of skulls multiplied by the multiplier, and also would earn one part of a complete outfit (one part of it would be given at each win)
    • Here is an example of how improved skull system might work. This new system would emphasize, give more importance to kill
  • Add character customization
  • Add more variety to skull quests, for example:
    • Explore Z1 map and find special items
    • Eliminate 5 players who are using a grenade
    • Eliminate 2 players in less than 8 seconds
    • Eliminate 10 players in Pleasant Valley
    • Heal you 5 times with First Aid Kit
    • Use coagulant 5 times
    • Drive 5 police cars

Lights, appearance, textures & Visibility, fluidity:

  • For visibility, textures and fluidity:
    • Significantly improve visibility and textures. Add moderate shadows around players: Let player exploit all their aim skills without having visibility difficulties
    • Optimize the game in general, especially in cities
  • For lights and appearance:
    • Give a better apocalyptic, survival appearance to cities and forests. If apocalyptic, survival environment would be improved, H1Z1 would ameliorate its identity. We would try on Test Server and give feedback about adjustments needed on playability, visibility, fluidity, beauty, etc... until find perfect solutions:
    • Remove lighting schemes rotation. Why deprive us of some things better than a simple lighting schemes rotation? In terms of immersion, pleasure, wonderful landscapes, less repetition, while keeping a great visibility for comfortable fights whatever the distance:
      • Bring back PS3 time of the day on Live Server and try on Test Server a new system: Time of the day would change continuously as the game progress. For example, we could try from 10 AM to 4 PM with a clear weather. Then, we could give feedback on Test Server about adjustments needed on playability, visibility, fluidity, beauty, etc... until find perfect solutions

Against Streamsnipers & Cheaters:

  • Against Streamsnipers:
    • When a player has been reported and banished for streamhack, obligate him to buy H1Z1 for 5€ to be able to play again
  • Against Cheaters:
    • Add a real anti-cheat
    • When a player has been reported (for teleporting, speed hacking, aimbotting, ghosting, etc...) and ban for cheat, obligate him to buy H1Z1 for 5€ to be able to play again
u/CeZ_ - [Suggestion] Custom Crosshair & Z2 Collection & New D.O.A. Collection & [Suggestion] [100 LVL] H1Z1 King of the Grind Hoodie & [Suggestion] Explore Z1 map and find special items
u/iamjhonyfast - Ar-15 black new concept
Gustavo Pereto - AR-15 Brazil | Concept Art
Vipaah - Echofox AR-15 concept
LuaH1Z1 - All American Makeshift
u/Rogue1G - Rasta AK47
Cesar Kobashikawa - H1Z1 King of the Kill' Symbol and Logo
SneakyFeet - Complete Prestige Set & Other
H1Z1 - Message of the Day & Producers Letter August25 & Patch notes June2018 & Apocalypse Create & Zodiac Crate & Showdown 2018
Survivors Rest - Character Creation Concept Art
u/hercoule - When are we getting something to know when your mates are in the lobby?
inboxes - Full Spray Meta
Stormen - Clip from tl_shiggi: stormen on what needs to change
ErycTriceps - Clip from yogscast2013ls: Calm down, eryc
Maverick - Speed Level Design - Post Apocalyptic City - Unreal Engine 4 & Speed Level Design - Redwood Forest - Unreal Engine 4 and World Machine 2 & Post Apocalyptic Forest - Unreal Engine 4 & Apocalyptic Scene - Unreal Engine
u/-AkirA_ - Would love to have something like this! What do you guys think ?
Summit1G - Clip from dom_thumb: Without stream snipers
u/tgichris - Red Bone | AR-15 Skin Concept
u/Violxte - Amazing solution for old models!?
u/akushumausu - Old First person shotgun Appreciation thread
Alkstarr - H1Z1 AR 15 BULLET SPEED (JUNE 2017 VS JUNE 2018)
u/Arxty - Test server is here to TEST things.
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