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Waller County Sheriff dies after suffering apparent heart

Wuhan Virus - Center for Security Policy. Check out our current deals, they are here for a limited time. He is survived by his daughter Blair Wallace, Jacksonville, NC and sisters Donna Downey, Garner NC and Debbie Meacombs Kernersville, NC. Mr. Waller was an officer in the Wake County Sheriff's department for 30 years. Director: Gaspar no writer: Gaspar no stars: Aomi Muyock, Karl Glushkov, Klara Christine.

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He is survived by his daughter Blair Wallace, Jacksonville, NC and sisters Donna Downey, Garner NC and Debbie Meacombs Kernersville, NC. Derek Okrie delivers his latest installment of Lions Wire Fantasy Football Weekly of 2020, previewing the next week of the regular. Pit bull attacks horses, riders in Washington state. Immune system antibodies attack and destroy insulin-producing cells in the pancreas.

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HOW COMMON ARE PANIC ATTACKS? This feature is not available right now. Wednesday 29th January - 1st April 2020. THE view from HMS Kent as the Type 23 frigate conducts a sailpast with fellow NATO warships from Norway, Canada and the US during Exercise Dynamic Mongoose off.

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Practicamente este basa en un injector y [HOST] Mi equipo y yo tenemos mucho tiempo haciendo este tipo de hacks. Hello I am posting a new hack He is only a Basic Chams. Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account? Dear Players, We're sad to inform you that Sudden Attack will be closing on January 29, with the Item Shop closing on December 5, We've had several wonderful years full of memorable updates and events, and we thank you all for your support and contributions to the community.

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Given the amount of conspiracy theory we encounter on the Internet, the sceptic should certainly be wary of such a statement. Find the latest NFL football live scores, standings, news, schedules, rumors, fantasy updates, team and player stats and more from NBC Sports. It is recorded with a capilliary electrometer from Thomas Goswell, a technician in the laboratory. The Claremont 'serial killer' videos too gruesome to be https://simturinfo.ru/crack/?key=2720.

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The exception was a lone cross-country skier who was attacked at night in an apparent investigative or predatory situation in which the bear departed after inflicting a few deep bites. Kent Online - Kent News & Sport, the latest breaking news. A bipolar CIA operative becomes convinced a prisoner of war has been turned by al-Qaeda and is planning to carry out a terrorist attack on American soil. This stunning film – based on the remarkable collection of 181 Renoirs at the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia.

TV Series, United Kingdom (Sorted by Popularity Ascending

Sudden Cardiac Arrest, Ventricular Arrhythmias, and Inherited Channelopathies (Chapter 17) In 2020, primary-cause sudden cardiac death (SCD) mortality was 18 835, and any-mention SCD mortality in the United States was 379 133. George Waller VC (June 1827 – 10 January 1877) was an English recipient of the Victoria Cross, the highest and most prestigious award for gallantry in the face of the enemy that can be awarded to British and Commonwealth forces. Now officially Mirzapur 2 release date 2020 set to November 2020. Sudden Attack is a freemium Multiplayer Online and Tactical First-person Shooter video game developed by Nexon GT to play on Microsoft Windows online.

Sian Clifford: Phoebe Waller-Bridge ignored list of big

Activation key tV BAFTAs 2020: Sian Clifford beats Phoebe Waller Bridge

In the last pages of "Love and Revolution", we learn that today Waller still believes in the ideals of her youth: an egalitarian society and no war. There were shipments to be made to the base in Coast City. User: Chrisdavid1981/The Attack on Inflation; User: Chrisduplessis/Cooper Phoenix; User: Chriseccles2/The Guyana Latch; User: Chrisentiae/Gender Vie Transgender Community; User: Chrisereae/Murine Cytomegalovirus; User: Chrisfleck/Enter your new article name here; User: Chrisftaylor/MIBBI; User: Chrisgray870/LOUIS CHRISTOPHER GRAY JR. METAL MUSICIAN. Farrugia, James (2020) Finite element analysis of spherically voided biaxial slabs subject to static and seismic loading Doctoral thesis, University of Surrey.

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The victims lived in a single story home to the west of his house at 5425 Queen Ann Lane but down a long driveway that ran just west of Agent Los' property. Between 200, 000 and 450, 000 people annually die from SCD in the United States; this exceeds the mortality of all cancers combined Goldberger et al, 2020; Smith and Cain, 2020). Not only that, the number of serial rapists, serial killers and serial offenders working similar areas at the same time. Once a specialist in oncology drugs and pain management, Sorrento Therapeutics (SRNE) has pivoted to attack COVID-19 head-on in 2020, offering up a smorgasbord of tests to detect the novel.

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Sudden attack hack waller 2020. He was an officer in the Wake County Sheriff's department for 30 years. Batwoman is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. Reach Expats combines the power of Expatica and Revenue Creative to help international companies target the expat market with quality content.

Sudden Terror, page 217
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Fixing the DCEU Part 1: Rebooting Superman

Even just typing "DCEU" makes me... unhappy. Batman v Superman, Justice League, Suicide Squad, its just so sad how WB spectacularly missed the mark in what films they put out, when they put them out, and what "Plans" they had. Apparently Zack Snyder intended to have a trilogy of Man of Steel, Batman v. Superman, and Justice League. But this structure is just wrong not to mention how said films were executed and why.
Had the right films been put out, had the right heroes gotten films first, we could've had maybe a good or even great cinematic universe opposed to the truly abysmal train wreck we have. Going forward things look bright with Wonder Woman 1984 distancing itself from DC but hearing that "The Snyder Cut" was approved just worries me. People actually asking for another bad film to be made? Who knew 2020 would get worse.
So here's my stab at a more "effective" and structured DC Cinematic Universe. Part I is doing what should've been done from the start: focus and rebooting Superman.
Man of Steel, 2013
The film begins with a young Clark Kent, age 10. He and his dog Copper are running through the Kent Farm's fields playing fetch. Clark is somewhat awkward and Copper is his best friend. He also has a friend in the Kent Farm's neighbor girl Luisa Lunes, age 13. She calls out to Clark to play and they all run through the fields. Clark goes into detail how awesome Copper is and how he has "a super sense of smell" that can smell almost anything. Luisa tells Clark he's so weird when Copper begins barking. A gang of racist kids have snuck into the cornfields and try and harm Clark and insult Luisa (A Mexican-American and child of immigrants who own their own farm).
Copper attacks the bullies as they assault Clark leading to the gang to pin down Clark and hold back Luisa as they kick the dog. One of the boys pulls out a knife and before he goes any further, Clark rushes at the boy with superspeed. The group is stunned and Clark angrily yells for the kids to leave him alone - at the same time unwittingly unleashing X-Ray vision. The kids run off and Luisa is stunned. She manages to get a hold of Copper and they run back to the Kent's farm.
A late 20s Clark Kent wakes up in the present day. He is working aboard a fishing vessel in the Atlantic, his latest job as he's spent the last couple years or so as a wanderer. He gets to work and like in the final film, goes off to help save a burning Oil rig and the aftermath when he resurfaces on a coastal American town. He thinks back to his childhood again, this time sometime earlier when he was much younger, for the first time when his powers activated when he is in school (just like the original film). A big change we get is Clark actually on screen being diagnosed as having Aspergers (which is now classified on the autism spectrum) by a doctor. This will be canon and not humans misunderstanding him because he's an alien, he's actually on the spectrum.
For most of his life Clark has been sort of out of place. Mostly he's just kind of awkward rather than thinking he's meant for a higher purpose. He just wants friends, wants to be a normal being. We see Clark's thoughts as he walks through the town and try and get a ride. He manages to get a ride from a female trucker and goes north. As Clark drifts to sleep we flash back again to after Clark defeated the bullies. He's consoled by his mother Martha while Johnathan Kent argues with Luisa's father while Luisa and her mother defend Clark and believe he is just a normal boy (not literally, but pointing out that whatever differences he possesses, he's still a scared child). We get a shot of Johnathan & Luisa's father's POV as they see Clark standing in the doorway of the Kent's house. Johnathan talks to Clark later and he reveals that he and Martha found Clark in a spaceship (even showing him the ship & the Kryptonian Key).
Johnathan's morals are much more clear here. Instead of wanting Clark to be Superman (or a great savior) he instead simply wants Clark to live a normal life. He imparts on Clark to master his powers as best he can but to not resort to violence. Clark being young says "But those kids were gonna kill Copper", which even Johnathan admits "I know. And you did the right thing today" and says how he should only resort to such force if the situation is dire. Johnathan wants Clark to defend himself but he's teaching Clark his lesson that Superman will later describe as "Living in a world of glass", having to be extra careful because human beings & the world around him is so fragile.
We then get the scene of Clark working at the bar quite some time after the oil rig. The same conflict with the roudy truck driver happens and Clark simply walks away rather than fight in the situation. In addition though we see Clark on a laptop in his room at the bar (let's say that the bar owner let's Clark have board their in lue of pay). The waitress whom Clark defended talks to Clark and says "You know you would've been right to beat up that asshole". Clark simply says it wasn't necessary (echoing Johnathan's lesson). In this same scene Clark is shown receiving an e-mail from someone (later on revealed as Dr. Hamilton) who gives him a lead on an "alien site" in Canada.
Clark leaves the bar and makes his way further north now after parting with the waitress (we learn she gave him the laptop). For the past several years he has been tracking down and investigating for leads on his origins (most being dead ends like Area 51 [even having a joke about "it really is just a dumb base"]). In Canada we have the same scenes with the Military, Lois Lane's introduction, Clark meeting/saving Lois, and Clark "awakening " the Kryptonian ship from the ice with his Key. Clark meets his "dad" Jor-El 2.0 and learns about why he was sent to earth. This is when we get the scenes of what happened on the last days of Krypton - what was the original introduction of the film.
We see Jor-El, Lara Lor-van, and General Zod in these flashbacks, Clark's birth as Kal-el and how he was sent away with the Codex (Jor-el admits to this rn instead of a later reveal), and Jor-el's murder by Zod. Krypton's destruction is shown and Clark is also shown the Kryptonian pods containing future citizens (Clark's importance as the first natural birth is stressed & Jor-el says he could "rebuild" Krypton if he wanted to with these pods). Clark also dons the Superman suit here for the first time and tests his abilities and manages to master the art of flying.
As this happens, Clark flies by a falling airplane. It's engine has failed and nothing else is working. Clark rather think leaps to action and carries the plane on his shoulders. This is seen by millions of people and Clark manages to guide the plane to land on an airfield. As it lands Clark repairs the damaged engine (either super speed wind or something else) before flying off as an army of rescue crews and reporters arrive. Almost immediately the "Superman" becomes a phenomena online and news reports wonder just who this "new superhero" is (New as in, Superman is new, but he isn't the first superhero of this world).
Lois meanwhile tracks down Clark like she does in the original film. talks to the same people and turns up how - even though he isn't Superman in name yet - he's kind of already a superhero. But Clark is still a lost soul and Lois suspects he's been wandering for other reasons. This becomes clear when she finds Smallville and Kent Farm and runs into Clark himself who explains things. After the Luisa incident he continued doing good here and there (saving the bus from drowning, another time saving a girl's cat) & seeing what he could do with his abilities such as racing a train. But we also see Clark as he slowly grows out of his shell befriending other students like Pete Ross, Lana Lang, and John Henry Irons. By the time he is 17, Clark has also developed a hobby for journalism and helps with the Smallville newspaper.
Then we are at the cyclone scene. Clark and Johnathan argue in their drive with Martha and Copper. Johnathan brings up that Clark has been getting reckless doing whatever he wants by testing his powers and could one day get caught. Clark brings up how Johnathan said he neeed to control his powers, Johnathan bringing up instances of Clark misusing his powers like stealing other Farm's fruits or burning his initials on a water tower. Then the cyclone happens leading the family to run off, Clark taking Copper with them to the underpass. Johnathan isn't fast enough and the worst thing happens: Heart attack.
Clark leaves Copper with Martha and rushes back for Johnathan with his speed. But the cyclone is fast as well and Clark tries to speed rush with Johnathan back to his mom... the two get pulled back by the cyclone. Clark and Johnathan are separated and as Clark screams it cuts to black. We hear present day Clark speak over footage of his younger self being found by Rescuemen in the destroyed freeway. Clark is unharmed and he says that he searched for his father for hours after being rescued. Eventually he did find... what was left of Johnathan.
In the present Clark says that he was young and reckless and couldn't save his father. He had to become a better man at the least. After he went to community college within Smallville, Clark (with Martha's blessing) left Smallville on his search for answers to his origins. Now he has them and Lois asks what will he do now that he knows. Clark sits down on the ground and we see clearly on his face that he doesn't know. Just because he has the knowledge of where he's from it still doesn't satisfy answers to his feelings of being unsure with what to do with his life.
While Lois can see from his actions that Clark is meant for helping people, Clark himself doesn't see that so much as a purpose. Rather that's just who he is. Lois then tells Clark "I know one thing you should do right now", and the two go to Kent Farm and Clark reunites with his mother. Martha is a bit confused at why Lois is there but Clark says "She's a friend". We then have a dinner scene which is also joined by the Lunes' including a grown up Luisa (played by Salma Hayek) who is pregnant, and her husband, Alejandro (who in early scenes we see worked for the Kent's during Clark's teen years).
It's a good time as they share a meal and its mostly it's talk about Clark and Luisa's childhoods & describing a birthday party in which Clark didnt to hit a pinata. Lois bemused asks why and Clark says "I didn't want to hurt it". Luisa's parents bring up other happy memories like Clark being taught to fish by their parents and one Christmas where Johnathan and Clark cooked a turkey together - with Clark burning it with his X-ray vision. However Martha says "turns out Johnathan's seasoning made it taste worse!" and there's a big hearty laugh.
As things wind down and the Lunes' head back home, Lois sort of awkwardly tries to go back into town but Martha insists on her staying. Clark is kind of more awkward, he doesn't have feelings for Lois at this point & he's also the type to want her to stay but is aware of those implications. Then the TV and all power begins to act funny. Around the world is the same story as we get the sinister message: "You are not ALONE". Zod and the Kryptonians are here and are searching for Kal-El, a Kryptonian born on Earth.
Clark doesn't speak to a random priest this time around. Rather while contemplating the situation he is found in the Kent Farm cornfields by Luisa. He tells her that a pregnant woman shouldn't have walked that far but she says the exercise is needed. They talk honestly and Clark is unsure about things when Luisa says no matter what, he always listened to his heart and did the right thing. That was why he saved that crashing airplane, that was why he tried to save Johnathan.
Later Clark has his big moment confronting Zod alongside Lois Lane and the US Military. From here events transpire much the same as they did in the orginal film - Clark meets Zod and Clark is shown a dream sequence through Zod's technology. But here we get Zod's side of the story as he explains how he and the other Kryptonians survived and the source of his and Jor-el's rift. Zod's take over of the planet is shown and he planned to lead a mass exodus of the Kryptonians for Earth. But Zod's plan is to enslave humanity which Jor-El saw as evil and so he sabotaged his massive fleet and sent Kal-El alone.
"Jor-el could have saved our people. But he chose to damn us to hell and selfishly saved you, alone." This actually stings Clark. Jor-el's AI said nothing about this. After this I have no other major changes with the battle between Superman and the Kryptonians and how this transpires. Lois and the US Military are also shown working closely with Clark to stop the Kryptonians World Engine. The Kryptonians are mostly defeated by Superman with the humans' help which leads to his confrontation with Zod piloting the ancient Kryptonian ship from Canada.
The big change however comes when - after Clark destroys the World Engine - Clark confronts Zod in the Kryptonian ship. Superman has to bring down the ship but Zod yells at Clark that he'll destroy Krypton "Just like your father!". Clark tears up, his eyes close, reopen bright red: he shoots Zod in the face, not lobotomizing him but blasting him out of the ship. Clark then takes control and realizes he can't land the ship, it's gonna crash (& now accepting that sometimes he will fail). But Clark manages to connect to the ship and ejects much of the Kryptonian pods which fly away. The ship crashes into the harbor of Metropolis but still knocks down a few buildings.
Clark saves Lois as he does in the original film (remember how she fell out of the plane?) and they land in the rubble of Metropolis. But then we see Zod is alive, he now only seeks to destroy Clark as he sees him as "A threat to Krypton". It is a massive battle but Clark actively tries to steer Zod away from Metropolis (even trying to punch him into the bay) but Zod continues to steer things into the city. It eventually leads to the final confrontation but now on the open ground where survivors of the destruction watch in horror.
Zod attempts to kill Lois and other survivors with laser vision but Superman holds him back. It is a struggle and Zod says he will never stop fighting for Krypton which means harming the planet and people Clark loves. So Clark does what has to be done (echoing Johnathan's cautious lesson) and snaps Zod's neck. Lois comforts a kneeling Clark for a moment before he stands up and looks upon the ruins of destroyed buildings, fire, and smoke. "It's not over". He flies off to help save survivors still in the rubble and beneath buildings.
We flash forward from this to the epologue we had originally. Clark destroying the satellite spying on him and his gentle reminder to General Swanwick and Carrie Farris, his return to Kent Farm to help repair it, and his final appearance in Metropolis. Through a couple of strings, Lois has brought on Clark as her assistant reporter and the two meet up at the Daily Planet. As a formality, Lois smiles and offers her hand: "Welcome to the Planet, Clark Kent." Clark smiles. It's the start of a beautiful relationship and the legacy of:
MAN OF STEEL. But we see above this title card words beginning to appear above it. Now that he has his identity as the hero, the title card actually reads: SUPERMAN: MAN OF STEEL.
Superman: Man of Tomorrow (2015)
Rather than do something stupid like killing off Superman in his second appearance, or rebooting Batman way too soon, we do the smart / right thing & give Superman a direct sequel: Superman: Man of Tomorrow.
The film starts with a party on an airplane that is full of 20-30 year old partygoers. Who is the head of this party: Why... Lex Luthor, played by Corey Hawkins. He's a billionaire playboy and the adopted son of Lionel Luthor, played by Bryan Cranston. While he's shown being a partyer & comfortable in that environment we see how he's a genius when speaking to another partier. This is Jannah Jackson, played by Haley Marie Norman who like Lex has an interest in AI & engineering. Lex is very interested in Jannah & wishes he could pursue science as a career (his father has steered him on a business path).
Then they hear the pilot over the intercom: "Oh my god... everything's burning." Lex and Jannah get up to go talk to the pilot and see up ahead the skyline of Metropolis: the year is 2013, the battle between Superman and the Kryptonians is taking place. Instead of landing in Metropolis, the plane lands across the water in its twin city... Star City. Everyone who was partying gets out to look at whats happening and clearly visible is the LuthorCorp building, the tallest building of the city.
Lex then answers a phone call from his father who's angrily shouting at his board and employees about running off from work. Lex tells his dad that there's a literal war going on around them and his dad replies "yeah, well if these assets survive they won't work for LuthorCorp anymore". Then we see Lionel staring in horror as he sees Superman and Zod flying at the building. "Oh shit-" is all Lex hears over the phone as across the bay he sees LuthorCorp be destroyed and fall. Jannah tries to comfort Lex, but Lex who at first is silent suddenly starts to chuckle. But he's also visibly tearing up and falls to his knees.
Now we get the opening credits. A sequence essentially like those from Godzilla (2014) and Kong: Skull Island which starts with Superman speaking to the people promising to stand up for "Truth and Justice". Clips show Superman's heroic acts such as saving a cat from a tree, fighting right wing terrorists, his appearance in Mexico (only instead of stupid Zack Snyder dark tone, Supes is smiling with the Mexicans), encountering more strange beings like himself (headlines saying names of famous superheroes and villains) while clips also show Lois Lane's career climbing up and Lex's takeover of his father's company - renamed LexCorp - and his part in rebuilding the city from the ruins.
Now it's 2015. Metropolis is now a vision of the future - basically looking like it did in Superman: The Animated Series - with advanced public transit systems, robots (Lex's designs he speaks about in the prologue) that do construction work, and computers in offices & other businesses are pretty high quality. Clark while walking with Lois on a date (he's a bit awkward and we get that classic Clark Kent goofiness here) mentions his reservations about this. He knows this was all taken from technology of the Kryptonians, his people, but ultimately believes Lex has been doing good with it.
And - plot twist - Lex is genuinely trying to help the people and do good. We're reintroduced to Lex at a ribbon cutting ceremony where we also see that Jannah is now Lex's fiance. Alongside the work he's done Lex and Jannah have gotten far in AI reverse engineering and we witness their unveiling of their "child" to a group of US Government Officials including General Swanwick (the Colonel from Man of Steel) and the head of ARGUS and Lex's primary partner, Amanda Waller (played by Viola Davis). The "child" is the AI Jannah and Lex proposed about in the prologue which they call "Brainiac" who is portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch.
What astounds them is Brainaic's capability to think on his own and possessing a personality. Jannah explains that the Kryptonian AI posses some level of their own consciousness. Brainiac was "born" from those AI and Lex and Jannah's own designs. We learn also that Brainiac communicates with the machines around the city and in real time witness Brainiac respond to a terrorist group near city hall, overiding Lex (surprising him and Jannah) and sending drones to help stop them.
Superman is there to fight the terrorists (The Alt-Right pretty much) when the drones arrive and help Supes corral them. He's rightly confused and goes to meet Lex to question him about it. Amanda Waller meanwhile is thrilled by Brainiac and asks Lex how soon he can get Brainiac to become the US's primary defense against aliens & metahumans. Lex says they need more time to study and later - when Superman arrives - Lex questions how Brainiac overode his orders. Despite Jannah advising Superman that they've got things under control, Superman is suspicious of Brainiac.
Things go awry as we see Lex lose control over Brainiac later on with the AI learning more from the world's computer systems. Amanda Waller and Dr. Silas Stone sneak into LexCorp to connect Brainiac but this leads Brainiac to escape and wreak havoc. He builds himself his own body by going after a Kryptonian pod held by ARGUS. Superman confronts Brainiac who has a part machine part Kryptonian body and is able to fight the Man of Steel and after throroughly beating Superman reveals that he deems humanity a virus. We then learn to our horror that Lex and Jannah would read to the younger Brainiac while he was an "infant", connecting to the system and explaining how complicated the world is.
Lex meanwhile tries to deploy his own drones to pursue and catch Brainiac. However he and Jannah are pained as Lex views Brainiac as a "son". Brainiac argues that Lex of all people knows how cruel humanity is as he was abused for years by his adoptive father as well as pointing out flaws such as racism, genocide, war, poverty, and the affects upon the environment. Lex meant to teach Brainiac about the world similar to how Jor-El described humanity to Superman. In fact it's almost verbatim the same speech and Lex's hope was that Brainiac would help the world. Brainiac however has gone further in that view.
Superman battles Brainiac once more chasing him to a US Military base where Kryptonian materials are stored. He is defeated by Brainiac who at this point has control of more drones and machines but Superman is aided by John Henry Irons (now grown up and a miitary officer in experimental armor) and Mercy Graves (played by Tao Okamoto). Dr. Stone, Lex, and Jannah meanwhile all join together devising means of defeating Brainiac but he usually has them beat taking control of machines and the military's vehicles.
Another action part of the film sees Superman chasing down Brainiac across the airspace above the Democratic Republic of Congo as Brainaic steals rare earth materials. Superman seemingly kills Brainiac only to learn it was a copy who manages to get the materials anyway in another chase. Superman is knocked out of the sky by a powerful jet (made from Kryptonian tech) and crashes into the Earth. the world watching loses faith in Superman and Lex worries that Brainiac has the greatest assets of himself and Superman: Lex's mind and Superman's power.
Defeated, Clark is found by Lois at his apartment and opens up about feeling powerless to defeat Brainiac (since Brainiac is smarter and seemingly more powerful). Clark is afraid, but Lois assures him that he doesn't have to face Brainiac alone. Throughout the film, Clark as Superman has taken on everything on his own believing this is the way. But clearly he needs the aid of others and Superman's pure power can't defeat Brainiac. In this moment Lois kisses Clark opening up that she loves him and says he can depend on her too. Later, as Superman, Clark joins up with Lex's group and collaborates for a solution.
Eventually a plan is formed and the heroes track Brainiac into space upon a taken over space station called "The Spire" (which looks intentionally like Justice League's The Watchtower). There Superman battles more drones and is brought before Brainiac who now has a new form (changing throughout the movie from just a robot into more human like bodies) which he deems perfection. Brainiac unveils his goal and the many Kryptonian pods augmented with AI as hybrid-androids. With nuclear weapons destroying the planet, his new species will thrive and repopulate as a stronger "better" race, which Superman disagrees with fundamentally.
Superman does battle with Brainiac as The Spire's signal reaches out to gain control of the worlds systems, including those that control nuclear energy and weapons. But Lex and Jannah have together created the key to stop this: a second AI based on a artificial Kryptonian Key (thus like the original AIs from Man of Steel without Brainiac's complicated personality) which is also a copy of Jannah's own mind (in effect the "daughter" of the Luthor's). This AI is as powerful as Brainiac and manages to halt his efforts by destroying the signal from the Spire.
Superman blasts Brainiac through the head with X-Ray vision weakening him but Brainiac believes he can simply invade the planet. Superman reveals the first weapon designed to destroy him: A Kryptonite Bomb (no Kryptonite rocks in our universe) which will detonate and destroy all of Brainiac's copies and his conciousness - even if he survives, the radiation uniquely Kryptonian will depower him. The bomb goes off wiping out all of Brainiac's kind and Brainiac himself. Clark survives but is badly injured and drops out of space onto Earth.
Waking up after passing out in the sky, Clark finds himself surronded by his friends and family in a secure hospital. Lois, Luisa, Jimmy, Lana, John Henry, and Martha Kent have waited days for Clark to awaken and its revealed that Swanwick rescued him. It's not clear to Clark how he could've survived the fall but the implication is someone "caught" him in the air. Swanwick assures Clark no one else knows he is Superman but reveals that the world believes Superman died in the explosion to kill Brainiac. That's not all though: Clark has no powers.
Lex and Jannah are commended for their efforts but Amanda Waller and the Government deems Lex's work as evil and there is a turning opinion by the people believing Lex created a monster. Machines are even attacked by people in Metropolis since people are ignorant and think a simple garbage collector is the same as Brainiac. Lex loses stock and LexCorp takes the blame. While he still has Jannah, Lex is shown beginning to be enraged at being scapegoated as the villain. Perhaps Brainiac wasn't wrong about humanity.
Clark recovers and returns home to Metropolis with Lois. He jokes that now they're really pushing their relationship ahead as Lois helps him settle in. But then we get a sweet moment as Clark asks Lois to move in to which she agrees and they cement a relationship. In the background we see their television playing a Daily Planet news report with Lana Lang as the anchor which she asks "What will we do without the Man of Tomorrow?" and the credits roll.
A post credits scene would see Clark and Lois some months after becoming a couple. Clark is making breakfast while Lois is going through some of his things. She starts laughing as she finds some of his comic books which leads Clark to explain "When I thought I was a freak, she made me realize I wasn't alone". The camera then shows Lois holding up Wonder Woman No. 1.
A second post credits scene would follow up with Dr. Stone who still maintains a friendly working relationship with Amanda Waller but mistrusts her. He's beginning an operation and we see Victor Stone in a Kryptonian healing chamber as well as a Motherbox off to the side. The pod opens and another cut to black.
Superman is thus officially rounded out and his corner of the DC Movie Universe fleshed out in his two feature films. Next time, we follow up with Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and The Flash.
EDIT: I'm such a dumbass that I completely forgot to mention Jimmy Olsen and asssumed I had. Re-reading it I realized my mistake. So to address it here: Jimmy Olsen in the DCEU is Jimmy Olsen-Mallick, an Indian-American but very much still Jimmy Olsen the budding reporter. He's Lois' assistant alongside Clark and gets along with Clark and Lois well enough but can't figure out that Clark is Superman.
He would be played by Suraj Sharma who starred in Life of PI. Also he wouldn't appear in Man of Steel but debut in Superman: Man of Tomorrow as the second film is moreso a very Superman story having a cast introducing supporting Superman & Metropolis based characters. So grown up Lana Lang, grown up John Henry Irons, Lex Luthor, and Mercy Graves, and Brainiac appear as well. Also Lana Lang and John Henry Irons would be played by Bryce Dallas Howard and Mike Colter.
Here is Part 2
Here is Part 3
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The Rookie Report: Week 3 Starts & Sits

Welcome back to the Rookie Report! Hopefully your fantasy team came out of week 2 without a bunch of red letters next to players’ names. Last weekend was a bloodbath across the NFL as 4 players who may have been 1st round picks in your fantasy draft left the week with injuries (CMC, Saquon, Davante Adams & Julio Jones), along with a host of others. If your fantasy team didn’t suffer major injuries, you came out of the week in pretty good shape. Some of these injuries are going to open the door for rookies to step into bigger roles in the immediate future, and I’m here to help you sort through what to do with your rookies in week 3. Let’s dive in…
Editor's Note: This article was posted before the start of Thursday Night Football (Dolphins @ Jaguars).

Rookies to Start:

RB Jonathan Taylor, IND (Wk. 3: vs. NYJ): This one is a no-brainer. Taylor put the Colts’ offense on his back last Sunday against Minnesota, and he’s likely to do the same this week with Indy favored by double-digits. The Jets are much tougher against the run than they are against the pass, but volume alone should get Taylor where he needs to be. The Jets have allowed the 8th-most RB points per game this season. He’s a locked in RB1 this week with top-5 potential. He’ll likely be a chalk play for DFS cash games even at his $7,000 DraftKings price tag.
RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire, KC (Wk. 3: @ BAL): This is not an ideal matchup for CEH. I mention him as a guy to start because you know the volume will be there. You likely drafted him in the first round, and there really aren’t any weeks to sit your first-round pick if he’s healthy. The Ravens allowed the 6th-fewest RB points per game a season ago, and have allowed THE fewest so far in 2020. They also ranked 4th in Football Outsiders’ run defense DVOA stat in 2019 (3rd so far in 2020). Edwards-Helaire is more of a contrarian DFS play this week, but you have to run him out there in season-long leagues. Just know to temper your expectations a little bit.
RB Josh Kelley, LAC (Wk. 3: vs. Car.): Week 3 has a chance to be Kelley’s best week all year. There is no better matchup for a running back than the Carolina Panthers, and everything shapes up for Kelley to see at least 15 carries. The Panthers’ run defense is bad by any metric. They ranked dead last in Football Outsiders’ run defense DVOA stat in 2019 and rank 29th so far in 2020. They also allowed the most RB fantasy points last year, and have allowed the most so far in 2020, and they’ve been surrendering rushing touchdowns at a ridiculous rate. Carolina has allowed 18 rushing touchdowns in their last 7 games dating back to last season, including 3 in each of the first two games this year. Kelley and Ekeler split the lead back role pretty evenly in week 2, and I didn’t see anything from Kelley that makes me think that will change this week. The rookie has a very solid floor in this one and has top-12 upside if he’s able to get in the end zone. He should probably be in your lineup if you have him.
RB James Robinson, JAX (Wk. 3: vs. Mia.): Everything is setting up for a breakout for Robinson on the national stage on Thursday night. The rookie has looked great through two weeks in average matchups. He’s the RB26 so far on the season in PPR scoring, and he’s looked even better than that ranking would suggest. He’ll face off with one of the worst run defenses in the league in week 3. The Dolphins have ranked in the bottom-4 in the league in run defense DVOA both last season and so far in 2020 and have given up 5.1 yards per carry on the ground so far this season. I expect Robinson to have a bit of a coming-out party on Thursday night and think a top-15 finish for the week is very possible.
WR CeeDee Lamb, DAL (Wk. 3: @ SEA): Lamb has wasted no time showing why the Cowboys were thrilled when he fell to them in the first round of the NFL draft. He’s clearly an integral part of the offense with 15 targets in the first two weeks. The Seahawks are 2-0, but they have a burnable secondary and have given up an insane 831 passing yards through two weeks. This is a spot to get all of the Cowboys’ pass-catchers into your lineup, especially after head coach Mike McCarthy told the media he has no intention to try and milk the clock to keep the ball away from Russell Wilson. This should be the most entertaining game of the week, and CeeDee Lamb should be a solid WR2 in it.
WR Laviska Shenault, JAX (Wk. 3: vs. Mia.): Along with James Robinson, Viska may also be in line for a big night. DJ Chark has been ruled out, leaving Shenault and Keelan Cole as the top 2 receivers. You may have 3 better options than Shenault on your team and not be able to find a place in your lineup for him, but he’s going to be a huge part of the game plan. The Jaguars will move him around enough to keep him away from Xavien Howard, and with Bryon Jones out that will put him in some mismatches in his favor. Shenault is an upside WR3 on Thursday night against a Miami secondary that let Josh Allen throw for 411 yards last week.

Borderline Rookies:

QB Joe Burrow, CIN (Wk. 3: @ PHI): Burrow had a very nice fantasy day last Thursday night against the Browns, but it could’ve been even better if he hadn’t been so hell-bent on forcing the ball to AJ Green all night. The Eagles’ secondary hasn’t been great so far this year ranking 27th in pass defense DVOA, but the best member of that secondary, Darius Slay, should be shadowing Green. If Burrow can avoid tunnel vision with Green again, there is a chance at a respectable day. I wouldn’t be considering Burrow in 1-QB leagues and his outlook this week isn’t as rosy as his matchup with the Browns was, but he should be a low-end QB2 option with a very solid floor.
RB Antonio Gibson, WAS (Wk. 3: @ CLE): Gibson seems to have wrestled the starting job away from Peyton Barber in Washington, and with so many running backs injured right now you may be forced to play him. Just be aware this isn’t a great matchup and he’ll still cede some work to Barber and JD McKissic. The Washington offense as a whole isn’t a high-scoring unit and has an implied total of just 18.5 points this week. The Browns did give up two short yardage scores to JK Dobbins in week one, but have still allowed the 7th-fewest RB points per game and rank 4th in run defense DVOA. Gibson’s volume makes him an enticing flex option, but he’s far from an automatic start and not someone I would be using in DFS lineups this week.
RB D’Andre Swift, DET (Wk. 3: @ ARI): What a difference a week makes for the Lions’ backfield usage. In week one with the Lions leading most of the day, Adrian Peterson touched the ball 17 times while Swift handled just 6 touches. In week 2 with the team trailing Green Bay for most of the game, Swift out-touched Peterson 10-to-7. The key for Swift is that he’s been heavily involved in the passing game with 8 receptions on 10 targets through 2 weeks. The Lions are a 5.5-point underdog this week, so the usage should slant in Swift’s direction again, and Arizona has allowed scores each of the last two weeks to backs with similar skill-sets to Swift (Jerick McKinnon & Antonio Gibson). Swift is in play as a PPR flex option in a game where Detroit has an implied total of 24.5.
WR Jerry Jeudy, DEN (Wk. 3: vs. TB): The injury to Courtland Sutton moves Jeudy up to the top of the Broncos’ WR depth chart, and thanks to how much time he spends in the slot he’ll be able to avoid Tampa’s top CB Carlton Davis for most of this game. Jeudy lines up in the slot on about two-thirds of his snaps. No team allowed more points to opposing wide receivers than Tampa a year ago, and they allowed DJ Moore and Robby Anderson to each top 100 yards last week. Jeudy should be in line to see 7+ targets this week and is very much in the WR3 conversation in all formats.
WR Michael Pittman Jr., IND (Wk. 3: vs. NYJ): Pittman stands to be the biggest beneficiary of Parris Campbell’s trip to the IR. His snap share rose from 53% in week 1 up to 92% in week 2 with Campbell going down on his first touch of the game. Pittman should continue to be a full-time player at least until Campbell returns. This game figures to be a blowout where Indy will lean on Jonathan Taylor and the run game, but Pittman was targeted 6 times in a game that went that way last week. The Colts have an implied total of 27 points, and dating back to the start of last season, 66% of the offensive TDs the Jets have allowed have been through the air. At 6’4”, Pittman figures to be a factor in the red zone. If he gets 6+ targets in this one, he’ll have a great chance at finishing among the top-40 WRs and should outproduce his $4,000 price tag in DraftKings.

Rookies to Sit:

QB Justin Herbert, LAC (Wk. 3: vs. Car.): I think it’s very likely that Herbert has a better real game than fantasy game this week. As I laid out with Josh Kelley above, Carolina has been absolutely shredded on the ground since the start of last season, especially in the red zone. I’d expect a lot of Austin Ekeler and Josh Kelley in this game. The Chargers are a 6.5-point favorite in this one and Christian McCaffrey, the engine of the Panthers’ offense, is sidelined. It feels like the most likely outcome is that the Chargers get out in front and stay there. I’d probably view Herbert as no more than a low-end QB2 this week due to limited passing volume.
RB Zack Moss, BUF (Wk. 3: vs. LAR): In a typical week with so many top running backs out, I’d be telling you to consider a guy like Moss as a flex option. He’s seeing plenty of red zone usage on a surprisingly potent Bills offense that has an implied total of 25 points this week. Unfortunately, he’s also dealing with a toe injury that has him not practicing yet as of Thursday. I think even if Moss plays he’ll be less effective than usual. The Rams are not a run defense to be afraid of, but I’d lean against starting Moss this week even if he is able to suit up. He’ll probably need to find the end zone to return any value.
RB JK Dobbins, BAL (Wk. 3: vs. KC): I fell for the trap on Dobbins a little bit after his week 1 breakout game. I already believed in his talent coming into the season, but week 1 made me believe he’ll get enough usage to be start-able in fantasy. Week 2 threw a bit of a wet blanket on that. The snap share wasn’t drastically different from week 1 to 2, but the touches were. Dobbins handled 7 carries in week 1 including 2 carries from the 2-yard line that he cashed in for scores, but in week 2 he touched the ball just 3 times. He managed to avoid a complete dud of a week by breaking off a 44-yard run to set up kneel downs at the end of the game. Mark Ingram & Gus Edwards combined for 4 red zone carries to Dobbins’ zero in week 2. The Ravens have one of the highest implied totals of the week at 28.5, but if you play Dobbins you’re counting on him getting in the end zone. I’d avoid starting him this week unless you’re in a tough spot due to injuries. He could be a reasonable fall-back flex option if you’re waiting on a player like Davante Adams for Sunday night or Sammy Watkins Monday, but Tre’Quan Smith and Mecole Hardman are guys that are probably available in your leagues that I would prefer in those situations.
RB Cam Akers, LAR (Wk. 3: @ BUF): Akers seems like to a long-shot to play this week, and I’d expect that if he does suit up he’ll be mainly there as insurance in case something happens to Darrell Henderson. I’d expect Henderson to handle the bulk of the work. The Bills aren’t an impenetrable run defense, but they aren’t one to target either, allowing the 12th fewest RB points per game so far this year (14th-fewest last year).
WRs Henry Ruggs & Bryan Edwards, LV (Wk. 3: @ NE): Ruggs and Edwards failed to do much last Monday in a game where the Raiders offense dominated possession, and this week they’ll face a Patriots’ secondary that is among the best in the league. Don’t be fooled by what the Seahawks did to them last week. Derek Carr continued to effectively lead his ‘death by a thousand paper cuts’ offense, dinking-and-dunking to Darren Waller and his running backs, and handing the ball to Josh Jacobs. The Patriots biggest personnel losses due to COVID opt-outs and players changing teams last offseason were in the defensive front 7. That’s the part of the defense that I’d expect the Raiders to attack. If Josh Jacobs sits, things get a little more interesting (he was held out of practice Thursday), but neither Ruggs nor Edwards would be more than a desperation flex play. I’d prefer Ruggs to Edwards this week if I had to choose one.
WR Justin Jefferson, MIN (Wk. 3: vs. Ten.): Jefferson has been on the field quite a bit in the first two weeks of the season, but the Vikings’ passing game has been a low-volume attack that runs through Adam Thielen. A third of all of Minnesota’s targets have gone to Thielen while Jefferson has been targeted just 6 times at an average depth of 8.8 yards downfield. Offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak talked about wanting to do a better job of getting the ball in his hands this week, but at that same presser said they need to run the football more. The Vikings already rank 31st in the league in pass attempts DESPITE playing from behind on 79 of their 96 offensive snaps so far this year…and Kubiak wants to run more. The matchup isn’t terrible for Jefferson this week on paper. On any snaps in the slot he should be lining up against 7th-round rookie corner Chris Jackson (PFF grade of just 27.2 through two weeks), but the Minnesota passing game is fundamentally broken right now. I wouldn’t look at Jefferson as anything other than a low-priced DFS dart throw in a limited slate tournament.
WR Chase Claypool, PIT (Wk. 3: vs. Hou.): Claypool’s final stat line in week 2 was impressive, finishing with 17.8 PPR points, but almost all of it came on one long TD catch. Outside of an 84-yard score, he had just 2 catches for 4 yards and played a total of just 24 snaps. It’s clear the Steelers are trying to get him involved and are drawing up a couple of shot plays for him each week, but his limited playing time makes him a risky weekly option. Houston has been a bottom-10 pass defense in terms of DVOA since the start of last season and gave up 12 pass plays of 40+ yards in 2019 (T-7th most in the league) but they haven’t given one up yet in 2020. Claypool is best left to DFS tournaments this week. The weekly floor is going to be below 5 PPR points until he moves up in the depth chart.
WR Van Jefferson, LAR (Wk. 3: @ BUF): Jefferson split the Rams’ WR3 snaps almost evenly with Josh Reynolds in week 1, but in week 2 he was out-snapped 42-to-26. That didn’t stop him from outproducing Reynolds with a 4-45 line on 5 targets (Reynolds went 2-33 on 2). Some of that target volume was undoubtedly the result of Robert Woods facing off with Darius Slay (Woods was targeted just 5 times), and although Woods gets another tough matchup this week in Tre’Davious White, it’ll be tough to rely on Jefferson unless he fully takes over the WR3 role. Jefferson doesn’t have a picnic of a matchup himself facing off with Levi Wallace, who was Pro Football Focus’s highest graded rookie cornerback a year ago. Cooper Kupp and Tyler Higbee are the Rams’ pass-catchers to target this week.
WR Brandon Aiyuk, SF (Wk. 3: @ NYG): Aiyuk’s debut was mostly inauspicious. He played 72% of the team’s snaps but was targeted just 3 times and finished with 2 catches for 21 yards. The offense will look a bit different this week with Nick Mullens under center and the combo of Jerick McKinnon and Jeffrey Wilson Jr. splitting the backfield duties. George Kittle could be out again as well. I’d look for the Niners to have a conservative game plan, but it’s hard to know exactly what that will look like. I’d probably avoid any 49ers for your lineups this week aside from Kittle (if he plays), Jordan Reed (if Kittle doesn’t play), and the two running backs I mentioned. You can’t trust Aiyuk to have a useful fantasy day based on what we saw last week.
WR Gabriel Davis, BUF (Wk. 3: vs. LAR): Davis is playing more snaps than you would expect for a number 4 wide receiver, but it isn’t translating to targets yet. Josh Allen has thrown the ball 81 times for 729 yards and 6 scores through two weeks, but Davis has seen just 3 of those targets and turned them into 3-22-1. The matchup this week should involve Jalen Ramsey following Stefon Diggs all over the field, so it could result in a little bit more volume for everyone else, but it would take a pretty sizable bump in volume to make Davis anything more than a TD dart throw. He remains a guy worth stashing in dynasty leagues though.
WR John Hightower, PHI (Wk. 3: vs. Cin.): With the news that Jalen Reagor has a torn ligament in his thumb Wednesday, Hightower is once again worth mentioning this week. He played 40% of the snaps in week 1 with everyone healthy, but that was with both Reagor and DeSean Jackson being limited to little more than half of the offensive snaps each. Week 2 saw Jackson and Reagor both function as closer to full-time players and the rest of the receiver group fighting for scraps. With Reagor sidelined, I expect to still see a lot of Jackson, and aside from him a mix of JJ Arcega-Whiteside, Greg Ward & Hightower. With the Bengals likely to be without Geno Atkins & Mike Daniels at DT, look for Philly to play a lot of 2-TE sets and run the ball a ton. They’ll be eager to take a bit of the load off of Carson Wentz given how he’s played the first two weeks. For Hightower to return value this week, he’ll probably have to catch a deep ball or two, but his average target depth in week 1 was just 8 yards. I’d avoid him even as a bargain basement DFS play.
WR Quintez Cephus, DET (Wk. 3: @ ARI): Kenny Golladay practiced in full on Wednesday and should be good to go for this weekend’s tilt with the Cardinals. Cephus has been on the field more than 70% of the Lions’ snaps with Golladay out the first two weeks, but that number is going to drop drastically this week assuming Kenny G returns. Cephus has lined up in the slot on just 9 snaps. Danny Amendola will continue to serve as the team’s slot receiver with Golladay and Marvin Jones on the outside. Quintez will likely only see a handful of snaps and should be left out of any fantasy lineups this week.
TE Harrison Bryant, CLE (Wk. 3: vs. Was.): Bryant was on the field for more than 50% of the Browns’ offensive snaps last week and gets to face a Washington team that has allowed the 8th-most tight end points per game so far, but he just isn’t seeing the ball come his way enough to be useful. He’ll do just enough to be annoying to people starting Austin Hooper. The Browns’ offense is too run-heavy right now to be targeting either tight end for fantasy.
TE Cole Kmet, CHI (Wk. 3: @ ATL): I’m sure you already know better on this one, but I wanted to make sure you know to not get cute just because the Falcons couldn’t defend Dalton Schultz last Sunday. Kmet is still the Bears #3 tight end, and he should be nowhere near your fantasy lineups.

Deep League Sleepers, Stashes, & Cheap DFS Options:

RB JaMycal Hasty, SF (Wk. 3: @ NYG): Don’t throw Hasty into your lineups for week 3, but he’s an interesting guy to possibly scoop up in dynasty leagues with the injuries to Raheem Mostert and Tevin Coleman. Hasty is likely to be promoted from the practice squad for this game, and I’d expect him to see at least a few touches. If he manages to impress with those touches he could ascend the depth chart quickly and possibly have a useful week or two in this very running back-friendly offense. He’s a shifty back that can be more dynamic than Jeff Wilson. He’s a player to monitor in deep dynasty leagues if he gets the call-up.
WR Tee Higgins, CIN (Wk. 3: @ PHI): Higgins saw a huge jump in playing time in week 2 with Auden Tate a surprising healthy scratch. I’d expect that to be the case again this week, and he’ll get the most favorable matchup of the receivers. Tyler Boyd will get Nickell Robey-Coleman in the slot, and AJ Green is likely to face off with Darius Slay. Higgins meanwhile will tangle with Avante Maddox. Higgins posted 3-35 on 6 targets last week, and so long as Burrow doesn’t have tunnel vision for AJ Green again, I expect the rookie to exceed that easily. He costs just $3,900 on DraftKings.
WR KJ Hamler, DEN (Wk. 3: vs. TB): With the news that Courtland Sutton is out for the season, Hamler suddenly finds himself to be a much bigger part of Denver’s plans. He was an explosive playmaker in college, and new QB Jeff Driskel has shown flashes of Ryan Fitzpatrick’s YOLO style back when he was in Detroit. This week isn’t an ideal matchup for Hamler since he will likely see a lot of ascending star CB Carlton Davis (Jerry Jeudy has worked mostly from the slot and is likely to avoid Davis), but Driskel targeted Hamler 7 times last week after coming on in relief of Lock. Driskel averaged 8.2 intended yards per attempt last year, which would’ve put him in the top half of all QBs if he played enough to qualify, and he was at 12.4 intended yards per attempt on Sunday. Hamler is a bit of a shoot the moon option this week as a minimum-priced WR on DraftKings. He also shouldn’t be on your league’s waiver wire in 12-team leagues.
WR Darnell Mooney, CHI (Wk. 3: @ ATL): Mooney’s impressive week 1 performance did in fact lead to more playing time in week 2. The Bears were comfortable enough with Mooney that they made Ted Ginn a healthy scratch for week 2 and let Mooney play 60% of the offensive snaps. Atlanta is an inviting matchup for receivers. Both Atlanta games this season have turned into shootouts with over 700 yards of combined passing offense in each. I don’t know that Chicago has the firepower to make that 3 in a row, but I like Mooney’s chances at a surprisingly solid week. I’d expect him to have a season-high in catches and yards, and he’s a sneaky flex option for deep leagues and costs the minimum in DraftKings.

That’s all I’ve got for this week. Hopefully it helps you make some of your tougher lineup decisions involving rookies. It’ll be especially important this week to keep an eye on the injury report. There are a lot of statuses still up in the air as of this writing. Make sure you’re vigilant enough that you don’t start any inactive players, and make sure that whoever you put in your flex spot is the player in your lineup who plays the latest game of the week at his position. You don’t want to stuck without a fallback if a player is a last minute scratch like Tyrod Tylor or James White (condolences to him and his family this week). Feel free to hit me up on Twitter if you have any questions or want to yell at me about anything written above (@Shawn_Foss). As always: Good luck, trust your gut, and have fun. It’s just a game. Original article from drinkfive.com.
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